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Act II, Chapter 9

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Ghost, Miracle and Crystal on their couch, staring at the god-like being in front of them in awe and reverence.

"You want us to do what?" Miracle asked, still trying to process what was happening.

"I want you to fix the plot hole in your story. You can do it. You're more powerful than I am in a way. I'm all seeing and all knowing, but you guys, you can create anything you want. Not even I can do that." Clara Hunter said, running a hand through her hair.

"Wait a second. Are you telling me, that the plot hole these guys accidentally created when they wrote the first chapter of Gemini Curse, was your fault? I just thought Ghost was rushing through it instead of studying for his exams?" Crystal asked. Miracle's mouth fell open.

"See what an Ascended Being can do if they don't consider the repercussions of their actions?" Clara said.

Ghost, Miracle and Crystal nodded.

"Why us?" Ghost asked.

"It's your story. You know how to fix it better than I do."

With that, Clara winked at them and vanished in a flash of white light. Ghost glanced at the door to the basement.

"I'm going to need a blue box, a piece of parchment, and a redhead…" he muttered to himself, before jumping up from the chair and bounding down the stairs to the basement. There was a flash of gold light, then nothing.

"We don't own Harry Potter, or Doctor Who," Miracle exclaimed excitedly, before following him. Another flash later, and Crystal was left alone in the house.

"Well, guess that leaves me to get the groceries. Which cheese does Miracle like again?"

Act II, Chapter 9: The Winds of Time

Harry sat on a log staring out over the Black Lake as the sun began to set, colouring the sky a brilliant gold. In the distance, he could hear the Alcheringa students laughing as they played with and got squashed by the Whomping Willow. Apparently, they were native to New Zealand or something, Harry wasn't sure.

But this wasn't why Harry Potter was sitting out on the grass alone. What had him sitting on his own, was Professor McGonagall's announcement of the Yule Ball today.

Harry knew exactly who he'd like to invite. In fact, there'd be no one other than her he'd even consider asking. They'd been seemingly locked in a phase of both of them showing blatant displays of affection to the other, but neither of them doing anything about it. If he asked her to the Ball, would he ruin that? What if she was just being flirtatious for the fun of it? Or because that's just who she was? What if, by asking her, he lost his best friend in the process? But, if he did nothing, would she stop being interested?

If he was honest with himself, Harry wasn't even entirely sure how he felt at all. She was his best friend. Every time she came into a room, he couldn't help but smile and feel that little bit better about the day. When she laughed, he couldn't help the butterflies that rose up in his stomach; and that blazing look she got when she was planning her next prank, or preparing to step into the Duelling Ring, he could see it in his mind's eye all the time. And he couldn't deny she was incredibly beautiful. The way her hair fell down her back like flickering flames, or the sparkle that would shine in her eyes when she had an idea. Then there was the Gemini Rune. Every time they touched it would warm up, practically humming whenever they were together. It responded to shared fears and triumphs, and it was creating the dreams of the city. At least he thought it was. If asked a year and a half ago if he could be rid of it, he would have done it in a heartbeat. Now, he couldn't imagine a life without it. Or her.

But what did it mean?

It was times like this he really wished he could talk to someone. There wasn't really a female adult presence in his life to even try and talk about these things. He couldn't exactly go to Mrs Weasley and say, "Hi, I think I have feelings for your daughter, but I'm a total idiot and don't know what to do."

Harry sighed and continued his vigil, no closer to an answer. He thought he heard a soft wheezing, groaning sound somewhere behind him, but dismissed it in favour of thinking about a girl with long red hair and brown eyes.

"Harry Potter?" Harry spun around to see a tall man with dark brown hair wearing a leather jacket and jeans. His hands were tucked in his pockets, and he was biting his lip.

"Who in the name of Merlin are you?"

"My name is Ghost. I'm a Traveller – not that that means anything to you. However, I think I have someone here who you'll be rather interested in meeting," the man said in an accent not dissimilar to Will O'Neill's. Harry rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, and who's that?"

"Harry?" a woman's voice called. A voice Harry would recognise in a heartbeat. A voice he heard in his nightmares, and whenever a Dementor came near. He lifted his eyes and saw two women standing beside a tall blue wooden box marked police. One was short and had bright red hair with blonde highlights. She wore a singlet top with the hippie peace logo on the front. The other had thick red hair and vivid green eyes and wore denim jeans and a loose fitting white long-sleeved top. She was identical to the image he'd seen in the Mirror of Erised.

