Harry Potter and the Gemini Curse @ghostandmiracle42
Act VI, Chapter 4

Act VI, Chapter 4: The House of Jones

Harry stepped out of the Gateway from Grimmauld Place with Fred, George, Angelina, Alicia, Charlie, Percy, Molly, Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Moody, Andromeda, Ted and the few surviving members of the Order of the Phoenix.

"Wow…" Tonks whispered, staring at the Gate Room in awe. If he weren't so preoccupied with Britain going to hell, he would have laughed.

Instead, Gringotts was a pile of rubble, and the Death Eaters were using kidnapped Muggles to try and reclaim as much gold from the vaults as possible. Most of the Muggleborn populous and the few Aurors and Ministry officials who could still be trusted were locked up in Azkaban. Voldemort had control of Hogwarts, and he seemingly didn't care enough to root out the pockets of students hiding from the Death Eaters in the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Common Rooms. And that wasn't counting the number of people who had been captured when the castle fell and were now imprisoned in the Dungeons, including Luke and Professor Slughorn according to Dobby. Then, as if matters couldn't get worse; Dumbledore was dead; and Jessica, Matt, Professor McGonagall, Amelia Bones, Bill Weasley and Betsy Braddock were all missing. Finally, the ICW had held an emergency meeting, not to debate the merits of sending aid to Britain, but to censure the Federation for pledging support.

Honey, I'm home!

About damn time.

The Gateway disengaged behind them, and Harry led the way up the main staircase. It had been a week now since Voldemort took Hogwarts and Will sacrificed himself to bring Atlantis back to life, and the City was already looking far healthier than it had when Harry and his team first arrived. People were flittering through the Central Tower, eating in the Mess Hall, taking healing in the Medical Wing for injuries inflicted during Voldemort's take-over of Hogwarts, and getting settled in their quarters. T'Challa and Okoye were leading two groups of Federal Protection Authority Officers and Wakandan Tribesmen through the inner-city floor by floor searching for any obvious dangers. Ginny was going through every person in the City one by one to determine if anyone else had the Ancient Gene. So far, they'd discovered that Luna, Daphne, Astoria, Neville, Fitz, Tracey Davis and Eloise Midgen all had the Gene. It seemed Ginny's guess that the Gene was more likely to run in Pureblood families was true. With any luck, the Weasleys he'd brought back would also have the Gene.

Shuri, Hermione, Claire, Fitz, Simmons, Padma and Professors Flitwick, Babbling and Vector had their own task: to get as many of the City's systems operational as possible and learn them like the back of their hands. If they were going to be taking Atlantis into battle, they needed to understand what it could do.

The rest of the Defenders Army members rescued from Hogwarts, including Lance, Lavender, Hannah, Demelza and Katie, were using a large auditorium a few floors down to hone their attack skills for Harry's assault on Hogwarts.

No one had heard anything from Clarissa.

"Wormhole disengaged," Simmons announced, "Harry, you better get up here."

Harry groaned, before marching up the stairs. Daphne, Ginny, Hermione, Lance, T'Challa and Claire were waiting for him, staring at one of the floating screens.

"The attack seems to have originated on the corner of Bleaker and Madison Streets, before spilling onto the Brooklyn Bridge. No one has seen Spider-Man or Spider-Woman since the bridge collapsed. Anyone with any knowledge of whoever is responsible is being urged to report to police." It was the voice of a CNN newswoman, standing in front of what was left of the Brooklyn Bridge.

"Doctor Strange?"

"Dead most likely," Ginny said, "No way Tom leaves someone that powerful alive. It would have been a sneak attack. He wouldn't have had a chance."

"No one's heard from Peter, Gwen or MJ since we sent Gwen back to New York last night," Hermione told him, tears sliding down her cheeks. Harry swallowed. Three more names for the list, not to mention how many people died in the crossfire.

"They might still be alive." Even as he said the words, he knew he was lying to himself. Ice slid across the Gemini Rune

The Brooklyn Bridge. That's where…

Where Gwen died in the comic-book we read in the Library of Worlds. Only in that version, it was a green goblin that did it, not Voldemort.

