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Act IV, Chapter 10

Act IV, Chapter 10: The Clouds Burst

Directions: Here we are, everybody! The big kahuna! This is going to be one epically awesome chapter, but to do it justice we needed to introduce a new mechanic. Keep an eye out for P.O.V shift points through the narrative as we jump from location to location and group to group. As a result of the format, each person's timeline – particularly at the beginning – won't be chronologically sound. We've tried to keep it as close as we can, but for the sake of coherency, we've opted for this route. Now, on with the show – and the review flame war that is sure to accompany the finale.

Act IV – X: Susan I

It took them three days to get everything ready. Susan's job was to organise the Faction responsible for the Ministry of Magic Protest. She'd teamed up with Neville Longbottom from Gryffindor and Foggy Nelson from Ravenclaw to talk to the various cliques of first, second and third years. She was proud to say no one took much convincing. All any of them had to say was, "Listen, we're helping Harry Potter get Umbridge kicked out of the school, you in?" and you had a dozen recruits surrounding you five seconds later. From the three houses, they'd amassed a group of forty students from first, second, third and fourth year, all of whom knew their plan to a tee. On Friday morning, they were to wake up early, dress in their school robes, and make their way to the painting of the Silver City in the Sixth Floor Corridor, where Demelza Robbins would be waiting to open the portal into Harry's secret pocket dimension base that the Ravenclaws were all geeking out over.

The hardest thing, in Susan's opinion, had been making it look like they weren't doing anything. Fortunately, Umbridge had been gone from the school almost the entire first day, so it'd given the Weasley Twins and their team the chance to move some of the larger elements of their grand spectacle in place. But they'd paid for their freedom at Dinner when Umbridge had announced that Dumbledore had been arrested and thrown in Azkaban (something the DA members made sure everyone else knew was a lie), that she had been appointed the new Headmistress, and that Harry Potter had been banned from Hogwarts Grounds. Of course, Harry hadn't actually been stupid enough to go to dinner that night. He was simply ate in the Home (which was much more comfortable to eat in than the Great Hall anyway).

After her speech, which sent sixty-two people to sleep (Susan counted), Umbridge and her new staff took great care to monitor the students as closely as possible. Not that they didn't make it difficult for them. All the passwords to the Common Rooms were changed to stop 'undesirables' from entering, and the secret passageways that Umbridge and her crew knew next to nothing about got quite the workout. The House Elves, led by Dobby, also weren't happy with the new arrangements. Dumbledore had given most of them homes and watching him get ousted was a bitter pill for many of them to swallow. So, they'd agreed to make sure that any poisons like Veritaserum were removed from student's food before meals (mostly Harry's friends, though no one was particularly surprised by this).

Not that Umbridge's new position did her much good. Dumbledore's office remained sealed, barring passage to anyone who tried to access it. Umbridge had also made a fatal error. She'd dismissed almost all the teaching staff. Most of them were now hiding out in the Home. Professors Vector, Flitwick and Babbling, were working with Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy to find a way of bringing Ginny back into the real world without putting her or anyone else at risk, while Professor Sprout was helping Susan's team marshal the younger years. When the Aurors came to arrest Hagrid, McGonagall, aided by two red-cloaked Defenders Susan knew were Luke and Danny, had helped him escape into the Forbidden Forest. Umbridge had then cursed McGonagall from behind, resulting in her current unconscious state under the care of Madam Pomfrey in Lily and James Potter's old room. The only teachers to keep their jobs were Snape and Binns, though why nobody was really sure. Professor Trelawney – the Divination Teacher – had disappeared.

With no respected teachers left in the school, Umbridge was finding it very difficult to control any of the students. Her new replacements were unable to lead classes, many of which were simply empty. Students simply didn't bother going to Detentions. Especially after the DA started spreading the truth of what really happened to Ginny, which caught on like wildfire. As a result, the number of house points in the hourglasses in the Great Hall just kept rapidly shrinking. The only person who seemed to be enjoying the state of affairs was Malfoy, who was walking around like the bee's knees giving detentions and taking points from everyone he pleased. Him and a number of his friends – all of them from Death Eater families – had been commissioned into a group called the 'Inquisitorial Squad'. It was basically a gang that thought they really ran the school. It was hilarious really, the fact that Malfoy truly believed he had any control over the situation. No, the person with the real power was the General.

The General was Harry's new name, courtesy of Neville and Dean. Everyone in the Defenders Army was calling him it now. Both as a sign of respect and for a laugh, as it seemed to embarrass the hell out of him. The First and Second years were practically worshipping him. When he stopped to talk to them? Susan had seen one of the first-year Hufflepuffs, a girl named Brigette, faint. And that was to say nothing of the number of girls (and guys for that matter) literally besotted with him. Susan herself couldn't help watching him when he wasn't looking. Since the Triwizard Tournament, he'd commanded this sort of presence. When Harry Potter entered a room, everyone noticed – for better or worse. But he'd always acted as if it didn't get to him, as if none of the fame or attention even phased him, and that sort of brought him down to a human level. Helped him hide to a degree. But since Umbridge had discovered the DA, and they'd all stood up and proclaimed him their leader that night in the home? It was like that shield had been stripped away like pulling back the hood of one of the Defenders Cloaks. He stood taller, carried himself just that little bit higher. His voice was just that bit more powerful, it was barely recognisable, but everyone noticed. And he'd gotten rid of his glasses. She didn't know why, but he had. And it made all the difference. Now his bright green eyes shone unrestricted into the world, and the intensity and passion of them was enough to make Susan's breath short and stomach clench whenever he turned them to her. He'd always had a presence, but now it had been turned up to eleven. Instead of everyone knowing he was in the room, now everyone had to acknowledge it, even defer to it in a way. At sixteen he carried the same aura about him that Dumbledore, Doctor Strange or Will O'Neill did. It truly was awe-inspiring. He'd taken the 'General' persona and made it his own.

"Susan!" Demelza's voice echoed through the Home, snapping her out of her thoughts. She pulled herself up from the couch and rushed to the main hall in time to see the first wave of students – the young Gryffindors – step through the portal, looks of awe and excitement written across their faces.

"Come on everyone, in you come, quickly as you can. We're going to need lots of room, so keep moving." She called, and the kids started hurrying inside to meet her. Professor Sprout came rushing down the stairs, and Susan gave her a quick smile as the kids kept pouring in. A few minutes and sixteen hyperactive Gryffindors later, Neville, Dean, Seamus, Parvati and Lavender brought up the rear.

"All good so far?" Dean asked.

"Brilliant." The Portrait opened again, and Foggy Nelson and Padma Patil led the Ravenclaws, who looked even more in awe of the Home than the Gryffindors had, inside.

"Come on people keep moving, down the right-hand corridor please!" Susan said, guiding the influx of students towards the study room at the other end of the house, where Harry and the Defenders were preparing.

"Are you ready for this?" Lavender asked, coming to stand beside her.

"I keep telling myself I am, but deep down I'm absolutely terrified," Susan admitted.

"Me too."

"It's okay to be scared, you know." Susan and her friends all spun around to see Ginny Potter standing, arms folded just behind them.