"Mum?" Harry stuttered, his voice cracking.

"We'll give you some time," Ghost said. Then he turned and stepped inside the box, the reddish blonde following behind him.

Harry stood quicker than he ever had before and ran at Lily Potter so fast he actually leapt the last few metres. He crashed into her and wrapped his arms as tight around her as possible.

"This is a dream. It has to be," he whispered.

"No dream sweetheart, I promise," Lily said, holding her son close, tears sliding down her cheeks.

"How is this even possible? Time-turners can only turn a couple of hours."

Lily patted the side of the blue box, "I'm not completely sure, to be honest. This box is a type of time machine. It brought me here after I received an unexpected visitor in my kitchen."


"No. Not yet at least. No. The person I met was you. An older you. A you from the future. I don't know exactly when, or how. But it was you. And he said that right here, right now, you needed to talk to me. He wouldn't tell me anything, but I can fill in the gaps well enough. You're going to grow up without me, aren't you?" Lily choked, placing a hand under Harry's chin and lifting it up to her face. Tear stains were running down his cheeks.

Harry took a shaky breath. This wasn't happening. This was impossible. But it was happening. His mum, a person he thought he'd never meet, was standing right in front of him. Unable to form a coherent sentence, he nodded his head and buried his head back in his mum's chest. She had a very distinct vanilla-like scent that Harry made sure to commit to memory

"I'm so sorry…" Lily whispered softly.

"It's not your fault. It's Voldemort's. No one else's. Well, one other person," Harry snarled.

"Don't. You can't tell me anything. You can't change the timeline, as much as you might like to." That simple statement seemed to hurt her to say just as much as it pained him to hear. Taking his hand, Lily guided Harry back to the knoll he was sitting on a few minutes before and sat down on the grass beside him.

"So, what's happening? Why are you out here all alone?" She said at length as the sun continued its arc to the horizon below.

"The Yule Ball is coming up in a few weeks… and there's this girl, Ginny. She's amazing and beautiful and kind and funny. And she's my best friend. I couldn't imagine my life without her…" Harry trailed off, reaching up and rubbing a hand over the Gemini Rune on his neck. He saw his mum's eyes fixed on the Rune and her mouth hanging open in shock.

He laughed, "long story involving twelve-year-old me, a 50ft basilisk, a cursed diary and a sword."

Lily went very pale and pulled Harry into another hug. It was strange, Harry thought. It was different from any other hug he'd had. Not that he'd had many. Mrs Weasley's hugs were smothering and all-encompassing, Hermione's were like she was trying to squeeze the life out of him, and Ginny's made his blood run hot. But his Mum's hugs were loose yet comforting, and the aching in his heart created by the entire situation seemed to double.

"I'm not even going to ask. It seems like you really like her, this Ginny."

Harry sighed, staring at the golden sun, "I do. I really do, I think. I've got no experience with this, with love. I don't know. If it is… I think this is what it would feel like. At least I hope it is. Cause if it's not, then I've got no idea." He took a deep breath and ran a hand through his hair.

"What do I do, Mum?" He asked, turning towards her. Lily smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Ask her to the Ball. You clearly want to."

"But what if she says no? What if it ruins everything?"

"It won't," she assured, "My guess, from what you've said, is that she feels the exact same way. She's probably sitting somewhere agonising over whether you're going to ask her." Harry frowned. How could she know without even meeting her?

"Listen, Harry. Girls are complicated and hard. But when you find the right one, you just know. So, don't be scared to go out and get her before someone else does." A flood of bile rose up in his throat. Someone else ask her! He hadn't thought of that. He honestly didn't think he'd be able to stomach having to watch her go with someone else.

He took a deep breath, "You're right. Can't be any harder than fighting a Dragon."

Lily grinned at him, "There's that Gryffindor courage. I assume you're a Gryffindor… wait did you say fighting a Dragon?!"

Harry blushed, "Just last week actually. Outflew it on the Firebolt Sirius got me, and yes, Gryffindor through and through."

Lily facepalmed. "Out flew a dragon… Sirius Black, you mark my words," she muttered, and Harry laughed.

"If you really want to know how she feels, show her how much you care about her. Then watch her reactions, and you'll know." The creaking of a wooden door caused Harry and Lily to turn around. The man was standing outside the box once more.

"I guess my time is up," Lily whispered. Harry pulled his mum into another hug. She kissed him on the top of the head and stood up hesitantly. Together, they walked back to the blue box.

