Harry Potter and the Gemini Curse @ghostandmiracle42
Act III, Chapter 10

Act III, Chapter 10: The Oncoming Storm

Harry! Wake up! Trust me, love, you really want to wake up!

"Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken," someone muttered. The Gemini Rune and the Firebrand were both burning hotter than they ever had before, so Harry, delirious though he was, forced his eyes open, ignoring the pounding in his head. A woman with long black hair stood over a bubbling cauldron holding a gleaming silver knife dripping with blood. "You will resurrect your foe." She flicked the blade, and drops of blood fell into the water. And at the same moment, Harry's blood began to boil in his veins as the acrid smell of the Gemini Rune burning the skin of his neck filled the air.

Harry! Are you there!

Ginny! What's going on!? Where are you?

I'm still in the City. The chair's letting me help control the flow of power between us. I'm diverting everything I've got to you. My body is basically in a magical coma right now. The knife wound was easy, but the leg is taking time to heal.

Harry, suddenly incredibly clear of mind, frantically looked around. His left arm had a large gash running down it, and the Firebrand burned on his right, hidden beneath his shirt. He was trapped against something behind him, and a stone beam was pressing into his chest, stopping him from moving. The space around him looked like something out of a horror movie. Dozens of stone statues, each with grave markers beside or beneath them, stood in a circle around a massive black cauldron bubbling bright red. Standing around it were three figures. The woman with the knife, a shaggy-haired man Harry recognised as the one who tried to attack Ginny at the World Cup, and Lucius Malfoy. The mystery man held a thick black covered book in his hand. Trapped against statues the same as Harry was, were Claire and Peter. On the grass were three wands. His and Claire's on one side, Peter's on the other.

What do you mean you're in a coma?

That is the last thing you should be worried about.

Harry begrudgingly admitted she was probably right as the light blazing forth from the cauldron reached a crescendo, and exploded outwards, blinding him. When the specs of white cleared from his iris' there was a fourth figure standing in the clearing. In an instant, the Gemini Rune went from scolding hot too bitter cold, sending a migraine shattering through his skull. At that moment, all of Harry's greatest fears came back to him, and he remembered with perfect clarity the face that haunted him. The man, if it could be called that, turned towards Harry and held out his arms.

"Robe me," came a high, cold, empty voice. Lucius walked out of the darkness and draped a black robe over the figure's shoulders. Harry could have cared less. He was staring into red eyes, set within a face whiter than a skull. His nose, like a snake's, was flat, with slits for nostrils. Curling around his feet was a giant green snake. A piece of paper flashed through Harry's mind. A paper with six words. Diary, Ring, Locket, Cup, Diadem, Snake.

Ocular telemetry restored… Oh, God.

Lord Voldemort had been reborn.

"My lord, welcome back," the tall woman said, falling to her knees before him. Voldemort observed his three followers. The man with the book held it out to him with both hands. Lucius seemed to be cradling the stump of his left hand.

"Thank you, dear Allisandra." Allisandra pulled from within her robes a wand of thin white wood, she reversed her grip and held it out to him. He took it with hands as pale as his face and held it up to his eyes.

"How nice it is to have it in my hands once more," he said. He stepped over to Lucius, who muttered, still clutching his left arm, "My lord."

"Well, well, Lucius. You who said it could not be done, and yet here I am."

"I am sorry to have doubted you, my Lord."

"Indeed. But you have served yourself well these past few months, so I commend you for that. Let it not be said that Lord Voldemort is not without mercy." He waved his wand, and a silver hand materialised where the stump had been before.

"Thank you, my lord." Lucius breathed.

Voldemort ignored him, moving on to the final man.

"Barty, my most loyal servant, arise." The mystery man stood to his feet, still holding the book out to him.

"The Darkhold, my lord." Voldemort took the book in his spiny hands and flipped it open.

"The compendium of Dark Magic itself. Tell me, Allisandra, why did you never tell me that the Jones' had this in their possession all these years?" Harry held back a gasp. The woman was Jessica's mother!

"The Jones' have protected the Darkhold for 400 years, my lord. We are sworn upon being told of it never to reveal its existence to anyone. Even you. But when I used it in my first attempt to procure you a new body, I must have broken the enchantment, because when you and Barty came to me, I was able to reveal it all I wished," The woman stated darkly.

"Very well." Voldemort conceded, before throwing the book back to Barty. He then advanced toward Allisandra.

"Hold out your arm." She did so without hesitation, brandishing her left arm for Voldemort's examination. Sitting upon it was a tattoo. A black tattoo of a skull with a snake curling out of his mouth. Voldemort placed his wand tip against it, and the mark began to pulse. The Firebrand seared even harder, and Harry let out a soft hiss.

