Harry Potter and the Gemini Curse @ghostandmiracle42
Act VI, Chapter 9

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The Enterprise shuddered, then all the fighting suddenly stopped.

Ghost looked around frantically, dreading what the cause might be.

"Hiyah!" Miracle jumped from a high railing, a giant Warhammer easily twice her size grasped two-handed above her head. Merith, the demoness looked up too late to avoid getting crushed. Ghost winced. That had to hurt.

He rushed over to them.

"Was that really necessary?" he asked her. Miracle flipped hair out of her eyes.

"Yes. Yes, it was entirely necessary." Ghost sighed but didn't argue.

"The Things that we Drink Too is a song by Morgan Evans. Enchanted is by Taylor Swift," he muttered under his breath.

"What was that?"

"Nothing. Let's get her to the brig. We can perform an exorcism later." They grabbed their possessed friend under the arms and began to drag her away.

"What's going on out there?!" Annabeth's voice came over the PA.

"Half the ships have just frozen for some reason. As if their pilots have just… vanished. Wait, what's that?"

"It's Superman!"

Act VI, Chapter 9: The Things That We Drink Too

1998; A year and a half later…

Ginny sat in the back corner of the Floating Billywig, drumming her fingers on the wooden table. Hermione and Luna sat beside her, nursing mugs of Firewhiskey and Dwarven Ale, respectively. The House Elves had offered Ginny her own cup – free of charge, of course, she was an international hero – but she'd declined. One shouldn't drink while pregnant after all, even if she was only three months along.

Ginny had thought long and hard about what she had wanted to do for her hens' night. But in the end, she hadn't been able to shake the feeling of melancholy the idea of having a girl's night without Jessica had evoked within her. Harry had been of a similar mind. So ultimately, what they'd decided on was the only real choice. The Gemini Rune began to tingle on Ginny's neck. The door of the pub opened, and Harry walked in, flanked by Danny and Luke.

With a nod to the bartender – a Tahitian woman who nearly fainted upon seeing the Harry Potter – he walked with his characteristic stride to the corner booth Ginny and the girls occupied. None of them knew it was the same one Doctor Strange had met with the Dragons in so long ago. Harry and Luke sat on the opposite side of the table. Danny slid in on the girls' side, and Hermione leaned into him slightly.

"No Matt?" She asked. She hadn't expected him to show, but one could always hope.

Luke just shook his head, and they all glanced towards the table. The bartender came over personally to fetch drinks for Harry, Danny and Luke, instead of letting the House Elves do it. Ginny hadn't seen Matt Murdock in almost a year. He'd vanished within a week of Voldemort's fall. No explanation. No nothing. He took none of his belongings and said nothing to his family. He even left his wand and Ancient Armour behind. Reports of a masked figure operating in the Hell's Kitchen district of New York might have been him, but they couldn't confirm it, and MIB said none of his activities were connected to magic. Jack Murdock – who was now head of Security in Atlantis – and Matt's sister Maisie had both moved to the City. Maisie was due to start school at Alcheringa in the autumn.

"How was the meeting?" Hermione asked. After restoring her parents' memories – which included Dan Granger repeatedly punching Harry in the face – Hermione's family had been just some of the thousands of immigrants that had left Britain in the aftermath of what the wizarding world had dubbed "The Collapse". Her family had moved to America, and not only was Hermione now taking courses both at the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the Alcheringa Academy of the Magical Arts, but she was also a significant member of a global wizarding team researching the Source. So far, no attempt to repeat Hermione, Gwen and Luna's experiment had been successful, but they were close. Hermione hadn't set foot in Britain since the Collapse.

"Better than I expected to be honest," Harry admitted, leaning back against the wooden bench. "The Queen ratified Shacklebolt's provincial government and Prime Minister Blair agreed to loan him some high-level bureaucrats and policy advisers so they can put together a new legal code and government structure."

