Harry Potter and the Gemini Curse @ghostandmiracle42
Act IV, Chapter 7

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Ghost, Miracle, Oracle and Phoenix stood on the command deck of the Enterprise, staring out the main view window into the infinite red sea of the Bleed. Directly in front of them, however, was a giant wall of rainbow light. Every time a blob of red bleed residue collided with the wall, a bolt of golden lightning would lance out into the sea, eviscerating it instantly.

"The Speed Force," Ghost said simply, staring at it in awe.

"Have you ever been past it before?" Oracle asked hesitantly.

"To the lands beyond time? Only once. Us non-God folk aren't really welcome," Ghost said.

"Anneliese Celestial and Raziel brought us in there to free Phoenix here from the effects of the Phoenix Force," Miracle said, placing her hand on Phoenix's shoulder.

"But we didn't come in this way. We used the Pearly Gates," Ghost said anxiously.

"Well we don't have any Angels with us, and the Olympians didn't let us use the Elevator, so we're going to have to get to the Circle of the Gods the old-fashioned way," Annabeth Chase, Captain of the Enterprise, stated from her command chair in the middle of the bridge.

"Toretto, you think you can get us through that?"

Sitting forward and to the left of Annabeth was a man with an uncanny resemblance to Vin Diesel. His seat was like something one would see in a very high-quality car and had quite clearly been customised.

"Hear that, Hobbs?" he called, and a tall Samoan man who looked like he could bench press a truck without breaking a sweat, who stood at a raised console behind Annabeth answered.

"Almost sounds like she's doubting you."

"It does doesn't it."

Annabeth rolled her eyes. "Make your jokes, but that…" she pointed to the wall of lightning, "…is a fuck tonne bigger than anything either of you has tried before. So, I'm asking, with no disrespect, are you ready for this?"

Toretto smirked, "I was born ready." His hand dropped to the gearbox, and his feet hit the floor. The Enterprise shot forward, and Ghost, Miracle, Oracle and Crystal all flew off their feet.

"We don't own any recognisable franchises!" Oracle screamed.

"Warning! Angst ahead!"

And with that, the Enterprise ploughed through the barrier of rainbow light and was swallowed by the Speed Force: The Enigma Force responsible for the flow of time, the border between the Orrery of Worlds, and the Circle of the Gods.

Act IV, Chapter 7: Sagittarius

Chapter 35: The Sagittarius Rune

Sagittarius is quite possibly the Zodiac Rune we know the least about. What is does is simple. It allows the bearer to pass through any form of solid matter. Spells have no effect, you can run through walls or slide through floors. How it does this is a lot more difficult to explain. From what my research has been able to gather, when using the Sagittarius Rune, the object or person in question is transported into another dimension. A mirror dimension if you will. One just out of sync with our own, but not close enough to affect it.

In most cases, you or whatever object enchanted can still be seen in the real world, but will be unable to physically interact with it besides standing on the floor – if the person does not want to pass through it. Some people have found that when applying the rune, they have been completely invisible and intangible in the real world. How this is possible is unclear, though some speculate it could be that the person has accidentally gone further away from their original dimension than intended. As such, this rune is highly dangerous, though not without its uses if used correctly and carefully.

Firstly, ensure that the rune is well-drawn, with no errors or blemishes to interfere with the pattern. Mishaps or rush jobs will cause irregularities when 'phasing' into the mirror dimension or back and are not recommended. Second, don't get sleepy. The rune draws significant amounts of power from the host in order to phase, so when applying to an object, make sure it has enough power in the form of electricity or magic to make the trip. The same is true of people. The rune draws directly from the magical core – this is the cause of the noticeable 'rush' of power that passes through you when the rune is active – to make the shift. If you've used a significant number of spells recently, or are naturally weak in magic, don't let yourself get trapped on the other side. Finally, keep an eye on the time. Due to the amount of power required to travel between dimensions, the Sagittarius rune burns out fast. As a result, extended usage will cause the rune to fade away. Based on my calculations and observations, approximately 10 jumps can be made before the rune will completely fade off for a witch/wizard of ordinary magical strength. Adjust this depending on your relative ability, the same is true if using objects.

