Harry Potter and the Gemini Curse @ghostandmiracle42
Act II, Chapter 5

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"How's Madelyn doing?" Ghost asked as he walked down the staircase into the basement of the beach house.

"Better than I expected, but considering the poor kid just watched her entire civilisation be eviscerated in a Nuclear firestorm, that's not saying much. If we hadn't taken her straight to 2099… I don't want to think about what might have happened." Miracle shivered and placed a hand on the boring, plain, old wooden door without a handle. The keyhole glowed a faint blue light, and the door swung open. The duo stepped through, and out into a lush green forest. The door, which was embedded within the trunk of an ancient oak tree, closed softly behind them. They continued on in silence for a few minutes, just listening to the sound of the birds chirping to each other and rustling of branches in the wind. In the distance, the smell of salt water wafted over to them, and it was towards this smell they turned. After several minutes of walking, they arrived at the coast of a small inlet, surrounded by beautiful trees of all shapes and sizes, covered in gold and red leaves. Across the bay, a majestic medieval castle covered the skyline, a small town surrounding its walls. But here, on this side of the inlet, there was only one house, right up on the waterside. Its foundations were made from stone, but the walls were wood, and the roof made from thatch. A chimney, with soft curls of wood smoke billowing out into the breeze, indicated there were people home.

The couple, not bothering to resist the smiles that crossed their faces, stepped inside. The floor was carpeted, and the furniture mostly Jarrah wood. In the lounge room, a large entertainment system covered one wall, and the fireplace the other, a brown leather couch in the centre. The kitchen and dining rooms were cordoned off by a wall. Ghost and Miracle ignored the first rooms, instead turning into another corridor. This one was not wood, but rather made from marble, the floor too. At the end of the hall was a vast amphitheatre, leading down not to a stage, but a pool of water. Sitting at the edge of the pool were Crystal and Pirate – Miracle's little Highland Terrier puppy – as well as someone else they had not expected to see. The man next to Ghost's sister was tall, had a long white beard and a grey pointy hat. A wooden staff was leaning against the wall in the corner.

"Mithrandir," Miracle said, bowing.

"Miracle, Ghost. Forgive me for intruding in your sacred space, but when Crystal informed me of what happened, I thought it best to come see if I could help. However, it seems you have everything well in hand." Ghost and Miracle's eyes turned to the pool as a splash indicated their young charge popping back above the water. She had long pink hair, brilliant amber coloured eyes, a mischievous smile that made your heart melt, and a tail of sapphire blue. As soon as the two-year-old poked her head above water, Pirate bounced from the stairs into the pool and began paddling towards her. Madelyn giggled and led the little puppy in circles around the pool.

"I hope you know just what you've done here? You've done more than save this young lady's life. You've given her a chance to live life, grow up, fall in love. How many lives will be touched by her, because of your kind hearts?" His voice carried a certain wisdom with it. As if every word was sincere, kind and wise beyond measure.

"How long do plan to stay in the Realm of the Travellers, Mithrandir?" Miracle asked the old wizard.

"For a while yet I think. I shall endeavour to visit as often as I am able, but I'm afraid I must make haste to the Isle of the Forgotten. I must consult the wisdom of the Ascended before I the Great Council is convened."

"If it's the Ascended you're after, I'll warn you, they won't answer your questions. Doesn't matter who you talk to. The Accords hold, even here," Ghost told him.

"It is not only questions that have answers, young Traveller." Mithrandir stood up, dusting off his worn grey robes. Madelyn turned towards him and waved.

"Bubye, Mr Grey Hat!"

"Farewell, Miss Madelyn." With that, the old man retrieved his staff and walked back down the corridor. As he neared the exit, he whispered to himself.

"All recognisable franchises belong to their respective owners. Alcheringa and its associated characters belong to Miracle, Crystal and Ghost. The Realm of the Travellers, I dare say, belongs only to those who can find it."

Act II, Chapter 5: Let the Games Begin

"Look!" A sixth-year girl exclaimed. Harry, with Ginny sitting on his shoulders, spun towards her, trying to see where she was looking.

"Where?" Cedric shouted.

