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Act VI, Chapter 2

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The Enterprise surged out of the Speed Force Wall and back into the Bleed. An entire fleet of ships awaited them, and none of the recognisable Franchises were owned by Ghost or Miracle. (Amazing that.)

"Fuck," Annabeth Chase groaned. A 'ding' rang across the Bridge, and the elevator doors opened. The woman who stepped out was not a Traveller. She had long golden hair, wore a flowing white gown, and had wings of white energy, shaped like a bird's, protruding from her back. A soft golden light rippled around her head when you focussed on her.

"We are bound only to watch," Anneliese Celestial said, stepping out into the crowd of Travellers clustered on the Bridge, staring at the dozens of crafts beyond. Ghost counted Demonic ships, Ori ships, New God ships and even a few Olympian Destroyers.

"An angel is present on every one of those vessels. They cannot use Ascended power to destroy you. They will not risk violating the Accords while we are watching. But that doesn't mean they won't try to kill you all the old-fashioned way."

"Thank you for those words of wisdom, Madame Angel," Magneto said dryly.

"You are fortunate we even care what you do. We tolerate your interference in the Orrery only for the aid you lend us. It can be revoked." Anneliese looked to Clara, who sat on the floor, knees to chest, curled up in the corner of the room beside Yoda and Gandalf. The angel nodded her head, then turned back to the viewscreen and fell silent.

In another corner of the room, Oracle stood with Charles Xavier and Eleanor Roosevelt tapping her foot anxiously on the ground as she held a phone to her ear.

"Hi! Babs! Babe! My sister from another universe! My doppelgänger of awesomeness! My bat-bestie from…." Oracle bit her lip.

"What do I want? Why do you assume I… okay we're about to die, could you pretty please call Superman for me?" she begged.

Two more flashes of light filled the room, revealing Riker O'Neill, dressed in full metallic blue Asmerian armour, and Thor Odinson – chainmail, red cape and magic hammer included.

"I swear I'm going to kill Darkseid this time," Riker snapped, running up to Annabeth in the captain's seat. Alarms began to ring through the ship as another fleet appeared outside. Ghost's jaw dropped to the floor.

"We are so screwed."

Act VI, Chapter 2: The End of Days

Sirius blinked, the world slowly coming back into focus. Not that it did him much good. Everything was still dark, the floor was still the same cold stone, and the air was still stale. Etched into the wall on the far side of the cell was a crude effigy of a rat.

Five days. Five days he'd been back in this godforsaken hell hole. Azkaban. He gritted his teeth.

He'd been on a mission with Brian to dispatch a Dementor nest in Cornwall when it happened. Calvin Akerson. Sirius had high hopes for the man. At least he had, before he revealed himself a bootlicker with a stick up his ass so large you could pole vault with it. The whole thing had been a trap. Sirius' darling cousin had been ready for them. The next thing he'd known, he'd woken in his old cell in Azkaban Prison. He'd freaked, thinking that everything had just been a Dementor induced hallucination. Then he'd seen Bellatrix standing outside the doors cackling with glee. He'd spat in her face, and she'd used the Cruciatus Curse several times.

Sirius would always have one thing on his cousin though. She was batshit crazy, and Sirius was not. Putting him in the same cell, while suitably demented to her mind he was sure, was incredibly dumb. He knew every nook and cranny of this tiny space like the back of his hand. That was his advantage: he could escape the exact same way as last time. He could see the two very bars he'd slipped through. Bent outwards slightly and rusted where they touched the floor. Just wide enough for his grim form.

Last time, he hadn't had the willpower to try and escape. He had deserved to be here, forced to remember every day what he had done. Then he'd seen that newspaper clipping, and hopelessness was replaced by revenge. Not now. Now, he knew what was waiting for him. He had a godson and an as good-as-goddaughter out there who needed him. Sirius fucking Black would not fail the Potters again. He owed them more than he could ever repay. An image flickered through his mind, standing in the rain looking up into the eyes of James' mother when she found him on her doorstep, absolutely saturated, with nowhere else to go. He had failed two generations of Potters. He would not fail a third.

He hadn't tried to escape yet. He hadn't been sure Bellatrix wasn't waiting for him to try. But now he was certain she was gone. Why was he certain? Because this was the first morning that the familiar chill that accompanied Dementors permeated the air once more. Bellatrix wouldn't go near the buggers, which meant she must have left.