The magical population of Britain had been devastated by the war. The last census conducted by the Ministry – in 1975 – had recorded the Wizarding community at 12,000 people. Kingsley's first act as interim Minister was to hold another census. That report, though delayed an arguable as to whether it was very accurate, had recorded the population at only 7000. Mass emigration, not to mention the impacts of two wars, had done extensive damage. Few people who could afford to leave had remained, and most of the wealthiest members of society had sided with Voldemort. The final straw was Gringotts pulling out of Britain after their branch was destroyed. The economy – what was left of it – had collapsed entirely. Kingsley was trying to put on a brave attempt to rebuild, but the number of refugees heading for Ireland, France, Germany and America – and to a lesser extent Alcheringa – was continuing to mount. If Ginny had to guess, there would be less than a thousand wizards left in Britain within five years. Not to mention that Hogwarts, the only wizarding school in Britain, lay in ruins – destroyed to its foundations. The Irish had already opened an interim school of their own.

"I doubt they'll need it," Luke said, echoing Ginny's thoughts. Harry shrugged, then thanked the waitress as she returned with three mugs of ale. Harry glanced apologetically at Ginny, but she just waved her hand in dismissal. Wasn't his fault she couldn't drink. Well, it was, but she was the one who'd convinced him not to use protection, so the blame was equal. So long as he kept a steady stream of Honeydukes chocolate coming into the City, he was allowed to drink booze. A fair trade-off.

"So, Hermione, have you decided?" Harry asked, before taking a sip of his drink.

Hermione sighed.

"I… I don't think so, Harry. I've got things to do here… research and…"

"That's fine," he said honestly, looking his oldest friend in the eye, "No pressure. I just wanted to know so I could finalise everything."

Luna perked up. "So, you've decided then?" Harry nodded, and Luke punched him in the shoulder.

"Well out with it then! I can't handle the secrecy any longer!"

Harry laughed, before turning serious.

"This is a big deal, guys. If we do this, we'll be walking into unknown waters, barely keeping our heads above water." He turned eyes towards everyone in the group one by one. Ginny leaned forward, pulse rising in anticipation. Harry had been working on something big for the past two months. He'd been in several closed-door meetings with President Matson, his cousin-in-law Mary Breckensfield – American Ambassador to the ICW, T'Chaka – King of Wakanda, the director of MIB, the head of the Federal Protection Authority, the Dwarven King, and dozens of other important and seemingly unimportant people from around the globe. He'd even spoken with the Goblin High Command at a secure location deep within the Sahara Desert. He'd been closed-mouthed with his plans, even to Ginny, though she knew they concerned the future of her city. She already thought of it as her city. She was the de facto leader of it, so she supposed that made sense. Atlantis was currently floating in the Atlantic Ocean, cloaked. It was meant to be a sign of political independence. By placing themselves in the high seas, they were not subject to any government – magical or muggle.

"Now, I just want to reiterate," Harry said, "that this is still hypothetical until you guys agree. If you disagree, have your own ideas, or want out, say the word. This is the last act of the Defenders. We do this, and that's the end."

Danny raised his tankard. "To the Mighty Defenders then. They had one hell of a run, but everything has to come to an end." Everyone raised their mugs – though Ginny only had a glass of water – tapping them together. When they settled down, Harry made his proposition.

"I think we should register Atlantis as an independent Wizarding nation, like the Federation." They all nodded. It was what they had been expecting.

"If we don't. Someone is going to try and come for us, and I don't want to risk an international incident. According to MIB, there's already talk coming out of the Caliphate about mounting an offensive to take the City."

"That, of course, means that there's some formal gobbledygook we will have to wade through. Mary has agreed to be our Head of Political Affairs, and we've got a meeting next week with President Matson. Matson promised to give us a list of names for people he thinks might be a good fit. Daphne is shadowing Mary as well, so odds are she'll be more than capable of taking over if Mary has to leave for whatever reason." Harry turned to Ginny.

