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Act I, Chapter 6

Act I, Chapter 6: Greatest Fears

It was Harry who figured out how Sirius Black entered the castle.

It was two days after Halloween, the first time he managed to escape the ever-watchful eye of the teachers, who were constantly walking him between classes and Percy, who it didn't take a genius to figure out was following him on orders from his mother. Harry trudged his way to the portrait on the sixth floor and stopped sharp outside. There was a tiny scuff of mud on the wall beneath the painting, almost as if someone had tripped as they stepped inside. Harry quickly opened the door and slipped inside, before stopping dead still in the hallway. The clock hands had moved. Padfoot's hand was now pointed firmly at School, and Moony was back on Running on the Wild Side. There was no denying it. Black was still on Hogwarts Grounds, and he had used the Home to get inside.

Harry panicked. He raced around the entire property, checking every nook and cranny for signs of Black's existence. His bed had been slept in again, most likely the night of the break-in, and some of the food and drink were gone as well. He would need to use the Hyde Park Anchor to go into London and restock next weekend. At least if he knew Black was at the school, he couldn't get to him in London.

He quickly warned the others. Ron wasn't too worried, he said if they locked the Home then he would just find another way in. Hermione wanted to put the entire place on lockdown. The only thing that made her agree with Harry's decision to leave it unlocked, for now, was that she would lose access to the Library if he did close it. Ginny merely shrugged and said, "It's your heritage, it's your decision. I trust you."

Harry's anxiety grew even worse that afternoon when Professor Snape took what was perhaps the worst Defence Against the Dark Arts Class Harry had ever endured, and that included all of Lockhart's classes the previous year. It wasn't that Snape had all but verbally flayed Hermione for answering his own question, or that he had given Ron detention for defending her, or even that Snape had taken great pleasure at attacking and ridiculing Professor Lupin's teaching style the whole time. It was what Snape had taught them that had Harry was brooding over. He had made a massive show of making them read about Werewolves and then assigning an essay on the ways to recognise and kill them. So, Harry had sat down and written the essay that night in the living room in the Home, firmly intending to get an O just to spite the sneering potions master. It wasn't until one in the morning that Harry put down his quill, in the belief that the essay was absolutely perfect. As he walked through the entrance hall on the way to his bedroom, he caught Moony's hand moving from Running on the wild side – where it had been all day – back to School. Hermione often called him oblivious, and Ginny frequently accused him of missing important details, but he wasn't an idiot. Harry was very good at seeing the big picture from scattered pieces. And after tonight, he had a feeling he knew the reason for Professor Lupin's nickname a little better.

Harry woke up halfway through breakfast the next day. The day of the first Quidditch match of the year. He raced up to the Common Room to grab his broom and change into his Quidditch robes before running down to the Great Hall. The rest of the team was already there, and Harry noticed for the first time that there was a thunderstorm raging outside. He managed to force a piece of toast down his throat before following Wood, the twins, Alicia, Angelina and Katie out the doors, into the pouring rain and down to the Quidditch Pitch.

"Everyone come here, quick," Harry said as they stepped into the change-rooms soaking wet. He pulled out his wand and cast one of Ginny's favourite charms – a Warming Charm she had learned from her mother – on each of them.

"Merlin's beard! Thanks, loads Harry," Wood exclaimed, rubbing his arms.

"I could kiss you right now, Harry," Katie breathed, eyes rolling back in her head as the charm took effect.

"Normally it would last for about fifteen minutes, but, as I'm sure every one of you has heard the story of me getting my head stuck in the ceiling in Charms class, that one should last somewhere around thirty," Harry said through chattering teeth. He waved his wand over his head and sighed as the familiar feeling of steaming warmth flooded through his veins. He grabbed his Nimbus 2000 and followed the team out onto the pitch.

The match, despite Ginny's warming charm, was by far the worst he had ever played in. He couldn't see a thing, which not only made it practically impossible to spot the Snitch but very hard to dodge the hurtling bludgers as well. Nor could he even hear Lee Jordan's usually highly entertaining commentary or the cheering of the crowd. It got so bad at one point that Katie was actually struck by lightning, forcing Madam Hooch to call a timeout. So, when the Hufflepuff Seeker, Cedric Diggory, spotted the Snitch high above the stadium, Harry pushed himself forward and hurtled into the sky. He had to finish this, and he'd be damned if he'd let Cedric Diggory beat him to the Snitch. As he rose, he noticed that the Warming Charm was wearing off. Cedric was about a foot in front of him, arm outstretched, as thunder rolled in the clouds above. Harry could barely see as the rain smashed down around him. His glasses were fogged over, and his hair was drenched. His entire body felt like it was frozen. The cold was all-encompassing, almost as if it were seeping into his soul.