"Ah, Harry Potter. How do you like your accommodations? You stand upon the bones of my muggle father, you know. A foolish man, which is, of course why I killed him. That and revenge, for abandoning my mother. But let's not get into family history. There are other things we must attend to." Voldemort stepped into the centre of the clearing, where the cauldron had once been, and suddenly the clearing was filled the audible cracks. Dozens of people in dark robes materialised out of the darkness, some enveloped in smoke, others not.

"Welcome my friends, thirteen years it's been, and now, here you all stand before me as if it were only yesterday. I confess myself… disappointed…" Voldemort began to glide around the circle of Death Eaters, berating them for not helping him sooner, but Harry didn't pay much attention to him. The pain had mostly vanished, though his leg still throbbed terribly. The Firebrand was still searing against his arm. As if he didn't know he was in trouble!

What am I going to do?

I don't know.

First things first, we have to get out of these restraints.

Where's your wand?

On the ground, Claire had it when we went through the Portkey.

Are they still alive?

I think so, why would they be trapped if they were dead?

Good point.

Can you use your strength?

It's solid rock, I'm not Luke, Ginny.

I was just asking.

but I might be able to break it if I could slam something into it.

Like what?

How about Tom's skull?

that would do it.

"Now, who might these young people be?" Voldemort asked, stepping up to look at Claire's unconscious form.

"Stay away from them!" Harry yelled. The entire group of Death Eaters, Voldemort included, turned towards him as if suddenly remembering he was there.

What are you doing?!

Just go with it.

"Ah! Harry, I'd almost forgot you were here." Voldemort turned back to the Death Eaters, throwing out his arms as if he were presenting an award.

"May I present, the Boy-Who-Lived!" Then, faster than Harry thought possible, he spun back around, placing his face inches from Harry's own.

"How lies have fed your legend, Harry. You see, you did nothing to me that night fourteen years ago. It was your mother. You see when sweet dear Lily Potter gave her life to protect her only son, she provided the ultimate magical protection. I could not touch you." Voldemort inched closer and closer. His head was now hovering right over the stone beam keeping Harry in place. Harry slid his hands further apart, just slightly.

"It was old magic, something I should have foreseen. But no matter, things have changed. I can touch you now!" Voldemort reached a bony hand up and pressed his finger against Harry's scar. The Firebrand blazed hotter than he could imagine, but Ginny was there, pushing as much love and comfort into him as possible, lighting the Gemini Rune up with a blazing warmth that filled his entire body, shielding any pain he might have felt. Instead of screaming out in terror, he smiled.

"What's the matter, Tom? Not what you expected?" Then Harry grabbed Voldemort's head and forced it down into the stone beam. It shattered to pieces, and Voldemort stumbled backwards. Harry dropped to the ground, his leg mostly healed, though it still twinged terribly, and forward rolled away from the statue. He thrust out his hand towards where his wand lay metres away and yelled, "Accio!"

The Holly and Phoenix Feather wand flew straight into Harry's outstretched hand, and he cast the shield spell that Sirius, Tonks and Remus had hammered into him.

"Protego!" He was just in time too, as four stunners smashed against it not a second after he's raised it.

Yes! You can do this! Get enough space to Apparate!

Then something he was not expecting happened. The smell of ozone filled the air, and the statue Claire was tied to crumbled to dust. In its place stood the Alcheringa Champion, lightning dancing around her fingertips. Then there was a sharp 'thwip' noise, and a thin cable shot out from Peter's wrists, connecting with the face of the Death Eater nearest to him. Peter's eyes shot open, and his face solidified into a vindictive smirk. He jerked the line back, and the black-robed wizard went with it, crashing into the statue, knocking it to the ground. Peter rolled out from the debris and shot another cable from his right wrist, which connected with the next Death Eater's wand. He flicked his hand upwards, and the wand sailed into Peter's hand.

"Stupefy!" The Death Eater crumbled to the dirt, and Peter used a cable shot from his left hand to latch onto his own wand, still lying in the grass, and pull it towards him, exchanging it for the Death Eater wand in his right hand. Claire held out her hands and screamed, and suddenly, five of the Death Eaters surrounding her flew up into the air, suspended the same way she defeated the Dragon at the first task. Then five rock fists broke free from the Earth and punched each floating figure in the face.

Harry dove forward again, dodging another stunning spell.

"Confringo!" He yelled, pointing his wand at a statue behind two more Death Eaters. The statue exploded, raining stone down on them, sending both to the floor. Harry jumped to his feet and whipped his wand across his body.

