Harry Potter and the Gemini Curse @ghostandmiracle42
Act V, Chapter 8

Act V, Chapter 8: Beneath the Ice

The Wakandan Jet touched down on the snow-covered plains of Antarctica about a day and a half after they left Wakanda. As Harry and Ginny watched the approaching ice, which stretched across the horizon as far as the eye could see, they couldn't help the shared sense of disappointment that flooded the Gemini Rune.

It's not here.

Looks like it.

There was no gleaming silver city resembling the one from their dreams, or the artwork of Atlantis in Hogwarts. There was nothing except a group of penguins, and the sun glaring off the ice shelf.

"There does not appear to be anything here," Okoye said smugly in her thick Wakandan accent.

"I thought you were above I told you so's, Okoye?" T'Challa said, glaring at the Dora Milaje.

"I said no such thing," Okoye told him pointedly. Shuri sniffed disdainfully.

"Are we sure this is the right place?" Harry asked, staring out the glass cockpit as well as he could.

This was our last shot.

It can't be the end of the road. We have to have missed something.

"You doubt my ability to fly us?" Okoye snapped.

Harry sighed, "I was just asking."

"If there were any ruins here, they have been wiped away by winds and storms along time ago. I fear if Atlantis was here, nothing of it remains," T'Challa said solemnly.

"The ascended being we spoke to said the city was protected by a shield, like the one surrounding Wakanda. Could it be hidden like that?" Harry asked, hesitantly.

"To last for ten thousand years intact, it would have to be a very powerful shield," T'Challa noted.

"The Ancients came from space in a flying city. I think they'd know how to build a big ass shield," Ginny noted dryly.

"It doesn't matter how good the shield is," Shuri said, speaking up from behind her computer, which she was furiously typing away at, "Any shield would have lost power by now. Even our shield would only last for about five hundred years if we left it running constantly and didn't repair damages or malfunctions."

Harry let out a long sigh and slumped down into his seat.

"This was our last lead. What do we do now?"

Ginny plopped down beside him and ran a hand through his hair.

You can't give up.

There's nothing else to do but give up.

"I'm not detecting any energy readings, but there is something curious," Shuri said, transferring her work to a tablet and walking up to Okoye.

"Is that what I think it is?" She asked, showing the general and her brother the screen.

"Glory to Bast!" Okoye exclaimed.

"What?!" Harry asked, perking up slightly. Shuri stepped back and showed them an image on her tablet. It was a scan of the ice beneath the ship. A layer of ice formed in a perfect half-circle.

"I did a geo-scan, and it looks like the ice is only on the surface. Beneath the top layer, it has formed a perfect hemisphere, which shouldn't be possible. Unless something huge was holding it up."

The Gemini Rune lit up with warmth, and Harry and Ginny beamed.

"So, your saying…"

"That Atlantis is here; it's just buried beneath the ice."

Okoye used the ships weapons to bore a hole some two kilometres deep before they cracked the shell of ice. Then she very carefully guided the ship down into the chasm. They were surrounded by blinding white for a good five minutes, then it vanished, revealing a giant cavern. And sitting on the snow-covered ground below was a sprawling city of silver towers. Most of the buildings were encased in ice, and the ground was covered by snow and frost, but the shape of the structure was undeniable. It was a snowflake, just like in their dreams. And the central spire, the tallest on the skyline, was shaped exactly like the one from the painting, like the tower in Alcheringa, like the one from their mindscape.

We found it.

It's real.

"Wow," Shuri whispered.

"It is impressive," T'Challa stated, while Okoye muttered something in Wakandan.

The parks and roads which had once been green and lined with trees were dead and decayed. No greenery existed below. Not for thousands of years at least. But most of the buildings seemed to be intact.

Okoye put the ship down in an open space near to the central tower. Packing on several layers of clothing each, they stepped out of the jet and onto the snow-covered ground.