"I was terrified the first time I did anything like this," she said, gesturing to the moving tide of kids, many of whom were staring wide-eyed at Ginny as they passed. Susan had to admit; she did look quite terrifying. The paleness of her face, thin frame and gaunt appearance made her appear very much like what one might imagine a reanimated corpse might look like.

"Trust me, I saw the Chamber of Secrets at 11. Nothing can prepare you for that. Not to mention the time I was trapped in my own head with all my and Harry's collective fears. Not fun."

"Your point?" Dean asked, and Susan couldn't help but agree. She wasn't exactly putting anyone at ease.

"The point is that fear isn't bad. Fear makes sure you know what you're doing is dangerous. So, use it. Like Harry said at the first DA meeting. It's fuel, don't waste it." Ginny turned on her heel and walked through the wall, and Susan couldn't help but shiver.

"It's downright creepy that is," Hannah said softly. Susan spun back around and realised the Hufflepuffs had arrived while she wasn't looking. Demelza shut the portrait door and walked up to them.

"Shall we?" she asked eagerly, taking off before waiting for an answer. Susan rolled her eyes but followed with the others behind her anyway.

Act IV – X: Harry I

Harry was really trying to get used to not having his glasses on. He kept looking for them at random times. His mind would just forget that he didn't need them and he'd frantically go looking for them, only to realise several minutes later that he could see perfectly fine, and that he'd been an idiot. He would miss the old wireframes, that was for sure. But he couldn't deny the practicality of not having to wear them in a fight. Also, he didn't have to worry about them bouncing on his nose when he jumped. That was just really annoying. So, he once again silently thanked Daphne for arranging the incredibly expensive sight-correction potion to be sent from her father (who was a Potioneer) to Ragnok, who had then placed it in Harry's Vault for him to retrieve.

The DA. Harry had been furious when he walked into the Great Hall the day after the morning after the attack and his subsequent elevation to apparent divinity amongst the student populous. Cho Chang had been sitting at the Ravenclaw table with a ring of empty seats around her. Scared across her face in puss-filled welts and giant pimples was the word, "Sneak." Clear and plain as day for everyone to see.

"So, it was her," Hermione had said, staring at Cho with the same look of hatred he was.

"How'd you do it?" He'd asked her.

"I put a powerful spell on that parchment we all signed. It has no counter that I know of. I hope Miss Chang is happy with her new position amongst Umbridge's favourites, she's certainly earned it."

Harry pushed thoughts of Chang out of his head, focussing on the task at hand. He gripped his wand, secure in its holster within the Defenders Cloak, just to make sure it was free (he'd done this about five times already). He was standing in the training room of the Home with the rest of the Defenders, plus some last-minute additions. Harry, Hermione and Ron would be going in first to spring Voldemort's trap. Then the other Defenders would come in a good deal after in two separate teams. The only problem? They were short-handed. So, Harry had offered positions on his suicidal squad to the best fighters he had available. Peter, Gwen and MJ had all accepted in a heartbeat (MJ had been especially ecstatic when he said the Cloaks were part of the deal).

The two teams were Matt, Jessica, Luke and Danny; and Peter, MJ, Gwen and Luna. Together, they'd attack the Death Eaters from behind, allowing Harry, Hermione and Ron time to escape with the Prophecy. Once they made it out, the other Defenders would retreat if the enemy wasn't yet dealt with. Harry wasn't a massive fan of the plan, as it left most of the fighting to others, but he didn't really have much choice in the matter. The priority was getting the prophecy away from Voldemort's hands at all costs, and not only was he the best person for the job, but he was also apparently the only one who could remove the thing.

Ginny stepped through the wall, and Harry's eyes found hers immediately.

"I should be there with you," She growled. Harry's stomach plummeted so far he thought miners in China might find it.

"I wish you were with us too," he replied. God all he wanted was to hug her. To touch her. To feel her. To feel anything from their connection again.

"Has Flitwick found anything?" He asked, trying to change the conversation.

Ginny sighed, looking even more depressed than before.

"No. But he's only been working for a few days. Professor Babbling says the best possible way to work it to send my wand to me. The only problem is that we still don't know how far away from the real world I am, so sending anything to me would be quite difficult." She pulled her kitten, Lightning, out of her pocket and stroked his head a couple of times.

"Harry. Don't you dare get yourself killed out there," she said sternly.


"No, I mean it. If you die out there, I can't resurrect you. Not from here. If you die, we're stuck forever. You're more important than some prophecy. If it looks like you're going to lose, send a reductor curse at it and get out of there." She turned her blazing look on him, but all Harry felt was sadness. It had lost all its shine and rage. Now, all he could see was sorrow in her eyes, attempting to be strong.

"I promise," he said. Ginny breathed a sigh of relief, then looked over his shoulder. Professor Sprout was peeking her head through the door.

"Everyone's here," She said.

Harry nodded, "Good. Let's get this show on the road then. Everyone, gather up." Harry stepped into the middle of the room, and his friends gathered in a circle around him, all dressed in their own cloaks.

"I'm not going to bother with a pep talk or anything. We all know our jobs and the consequences if we fail. Everyone stand very still." They did as instructed, and Harry drew his wand.


He began to carve away at the floor, drawing lines into the rough shape of a person, then over the top, he drew a quick swirl. He extinguished his wand and slammed his foot onto the symbol, fixing an image firmly in his mind. The rune on the floor lit up in brilliant white. He stared, a small smile of victory on his face as the magic did its work. Golden dust spiralled up from the floor, surrounding everyone in the room (except for ghost-Ginny). Light burst out from each particle, like thousands of tiny suns. Once the light cleared, Harry opened his eyes.

Standing where they'd been not five seconds before, were his twelve friends. But each of them had been aged at least ten years. Harry had pictured each of them as best he could, imagining what they'd look like in their mid-twenties, and Harry thought he'd hit the mark quite well. Everyone was taller, and their bodies more defined. The boys all had much more visible muscles, their clothes were tighter, and they all had varying degrees of facial hair. Ron's hair was significantly longer and shaggier, not unlike Bill's; Matt had a three day growth and a shorter fringe; Peter looked, for the most part, unchanged, though he did have some slight facial growth; Danny had a moustache, accompanied by a similar growth and his hair was even curlier than usual; Luke had a killer goatee – and he was built like Hagrid on steroids. The girls were all more built as well, though it was more discrete than the boys. Their legs were taller, and their chests slightly larger. Hermione's hair had tamed somewhat from its usual frizz; MJ's hair, usually up in a ponytail, had changed to look more like Ginny's long locks; Luna's had become much less stringy, more filled out in a way; Jessica had shot up like a tree, though she was still incredibly skinny, and her hair just as long; and Gwen's had gone from blonde with simple pink tips, to bright magenta, though it still hung shoulder length. And no longer was everyone wearing the Defenders Cloaks. Instead, they wore simple black robes, like something one would wear to the Ministry of Magic.

"Holy crap!" Gwen exclaimed, checking her wrists for the web-shooters.

"Nice Rune work, Harry!" Hermione beamed.

"Fuck. I look good. Don't suppose this is permanent, is it?" Luke asked, hopefully.

