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Act III, Chapter 9

Act III, Chapter 9: The Maze

Harry stood, Claire to his right and Peter to his left, staring at the entrance to the Maze. The hedges were dark and foreboding, and every once and a while, a roaring sound could be heard from deep within. Harry had done a flyby of the maze when they arrived at Ilvermorny, and it was easily five kilometres squared.

"Welcome, Witches, Wizards, Druids, Hags, Mages and Merfolk, to the third and final task of the 1994 Triwizard Tournament. This a momentous occasion, as, for the first time in Triwizard History, all three schools are on equal points. As a result, the Champion who comes out victorious here today will claim the Tri-Wizard Cup for their school, as well as the monetary reward for themselves and their team-mates. The rules of this challenge are simple, enter the maze, don't get eaten, and reach the Cup, which has been hidden somewhere inside. Good luck, Champions!"

Dumbledore strode out and glanced towards Harry. He pursed his lips in a hard line and turned towards the judges' box.

What was that about?

Don't know. But I have a feeling it's not good for me in the slightest.

Harry, suddenly more nervous than he was before, glanced at Peter. The brown-haired boy was fiddling with something red on his wrists, muttering about making shooters more comfortable. Claire was spinning her wand between her thumb and index finger like a pen while biting her lip so hard blood was starting to trickle out. It made him feel a little bit better to know they were as nervous as he was.

We're waving at you.

Harry turned to the stands and spotted Hermione, Ginny and Luna sitting in a box to the right of the judges. It looked very empty, having been meant for a whole family. In fact, most of the boxes were empty. Peter's had MJ, Gwen and a woman he assumed was Gwen's mother based on their similar appearances, and Claire's box had two people that must be her parents. O'Neill, Dumbledore, Strange, Moody, Crouch, Bagman, the British Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge, the Alcheringan President James Matson and both the American Secretary of Magical Affairs Mr Caleb McAdams and the U.S President Bill Clinton were all seated in a box floating above the rest of the stands. The announcer was standing in front of a dozen crystal balls on a raised platform in the centre of the arena.

"Champions! On the sound of the cannon, you are each to enter the arena through a separate entrance…"

Three gateways opened up in the exterior of the maze. Harry stood in front of the centre one, with Claire on his left and Peter on his right.

"Good luck, and remember whoever comes out first wins eternal glory, so no pressure!"

Three silver grey balls flew down and hovered over their shoulders, the eyes trapped within the metal blinking a few times. Three large magical screens appeared above the maze, each showing a live camera feed.


The cannon blasted off, and Harry stepped through the entrance, which promptly sealed behind him.

Ginny, you still there?

Still here. Claire and Peter are in the same boat as you.

Good to know.

Harry took a deep breath, drew his wand, and advanced down the dark hedge lined corridor. A quick Lumos illuminated the darkness but failed to take away the dull and foreboding atmosphere.

"Well, that didn't work."

What were you expecting? Someway to the cup right at the entrance for you?

"Oh shut up," Harry mumbled, before continuing forward.

FYI, the announcer thinks you're talking to yourself.

Fuck you.

Love you too, honey.

Harry continued plodding along for a few minutes, before finally reaching a fork in the path. Both passages looked the same, so Harry decided to take the leftmost way. This path was colder than the last one, significantly colder.

Harry, Claire's stumbled on a Dementor nest. She entangled out and got herself stuck in a hedge. The announcer recons you're heading the same way.

Dementors we can handle.

Should be fun.

Harry moved forward into the cold darkness, and sure enough, a few minutes later, two Dementors floated out of the fog. The Firebrand ignited on Harry's arm, and the Gemini Rune began to sizzle on his neck. Focusing on the feeling of Ginny's lips on his, Harry stood his ground and held his wand in front of him.

"Expecto Patronum!" Prongs exploded forth into the maze in silver glory and preceded to charge down the pathway, clearing five more of the soul-sucking creatures hidden in the mist. The Gemini Rune cooled down to its usual thrum, Harry pocketed his wand and followed the ethereal stag with a smug look on his face.

Show off. The announcer is swooning Harry.

I can't help it if my magical abilities are so awesome.

Our magical abilities.



Harry continued his trek deeper into the maze, ignoring Ginny, who continued to narrate the adventures of the other champions in his head. Apparently, Peter had taken out a Griffon with a single well placed Petrificus Totalus while Harry was busy duelling with one of Hagrid's Blast-Ended Skrewts.

"Fuck these things a huge! What does Hagrid feed them?!"