"We can't be out here too long," Shuri warned, "Oxygen levels are incredibly low. We've got maybe three hours before bubblehead charms are required, and they won't help our bodies, just our breathing." With that said, Harry and Ginny led the way out of the ship, setting foot on the snow.

Warming Charms.

Big time.

Harry and Ginny led the way between the silent towers. There was no wind, the air was thick and dead. Light was being reflected down through the ice above, but it was patchy, leaving entire sections of the city encased in shadow. The only sound was the crunching of their boots on the stale snow, and the rasp of their breath in the frigid air. But no one spoke for fear of breaking the silence.

Ginny was barely containing her excitement, but Harry was far more anxious about the whole thing. They had found Atlantis! It should be a great victory, but Harry couldn't help but feel the fear that it had all been for nothing seep into him. The city had been lying here beneath a glacier for who knows how long. He was having a hard time believing that any weapon could still be functional after all these years.

Stop being so broody.

I can't help it Gin.

After several minutes of walking, Harry and Ginny led the Wakandans across a bridge over a frozen moat, and they arrived at a silver-grey metal door cut like a rectangle, with a smaller square cut above it. It was sealed shut. Ginny pressed the door panel on the side, but nothing happened.

"Definitely out of power," she said, before drawing her wand. She blasted a hole in the door, and a blast of cold air shot out.

Harry gingerly stepped through the hole and lit his wand. Ginny followed suit, Shuri lit up the tip of her finger, and T'Challa and Okoye withdrew sleek handheld torches from their pockets. The interior was exactly what Harry expected it to look like. The walls and floor were a burgundy red, and the metal inserts and door frames were a turquoise blue/green.

"The elevators won't be working either," Harry whispered.

"Then we take the stairs," Ginny said, shinning her wand across the room to a spiral staircase in the corner.

"How do you know where we are going?" Okoye asked briskly.

Harry and Ginny both fixed their eyes on the Wakandan Warrior.

"We've been hallucinating this place since we were thirteen. We know every single nook and cranny off by heart," Harry told her sharply.

"How many floors up is the control room?" Shuri asked, patting her satchel. "I've brought a portable Vibranium generator. It won't power this whole place. Not by a long shot. But it should be able to get life support working if we can reach the control hub."

"The Control Room is on level 95. Best start climbing." Ginny led the way, T'Challa bringing up the rear, as they ascended up the tower. There seemed to be no structural damage to the tower itself. Just neglect. They passed several thousand-year-old dead plants Harry resolved to come back and remove at some point. Eventually, they reached another set of sealed metal doors, though these ones had stained glass in them. It exploded under Ginny's reductor curse just as quickly as the external door.

"Gin, what if we end up needing that?"

Ginny just shrugged, pushing through the rubble and into the room beyond. They were in the recess below the portal platform, across from the door to their quarters. Though Harry supposed, they wouldn't look the same as they did in their minds.

A plan for the future, maybe?

Good idea.

"Whoah…" T'Challa muttered.

"This is incredible. This technology is amazing. It's lightyears ahead of anything we have…" Shuri breathed. Okoye said nothing, but Harry could tell she was impressed.

Harry and Ginny led the group up the central staircase, the one etched in Ancient writing, and into the room with the consoles. It was exactly as it was in their dreams. Three desks, one on a raised platform behind the other two. A large screen hung behind the raised console, but nothing was displayed on it. Shuri stepped over to the consoles and ran a hand over them, whispering in Wakandan to herself. She stared at one particular ridge in confusion for a few seconds, before grinning.

"I can work with this," She said. While Shuri opened her satchel and withdrew a black metal cube, Harry and Ginny stepped over to the adjacent room. The doors leading to the Chair Room were ajar, so there was no need to blow this door up at least. They pushed one of the French doors, and an ugly screeching sound echoed through the silent room as the doors retracted just far enough to slip inside. Ginny stepped gingerly up to the control chair and ran a hand over the crystal back. There was no light within it at all.

"Are you sure you want to sit in that?" Harry asked her. Ginny looked up at him, biting her lip.