Pain flared in Harry's arm, but he was too focused on trying to stay on his broom to care. He couldn't even see the Snitch, but he could see the blurred outline of Cedric, and he could feel the build-up of ice on his broomstick handle. Then he saw it. Another blur, this time black, sweeping through the sky beneath them. The thunder vanished from Harry's ears, replaced by an eerily familiar voice.

"Not Harry! Kill me instead! Please no!"

"Cedric…" Harry tried to warn the other boy, but his mouth felt like lead. The Gemini Rune was burning in violent pain, making his head throb, and all the while, the screaming continued.

"No! Please!"

Two more black blurs flashed through Harry's vision, his arms went slack, and everything went dark.

"Stand aside, you silly girl!

"NO! Not Harry! I won't let you hurt him!"

"Avada Kedavra!"

Harry pulled his head up above the waterline. He was still in his Quidditch Robes, the Snitch and his broom floating in the water a few meters away. He pulled himself to his feet and shook his head. The Gemini Rune was still burning, making him feel like someone was trying to drill into his head. He looked down at his arm. Sure enough, the Dragon and Phoenix tattoo was there. But it seemed dark, the colours washed out and faded.

"Harry!" Ginny's voice called out. Harry spun towards the city. Standing at the edge of the platform was Ginny. She was in soaking wet Hogwarts robes with a bright red and gold scarf around her neck. On her left hand was a large pointer finger that said, "Go, Harry!" – one of the Twins products.

"Ginny! Stay there! Do not leave the city!" He yelled.

"Can you get here?" She asked. He looked over to the broom, floating in the water.

"I can try." He grabbed the broom and jumped on. He flew out across the water, but his Nimbus felt slower than normal.

"Poor little worthless Ginny Weasley. Still desperate for Harry Potter: her knight in shining armour, to save her. He can't save you from me. I'm a part of you now." Harry stared in horror as all the colour drained from Ginny's face and her body began shaking uncontrollably. She slowly turned around and stared the teenage incarnation of Tom Riddle in the face. Harry pushed his broom as fast as he could go, but it was like moving through mud.

"Oh no, all alone! What can you do to me, Ginny Weasley? What can you do against the might of Lord Voldemort reborn!" Riddle's figure seemed to blur. It grew taller, lankier. His skin took on a whitish sheen and his nose flattened to slits. His eyes went from deep brown to blood red. It was the face that was on the back of Professor Quirrell's head. The face he saw in his nightmares. The face of Voldemort.

Ginny screamed, her wand fell from her fingers, and she edged backwards as the adult form of Tom Riddle advanced.

"Ginny don't let him force you from the city!" Harry yelled.

"Oh, we can't have that," Voldemort said, red eyes gleaming in malice. He flicked his wand and let out a string of hissing.

"Speak to me, Slytherin, greatest of the Hogwarts Four!"

The ocean beneath Harry began to churn, and he gulped as a large green body rose up from the depths.

"Say goodbye to your hero," Voldemort cackled. The basilisk launched itself up from the water, and Harry dived away from the snake's fangs, hitting the water with a splash!

Harry jerked awake as vomit rose up in his throat. He turned away from the bed and threw up on the floor opposite him.

"Harry?" Ginny's trembling voice whispered into the darkness.

Harry reached for his glasses and found them on the bedside table. He slid them on his face and saw Ginny sitting upright in the bed opposite shaking uncontrollably. They were in the Hospital Wing, and it was completely dark. But there was a foul aroma on the air like something was burning.

"Yeah, it's me," he told her. He could see the rune on her neck from here, as it was glowing bright red and letting black smoke into the air.

"You're…" his voice cracked. It was hoarse as if he had been screaming, "Your rune is smoking."

She pointed at him, "So's yours."

He raised his hand to his neck and touched the rune.

"Ahh!" he exclaimed, jerking his finger away, "Not a good idea." He stuck his finger in his mouth in an attempt to cool it down.

"Did you…"

"Have another dream? Yeah," he finished.

"That… that thing… that Tom turned into… that's… that what he looks like… isn't it?" She stuttered.

