Harry Potter and the Gemini Curse @ghostandmiracle42
Act II, Chapter 3

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Lucy Pevensie, Queen of Narnia, was standing outside the gates of Cair Paravel staring at the three people before her in confusion.

The first was a man with dark brown hair and eyes, and a ridged jawline. He wore a black suit with a deep red tie on a white shirt with black trousers. The woman next to him was wearing a red cocktail dress that contrasted gorgeously with the red coloured highlights of her otherwise blonde hair. The final woman had pale-blonde hair and was shorter than the other two. She wore a sleeveless bottle green mermaid gown that tapered out at her ankles.

They all were of similar age to Lucy, and all carried an aura of strength about them. And they were quite clearly not from Narnia.

"Who are you and where are you from?"

"It is an honour to meet you, Queen Lucy. The tales of your beauty and grace do not do you justice." The man began, and the woman next to him elbowed him in the ribs as the other woman giggled something along the lines of, "Someone's sleeping on the couch tonight."

"My name is Ghost; this lovely lady is Miracle, and the other one is my sister Crystal," The man stated, bowing his head.

"As for where we're from, why we're from the beautiful land of the Sunshine Coast."

Lucy furrowed her brows. Something wasn't right about these three.

"Why have you come to Narnia?"

"To tell you we don't own Harry Potter, the Wizarding World or the Marvel Universe of course," Crystal said cheerfully.

"But Alcheringa and its magical community are our own invention," Miracle added, shining a smile at the queen. Lucy rolled her eyes. If they weren't going to talk, then Peter could deal with them when he got back from the Lone Islands.

"Take them to the cells."

Act II, Chapter 3: The Triwizard Tournament

Harry was sitting with Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Luke, Fred and George, finishing a rather delicious slice of roast beef when Dumbledore stood up and dinged his spoon against his glass.

"Now that we're all settled in, I have a few important announcements to make. First, Mr Filch has asked me to once again remind you that the Forbidden Forest continues to be forbidden." Dumbledore stared at Harry at this point, a fact that Fred and George found highly amusing. "And that his list of banned items has increased by 26 items, bringing the total to four hundred, and thirty-seven I believe."

"It is also my unfortunate task to inform you that the inter-house Quidditch competition will not be taking place this year.

"What!" Came the simultaneous cry of horror from all the Quidditch players in the school.

"In more exciting news, it is my great pleasure to inform you that, for the first time in twenty-five years, Hogwarts will participate in the Triwizard Tournament, where we will be competing against the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the United States, and the Alcheringa Academy of the Magical Arts in Australia."

And, in a single moment an outsider would believe was completely rehearsed, half the school began whistling and applauding, while the other half sat in complete confusion.

"What's a Triwizard Tournament?" Luke asked.

"I honestly don't know," Hermione admitted, and Ron spat out his pumpkin juice.

"That's a first!"

"For those of you who do not know, the Triwizard Tournament was established some 500 years ago, when the only major magical schools were Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, and brings together three of the 11 magical schools from across the world once every five years. The Tournament consists of six magical tasks; three individual tasks undertaken by a school champion and three matches of Quidditch where each school will field a team. One task and one match is held at each of the three schools. Hogwarts will hold the First Task and the First Match.

"Trials for the Hogwarts Quidditch team will occur in the first week of October, and a full complement of fourteen students will form the team. All other students third year and above will be invited to enter a ballot which will determine who will form the Hogwarts delegation, which will travel to the other two schools to support the Hogwarts Champion. Only those who enter the ballot will be eligible to be selected for Champion. The Champion will be chosen by an impartial judge the day after the Halloween Feast. More information as to the selection process will be provided closer to the date. The delegations from the other two schools will also arrive on Halloween, and will occupy our hallowed halls until New Year's, where they, and the Hogwarts Delegation, will travel to Alcheringa for the Second Task and the Second Match, and then onto Ilvermorny for the Third Match and the Final Task.

"The reward for winning the Tournament is 1000 Galleons for the winning champion, and 100 galleons for completing all three tasks. The winning team will receive 250 galleons for each player."

A rush of whispers moved through the hall,

"A thousand galleons!"