"Diffindo!" A beam of red light arced from Harry's wand, and three more black cloaked figures dove out of the way. The fourth wasn't so lucky. He fell to the ground, a large gash over his chest.

"Relashio!" Peter's voice exclaimed. The Firebrand seared against his arm, and Harry leapt up into the air, dodging a convulsing red curse that was undoubtedly the Cruciatus. He dropped to the ground and backhanded a spell towards the Death Eater.

"Expelliarmus!" The Death Eater flew backwards into another stone statue. Harry turned and put his back against Claire, who was duelling with Jessica's mother. He summoned Claire's wand and put a shield up to protect her back.

"Think you might need this," he shouted, slipping Claire's wand in her pocket.

"Cheers. So, these are the wankers that have been trying to kill you since you were born?"


"Well, I'm always up for putting terrorists in their place. You?"

"I definitely am," Peter shouted, stunning another masked Death Eater, before firing a cable at Allisandra's face. The white fluid, whatever it was, covered her face like a spider-web, and she stumbled backwards. Claire pulled her wand from the pocket Harry placed it in and thrust it forward.

"Sectumsempra!" Dozens of wounds like sword cuts materialised over the woman's body, and she collapsed to the ground breathing heavily. Peter placed his back to theirs, wand extended, and they formed a triangle.

"Snape's curse?" Harry said grinning.

"Yep. What are those web things?" Claire replied.

"Something I've been working on," Peter answered.

Then a clapping sound filled the graveyard.

"Impressive. Most impressive. You have come far, Harry Potter, and chose your friends wisely. Your parents would be proud." Voldemort said softly, yet his voice held a malice that Harry couldn't even begin to describe.

"But enough games. Now, I will finish what I started all those years ago. What do you think you and your friends can do against me?"

Hermione was having a hard time keeping everything straight in her head. And considering she had the fastest mind on the planet, that was saying something. First, Harry is fighting four Wampus cats; then Ginny turns to her and says, "don't panic, I'm going to fall unconscious now;" then she does precisely that, and her and Luna are trying to both watch the screen while waking Ginny up. Then Harry was grabbed by a Hidebehind; Jessica, Danny, Luke and Matt showed up dressed in the Defenders robes Harry's mum invented and started racing towards Professor Dumbledore yelling that it's a trap; and then, Harry, Claire and Peter grabbed the cup together and vanished. She wasn't entirely sure she wasn't having a mental break down.

"I'll stay with Ginny, you find out what's going on!" Luna exclaimed, grabbing Hermione's shoulders and shaking her out of her reverie. Hermione nodded, then turned and raced out of the Hogwarts champions box and up to the judge's box.

President Clinton was surrounded by his Secret Service detail, their hands hovering over their weapons. President Matson was trying to push his way closer, and Fudge, Crouch and Bagman, were sitting very still, looking deathly white.

"… we snuck into Malfoy Manor and overheard them talking about a ritual intended to bring Voldemort back to life!" Jessica was saying, "And they planned to use the Tournament to abduct Harry in order to do it." Hermione's stomach expressed a desire to vacate the popcorn she had just eaten, and Jessica was cut off by the sight of a silver bear Patronus soaring out of the maze and up to Dumbledore.

"It's Walden Macnair," the bear said in Moody's voice, "but the Acromantula got to him. He's dead. Looking for Potter and the others, but no sign." The Patronus winked away, and Dumbledore took several deep breaths.

"Um… judges. Was that supposed to happen?" the announcer asked anxiously. The crowd were all whispering to themselves. The screens were showing an empty field, with no trophies or champions. Will O'Neill, seemingly ignoring the announcer, turned to Dumbledore.

"I'm going after them. The Dragon Force should be able to track a portkey signature," then he jumped off the stage and landed on the ground ten metres below, leaving a crater in the Earth. Then he raced forward at an impossible speed, deep into the maze.

"Miss Jones, Mr Murdock, Mr Cage, Mr Rand. Thank you for alerting us and making all haste. Thanks to you, we may yet be able to save Harry, Claire and Peter." Gone was the Headmasters usual demeanour. Replaced by something harder. This, Hermione realised, was not Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts. This was Albus Dumbledore, defeater of Grindelwald.

"Miss Granger, I trust you to keep everything together while we attempt to find Harry and the others," Dumbledore said, the twinkle long departed from his eyes. Hermione nodded and Dumbledore and Strange both disapparated. Hermione glanced up at the screens. Will was already there, and Dumbledore and Strange apparated in behind him, wands at the ready.