The Library is a collection of stories from across the Multiverse. That's what happened on that world. I suppose it makes a dark kind of sense that the same thing would happen here. After all, the Multiverse is a collection of alternate possibilities, isn't it? Different choices sometimes lead to the same destination.

We didn't tell her, though. We knew something might happen. We didn't warn her, that makes it our fault.

You know why we didn't, we had no way of knowing whether it would come true or not. Telling her may have been the very choice that led to that outcome, or maybe it would have caused something even worse.

Doesn't stop me from hating myself.

For once this one actually isn't our fault, Harry. Unlike Will and Susan, and Ron and… Ginny continued narrating the list in their mind, while Harry tried to put on a brave face.

Aloud he said, "We can't afford to worry about it right now. Our priority has to stay the same. Fitz? How are the engines coming?" Hermione looked about ready to smack him, but Ginny grabbed her arm and shook her head to their bushy-haired friend. Hermione deflated and sunk back into a seat.

Fitz jerked up from his own screen. "Oh! Um, well, that is to say, that um…"

"Fairly well," Jemma assured him, "We're ninety percent sure we can fly the City to Hogwarts and back again, and about seventy-five percent confident we can land it once we're done, so long as we're over water. It's taking off while we're under all that ice that's the issue. Give us another day or so, and we'll have it cracked."

"Where is Professor Flitwick?"

"He went to the Home to collect Lily Potter's notes on Hyperspace from the Marauders Library," Padma said, not looking up from her schematics. She'd scribbled over the Ancient keyboard with English letters in permanent marker.

"Good. Jemma, if you can bring Fred and George up to scratch on the City systems, I'd appreciate it. The rest of you, follow me. You need to sit in the Chair before we do anything else." Fred and George hurried over to Simmons and Fitz's console while Harry and Ginny led the rest of the people he'd recovered from Britain towards the Chair. They didn't make it halfway before alarms started blaring.

"Warning! Incoming Wormhole!" Proclaimed the voice of the City. The runes on the Gateway had begun to spin.

"Defensive positions!" Harry snapped, slamming the device on his wrist to activate the Ancient Armour as he bounded down the stairs and drew his wand. Dozens of FPA Officers, Defenders Army members and Wakandan Tribesmen ran out of the adjacent hallways and rooms, pulling wands and donning armour – Harry had made damn sure all the Defenders Army members had the wristbands that controlled the armour on them at all times. Harry took a position with Ginny beside him directly in front of the portal, Order members lining up beside him.

"Where's it coming from?!" Ginny yelled to the control room.

"The Home. Should be Flitwick returning," Hermione called. The last symbol locked into place, and the Gateway lit up as rainbow water shot out from the event horizon, before being pulled back into the ring and settling into the familiar blue.

The person who stepped out of the Gateway was not Flitwick.

MJ apparated into the middle of a crowd of reporters, and she didn't care in the slightest. There were so many Obliviators and Aurors intermingled amongst the No-Maj film crews it wouldn't matter anyway. She bolted over the police line, stunned an Auror who got in her way and apparated into the middle of the bridge. The No-Majs thought the whole bridge had gone down, but that was just to cover up all the magical damage. Peter was sitting with a pair of MIB agents, mask off. At their feet was a body bag. Mary Jane tripped, her heart jerking into her throat.

"Peter!" Peter looked up at the sound of his name, but he didn't smile like he usually did when he saw her. She stopped short of charging him as she'd initially intended. Instead, her eyes were caught by the body-bag. Peeking out of the top of the bag, was a head with blonde hair and closed eyes.

Gwen… Oh, God, no…

MJ sank to her knees, tears filling her eyes in seconds. She reached out a hand and laid it across Gwen's forehead.

"How?" her voice cracked around the word.

"It was my fault," Peter said solemnly, "I didn't think. I tried to catch her with my webs, but I just broke her neck. I killed my best friend."

"You don't know that kid," one of the Agents said, patting Peter on the back, "it could have just as easily been the curse that killed her. We'll never know."

Peter squeezed his eyes shut. MJ just stared at Gwen's still form. Trying to take it all in.

"Am I done here?" Peter asked the agents. They nodded solemnly to him.

"She'll be honoured. No telling how many people she saved tonight, No-Majs and Wizards alike." Peter didn't seem to care much. He bent down and pulled the cover over Gwen's face. Then he held out his hand to MJ. She took it hesitantly, and her body was twisted into the familiar feeling of Apparation.