"With 500 galleons we could get the shop off to a start…"

"We wouldn't be able to get the shop in Diagon Alley, but we could get set up in Hogsmeade like we were thinking last year…"

"I could buy all new robes…"

"I could finally get my hands on the collector's edition of Game of Thrones I've been looking at…"

The Headmaster raised his hands again, and the hall fell silent.

"While the competition and the rivalry it creates is certainly entertaining, and the reward significantly enticing, it is its ability to forge ties between young witches and wizards of different nationalities and foster friendships that will last lifetimes that are its greatest strength. I myself met my good friend and long-time colleague Nicholas Flamel at a Triwizard Tournament. And it was also where I met Gellert Grindelwald for the first time, long before he had any designs on taking over the world."

"Who's Grindelwald?" Harry whispered.

"Infamous mass-murderer from before Tom's time. Dumbledore defeated him on the steps of his fortress in Germany days before the end of World War Two. It's a story even more famous than yours," Ginny replied.

"I know that you will extend every courtesy to our foreign guests while they are with us," Dumbledore continued, "and you will give your whole-hearted support to the Hogwarts Champion and the Hogwarts Quidditch Team once they are selected. Now, I do believe dessert is ready, and I dare say the house-elves are getting quite annoyed with me for delaying it." Dumbledore clapped his hands and an assortment of chocolates, ice-creams, and pudding appeared on the four tables. Whatever people were talking about before, it was promptly forgotten in favour of debating Hogwarts chance in the tournament. Only one person wasn't indulging.

"House Elves! Here at Hogwarts! Oh no!" Hermione exclaimed, dropping her utensils and staring at Dumbledore in complete disgust.

Harry and Ginny completely ignored Hermione's tirade about House Elf Rights – which was apparently inspired by her, Ron and Luna witnessing Barty Crouch reduce his House Elf Winky to tears after giving her clothes for some slight after Harry and Ginny had apparated out of the Quidditch World Cup.

"Are you going to try out for the team?" Harry whispered to her.

"Do you think I could?" She asked, biting her lip.

"Definitely! You're a brilliant Chaser Gin. You flattened Padfoot, Moony, Tonks and I every time you popped over to the Home during the Summer break."

"There's no way I'll make the starting line-up. Angelina, Alicia and Katie are like a well-oiled machine!" Ginny stated, shaking her head.

"But you could make the reserves. And if you do, it'll put you in a great place for next year, and you'll get to be a part of the Hogwarts Delegation." Harry countered.

"That's true. You'll get in for sure, and I don't want a random ballot determining whether or not you get to vanish on me for half the year," she blanched.

"Me! What makes you think I'm going to be in it?" Harry asked.

"Harry you were the youngest Seeker in a century. You've got half a dozen pro-league clubs trying to swoop you up, and you're only in fourth year. You're by far the best flyer in the school. No one isn't going to pick you."

Harry blushed scarlet under her praise.

"Cedric beat me last year…"

"That was only because of those fucking Dementors, and you know it." Ginny cut him off.

"I suppose…"

"Suppose nothing Harry. You're the best we've got." If there was one thing that made her want to kill the Dursleys more than anything else, it was Harry's almost negligible sense of self-worth they had instilled within him. He honestly thought he wasn't worth the attention he received, and while it protected him from being arrogant, it made him incredibly vulnerable in Ginny's opinion. It was something she was trying to stamp out of him, but it was taking some time.

"Just promise me something Harry," She said, staring into his emerald eyes, her hands gripping his under the table.


"Don't try and become Champion. Leave it to someone else," she pleaded.

Harry smiled and pressed his lips to her forehead in a quick kiss that sent shivers down her spine and made the Gemini Rune hum with warmth.

"I promise. I wasn't going to do it anyway. Let someone else be the centre of attention for a change." Ginny breathed a sigh of relief and leaned her head against his chest, her dessert forgotten.

"Thank you."

The Tournament was all anyone could talk about. The Twins had started a betting ring on who would be chosen as Champion and who would make the Quidditch team. Harry had been shocked when George told him he was the firm favourite for Seeker. The candidates for Champion so far were Cedric Diggory from Hufflepuff, Angelina Johnson from Gryffindor and Amanda Robbins from Ravenclaw.