"Up in the sky!" She replied, pointing up at the cloud-dotted sky. Harry glanced at Hermione, a massive grin on his face.

"Is it a bird?!" He called. Hermione threw back her head and laughed, much to the confusion of Ron, Ginny, Jessica (in her 'Lily Evans' disguise), Neville, Luna, Fred and George, who were standing around them.

"Is it a plane?!" She yelled through her giggles.

"NO!" Colin and Dennis Creevey beamed.

Then all the Muggle-borns and muggle raised half-bloods called out together, "ITS SUPERMAN!" Before promptly dissolving into fits of laughter as the purebloods stared at them as if they'd all grown second heads.

It was Halloween afternoon, and Harry, the Defenders, and the rest of Hogwarts were all lined up in the Entrance Courtyard anxiously awaiting the other schools participating in the Triwizard Tournament,

A thundering crack wrenched the air, pulling Harry from his thoughts just in time to receive the biggest shock of his life. Falling from the sky, a few meters from the small figures that were getting larger and larger by the moment, was the silhouette of a man.

"Oh my gosh!" Hermione exclaimed as the figure hurtled closer and closer.

Several people, boys and girls both, screamed in horror as the person smashed into the ground, leaving an impact crater that left a crack running from the viaduct to the massive wooden doors.

"Urghhhh." Everyone, student and teacher alike, stared at the crater in complete astonishment, as a man wearing dragonhide boots and a basilisk skin cloak cracked his neck and waltzed out of the impact crater, his entire body still smoking from the speed of his entry, and strolled over to Dumbledore, who was standing in the middle of the courtyard a few meters from the indent, a bemused smile on his face.

"Sorry 'bout that," The man said in a rough voice with a heavy accent. He had spikey black hair and a short scruffy beard on his chin. He held himself as if he was the most powerful person in the room and knew it, his shoulders pulled back, his head high, and his legs squared. And he had a sort of smirk on his face that made Harry think instantly that his entrance was by no means an accident.

"My sister, charming lady that she is, decided pushing me off my ride was a good idea for a joke. While I'm always up for new thrills and adventures, falling from the stratosphere with no containment spell or cushioning charm was not my idea of a first impression." He was young, incredibly young next to Dumbledore. He couldn't be older than 30! But the most amazing part was that, despite looking as though he was a Greek statue come to life, he was a good head shorter than the Headmaster! In fact, Harry thought most of the seventh-year students would be his equal in height, or perhaps even taller.

Dumbledore took the man's hand, giving it a firm shake.

"It's an honour to finally meet you, Mr O'Neill. I take it Headmaster Andrews is still too ill to attend?" Dumbledore asked.

"Unfortunately, yes. Taniwha poison is beyond even the most skilled healer's abilities to heal. It'll either run its course, leaving only slight scale tissue around the bite, which just so happens to be on the Headmaster's ass, or his internal organs will all shrink to the size of an ant and… well… the less said about that, the better."

The entire courtyard sat stunned as they tried to process exactly what Mr O'Neill said.

"I'll be representing the school as acting headmaster while we're abroad in your gloomy country. Headmaster Andrews will, assuming he's in better health and not dead as a doornail, take over my judging responsibilities when we get back home. I've got work to do for the Council myself."

O'Neill shivered slightly. "It's not this bloody freezing all year round it is? I mean, I've heard stories about this island of yours not seeing the sun all year. Please tell me they aren't actually true?"

"Harry… Harry look at his arm!" Ginny whispered into his ear. Frowning, Harry looked at the man's right arm, which was now hanging at his side. Harry then shoved his hand in his mouth to stop himself from coughing in shock. Curled around his forearm was a red and black tattoo of a dragon breathing a phoenix wreathed in flames.

"I'm afraid it does. We do get a fair bit of rain this far north."

"Crap. I'll have to take that into account…"

"The Council… he must be a member of the Council of Fire, the one that mailed me." Harry replied quietly. Evidently not quietly enough, as O'Neill jerked his head straight at Harry and Ginny the instant the words left his lips.