He waited until long after dark that night. Finally, when even the moon had fallen below the horizon, he made his move. Transforming into a dog, he slipped through the bars, and moved through the shadows, stopping outside each cell to try and see or smell someone inside. He found Brian one level down, Kingsley down the hallway from him, and a floor below them both were five more Aurors. Good, trustworthy folk. On the ground floor, packed into the mass cells, were dozens and dozens of witches and wizards; Muggleborns, he guessed. Thinking on the spot, he stepped through the bars of one of the cells (these ones were easy for him, by virtue of being larger) and crawled into the mass of sweaty, dirty people. He found one person, a young girl, and cuddled up to her. She snuggled into his fur, and Sirius got a good look at her. She'd been branded with a large letter'M' on the side of her face. He looked around at the few faces he could see in the dark and realised that all of them had been branded with the same mark. Quashing the rage that reared up within him, he settled down to wait for morning.

When daylight did come, the girl still refused to let go of him. He couldn't say he minded much. With the sun came the Dementors. Only, they weren't patrolling, they were leaving. His hunch had been right then. Maybe he hadn't given his cousin enough credit. As soon as the Dementors vanished, Bellatrix strode into the prison and spoke to a Death Eater guard. Sirius thought it might be Rowle.

"Well, did he try to escape?" she snapped.

"None of the traps were triggered," he said. Sirius didn't think it was possible to make the Queen's English sound that stupid.

Bellatrix sneered.

"Pity," she whispered to herself, before storming up the stairs. Most likely to his cell.

He was proven right when she came charging down the stairs ten minutes later looking furious.


Rowle screamed rather loudly.


Sirius took his chance. He licked the girl on the face, bolted through the bars while Bellatrix was distracted, and out into the watery sunlight outside. Whatever traps Bellatrix had put up to catch him, she would have had to take them down before arriving on the island, which left a rather perfect opportunity. He didn't go to the boat; instead, he rounded the black stone walls, keeping as close to them as he could to avoid the Dementors waiting outside for Bellatrix's go ahead. They couldn't sense him in this form, but he wasn't taking any chances. Once he was far enough away, he bolted for the edge of the island and dove into the frigid ocean.

The swim was nowhere near as bad this time. He had a thicker coat in his dog form, more muscle, and had only been trapped for five days this time, instead of twelve years.

When he finally reached the shore, the bitter cold freezing him to the bone, he morphed back into man form and stared at the triangular slab of stone. There was a gaping hole in the top floors of the building.

'I'll be back for all of you,' he swore to himself, before disapparating to Grimmauld Place.

Alastor Moody was profoundly depressed. Why? Because you couldn't get high off Polyjuice Potion, that's bloody why! He'd chugged enough of the stuff the past few days he should be able to get something out of it at least. But no. All he got was Goblin Piss. He was currently disguised as a beggar limping down Diagon Alley, surveying the damage. It had been seven days now since Voldemort had seized the Hogwarts and then the Ministry, and this was the first time he felt it was safe to do a little reconnaissance. He was dead lucky is what he was. He'd been with Lupin, Andromeda and the girl, Tonks, the night it went down, testing that new treatment for Werewolves. It had seemed to work. The transformation hadn't taken effect while he'd stayed out of moonlight. The side-effect was it made him very open to suggestion. Moody wasn't sure if it was better or worse, though Lupin and the girl both had been ecstatic. She'd put him to bed, and Moody had gone home… to find his house a pile of ash. Someone had triggered his wards.

He hadn't been stupid enough to head into the Ministry. He'd hunkered down on the street above the Ministry building the next morning and used his magical eye to look through the road into the atrium below. The Death Eaters had been rounding up everyone who came out of the fireplaces. The Ministry had fallen. He'd tried to send a Patronus to Albus, but it hadn't gone anywhere. It just sat in front of him. That was confirmation enough. Albus was dead, and that meant Hogwarts was lost as well.

Now he stood on Diagon Alley, virtually abandoned, staring at Gringotts. Or rather, where Gringotts had been. Half the Alley had collapsed into the sinkhole opened up by Voldemort, Gringotts at the epicentre. The Death Eaters were watching over one open tunnel leading down into the dark. His magical eye scanned the ground, and he almost emptied his stomach when he saw the sheer number of people down in the tunnels, digging out the dirt and emptying vaults as they were uncovered. They weren't using magic… muggles.

