Harry Potter and the Gemini Curse @ghostandmiracle42
Act I, Chapter 4

Updated Disclaimer:

Ghost and Miracle leapt across the building as a spray of bullets showered the rooftop.

"This story has had awesome reception so far hasn't it?" Miracle exclaimed, vaulting up the fire-escape the duo just landed on.

"It's fantastic. And I love the reviews too. Keep them coming guys!" Ghost yelled, though who he was yelling to wasn't entirely clear.

"This is the Central City Police Department. Surrender the anti-matter generator, or we will be forced to open fire!" A tall black man yelled into a speakerphone as the two writers ran across the roof, dodging air-conditioners and cable antennas as they went.

"You know, that's incredibly stereotypical?" Ghost told his companion.

"Your point being?" Miracle said, tapping her wrist mounted web-shooter that she definitely did not steal from one of the Spider-people. She grabbed Ghost by the arm and jumped clear of the roof, swinging around the building and into the open window of someone's apartment.

"Nothing dear. Nothing at all."

"Good. Cause we're late for the disclaimer and you know how Crystal gets if we're late," Miracle said, wagging her finger at him.

"Don't remind me," Ghost muttered. The brown-haired man wearing Ravenclaw Hogwarts robes stepped over a Lego replica of the Death Star and crossed to the door, totally ignoring the twelve-year-old boy sitting on his bed in complete shock. Whether his shock was from the two writers that just swung into his apartment, or from Miracle – who'd insisted on wearing a fez and a bowtie for this particular adventure – was up for debate.

Suddenly, the smell of ozone filled the tiny bedroom, and a man in a red suit was leaning against the wall.

"Did you really think you could steal something from the Marvel Universe, then run through my backyard and I wouldn't notice?" The Flash asked. Miracle squinted at him. Was this one blonde or brown haired? Then she frowned. It didn't really matter. She'd always jump a Flash if given the option.

"Time to go I guess. Harry Potter and the Wizarding World belongs to JK Rowling. Marvel Comics characters, events and places all belong to Marvel Comics and Stan Lee, may his soul rest in the halls of the great creators." Ghost admitted, whipping a tear from his eye. Then he grabbed Miracle, who was about to start drooling at the thought of Speedster abs, and clicked his heels together three times.

"There's no place like home."

Then the duo vanished, leaving the very confused Flash of Earth 1 behind.

Act I, Chapter 4: A Week of Firsts

arry and Ginny stopped short on one of the moving staircases as they made their way towards the Great Hall.

"Ginny, do you actually want to go down to the Feast?" Harry asked her. The Dementor, plus the dream, had kind of destroyed his appetite.

"I don't think I could eat anything if I tried," She admitted.

Harry grinned, "Follow me then, I think I have just the place to talk." Harry grabbed Ginny's hand and pulled her back up the stairs. They climbed up to the sixth floor, ignoring the nosy portraits that asked what they were doing, and ran down a corridor not too far from Gryffindor Tower. It was near the highest point in the castle, with a large open window that looked over the battlements. The hallway itself was not overly long, less than fifteen metres if Harry had to guess. But the interesting thing was, there was only one portrait hanging on the wall. A portrait of a city of silver towers floating on an ocean of water.

"Merlin!" Ginny breathed. Harry frowned, before realising just what had enthralled her. It was a perfect replica of the city in the dream.

"I never saw it from this side before," he whispered. Shaking his head, Harry ran his hand over the frame of the painting. Sure enough, at roughly the height of a doorknob, was the Home rune. He placed his thumb over it, whispered the password, and the painting swung inward, revealing the entrance hall of the Home.

"Woah!" Ginny exclaimed as Harry stepped through the translucent, shimmering barrier and into the pocket dimension. Ginny, staring wide-eyed, followed him inside.

"What is this place?" Ginny asked as the painting, which from this side looked like a red door, sung closed behind her.

"Welcome Home," he told her, a massive grin on his face.


"This is where…" Harry trailed off. His eyes were locked on the clock.

Moony and Wormtail's hands were both now pointing to School. Padfoot was back on Mortal Peril. So that made Lupin either Wormtail or Moony and meant Padfoot was Sirius Black. Sirius was the one who had used the Home shortly before Harry had arrived. He had just missed him. Now if only he could figure out what gave them the names, then he could figure out who Lupin was. Another question was, where was Pettigrew? And why was he at Hogwarts?

