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Act IV, Chapter 6

Act IV, Chapter 6: Face My Fears

The solution of where they were to practice was solved by Dobby of all people. The hyperactive elf had heard from the Hogwarts elves of a room that only showed itself when a person had real need of it. Harry and Ginny had checked out the place for themselves and been absolutely shocked when, after following Dobby's instructions, a large oaken door materialised in the wall of the seventh-floor corridor opposite the tapestry of Barnabus the Barmy and his dancing trolls.

"I've been in here before," Ginny had whispered when they stepped inside the vast open hall lit by torches and a large skylight – a room not unlike the duelling room in the Home, though ten times larger, "When Jessica, Luke, Danny, Luna and I freed Sirius, we hid from Snape in here." Another good thing was it was a short run away from the portrait of the silver city that guarded the entrance to the Home. So, if Umbridge did find them, they had an escape plan nearby they could utilise. With the where solved, Harry called the first meeting of the as-yet-unnamed organisation he was now the leader of.

It was 7:00 pm on a Wednesday evening in October, when Harry Potter found himself standing in the middle of the Room of Requirement, beside Hermione Granger, Luke Cage and an old Wardrobe that kept making gurgling noises as the students walked through the oaken doors staring at the room in awe. Group by group they arrived, usually in Houses, before taking up positions somewhere in front of him. Harry made sure to smile and wave at everyone as they entered, more to settle down his nerves than the anxious faces he saw in the ever-increasing crowd. Finally, at almost ten minutes past their start time, a group of Slytherins – including Jessica – slipped into the room and stood at the back ignoring the looks of contempt thrown their way by some of the Gryffindors. Not that they didn't indulge in their own sneers or make rude gestures of their own in reply. Once Harry was satisfied everyone had arrived, he gestured to Luke, who moved to the door and locked it.

"Okay, everyone. Welcome to the first meeting of Dumbledore's Army. Thanks for still showing up despite Umbridge's latest Educational Decree banning us from doing pretty much everything." Several scowls and muttered curses were thrown Umbridge's way at that statement. "For our first meeting, I thought I'd bring out an old favourite, and use it as a sort of teeth kicker, and a trust exercise." Harry kicked the wardrobe, which began to groan again, before turning back to the crowd to catch the looks of realisation crossing the faces of the Patil twins and some others. He locked eyes with Ginny, who has a slight scowl on her face. He had argued fervently that she couldn't be beside him when he did this. It had to be him on his own. Not just for everyone else, but for himself as well. He'd even gone so far as to block off their mental link as best he could, though the Gemini Rune still hummed away – if a bit softer than usual. Ginny had not liked the idea and argued against it, but he'd held his ground until eventually she'd declared she didn't care and went to bed, but even Crabbe or Goyle would have known she was lying.

"I'll admit, I am no saint. I've broken almost every school rule Hogwarts has had – and that was by the second year alone." Most of the Gryffindors laughed, the Hufflepuffs did not. "But after everything I've seen, everything I've done – good and bad – I think it's safe to say that the hardest obstacle to overcome is fear." That did not earn any laughs. Instead, most of the crowd, even the Weasley Twins, looked at him as if he'd suddenly grown a second head.

"You out flew a dragon! How could fear be the greatest thing you've faced?" Colin exclaimed, his brother Dennis, Neville Longbottom and Lavender Brown all nodding in agreement. Harry smiled softly, "And I was absolutely terrified the entire time. I had no idea if I'd even make it out of that arena, let-alone get past the Dragon. My plan was sketchy at best, and I had no back-ups." The looks on Hannah Abbott and Susan Bone's faces made it very clear they didn't believe him. "But instead of letting that fear control me, or disillusion me from even trying, I turned it into a fuel, a resource to use. Fear is not evil; fear means you human. It's conquering fear that's the mark of a true hero. And that is what we are going to do today. Conquer our greatest fear." Harry spun around and stood in front of the wardrobe, before nodding to Hermione, who bit her lip, clearly repressing the urge to tell him that she agreed with Ginny about how much of a bad idea this was. But she tapped the wardrobe with her wand, and the doors slowly swung open.

