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Act VI, Chapter 7

Act VI, Chapter 7: The Deathly Hallows


The second Harry appeared in the Great Hall, the Firebrand on his arm began to burn. Voldemort was still firing his beam of darkness at the city shield. The plan was working. Claire, Peter and MJ were heading for the Forbidden Forest to deal with the snake; Danny had the Resurrection Stone and the destroyed Diary; most of the captured or hidden students had been evacuated; and Hermione, Bill and Fleur were preparing the trap. Matt and Luna's team wasn't responding, but Harry couldn't let himself think about that. He had his own part to play.

"TOM!" He yelled. He really wished he had that new magic Hermione and Luna had found. It would have given him an edge. Voldemort released his spell and lowered himself to the ground. Harry wore his armour, helmet raised. As Voldemort touched the ground, the storm around him subsided, revealing pale skin, red eyes and black robes. Harry lowered his helmet.

"Harry Potter. The Boy-Who-Lived. The Chosen One. Oh, how many names they give you." Voldemort chuckled. "Is this to be it then? The final confrontation. The end of the road?"

"It is," Harry said softly, "Here and now, one way or another, our journey comes to an end, Tom."

Voldemort nodded his head.

"It has been a long journey, hasn't it?" Was the Dark Lord feeling philosophical all of a sudden?

"You have only yourself to blame," Harry told him, "You set yourself on this path. It was your choice. No one else's."

"I made my peace long ago, Harry. What I do, I do for the world. Our world. A world where the strong take their rightful place over the weak. Why is that so hard for you and Dumbledore and your friends to understand?"

"The purpose of strength is to protect the weak. Strength does not make one fit to rule, it makes one fit to serve."


Harry just shook his head.

"You told me once, six years ago, that there was no such thing as good or evil. There was only power, and those too weak to seek it."

Harry looked Riddle in the eyes.

"You were right. There is no good or evil. We're not all placed by god on one side of the morality axis or the other. There is only power, and what we chose to do with it. That is the most important lesson to learn in life. The power of choice."

Voldemort stood for a moment, pondering that.

Gin? Are you ready?

When you are.

"I think," Voldemort said eventually, "that you and I could have been great friends, once upon a time."

"You know what?" Harry said, wand sliding into his hand, "So do I." He raised his arm in a flash and opened his mind to Ginny's. Love, hope and power slammed into him, and all the power of the Dragon Force empowered city of Atlantis became open to him.



Hermione knelt on the stone of the Entrance Courtyard, holding in her hand a device called a stele, entrusted to her by Betsy Braddock. It was a marvellous piece of magical innovation, and apparently, Betsy was big-time breaking a treaty by giving it to her, but desperate times called for extreme measures. Bill Weasley and his girlfriend, Fleur Delacour – a half Veela – were stationed adjacent from her so that the three of them made a rough triangle. Hermione twisted her wrist and continued to carve her glyph into the stone. Pisces: Rune of Knowledge. Bill was working on Cancer, Fleur on Scorpius. Neither of them carried any marks. It could interfere with the construction of the circle.

Wardbinding. It was so amazing! She, Hermione Granger, was helping to complete what could quite possibly be the most powerful Ward since Hogwarts was built. It was about the only thing that kept her thoughts from flying straight to Gwen.

'This is for you,' she thought to herself as she finished cutting her pattern into the stone. She leaned back, sweating terribly, and moved onto the next symbol: Aries – Rune of Strength. Just as she activated the stele and began to trace, a dozen cracks of Apparation echoed around her, and spells began flying over her head. She ignored them as best she could, focussing on her runework. If she fucked up… well, they would all die.


Sirius deflected Crouch Jr's spell back at the man, but he ricocheted it into a column on the side of the courtyard. Around him, the Wakandans and the Order of the Phoenix members began falling under the surprise attack.

The Death Eaters had discovered that, without Hogwarts' Wards to stop them, they could apparate at will.

Wakandan warriors began falling as Killing Curses filled the air. Sirius was forced into a desperate spell parry as Crouch Jr unloaded spell after spell at him. Tonks was standing guard over the French Veela, Braddock over Weasley, and Remus protecting Hermione. A metal spear flew through the air, spearing Crouch through the chest, giving Sirius a few seconds to get off the defensive.