Professor Lupin had apparently filled Sirius in on the Tournament, as he, like Ginny, had made Harry swear not to enter as a Champion. According to him, the tasks were a lot more dangerous than Dumbledore had made them out to be, and he didn't want Harry anywhere near them. Harry told him not to worry as he had no intention of entering.

A few days after the tournament was announced, Hermione rushed into the Gryffindor Common Room after dinner, Lily Potter's copy of Ancient Runes of Forgotten Civilisations clutched in her hands.

"I found it! I found it!" She yelled, jumping up on the coffee table in front of the fire, drawing the attention of everyone in the room. Concerned she was about to go on another spiel about House Elf Rights, Harry bent over his desk and continued working on his potions essay in the hopes she wouldn't see him.

"Whot?" Ron asked through a mouthful of chocolate frog, apparently not as observant.

"Alcheringa Academy of the Magical Arts!" That got everyone's attention. Harry spun around, his essay forgotten, to stare up at Hermione. She flipped open the book and began to read.

Chapter 4: The Druids and the Mer

The Druids and the Mer are two different peoples who exist harmoniously as one culture and civilisation. To be honest, they should really be the envy of most nations in the Multiverse. Instead, they are looked down upon as lesser by people like the Pure-blooded European Magical Folk – and even by the International Confederation of Wizards to some extent – as insignificant and a waste of resources.

The Druids of the modern age owe their history to the Celtic peoples of Ireland and the British Isles. Believing their power was a source of divine favouritism, the Druids were appointed as leaders within Celtic society, organising worship and sacrifices, divination, and judicial procedure. When mortals were discovered to hold Druidic power, they were taken away into the forests, where they were not seen for many years, only returning once they had mastered the art of magic.

The coming of the Romans to Britain changed that. The Druids were no match for the Roman Empire's wizarding forces, as they had never before used their powers for aggression, instead focussing on bettering the environment and the lives of mortals. By the time the Roman's withdrew, only a handful of Druids were left, but the Wizarding Population was growing strong, paving the way for Merlin's time. The Druids retreated to the far coast of Ireland in an effort to preserve their ways. It was here legend tells, that the Druids encountered the Mer for the first time.

The Mer are a race of half-human, half-aquatic creature indigenous to the southern hemisphere. They are only distantly related to the Selkies of the North Sea, and their Siren cousins of the Mediterranean. Myth tells that the Mer were originally humans who lived-in South-East Asia and the Pacific Islands, but were cursed by a long forgotten water deity to transform into aquatic creatures upon coming into contact with water. Whether this is true is hotly debated, even amongst the Mer themselves. The more common belief is that the transformation was the result of an accident involving the full-moon. This hypothesis is far more likely, due to the known magical powers of the moon itself (see Werewolves) and a recent study that proves the moon can be used to take away a Mer's powers permanently, rendering them human.

The Mer, who were attending the bicentennial council of underwater beings on the maintenance of Earth's oceans, encountered the persecuted Druids and offered them a means of escape to a new home free of other magical people in exchange for the Druids instructing them in the art of magic. The Druids accepted this offer and travelled to the coast of the continent now known as Australia. The Druids remained for many years on a large island situated in the southern reaches of the Great Barrier Reef a short distance from the Merrish Fortress City of Altica, due mostly to the large populations of dangerous magical animals on the Australian mainland. Dragons, Basilisks, Phoenixes, Thylacine and other creatures dominated the bushland and deserts, while the incredibly large populations of Leviathan, Kraken and Kaiju present in the open oceans discouraged Mer exploration out into the deeper areas of the Pacific. Eventually, the increasing population of Druids spread out, establishing colonies in New Zealand and on the Australian Coast, before expanding across the Pacific Islands, eventually reaching as far north as Hawaii. And as they grew, they continued the deal set up with the Mer. They taught the native magical peoples of the Pacific how to harness magic to aid in their environment and lessen the effects of natural disasters that frequent the area.