"Fraid not," Harry admitted. He checked his own body and was glad to see that his personal changes had taken effect. He appeared taller, his eyes were an ordinary shade of brown, and his hair was slicked back instead of all over the place.

"Good to know I'm always destined to be skinny as a rake. You could have at least given me bigger tits, Harry," Jessica fumed, and Harry blushed beet red.

"Um… for the guy that can't see, what just happened? Your auras went wonky for a moment, but now they're the same as before," Matt said, looking around wildly, though his eyes remained as lifeless as ever behind his red-tinted glasses.

"Sorry, Matt. I used the Virgo rune to make everyone look about ten years older. Should get us into the Ministry of Magic without any dramas."

"Ah. Okay. Do I look any good?" he asked, running his hands over his face, "a beard. That's cool, I suppose."

"You look fine, Daredevil," Danny said candidly. Matt scowled at him but continued to run his hands through his hair.

"You look like you should be the next Bond, Murdock. Chill," Jessica said.

Harry looked for Ginny, but she had evidently disappeared as he placed the enchantment. Crushing the sadness in his heart, he turned on his heel and made his way out into the hallway to face the music.

Act IV – X: Fitz I

Leopold Fitz was quite possibly having one of the best moments of his life. Hands down. He was sitting at the Ravenclaw table in the Hogwarts Great Hall, Jemma beside him, her hand gripped tightly in his right, and a detonator in his left. Not something one gets to do on a regular basis. Everything was in place. Three days' worth of hard work was about to pay off. The Weasley Twins really were geniuses. If he were honest, he'd asked himself several times why they weren't Ravenclaws. The levels they went to for their creations were incredible. He supposed the Weasley blood must have won out in the end, or maybe the impulsiveness. Either way, both he and Simmons, who'd been helping check over the twins' packets and place them around the school for the grand show, had a great time discussing the whole thing with them. Fred and George were proud of their inventions and having someone they could actually discuss them with had (according to one of them, Fitz honestly couldn't tell which one was which) made the experience even better. And considering they were about to blow up the school, that was saying something. And to top it all off, thanks to the Twins, Fitz and Simmons had been able to finish a pet project of their own. Which was why Fitz got to press the first detonator of the day. And it was going to be a long day.

The doors of the Great Hall swung open, and Umbridge stalked into the hall in her grotesque pink cardigan. She even had a pink bow in her hair today. She walked a few steps, before stopping still and scanning the room, clearly taking in the distinct lack of students. In fact, the hall was practically empty – except the Slytherin table of course. Umbridge's gaze passed over the few stragglers at the other three tables, Fitz and Simmons included, before fixing onto the Gryffindors, beady eyes searching for one face in particular. Jemma reached into her bag and withdrew a small grey metal ball. She lobbed it up into the air while Umbridge wasn't watching, and it floated over to the Gryffindor table. The second Umbridge saw it, she scowled. Fitz thought Snape did it better.

The cameras had been the Greengrass' idea. They'd used the Home to sneak into Hogsmeade, flued to the Greengrass Manor, stolen four of the grey metal camera balls, and snuck back all without their parents noticing. And now they reaped the rewards.

"Madame Umbridge!" the ball announced in Harry's voice, "I regret to inform you that I and a considerable portion of the school populous have elected to take a leave of absence today. But don't worry, we've left you and your magnificent staff members in more than capable hands. We'll see you, or rather, what's left of you, at dinner. We hope you enjoy today's entertainment, brought to you by Weasley Wizard Wheezes! Coming to Diagon Alley this Summer!"

Umbridge screamed, and Fitz pushed the detonator. The device hidden beneath the flagstones in the centre of the floor activated, and a pulse of blue magic shot through the room. For a brief moment, nothing happened. Then Fitz felt the gravity around him reverse directions, and he let out a holler as he was yanked up towards the roof. Keeping Simmons hand in his, the pair of them flipped in the air as they screamed, soaring up towards the ceiling, displaying a gorgeous sunny day outside. They came almost to the top, and another pulse shot through the room. Then they fell, and both Fitz and Simmons screamed again as they plummeted to their deaths. Another blue pulse and the duo were pulled back towards the roof. Fitz and Simmons looked out over the crowd and watched as all their fellow students were caught in the flux field. Bouncing up and down with every pulse. People were screaming and yelling and whooping in hilarity and terror all across the hall. Fred and George were doing backflips! Then Fitz saw Umbridge, and he couldn't hold back his laughter. She was jerking up and down, her wand floating inches from her hand as she struggled to reach it, screaming like a stuck pig the whole time.

Fitz pressed the detonator again, and an entire flagstone on the floor of the hall flipped over, a metal spout affixed to it.

"Geronimo!" Fred (or was it George?) exclaimed, and a giant funnel of water shot into the air. The water was caught by the flux field and thrown around the room. Splashing anyone who found themselves caught in its path.

"Weasley Wizard Wheezes Anti-Grav Bouncers and Insta-fountains! Available now from Fred and George Weasley, pranksters extraordinaire! Or coming soon to Diagon Alley! Stay tuned folks, it only gets better from here!" Fitz idly wondered how the twins convinced Harry to record such messages, but before he could think about it, George whistled sharply, and a chariot made from cardboard boxes shot into the room, pulled by two broomsticks with cardboard horse heads affixed to them. Pulling the reigns of this chariot? Dobby the House Elf wearing a tiny Defenders Cloak, complete with all ten of his fluffy hats and a brand-new pair of Harry's mismatched socks. That's who.

"This is so much better than OWL's!" Jemma screamed. Fitz laughed, watching as Fred and George grabbed onto Dobby's chariot, which swiftly spun around, and carried them out of the Great Hall.

'Oh yeah,' he thought to himself, 'So much better than OWL's.'

Act IV – X: Susan II

There was something about walking through the streets of London leading a cohort of over three dozen students under the age of fourteen from a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, that just couldn't be believed. Half the students it seemed had lived in London their whole lives, the other half had never seen it before. That, more than crossing very busy six o'clock London roads, caused Susan more headaches than anything else.

She and Neville were stationed at the front of the train, with the other older years stationed in pairs around the edges, with Lavender and Foggy bringing up the rear.

"Merlin, I hope we don't lose anyone," Susan whispered to Neville as they started their short ten-minute walk from the archway in St James Park that served as the Home Anchor. Fortunately, the notice-me-not charms were holding for the most part, as none of the passing Muggles seemed to notice the children appearing from thin air, though they did see the kids themselves. Thankfully, Aunt Amelia's old saying proved true. "If you act like you belong somewhere, people will generally assume you do." So, Susan and Neville marshalled the kids, making sure nobody was deliberately swatting their friends with signs or rolled up banners, and then, once Lavender and Foggy had stepped through, she got everyone moving down the well-maintained dirt pathway, and out onto the Mall. A number of the kids had brought cameras and insisted on taking photos of Buckingham Palace when it came into view, but Susan and Neville kept them moving as well as they were able. The front of the train was mostly comprised of Ravenclaws, though the very front was led by Dennis and his brother Colin. Ginny's friend Demelza was somewhere at the back, keeping an eye on the Gryffindors she thought. That left the middle to be comprised of mostly Hufflepuffs.