"It's going to be a whole lot harder than the Library of Worlds or Kamar Taj. The whole city will be open to me, I imagine. I… I don't know if I can process that much information," she admitted. Harry couldn't fault her. He was terrified of the thing, and he couldn't sit in it if he tried.

"We can try and work around it?" He suggested, but Ginny just shook her head.

"The controls will be in Ancient. I can tell the chair to speak English and work that way. I have to do this…"

"Damn it!" Shuri's voice flitted back to them. Suddenly concerned, they followed it to see Shuri randomly tapping at the controls. But nothing was happening. The Vibranium Cube was humming softly. There was a cord plugged from the cube to the console. T'Challa and Okoye were watching her from a respectful distance

"What's wrong?"

"It should be working, but the consoles won't activate. Maybe the outputs wrong…" she trailed off.

Do you think its…

The Gene? Could be.

Worth a try.

Ginny cautiously stepped up to the console and laid a hand on it. Instantly, the buttons lit up, and a holographic screen materialised, showing a schematic of the city. The lights in the room all flooded on at once. All the other displays and consoles began to glow, air began spluttering out of the vents in the roof, the writing on the stairs lit up white, and the symbols on the portal ring began to glow blue. The French doors closing off the chair room from the rest of the open-air room, slowly retracted into the walls, leaving the chair, and the hexagonal platform it sat on, in plain view. The shining light beneath the glass illuminated as well.

"How… how did you do that!?" Shuri exclaimed while T'Challa laughed at his sister's expense.

"You need the gene," Harry stated.

"What gene?"

"The Ancients encoded their technology to only recognise their genetic code, in case it was ever stolen or highjacked," Ginny amended.

"Where did you learn this?" T'Challa asked, curious.

"I've used Ancient tech before. In Kamar Taj and the Library of Worlds." Ginny took a deep breath and walked back to the chair, the others following behind.

"Wish me luck." And with that, she placed her hands on the armrests and lowered herself into the glass and metal chair. The lights beneath the glass began to glow, the chair slid back into a reclining position, and Ginny's eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Ginny remained frozen in the chair as it rotated around the platform for two days. For two days, they waited. And every few hours, a new system would switch on. First, it was the atmosphere control which included CO2 scrubbing and heating, which was much appreciated. Then Shuri sat in a sort of stunned silence as she watched all the screens change from Ancient to English. A full diagnostic sweep was done, and six hours in, the Ancient's version of the internet came online. Seven hours in and all the doors opened, and the lights beyond the control room came on. T'Challa travelled back to the ship in the eighth hour (when the elevators switched on) to retrieve their food and camp supplies. They pitched their tents and rolled out sleeping bags on the ground floor below the portal platform. T'Challa took the first watch, ensuring Ginny was still breathing, and allowing Harry and Shuri – both of whom were utterly worn out for very different reasons – to get a few hours' sleep. By the time morning came, the deep-space sensors were active.

Shuri nearly had kittens.

According to the sensors, the city could detect nine inhabited planets within 2000 lightyears of Earth – eight of them located within the Orion Nebula. So, aliens were real. Who'd a thunk it? But the big problem the Sensors revealed, was that an unknown alien race had placed a giant hyperspace gate above the Earth. A gate that seemingly linked to a vast network of other points spread out across the galaxy. The city's threat assessment gauge labelled it as "Priority one, action needed immediately!"

By mid-morning, Shuri had found a galactic star map, and began working to correct for something called doppler shift. Not that Harry knew what that meant at all. Instead, he tried to keep himself distracted by staring at the runes lining the portal ring, Riker O'Neill's Ancient Runes of Forgotten Civilisations in his lap. 39 symbols, each of them resembling one of the constellations in the night sky, were traced around the ring. He was staring at the very portal Professor Babbling had told them about. A device capable of generating a wormhole to anywhere in the world, or, theoretically, across the stars.