Possible functions include:

• Phasing through solid matter.

• Avoiding Spell fire

• Dimensional Jumping

• Dimensional Warping

• Stealth operations

• Preventing potential attackers

• Scaring the shit out of people.

It is important to note, however, that if you do get stuck on the other side, you are not without hope. Simply use your wand to replicate the rune. If you're lucky, you'll be able to trace over the remnants of your existing rune to ensure another workable glyph. If you don't have your wand on you, you're an idiot and deserve to be stranded for all eternity. Have fun!

One month, seven days, thirteen minutes. That's how long it had been since Ginny vanished. Hermione looked up, forcing her heavy skull out of the book she had to have read at least twenty times since it happened. She knew Harry had read it at least twice that, searching for something they'd somehow missed.

Harry had just entered the portrait hole, the bags under his eyes, and the gaunt look to his face clear for all to see. It had been at least an hour since the DA meeting had ended, and she knew full well what he'd been doing. Every night since Ginny had disappeared, Harry drew the Sagittarius Rune on his forearm and wandered the halls of Hogwarts under the Invisibility Cloak, searching for any sign of her. But nothing. Harry said the Gemini Rune couldn't even give him a hint of where she was. It was empty and lifeless, much like Harry himself.

The only thing keeping him sane was the Defenders Army.

It had been Luna who suggested it.

"We need a name," Susan said during their third meeting, "I mean think about it? We're supposed to be this united force going against the law to protect ourselves from enemies the government refuses to acknowledge exist, and we don't even have a name."

"She has a point," Neville pointed out, and the rest of the group murmured their agreement. Harry, his eyes already dead, but the bags under his eyes not yet fully formed, nodded his head.

"It's a good idea. Gives us something to rally behind. Anyone have any ideas?"

Several people opened their mouths, but Luna beat them all, shouting, "Defenders Army!" at the top of her lungs. Everyone was silent for a few seconds, clearly deciding if they could come up with anything better. Then Matt stepped forward.

"Defenders Army."

"Defenders Army!" Danny exclaimed, slapping Luke on the back.

"Defenders Army."

"Defenders Army!"

"Defenders Army!"

Hermione kept watching him as he trudged, unseeing, up the stairs to his dormitory, and her eyes couldn't help lingering on the Gemini Rune carved into his neck. It was no longer the shimmering gold that it had been since the Yule Ball. Instead, it was faded, washed out like a watermark on a company document. And she had no idea what to do about it. They were no closer to finding Ginny. She had literally vanished off the face of the Earth. The only clues they had were that she had the Sagittarius Rune carved into her hand with a blood quill and she was near the Room of Requirement. Hermione had spent days upon days in the school library with Matt and Foggy searching tome after tome for references to the Sagittarius Rune, and runes drawn with a blood quill. The former had come up annoying short, the latter had no shortage of entries. In medieval times, a Warlock Cult was discovered using Blood Quills to draw runes on unsuspecting muggle children, particularly young girls. Which runes were used was unknown, but all of the children were mutilated and transformed into abominations and monsters. They were eventually captured, but the process could not be reversed, and many opted to pass through a device in the Ministry known as the Veil of Death to relieve themselves of the constant pain they were in. Since then, Blood Quills had been outlawed in every nation, save a few small Middle Eastern settlements.

Hermione sighed and snapped the book closed before ambling to the window. She'd been doing this a lot lately, just staring out over the grounds in thought. She wasn't sure why. It didn't help at all. It just made her think of all the things she couldn't solve. She couldn't figure out what happened to Ginny. Couldn't get her back from wherever she was. She couldn't find the Dragons, who were still lost somewhere. And she couldn't figure out what to do concerning Umbridge. She had the most powerful brain in the world! Why couldn't she do anything?!