Trafalgar Square brought another halt for photos, and Susan caught sight of Dean and Demelza pulling a group of second-year Gryffindors out of a sandwich shop. Their first encounter with a wizard occurred on the corner of Trafalgar Square and Whitehall. The man, upon seeing what must have looked like the entirety of Hogwarts walking down a London street, instantly disapparated, right in the middle of the road. A few seconds later, Susan heard numerous soft pops from various side allies and rooftops. And sure enough, Head Auror Rufus Scrimgeour, in all his tawny-haired and big bushy eyebrowed glory, was walking beside her and Neville before they even reached the phone booth that hid the visitor's entrance to the Ministry.

"Susan. How are you?"

"I'm swell Rufus. Just swell. How's my Aunt?"

"Suitably bamboozled when we received a report just now of an, and I'm quoting here, "army of Hogwarts students carrying signs, posters, and blankets marching through Trafalgar Square," Scrimgeour said gruffly, eyes darting around at the onlooking muggles. Several Aurors were now surrounding their column, dressed in rapidly transfigured clothing it seemed. But they didn't try to stop them, and Susan was silently thankful for the security.

"I can imagine, and the day's only begun too," Susan said, continuing her walk towards the street corner where the red telephone box waited.

"How did you even get here?"

"It's quite the tale if I do say so myself. A highly entertaining one as a matter of fact." Scrimgeour's scowl deepened.


"I'm here leading a student protest, as I'm sure you, esteemed Auror that you are, have already deciphered. Why? Because I'm under orders from the General, Rufus. Orders I don't plan on disobeying any time soon. So, I'd appreciate it if you could tell my Aunt that I'm okay, and not under the Imperious Curse. I'd also advise her to take the day off, but you and I both know she's never taken a day off in her life, so that's not going to happen." Scrimgeour scoffed. Susan looked behind her for a moment and caught sight of one of the Patil Twins whispering to Auror Sirius Black.

"What, General? Come on, Susan! You have to give me something here," Scrimgeour begged.

Susan raised an eyebrow at him, "I don't have to give you anything. I am leading a peaceful student protest and doing nothing that is against the law. So, I would appreciate it if you'd stop bothering me." Scrimgeour scowled, but by then they'd reached the booth. Susan stepped inside and pressed the correct sequence of numbers.

"Welcome to the Ministry of Magic. Please state your business," a cold female voice announced.

"Susan Bones. Leading a Student Protest." Susan said clearly.

A badge shot out the hole at the bottom of the receiver that read, 'Susan Bones. Student Activist.' She pinned the button to her robes and ignored the voice, instead calling to the others.

"Four at a time!" She called. Dennis, Colin and two Ravenclaws she didn't know crammed themselves into the box with her. The door closed, and the floor of the telephone shuddered as they began sinking into the ground. She locked eyes with Scrimgeour once more and winked slyly at his scowling face. The box slid into the atrium, and the kids gasped as they got their first glimpse of the Ministry of Magic. It was still early, so it wasn't jam-packed yet, but the fire-places were already lit, spitting out witch after witch and wizard after wizard. The hall held no allure to Susan, who had seen it countless times already, but she couldn't help but smile at the looks on the Creevey brothers faces, who were looking at everything with an odd sort of glee.

"Ready everyone?"

"You betcha!" one of the first years, a short blonde girl with her hair done in Jamaican style braids, exclaimed giddily. The phone box touched down on the ground, and Susan led her group out into the Atrium. The telephone booth rose back up into the roof, and Susan walked with a spring in her step towards the wand check-in desk. She stopped a few metres in front of the chokehold and grinned mischievously at the adults all waiting in line, staring at her oddly. She reached into her pocket, and pulled out a tiny model frog, with a string sticking out of its ass.

"Fire in the hole!" She yelled, and the four students around her covered their ears. Some of the adults, maybe half-bloods and Muggleborns, realised the significance of the phrase and rapidly covered their ears, but most of the people did not. Oh well, their loss. She pulled the string and threw the toad. It hit the floor and skittered several feet. Susan covered her own ears, and not a second later, a bang like a gunshot, followed by a rush of wind, swept through the Atrium, creating dozens of screams, and drawing every single eye. Now, sitting in the middle of the hall – blocking up half the available space at the entrance to the courtyard surrounding the Fountain of Magical Brethren, was a 25 foot (7 metres) tall inflatable toad, with Madame Umbridge's face.

Thank Merlin for Fred and George Weasley.

Susan, basking in the looks of shock and horror displayed on the faces of pretty much everyone in the room, walked around the toad, so she was in front of one of its crossed legs, and climbed up on top of the knee. Then she sat down and beckoned for Colin Creevey to throw her a sign. He tossed one that said, "Down with Fudge! Down with the Toad!" and she brandished it up in the air.

"Did your parents ever tell you what happens when you oppress the next generation?!" She yelled, her voice echoing through the room as Neville arrived with the next batch of students.

"I'll give you a hint! It doesn't end well for you!"

Act IV – X: Harry II

When Harry stepped out of the fireplace, he couldn't help the massive smile that crossed his face. Because sitting amidst a sea of black Hogwarts Robes, all of them chanting at the top of their lungs, was a giant pink inflatable toad with the face of Dolores Umbridge. Ron stepped out of the fire behind him and choked on his own laughter.

"Say what you will about Fred and George, but you can't deny, they've got style," Ron said through his laughter. Hermione emerged from the fire and bumped into Ron.

"Who's got style?" She asked, dusting off her illusionary skirt. Ron and Harry simply pointed at the inflatable frog. Hermione giggled.

"Yeah, okay. I'll admit it. Your brothers are literal geniuses."

"High praise indeed coming from the brightest witch of her age," Harry said. Hermione rolled her eyes and nudged Harry's shoulder.

"Come on." Together, the trio made their way into the long and winding line of people that was snaking its way around the crowd of students, all shouting and waving signs. One go lucky first-year Gryffindor was waving their sign a little too enthusiastically and proceeded to whack not only one of his friends but a wizard in line as well.

"Watch it!" the wizard barked. The boy poked his tongue out at the older wizard, but then Ernie appeared, easing the tensions.

"Look at the toad's knee," Ron whispered.

Harry turned, looking towards the toads crossed legs, and saw Susan Bones in deep conversation with Neville and Lavender. She caught his eye and nodded her head before returning to her conversation.

"Hiya kiddos," a very familiar voice exclaimed cheerfully, causing Harry to jump a mile a minute. "Now, as an Auror, it's my job to inform you that I think this idea of yours is incredibly reckless and dangerous, and it's my job as a god-father to say that I approve wholeheartedly." The trio spun around and found themselves face to face with Sirius, minus his usual Auror garb.

"Sirius," Harry breathed, resisting the urge to hug him the middle of the Ministry.

"Nice disguises, General," Sirius winked at him, "I can't help you. I'm too busy watching these youngsters. But that's why they're here, so you already knew that."

Harry, Hermione and Ron nodded sharply.