An ear-shattering roar echoed across the air, and the entire school spun as one to the other side of the courtyard. In the drama of Mr O'Neill's arrival, a dozen giant creatures with reptilian heads, two massive hind legs, and arms that looked more like seaweed than birds' wings landed on the ground. Each beast had different coloured scales, with every colour of the rainbow represented. Only their horns, which were all a bright violet colour, were the same between them. Each beast was carrying between five and ten passengers.

"Ah! Bout time you lot showed up! Students and Staff of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry it is my honour to present the Delegation from the Alcheringa Academy of the Magical Arts!" O'Neill announced, flinging his arms out.

The students of Alcheringa, many of whom openly rolled their eyes much to Hermione's horror, jumped down from their steeds, which promptly took off without even a hint of instruction.

They were an odd assortment Harry thought. There were just as many people with dark skin as those with light skin, and many of them had scarring along their necks that looked suspiciously like gills. Their uniforms were also strange. They didn't wear robes of any sort; instead, they wore dark blue trench coats with light blue piping along the sleeves. Their shirts were white, and their pants were the same pattern as their coats. They wore ties in the same striped double blue, but with a crest that looked like a breaking wave with a tree positioned in front of it.

A girl with long blonde hair and done in an elegant plat stalked away from the students and up to O'Neill, before punching him so hard in the chest, he actually stumbled back a few steps.

"Nice dive, show off." She said, eyes narrowed dangerously. O'Neill furrowed his brows in annoyance.

"Dive! You pushed me!"

"How dare you insinuate such a thing! You did it cause you're a showboat and you know it!" the girl yelled with a smirk to match the man's.

"Because you did push me! I heard you laughing as I plummeted to my death!"

"Oh please! It was funny! I knew you'd survive, you always do! It's like you do it just to spite me!"

"As entertaining as sibling rivalry is, Mr O'Neill, would you and your students care to enter the Great Hall, or would you rather wait for the Ilvermorny Delegation?"

O'Neill glanced back to his students, the last of whom, an older girl with red highlights in her dirty-blonde hair, was petting one of the giant Sea-Dragons. Harry caught one of the creatures dive headfirst into the Black Lake. Hopefully, it wouldn't eat the Giant Squid…

"It's been a long trip, I think we'll take you up on that offer. I don't suppose your pals can whip up a coffee, do you? I need something to keep myself awake tonight." O'Neill turned on his heel and strode into the castle, the wooden doors swinging open with barely a whisper. The Alcheringa students followed him, with the only other adult, an auburn-haired woman wearing a white singlet and jeans, who's figure attracted many eyes from the Hogwarts students, bringing up the rear.

"Well they were certainly strange," Matt said.

"What were you expecting?" Hermione snapped, "they are from a different country after all."

"Do you think they're all human?" Ron asked, a strange edge to his voice Harry couldn't remember hearing before. All the surrounding Gryffindors and Defenders turned towards him. There was no way to deny that everyone was thinking about the conversation from earlier in the year.

"No Ronald. I imagine not all of them are. Do you have a problem with that?" Hermione asked the redhead standing next to her, her voice dangerously venomous.

"Uh….. No. Of course not. I was just wondering."


All attention in the courtyard turned to the centre of the square, where a shining golden portal was spiralling into existence. A tall man with black hair that was greying on the sides stepped out wearing blue robes and a red cloak. Dangling over his neck was an ornate golden necklace shaped like a closed eye.

"Wow! That's the Eye of Agamotto, one of the most powerful magical artefacts on Earth. Nobody knows exactly what it is, only that it has the power to dispel any illusion and see into anything, be it a great distance, someone's mind or even into time itself!" Hermione gushed.

"And it can only be wielded by the Sorcerer Supreme," Luna added, seemingly in awe of the man. Harry frowned.

"Sorcerer Supreme?"

"The Sorcerer Supreme is the most powerful practitioner of magic in the world! It's a mantle passed from sorcerer to sorcerer," Hermione said, focussing on the man as intently as Luna.

"Agamotto, Merlin, Issac Newton and Grindelwald are some of the most famous," Jessica whispered.