"Reducto! Expelliarmus! Levicorpus! Stupefy!" The spell chain shot from his wand, lighting up the air as Crouch vanished the spear. The Wakandan General, Okoye, charged out of the debris, wielding another spear. She dodged three spells from Dolohov, then speared him through the leg. She withdrew her weapon, parried another spell, and stabbed him through the neck. Sirius's spells hit their targets. The ground around Crouch exploded, and his wand flew from his hand. Then he was blasted backwards, where the stunner hit him in the chest, collapsing him to the ground.

Sirius spun around, tracking the other Order members. Hestia was dead, and Andromeda and Ted were desperately fighting off against Rookwood. Dedalus Diggle was on the ground, unconscious or dead he didn't know.

The ground under Sirius's feet lurched, throwing him to the side.

"CRUCIO!" Bellatrix. The spell hit him before he could rise, and Sirius was engulfed in unimaginable agony.


Lance stood, arms on a metal railing, as a dozen or so Death Eaters, many of them from the most powerful Pureblood families, suddenly appeared in the room below him. It was an interesting room. Shaped like a hexagon, the roof was at least three stories above the ground. The walls were all a burnt red, as was the floor. No windows, no doors. The room itself actually rotated on an axis. It was very slow. So slow in fact that anyone inside wouldn't notice they were moving at all. It was designed so that the real entrance, a false wall that would disappear and reappear on command from the outside, wouldn't always line up with the external door. It also created a brief moment of delusion upon exiting back to a space that wasn't rotating. Circling the top of the room, at about the level of the second floor, the wall was actually one-sided, so people on the outside could look in on those trapped inside.

The Ancients had called it the Quarantine Room. Lance thought it was a brilliant idea.

Malfoy and Yaxley immediately started yelling and searching for a door. A few minutes later Daphne and Astoria arrived on the raised walkway, saddling up with Lance, who had been standing with Tracey. Surrounding them were all the Hogwarts first through second years they'd saved from the Castle when Voldemort seized it.

Daphne grinned at Lance, before pressing a button on the railing.

"My apologies Mr Malfoy, but it appears as though you're a… oh what's the Muggle praise? I know! A Dumbass!"

Astoria pushed another button, and the one-sided wall became two-sided, exposing the crowd.

"We hope you enjoy your stay in Atlantis. We'll try to make you as uncomfortable as possible." Malfoy screamed, well, Lance assumed he was screaming, as the sound was muted. They could turn it on, but Lance didn't really feel like listening to the ponce. Malfoy tried to shoot a spell at them, but nothing happened.

Astoria called down to them.

"Oh! That's right, we forgot to tell you. We've taken away your magic! Enjoy being Muggles for the rest of your lives!" That wasn't actually true. It was just the dampening field that was on the room. But the looks on their faces was so worth it. Lance, Daphne, Tracey and Astoria all joined in the jeering, laughing and name-calling from the students that followed.


Will hated being human again. It really, really, really sucked. He couldn't fly around saving the world anymore. He just couldn't. And that hurt. Really hurt. But, fortunately, he could still be of some help.

He sat atop a Sea Dragon, flying headfirst through a storm, dodging lightning bolts as they formed. Behind him flew Clarissa, Charlie Weasley and three of his friends – whom they'd picked up as they crossed Romania. They'd made good time flying over Asia and Europe, and now Will could only hope they weren't too late.

He was still coming to terms with the fact that he'd been dead. Clarissa had restored him to life true, but he'd been… beyond… for a measure of time before she'd done it. And he couldn't remember anything that he'd learned. Oh, he knew that Heaven was real. He'd never seen it, but it wasn't a great secret for those who could travel the Multiverse. But he had no memory of anything that had happened to him while he'd been without a body. When he'd woken up in Hawaii with Clarissa, he'd been practically catatonic. His memories had returned, slowly, but his powers had not. No Dragon Force. No Firebrand. He was back to being normal. Well, no, that wasn't technically true. He was still a good deal more skilled than most, but he didn't have any benefits to use anymore. That was highly depressing. As soon as this was solved, he and Clarissa would need to take an extended interdimensional holiday.