T'Challa spent the day monitoring the global scanning systems. He could see every major muggle and magical settlement on the planet, regardless of magical protections or obscuration. Wakanda, Alcheringa, Ilvermorny and Hogwarts were all clear and easy to see in real-time. Meanwhile, Okoye took to scouting the halls of the tower; taking stock of their inventory, which included numerous futuristic guns, suits of nanotech armour, swords that looked very suspiciously like lightsabres, and – most importantly to Harry's mind – medical supplies. They'd have to go through it all to find out what was still useable.

Finally, when Harry didn't think he could take it anymore, the chair shut off, and Ginny collapsed onto the floor. She slept for a good sixteen hours without stirring. When she finally did wake up, her first words were,

"We don't have enough power."


Ginny sat bolt upright and stared at the portal.

"Atlantis. It's meant to run on three ZPMs."

"What?" Shuri exclaimed, bolting down the stairs and sliding to halt beside Ginny and Harry. Ginny shook her head and rubbed her temple.

"Sorry. My brain has been working in acronyms and science words. The city is powered by three Zero Point Modules. They're devices that draw power from the vacuum of space-time."

"Yeah that made even less sense," Harry admitted.

"It made perfect sense! Think of them as tiny universes in a battery. Now stop interrupting!" Shuri snapped. "Is there a way we can get more?"

Ginny shook her head, "No. They're tough to build, so the Ancients only had a short supply. The three that were powering Atlantis are all dead, so are the ones in Kamar Taj and Hades. There should be some in Valyria, but that city is long destroyed, and its ruins buried several kilometres beneath the Adriatic. There's no way we find them any time soon. The only other ZPM is at the Library of Worlds, powering the chair there and the outpost. But if we unplugged that, every member of the Council of Fire would simply cease to be, the books would all vanish, so would the door to the Orrery of Worlds, and the building would become visible to the public, both muggle and wizarding. We can't risk it."

Harry deflated, slumping to the ground.

"What about Vibranium? Could it…"

"No. I already checked." Ginny looked to Shuri apologetically. "The core you brought is incredible. The city-systems haven't seen anything like it before. But the output is off by too much. No matter how large the generator, you'd never be able to interface it correctly with the primary conduits that power the other piers. The generator we have can power the Gate Room and the secondary systems within the tower, but the city shield and the weapons systems? Not gonna happen."

"Gate Room?"

Ginny gestured around the room, "This place. It's named for the ring. They call it the Astria Porta, which I guess translates roughly to Gateway to the Stars? Gate or Gateway for short." She shrugged it off.

"Do you have any food?" She asked, hopefully. Harry quickly moved over to their dwindling supplies, withdrew a shrunk and frozen roast beef dinner and got to preparing it. In the background, Ginny and Shuri continued debating possible ways of bringing power to the city. T'Challa and Okoye soon joined them. It was only when the meal was almost ready when Harry caught a piece of the conversation that he understood.

"You'd need like, infinite power or something," Shuri said with a sigh, her head falling into her hands.

"Did you say infinite power?" He asked, swivelling around.

Ginny stared at him, "Holy fuck."

"Language, Mrs Potter," T'Challa reprimanded. Ginny blasted him across the room with an open palm while Shuri cackled.

"Infinite power… why didn't I think of that!"

"I do not understand…" Okoye started.

"There's no power source that could deliver a level of output to rival a ZPM on Earth, not even Vibranium or a Nuclear Reactor. But we have a power source that's definitely not from Earth," Ginny exclaimed, a smile breaking onto her face.

"The Dragon Force."

T'Challa landed the Wakandan ship on the roof of an abandoned factory south of Sydney. Harry had advised the Prince against flying the ship straight into Alcheringa as a) Harry wasn't entirely sure where the island was, and b) they'd most likely be shot out of the sky.

Instead, Harry and T'Challa had confounded a taxi driver to take them to the Rocks. Fortunately, Harry had been paying attention when Claire showed them around the magical district of Sydney and found the secret entrance into the underground dome with relative ease.