"Doctor Strange, welcome to Hogwarts," Dumbledore said, shaking the man's hand as students began filing out of the spiralling portal in two lines. Their robes, like the Doctor's, were blue and a deep crimson and were similar to Hogwarts robes in style. The School crest, a red flower containing the four animals of the four houses of Ilvermorny, adorned the right chest of their robes.

"Pleasure to be here Headmaster Dumbledore," the Doctor said, waving his hand behind him.

"So, who is he?" Matt asked.

"That is Stephen Strange, current Sorcerer Supreme and the first recorded Muggle-born to ever hold the position," Ginny told him.

"He's famous across the wizarding-world for defeating the conqueror-demon Dormammu by trapping him in an infinite time-loop!" Ron exclaimed.

"Impressive," Danny said as Harry looked on at the man, suddenly gaining respect for the mysterious stranger.

"So, if he's uber-powerful, how come he didn't help with You-Know-Who?" Matt asked.

"Wizarding America was just as messed up as we were in the seventies. They replaced their entire government structure after an internal civil war. The ICW was all over it. It's a long story, but it's pretty well documented if you want to look into it," Hermione explained. Harry wasn't entirely sure what to say to that, so he just nodded his head as the Ilvermorny Students followed Dumbledore and Strange inside, the Hogwarts crowd filing in whispering behind them.

As they stepped into the Great Hall, everyone gasped. The Hall had almost doubled in size, six long tables instead of four stretching from the doors to the staff table on the raised platform beneath the stained-glass window on the far side. The usual Halloween decorations hung around the room, with the floating candles replaced by pumpkins. The Alcheringa students were already seated at the table between the usual Gryffindor table and the centre of the hall. Mr O'Neill was sitting on the floor leaning up against a tall golden box, stationed on a raised pedestal in the centre of the room, sipping a cup of coffee.

"Stephen Strange as I live and breathe!" O'Neill exclaimed, bracing himself against the box and pushing himself to his feet.

"Will O'Neill. Why am I not surprised to find you here leaning against the Goblet of Fire like it was a tree in your backyard?" Strange replied, rolling his eyes at the younger man. The Ilvermorny students filed into the table opposite the Alcheringa students, while the Hogwarts Students sat down in their usual seats.

"Because you're not an idiot?" O'Neill asked, adopting an air of confusion.

"Thank you for that ringing endorsement, I wasn't sure if the Vishanti were having me on or not," Strange said, his lips twitching in amusement.

"The Vishanti? Nutjobs the lot of them. I wouldn't trust any of them with a barge pole if you ask me." The entire Ilvermorny delegation gasped in horror, while Harry just raised an eyebrow, completely lost. He really hated not growing up in the Wizarding World sometimes.

"Eesh. Tough crowd. Chill Yanks, it was just a joke," O'Neill said, grimacing at the American students. The two men embraced quickly like old friends, before following a smiling Dumbledore up to the staff table.

"To our foreign students, I would like to extend you a warm welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please enjoy our incredible feast!" Dumbledore announced before plates full of food appeared before them.

The feast itself was the strangest Harry had ever experienced. Aside from all the usual Halloween themed treats and platters, there were dozens of dishes that Harry assumed were from America and Australia, as they certainly weren't British. Assortments of pies, leafy salads, pizzas, plates of pasta, dried meats and seafood covered the tables in addition to the usual dishes. Harry was just about to grab a wing of what he was very sure was not chicken when someone coughed beside him.

"Guys look." Luke was pointing up at the staff table. Hagrid was having an animated discussion with Will O'Neill – probably about some dangerous Australian creature, Harry thought – while Dumbledore, Flitwick and Doctor Strange were laughing at something. But the real sight was that three people had just sat down at the table. The first was Mr Crouch in his black hat. The second was Ludo Bagman, wearing lime green robes that looked very out of place. And the third was Mad-Eye-Moody with his magical eye.