"Wait a second. Is that the Tardis?!" Harry exclaimed. Ghost, who was now leaning against the door, winked at him.

"Borrowed it from a friend," Ghost said sheepishly.

"Goodbye sweetheart. Know that whatever happens, I'll always love you. And…" Lily wiped her face with her sleeve, "… this Ginny of yours is one lucky girl." She pulled away, tears streaking down her cheeks, and walked inside the box, which Harry could see really was a great deal larger on the inside than the outside.

"You'll see me one more time, Harry Potter. After it's all over." Ghost placed his hand in his pocket, pulling out a white piece of paper and handed it to him.

"This is from your future self. He says you'll know how to use it. And do yourself a favour, remember to give it to me in the first place, or this timeline is completely screwed."

"Good luck, Harry," the reddish-blonde girl called from inside the time-machine, waving shyly to him.

"Seriously, Miracle!" The man complained, before turning and stepping back inside the box. Harry caught one final glimpse of his Mum, smiling at him before the door swung closed and the box started groaning. It faded away as if it were never there, and Harry was left standing on the Hogwarts Grounds, a letter in hand, tears rolling down his face as the sun slipped below the horizon behind him.

Harry stepped into the Gryffindor Common Room, and the Gemini Rune instantly heated beneath his skin, drawing his eyes to a desk beneath the window, where Ginny sat scribbling on a piece of parchment. Only moments ago, by virtue of a man called Ghost and the Tardis, which Harry was about 90% sure he stole, he had met his mother for the first and most likely only time. If she believed Ginny would say yes, then she would. He couldn't allow himself to think otherwise, or all the courage she had given him would most likely vanish.

The Dragon and Phoenix rune tingled, and he slid his gaze to the couches by the fire. Neville was sitting tensely, and he kept looking over at Ginny and Hermione. Harry's stomach rose up in his throat. Not good.

Steeling himself, Harry walked over to the table where Ginny and Hermione were working on their Ancient Runes Essays.

"Firefly? Can I talk to you?" He asked. Ginny dropped her quill and looked up at him with a dazzling smile that made his stomach do flips in his chest.

"Sure." She stood up, and he led them over to an empty corner of the room.

"Gin, I… I just wanted to say that, I don't know where I'd be without you. I'm really glad I saved you from the Chamber, because if not, I'd have never gotten to know you. I'd have never met my best friend." Ginny blushed as red as her hair, and she bit her lip, eyes sparkling in the firelight.

"This thing with the Runes on our necks… I'd like to think that we'd still be best friends, even without them linking us together. But they do give us this strange connection and, if I'm honest, I wouldn't give it up for the world. I need you in my life, Gin. But lately, there's been this… this unspoken thing getting stronger between us. And I like it, I really do. So, I think it's about time we brought it into the open." Harry took a deep breath and grabbed her hands in his.

"Ginny Weasley, I would be honoured if you would go to the ball with me." The smile that lit up Ginny's face made Harry's ramblings completely worth it.

"Really?" she whispered.

"Yeah? Is that a problem? If you don't want to its fine. I understand not wanting to go with me… I mean I certainly wouldn't. Lots of better choices…" Ginny smacked him across the back of the head and pulled him into a hug that made Harry's legs weak. The Gemini Rune was blazing forth with vibrant heat on his neck.

"Of course, I'll go with you, silly!" She exclaimed. Harry scratched his head and blushed.

"Great. Excellent. Really excellent…" Harry trailed off, and a lop-sided smile graced his lips. He was going to the Ball with Ginny Weasley. He closed his eyes and said a silent prayer to Ghost. Whoever you are… thank you. You've given me the best gift anyone could ever receive.

"Um… you should, probably get back to your essay," Harry stuttered. Ginny, who had been staring at him absently with a goofy smile of her own, was seemingly shocked back to reality. She turned to Hermione, who was grinning at them from her seat.

"Yeah. I probably should…"

"I'm going to go and get in the shower…" Then he turned on his heel and raced up the staircase to his bed before his legs gave out on him.

It was hours later, in the middle of the night, when Harry realised he had fallen asleep, on top of his bed, in his clothes. His stomach let out a loud grumble in the dark night. And he missed Dinner. Slipping quietly out of his room, Harry made his way down to the Common Room. It was completely empty, with only the fire flickering in the fireplace making any noise. He sat down in an armchair and whispered to the night, "Dobby?" The little elf appeared with a crack, wearing a Gryffindor scarf around his body like a towel.