With a "crack!" they appeared in a place MJ knew only too well. It was an open-air stone courtyard, four statues standing proudly in the centre without a spec of dust or damage to them. Isolt Sawyer and her family, the founders of Ilvermorny. Standing proudly beyond the statues, bathed in moon-light and dominating the cloudless night sky, was Ilvermorny castle.

As soon as they appeared, several Pukwidges jumped out of the shadows, bows drawn.

"Peter? Why are we here?" MJ said hesitantly.

"Because to go to war, you need an army," Peter stated without an inch of emotion. She flinched at the emptiness.

"Peter Parker. Mary Jane Watson. Why have you returned to Ilvermorny at this time?" One of the Pukwidges said, dropping his bow as he recognised them.

"Doctor Strange is dead. We need to speak to Miles Morales."

Jessica stood outside the front gate of Jones Manor, on either side of her were Matt and Amelia. Betsy was squatting on the ground with her top off while Bill used a metal implement to draw a series of magical tattoos on her back. Jessica recognised some of them as Ancient Runes: Scorpius for awareness, Aries for strength, Taurus for speed, Leo for her psionic and telekinetic powers. But there were at least a dozen others she didn't recognise. Betsy had already done the same for Bill, though some of the runes were different. He, for example, didn't use the Leo Rune. Instead, he had the Cancer Rune – the Amplification Rune – drawn in its place. Jessica had always though that rune was stupid. Its purpose was to make single spells more powerful. But it only worked once before needing to be reapplied.

Professor McGonagall had watched the whole process with interest. After Bill had finished, she'd tried to ask what exactly they were doing – a question Jessica herself very much wanted the answer to. Betsy had simply said that the usage of "marks" and the "stele" (pronounced steh•lay) used to apply them were part of a contract Gringotts had with the nation of Idris. Only Curse-breakers were permitted to use them, as per the agreement, and that she would tolerate no more questions on the matter. Jessica very much wanted to get her hands on one of those "stele." They worked far better than wands for drawing runes that was for sure.

Bill finished drawing a mark Jessica didn't know on Betsy's back and handed back her shirt. Then, together, they approached the gate and the ward line.

"There's no one I can detect inside, but that doesn't mean there isn't anyone. We need to be careful," Matt said, easing his wand out of his pocket. He wore his black Kevlar suit, while Jessica, Amelia and McGonagall wore Defenders Cloaks. Betsy and Bill wore their Curse-breaker uniforms – black bodysuit with the Gringotts crest accented by a purple sash. Bill wore his over the shoulder, Betsy wore hers around her waist. Jessica was sure the uniforms were lined with Mithril and Vibranium. Bloody Goblins, always getting the best toys.

"We're ready if you are." Both of them seemed to be walking steadier, their muscles tensing more as they moved. There was almost an aura of confidence to them.

"Whoah. You guys certainly kitted out didn't you!" Matt exclaimed; his gaze now fixed on the Curse-breakers. "Your auras are like super-charged."

"Can we just get on with this please?" McGonagall pleaded. Betsy and Bill strode up to the gate and stood on either side of the wrought iron.

"On three?"




Both of them jabbed their wands into the ward line with two hands. A loud groaning emitted from the gate, and there was an ambiguous 'popping' sound like a bubble. The air rippled, Bill grunted, and several lines of Runes began to glow on the ground beneath the gate. Betsy took one hand off her wand, which began to shake and steam, and drew her stele, pointing it at the runic script before starting to trace. A thick horizontal black line drew itself over the glowing writing, before curling upwards, then cutting diagonally down over the horizontal. The rune flashed before vanishing. The sound of shattering glass filled the air, and the passage of runes faded away. The gates swung open.

Betsy and Bill stood back, admiring their work.

"Well that was easy," Bill said.

"Would have been nicer with three," Betsy pointed out.

"Well, we take what we get, don't we. No sense moping about it." Jessica decided that ignoring the Curse-breakers was the best idea, and strode up the gravel path with Matt at her side. He was wearing her scarf tied around his forehead again.