Dumbledore glanced down the table and seeing that his guests had arrived, stood up and walked around the front, the noise in the hall gradually died down to a whisper as he did so.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," he said, his voice seemingly deeper than usual, "the time has come. The Triwizard Tournament is about to begin. We have with us tonight, Mr Barty Crouch, Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation; Mr Ludo Bagman, Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports; and Mr Alastor Moody, Head of Security for this year's Tournament. These three men have worked tirelessly in putting together the tasks and organising the matches. As such, they, along with Doctor Strange, Mr O'Neill and myself, will form the judges' panel for the three tasks." Dumbledore stepped down from the staff table and strode through the hall, before stepping up to the tall golden box.

"The rules for the Champions' selection are simple. Anyone who has been selected as a part of their school delegation may come forward to place their name and their school upon a piece of parchment and throw it into the Goblet of Fire within the next twenty-four hours." Dumbledore waved his wand, and the golden box melted away, leaving behind a large stone chalice filled with flickering blue flames.

"Tomorrow night, the Goblet will return the names of the three people it judges the most likely to succeed in winning the competition. They will become our three champions."

Then Dumbledore sighed, suddenly appearing every year of his old age.

"Finally, I must press upon you the seriousness of the journey you are about to embark on. Entering your name is not to be done lightly. These tasks are incredibly dangerous, and it is not uncommon for grievous injury, or even death to befall those who fail. If selected by the Goblet, there is no turning back."

With those depressing words, he bade everyone goodnight, and all the Hogwarts students returned to their dormitories, while the Alcheringa and Ilvermorny Delegations were led by Hagrid and Professor Flitwick respectively to other sections of the castle, where Harry assumed accommodations had been set up for them. Harry turned to Ginny and whispered in her ear.

"I do believe that constitutes a little bit of adventuring under my Dad's old cloak, don't you?" Ginny's face lit up in a smirk that would have made the Twins proud.

"I think you're onto something Mr Potter."

Harry went to sleep that night unable to resist the dream of him winning the Tournament, with Ginny kissing him as he held the cup aloft, from creeping back into his mind.

The next morning at breakfast, Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione walked down to the Great Hall to find a crowd of students surrounding a large noticeboard on a stand outside the doors. A large piece of parchment was hanging from it, the words Hogwarts Delegation in large font across the top.

"Ooo! Did we make it?" Ron asked, pushing his way through the crowd.

The Hogwarts Delegation

Quidditch Team:


o Angelina Johnson (Captain)

o Alicia Spinnet

o Roger Davies

o Katie Bell (Reserve)

o Ginevra Weasley (Reserve)

o Demelza Robbins (Reserve)


o Fred Weasley

o George Weasley

o Peregrine Derrick (Reserve)

o Lucian Bole (Reserve)


o Eloise Midgen

o Foggy Nelson (Reserve)


o Harry Potter

o Cedric Diggory (Reserve)

Delegation Members:

Hannah Abbott

Terry Boot

Ernie Macmillan

Victoria Frobisher

Hermione Granger

"Yes! I got in! Oh, it's going to be so exciting to see how they do Magic in these other countries!" Hermione beamed.

Colin Creevey

Seamus Finnigan

Geoffrey Hooper

Cormac McLaggen

Natalie McDonald

Eddie Carmichael

Cho Chang

Lance Hunter

Marietta Edgecombe

Mandy Brocklehurst

Anthony Goldstein

Padma Patil

Luna Lovegood

"Oh, thank Merlin, Luna made it in," Ginny breathed.

Stewart Ackerley

Susan Bones

Owen Cauldwell

Justin Finch-Fletchley

Megan Jones

Kevin Whitby

Terence Higgs

Cindy Moon

Daphne Greengrass….

"Damn it!" Ron exclaimed, smacking the notice board.

"What is it?" Harry asked, trying to peer over Ron's head.

"I didn't make it in!" he growled. Then, without even looking at Harry, he stormed off into the Great Hall, leaving a bewildered Harry, Ginny and Hermione behind.

"What's up with him?" Ginny asked.

"He didn't get in," Harry told her with a shrug, before following Ron inside.

"Matt didn't make it either," Hermione said, taking a final look at the sheet.

"Come on," Ginny said, pulling Hermione after the others.