"Yeah. That's what he looks like in my dreams. Looks like our nightmares are combining forces now. They really don't want us inside that city." Harry rubbed his eyes and stood on shaky legs. He edged over and sat down beside her. Ginny placed her head on his shoulder, gripped his hand in a vice, and started crying into his pyjamas, which someone must have grabbed from his room for him.

They sat there for so long Harry lost track of time, but eventually, their runes stopped smoking, and Ginny cried herself to sleep on his shoulder. Harry gently lay her head down on the pillow, but even in her sleep, she wouldn't let go of his hand. So, Harry lay beside her, pulled the blankets over them both and slowly drifting into a deep sleep of his own.

When Ginny woke the next morning, she was very warm and very comfortable. She thought that was perhaps the best sleep she'd had since the Chamber. Refusing to get up and ruin the moment, she snuggled deeper into her pillow, which felt rather unlike a pillow now that she thought about it. Dismissing that errant and frankly annoying thought, Ginny sighed and placed her arms around it. The pillow was an odd shape, but she didn't really care because it was nice and warm. The rune on her neck purred with gentle heat, and she felt herself slowly being dragged back into the blissful oblivion of drowsiness.

"You can see it too, can't you?" a whispered voice from somewhere on Ginny's left side said.

"Oh yes. It's quite magnificent. I could hear it a floor away. Gorgeous music." That was Luna's voice, the conscious part of Ginny's mind supplied, but the unconscious part was somewhat firm in its belief that listening to voices was a rather stupid thing to do at the moment, as sleep was much more important.

"I keep meaning to ask Matthew, but how did you learn to see?" Luna's voice asked.

"The accident," the other voice, which must have belonged to Matt, stated solemnly.

"Must be the Nargles," Luna said.

"Must be." Matt didn't sound very convinced. There was a creaking of wood on stone, and three taps that Ginny had learned to associate with Matt's White Cane – the long white staff he used to help him walk.

"He's waking up, you can see it in the colours," Matt stated. The tap, tap of Matt's cane was followed by the skipping of Luna's shoes and the creaking of the wooden door. Ginny's pillow let out a soft sigh and snuggled closer to her, which Ginny found rather odd. Deciding that maybe this pillow had been charmed by the twins, Ginny cracked open her eyes and found herself staring into the light blue striped pyjamas of one Harry James Potter.


Ginny moved to turn away as her face burned red as a tomato. The only problem, the sheets had become twisted around them during the night, and Ginny's attempts to move only herself resulted in both her and Harry falling off the bed and crashing to the stone floor, Harry on top of Ginny. Never in her life had she been more embarrassed than she was right now. The bright red of her cheeks was not at all aided by the Gemini Rune, which seemed to be vibrating even more now the pair were even closer than before.

"Urghhh, what happened, I can't see a thing," Harry muttered. He rolled slightly and slipped off of Ginny, landing with a hard grunt on the cold floor.


Mortified, Ginny pulled herself to her feet and frantically searched the bed for his glasses. They were sitting delicately on the bedside table. She passed them to Harry, who quickly slid them back onto his face. As if suddenly realising what happened, Harry's face went beet red, and he looked up at Ginny, who was wearing her own pyjamas, in horror.

"I am so sorry!" He exclaimed, "It's just… last night you… you fell asleep, and you wouldn't let go of my hand, and then I fell asleep and then I slept so well I didn't even realise you were there and then…." Harry's voice broke into a series of mumbled rambling.

"It's ok. Relax Harry," Ginny told him, holding out a hand and pulling the distraught boy to his feet. "That was the best sleep I've had in a long while too."

"Ah! You're finally awake! I was wondering when you two would come around," Madam Pomfrey said walking out of her office with two chocolate bars.

"Mr Potter how many times do I have to ask you to stay out of trouble before you decide to listen?" the matron asked, handing one of the blocks to Harry, who immediately took a deep bite.

"I think you should probably just get a plaque made up for me," Harry stated with a shrug.

Ginny frowned, "how long have we been asleep?"

"Two weeks, Miss Weasley," Professor Dumbledore stated as he walked through the hospital wing doors.

"Two weeks!" Harry exclaimed, all the colour draining from his face. Ginny, who wasn't entirely sure her legs would support her own weight, sat down on the bedside and grabbed the bedpost.

"Indeed, I was as shocked as you are. The mark upon your neck is causing more problems than I thought. From what I have been able to discern, the Gemini Rune appears to be reacting very violently to the Dementors presence. I am unsure as to exactly why this is and am working as well as I can to determine a solution," Dumbledore stated, before pulling out his wand and conjuring a fluffy pink armchair, which he promptly sat down in.