He shivered, and with a glance to the two other stores on the street that had been explicitly destroyed – Ollivanders and the Weasley Twins shop – he disapparated back to his safe house.

"Order! Order! Order!" Gaeric Thansarge - the Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards - called his amplified voice echoing harshly through Hall.

"We are not a group of children squabbling over who gets the last candy in the bowl! We will act like adults!"

The delegates quietened down, and Gaeric released the death grip held on his lectern. The ICW had been called to an emergency meeting in the Hall of Wizards – a large auditorium in the Department of Magic's new headquarters in Washington DC. It was only recently completed, and the walls looked like they'd actually been polished before the meeting had started. Gaeric wanted to be anywhere else other than America, and had argued that the dissolution of their entire government was reason enough for them to go to the bottom of the list of host countries for the ICW, but it hadn't gone very far. He didn't like Americans. They were so insistent on being flashy, on being the 'biggest' at everything. They couldn't even keep their government from collapsing, but here they were no more than ten years later, pretending as if nothing had ever happened. And not only that, but they'd replaced one of the most independent Wizarding Governments in the world with one entirely subservient for a muggle. A muggle! The Wizarding Community in Bulgaria would never be so lax! No, he'd much rather be meeting anywhere else. But America had been at the top of the list, so here they were.

The leader of the fish idiots stood up in his chair, "I demand to speak. I have that right, and I will not be censured and silenced without being heard!" What was his name again? M something? Gaeric couldn't remember. As far as he was concerned, the backwater sludge shouldn't even be considered wizards. They were half fish for crying out loud! But he was the Supreme Mugwump, and ICW law stated he had to give the man… 'was he even a man?' a chance to speak.

"We cannot just leave Voldemort to concur an entire country! You just plan to leave them to be enslaved by a madman? It's going to be the Holocaust all over again!"

Gaeric raised an eyebrow. He didn't know what a Holocaust was. Fish nonsense most likely.

"It is not in your purview to dictate the actions of the British Ministry of Magic, Matson!" the member for Britain, Augustus Rookwood, declared, leaning forward in his seat to stare across the floor at Matson (he knew it started with M).

"The member for Britain is right," Farad Tehrani, the member for Persia, stated, "Be careful how you speak, Mr President. You are the one on censure here."

Matson snorted, "Censure? For saying that ethnic cleansing is wrong? And here I thought we were supposed to be better than the Mortals."

"That may be, Mr President," Matarish Margashi, Member for the Great Arabian Caliphate said, "But that does not give you a right to interfere in the domestic affairs of a Wizarding Community without first coming before this body."

"He has allied himself with a terrorist organisation directly opposed to the Ministry. On behalf of the British Minister of Magic, I demand a formal apology from the Federation!" Rookwood demanded.

"Oh please. If you can bring the British Minister of Magic into this chamber and prove to me he isn't under the Imperious Curse, I might even consider it." Several gasps echoed through the room. Gaeric rolled his eyes. What did they expect from this… person? No, that word didn't feel right either.

"And while you're at it, perhaps you can tell me how Azkaban is this time of year, I heard you spent a bit of time there yourself?" Rookwood went bright red at the same moment Karkaroff went deathly pale.

"Watch your tongue, half-breed," Rookwood snapped.

More gasps filled the chamber, and Gaeric rolled his eyes. Matson threw up his hands.

"The dulcet tones of an innocent man."

"I demand an apology from the British member on behalf of the President of the Federation," Dominique Mercier of France stated.

"Seconded," Caterina Bosch of Catalonia called. The British member rolled his eyes.

"I won't apologise for speaking the truth," Rookwood stated, smirking at Matson. Gaeric couldn't fault him there. The chamber broke out into more arguing, and Gaeric started going over his notes about this Voldemort person. Honestly, he didn't see what all the fuss was about. The British Ministry had been a disgrace to the International Wizarding Community for years. It was corrupt, flawed and very poorly organised. This Voldemort seemed the type of person the bloody Brits needed to bring them back in line. So what if he killed a few Mudbloods here and there?


Gaeric sat up. The voice belonged to a girl with blonde hair, who until that moment had been sitting in the seat of the American member, trying very hard not to be noticed. She was pleasant enough to look at he supposed, though her clothes – a pencil skirt, tights and dark blouse – were poorly designed. She was one of those women it seemed, who thought they should be striving above their station.