Jones Manor was not a spectacular sight by any means. Oh, it wasn't dull, but it didn't scream, "this is the home of a bunch of super-rich jack-asses" either. The walls were black, and the building was three stories, built atop a natural rise on the Scottish Moors.

Jessica reached the doors, and with a nod from Matt, kicked them open. The resulting clang was very satisfying.

"Homenum Revelio," McGonagall whispered, waving her wand as she entered behind them.

"We are alone," she confirmed.

"Wonderful," Jessica muttered, before advancing into the foyer. It was a two-story affair, with a balcony running the length of the room on the second story. Jessica led the way to the upper gallery. She had a list of places to check for the Horcrux, places that she didn't check over the summer of her fourth year. The first of which was her mother's bedroom.

"Can you sense anything?" She whispered to Matt. She didn't need to whisper, but it seemed appropriate.

Matt cocked his head.

"Sort of. It's fainter than in the cave. That place was packed with Dark Magic. But there's definitely been a Horcrux here recently." Jessica let out a long breath of relief. They still had a chance.

Her mother's room was a bust. According to Matt, the Cup had never been in the room at all. Jessica's old room, which had been absolutely trashed, was also a waste of time.

They scoured the house, relying on Matt's senses. It took the better part of the morning, but eventually, Matt led the team to a storage cupboard next to the House Elf quarters.

Everyone was stumped for a second, before Jessica, with no small degree of dread, pushed a loose brick, and one of the walls retracted into the floor, revealing a hidden passage. Swallowing, she lit her wand and led the way down a stone staircase. The descent took a few minutes, but eventually, they arrived in a pitch-black corridor. It was frigid, the bitter cold causing even Jessica's skin to rise. Matt's breath misted.

"Lumos Maxima," Bill whispered, and a glob of light flew from his wand, down the corridor and into the room beyond, illuminating the space. It was a chamber built of black brick walls. The room was domed, and there was no furniture inside. The whole place was bare.

"Is this…" Matt trailed off, unable to finish.

"Yeah," she said softly. Matt took her hand in his, and she was internally grateful for the comfort it offered.

"This place is thick with necromantic pulse points. A lot of rituals were done in here. Wait, is that what I think it is?" Bill said, making his way forward. His gaze was locked on a haze of floating numbers and words hovering above his wand, made from light and dust. Betsy had the same spell floating above her wand. She shivered

"A Voidbinding. That… that is scary." Then she breathed a sigh of relief. "It's old, though. Very old. Several centuries at least."

"Do I want to know what a Voidbinding is?" Amelia asked, bringing up the rear.

"No." Betsy and Bill both answered. Jessica ignored them, moving deeper into the room. The pentagram on the floor had long since been removed.

"Where is the thing?" She asked Matt. He pointed at the floor in the centre of the room, and Jessica lowered her wand towards it, rubbing with her hands. No switches, no hinges.

"There's no specific ward there Murdock. You sure that's the place?" Bill asked.

"Very." Bill and Betsy got to work, using both their wands and their stele to poke and prod at the stone. After a good ten minutes of nothing, Professor McGonagall pushed them aside.

"Honestly, you're thinking too much like Cursebreakers and not enough like normal people." Then she transfigured the stone to water. Normal people, indeed. Bill and Betsy both flushed as McGonagall dipped her arm into the water and came up with a golden cup – the effigy of a badger on the front.

Matt jerked his head towards the door.

"We've got company," he hissed. Amelia instantly turned her wand on the door, and Jessica fished beneath her robes for the Home Amulet. The only thing that could get them out from inside the house.

"Stop Moving." Jessica froze, as did everyone else. Not one of them moved an inch.

Oh no.

A tall figure in purple robes came down the stairs. He had slicked-back brown hair and a celebratory grin on his face.

"If it isn't my wayward daughter, come home at last."

No, no, no nononononononononon…

Kilgrave strolled into the room and inspected the faces of everyone in attendance. Jessica couldn't even think of moving. The very notion of entertaining the idea was incomprehensible. She wanted more than anything to stay perfectly still. That was the only aspect of her conscious mind impaired, however. She was perfectly capable of panicking internally.