Harry was not surprised that the Boggart didn't take the form of a Dementor as it had in Professor Lupin's office two years ago. He was not afraid of Dementors anymore, he knew how to fight them. What he feared was something far worse now. A figure stepped out of the wardrobe wearing robes of the darkest black. He was tall, thin, but muscular in all the right places. In each hand, he held a wand. A brown wooden wand with a black handle, and a wand of pure white. His hair was black and messed like a bird's nest, flying in all directions, and his eyes were solid red. It was warped and twisted, a being of hatred and cruelty.

"Hello, Harry. Having a good day?" Harry stood in front of the Boggart, which had morphed itself into an image of himself, however, it excluded an aura of rage and scorn, powerful enough to fill the entire room. And as the people behind him stepped back, many of them shrieking in terror, it seemed to grow taller. More malevolent, if that was even possible.

Harry took a deep breath and locked eyes with his counterpart. The Gemini Rune was thrumming with vibrant heat. Throbbing in a very recognisable pattern. A heartbeat. His doppelgänger did not have a rune.

"Tell us what you are," he commanded, steeling his voice as best he could as the Boggart grew taller and stronger.

The torches flickered, and the other Harry laughed -a booming laugh that made him want to shit himself. But he stood his ground and did not take his eyes from the red irises of his other. The red eyes of Voldemort looking down on him from his own face.

"I am you, Harry! Surely you must know it? I am you as you could be in all true glory! If you would just give in to the darkness of your heart. The horrors of your past, present and future. The cupboard under the stairs! The endless threats and beatings from Uncle Vernon and Dudley! Harry Hunting! Lord Voldemort! Your mother's death, your only memory of her! Your friends turning their backs on you! The Basilisk! The Graveyard! Everyone who's died for you! I am what you are, on the inside. All you have to do is let me out! All you have to do is embrace me!" The Boggart cackled as its head brushed the roof, dark smoke falling from its robes like ash blowing in the wind. But Harry never let go of its gaze.

"The day I let myself become you, is the day I let the horrors of my past define me, control me. And hell will freeze over before I let that happen."

"Not even for her?" An image of Ginny's lifeless body flitted through his mind, and he knew she'd seen it, as the rune on his neck began to burn almost as hard it had the night of the Yule Ball.

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go

I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home

I'll spend forever wondering if you knew…

The song burst clear into his mind, and Harry slipped his wand from his pocket, and with the slightest flick of the hand, whispered the word, "Riddikulus."

This night is flawless, don't you let it go

I'm wonderstruck, dancing around all alone

I'll spend forever wondering if you knew

I was enchanted to meet you.

The Boggart collapsed in on itself, transfiguring into a woman in a gold and white dress with red hair and a man with messy black hair in black robes with green trim, dancing around in a circle as their song filled the air.

Harry turned around and glanced to Ginny, who had a tear sliding down her cheek, then to the rest of the students as they stared in terrified awe, wands held limply in their hands.

"Conquering your fear is the first step. But it's not something you have to do alone. Now everyone form a line. One by one, you're going to approach this Boggart, and it will shapeshift into the thing you fear the most. Once it does, your job is to stand tall, aim your wand, and cast the spell 'Riddikulus' while thinking about something you find funny, or personally important, something that the Boggart cannot make you fear." Harry took a deep breath, ignoring the dancing figures behind him.

"The point, as I'm sure many of you are wondering, is to confront your fear. But you won't be facing it alone. Here, you are surrounded by your friends and colleagues. What better place to face your greatest weakness than amongst friends? And by extension, by doing this here, in front of everyone, no one has anything to hide. We all have something we want to hide from the rest of the world. A Darkness we try to deny. I've trusted you all with mine, now it's time to trust us with yours."