Then a second later, Hermione was pushed aside by a man in a black suit wearing sunglasses. He had a pistol at his hip and a wand on his belt. This must be the Secret Service captain.

"What's going on here?" the man asked.

"Mione!" Gwen yelled, coming up the stairs, MJ and Claire's mother not far behind her. Hermione took a deep breath and counted to five. Then taking charge, and using all the confidence she didn't have, she stood up on top of Dumbledore's vacant chair.

"Someone has tampered with the Triwizard Cup, turning it into a Portkey, and the Champions have been abducted. Professor Dumbledore, Doctor Strange, and Mr O'Neill are trying to track them as we speak. Miss Jones and her friends discovered intelligence of the plot back in Britain and tried to warn us, but they arrived seconds too late." Jessica placed a hand on Hermione's shoulder and nodded to her. Alias looked incredibly tired and very scared.

"I've got it!" Will's voice carried over the speakers from the centre of the maze, where the two cameras were still floating. A loud crack erupted from within the Maze and suddenly, a vortex of rainbow light materialised where the Triwizard Cup had been seconds before.

"Yippee Ki-yay Motherfuckers!" He yelled, before diving head first into the vortex, Doctor Strange, Dumbledore and Auror Moody following behind.

Albus apparated into the centre of the maze inwardly berating himself. Why did he not think to check the Cup before the contest began?! He knew placing Harry's name in the Goblet of Fire had been a risk, but for Voldemort to come back so soon! It was a nightmare scenario. He didn't even know how many Horcruxes there were yet!

Albus had hoped that Harry would be picked by the Goblet, though he hadn't charmed the Goblet to forcibly select him. If he were chosen, it would be a defining moment of his journey to greatness. Albus knew that Harry had the potential to be a legendary wizard. His defeats of Voldemort and the Firebrand being obvious giveaways. But Albus believed that Harry had the potential to be the next Sorcerer Supreme, and if that was the case, the boy needed allies. Not just his Defenders, though it was an excellent start, but in the foreign schools as well. And Harry had exceeded that expectation in leaps and bounds. He was incredibly proud of the boy. He was now fast friends with both champions and their respective friendship groups. He had the Dragon Force on his side, and Albus had flamed the development of Harry's skills as an investigator and adventurer by hiding the Firebrand from him and letting him discover it and its importance on his own. Sure, it may have cost him some standing with young William, but as powerful as he was, William's heart was in the right place, Clarissa would ensure that.

Stephen, while slightly annoyed at him at first, had agreed that Albus' plan was the right one. Though they still disagreed on when to tell Harry the prophecy. That wouldn't matter now anyway, as he planned to tell Harry at the end of the year. Then, next year, he would build on Harry's training by introducing him to the subjects that Hogwarts didn't teach. Like Alchemy, Ancient Language, Advanced Conjuration and even Evocation. Perhaps he'd invite Miss Granger, Mrs Potter, Miss Jones and Mr Murdock as well. It would be nice to be able to teach gifted students once more.

But if Harry had been taken to return Voldemort to power as Miss Jones claimed, those plans were for naught… focus Albus, this is not your fault. There's no way you could have known this would happen. All that mattered was getting to Harry before the ritual was complete.

William was standing, the Dragon Force's unbridled energy circulating around him, holding his hands over the pedestal where the Trophy had been placed.

"Do you have anything?" He asked, anxiously. He drew the Elder Wand from within his robes, and the comforting feeling holding in his hands helped calm his erratic nerves.

"Yep. But it's far away. I'm trying to narrow it down. Once I can pinpoint the location, I can mimic the resonance frequency of the wormhole the Portkey generated. Then all I need to do is use the limitless power of the Dragon Force to force the wormhole back open from this side. Give me two minutes."

"We may not have two minutes," Stephen exclaimed. Albus looked to him and knew that the Doctor was just as frightened of the possible ramifications as he was.

The sound of boots on earth came from behind them, and Albus and Stephen had their wands on them in an instant. Alastor rounded the corner with his squad of Aurors.

"What's happened? Where is Potter, and the others?"

"Abducted, in an attempt to return Voldemort to his physical form. William is working on finding them."

Alastor growled and told his squad to watch the perimeter. Then he stepped closer to Albus.

"Is this it?"

Albus swallowed hard, "I think so old friend, I think so."

"I've got it!" William roared triumphantly. He gathered all the energy around him into a single sphere of light between his hands and clapped. A sonic boom ripped through the clearing, and a spiralling vortex of swirling rainbow light opened above the pedestal. William turned back towards them and transfigured his formal attire into his Basilisk skin cloak and uniform.