"Gin. The City is your baby. You understand it better than anyone. I can't think of anyone more qualified to be our head of state than you. You know what's best for Her, and I don't want anyone other than you to have the final say. That includes me." He pushed a flood of warmth through the Gemini Rune.

She nodded, smiling softly. "I appreciate that, but don't think I can't see you trying to give me a cushy desk job."

Harry huffed, rolling his eyes. "I wouldn't dream of it. And besides, I don't think it's going to be very cushy. Not with the second part." Harry's smile practically beamed.

"I think we should start using the Gateway."

Danny whistled, and Hermione's jaw fell open.

"Oh, I like where this is going," Luke said, cracking his knuckles. Ginny bit her lip to keep from smiling too broadly. YES! This was what she wanted. The urge, the knowledge that there was a whole universe out there to explore, had been stabbing at her. She'd expressed her desire to use the Gateway to explore the state of the Galaxy with Harry, and while they were both eager, he'd pointed out that it should probably wait until things were more stable. She'd agreed, if reluctantly.

Harry pulled out a rolled-up piece of A3 cardboard from his cloak and spread it out on the table, using coasters for pegging the corners.

"This is my plan. Flitwick is already leading the research teams on Atlantis. I think we should give him the title of Head of Science and Technology and give him reign to recruit the best and brightest. But I don't think we should limit him to just wizards."

Hermione cut Harry off before he could say more.

"Definitely. Flitwick's team is great, but even with a year under their belt, they're struggling a lot. We still haven't managed to give more than brief once overs to the outer piers. Having a team of proper scientists is a really good idea."

"Excellent. I hoped you'd be on board. I don't expect you to be part of the chain of command or anything, but I think folding the team researching the Source into the group is probably smart." Hermione nodded enthusiastically, and Harry pointed to his paper. The word Military? Had been underlined and circled.

"I don't know what to do about that exactly, so we can come back to it later." He moved his finger across the sheet.

"I'm going to put myself as Head of Exploration and Defence. I plan to set up two teams to start, with the intention of making more later. Their purpose is going to be to use the Gateway to explore the planets on the other side. There is so much out there we don't know. It's about time we did something about that." He looked up at Danny and Luke.

"I want you two on my team. No doubts about it." Harry dropped his gaze towards the table. "But you could do a better job leading up my second team. I need the people I trust the most in command. That's you."

"Sir, yes, sir," Luke said, giving a mock salute.

"I'm in," Danny said, leaning across the table to punch Luke in the shoulder.

"You'll have full control over who gets to be on your squad. I trust you in that. With two exceptions." He raised a hand.

"One. My team. Sorry. Two, you can't have Fitz, Simmons or Lance."

Danny frowned, "Why?"

Harry sighed. "Agent J from MIB brought me up to speed on something yesterday. Apparently, this guy called Nick Fury – tall, dark skin, wears an eye-patch – is trying to look into Atlantis. He's recently been appointed the director of an American counter-terrorism agency called S.H.I.E.L.D.

"MIB have managed to get a muggle operative they recruited – one Maggie Adams – into Fury's inner circle, and she's confirmed that he knows about the Magical World – though she believes it's only a surface knowledge. He's apparently very interested in alien technology. MIB got an unredacted copy of his personnel file, and it turns out he was heavily involved in that almost-not-sorta alien invasion that didn't happen while the Dragons were in Hell."

Ginny winced. This was something Harry had briefed her on. He took threats to Atlantis very seriously.

"J, Ginny and I have worked out a plan, and J's taking it to his bosses at MIB and should get back to us in a few days. We're going to insert Fitz, Simmons and Lance into the SHIELD Academy – basically their school for the best and brightest. It was set up by Howard Stark before he died, so it's legit. It's a three-year program for both techies and combat agents, but once they're done…"

"They'll be embedded in the agency. With solid covers and alibies too. Nice," Danny said, nodding thoughtfully.

"FitzSimmons will love the idea of going to a school for nerds..." Everyone laughed in agreement. "… and Lance should jump at the chance to learn how to hit people." More laughter.