Hehe, they bleeped you.

Ten feet long, it looked more like a giant scorpion than anything. It had a long sting curled over its back, and its armour glinted in the light from Harry's wand.


The spell rebounded of its shell.

"Fantastic," Harry said dryly, sidestepping his own spell with ease.

Hermione says to attack where the shell isn't.

Got it.

"Depulso!" The Skrewt flew backwards, exposing its fleshy undercarriage. Harry fired off a Reducto into its stomach, turning away before he could see the result. The Firebrand singed against his skin, and he dove into a forward roll, the Skrewt's guts flying over his head.

Show off.

The Gemini Rune twinged with warmth, and Harry rolled his eyes, before turning left at a T-junction, the floating eye trailing behind him. He kept walking for what could have been hours for all he knew until a soft humming noise started to fill his ears.

"That noise is the Triwizard Cup everyone! Potter's getting close!"

"Shit!" Harry exclaimed as the announcer's voice rippled out of the part of Harry's mind that belonged to Ginny.

Harry! Did you get that?! You just swore on camera again.

Yeah, I heard it! How'd you do that!?

I just concentrated on the announcer's voice and tried to push it towards you.


Suddenly, a scream echoed through the maze. A girl's scream. Harry glanced around, but no one was in the corridor with him.

It's Claire. Her camera's gone dark.

"Crucio!" a shrill voice yelled from in front of him, and Harry bolted down the corridor. The humming grew louder, as did Claire's screams. Harry turned a corner and found himself staring at a dead end.

"Damn it," Harry muttered. Claire's screams reached a new pitch, and Harry winced.

What's happening?!

Someone must be in the maze with you because Peter's camera is working fine. Hermione says Druids are more vulnerable to the Unforgiveables. Moody and an Auror team are heading inside, but you're in the very centre of the maze, it'll take them time to get to her.

Harry ran back to the bend in the path.

"Come on, Firebrand, don't fail me now." Harry clenched his jaw and bolted forward, running full tilt at the hedge wall. He pushed off the ground and soared over the wall. Harry crashed into another hedge wall and landed on the dirt one corridor over, metres away from a tall man in a dark cloak, wand pointed at Claire's wreathing form.

"Stupefy!" Red light shot forth from Harry's wand, striking the man in the back of the head. He collapsed as if his strings were cut, and Harry dropped to his knees beside Claire.

"It's alright, it's Harry," he exclaimed, grabbing her shoulders.

Claire hesitantly opened her eyes.


"Don't worry, I took care of that guy," he said, pointing his wand aimlessly at the unconscious man. Claire pulled a strand of hair from her face, and Harry pulled her to her feet.

"What happened?"

"He got me from behind," Claire said, stepping on the man's hand for good measure, breaking his fingers in the process, "fuck that spell hurts."

"That's kind of why it's unforgivable," Harry told her.

She's okay.

Oh, thank Merlin. Moody's still on his way.

Harry, relieved that Claire was fine, looked up to examine his new surroundings. The hedges looked just the same as every other one he had seen so far, but in the distance was a pale silvery light. The humming was much stronger here.

"Is that?"

"Yep," Claire confirmed. She pulled back the man's hood.

"Recognise him?"

Harry looked at the face and realised he did know him.

"His name is McNair, he's a Death Eater who avoided Azkaban thanks to Lucius Malfoy's money after the war."

Lol, Fudge just got really uncomfortable.

"Bloody corrupt British government officials. You annoy the shit out of me, I want you to know that" Claire grumbled.

"Don't blame me, the government's screwed me over more than it has you," Harry retorted.

"I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to your camera," Claire said, pointing at the floating eye, which Harry had forgotten was even there.

"Where's yours?" Claire pointed to a smashed orb lying several metres away.

"Ah." Harry glanced back to the cup, shining away in the distance.

"Go ahead," Harry said, gesturing down the corridor, "you were here first, it's only fair."

"You saved my ass," Claire intoned, "you've earned it fair and square." The argument was stilled by an ear-shattering roar that echoed from ahead. Then, to make matters worse, the sound of scurrying legs came from behind them. Harry and Claire spun around to see a dozen Acromantula hurrying up out of the darkness. Claire pulled Harry behind her and chanted some words he didn't understand. The earth rose up, creating a solid stone wall in the middle of the path.

"That won't hold them for long," Claire said.

"Then, let's get out of here." They spun around and ran towards the cup, Harry ignoring the sickening feeling in his stomach as the roars grew louder and louder.