"Descend!" He screamed through the storm. The fleet of Dragons, with Will in the lead, dropped from the sky, breaking through the cloud layer, exposing themselves to the rain. Below them was the prison of Azkaban. Already spell fire had begun on the ground below. It looked like a squad of French and Catalan Aurors. Well done, Potter. At their front were two figures he'd recognise anywhere. Alastor Moody and Filius Flitwick. The Aurors hadn't reached the prison proper yet. They were still trying to scale the hill beneath both the storm and the spellfire. Well, Will could deal with one of those things at least. The Gemini Rune hummed against his neck.

"Dracarys!" Will's dragon flew over the Death Eaters as they retreated towards the tower and breathed fire atop them. Golden red flames filled the air, burning what little grass there was on the hill to smithereens. Many of Voldemort's minions were caught in the blast. He saluted Moody, then pulled up, flying around the twisted tower.

Then Clarissa spoke in his mind.

Will. Where are the Dementors?


Claire sat with her back against a tree trunk, deep within the Forbidden Forest, Parker and Watson beside her. The three of them had been on edge since they entered the woods. Not because of the long list of monsters supposedly indigenous to the area – Claire had long ago thrown any fear of magical creatures out the window. No, they were on edge because it was freezing. Not just because it was the middle of winter, but because the cold was undeniably unnatural. The ground at their feet frosted over with every step, and no matter how many warming spells she or the American's tried, they couldn't dispel the feeling. That meant only one thing.


So, naturally, they'd headed for the centre of the frigid feeling.

Their gambit had paid off. Gathered on a bluff about twenty metres above them were at least thirty Dementors and a dozen Werewolves. Right in the centre, surrounded by a sphere of dark energy, was a giant snake. The Final Horcrux.

"Ariel to Bridge. We've spotted the Snake, but it's too heavily guarded for us to attack. Any ideas?" She whispered.

"Ariel, this is Simmons on the Bridge. Ginny and Harry have engaged Voldemort. We can't help you with Drones. Even if we could, they'd give away your position."

Claire bit her lip. She'd been worried about that. She couldn't make a Patronus, there was literally nothing she could do about these bloody things. Werewolves she could kill. Dementors, by their very nature, couldn't die.

"How good are you guys with a Patronus?" She asked the Americans.

"I'm alright, but I don't think I can get rid of that many. Especially if I have to fight off Werewolves at the same time," Mary Jane said, wringing her hands together. Parker, with his stupid mask on, shook his head.

"She's better than I am. Together we might be able to put up a decent front for a minute or so, but no longer."

"Well, crap." She turned back to the bluff. The trees thinned out at the top, exposing the sun, which was beginning to drop towards the western horizon. Could she use that somehow? If she could, she didn't know-how. There was no way to get up there with force… but what if she could sneak up there? She drew her wand.

"I need you to make a distraction," she hissed to them. They nodded, cast looks up towards the hilltop, and ran off in opposite directions. Claire told her armour to retract and began to draw.


Danny dropped into a fighting stance, fists coming alight with power. He was ready for her this time. He would not be beaten.

"Relax Daniel. I'm not here to fight," Elektra said. She wasn't wearing Death Eater robes. Instead, she wore a suit like the one Matt had taken to using since the Department of Mysteries. It was stylised red and black, made from lightweight Kevlar; good for acrobatics. She wore a red scarf as a mask around her lower face. Tattooed over her neck and upper breasts was the Scorpius Rune.

Danny didn't move. He would not give a single ground to this woman… whoever she was.

"I came to give you this." From within her robes, she withdrew a book with a purple cover, a pattern of shifting words on the cover. He could feel the aura of evil emanating from the thing. Danny's jaw slackened.

"Is that…"

"The Darkhold. Stolen right out from under Voldemort's nose." She tossed it onto the floor between them. Black smoke began to curl off it. No joke. This was the real deal. Elektra lowered her face mask.

"I'm sorry for what I did at the Ministry, but I needed to get close to Voldemort. Fighting you in front of Greyback was my best bet." She sounded genuinely apologetic, though Danny didn't buy it.