Harry stepped aside, and the students hesitantly formed into a line. Hermione came to stand beside him, placing a hand on his shoulder, "Well done, Harry. That… that couldn't have been easy."

Harry shuddered, "I'm asking them to do it. If I didn't, what does that make me?" Hermione didn't say anything, merely squeezing his shoulder as Ginny stepped up to the two dancers, wand at the ready. The Boggart transformed with a snap, revealing two young people lying on the ground. An eleven-year-old girl with red hair kneeling over a twelve-year-old boy with black hair.

"No! You can't die! I won't let you… you saved me… I… You can't die, please…" the girl – a young Ginny covered in muck and grime from the Chamber of Secrets – whimpered, lifting the young Harry's head. Harry closed his eyes, pushing all the love he could through their connection, feeling the Gemini Rune become an inferno beneath his skin just as she had done for him minutes before. The older Ginny glanced to him for a brief moment, then turned back to her younger self and proclaimed, "Riddikulus!" The two figures vanished, and the line of people gasped as the young Harry stabbed a sword through the roof the giant Basilisk's mouth.

Ginny stepped out of the line, and Harry pulled her into a hug.

"Well done," he whispered, rubbing her back.

"Thanks. I… I'm sorry I was mad at you. I didn't understand. But, now I think I do. You're right. It's easier when you have other people with you, but it's something you have to have the courage to do yourself," she said softly. A whip-crack echoed through the room, and Harry, Hermione and Ginny all stared at the Boggart standing opposite Luna Lovegood. It was a tall man with shoulder-length stringy blonde hair mixing potions at a desk.

"Come on, Luna, what's the worst that could happen?" He poured a red liquid into a green, and the entire workspace exploded. When the smoke cleared, the man was lying on the floor, burns covering his still and lifeless body.

"Riddikulus!" Luna exclaimed, and the scene vanished, warping into an image of Voldemort – in all his pale-skinned and absent nosed glory – in a tutu, doing a pirouette. The line broke into applause, and Luna slipped away, stepping over to Harry, Ginny and Hermione.

"It's nice," she said as if the image hadn't even affected her, but Harry could see that her eyes, usually hazed and dreamy, were hollow and devoid life, "having friends." Ginny pulled her friend into a hug, and Harry grinned at them both, before the next person, Ernie Macmillan, stepped up for his turn at the Boggart.

So, it continued, each person stood up to face their fear, and each person defeated it, to the applause and cheers of the rest. And when they stepped away, Harry made sure to let them know that they weren't alone, as friends consoled friends.

Harry couldn't help but compare the class to the last time they'd encountered a Boggart. In their third year, most of the fears people had faced had been creatures, monsters or in some cases, people. Now, they faced death, corruption, failure and loss. It was a sad thing to realise. To see just how friends – all of them still students – like him, had lost their innocence. Now they had genuine fears, like the death of loved ones, failure at a career, or even terrorism to face. A cruel reminder of a harsher world. However, as each person walked away from their fears and into the comfort of their friends, he couldn't help but feel proud of each and every one of them.

The last person to face the Boggart was Jessica.

With a sharp crack, Jessica found herself standing face to face with a tall woman with raven black hair. Harry recognised her instantly – it was Allisandra Jones, Jessica's mother. In one hand was a thick black covered book, in the other was a golden cup – like a chalice, but with a badger symbol engraved into it. The woman made to say something, but Jessica's eyes flashed with rage, and she pointed her wand at the Boggart and screamed, "Riddikulus!" The Boggart cracked, and Hermione caught it with her own wand, forcing the creature back inside the wardrobe. Ginny started to run towards her, but Luke grabbed her arm, slowly shaking his head. Ginny bit her lip and watched in barely contained anguish as Jessica turned on her heel and hid amongst the Slytherins once more.

Finally, Harry stepped into the middle of the crowd once more.