Harry and Claire ducked around a corner, and there, sitting on a pedestal in the middle of a wide clearing, was the Triwizard Cup. On the other side of the open space, was Peter, with four huge black haired and yellow-eyed cats circling around him as if he were dinner. Harry didn't even hesitate, and neither did Claire. They circled the pedestal, completely disregarding the cup, and came up behind the creatures. The cats, whatever they were, smelt them, and two of them spun around to stare at them.

All of a sudden, Harry felt a pressure in his mind, and his surroundings vanished, replaced by the central tower of the City.

What the hell!

Ginny materialised beside him as he stood at the top of the stairs. The swirling rainbow portal was active.

"How can a cat have telepathic powers?!" Harry exclaimed, looking frantically around the room for any sign of the beast, but there was none.

"Maybe it's not trying to get in, just connect somehow…" Ginny trailed off. Harry followed her gaze and realised she was staring into the room on the other side of the stairs, the one they hadn't been inside before. Suddenly, the red-head grinned and raced inside, pushing open the frosted glass door. Harry followed behind her and gasped. In the middle of the room, sitting on a hexagonal platform identical to the one in the Library, was a silver and blue chair.

"Get back out there, I've got this," She said, before shoving his shoulders.

Harry stumbled backwards as his world morphed back to that of the Maze. Both Claire and Peter remained still locked in the eyes of the giant cats. Harry raised his wand at the closest one and fired a stunning spell. The cat whimpered and collapsed, drawing the attention of the other three, which all promptly pounced on him. Harry banished them back into the hedge hall and fired three more stunners. He got one, but the other two missed. Harry cursed and dived into a forward roll, barely missing one of the cats' claws, who jumped to his feet and spun back to face them.

"Immobulus!" One of the cats froze in its tracks and began to float up into the air. The other crashed straight into Harry's chest. He fell backwards, losing the grip on his wand. The cat's maws hovered over Harry's face, and the Firebrand blazed to life. The Gemini Rune prickled on his neck, and a force repulsed the cat away from him, sending it flying up into the air.

Yes! I did it!

Harry figured he'd wait to ask what exactly Ginny had done until later. The creature landed on its back but jumped to its feet in an instant. Thankfully, Claire and Peter had seemingly come out of their rigid states, and both fired stunning spells at the black cat. It collapsed, and Harry breathed a sigh of relief.

"What the fuck were those?"

"Wampus cats," Peter said, rubbing his temples. Harry placed his hand on the hedge wall to heave himself up and felt a furry hand clasp around his mouth.


The Firebrand flared, late though it was, as something strong pulled him to his feet. He thrashed around, and a claw swiped at his left leg, causing massive amounts of pain to burn through his calf.

No, no, no, no. Come on, damage report… repair damaged areas… yes.

Ginny continued to mutter away in Harry's mind as he was slowly pulled backwards by the creature. Harry, trying his best to ignore the pain in his leg, heard Peter swear, and saw a red light fly past his ear. The arm around Harry's mouth went limp, and he was dropped to the ground, right onto his bleeding leg.

"Argh!" He yelled, collapsing to the ground. Peter and Claire were on him in a second.

Shit, fractured knee, severed tendons… quarantine those areas, try to prevent infection.

Peter pulled Harry to his feet, draping his right arm around his shoulder while Claire retrieved his wand.

"Hidebehind," Peter exclaimed, looking over Harry's leg, "nasty buggers." Peter helped Harry limp over to the cup. Claire was now standing, wands pointed back towards the entrance she and Harry had come out from before. The Acromantulas had arrived.

"Someone take the fucking trophy!" She yelled, using Harry's wand as a flame thrower while pointing her own towards the clouds.

"By the power of the Mighty Thor!" She yelled. A bolt of lightning arced out of the air, connecting with her wand, which she then turned on the spiders. The smell of ash that flooded Harry's senses was enough to make him want to heave.

"One of you should take it, without you I wouldn't even be standing here, those cats would have killed me," Peter exclaimed.

"Fine, Potter, take the damn Cup already!" Claire shouted, continuing her lightning and flame assault. Two rows of hedges were now on fire.

In a split second, Harry's dream from the start of the year came rushing back into his mind. He was holding the Triwizard Cup for Hogwarts, his teammates and friends all around him, screaming his name. Ginny kissing him for all he was worth. He could prove to the school… to the entire world… that he was more than just the lightning bolt scar on his head. The money he won would be his own, not from his dead parents. He'd finally deserve everything that came with the mantle of Harry Potter. He glanced at the floating camera ball on Peter's shoulder. This was his chance…

Then he remembered Dumbledore's words at the beginning of term, "While the competition and the rivalry it creates is certainly entertaining, and the reward significantly enticing, it is its ability to forge ties between young witches and wizards of different nationalities and foster friendships that will last lifetimes that are its greatest strength."