"Why? Who are you then? Really?"

"I represent a third party that's very interested in making sure that book never sees the light of day again." She turned to leave. Danny let the glow to his fists fade away.


"Tell Matthew to look into an organisation called S.H.I.E.L.D, run by the American Government. It might give him some answers to his questions." She vanished in a flash of white.

Danny, taking several deep breathes to settle the adrenaline, called through his comm device.

"I need an extraction now! Precious cargo!"


The door creaked open, and a blistering heat washed out into the hallway. Jessica was mostly protected in her position around the corner, but the fact that she felt it at all was confirmation enough. Something had gone wrong very wrong.

"Merlin that was hot," Fred's voice exclaimed.

"Almost as hot as us brother mine," George agreed.

"Would you two please… RUN!" Matt cried, and Jessica winced

"Freeze! Petrificus Totalis!" Jessica resisted the urge to sigh in relief. She could still move. Either the suit helmet allowed her to resist, or whatever power her father had, it only worked on those he focussed on. He didn't know she was there, so she should be fine.

"Now. You, boy, tell me how you got free last time," Kilgrave said, a dark tone seeping into his voice.

"What did you do with Professor McGonagall!" George yelled.

"Silence. Murdock, speak."

"I…" Matt grunted, and Jessica's heart hammered in her chest. She risked a glance around the corner. Fred, George, Luna, all stood frozen stiff in the open doorway to the Room of Requirement. Kilgrave loomed over Matt lying prone on the floor.

"Speak, or the girl kills herself," he snapped, turning to glare at Luna. What happened next was definitely not what Jessica imagined her father expected would happen. Luna's eyes turned white, and the hallway began to shake.

"What are you doing?!"

"Preparing to kill myself," Luna said, all emotion drained from her voice. Jessica choked. No! Don't… But it was too late. Kilgrave broke into a massive grin.

"Now, now, there's no need for that dear. I've had a better idea. Why don't you make my friend here talk?" Luna stepped over to Matt and levitated him into the air.

"Luna! Fight it!" Fred groaned.

"Bite your tongue out." Fred coughed as he did precisely that. Jessica's hands began to shake.

Luna flicked her hand, and the Ancient armour melted off Matt's body. He screamed in pure agony, and Jessica held back a strangled moan. She had to do something! She needed a plan! A…

A silver crown fell out of the melting suit as Matt's screams filled the air. Blood began to drip out of Fred's mouth as he choked on his own tongue. Kilgrave levitated the Diadem into his hand.

"How many?" He asked, not directing the question to anyone specifically.

"Six. Four are destroyed, two remain." George said, face straining, trying to turn towards Fred. In the Room of Requirement, a wall exploded outward as a Giant made from flames crashed into it. Fiendfyre! Who had been that stupid!?

And then, she had an idea. A Gryffindor idea. A stupid idea. But it was the best she had. She retracted her armour, and frantically began to draw a rune on her arm. The Cancer Rune.


He didn't know how long Bellatrix kept the torture spell on him. All he knew was the pain. The knives pressing into his skin, the lightning lancing through his blood, the needles digging into his brain. It was all he could perceive. Until it wasn't.

The pain cut off abruptly, and Sirius forced himself, through bleary eyes, to roll onto his back. He was just in time to see Remus Lupin, with Bellatrix crushed in his arms, fall over the edge of the courtyard.

"MOONY!" Sirius, ignoring his whole body as it screamed in protest, pushed to his feet, running for the edge, slapping his robes for his wand. He couldn't find it. He reached the side at the same time as Tonks.

Below them, speared against the cliff-face, lay Sirius's cousin, and his best friend.

"NO!" Tonks screamed.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" Remus's body floated up off the side of the rock, rising up into the air. Bellatrix, her chest impaled with a spike of rock, slipped free, and fell off the cliff, trailing blood until she hit the Black Lake, leaving ripples on the surface as she sank.

A scream filled the air from behind. Granger.