"Harry?" Ginny said, placing a hand on his shoulder. Ginny's touch, combined with the warm tingle that ran through the rune on his neck, snapped him out of his funk.

"Sorry. Come on, I'll show you the main room, then I'll finish the story I started on the train."

It took a good hour for Harry to explain the Home to Ginny. He showed her the letter from his Mum explaining what the pocket dimension actually was and gave her a tour of the building. He also told her about the Marauders and his suspicions about both Professor Lupin and Sirius Black. Ginny was a good audience. Laughing, gasping and crying in all the right places. They eventually ended up sitting in the common room outside the library with a copy of Ancient Runes of Forgotten Civilisations sitting on Harry's lap.

"Thanks for the necklace by the way. I really appreciate it," Harry told her, pulling the chain with its two pendants out from beneath his shirt.

"You did save my life last year. It was the least I could do," she said with a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes.

"I've been meaning to ask, but didn't want to say anything in front of your brothers, how are you, all things considered. I know you said you were doing better in your letter but, I just wanted to see you and talk to you properly," Harry asked.

Ginny turned away, using her hair to shield her face from Harry's gaze.

"It was hard at first. I had nightmares every time I closed my eyes. I just couldn't stop thinking about it. Not to mention this," she ran her hand over the mark on her neck, "the idea that I was still connected to… him… after everything, just made me feel violated you know. But after Bill and Charlie sat me down and talked it through with me, it was like, like this massive weight was lifted off my shoulders." Ginny turned back to Harry, staring straight into his eyes. Harry couldn't help but gaze into her deep chocolate orbs.

"I know its cheesy but, I'd much rather be connected to you than… V… Voldemort." Ginny shuddered as she said the name. Harry grabbed her hands and grinned.

"Congratulations, you're the only person besides me, and Dumbledore I've ever heard say his name out loud. Fear of a name only strengthens our fear of the thing itself. I'm not afraid of Voldemort or his name. I've already faced him three times and won. You faced him for an entire year without letting him take you down. As horrible as it sounds, I hate to think of what might have happened if it had been someone weak-willed who got that Diary, instead of you," Harry told her. Ginny beamed up at him, a sparkle blooming in her eyes that Harry thought was utterly magnificent.

"Really?" She asked, voice trembling.

"Definitely." Harry turned back to the book and traced the image of the Gemini Rune on the page.

"This is our mystery, this little marking. We need to figure out what it's doing to us. What it has to do with the dreams. Why Dumbledore lied about it. And most importantly, who put it on us in the first place." He said.

"I love a good mystery," Ginny replied, a smirk breaking across her face.

"It's gonna be fun."

Ginny's first week of second-year classes were strange, to say the least. She learned in her first class on September 2nd (which happened to be a Thursday that year), Potions, that Malfoy – seemingly in revenge for getting his father kicked off the school board of governors – had spread the rumour that she was behind the attacks the previous year. The Slytherins had latched onto the story and took great joy in sneering at her and reminding her that it was all her fault. At first, she couldn't figure out what Malfoy's point was aside from embarrassing her. That remedied itself very quickly. First, Colin had moved to sit as far away from her as possible, then Demelza had moved to sit with him, and most of her classmates followed until she was literally sitting with a ring of empty seats around her. Although he didn't come right out and say it, Ginny could tell Snape was in full agreement of Malfoy's comments and she swore she saw his lips twitch slightly when she saw the gits plan working brilliantly.

By Herbology, which she had with Hufflepuff, the story was across the entire school. She couldn't even bring herself to go to the Great Hall for lunch, instead making her way to the Sixth-floor corridor to make a sandwich in the Home. After lunch, she had Charms with the Ravenclaws, which made her breathe a sigh of relief. At least she could sit next to Luna in Charms. Luna would never judge her. So, as she made her way into Professor Flitwick's class, she spotted her blonde-haired friend helping a boy with black hair into a seat. The boy placed a white stick against the desk, before quietly thanking Luna and pulling out his textbook, which didn't actually seem to have words written in it. Another boy with long sandy hair sat down opposite him and slapped him on the back.

Shrugging, Ginny made her way over to the desk on the other side of Luna's.

"Do you mind Luna?" She asked hesitantly.

"No. Everyone else seems to be full of Wrackspurts today, so it'll be nice to sit with someone who doesn't," she said dreamily. Ginny – who was fluent in what she liked to call 'Luna Speak' – took that as a 'yes'.