"You should all give yourselves one hell of a pat on the back. What you've done here today is one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do in your entire life. But here is proof that you can face your fears and win. From now on, every time that fear creeps up on you at night, or in your thoughts when you're feeling low, you're going to think back to this moment, you're going to remember what it felt like to stand here, and you're going to remember that you have friends you can go to for help, and you're going to know that no matter what it is you're struggling to face, they're facing a struggle of their own. You've seen it with your own eyes. Everyone has fear, and today you've trusted yours with everyone here, just as they've trusted theirs with you. So, don't be scared to ask for help. No one is going to judge you for it here. You've all done a fantastic job, well done!" The people all broke into raucous applause, and Harry's cheeks tinged red.

"We'll meet again on Monday evening next week. For now, class dismissed."

The students filed out of the room, the large oaken doors closing on Susan and Hannah last. The second they did, Jessica slipped out of the shadows, and Ginny bolted for her, enveloping the girl in as tight a hug as possible. Harry and Hermione stood trying not to sniffle, as both girls cried in each other's arms. It was the only time Harry would ever see Jessica cry.

Half an hour later, Ginny stood outside the door to Umbridge's Office and softly knocked on the door.

"Come in," came the woman's unnaturally girly voice, and Ginny gritted her teeth, and stepped inside.

Oh my gosh. That's just sick.

She couldn't help but agree. Umbridge's Office on the Fifth Floor of Hogwarts was like the Pink Panther's worst nightmare. The stone walls had been painted fluorescent pink, and hundreds of ceramic plates full of cat pictures hung on the walls. The room was circular, dominated by a large wooden desk covered by a white tea cloth. And sitting in the high-backed pink velvet chair behind the table was Madame Umbridge herself, in all her toad faced glory.

"Miss Weasley. How good to see you," Umbridge said sweetly, and Ginny had to try very hard not to vomit. The Gemini Rune heated slightly, and she let the sweet warmth flow through her veins.

"My name is Mrs Potter, Madame Umbridge. I'd appreciate it if you addressed me properly," Ginny said, before taking a seat at the chair opposite her. Umbridge's eyebrows trembled, but she gave no other sign that Ginny's comment had bothered her.

Gin, you've got two hours of Detention to sit through. Please don't piss her off too early. Just let it go.

"Now Miss Weasley," Umbridge said, stressing her name, "you're going to be doing some lines for me tonight. I want you to write, 'I will not disobey my betters.' Can you do that for me?" Ginny's hand curled into her fist, and the Gemini Rune flooded with rage.

"I think I can manage," Ginny all but snarled, before reaching into her bookbag.

She's a troll I'm sure of it. She must have some sort of spell that disguises her true form.

"No, not with your quill. You're going to be using a rather special one of mine," Umbridge placed a quill and paper in front of her, and she picked up the pen. The paper, like everything else in the room, had a pink tinge to it.

"How many times?" she asked.

"Hmm. Let's say, enough times for the message, to sink in." Ginny, resisting the urge to sigh in frustration, put pen to parchment and began to write.

Line after line she scribbled. She deliberately made her handwriting as illegible as possible, just to spite the woman. Harry was working on a potions essay, so he was no help. And there was a dull aching in her hand that was mildly annoying, but she ignored it.

Almost an hour after she started, Umbridge moved from her seat to walk over to the mantle of the room's fireplace. She took a kettle and poured some tea into two cups. She came back to her seat and took a sip from her cup before offering the second to Ginny.

"Tea?" Ginny, suddenly realising how thirsty she was, graciously took the offered cup, ignoring the continuing ache in her right hand. She took a sip from the tea, which wasn't that bad really, muttered a thanks, and continued writing. Another few minutes, and a few more sips of tea later, Ginny put down her quill and ran her left hand over the back of her right, where the pain in her hand seemed to be coming from. The skin was oddly red, as if something was heating her hand from the inside, but there was no mark of any type, so she shrugged it off. Five minutes after that, Umbridge put down her own tea and stared at her.