"Yippee Ki-yay Motherfuckers!" He yelled, before jumping head first into the vortex. Stephen followed after him, and Albus stepped up with him. It looked exactly like the vortex a Portkey made.

"Fascinating," he whispered before he too jumped into the tunnel.

"But enough games. Now, I will finish what I started all those years ago. What do you think you and your friends can do against me?" Voldemort grinned.

"Imperio," he said softly. The Unforgivable Curse had no light. No colour to it. All that happened was that Harry instantly found himself standing in the City. The swirling portal active once again. Voldemort stepped inside with a wicked grin on his face. "There is nothing I can do to stop you," he said. Harry was completely confused. This was the famous Imperious curse that controlled your mind? It didn't feel particularly powerful. Then Ginny came barging out of the Chair Room, a rocket launcher Harry recognised from 'Mission: Impossible' sitting on her shoulder. She stopped at the top of the stairs, aimed at Voldemort, and with a vindictive grin, announced, "See ya next time, Tommy boy!"

She fired the gun, and a rocket careened straight into Voldemort's body. He exploded in a shower of confetti. Ginny turned to him, winked, and blew him a kiss. Harry blinked, and he was back outside, Voldemort sitting on his ass on the ground as the Gemini Rune beamed.

Boom! Mental Defence systems at full force! You get that son of a bitch, sweetie!

"Sorry, Tom, a bit nasty in there is it?"

Voldemort made to say something else, probably some insult or another, but the Triwizard Cup, sitting on the floor behind a headstone a short distance away, suddenly exploded, drawing the attention of Voldemort, the Champions, and the remaining Death Eaters.

"Lucius! Take the book and go!" Malfoy grabbed the book from where it lay on the ground and disapparated. Another loud bang erupted through the Graveyard, and the grass beneath where the cup had been opened in on itself, revealing a swirling vortex of rainbow light. A blast of energy shot out into the air, then out of the portal came Will O'Neill, his entire body engulfed in golden power.

"You're all screwed now!" Claire yelled, laughing her head off.

"Wrathium Aldetus Corday!" He yelled. A massive shockwave of white-gold energy washed over the Graveyard, and all the Death Eaters still standing panicked and attempted to disapparate. This ultimately turned out to be the worst decision they ever made, as their attempts to create a stable Apparation tunnel backfired spectacularly. Each person attempting to Apparate instantly exploded, scattering guts everywhere. Then Doctor Strange jumped forth from the portal.

"By the Crimson Bands of Cytorak!" He chanted, and thick red chains materialised around all the unconscious or injured Death Eaters still lying on the ground where Harry, Claire and Peter had put them down earlier. Similar chains attempted to seal around Voldemort, but he transformed into black smoke and passed through them. He resolidified and looked to Harry, a look of righteous indignation etched across his face. Harry knew what was coming before Voldemort even raised his wand.

"Avada Kedavra!"

"Expelliarmus!" Why Harry picked that spell he wasn't sure, maybe because it was the first spell to pop into his head, perhaps one of Luna's Nargles had come to save the day. He'd never know. But he sure as hell thanked whatever the reason was until his dying day. Red spell collided against the green, and a shockwave blasted forth, knocking everyone, even Will O'Neill, backwards. The two spells had collided, but instead of cancelling each other out like Harry remembered Professor Lupin's lessons said they should, they had merged into a single beam of golden light with a golden bead in the centre. Harry's wand was vibrating in his hand, but he couldn't have let go even if he wanted to. Harry glanced at Voldemort. He was staring in confusion at his own wand, which was jerking just as hard as Harry's. Then, as Harry caught a glance of Professor Dumbledore and Auror Moody emerging from the rainbow portal, the golden thread splintered. Dozens of smaller threads danced around them, forming a cage of golden energy around the two of them.

"Harry!" Dumbledore yelled frantically, running to stand behind the dome. Peter and Claire were staring at it in awe. Strange, O'Neill and Moody were surrounding Voldemort, wands pointed straight at him. Suddenly, Harry's wand shuddered in his hand, and all outside sound vanished. The only thing he could hear was the roaring energy and power within the beam of light, and the shaking of the wood in his hand. Could his wand actually catch on fire? Then, the bead of light in the centre began to slide towards him. Harry's wand shuddered even more violently, and he instantly knew that if that bead reached him, he'd be dead.


Ginny! You still there?

It's going nuts in here! What's happening?

Our wands are connected!

That's not possible.