"Still nothing?" Hermione turned her head to face Ron, who was standing a little way behind her, hands in the pockets of his jeans, maroon Weasley jumper displayed proudly. Hermione shrugged. "Nothing," She admitted, before turning back to the window. Ron came up beside her and just stood there, looking out the window himself. Hermione was so lost in her thoughts; she had no idea how long it had been before Ron's voice once again cut through her concentration.

"Look! At Hagrid's Hut!" he exclaimed. Hermione's eyes snapped to Hagrid's Hut, where a soft curl of smoke was coming from the chimney.

"He's back!" She beamed, her sour mood vanishing. She grabbed Ron's hand somewhat subconsciously, and together they raced out the portrait hole and down into the darkness of the castle, running through corridors and staircases until finally, they arrived at Hagrid's front door. The lights in the hut were already on, and the person who opened the door was not Hagrid but Luna, who quickly ushered them inside. Hagrid was lying on his bed, scratching Fang's head.

"Hagrid!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Ello 'Ermione!" Hagrid wheezed. He looked incredibly worse for wear, holding a cold cut up to his face with his free hand. Matt stepped over with a cup of tea, which Hagrid gladly took.

"What happened to you?" Ron asked.

"Well, you see. It's just a wee bit of a scratch is all. But Matt was tellen me 'bout Ginny. Is it true?"

Hermione's brightened mood vanished back into the aether.

"No…" Hagrid whispered, tears rolling down his face.

"How's 'Arry taken it?"

"Bad. Really bad. He doesn't sleep. He barely eats. His aura is like a person with a terminal disease, slowly rotting away from within," Matt said solemnly.

"The Fairies are gone," Luna agreed.

Hermione gulped hard and tried desperately to redirect the conversation. "That's no scratch, Hagrid," she said pointedly, "what happened?"

Hagrid sighed, taking a long sip of his tea.

"The Giants weren't too pleased to see us, that's for sure," Hagrid started, "Me an' Olympe Maxine from Beauxbatons went deep into the mountains we did. Slept in caves and worse places. But we found em. Talked to em, but we ah… we didn't give em the message Dumbledore wanted to."

Hermione blanched, Ron chocked on-air, and Matt almost dropped the tea. Luna, on the other hand, just started massaging Hagrid's giant toes.

"Olympe she…" Hagrid actually blushed! "She had an idea that was a bit better than Dumbledore's if I'm right honest. Maybe before all of that business with Harry came out, I would've refused to listen, but I listened to her, and we came to the Giants with a proposition. We said, "You-Know-Who is gonna be sending people to offer you big rewards to come and help him fight the Wizards. So, we offered em a way out. Said if they sided with us, we'd give em just as good. But here's the difference. Olympe, she'd been around more giants than me, she says that the Giants are lazy, and based on what I saw she was right, they'd much rather do nothing than something, and they don't really care about wizards except when they limit their territory. So, we said, in exchange for doing nothing, we'd organise transportation to the Ural Mountains up near Siberia – a much bigger area than they've got now let me tell ya – for any of 'em that wanted more territory. Giants love the cold you see, and there are so few people up there it's perfect. Olympe says that she'd been working with the new Russian magical government since the whole Soviet Union fell apart to get a new Giant reserve up there."

"That's great!" Matt exclaimed, "what did they say?"

"What's the Soviet Union?" Ron whispered to Hermione, who quickly explained it to him.

"Well, we were right. Death Eaters turned up the day after us, offered less than we expected actually. Reckon You-Know-Who won't keep em around once he's done with em. So, the Gurg, that's their leader, stepped on the Death Eaters! Saw the whole thing we did. Bloody scary!"

"So, they're staying neutral?!" Ron beamed.

"Thanks to Olympe."

"Well done, Hagrid!" Hermione said, patting Hagrid on the leg.