"Harry Potter has called for Dobby?!" he said, bouncing on his toes.

"Hi, Dobby. Could you get some food from the kitchens for me? I kind of missed dinner."

"Right away Harry Potter sir!" he exclaimed, before vanishing. Harry laughed at the elf's antics. It had been Sirius's idea to recruit the elf to help keep the Home in good condition when Harry explained the events of his second year in vivid detail. Harry insisted on paying him two galleons a week, which Dobby, who thought "the Great Harry Potter was too kind," much to Sirius and Remus's amusement, had begrudgingly accepted. Since then, he had responded to Harry's every beg and call. He had yet to tell Hermione this, as he did not want to listen to the House Elf Liberation Speech that would no doubt accompany the revelation.

The elf reappeared with Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes and Yorkshire Puddings, which Harry thanked him for. Then, instead of leaving, Dobby began walking around the room, gathering several socks and hats, all of which, now that Harry thought about it, were poorly sewn and hidden under pieces of rubbish.

"Dobby? What are you doing?"

Dobby looked up at Harry, a sock dangling from his ear.

"Mr Harry Potter's Grangey is been leaving clothes for the elves to find, Harry Potter. Theys is not liking it. So, Dobby comes and removes them, so the elves will still clean the House Room." Harry sighed.

"Damn it, Hermione. I'm going to have to talk to her, aren't I?"

"Dobby would most appreciate it," he admitted, before resuming his search. Harry quickly ate the food and was about to go back to bed when Hedwig flew in through an open window and landed on Harry's shoulder, and he was reminded rather forcefully of the letter sitting in his pocket.

He pulled it out and opened it. It was on muggle paper and had several bars of music, along with several verses of typed words printed across the page. It was a song.

Scrawled at the bottom of the page in his own handwriting, were six words.

Diary, Ring, Locket, Cup, Diadem, Snake.

Harry stared at the words in confusion. Diary… who's Diary? Of all the things to send back in time? What important Diaries did he know of…

All the colour drained from his face, and he dropped the paper as if burned. Tom Riddle's Diary. That was the only thing it could possibly be. Did that mean there were five other objects like the Diary? Did they work the same way? Where were they? The Diary contained the memory of a sixteen-year-old Voldemort… what could the other objects contain? Was it more memories of Voldemort, or something worse?

Hedwig, perhaps sensing her master's distress, nibbled Harry's ear, and he ran a hand through her feathers.

"Is you alright Mr Harry Potter sir?" Dobby asked, tugging on Harry's sleeve. Harry blinked a couple of times and realised Dobby was looking very frightened. He could only imagine what his own face looked like.

"I don't know Dobby. I received a message today… a message from the future… does this make any sense to you?" he handed the sheet to Dobby and pointed to the scribbled writing. Dobby let out a soft whimper before looking up at Harry in complete fear.

"Is there… is there more bad things like the bad master's book out there, Harry Potter?" Dobby asked, trembling something fierce. Harry bent down, being careful not to dislodge Hedwig, and wrapped his arms around his tiny friend.

"I don't know Dobby. But I promise you, I'm going to find out, and I'm going to stop them."

Authors Note – MUST READ!

This one is serious guys. First, you get this chapter early because I've got Uni stuff to do tomorrow. Second, thank you to those of you who gave us your support after the flames we received on Act II, Chapter 6. They really mean a lot.

Now, onto the meat of this chapter. When I (being Ghost here) started this story, I didn't really have any idea where I was going with it plot-wise. I just wanted to test myself in a romance type genre and chose one of my favourite pairings to do it. But as you can see, we've grown far beyond that. And as Crystal pointed out to Miracle and myself, if we're going to see this to the end, we need to deal with the Horcruxes. We spent weeks trying to figure out how to deal with them, but there was no way to incorporate them into the narrative without it seeming cheap. We seriously considered just not doing Horcruxes at all, to be honest with you.

It was Miracle who came up with the idea of using ourselves + plus a bit of Time-Travel to get around the error in our narrative in a fun and interesting way. We won't tell you everything about what this chapter means. That would ruin the surprise. But we will say that there are more hints in this chapter than you'll catch on your first read through. Any time travel experts will recognise we have invoked the Bootstrap Paradox here, so don't worry the circle will be completed.

As a final message, if we hit 100 reviews, or 100 favourites before next week's deadline, we will post Act II, Chapter 10 – our favourite chapter in the entire story – early.

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