"Good luck. I'll keep an eye out for you. Just get in and out as fast as possible." Sirius disappeared back into the crowd, and Hermione, Harry and Ron approached the wand-booth. The guard looked at him funny, but let them past without any fuss, and they joined the throng of people trying to push their way towards the elevators. It was hard going and took a lot of shoving, but eventually, they pushed their way into one of the compartments. They were crammed to the back and forced to wait as the elevator travelled up to the first floor before they could go all the way back down to the atrium. Only once everyone on the bottom tiers had disembarked could they descend to the Department of Mysteries.

They stepped out of the elevator, and stared down a dark corridor, every surface covered in black tiles, the only illumination from several flames sitting in brackets on the wall. At the other end of the hall was a black door with a golden doorknob. Harry's first thought was that it reminded him of the detention level of Atlantis before he and Ginny had repaired the broken cell.

"This isn't foreboding at all," Ron whispered.

"I don't like this, Harry," Hermione said.

"Me neither, but we have to get the Prophecy before He does." Harry advanced forward, trying to portray a confidence he didn't feel as he walked through the darkened hallway. Their footsteps were loud as they crossed the tiled floor, and there was a musty smell to the air.

"Revelio," Hermione whispered, sending a yellow spell towards the door. A faint white outline appeared around it, and a black aura around the knob, but that was it.

"Like Will said. It's only lightly defended. The white is probably the Ministry alarm, the black – Voldemort's," she hissed.

"Can you trip Voldemort's alarm but leave the Ministry's?" Ron asked.

"It'd take a few minutes. But do we want to?"

"What do you mean?" Harry asked her.

"Well, if we only trip one alarm when we really should be tripping two, won't Voldemort put two and two together?" Harry bit his lip, turning the decision over in his head.

"We trip them both. With any luck, it'll be Malfoy that sees it, and the Aurors will be too busy upstairs. It is the whole point of the protest anyway." And with that, Harry turned the doorknob. The trio stepped inside and found themselves standing in a circular room with half a dozen doors affixed to the walls.

"Which one is it?" Ron asked.

"I don't know." Harry crossed the room and opened one of the doors, beyond which lay a room full of what looked like fish tanks. But the fish inside them did not look like fish. Hermione peered through the door with him and gagged.

"Are those brains?"

"I don't think I want to know," Harry said, shivering. He closed the door, and the room began to shake. The door they'd entered slammed shut, and the walls began to spin around and around and around, creating a whirling noise as the air in the room was forced into an uproar. Hermione 'eeked' and grabbed hold of Harry's arm, but thankfully, the floor wasn't also moving. Eventually, the walls came to a halt, and Harry shook his head to clear it and stop the room from spinning.

"What the bloody hell was that!?" Ron exclaimed.

"Must be part of the Unspeakables' defences," Harry muttered, looking around at the doors. Hermione huffed and walked over one of the doors and pulled it open. On the other side was what looked like a giant amphitheatre, with rows of stone benches leading down to a large pit. In the centre of the pit was a large stone arch. The second he looked at it, the hair on the back of his neck stood on end.

'Seven powers and one.' It was like a whisper on the edge of hearing, faint and sinister. It made Voldemort's malicious snarl sound like a kitten mewling in comparison. And it was coming from the arch. Harry, using all his willpower to hold down his breakfast, glanced to Ron and Hermione and saw their faces go deathly pale. 'Aether, Nether, Dark, Conflict, Dragon, Speed, Phoenix. Seven powers, but all shadows of a greater whole. Free me, Harry Potter... Together universes will tremble before us… forged…shattered…rising…'

Harry slammed the door shut, and Hermione yelled, "Flagrant!"

A spell shot at the door, carving a red flaming X into the wood the second before the walls started spinning once more. Hermione and Ron looked as scared as he felt.

"I think we know what the Dragons were afraid of now," Hermione said shakily.

"Yeah," Harry agreed, swallowing hard as the walls came to a stop once more, only this time they at least knew which door not to open, as Hermione's flaming X remained imbedded in the wood.

Harry hesitantly moved to try another door, but the second he touched the handle a lightning bolt lashed out and struck his hand. Harry's head jerked back, and the Gemini Rune burst to life against his neck. Fire filled his veins, his heartbeat started bursting in his head, and his eyes glazed as the world around him evaporated.

Harry forced himself to open his eyes amidst the burning pain springing forth from his neck. But the pain, the pain was nothing compared to the silence, a silence shattered by the loudest of choruses. He pulled himself up and stood atop the staircase in the central tower of the City. Alarms were blaring, the skies outside the windows were bright red, lightning dancing in the air, and the portal was active. Filled with rainbow light, the shinning gateway, lined by runes blazing forth with white light, was a welcome embrace calling to him. The Gemini Rune was pulling him towards the portal, or rather, what was on the other side.

HARRY! His connection with Ginny snapped back into place, and Ginny stumbled through the portal, with her clothes in tatters and her hair smoking.

"Ginny!" Harry yelled, running down the stairs towards her.

"Harry!" Ginny exclaimed, seeing him coming towards her. She tried to hobble as best she could, but she couldn't move fast enough. Harry jumped down the last flight of stairs and ran to pull her into his arms, but just as he reached her, he jerked back to the sounds of Ron and Hermione screaming his name.



Harry was back in the Department of Mysteries, sitting on the floor in the middle of the circular room, Ron and Hermione beside him. Harry's hand jerked to the Gemini Rune and ran his fingers over it's burning hot surface. And he laughed. A good, honest to God laugh that echoed through the circular room.

"Harry! Harry, are you okay!" Hermione exclaimed, shaking his shoulders.

"I'm okay Brains. Better than okay. It's back." Harry looked up at the door. Electricity was flashing over it, but the image of the Gemini Rune carved into its wooden surface was bright and clear to all.

Ginny! Ginny, can you hear me! Harry called through the mind link.

Har..y! A.. y..u th..r?

Harry rubbed the sizzling rune again.

Ginny, can you hear me?

Y..s! I …n't make …. a..l th.. ..ay b….k. B..t I'm c..ose enou…. to t..y!

The connection was there. He could feel a vague sort of panic, mixed with hope, coming from her. But the words were faded and crackly, like a weak radio signal.

"Harry! Come on! The Death Eaters will be here any minute!" Harry, suddenly coming to his senses, refocused on the task at hand, and let Ron pull him to his feet.

"What happened, mate?"

"Ginny. She slid closer to us. I think I can hear her in my head again, but it's like a dodgy radio."

"We can deal with it later. Right now, we need to finish the mission!" Hermione snapped, yanking open another door. A blast of cold air washed through the circular room, extinguishing the torches. Harry, Ron and Hermione lit their wands and proceeded into the dark hallway beyond.

The room they found themselves in was massive, stretching on far beyond where the eye could see. The room itself was dark, but it was full of shelves containing thousands of glass orbs, each giving off a pale silver light of its own that served to faintly illuminate the darkness.

"This has got to be it," Ron said. Hermione used her spell to draw a circle with a check on the door, to ensure the back-up teams didn't have to waste time searching for the right door like they did, and they ploughed on into the darkness. There was an eerie silence to the place that set Harry's teeth on edge, and he couldn't help gripping his wand just a little tighter.