They were enjoying the new breakfast options in the Great Hall when a voice cut through the noise. The leader of the Alcheringa delegation, Will O'Neill's sister, who had called him out the previous day, stood up on the bench and the people around her quieted.

"Alcheringa Contenders, with me!" She shouted confidently for everyone to hear. A dozen or so members of the Alcheringa Delegation jumped to their feet and surrounded the Goblet. None had put their name in yet, as if they were waiting for something.

"Come on boys and girls, you know how it goes! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!" the same girl shouted once more. Then the rest of Alcheringa replied.

"Oi! Oi! Oi!"

"Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!"

"Oi! Oi! Oi!"

"Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!"

"Oi! Oi! Oi!"

After this yell, they all proceeded to take parchment out of their coats, and as one, throw them into the flames. All the Alcheringa students who had not put their name in proceeded to start cheering, soon joined by those who had put their names in and, shockingly, even the professors started clapping. The rest of the Great Hall, Harry included, just stared at them as if they were in some kind of crazy cult.

Harry spent most of the day relaxing under a tree by the lake with Ginny, watching the Sea Dragon's leap out of the water every once and a while. Hermione had gone to the Library to research more into Ilvermorny, and Ron has seemingly vanished after his outburst earlier that morning.

A few Hogwarts students, including the twins, had entered their names throughout the day, but nothing as impressive as the Alcheringa Students entry happened until dinner of the same night. The Ilvermorny students all started whispering in hushed voices, becoming silent when a bulky boy with blond hair walked up to the Goblet, tossing his name in almost carelessly. After he sat down, another Ilvermorny girl with short cropped blond hair, with the tips died pink, stood and walked up to the Goblet, levitating the parchment in with her wand. Once she sat down, another Ilvermorny girl walked up, and the pattern repeated. Whenever someone sat down another would stand, each putting their name in a different way than the last. As the final student to enter his name, a skinny brown haired boy with glasses, walked up to the Goblet, the blonde-haired boy stuck out his leg and tripped him over. The brown-haired boy's face went bright red, but he continued walking to the Goblet. When he reached the bottom of the raised platform, he stopped, set something on the floor and gave the parchment with his name to it. When it climbed the Goblet, it became clear to everyone that it was a spider, and the revelation caused many gasps – and even a screech from Ron, who had reappeared in time for dinner. The spider dropped the name in and scampered up his leg and onto his shoulder. He proceeded to sit down once more.

Once dinner was over, the entire hall sat staring at the Goblet in total silence, waiting for something to happen.

Dumbledore rose from his seat and slowly made his way down the centre of the hall, waving his wand as he did so. All the candles and fireplaces went out as one, plunging the hall into darkness. The only light now was the Goblet of Fire. The second he stepped up onto the raised platform, the flames in the goblet turned green and gold, and Harry's stomach hitched in his chest. A tiny piece of parchment flew out, which Dumbledore caught deftly.

"The Alcheringa Champion is Claire O'Neill!" The Alcheringa delegation jumped to their feet, screaming as the blonde-haired girl who led the chant ran up to Dumbledore and shook his hand.

"Miss O'Neill if you'll wait in the antechamber behind the hall…" Dumbledore said, gesturing to a door behind the staff table. Claire nodded her head several times and took the offered piece of paper, before skipping out of the hall.

"Somehow I don't think anyone is overly surprised by that one," Ginny said, clapping alongside Harry.

The flames turned blue and red, and another parchment shot into the air.

"The champion of Ilvermorny is Peter Parker!"

All the mouths at the Ilvermorny table fell open in shock as the brown-haired boy with the spider stood up shakily, a look of fierce determination on his face. He walked up the middle of the hall, pausing once to smirk at the blonde boy who tripped him earlier, before stepping up to Dumbledore, taking his paper, and following Claire. Harry glanced at Doctor Strange and saw that, of all the people in the Ilvermorny Delegation, he was the only one not shocked by the Goblet's decision.

Then the Goblet's flames turned red and gold, and the final parchment shot high into the air, showering sparks all over the floor.

"The Hogwarts Champion is..." And as he read from that tiny piece of paper, Harry would swear to his dying day that he saw Dumbledore grin slightly. "Harry Potter."

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