"So you've picked out your team for these missions then?" Hermione asked, showing a measure of excitement. Harry nodded.

"Me and Ginny to start; the Goblins have agreed to 'rent' Bill to me on the condition that they get a piece of any Alien tech we bring back, and Claire if she'll have us. Then I want Demelza - you know how she's been training with that blade of hers, and she's been learning Atlantis' systems - and I want you, Luna." He turned his gaze on Luna, who flinched before rapidly shaking her head.

"I'd… I would love to Harry. But I don't think I'll be around much longer," she said softly. Ginny jerked toward the blonde girl.

Since the Battle of Hogwarts, Luna had been… well, she had been different. Less like herself. Her dreamy expression had vanished, and she'd taken to spending time alone on Atlantis's balconies.

"What do you mean?"

Luna shivered, casting her eyes down.

"I am on a path, Ginny. A path to a higher calling. The Source has opened my eyes. My journey… it is not the same as yours."

"I… I… I…" She trailed off, staring at her friend. Luna continued to eyeball the table. Ginny took a deep breath.

"Only you can decide where you're going to go Luna," Ginny whispered. Then she grabbed her glass of water and raised it into the air.

"To Luna and her journey. May it take her where she needs to go."

"To Luna." They said together. Luna blinked back tears.

"Thank you."

"What are friends for?" Luke said, taking a long pull on his tankard of ale.

They sat in silence for a long while, just thinking, and enjoying being together as a quiet melody filled the air.

"Gonna raise up a tall glass

Tonight as we look back

Back on all the life that we lived through

Yeah, the things that we drink too."

Jessica would have loved this. Harry said through their mental bridge.

Yeah. Yeah, she would have.

"You know," Hermione said eventually, "If you told me when I got my Hogwarts letter that in seven years' time I'd be sitting in a pub in Australia musing over the fact that most of my friends are dead, still without a single official educational qualification, I think I might have fainted."

The group chuckled.

"Gonna raise up a tall glass

Tonight as we look back

Back on all the life that we lived through

Yeah, the things that we drink too.

Shed a little light on a memory

Kinda makes it feel like you're with me

I'm still a little lost here without you

Yeah, the things that we drink too."

"I'm serious. If I had known, I would have turned McGonagall down all those years ago, I think."

"I wouldn't," Luke said. "I wouldn't give up a moment of it. Regardless of what… of who we've lost. I wouldn't let it slip through my fingers." He gestured to everyone at the table. "This means too much to me. You're the only real family I've ever known." The big man took a long shuddering breath, and Ginny was shocked to see a tear glistening in his eye. She'd never seen him cry before. Luke was always a silent rock. He didn't like to speak unless it was necessary, preferring to let his actions speak for themselves.

"And I think Jessica would have agreed with me."

"You're right," Ginny said softly, "but there's one other thing she would have done." She grinned at her friends.

"Told us to stop moping and get off our asses." They all said in unison, before bursting out in laughter.

"Gonna raise up a tall glass

Tonight as we look back

Back on all the life that we lived through

Yeah, the things that we drink too.

We can wonder where all the time goes

But it don't change a thing though

All I'm tryna say is I miss you

Yeah, the things that we drink too."

Harry raised up his almost empty glass, and the others did the same.

"To Jessica Jones, and the last bow of the Defenders. May history look kindly upon us all."

"To Jessica." They all drained their drinks, and together they stood up and walked out into the night.

"All I'm tryna say is I miss you

Yeah, the things that we drink too."

Demelza stood in an ankle-length silver dress beside Hermione and Luna, holding a bouquet of roses in her hands, tears sliding down her face.

She was standing on a beach in Alcheringa, witnessing an event long in coming. Oh, she understood they'd been technically married since the Yule Ball, but they hadn't actually had a ceremony or anything. She was just ecstatic; she was one of the fifty people who'd received an invitation. After everything that had happened, the Potters had wanted to keep their ceremony small. Oh, everyone knew it was happening. In fact, there was a massive crowd of paparazzi and fans being held at bay by the Federal Protection Authority not five kilometres up the coast right at that moment. And even that had been a secret. It had been an excellent idea to change the location five minutes before the ceremony was slated to begin.