Sirius, his mind tearing itself apart, turned towards Hermione. She was suspended in the air, her face twisted in terror as Crouch Jr held her under the Cruciatus. Sirius glanced at the runic circle, counting ten and a half symbols. The Weasley kid was lying on the ground, a bloody gash in his side as he finished his final drawing. Psylocke, her sword bleeding violet power, duelled both Lestrange brothers at the same time as they jeered and raged at their sister's death. Delacour, unconscious, whether from a wound or fatigue he couldn't tell, was being pulled away by Ted as Andromeda protected them both from Dolohov.

So, Sirius ran, his head clearer than it had been since he was thrown into Azkaban a decade ago. He grabbed a dropped Wakandan spear from the ground and charged at Crouch. Hermione saw him. Crouch turned. Hermione fell. Sirius jumped into the air, snarling, the dog coming loose. Hermione hit the ground.

"Marauders Forever!" Crouch raised his wand. Sirius held the spear over his head in two hands.

"Avada…" Sirius descended. "Kedavra!" The spear went through Crouch's face. His wand exploded, and they both flew in opposite directions. Sirius slammed into the stone, and everything went dark.


Jessica's next move was so Gryffindor that even Ron Weasley would have applauded her. Gripping the Elder Wand in a vice, she slammed the wand point down into the centre of the stone floor, angled towards the Room of Requirement. It sank into the stone like butter. She closed her eyes and channelled the Cancer Rune. Not so stupid after all.

"Diffindo." The backlash of the spell was so powerful the wand shot out of the stone, hit the roof, and came to rest several feet down the corridor. Jessica didn't notice - she was already running. The Aries and Taurus Runes pulsed on her neck. All the pain. All the sorrow. All the anger. It became the fuel that pushed her on.

The spell pulsed through the floor and an earthquake began to crack the stone apart like it was ice. She charged around the corner as a giant splinter ran down the centre of the hallway floor. The walls around her cracked. Kilgrave stumbled as the ground shook, and Jessica slammed into him with all the speed and strength her mother had given her. They fell. Through the air and into the Room of Requirement, which was still open. They hit the floor inside, and a giant lion, born of flame leapt for them. Jessica grabbed the Diadem and pushed away from her father as he recovered.

"Jessica!" Luna.

"GET AWAY!" She shouted back. Then she smashed Kilgrave over the head with the Diadem before he could rise. A wolf dove towards them, and Jessica threw the tiara into its mouth. The wolf, and the Diadem, exploded. Voldemort's scream filled the air, followed by an even louder "CRUNCH!"

Gravity lurched Jessica from her feet. The wall between Hogwarts and the Room of Requirement fell away as the Sixth Floor of Hogwarts collapsed into the Fifth. The Room of Requirement fell, freefalling down the side of the castle. The floor began to expand, the ceiling growing away from them as the magic that sustained the room started to fail.

"JESSICA!" Matt's voice. Full of more pain than it had been as Kilgrave tore the armour from his body. Jessica slammed into a shelf, her head impacting the metal. Something near her leg shattered, fragments of glass lodging in her skin. The room continued to fall.

A sickening 'crack!' of Apparation filled the air, followed by a howl of pain. The wards might be down, but the Room of Requirement had always been its own thing. Under its own magic. There would be no escape for Kilgrave Jones this time. She saw him as they fell towards the Greenhouses. The look of utter hate on his face as he realised what was coming. An eagle jumped from the flames, taking a bite from his leg. He howled. Jessica saw a flash of white light above. Luna. She had him. She'd protect him. Flames danced amongst the ruin, and Jessica's heart slammed in her chest. She couldn't breathe. The ringing in her ears blocked all other sounds. The very air was heavy with ash.

Then the Room of Requirement stopped growing and began to shrink. Faster, faster, collapsing in on itself. Jessica and Kilgrave were pulled towards the centre. A whirlpool of… nothing. As she approached it, reality flickered. She saw an infinite expanse. A sunless sky. Hundreds of thousands of objects and rooms floating in the aether, waiting for the Room of Requirement to call them. Hovering in the distance was a sphere of energy, and within it, a beautiful house, with five doors leading outwards, back into the world. A Home. The one thing she'd never truly had. No. That wasn't right. She did have a Home, a family. The Defenders were her Home. Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Danny, Luke and Matt. They were her family. They had been all along.

She smiled softly and closed her eyes.

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