And the conversation in the Forbidden Forest,

"Look, guys," Peter said softly, "You both seem to be decent people. I like to think I'm a decent person as well. But this competition… it has the potential to turn us all into bitter enemies. Why don't we, for each other's sake, agree not to deliberately harm the others. I know it's a contest and everything. But shouldn't we be able to get to the end without having to put holes in the others? I'd rather be friends than enemies." Harry looked at Peter, then to Claire. Then, surprising even himself, he stood up, brushed the dirt off his jeans, walked over to Peter and extended his hand.

"Deal." Peter nodded and shook his hand.

"Agreed. We get nowhere by fighting each other," Claire said, giving them both a slight smile.

He remembered the laughter as they sat around a table at the Yule Ball, sitting in the cabin on the Hogwarts Express, sneaking out into the Rocks and watching AC/DC, standing in front of the ancient carvings at Ilvermorny…

"Together," Harry yelled. He let go of Peter and stood awkwardly by one of the cups three handles.

"On three," he said. Peter's hand hovered over a handle, and Claire started to back up towards them.



"Three!" Harry, Peter and Claire all grabbed hold of the smooth glass handle of the Trophy, and instantly they all felt a tug behind their navels. The ground pulled away from them, replaced by a vortex of swirling lights and colours. The last thing he heard before he slipped into darkness was Ginny's voice from within the City.

Translocation field activated! What the hell!? Raise defences! Shields offline?! What do you mean offline! System failure?! OH, FUCK!"

Jessica, after what felt like hours, landed on her back in the middle of a stone courtyard. Three more thuds indicated the arrival of Matt, Luke and Danny. She rolled over and groaned. That was the last time she took an International Portkey anywhere. She pushed up of the ground and found herself staring down the shaft of an arrow, held in the hands of a small elf-like creature.

"Don't shoot! We mean you no harm!" Matt exclaimed. A quick glance showed an arrow in his face as well.

"Why can we not focus on you?" the creature asked in a deep barrelled voice.

"It's the cloak, let us pull back the hoods and show you," Matt pleaded. The creature nodded, and Jessica, following Matt, pulled back her hood, revealing the blood red hair of her 'Lily Potter' persona. Damn Harry. The others followed suit, and the creatures lowered their weapons.

"Who are you? How did you come here?"

"We've discovered a plot to sabotage the final task of the Triwizard Tournament. We need to speak to Professor Dumbledore immediately!" The creatures whispered in their own language, before stepping back and allowing the foursome to stand up.

"We will escort you to the Judge's box. The task has already started." With that, the creatures surrounded Jessica, Matt, Danny and Luke in a loose circle, and escorted them inside the sweeping stone building that was Ilvermorny castle. The creatures, which Luke called Pukwudgies, led them through the ground floor of the castle and out the other side. In the distance, a stadium backed onto the edge of a forest. The Pukwudgies walked them into the stadium through a tunnel under the stands, and as they exited the other side, Jessica got her first glimpse of the Maze. The hedges were two metres high and stretched on for miles. Thousands of spectators were cheering and screaming in the stands, all of them fixated on three giant screens floating in the air. Or, more accurately, two monitors, as the third was blank.

"O'Neill is holding back the swarming Acromantulas, but neither Potter nor Parker seem to be taking the cup, what is going on? Let's see if I can't turn up the volume a little. Everyone quiet down so we can hear," An announcer bellowed into a loudspeaker. The crowd quietened slightly, but not by much. The Pukwudgie nudged Matt and Jessica, who were in the lead, up a set of stairs, but they were too focussed on the screens to really pay attention to where they were walking.

"Together," Harry yelled, "On three."


Suddenly, Jessica and Matt realised what was about to happen, and raced ahead of the Pukwudgies.


"Professor Dumbledore, it's a trap!" they yelled. All the judges turned towards them, and all the colour vanished from Dumbledore's face. He rose to his feet, Strange and O'Neill milliseconds later, but it was too late.


Harry, Claire and Peter grabbed the trophy at the same time; and vanished into thin air.

Jessica's heart and stomach plummeted. Matt, pale as a sheet, placed his hand over his mouth.

"Oh, God."

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