"Luna? Who's that next to you? I can't place her voice," the black-haired boy stated. He didn't actually look at Luna as he said it, instead staring straight forward quite rudely. He was wearing a pair of red tinted glasses over his eyes.

"Oh, that's Ginny, she lives near our house, she was my first friend. She's lovely," Luna exclaimed as Ginny blushed bright red.

"Well then, any friend of Luna's is a friend of mine," the boy said, finally turning his head towards Luna, and by extension Ginny. He held his hand out over Luna's desk and gave the two girls a smile. The glasses prevented her from seeing his eyes. Ginny raised her eyebrow at Luna, who was now looking at her with her glassy eyes.

Ginny reached out and took the boys hand awkwardly.

"Nice to meet you…"

"Matthew. Matthew Murdock. But my friends call me Matt. A pleasure to meet you to Ginny," the boy said. The handshake was the weirdest she had ever experienced. Matt seemed to be feeling her hand, running his thumb over her palm and his fingers over her wrist.

"You're a pure-blood, right?" the sandy-haired boy asked, leaning behind Luna. "Don't mind Matt, he's blind, so he learns by touch. He's committing the feeling of your hand to memory, so he recognises it later." Ginny breathed a slight sigh of relief as the confusion drained from her face. Matt frowned and let go of her hand.

"Sorry if that was a bit creepy, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"Don't worry about it, I don't mind really. You do what you need to do," Ginny said with a smile.

"Foggy Nelson," the sandy-haired boy stated, giving her a wave. Whatever Ginny might have said after that was lost, as at that moment Professor Flitwick walked into the room and began the class.

Friday wasn't much better. She had Double Herbology in the morning where she sat on her own once more, and History of Magic with the Ravenclaws in the afternoon. She sat with Matt, Foggy and Luna again. They appeared to be the only ones in her year who didn't believe the rumours. Either that or they just hadn't heard them yet, as she could tell the trio kept mostly to themselves. She wasn't sure whether it was because of Matt's disability, Luna's inherent weirdness, or their collective desire for privacy.

She spent most of the weekend in the Home with Harry, Hermione and Ron (who Ginny assumed Harry had shown the brilliant place sometime during the week, as they didn't seem overly surprised by its existence) looking through the Library for more notes on the Gemini Rune. Or, more correctly, Hermione spent the entire weekend running through the Library like a seven-year-old on a sugar rush, while Ron made use of the Quidditch Pitch, Ginny did her homework, and Harry flitted between helping Hermione, flying with Ron, and doing his own homework. Harry bequeathed his Mum's second-year textbooks – which were all perfectly preserved in the Marauders Library – to Ginny, showing her all the helpful hints his Mum had left in the margins. She had been completely awed by the fact he was willing to trust her with something so precious and promised to keep them in excellent condition.

Monday was when things got really weird. She had double Potions first up, which was never fun. Snape took a grand total of 25 points off her during the class for numerous perceived slights. She had actually, despite the lack of help and constant sneering from her supposed professor, made a rather good potion, and Snape had been forced to give her an E at the end of the lesson. Thankfully her cauldron exploded after he had marked it. The detonated potion made her the last person to leave the room when the bell rang and, as she made her way towards the stairs leading out of the dungeons, she heard someone call her name.

"Weasley!" Ginny spun around and saw a girl with long black hair wearing Slytherin robes standing behind her.


The girl, whose name Ginny couldn't remember, pulled a lock of hair behind her ear.

"I just wanted to say, I'm sorry about what Malfoy did to you last year. It's foul, and if I'd have known what was happening, I would have tried to help, consequences be damned." The girl spun on her heel and stalked back down the corridor.

"Wait! What's your name?" Ginny called to the retreating figure.

"Jessica." Then she vanished around a corner, leaving a speechless Ginny behind her.

Ginny spent the entire rest of the day thinking about the confrontation, to the point where she barely registered the news that Malfoy had been injured in Care of Magical Creatures, or that the old bat Professor Trelawney had predicted Harry's death, despite Harry not even being in her class.

It was Tuesday at lunch, while Ginny was sitting at the kitchen bench in the Home nibbling on a sandwich that Harry walked in carrying his book bag.

"Why aren't you eating in the Great Hall?" Harry asked her, sliding onto the seat next to her.

"I could ask you the same," She retorted.