They stepped between the two lamp posts and quickly phased through the wall, coming out into a street that was far quieter than Harry remembered it being. In fact, everyone was standing perfectly still, not saying a word, and staring up at the billboard floating above the fountain in the centre of the town.

"Voldemort's presence in Britain and the influence he is wielding must be curtailed!" The voice of Federation President James Mattson came across the loudspeakers as the billboard broadcast him live. He was addressing a large gathering of people in an underwater chamber. Harry had to blink twice to adjust to the fact that the President had a gleaming red tail that contrasted oddly with his burnt copper hair. He was not wearing a shirt.

Holy smokes. Claire was right. He is yummy.

Seriously, Ginny?!

What?! I can appreciate the view, thank you very much!

Speaking of Claire…

Floating with several people (both Mer and Druid) behind the President, just at the edge of the picture, was a figure Harry recognised only too well. Claire hadn't changed at all in the year or so since Harry had seen her last. Her tail was still sky blue blended with silver, and her hair was the same colour, floating in the current behind her. Harry had only seen Claire in mermaid form once before. But that time, she had been wearing a bikini top. This time, like all the other MMerfolk on the broadcast, she wore no clothing at all.


Pot calling the kettle black.


"I've been in contact with Professor Dumbledore and the Defenders Organisation run by Mr Harry Potter. They're desperate for aid. Aid that we can provide. Humanitarian assistance, sanctuary for Mortal-born children and their families, these things we can do!"

Harry sucked in a breath. Matson was actually fighting for them, trying to encourage support for intervention. In his and Ginny's discussions with President Clinton in the White House, the American President had been extremely hesitant to send support their way. He was already facing a scandal in the muggle electorate. He could not afford to fight a war in the magical electorate as well. The Secretary of Magic had agreed to provide them with Portkeys, but that was all he could do without Presidential approval. But if the Federation called for intervention, the ICW would have to listen.

You need to get to that Senate meeting. Fast!

"We need to get there, now," Harry told T'Challa.

"Agreed. But how? This train you mentioned will not be quick enough. And once we arrive, how are we to find this chamber, it is underwater, and breathing beneath the surface is not a skill either of us possess.

Harry glanced around frantically, searching for anything that might provide… Jackpot!

Standing outside the Floating Billywig was a girl slightly older than Harry was, wearing an AC/DC t-shirt. A girl that Harry had met before.

"Emilie!" Harry exclaimed, racing over to the girl who'd introduced Ginny to rock music, taking her, Harry and their friends to a concert while they'd been in Alcheringa for the Triwizard Tournament.

Emilie spun around, and her jaw dropped open.

"Harry? What the hell are you…"

"No time to explain. Can you get us into that meeting?" Harry asked as he skidded to a halt beside her. T'Challa followed behind at a pace that seemed far too fast for walking, but clearly wasn't running either. Harry made a mental note to ask him about that.

Emilie, clearly still trying to process what was happening, turned back to the screen.

"The Senate Chamber is beneath the island, in the Mer section of the city. How…"

"Please! We need help. If I can get in there, support President Matson, I might be able to get help to my people back home. You've got to help me," Harry begged.

Emilie looked between Harry and the screen one more time, before slumping her shoulders.

"Oh fuck it," She said, before holding her hand palm upwards. "Come on then!"

Harry grabbed her hand, and T'Challa hesitantly followed.

The sensation of Quantum Entanglement engulfed him. His body stretched impossibly thin, and he lost track of where all his body parts were for a second, then it was over, and his legs reformed out of golden dust. Then the water crashed into them. It was like a sucker punch to the chest. All the breath flooded out of him, and he reflexively opened his mouth. Big mistake. He sucked saltwater straight into his lungs and began to choke. His head went swimming as the displacement of water pushed Emilie's hand out of his. His vision blurred, and he tried to grab his wand to cast a bubblehead charm.