"Madame Bones. The Dark Lord will be thrilled to see you. And Minerva, we had wondered where you ran off to. The eldest Weasley, and Braddock's sister. Numbers twelve and fifteen on the most wanted list I believe. You'll both be fine additions to my collection." He took the cup from McGonagall with a muttered, "bout time I found this blasted thing," before stepping before Jessica and Matt. They were still holding hands. He ran his hand over Jessica's face.

"Like it." Jessica whimpered in pleasure at the caress. It was an utterly magnificent feeling.

"Let's get rid of that shall we," he said, noticing their clasped hands and clicking his tongue. He pulled them apart. Jessica tried to resist… tried to… what was she trying to do? It mustn't have mattered.

"Stand straight."

All six of them straightened instantly, arms coming to their sides, heads held perfectly horizontal. Jessica's stomach attempted to rebel, but she managed to quash it. That was one thing she could still do at least.

"Now tell me daughter dearest, where is Harry Potter?" Kilgrave's eyes bored into Jessica's, he seemed positively ecstatic to have her before him. She felt the urge to throw up again but swallowed it down.

"I don't know," she said, the truth leaving her mouth without her even thinking about it. He frowned.

"Any of you?"

"We do not know where Harry Potter is," the five replied. His grin faded, and he turned towards the cup, staring at it.

"How many has Potter gotten too?" She couldn't be sure whether it was addressed to her or a muttered self-comment. She answered anyway.

"Two," Jessica said, breathing an internal sigh of relief. Dumbledore had killed the Ring, not Harry. Kilgrave grimaced. Matt twitched his head. How! If she even tried to think about moving, the thought just slid away!

Kilgrave sighed.

"And here I hoped with Dumbledore dead the last of our problems were over. I don't suppose you know where the others are?"

"Yes." His gaze snapped to her

"Where?!" Her mouth opened, and Jessica pushed her tongue back, choking and spluttering.

"I said, where are they?!" Jessica tried to speak again. "and speak clearly." Shit.

"The Ring is…" Matt sprang to life, shoving her to the floor. Then he dove straight at Kilgrave. They fell back into Betsy, knocking her from her feet, and the three of them hit the floor. Jessica and the other three remained stagnant statues.

"Get off me!" Kilgrave snapped. Betsy immediately obliged; Matt ignored him. He righted himself and began punching Kilgrave in the face. Damn it, but she wanted to help! How had Matt broken free? It was supposed to be impossible. That was what her mother had said. All he had to do was speak, and you were his forever. All he had to do was speak.

Matt leaned back from Kilgrave's bloody face and snatched the cup from his hands. Kilgrave coughed on his own blood. Matt stood up and kicked him in the head. Kilgrave's eyes glazed shut. Then Matt breathed a sigh of relief and shook his head. Jessica's body suddenly came back to her, perfectly clear. She sank to her knees, all her energy drained.

"We have to go. Come on!" Matt said, pulling Jessica to her feet.

"No! We have to kill him!" Jessica said, coming to her senses. She aimed the Elder Wand at her father and opened her mouth to speak the words. Not even Amelia Bones, the embodiment of the law, moved to stop her. Betsy looked practically murderous; Professor McGonagall had gone pale; Bill had his wand pointed at Kilgrave.

Before she could speak, however, Kilgrave opened his eyes, spat a wad of blood out of his mouth, and pointed his wand at Matt.

"Reducto! All of you freeze!" The words weren't very articulate, but they did the job. Jessica froze again, as did the other five – Matt included. The spell hit Matt in the chest, blasting him backwards into Jessica, knocking them into Betsy and Bill who stood behind them.

"Home!" Matt yelled frantically, and the world blurred around them. The four of them hit the ground in the Home, Professor McGonagall and Madame Bones left behind.

Matt screamed in pain, and mobility returned to Jessica instantly.

"We have to go back!" Bill exclaimed, pulling himself upright and reaching for the medallion around Jessica's throat. Her instincts clicked in, and she ducked out of his grip, wand coming up. Betsy ignored them both, as she caught Matt. He had a gaping hole in his chest, curling smoke, from where the curse hit him.

"Crap!" She pulled out her stele and began to draw the Capricornus Rune, the Zodiac Rune of Healing, over Matt's wound as he cried out.

"Give me that! We can use it to return to the place we left!" Bill lunged for her again, and Jessica edged away.