Harry focussed on his connection to Ginny, pulling all he could from the Gemini Rune that sealed them together, of the Soul Bond that now held him closer to Ginny than ever before. He focussed on that, the feeling of her. An image flashed across his mind of her, sitting in the Chair, eyes closed as it spun around on its platform. The lights had turned from blue to a faint violet colour.

Come on, Harry. If anyone can win this, it's you.

I love you; you know that.

I love you too. And I'll never let you go.

Harry narrowed his eyes and concentrated on the beam of light. Focussing all his willpower, and Ginny's for that matter, into the bead. Instantly, Harry's wand stabilised in his hand, and the bead began rushing down the beam towards Voldemort. And as it got closer and closer, flashes of light started shooting out of it. Yellow, white, grey, orange, red accompanied by screams, then green. Then, a ghost-like figure seemed to jump out of Voldemort's wand, creating the form of a ghostly person, an old man.

"I don't rightly know what this is fella, but he killed me he did, so you fight him!" the old man exclaimed, though his voice was distant as if echoing from far away.

Another shadow burst forth, solidifying into a young woman, no older than twenty-one. She looked the same as when Harry had met her past self, a gift from the mysterious Ghost.

"Hold on, Harry! Your father's coming… just hold on," Lily whispered into his ear.

Then, as if summoned by his mum's voice, another person emerged from Voldemort's wand as the bead slid ever closer to the tip. In an instant, James Potter stood beside him and wrapped an arm around his shoulder.

"You're doing great son, you're doing brilliantly. We're so proud of you. We'll try and distract him… give Dumbledore a chance to catch him, but I don't have much hope."

"Let go," Lilly said, "sweetheart, you're ready. Let go!"

Let go, Harry!

Harry jerked his wand up, and the beam snapped apart. The cage fell away, and Harry dived to the side, where Peter and Claire caught him – wands at the ready. The disembodied spirits shot forward, obscuring Voldemort's vision. Voldemort, in a rage, fired a barrage of spells in his general direction. But Dumbledore was there. He deflected every blast of magic, and O'Neill was on him a second later. Voldemort was enveloped in golden fire, and a fist collided with his face.

"Tranquilus Environmenta!" Strange shouted. For a split second, defeat entered Voldemort's eyes, then he disapparated as Strange's spell took effect, freezing everything around him. But Voldemort was gone.

"Oh, no, you don't! You don't take my sister and run away!" O'Neill snarled, then rotated his wand in a clockwise circle where Voldemort stood a second before. His wand tip glowed gold, and he disapparated with the loudest crack Harry had ever heard.

"Harry, are you alright?" Dumbledore asked, placing a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"Yeah. Yeah, we're fine," Harry said, rubbing his temples. In his mind's eye, Ginny was finally sitting up from the chair, her forehead covered in sweat. The chair returned to its natural colour, and Ginny slumped to the floor.

I think I'm going to go to sleep now…


"Ginny and I, Professor. She's sleeping now," Harry told him. He was quite tired himself, he realised, now that Ginny's energy was no longer coursing through his veins as well as his own. The heat of the Gemini Rune began to subside, and the Firebrand finally stopped searing against his arm.

"That was amazing!" Claire exclaimed giddily.

"What was that?" Peter asked.

"Priori Incantatem, the reverse spell effect. Harry and Voldemort's wand share cores. Ollivander wrote to me the minute you left his shop four years ago. I had a feeling it would come in handy at some point," Dumbledore said, scratching at his head thoughtfully.

"We have secured the criminals, Albus," Doctor Strange said, walking over to them with Moody.

"Aye," the grizzled Auror said roughly, "they're all British. I'd wager we're in Britain too."

"Call the Aurors," Strange said. Then he held out his hand and rotated his fingers. A shimmering golden portal spiralled into existence. On the other side, Harry could just see the stadium they had begun in.

"What about Voldemort?" Harry asked.

"If William catches him, and he might just if he's lucky, this will all be over. But if he doesn't… I shall have to inform Fudge. Have him put the Aurors on alert. It will not take long for Tom to regain his lost strength, and although many of his greatest followers are behind bars, many others are not." Harry glanced back to Allisandra as Dumbledore said that, only to realise that she had somehow vanished in the chaos. He wasn't overly surprised.

"Professor, Jessica's mum. She said she used a book called the Darkhold to bring Voldemort back, and that it had been passed through the Jones family for generations." Dumbledore looked confused, but Strange gasped in horror.

"The Darkhold? Are you sure?"

"Yeah, that was definitely what she called it," Peter confirmed, "what is it?"