Hagrid made to speak up again, but then there was another knock on the door.

"It's Luke," Matt said, frowning.

Hermione opened the door, revealing a heavy breathing Luke.

"Great Hall! Now! Professor Lupin…" Hermione was up from her seat before he even finished. She bolted from Hagrid's Hut, the others – Hagrid included – racing behind her. They reached the Great Hall in record time, pushing through the crowd of students, half of whom had seemingly run from their common rooms in their pyjamas. Thanks to Hagrid's bulk, Hermione managed to make it to the middle of the hall. Kingsley Shacklebolt – an expression on his face that would kill a cat – John Dawlish, Mad-Eye, Sirius, Tonks, Matt's father Jack Murdock, and three other Aurors that she didn't know were standing in a loose formation. Dumbledore and the rest of the teachers were sitting at the staff table, seemingly conducting a staff meeting. Standing in the middle of the room was Umbridge, pointing a stubby finger at Lupin, who looked resigned.

"Madame Umbridge, you called for an Auror squad because… what exactly?" Kingsley asked incredulously.

"To arrest this… this thing!" She snapped as if it were obvious.

"Are you referring to Mr Lupin as a thing?" Shacklebolt asked again.

"What else would you call him!?" She screeched.

"His name maybe?" Sirius queried.

"And we're arresting him because..." Shacklebolt tried.

"Because he is no longer a teacher at Hogwarts school!" Umbridge exclaimed, an unnatural excitement oozing out from her. The crowd of students broke out into cries of anguish.


"You can do that!"

"He's an awesome teacher!"


"You can't fire him!"

"I won't pass my O.W.L's without him!"

"What about NEWTS!"

"It's not right!"

"SILENCE!" Umbridge screamed, though it only succeeded in making the cries of support for Lupin louder.

"What's happening?!" Hagrid whispered to Hermione very loudly.

"She's a Ministry hag. She's taken over the school and attacking everyone. Hogwarts has changed Hagrid."

"How could Dumbledore let this happen?" Dumbledore was sitting with a proud expression on his face as he observed the students chanting. Umbridge, on the other hand, looked murderous. Snape was clearly trying to hide his glee at Lupin's firing, but he was failing miserably.

"He doesn't have a choice. He's lost all his power in the Ministry. Umbridge is doing everything she can think of to get him kicked out of the school completely. He can't risk it."

Finally, Professor Lupin stepped up and waved his hands.

"Thank you, everyone, really. It means a lot," he winked victoriously at Umbridge with a shit-eating grin, "But as much as I've loved my time here, it looks like the DADA curse has finally caught up with me." The older students broke out into laughs, the younger years, who'd had Lupin for close on three years now, just looked confused.

"But Madame Umbridge is right. My position at the school has been terminated…"

"You're welcome to stay in the castle as long as you'd like Remus," Dumbledore tried, though Snape sneered something fierce at that statement.

"He is not!" Umbridge snapped.

"You have the authority to dismiss my teachers, but you do not have the right to banish them from the grounds!" Dumbledore snapped, anger tinting his voice.

"I really am sorry my friend," he said softly, though in the quiet of the room it was easy for everyone to hear.

"It's alright." Then Lupin turned back to the crowd, "Remember everyone, keep up with your studies. Keep reading your books and practising your spells. You never know when you'll need them." Then he stepped down into the hall and started to walk to the exit. Hermione, Matt, Ron and Luna broke out into applause, rapidly followed by everyone – student and staff alike. An honour guard formed as the Professor walked out the doors. As he passed Sirius, Hermione heard him whisper, "See you at Andi's."

Remus stepped out into the night with a sigh and began the walk down to the castle gates.

"You called us here, an entire Auror squad, for that?" Shacklebolt asked in shock. Then, without waiting for an answer, he trudged after Lupin, the Aurors following behind.

Finally, Umbridge seemed to regain herself, and she turned on the student body.


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