When the International Statute of Secrecy came into effect in 1692, the Druids were the last faction of Magic users to ratify it, and did so only under threat of war from the other Magical Realms. The Druids are often hostile to the ICW in debates concerning mortal (or 'muggle') affairs and refused to vote on any decision until the Mer gained equal representation as magic users – as they were initially classified as beasts.

In the modern era, the ancient partnership between the Druids and the Mer still thrives. The city of Alcheringa – built on the island of their arrival and named for the local Aboriginal tribal word 'dream' – is a massive metropolis spanning both land and sea and is modelled on a rare painting of Atlantis – the City of the Ancients – discovered by the Mer on the bottom of the ocean. It is also home of 'the Academy' – the only magical school that teaches Druidic Magic.

It is one of only five on land cities in the region – the others being located in the Rainforests of Cape Tribulation; near Auckland on New Zealand's North Island; on the Tahitian coast; and on a hidden island near Honolulu, Hawaii. All five serve as capital cities for their respective land-based kingdoms, and – combined with the ten underwater kingdoms – make up the fifteen kingdoms (or states) of the Federated Kingdoms of the Druid and Mer – the magical government of the Pacific Islands.

A Druid's magic is different to a regular Wizard and Witches Magic. A Witch or Wizard uses internal magic, drawn from their own soul – more commonly referred to as the 'magical core' – to affect reality. Druids, on the other hand, use magic as an external force – using energy that exists within the environment around us to affect reality. This has several interesting implications. Druids cannot cast charms, jinxes or curses like Wingardium Leviosa, the Impediment Jinx, or the Cruciatus Curse. Instead, they rely on the manipulation of elements within nature to achieve the same effect. A Druid can manipulate gravity to levitate something, use the earth to trap someone's feet to impede their progress or summon lightning to electrocute someone to produce the effects of the Cruciatus Curse. This leaves them particularly vulnerable to spells that cannot be recreated, like the Finite Incantatem spell, or the Imperious and Killing Curses.

However, due to their understanding of the natural environment, Druids, on average, are far more powerful than the average Witch or Wizard, and their spells more efficient. A simple combustion spell can create an explosion twice as strong as the most potent Detonator Curse. They can use gravity to fly, reconfigure their atomic structure to appear younger, and their magic does not impact negatively on electrical equipment. They are the most advanced learners of Transfiguration in the world, possessing the ability to manipulate particles at the quantum level. They also have an affinity for Wandless Magic, though more powerful spells still require the use of Wands.

The Druids are also considered the experts on Magical Creature handling. This is unsurprising, as it is a necessity for survival in the harsh Australian Outback.

Hermione closed the book and looked up at her enthralled audience.

"So, the people from Alcheringa are half fish?" Fred asked.

"No. Only some. And only some of the time. They're human when they're on dry land. But when they come into contact with water, they grow tails, fins and gills. Only the Mer can do it though. The Druids are still 100% human like us," Hermione explained.

"Wicked," Alicia Spinnet whispered.

"It is pretty cool," Katie agreed.

"And they can do wandless magic?" the sixth-year prefect, whose name Harry could never remember, asked.

"Yep. Because they use a different type of magic than we do," Hermione confirmed.

"In other words. Don't think just cause they don't have a wand in their hand, doesn't mean they aren't dangerous," Luke said, rubbing a hand over his bald head.

"I should learn me some of that," Harry said, louder than he had planned.


"Maybe I can get the jump on Voldemort next time he tries to kill me."

Lee, Fred and George laughed, most of the room flinched, Hermione looked like she wanted to scold him, and Ginny, who had walked in halfway through Hermione's speech, looked outright furious.

"Well Harry, first things first. We need you in top form for the Quidditch Team. There's no doubt you're going to be Seeker…" Angelina Johnson said, pushing her way through the crowd.

"Speak for yourself. Cedric's probably gonna out catch me. He's done it before." Harry interjected. Ever since the tournament was announced and Ginny's pep talk, Harry had been having dreams of being the Seeker for the Hogwarts team. He didn't care about being the Champion, that could go to someone far more experienced than him. But if he could make Seeker… he could prove to the school… to the entire world… that he was more than just the lightning bolt scar on his head. In his dream he was holding the Triwizard Cup for Hogwarts, his teammates and friends all around him, screaming his name. Then Ginny would run up to him and kiss him hard on the lips…

"That sounds a bit off doesn't it?" Ron said, breaking Harry out of his daydream.