"How do we find it? It could be anywhere!" Hermione muttered into the darkness.

Harry made to reply but hissed in pain instead. He pushed the sleeve of his robe up, revealing the Firebrand on his left arm. It was rippling against his skin, a dull ache searing into his body. The Death Eaters were waiting for them.

"Follow me. I know where it is," Harry said loudly. Then he took off into the darkness between the shelves, letting the pain of the Firebrand guide him towards the right shelf. The worse the stinging got, the further into the trap he walked, and the closer he got to the orb. Eventually, he found himself standing opposite Row 97, and the searing agony of the Firebrand was so bad he was gripping his forearm.

"Harry. This one's got your name on it," Ron said, pointing to an orb on the shelf.




S….ll fu..zy.

Pushing the poor connection to the back of his mind, Harry stepped up to where Ron and Hermione stood, staring at an orb marked:

S.P.T to A.P.W.B.D

Dark Lord and (?) Harry Potter

"This is it," he said. But as he read the name tag, he realised, with a sense of resignation, that he recognised one of the acronyms. A.P.W.B.D. Albus Percival Wolfric Brian Dumbledore. Who else could have such a specific acronymic name? Resisting the urge to smash his head into a shelf, Harry released his still burning arm and grabbed the orb with his left hand. He lowered his hand, with the prophecy, to his pocket, and turned to the others.

"Time to go," he said.

"I quite agree. Very good, Potter. Excellent disguise. But the time for that is passed. Be a good lad and hand over that prophecy, and we can all be on our way." Harry hid a triumphant grin, before schooling his features into a look of confusion, and turning around. Standing at the end of the row were three figures in billowing black robes, silver masks over their faces. But the one in the lead had long pale blonde hair that fell back over his shoulders, and a superior drawl to his voice that made it clear who it was.

"Lucius Malfoy. Still doing Voldemort's bidding I see," Harry said as he, Ron and Hermione stood back to back.

"You dare speak his name!" a woman hissed from the other side of the row, flanked by two flunkies of her own.

"Hi Allisandra, would you mind stepping into the light for me? I'd love to get a look at all the scars Claire must have left on you the last time we tried this." Harry lowered the orb in his hand so that it was hovering above his and Hermione's pockets.

"I dare speak his name!" Ron said frankly, the ghost of a smile on his lips, "Listen, it's really easy. Tom Marvolo Riddle." As Ron spoke, Harry did a quick flourish with his hand and whispered, "Gemino." The orb in his hand duplicated, and he let the original fall into Hermione's pocket while slipping the copy into his own. Hermione cast him a quick glance, but Harry didn't have the time to reply.

Allisandra shared blank stares with another Death Eater who stepped out of the darkness beside her.

"Oh, this is rich!" Harry exclaimed, genuinely laughing now, "He hasn't told you has he? I'll bet he's told you all he's pureblood going back generations! Am I hitting the mark?"

"Well I hate to spoil your fun," Hermione said, rolling her eyes, thought the effect was lost in the darkness, "But Tom Riddle, Voldemort's real name, is a half-blood son of a squib…"

"Silence, girl! I'll have your tongue! The Dark Lord is great and powerful! Far greater than any half-blood could ever be!" Allisandra sneered.

"Now, now, Allisandra. Let's not be rude. All we want is the prophecy Potter. Just hand it over, and we'll let you go," Malfoy said, an odd glint to his eye Harry found quite disturbing.

"How stupid do you think I am Luci? Really, I'm genuinely curious," Harry asked. Lucius made to say something, but Harry laughed, cutting him off.

"Oh wait, I've just remembered what I told you the last time we met. And it appears Han Solo still hasn't sold me the Millennium Falcon, so your opinion still means squat. So, here's our counter-offer."

"Leave now," Ron said viciously.

"Or we won't ruin your day for you," Hermione snapped.

The pain from the Firebrand began to lessen, and Harry glanced into the darkness behind Malfoy, where the faint outline of another person was visible.

All the Death Eaters burst out into laughter, and Harry smirked. He snapped his fingers, and the illusions surrounding them all fell away, revealing the Defenders Cloaks and vanishing the aged appearances.

"In the immortal words of Admiral Ackbar…" Harry said.

"IT'S A TRAP!" The trio exclaimed, before dropping to the ground.

"STUPEFY!" Eight spells hurtled out of the darkness behind the Death Eaters, and all hell broke loose.

Act IV – X: Fitz II

When the Anti-grav generator finally stopped working, it powered down slowly, letting everyone sink softly to the ground. It also allowed the water from the fountain to start falling regularly, instantly flooding the floor of the Great Hall. Which was a good thing actually, as it washed away the numerous piles of sick and vomit that also fell from the sky. Umbridge finally retrieved her wand and sent a blasting hex at the camera ball. It promptly exploded, and Umbridge turned the evil eye on everyone still in the room.

"If I find out any of you knew about this…"

Umbridge's tirade was interrupted before it even started by a loud 'BANG!' that echoed from outside. Umbridge spun on her heel in the flooded floor and stalked out the door into the Entrance Hall, and immediately found herself trapped in a swamp. Yes. A real honest to goodness swamp. Full of bogs, mosquitos, giant lily pads, a rather gnarled looking tree, and three giant inflatable pink toads floating on the swamp water, all stylised so that their faces looked like Umbridge's. And the water filling the Great Hall had only one place to go. It slowly trickled out the doors to join the new swamp, making it even worse than before. To complete things, three docks were visible, near the three doorways into the Entrance Hall. And a row-boat was docked at one of them.

Fitz turned to Jemma just in time to see another silver camera ball fly out of her hand and whiz out into the hall over the stunned faces of the people left inside. It flew up over the swamp and fixated on Umbridge, who appeared to be sinking in Quicksand.

"Well, Madame Umbridge, it seems you've gotten yourself into quite the 'sticky' situation if I do say so myself." A clash of symbols accompanied Harry's voice, which Fitz was sure was just augmented to sound like Harry, because Harry would never make such a bad joke surely. He turned towards Jemma, and couldn't hold back his snigger when he saw her speaking softly into a speaker hidden in her palm.

"I hope you enjoy your time in Weasley Wizard Wheeze's Portable Swamp! Come see us at our new location in Diagon Alley! Have fun Madame Umbridge, it is true what they say, after all, Karma is a bitch." Jemma slipped her speaker back into her pocket just in time for Umbridge to destroy the camera all the while screaming, "Weasley!"

Act IV – X: Jessica I

Jessica's spell hit her mother right in the back of the head. As much as she wanted too, she didn't savour the moment. Instead, as Harry, Hermione and Ron pulled themselves to their feet, drew their hoods over their faces and vanished into the chaos, she advanced on her mother as she lay on the floor. Jessica kicked her hard in the back, and Allisandra rolled over, firing the Cruciatus Curse straight at her. It would have hit anyone else, but Jessica was faster than anyone else. She dodged the spell easily, biting back with a curse of her own.

"Incendio!" Her wand became a flame thrower as she poured flames from the tip. Allisandra summoned a shield to deflect the fire back at her, but Jessica banished them into the shelf of prophecies instead.