"Miss Weasley. I have been thinking, and perhaps we can help each other out." Ginny looked up at Umbridge as if she were mad.

"Can you tell me how Mr Potter managed to ensnare you as a child bride. Maybe I can help you, or at least protect other purebloods like Miss Bones from a similar fate."

Did she just… did she actually just say that? Harry's potions essay was quickly forgotten.

"He didn't ensnare me. The Gemini Rune was placed upon us by an ascended being called the Orac…." Ginny's hand flew from the quill to her mouth, where she bit down hard to stop her mouth from running. Blood trickled down her fingers and palm from the broken skin, and the Gemini Rune froze. Ginny lowered her now bloody hand and stared in horror as the words 'I will not disobey my betters,' which were traced into her hand, sunk into her skin, leaving her hand even redder.

The tea!

Ginny's gaze flew to the teacup, then to Umbridge's, which was still completely full.

How didn't I notice!?

Who cares? You have to get out of there!

If I leave, she can complain to the Headmaster and insist on more detentions.

Who gives a fuck?!

"If that's the case, tell me what you know about the Defenders. Who are they? Where do they meet?" Umbridge asked sweetly. Ginny's mouth moved of its own accord.

"Harry, me, Brains, Alias, Iron Fist, Mystery, Ma…" Ginny's shoved her hand back into her mouth. Biting down hard.

"It's pointless to resist, Miss Weasley. You can't leave. The second you sat down in that chair, a permanent sticking charm took effect. You can't fight the Veritaserum. It was made for me by Professor Snape, and you can't stop answering my questions. Only I can release you. So, you are going to remove your hand from your mouth like a good little girl and tell me the real names of your gang of conspirators. Then you're going to tell me the names of everyone in the little club you think you were so clever in starting." Umbridge sat back in her chair, a smug smile on her face, and Ginny stared in horror as her hand dropped down from her mouth without her even doing anything, falling gently to the pink parchment, where her left hand was still sitting. In a panic, she tried to stand up, but true to Umbridge's word she couldn't lift off the chair. And the chair was as equally stuck to the stone as she was.

Screw this! I'm coming down! Luke and Hermione are with me.

No! It's what she wants!

She's poisoned you and locked you up! I don't care if it's what she wants! I'm coming after you!

Ginny looked frantically around the room, heart beating so hard she thought it might burst out of her chest, and her eyes latched onto the quill, sitting on the table where she'd dropped it. And she had an idea.

"Tell me their real names," Umbridge asked again, an evil glint in her eye as she watched Ginny struggling.


What about it?

Would it work through a permanent sticking charm?

Of course! It works through any form of matter. But you don't have your wand?

I don't need a wand.

Gin… what… NO! DON'T!

Ginny, focussing her whole mind on the icy aura of the Gemini Rune to ignore Umbridge's command, grabbed the magical quill and began to draw on the parchment.

She started with two short diagonal lines that intersected at the point, then a diagonal line to the bottom right, then a straight vertical downwards, then a diagonal to the bottom left so it looked like a crude curve.

Ginny! Sagittarius is super complicated! If you mess up at all… She ignored him. Next came a short diagonal line towards the top right, then a long line down to the bottom left. Finally, she drew a vertical line upwards and three horizontal and diagonal lines.

Then she dropped the quill and stared Umbridge in the eye as the symbol began to trace itself into the skin of her hand.

"See you soon, asshole," Ginny exclaimed venomously. Then she pulled the finger with her left hand and clenched her right into a fist as the rune finished carving itself into her skin. She felt a tingle run from her hand out through her entire body, all feeling from the Gemini Rune vanished, and she fell straight through the chair, and the stone floor beneath it.

She dropped from the roof of the corridor above and fell straight through Peeves, who was chasing a tiny grey cat down the hall with a Beaters Bat. A second before she landed on the ground, a few inches away from the kitten, she released her fist and felt the magic coursing through her body instantly dissipate as the welcome glow of the Gemini Rune returned. She hit the ground with a thud and groaned into the pavement.