Then a pair of soft lips closed over his, and Harry was sure his brain turned to a pile of mush for a few moments.


Ginny's voice jolted Harry back into coherent thought, and he pulled away from the feeling, heavy breathing. His eyes came back into focus, and he couldn't help but stare at Emilie. She now had a long tail like the rest of the Mer Harry had seen, but hers was a pale pink colour, and her scales didn't look as healthy or vibrant as Claire's or even the Presidents did. Her hair was also oddly coloured, appearing almost transparent.

"Harry Potter!" Someone gasped, and Harry groaned. In terror, his hand flew to his mouth. But he was no longer trying to choke on the water. He was breathing it in normally like one would breathe in oxygen on the surface. Harry turned to T'Challa and saw that he had activated a type of black and silver mesh armour over his body. It covered his clothes, and the helmet was shaped like a Panther's head. Emilie and the person who'd come up on them, a dark-haired Druid with wand in hand, were both staring at the Wakandan.

"T'Challa?" Harry called into the water, and was surprised to find his voice come out as clear as usual, "You okay?"

"I am fine," T'Challa said casually, "The water cannot penetrate the Vibranium weave my suit is constructed from. It also has the capability to filter oxygen from the environment."

"So, this is like a part of the whole Black Panther gig?"

"More or less." Shut up, basically.

"Um, how am I not dead then?" Harry asked, directing the comment at Emilie.

"Mermaid's Kiss, idiot," She said, rolling her eyes as if that were obvious. Harry made to reply but swallowed sharply in shock. He had finally taken in his surroundings. They were in a stone corridor, not unlike the passages in Hogwarts. Tapestries hung on the walls, depicting various Merfolk committing acts of heroism. But the thing that drew Harry's eye was the window. Beyond the glass pane were towers like the ones on the surface… and Harry suddenly realised they were the skyscrapers that covered the island above, merely upside down, protruding from the underside of the island. The towers were covered in coral and barnacles jutting from the walls and windows, and Mer and Druids could be seen swimming between them with ease. That's when he spotted the river. A large river ran through the topside of Alcheringa, he'd seen it when he first arrived years ago. But now he could see it close up. The river actually had no bottom, allowing easy access from the surface city, to the underwater metropolis he could now see.


You said it.

"The Senate Chamber is this way," Emilie beckoned, and Harry and T'Challa followed. She led them down the corridor and across an open room full of tv crews. All of whom instantly zeroed in on Harry.

"Harry Potter!"

"It's Harry Potter! He's here!"

Harry pushed through, before being stopped by two mermaids with very pointy staffs. They took one good look at Harry's scar and let them through. Emilie and T'Challa were forbidden from following, so Harry proceeded through the stone arch and out into the Senate Chamber on his own.

It was a large circular room tiered on three levels. The press and guests were crowded on the ground floor, the second floor was sectioned off into different booths, each labelled with a different kingdom name. The final level, where Harry was entering, contained only one box – by far the largest – belonging to the President.

Matson had finished speaking, and now the Senate representatives from the dozen or so Kingdoms in the Federation (neither Harry nor Ginny could remember how many, though they were sure Hermione had told them at one point or another) were debating whether or not they should help, and if they did, how much.

The second Harry stepped into the room, silence fell on the hall. President Matson, clearly surprised by the sudden quiet, turned around, and his jaw dropped open at the sight of Harry standing just behind him and his entourage.

Claire, on the other hand, lit up like Christmas.

"Harry!" She flicked her tail, and shot forward, engulfing him in a hug so strong he would have fallen over if he wasn't underwater.

Oh, my fucking gods! That's it. I'm apparating over there if one more bare-chested lady molests you.


Yes, molests!

"What the hell are you doing here?" Claire exclaimed.

"Looking for you actually. We need a serious hand," he said, very much aware he was on a live broadcast from New Zealand to Hawaii right now.

"Miss O'Neill, perhaps you could introduce us?" The President asked. Claire, suddenly turning as red as a tomato, spun around and cleared her throat awkwardly.