Jessica, using both her speed and strength, slammed her foot down on her mother's ankle, and couldn't help the intense sense of satisfaction that washed over her as the woman who'd tortured her own daughter howled in pain.

"Expelliarmus!" Jessica snapped, and Allisandra's wand flew out of her hand while she screamed. Jessica caught it in her free hand and snapped it like a twig.

"I'll destroy you for that!" Allisandra snarled. She leapt at Jessica, but she dodged, letting her fly through the air. Luke snapped a rope spell around another Death Eater's neck and yanked him forwards into Danny's glowing fist. The fist collided with the man's face, resulting in a loud crack and a very high-pitched scream as he sunk to the ground. Matt disarmed his target, before flinging one of his Eskrima sticks at his head. It crashed into his temple, and Matt followed up by jumping into the air, and side kicking the man into one of the shelves. His head hit metal, and the shelf actually fell over with the force of the impact. Several more shelves went down like dominos, and there was an explosion from the other side of the hallway, but Jessica didn't care, her eyes were on the figure every single one of her nightmares featured.

"You already did!" Jessica snarled. "It took me years to build myself out of the Hell you built for me. Years of pain and suffering and burning!" Jessica pulled back her hood, revealing her face, contorted in pure anger as she advanced.

"Incarcarus Nerus!" Jessica snarled, and chains of darkness shot forth from her wand, wrapping around Allisandra as she gasped in recognition, horror and pain.

"Jessica. I should have killed you years ago."

"It would have been a blessing!"

"You were meant for great things!" Allisandra exclaimed as the chains bit deeper into her skin, "I made you into the perfect weapon. A pure vessel for the Dark Lord's return!"

"You made me into a monster!" The stinging in the old burns on Jessica's neck and back forced their way to the front of her conscious mind, escaping the prison she'd confined the pain to in her years of suffering.

"Strength and speed of the gods! Endurance beyond the greatest mortal! Knowledge of the ages! Power beyond compare! That was all me! You'd be nothing without me, and now you stand there with Potter and his brats?"

"Everything I hate about myself you taught me. Without you, I'm free. The Defenders are the family I choose, you're the family I spurn." Jessica felt her friends walk up behind her, and Matt's hand came to a rest on her shoulder. She raised her wand and pointed it at her mother's head.

Allisandra spat a wad of blood on the floor, "You won't kill me. You're too soft to do what needs to be done."

"This is for the little girl who lost her soul," Jessica whispered, a tear sliding down her cheek. She gripped her wand as tight as possible and said the words.

"Avada Kedavra!" A bolt of green light shot out of Jessica's wand. It collided with Allisandra's chest, and the light went out behind her eyes as she slumped to the floor, and the chains melted away. Jessica spun around and buried her face in Matt's chest, letting herself cry. But she didn't cry for her mother, lying dead on the ground by her own hand. Instead, she cried for a little girl who didn't have happiness or love when she needed it most.

Act IV – X: Peter I

Peter was disappointed by Lucius Malfoy. He'd heard stories about how the man was utterly ruthless and terrible to behold when he came collecting a debt. But Peter thought the man wasn't that bright, at least when it came to basic combat physics it seemed. Malfoy spun around, deflecting the stunner sent at him straight into one of his Death Eater friends, sending him straight to the ground in a heap before the spell sent his way by MJ could even reach him. The Death Eater on his other side, was a bit luckier. He seemingly dodged Luna's stunner by pure luck, turning around at just the right time for the spell to sail over his head and into a nearby shelf. He'd reciprocated by sending a blizzard spell of all things to attack the diminutive blonde. If Peter had learned one thing during his time travelling the world with the friends of Harry Potter, it was that one underestimated Luna Lovegood at their own peril. The Death Eater clearly thought he was smart, sending such an arcane spell at the girl. He was wrong. Luna caught the spell with her own wand, did a pirouette, and shot the spell, which looked far deadlier than it had before, right back at the man so fast he barely had time to register his misfortune before he was turned into an Ice-Sculpture version of himself in a tutu.

That left Peter and Gwen to deal with Malfoy. Peter thought they'd be able to take him down in ten seconds without Spider-Sense. Five seconds with.

They both launched duel conjunctivitis curses, combined with full body-binds at the man, who blocked them, shattering his shield before launching the stock standard Death Eater killing curse towards them. Gwen flipped over the beam of green light while Peter slid under it. Then Gwen shot a web line at Malfoy's chest. He tried to shield once more, but the web was not a spell, and went straight through the barrier, connecting with his chest. Malfoy looked at it in confusion for a second, before Gwen used the web to pull herself towards him through the air and punch him square in the jaw, sending him crumpling to the ground. Two stunners sent his way by Peter and MJ, and Malfoy senior was down for the count.

"Well, that was fun. I'm feeling in the mood for ice-cream. You guys?" Luna asked cheerfully. She walked up to her ice-sculpture, and conjured a wreath, before draping it over his neck.

"That'll teach him for being mean," Luna said, nodding her head at the statue. Peter took the whole thing in stride, summoning ropes to bind Malfoy from head to toe.

"What do we do with them?" MJ asked.

Peter shrugged, and Gwen pulled a sticky note and permanent marker from within the pocket of her cloak. They were comfortable, Peter had to admit. Not very practical for swinging through New York skyscrapers, but it was much warmer than his Spider-Man suit, which he wore underneath his clothes and robes. She signed the note, 'From your Friendly Neighbourhood Defenders' and affixed it to Malfoy's face. They stunned him twice more (once to make sure he stayed sleeping, another for fun) and turned to make their exit. But as they did, Peter Spider-Sense started ringing church-bells through his skull. He turned to Gwen and saw she was looking at him with the same expression he no doubt wore.

Then an explosion rocked the room, causing several shelves to shake precariously. Another blast, and dirt trickled down from the roof.

"Something's gone wrong," MJ said. They all looked to each other, fear easily visible in the other's eyes, before bolting in the direction of the elevators.

Act IV – X: Susan III

Susan was honestly surprised it took her Aunt as long as it did to come to find her. Surely Scrimgeour had gone straight to her, and told her how she wasn't cooperating? Whatever the case, Susan couldn't help but smile slightly when Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, came strutting out of the elevators like the very paving stones owed her respect. She eventually, after a cursory glance at Susan's position atop the knee of a giant inflatable toad brandishing a new sign that said, "Fudge doesn't care about you! He only cares about his wallet!" accompanied by a rather unflattering image of Fudge himself stroking a galleon with a speech bubble beside him that said, "My precious," came to stand in front of her, monocle over her eyes and hands on her hips. It was quite intimidating, she was sure. But Susan had tasted Amelia Bones' cooking. She'd lost her ability to be intimidating after that.

"Susan, how are you?" Aunt Amelia asked her.

Susan smiled, giving her sign another wave as Lavender led the students into another rendition of some muggle-song she didn't know. Whatever it was, it wasn't flattering, that was for sure. Dean said they should have brought a 'stereo'. She didn't know what a stereo was either so had assumed it was a good idea they just hadn't thought of.

"I'm magnificent, Aunty. Having the best day here at the Ministry with my friends. How's work been?"