Demelza was pretty sure a real-life angel couldn't look as gorgeous as Ginny did at that moment. She wore a lace ivory gown that clung tightly to her bust, before billowing out in a long ruffled train. Her red hair had been curled and shined, and hung loosely around her shoulders. But the part of the dress Demelza found the most amazing was the way it seemed to glow with golden light. She was pretty sure it was a charm, but she'd never heard of one that subtle before.

Demelza's bridesmaid's dress wasn't horribly either – which she was very grateful for. A silver mermaid dress enchanted to make her look as if she had greater assets than she actually did. (She was forever disappointed with her bodies inability to develop an impressive set of breasts – despite the fact that her practically flat chest was a great benefit in her combat training, less jiggling to be worried about after all.) Hermione and Luna both looked even more exquisite than Demelza did, though they wore the same outfits.

Harry was rather impressive himself actually. He had forgone Wizarding robes for a smart muggle suit, perfectly tailored. It too seemed to shimmer with golden light. Although, that was probably just the reflection from Ginny's dress bouncing off the white of his shirt.

It was just so beautiful!

She sighed in bliss as Harry slid a ring on Ginny's finger. She was wearing the Tiffany bracelet he'd given her before the Yule Ball, and Lily Potter's necklace. The couple kissed, and Demelza forced herself to look away lest she cry and ruin all of her make up. Lavender had spent hours getting it just right, and she was not going to smudge her friend's hard work.

The occupants of the five rows of ten chairs provided a rather impressive presentation of the people Harry and Ginny's lives had touched in the past five years.

The front row was empty. That had been Luna's doing. Each seat had a plaque on it with the name of someone who had died before Voldemort had been killed. Except one. Mathew Murdock was most definitely still alive, but just as lost.

The second row was full of family. Had there always been that many Weasleys? Those buggers were just constantly multiplying. Professor Flitwick, Hagrid, and Professor McGonagall (looking no worse for wear for her capture by Kilgrave thankfully) sat between Ginny's mother Molly and Nymphadora, Ted and Andromeda Tonks and Tonks son by Lupin: Teddy. Dobby the House Elf - who was busy balling into a bucket of tissues - sat beside an owl perch holding Hedwig. The third row was full of famous people. President Matson, Mary Breckensfield, Minister Kingsley, King T'Chaka of Wakanda and his children T'Challa and Shuri, William, Clarissa and Claire O'Neill… the list went on. The fourth and fifth rows were full of veterans of the Battle of Hogwarts. And… and standing behind the chairs were three people Demelza didn't know. They all wore formal wear like the rest of the guests, and they certainly acted like they belonged there. A man with messy brown hair, a woman with long blonde hair with dyed tips, and another woman – taller than both the others – with luscious red locks.

Demelza leaned up to Hermione and whispered in her ear.

"Who are those people at the back?"

The older girl had also been staring at the strangers.

"I think… I think the redhead is the Oracle of the Council of Fire. Harry and Ginny described her to me once. And if I had to guess, I'd say the other two are Ghost and Miracle, the ones who brought the letter from Harry's future self-back in time." Demelza's mouth fell open, and she looked back to the figures. They were gone.

Ginny danced slowly, her head on Harry's chest. The sun had long since vanished, as had their more distinguished guests. Now it was just the people who matter most to her, standing on a beach listening to the rippling of the water, the warmth of the Gemini Rune washing over her.

"Harry? Ginny? Do you have a minute?" It was Will's voice, so Ginny looked up, though she didn't stop her slow swaying motion, nor did she move her head.

"What's up?" Harry asked for them both.