"The Book of Sin. Supposedly written by Lucifer himself as a compendium of every and all forms of Dark Magic ever known, as the Book of the Vishanti, which is in my possession, contains every Light Magic spell known to wizardkind. If Voldemort has it…" Strange trailed off, clearly absorbed it his own mind. They stepped through the portal, and the crowd broke into raucous applause. People were whistling and screaming, jumping up and down.

"They look like a bunch of headless chickens," Claire remarked under her breath.

"SILENCE!" Dumbledore boomed. The crowd fell instantly silent, and Strange sealed the gateway behind him.

"Albus, I have to return to the Sanctum Sanctorum to consult with the Vishanti immediately. If Voldemort has the Darkhold…"

"Go. I'll handle things here," Dumbledore told him.

"Tell the President and the Secretary I'll give them a detailed explanation tomorrow morning. Just give me till tomorrow."

"Until next time old friend," Dumbledore replied, smiling softly at him. Strange bowed and disapparated.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" Dumbledore called out to the entire stadium.

"Unfortunately, it is my duty tonight to inform you that tonight, as our three champions attempted to claim the Triwizard Trophy as a trio, drawing the Triwizard Tournament for the first time in living memory, they were kidnapped by use of Portkey, and taken into the hands of Lord Voldemort. As a result, Voldemort has regained his physical body." The crowd broke out into a flood of whispers.

"William O'Neill is chasing Voldemort across Britain as we speak in an attempt to find him before he has a chance to attack, but should he fail, the Magical World must be on alert. Voldemort will not limit his conquests to just Britain. Once he has finished with us, he will come for the rest of the world too. We have dealt him a setback tonight, which should hopefully delay him, but we cannot trust to hope. I will do whatever I can to ensure the safety of the people of Magical Britain in the wake of Voldemort's return. But the Federation and the United States are both beyond my jurisdiction, so I leave it to the Presidents of your respective nations to do what they feel is necessary. Now, I think we have all had a long night, our champions most of all, so let us all retire, and reconvene in the morning." Dumbledore then led Claire, Peter and Harry through the tunnel under the stands, and up to Ilvermorny Castle, where Harry promptly followed Ginny into the land of dreams.

Harry woke up in the hospital wing, in the bed next to Ginny's long after breakfast the next morning. Dumbledore was standing in the corner, talking animatedly with Sirius and Hagrid.

"If Fudge is not going to believe us, then we must mobilise on our own. Sirius, I need you to return to Britain immediately. Get the old crowd back together. Any old members of the Order you can find, and any new ones you think might be a good fit."

"Gotcha boss man. And what do you know, I've suddenly discovered the desire to re-join the Auror corps," Sirius said.

"Thank you, Sirius, and I'm sorry about Harry, I really am…"

"It's alright, I get it. As much as both he and I hate it, not getting Harry murdered in his sleep needs to be the priority." Sirius turned on his heel and left the hall.

"Hagrid, I hate to ask but…"

"I understand sir, don't you worry." Hagrid turned and caught sight of Harry sitting up in his bed.

"Yeh, be good now, Harry. Don't yeh worry, we'll 'ave yeh out of there in no time," Hagrid said, then he followed after Sirius. Dumbledore walked over to Harry and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"What's happened?" Harry asked him.

"Fudge refuses to believe that Voldemort has returned. He claims that I have invented this story to usurp his authority. He's already moved to have my tenure as Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot revoked. He'll have a harder time kicking me out of the ICW, but if he tries hard enough, he'll manage. Fortunately, you were all asleep by the time he arrived to interrogate you last night, so he cannot implicate any of you in my conspiracy. Still, he will most likely try."

"What about Will and Doctor Strange?"

"William lost Voldemort near Helsinki when Voldemort tricked him into apparating into a Cold Drake nest. William was most annoyed; apparently, the muggle researchers are trying to determine why a previously undiscovered lake appeared miraculously overnight." Harry couldn't help but laugh at that.

"As for Stephen, he sent an owl this morning. The Vishanti warned him to retrieve the book as soon as possible. Stephen intends to attack Malfoy Manor in the next few days to see if he can find it. Miss Jones and Mr Murdock have travelled at his request to the Sanctum Sanctorum to give him the full details of their incursion into the building. I doubt Voldemort will be foolish enough to leave it out like that, but we can hope. Mr Cage and Mr Rand have returned to Britain with letters from me for the staff. As for us, we will depart as scheduled on the Hogwarts Express tomorrow morning. A one-way trip to Kings Cross." Dumbledore paused and looked Harry in the eyes. His twinkle had vanished.

"I'm sorry, Harry, but I must ask you to…"

"Go back to the Dursley's. I know."