Amelia raised an eyebrow, "It's been better. No doubt about that. You got my message about…"

"Staying close to Harry? Yep. I'm here on the General's orders right now," she exclaimed. Amelia's face went through several rapid emotional changes that only Susan, with the in-depth knowledge of her Aunt that came with being raised by her, could read. Confusion, recognition, shock and finally respect.

"So, this is Potter's work is it? Then, where is he?" she asked sharply. Nothing got past her Aunt's keen eye. Or her monocle. Susan still didn't understand why she insisted on wearing it.

"Breaking into the Department of Mysteries," Susan said, trading her sign with Neville for one that said, 'Hermione Granger for Minister for Magic!' with an emoticon of Hermione standing over the British flag – with a book in her hand.

Amelia's eyebrow went very far into her hairline indeed. Susan had to resist the urge to laugh. Oh, this was fun!

"This is all a diversion?"

"Pretty much. Oh, well, we are having a bit of fun sticking it to old toad face. Foggy realised Umbridge's humiliation is being broadcast on the Wizarding Wireless, we were all watching the Swamp prank a few minutes ago… hey, where'd he go?" Susan sat up, looking for Foggy. She breathed a sigh of relief when she spotted him chatting up Padma Patil. Well good luck to him she supposed. She pulled a bottle of water out of her robes and took a drink.

"And I'm supposed to believe that?" Amelia asked suspiciously.

This time Susan did laugh. A few seconds later, a messenger in a red Auror hat ran out of the crowd and grabbed Aunt Amelia's sleeve.

"Madame Bones! Alarms have gone off in the Department of Mysteries."

"Told you so," Susan said happily, taking another drink of her water.

"But there's more. We've lost contact with Azkaban." Susan spat her water out onto a Hufflepuff second year.

"What do you mean 'lost contact'?" Amelia said, her face contorting into something, Susan could only describe as worry, and fear.

"All the monitoring spells have failed, and we can't contact any of the guards inside either."

Amelia was spinning back to Susan before the messenger even finished talking.

"Get these kids back to Hogwarts now!" Susan made to stand up, but an ear-shattering crack filled the hall. An explosion of black smoke filled the Apparation point, before shooting in the direction of the elevators. Within seconds the fireplaces were full of people wearing black robes and silver masks. Screams of terror and panic filled the atrium, and then, loud and clear as the dawn, a cold, high-pitched malicious voice cried out over everyone else, "Avada Kedavra!" Susan tried to slip down from her perch and draw her wand at the same time, but she tripped. Then an orange spell flew over her head, striking the toad's Umbridge head. The inflatable exploded, and Susan was sent flying into the air. She crashed into a table of some kind, her head slammed into the tiled flooring, and she knew no more.

Act IV – X: Jessica II

The second the roof began shaking, Jessica pulled herself together, pushing away from Matt and donning her hood once more. The next second, she was running to the elevators with Matt, Luke and Danny. They bolted through the door and into the room with the circular wall. But the wall didn't spin as they entered it. The exit door was already open, and they could hear voices in the long hallway on the other side.

"The Dark Lord says the brats are still down here, and we can do whatever we want with them, so long as they don't make it out alive. Oh, I've missed this! It's time for some fun, boys!" She knew that voice. Recognised it instantly. Fenrir Greyback. The Werewolf Death Eater. The one that deliberately transforms near children so he can bite as many as possible or eat them. Jessica's stomach plummeted, and she started counting to ten in her head in an attempt to calm her nerves. She glanced to Luke and Danny, leaned against the wall on the opposite side of the doorway. 'Nine.'

"What do we do?" Danny mouthed.


"We fight," she mouthed back. Danny and Luke nodded, and Jessica turned to Matt, and those familiar butterflies reared their ugly heads.


Then Jessica came to an epiphany. One she was quite proud of actually. She'd killed her mother. She was free. And she was quite possibly about to die. So, screw it.


She grabbed Matt by the collar and snogged him. It was quick, split-second, and he barely had enough time to reciprocate before she pulled away, drawing her wand from her pocket.


And she charged into the hallway beyond.

Act IV – X: Harry III

Harry, Hermione and Ron slipped out of the elevator, the operator's jaw still hanging open at the sight of three cloaked Defenders coming up from the bowels of the Ministry of Magic on their own. Harry kind of felt sorry for him.

"Looks like we're in the clear," Ron said as they pushed their way through the crowd and towards the archway back into the courtyard where the Fountain of Magical Brethren stood tall. The inflatable toad was still visible in the Atrium beyond, and they couldn't help the laughs that slipped out upon seeing it.

As they were about to pass through the archway, a deafening crack echoed through the entire Ministry. Then a giant cloud of black smoke shot through the Atrium, flying straight towards the arch where Harry, Hermione and Ron stood.

The Firebrand burned, and Harry yelled, "Move!" as he realised with horror the only thing the smoke could be. He grabbed Hermione and dived for the ground, pointing his wand towards the ceiling.

"Reducto!" He cried as Voldemort screamed, "Avada Kedavra!"

The roof exploded, raining debris down around them. Harry tried to raise a shield, but his wand slipped from his grip when something heavy hit his back. Screams of pain, cracks of shrapnel hitting the walls, wails of terror as people ran for their lives. The smell of death and decay, and dust and marble. All of it assaulted Harry in the few moments before he hit the ground. Something green flashed at the edge of his vision, and he hit the ground. More things hit him from behind, something brushed his head, and everything was consumed by darkness, and an unending tone of ringing.


So Ends Act IV…


In case you missed it, the theme for this Act was Choice, Destiny and Prophecy – as exemplified by the chess match. As such, the Credits song is the one we showcased in the Disclaimer for Act IV, Chapter 1: High Hopes, by Panic! At the Disco.

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· The Search for Victory by Morena Evensong s/10740334/1/The-Search-for-Victory

· and, Avengers of the Ring by Dr Matthattan s/8774682/1/Avengers-of-the-Ring

We'd like to once again thank Joanne Rowling for creating the incredible world that is Harry Potter and allowing us to play in it. I don't know what the world would be like if we knew nothing about Harry or his world.

To Terry Pratchett, thank you for proving that no matter how bizarre or outlandish, everyone has a story to tell, and everyone has the right to tell it.

To Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Kevin Feige and the all the other fabulous people at Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios, thank you for creating all the Marvel comic-book characters we know and love to this day, and for making it cool to believe in Superheroes. Excelsior Stan.

Finally, to C.S. Lewis, the man who made me love reading. Thank you for teaching me to never give up on happily ever afters.

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Next season on Harry Potter and the Gemini Curse:

Act V: The Lost City

Voldemort has scored a major victory against his enemies in the Department of Mysteries, and the Defenders have been torn asunder on the brink of victory. However, Voldemort is playing with dark powers in his rise to conquest, powers that threaten to overwhelm any who attempt to harness them, even the Dark Lord. Harry must pull together anything and anyone he has left to begin a desperate last-chance mission to find the fabled Lost City of Atlantis. Only with the secrets contained within can he hope to defeat Voldemort and save the World.

The Next Adventure Begins August 16th, 2019 on Fanfiction. net and the Archive of Our Own.

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