"Headmaster what… what exactly happened?" Ginny asked. "I remember Harry flying up into the storm chasing Cedric, then the rune started burning, then nothing until I… until I woke up this morning." She didn't think it a good idea to tell him that she had woken up the previous night after the dream.

"The Dementors have become rather restless guarding the school. I have been denying them contact with the veritable buffet that exists within the Castle, and they decided the Quidditch match was, too good to resist, as it were."

Harry gulped.

"The Dementors, perhaps sensing you were the easiest target due to your position in the clouds, attacked you and Cedric. Mr Diggory was seconds away from being attacked himself when he described a 'great burst of white light' emanating from the rune upon your neck. It forced the dementors away, but you fell from your broom. I caught you and dispelled the remaining creatures. Your friends Miss Granger and Mr Weasley alerted me to Miss Weasley's condition, and young Mr Cage carried you to the hospital wing. Miss Granger, Mr Weasley, Messrs Weasley, Miss Lovegood, Mr Murdock and Mr Nelson have all been in to see you multiple times." Dumbledore stood up from his seat, which promptly vanished.

"As the Dementors have seemingly taken quite the likening to the pair of you, Professor Lupin and I have agreed that teaching you the Patronus Charm, a spell to fight off the Dementors, is imperative. The Christmas holidays start in four days, as such I have taken the liberty of relieving you of your remaining classes. You will need to see your teachers to receive any makeup work to be completed over the break. In the meantime, if you could come to my office every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10 o'clock, Professor Lupin and I will begin teaching you. I have spoken to your parents Miss Weasley, and they have agreed that your spending the holidays here to undertake these classes is of the utmost importance. Until Thursday." Dumbledore bowed slightly and, with a twinkle in his eye, departed the hospital wing, leaving two very flabbergasted students behind him.

"Well, there's nothing wrong with you, so you can both head back to your common room. But I want you to come straight here if you feel in any way off." Harry and Ginny nodded before rapidly making their exit from the Hospital.

They walked down the hallway, piecing together everything Dumbledore said.

"I'd wager it was the invisible rune on my arm that made that light, just like on the train," Harry eventually said as they walked down the Fourth-Floor corridor.

"That's what I was thinking as well. The question is, does he know and is he lying? Or does he genuinely think it's the Gemini Rune?" Ginny replied.

"I don't know, but either way, they don't like the Dementors one bit. This is more than just us having bad reactions, this has to have something to do with the runes like he said."

They rounded a corner and stepped onto the Grand Staircase as the bell sounded the end of first classes

"At least we're going to have the private lessons to learn how to stop them," Harry pointed out.

"Oh yeah, Mum is going to be so proud," Ginny laughed.

"Weasley!" a sharp voice called out. Harry and Ginny spun around to see Jessica standing on the staircase behind them, nervously looking around for other people.

"Jessica? What is it?" Ginny asked, confused at the girl's antics.

"I don't have a lot of time," She whispered. Then she turned to Harry and looked him dead in the eyes, "Potter, Malfoy knows your awake, he's scared half the first year Slytherins into telling him practically everything you do. He's been planning some sort of prank since the Quidditch match that involves the Dementors somehow. I don't know what it is, or when he's going to do it, only that he's gotten a couple of people in the older years in on it." A laugh echoed down the hallway, and Jessica spun around. A set of rushing footsteps were moving towards them.

"Thanks for the warning, but why are you helping me?" Harry asked.

Jessica turned back to Harry and Ginny, "I have a debt to pay." The Slytherin girl bent her knees and jumped up in the air, only she went higher than Harry had ever seen anyone jump before. She had launched herself so high she caught hold of the railing of the stairs above. Harry and Ginny stared in total shock as she pulled herself over the railing and vanished.

"Your friends with a Slytherin?" Harry muttered in astonishment, whether from the jump or Jessica's presence itself Ginny wasn't sure.

"I'm not really sure," She admitted as Fred and George ran around the corner.

"Ahh! Harry old chap…"

"... and dearest Ginevra..."

"...good to see you both…"

"...alive and well."

"Those Dementors really do a…"

"...number on you don't they!" The twins exclaimed.

Ginny grinned, a plan forming in her mind.

"Say you two, if I just so happened to have knowledge that Malfoy has a prank planned on Harry sometime soon, could I trust a pair of renowned pranksters, such as yourselves, to prank him first?"

Fred and George lit up like Christmas had come early.

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