"Mr President, this is Harry James Potter, The Boy-Who-Lived, Leader of the Defenders, Triwizard Champion and the Chosen One of Prophecy. Harry, meet Mr James Matson, Joan of Arc Scholar, Merlin laureate for Politics, and President of the Federated Kingdoms of the Druids and Mer."

"It's an honour to meet you, Mr President," Harry said, offering his hand to Matson, who took it readily.

"The honour is mine, Mr Potter. We were just talking about you."

"I heard. If you don't mind Mr President, I'd like to say a few words of my own." Matson grinned.

"Of course. Be my guest." He gestured to the microphone, and Harry swam up to the lectern, using the sides to keep his feet on the ground. Everyone was looking at him.

Remember. Clark Kent and Superman. Be Harry Potter, the Chosen One. You can do it.

"To the Druids and Mer of the Federation, my name is Harry Potter. I imagine you've probably heard a great deal about me in the past few months, a lot of it speculation or hearsay. I'll warn you now, I don't have a speech prepared. This is all off the top of my head. For the past few months, ever since Lord Voldemort attacked the British Ministry of Magic – killing over a dozen people in an act of terror – my wife Ginny and I have been scouring the globe, searching for allies we can use against him. We've been rebuffed by the Americans, and the French are hesitant to help in fear of being Voldemort's next target once he's done with us. So far, only the Wakandans have granted us the resources we desperately need. I came here today to ask Claire O'Neill, whom I consider one of my closest friends if she would help me and my people fight against those who would see innocent people in my country butchered for simply being born. I had little doubt she'd agree, because Claire is one of the bravest people I know, and she's already fought against Voldemort and his servants herself." Harry took a breath.

"But when I arrived, I saw that you're speaking already about helping us, and it's sent my heart soaring. So here I am now, standing before you all. I am a proud man. I am proud of all the things that my friends have accomplished. I am proud of all the people who followed me into the fire at the Ministry. I am proud of everyone willing to take a stand against injustice because choosing to place your life on the line for others is the bravest thing any person can ever do. Voldemort, or his true name, Tom Riddle, looks down on you and yours because he sees you as beneath him. He would murder you all because you aren't Purebloods. And don't think for a second that once he's done with us, he'll leave you alone. Nothing short of total global domination and muggle genocide with satisfy him. And he can do it. He has in his possession the Darkhold, and access to all the spells and powers that book of evil contains. I have a weapon that can stop him, but it can't save the lives of the thousands of Muggleborns and the millions of Muggles he will massacre. But you can. I've seen the incredible powers the Druids and Mer can wield. The feats of absolute greatness that you've achieved. Wizards and Witches have been looking down on you for centuries. Prove them wrong. Show them what I've seen here in Alcheringa, under the sea during the Second Task."

Harry grew very quiet, and the next words he spoke contained no anger or malice, just regret.

"I'll never know my parents, thanks to him. Thousands of people will never know their parents because of him. I'm asking you, begging you, to help me put an end to it. Don't do it for me. Do it for the children who'll grow up in his world. Do it for the parents and brothers and the sisters he killed last time, and the families he'll destroy this time."

Harry floated back from the podium, and Claire pulled him into another hug.

"I'll fight alongside you to the end, I don't care how ugly the bad guy is," she laughed.

"I know. That's why I didn't ask. Sorry for putting you on the spot like that."

"No problem at all. Point me at the people who need their asses kicked boss." Harry chuckled.

"No asses right now. I need you to send a message to your brother. We found Atlantis, but we're going to need the Dragon Force to power it." Claire pulled back, a giant grin splitting her face.

"Adventure of a lifetime awaits."

President Matson began to clap, and raucous applause filled the chamber.

Authors Note:

The planets within 2000 lightyears of Earth are the Asgardian Nine Realms and Abydos from Stargate SG-1. The hyperspace gate above the Earth was put in place by the Kree from Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel.

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