"We're leaving," Clarissa said, "We were wondering if you'd let us into the Library of Worlds one more time." Ginny stirred to ask why then thought better of it. Will didn't have the Firebrand anymore, and would be unable to get inside the secret headquarters of the Council of Fire.

"Where will you go?" She asked instead.

The pair looked to one another.

"We're not sure yet," Will said finally, and Ginny nodded. That was as good an answer as any.

Then, a soft melody began to play through the air. A tune Ginny would recognise anywhere. Immediately, the Gemini Rune began to blaze with love and warmth.

"There I was again tonight forcing laughter, faking smiles

Same old tired, lonely place

Walls of insincerity

Shifting eyes and vacancy vanished when I saw your face

All I can say is it was enchanting to meet you…"

Ginny gasped.

"How did you manage it this time?"

"It wasn't me?" Harry said, looking around, concerned.

"Your eyes whispered, "have we met?"

Across the room, your silhouette starts to make it's way to me

The playful conversation starts

Counter all your quick remarks, like passing notes in secrecy

And it was enchanting to meet you

All I can say is I was enchanted to meet you."

"This night is sparkling, don't you let it go

I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home

I'll spend forever wondering if you knew

I was enchanted to meet you."

Harry locked onto something over her head, and Ginny spun them around.

"The lingering question kept me up

Two a.m., who do you love?

I wonder till I'm wide awake

Now I'm pacing back and forth, wishing you were at my door

I'd open up and you would say, hey

It was enchanting to meet you

All I know is I was, enchanted to meet you."

Standing silhouetted against the rising moon, were two figures Ginny didn't recognise, and one she did.

"Clara," she breathed.

"This night is sparkling, don't you let it go

I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home

I'll spend forever wondering if you knew

This night is flawless, don't you let it go

I'm wonderstruck, dancing around all alone

I'll spend forever wondering if you knew

I was enchanted to meet you."

"And those other two are Ghost and Miracle," Harry whispered. Clara nodded softly to them, and Ghost and Miracle both waved.

"This is me praying that this was the very first page

Not where the storyline ends

My thoughts will echo your name, until I see you again

These are the words I held back, as I was leaving too soon

I was enchanted to meet you."

The trio vanished into the darkness, and Ginny, sighing contentedly, laid her head back against Harry's chest, and began to sing.

"This night is sparkling, don't you let it go

I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home

I'll spend forever wondering if you knew

This night is flawless, don't you let it go

I'm wonderstruck, dancing around all alone

I'll spend forever wondering if you knew

I was enchanted to meet you."

There was no explosion of magic this time. Just the soft feeling of her lips on his, and the knowledge that – for just a brief moment – all that mattered was her, Harry, the life growing within her, and the flawless night.

"YESSSSS!" Ginny screamed as she plunged feet first into a pool of water. She surfaced, flinging her hair in all directions, with the biggest smile on her face imaginable.

Harry stood at the edge of the waterslide pool in a pair of boardshorts, laughing at her.

"I told you so," he called as she quickly paddled to the edge of the water and pulled herself out. Ignoring his smart-ass comment, she grabbed his arm and pulled him past an equally shirtless Danny and Luke. A bikini-clad Hermione lay on a deck chair beside the enormous wave pool in the centre of the Alcheringan Wild Riders Water Park. The wave pool itself had been evacuated, its previous occupants all standing around it in shock, because Luna and Claire were having a competition to see who could surf the most bizarrely transfigured wave.

Ginny's goal was the nearly a kilometre line scaling the rickety metal staircase that climbed to the top of the 'Tornado of Mayhem' ride. A giant green tube that fell vertically for two-hundred meters before plunging into a giant funnel-shaped device that spun you around at high speeds, all the while shooting water at you, until you finally got spat out at the other end. As they ran, Harry pointed upwards. Towering above the Waterpark was a range of snow-capped mountains lined with ski-slopes. The Boardrider Ranges Claire had called them.

"That's tomorrow!" she told him, before grabbing a giant yellow inflatable tube and beginning the climb.

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