Peeves screeched, dropped his bat and dove into the nearest wall.

Ginny! Ginny! Can you hear me? Do you still have all your body parts? You went silent on me! Gin!

I'm fine. All of me is still here. I think.

You think?!

Ginny sat up and rubbed her head, some of the blood dripping from the wounds on her hand falling into her hair. The kitten beside her mewled softly, before jumping onto her leg, latching its claws tightly to her jeans.

Ginny sighed in relief as the adrenaline began to flood out of her system and patted herself down.

Nope, still got all the essential bits.

That was reckless.

Pot meet kettle.

…Fair enough.

"Well, well, well. Look who it is, Potter's little bitch."

Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

This day just keeps getting worse, and worse, doesn't it?

Tell me about it.

Grabbing the kitten in her hand, Ginny stood up and turned around to see Malfoy and Parkinson standing in the hallway, prefect badges pinned to their robes.

"Care to tell us what you're doing out here so late?" Malfoy asked innocently. Ginny opened her mouth to give him a piece of her mind, but at that moment, Umbridge decided to come rushing around the corner, panting as if she'd just run the Boston Marathon.

"Ah… Mr…. Malfoy. Miss Weasley… just ran away from Detention. As a prefect with an outstanding record, I ask you to assist me in escorting her back to my office."

Malfoy's grin turned practically savage, and he advanced towards her, hand reaching into his robes for his wand.

Gin, you can't attack Umbridge. She'll have Fudge arrest us, and you don't have a wand. You have to run!

Ginny clenched her fist once more, and the tingling rush flooded her body again. Malfoy reached for her arm, and his hand passed straight through her body as if she was a ghost.

"Aww. What's wrong Malfoy? Your catch not playing nice?" She laughed maniacally. Then she walked straight through him, kitten still in hand, before phasing through a door and into the next corridor, before unclenching her fist again.

…really annoying the crap… Gin! What are you doing?!

I'm using the Sagittarius Rune. It must cut our connection.



Malfoy kicked open a door and ran into the corridor, wand at the ready, Umbridge and Parkinson behind him.

"Expelliarmus!" He cried, and Ginny ducked away from the jet of red light that followed.

Room of Requirement?

Okay. I'm with Luke, Hermione, Danny and Susan of all people – she was doing her prefect rounds – on the Sixth Floor. We'll meet you ther…

Ginny clenched her fist once more, and a body bind spell shot through her.

"Bye, bye!" She called, waving her hand in the air.

"Stop right now!" Umbridge screamed, but Ginny wasn't listening. She was running now, running for the edge of the corridor, where the Grand Staircase was wide open. The staircase opposite her was gone, leaving nothing but air between her and the stairs to the next level, hovering over the chasm below. She ran, two more jets of light passing through her. She tucked the kitten, whose claws were now digging into her hand, into her pocket, and released her fist.

"Ascendio!" She cried, pointing her hand at the ground. She shot up into the air and slammed her fist shut as a staircase sailed through the gap, passing straight through her. Some small part of her noted that she really should be freaked out by a staircase passing through her, but she was too high on adrenaline to care. The stairs passed, and she released her hand, just in time to land on the staircase above.

That was awesome!

Ginny rushed up the stairs to the Sixth-Floor corridor, stopping once to wink at Umbridge, who was staring in shock at her from the passage below. She ducked into the hallway, and slipped her hand into her pocket, stroking the cat's hair softly as she ran past the portrait of the Silver City – Atlantis – hanging on the wall.

We're here and waiting for you.


She slipped up the stairs and past the tapestry of the dancing trolls. She glanced at the wall, but the door to the room wasn't there. Not bothering to wait for the door to appear, she closed her fist, waited that split second for that rush to pass through her, and dove through the wall… into a horrific storm of pain, bolts of agony striking out all over her body all at once.

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