"I truly am sorry. I shall try to get you out of there as soon as I have a safe house prepared. Sirius has already offered us the use of his old family home, which already has powerful wards on it. Once I am done with it, it should serve as a location we can move you to. Do me a favour, Harry and be prepared to leave at a moment's notice. We do not know what may happen."

"Don't worry Professor, I'll stay at Home. I promise."

Dumbledore smiled and stood up.

"Well, Harry. For what it's worth, congratulations on winning the Triwizard Tournament. It might interest you to know that even I cannot boast such a feat." Harry's jaw dropped open.

"You lost the Triwizard Tournament?"

Dumbledore laughed, "Indeed I did. In 1895. One hundred years ago today, in fact, I lost the Triwizard Tournament to Gellert Grindelwald, who ended up becoming my best friend. I want you to know Harry, that I am very proud of how much you have grown this year. You truly have made the best of the opportunities sent your way. You've made friendships that will last a lifetime, formed a stronger connection with your existing friends, and even found yourself, true love, if not in the way any of us expected."

Harry smiled softly at him, "Thanks, sir."

Harry, Ginny, Luna and Hermione stood on the platform outside the Hogwarts Express with Gwen, Mary Jane, Peter, and Claire.

"I'm going to miss you guys so much!" Hermione was saying, pulling each of them into a hug individually.

"Don't worry about us, we'll be fine. You're the ones going back to a country with a magical terrorist on the loose," Gwen pointed out.

"So, what's next for you, guys?" Harry asked.

"Well, we take our make-up NEWTS in October next year, so we'll be back here the same time as everyone else, though we'll only be doing private study. But for the summer, Pete and I are going to try and get internships at Oscorp," Gwen said cheerily.

"Yeah. Should be fun," Peter confirmed, though his mind seemed a million miles away.

"We're going to use the Triwizard money to buy an apartment in New York," MJ said.

Another reason it seemed that Fudge was pissed at Dumbledore and Harry, was that the British Ministry, who were supplying the prize money to the competitors, had to fork out three times as much money as they planned because they had tied. As a result, every Quidditch player from every team got 250 galleons each, and all three champions got 1100 Galleons.

"What about you, Claire?" Ginny asked.

"Back to school for me, I'm afraid. School runs February through November in the Federation. I get two weeks off in July though. Might go over to New Zealand for some therapy skiing. You know, for my near-death experience."

"Which one?" Harry asked pointedly.

Claire laughed, "Good point."

"Keep an eye out for the Big Nosed Wagglediggle. They're only found in New Zealand," Luna said, giving Claire a hug of her own.

"Will do," Claire told her. A roar erupted in the courtyard, and Claire said her farewells before walking over to the parked Sea Dragons. She and the rest of the Alcheringa Delegation not taking international Portkey's home would be flying the Sea Dragon's back across the Pacific to Hawaii, the North-Eastern border of the Federation.

Harry glanced around and spotted Fred and George talking in hushed voices as they walked towards the train.

"Pete, Gwen, MJ. It's been an honour getting to know you. I really hope all your plans go well," he told them.

"Harry, if you need us, we're just an Owl away. Don't hesitate," Peter said. Harry pulled the older boy into a hug and slapped him on the back, which was followed by Gwen and MJ hugging him as well. He slipped away as Hermione engulfed them in another series of hugs.

Where are you off to?

There's something I've got to do.

"Guys," Harry said, waving to the twins. They stepped over to him and patted him on the shoulder.

"What's up, Harry? Sorry, you have to go back to the Dursley's," they said.

"Oh, I wouldn't bother worrying about that. I think my holidays are going to be excellent." Harry winked at them, and, before they had a chance to recover, pulled the bag with his Triwizard winnings out of his pocket.

"I want you to have this," he said, placing it in Fred's hand.


"No, seriously. It's for your joke shop. The one your mum doesn't want you starting. I've given it a lot of thought. I'm loaded, I don't need any more money. But I've got a feeling the world's going to need some laughs real soon, and this is your dream. I don't want a lack of funds to get in the way of that."

Fred and George looked utterly flummoxed. Then Harry turned on his heel and left them standing there, gaping at him like a pair of fish. The Express blew its horn, signalling the imminent departure. Harry stopped and stared up at Ilvermorny castle. It certainly looked gorgeous in the sunrise. A pair of arms snaked around his waist, and Ginny's head came to rest on his shoulder.

"What are you thinking?" She asked.

"The world's changing. But it doesn't matter what the world throws at us. Because we'll keep fighting to protect it, and the people in it, no matter what. What will come will come, and we'll meet it when it does."

So Ends Act III…

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