"I left my Runes book in here last night." Sure enough, sitting on the bench was his Ancient Runes textbook. "Your turn."

Ginny sighed, knowing there was no way to get out of it.

"I'm hiding," she told him.

"I figured that much out for myself funnily enough."

Ginny rolled her eyes.

"Is it about those stupid rumours Malfoy was spreading?" He asked. Ginny took another bite of her sandwich.

"I tend to just ignore gossip and stuff like that, after everything that's happened to me over the last two years. Is it really that bad?" Harry placed a hand on her chin and tilted her head up to face his. She knew he could see the unshed tears in her eyes.

Harry let go and ran a hand through his hair.

"Don't worry, I'll fix it." He tapped his finger on the table a few times before grabbing his book and making his way to the door. He stopped short in the hallway,

"Make sure you're in the common room after dinner tonight."

So, after eating dinner with Matt, Luna and Foggy, Ginny made her way up to the Gryffindor Common Room, to see just what hair-brained scheme Harry had cocked up. She sat herself down on one of the couches by the fire and tried to make herself as invisible as possible. Five minutes after her arrival, Harry walked through the portrait hole with Ron, Hermione, Fred and George behind him. Harry took a deep breath and nodded to one of the twins. George (at least she thought it was George, she couldn't be sure from her current angle) threw a firework up into the air, which promptly exploded, covering everyone in the room in pink glitter. Everyone turned toward the twins, who bowed and stepped back behind Harry.

"Alright. Now that I have your attention, there is something about last year that needs to be set straight." He exclaimed, letting his voice carry through the dead silent room as Ginny tried to bury herself deeper inside the cushions.

"It has come to my attention that some of you, and I'm not going to name names, actually believe the story being touted by the Slytherins. None of whom were actually there. So, I'm going to set things straight. Because I was there, and I'm the only one who knows what happened from start to finish. The thing attacking people last year was not a student. It was a fifty-metre-long Basilisk. How do I know this? Because I killed it in the Chamber of Secrets. The Heir of Slytherin was Voldemort." The entire room flinched, and Harry rolled his eyes. "Ginny Weasley, who Malfoy is blaming for the whole thing because he's mad he can't get away with whatever he wants anymore, stopped the Basilisk from killing its victims. When Voldemort found out, he kidnapped her and dragged her down to the Chamber, where Ron and I rescued her, and I killed the snake with the help of Professor Dumbledore's Phoenix. Any questions?"

The room remained dead silent. Not even the portraits moved.


With that, Harry walked over to where Ginny was unsuccessfully trying to die of embarrassment and sat next to her. He then pulled out his Transfiguration homework and quill and began to finish his essay.

Slowly, chatter started to begin in the room again, and the atmosphere went back to normal.

"You didn't have to do that," she said pointedly.

"Yes, I did. I'm not going to let Malfoy get away with spreading false rumours. I won't do it. And I'm certainly not going to let one of my friends get caught in the crossfire." The Gemini Rune, which had been relatively quiet all week, sizzled against her neck. But it wasn't a painful burn. In fact, it was quite soothing.

"Thank you, Harry."

"Don't mention it."

A Message from Ghost and Miracle:

Ghost smiled brightly at Miracle, who was sitting on a bean bag in the corner of the room, stroking her dog – a small Highland Terrier named Pirate – as she sulked.

"Done. That's Act I and Act II completed. We're getting into the exciting stuff now my love," Ghost exclaimed, incorrectly diagnosing the source of her woes as Netflix's Daredevil being cancelled earlier that day.

"That's great darling," Miracle sighed. It was only now that Ghost realised Miracle was wearing a very short skirt… and no panties. Evidently, she was more disappointed about not getting to shag The Flash than he thought.

Knowing full well it was a bad idea, Ghost opened a drawer and pulled out a vial of Super-Soldier Serum, and his wand. Desperate times called for desperate measures. Making sure to save his progress, Ghost jumped up, and levitated both Miracle and her dog into the upstairs bedroom, completely ignoring the dogs incessant yapping. Then he ran up the stairs himself and stopped at the door.

"There are going to be 10 chapters per act, with at least seven acts planned. Whether they're all in this one, or we split it into a sequel, who knows. Just get ready for a long and bumpy ride," He turned back to the bedroom, before grinning maliciously at the audience, "I know I am!"

Then he winked at the audience, skulled the serum, and slammed the door closed.

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