"We are the International Confederation of Wizards. We're supposed to be better than this. A thousand years from now, our ancestors are going to look back on us and scowl. I honestly can't believe the greater consensus here truly believes that leaving an entire nation to the whims of a terrorist hell-bent on the eradication of an entire people is the right thing to do. I won't believe it. I call for a vote on the issue of sending aid to Britain." She was young, he realised. What was she? Twenty-five? She couldn't be older than thirty. Who was stupid enough to put someone that immature into a seat in the premier body of magical hegemony? He opened his mouth to deny the motion on the grounds of improper timing, but the representative from the Federation beat him to it.


Gaeric grumbled under his breath.

"The motion is sustained. We will vote on the sending of aid to Britain. All those in favour," he said blandly. There was no way a motion like this had any chance of passing. Not to mention, none of the members had had time to speak to their leaders anyway. They had no real weight.

The American girl, whose name Gaeric didn't care to deduce raised her hand, as did Matson on behalf of his own ambassador, the French bint and the Catalan chick. The members for the Netherlands, Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels, the Basque Country, Andalusia, Scandinavia, Poland, Greece, Quebec and Wakanda also stood up. On the other side, the Italians, the Galicians, the Portuguese, the Austrians, the Hungarians, the Czechs, the Slovakians, the Persians, the Caliphate, the Carthusians, the Turks, the Zulu, the Thai, the Brazilians, the Argentinians, the Peruvians, the Mexicans, the Serbians, the Transylvanians, and Gaeric's own Bulgarians firmly stood against. The Indians, the Chinese and the Japanese all abstained; all pushovers who couldn't risk angering the Federation. The Slavs, the Germans, the Croats, the Bosnians and the Tibetans all didn't get votes; owing to the fact that their governments weren't recognised as official by the ICW (though in Germany and Tibet's case, that was because France and China respectively had pulled weight, and for the others, it was because their muggle nations were literally at war or freshly out of one).

"The motion is denied. The Supreme Mugwump would like to remind the representative from the United States that it is against convention to call a vote without scheduling it before notice…" Dozens of owls filled the air, flying all around the room and squawking as others got in their way. A pop of Apparation echoed through the room; the American girl was gone. Matson and the Federation member vanished in swirls of golden dust the second they opened their own letters. The Indian and Chinese representatives disappeared in flashes of white, and the Caliphate, Carthusian, Turk and Persian members all made 'bamf!' like noises as they burst into smoke. The air around the Japanese delegate shimmered, and he too disappeared. Finally, all the Europeans began disapparating in a panic. An owl finally reached Gaeric, and he tore open the parchment.

Voldemort has attacked New York City. The Sorcerer Supreme is dead. The Statue of Secrecy is on the brink of collapse! Return to Bulgaria immediately!

Gaeric had disapparated before he even finished reading.

Sirius – in his dog form – slinked down Grimmauld Place warily, watching for anything that might jump out of the shadows. The second he knew the Fidelius Charm remained intact, he bolted for the front door, transforming back into a man, opened and slammed the door closed behind him.

"Kreacher!" he called raggedly.

Kreacher appeared with a pop.

"Master has returned. Kreacher was hoping that Mistress Bella or Mistress Narcissa would come for him…"

"Oh, shut up. Why do I even bother with you? Go back to the Hogwarts kitchens. Dobby!" Kreacher vanished with a snarl, Dobby appearing in his place, dressed in his Defenders Robes.

"Master Harry Potter's dogfather!" Dobby exclaimed, and Sirius couldn't help smirking slightly. "You are alive!"

"For now. What's happenedDobby?"

"He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has taken control of Hogwarts!" Dobby exclaimed, shaking like a dog just out of the bath. "Dobby has been bringing food to the peoples trapped inside the common rooms, but Dobby is not strong enough to bring anyone back out with Dobby. His wards are too strong for Dobby." The elf broke into hysteria and ran for the closest wall to bash his head against. Sirius grabbed him by the ankle. Hogwarts was in Voldemort's hands… and the kids were still trapped inside. It was the worst nightmare he could imagine.

"Dobby, do you know where Harry and Ginny are?" he asked hopefully.

Dobby perked up and rapidly nodded his head. He was still wearing that god awful Auror cap with the feather. Sirius grinned. Oh yeah. There's still some hope left. Don't worry Brian, I'm coming for you, and everyone else too.

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