"We can't!" She snapped, her Slytherin brain coming back to the forefront. Merlin, she was tired. Her head spun, her body was exhausted. And in her mind, she heard the screams of Professor McGonagall and Madame Bones.

"If he gets us, he can find out about the Horcruxes. McGonagall and Bones didn't know about them. He'll probably have gotten the knowledge about how to get in here from them by now and apparated to the closest anchor anyway." He wouldn't be able to get in. Jessica had changed all the passwords after she'd woken up without telling any of the others.

Bill and Jessica stood at wand point for several tense moments before a squeaky voice spoke up from behind them.

"Mr Weasley! Miss Jones! You're alive!"

Ginny and Harry both breathed an incredible sigh of relief as Jessica and Matt stepped through the Gateway portal, staring around at the City with the trademark awe of first timers. There was a visible release of tension from Harry as they raced forward, pulling the pair into hugs. Danny, Luna and Hermione charged after them, turning the middle of the Gate Room into the scene of a giant group hug.

"Where have you been?!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Never mind that, what in the name of all that is holy did you do to your hair!?" Ginny exclaimed, stepping back with her hands-on Jessica's shoulders as she stared at her voluptuous pink locks.

"Long story." Jessica dug into her pocket and drew out a golden cup with the epithet of a badger on the front. Ginny's jaw fell open.

"How the hell did you get that!"

"With sacrifice," Matt said, shuddering.

Ginny's heart lurched, and the Gemini Rune froze against her skin, though whether it was from Harry's fear or her own, she wasn't sure. Ginny was about to ask who when five more people stepped through the shimmering event horizon. Peter and MJ stood on the right, Miles Morales – whom Ginny had once played Quidditch against – and a tall, dark-skinned MIB Agent stood on the left. Between them was a young woman maybe five years older than Ginny was, in a white blouse and a red skirt. Her blonde hair, which looked in desperate need of a brush, was hanging limply in a loose ponytail.

"Mary?" The voice belonged to President Matson, who, with his retinue of FPA guards, had just appeared from one of the doors below the Gate platform.

"James. I tried. I…" The woman, Mary, swallowed hard, recomposing herself.

"It's alright. They never would have listened. I've been thinking it was about time we either demanded reform in the ICW or abandoned it altogether. We wouldn't be the first to try it. I'd like to see what would happen to the Wizarding Economy. Could be good for a laugh down the pub." President Matson stepped up to the woman and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Harry, Ginny, this is my cousin-in-law Mary Breckensfield, the American Ambassador to the United States." Harry greeted Mary with a handshake. Ginny was too focussed on the rest of the group to care.

"Gwen?" She directed the question to Peter and MJ, though she already knew the answer. Both of them, their expressions grim, shook their heads. Harry tried sending warmth through the Gemini Rune, but it didn't do more than make her neck tingle. Instead, distracting herself, she turned to Miles and smiled at him.

"We've come to help," he said simply. As soon as the words left his mouth, people began filing through the Gateway. Flitwick was there with Bill and Betsy Braddock. Kamala Khan and Kitty Pryde, Flash Thompson, and the rest of the Ilvermorny Tri-wizard Quidditch team. MIB agents, even a few American Aurors and some people who looked like teachers.

"Doctor Strange is dead," Mary said, pulling the attention towards her. "Voldemort has proved that he won't stop at Britain. He's going to kill us all or enslave us. So, we're here to fight, regardless of what the President says."

Harry smiled. It was forced, but it was good enough.

"Harry," Jessica said, grabbing Harry's sleeve, "Dumbledore. Matt and I have been working with him…"

"Hermione told us about the Ring," he began.

"No. Hermione wasn't there for what we learned later. We know where and what the last Horcrux is. And, more importantly, we know how to kill Voldemort once and for all, even with the Nether Force."

And for the first time in weeks, hope bloomed on Harry's face like the first rays of sunlight breaking through a stormy night. The Gemini Rune thrummed with warmth.

Ginny grinned. "Well, what do you know. We might just have a chance of surviving this after all," she proclaimed.

Then Harry pulled Jessica off her feet and spun her around as she screamed at him to put her down, and all the people surrounding them burst into laughter

Within five minutes, Jessica had thrown the Cup into the Dragon Force reactor, and they all watched as it was eviscerated.

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