"How so?" Jessica said, folding her arms from her seat in the armchair next to Hermione. Jessica – both in and out of her disguise – was such a recurring figure around the Gryffindor Common Room now that nobody questioned her presence. She was a welcome addition, as she often provided information on Slytherin Pranks, or gave targets to the Twins, who made excellent use of it. Even Ron, with his seemingly universal hatred of all things Slytherin, had accepted that Jessica was more "lion than snake," in his words, "although she might think like them, she still acts more like one of us."

"Well they don't need wands, they're constantly around dangerous creatures, and they invite half-humans into their schools. I wasn't the only one here who was taught the dangerous of half-humans like werewolves and vampires. I just think we should keep an eye on them while they're here you know."

Ron's views on the subject had not been overly popular within Gryffindor House, but thanks to the Hogwarts Rumour Mill, whispers about the dangerous people who attended Alcheringa had circulated through the other three houses within the next day, and many of the Slytherins were being highly vocal about how they refused to allow dark creatures into their school, and would not be associating themselves with anyone from the, to quote Draco Malfoy, "bottom feeders of the world." Harry thought he was trying way too hard to be clever with that one.

The Defenders met up as a group on Saturday Morning, where Jessica was finally brought up to date on everything that had happened over the summer. Then she gave them all some news of her own.

"Lucius Malfoy was behind the stunt at the Quidditch World Cup," She said solemnly, "Draco's been bragging about it to anyone who'll listen. Parkinson, Nott, Flint, Crabbe and Goyle's parents were all involved too."

No one was particularly surprised by this news.

"But it seems to have caused more problems than it was worth."

Sirius frowned, "What do you mean?"

"Nobody knows who sent the Dark Mark up into the sky. When they saw it, everyone panicked and disapparated, just missing the Aurors."

"But why would they panic? It's their sign isn't it?" Danny asked, confused.

"The prevailing theory is that it was a loyalist who just happened to be there, that sent the mark into the air. The Death Eaters," she placed air-quotes around the words Death Eaters, "seemingly weren't acting on anyone's orders. They were just having a bit of fun. And it's got the Dark Lord loyalists, like my mum, really mad. Mum, Avery and a few others have been looking for Him since his fall. Fortunately, most of them are in Azkaban now like Bellatrix, Dolohov, Rookwood and my Dad. Most of the Death Eaters who escaped going to Azkaban are despised by the loyalists for 'betraying their master.' Mum goes on about it all the time.

"So now the loyalists are even more pissed at Malfoy and his cronies. This thing has split the Slytherin community down the middle. And as horrible as the circumstances are, that's only good news for us."

The group was silent for a several minutes before Hermione hesitantly raised her hand.

"Hermione, we're not in class," Ron said, rolling his eyes. Hermione huffed in annoyance but put her hand down.

"Not to change topics or anything, but I do have a bit of a problem." She pulled up the sleeve of her robes and pulled aside the armband that Ginny' had made for her. The Pisces Rune was still visible on the inside of her arm, as clear as the day Harry had drawn it.

"You reapplied it?" Harry asked.

"No. It hasn't come off. I must have read that chapter in the book a dozen times, and nothings working. Its only supposed to last for a few months at max, but it's been eight now, and its showed no signs of fading."

Harry's stomach started doing butterflies in his chest. Had he done something wrong? No. He had done it perfect. If he had screwed it up, it should have worn off faster, not slower. It had to be something else.

"What if… what if it's Harry's natural increased power?" Jessica asked, moving to get a good look at the rune inked into Hermione's arm.

"What do you mean?" Sirius asked.

"There's no use denying it. Harry's easily twice as powerful as everyone else here. Probably everyone in the school besides Dumbledore. We all know what he can do. What if, because of that, he accidentally made the rune permanent?"

"It's not a bad hypothesis. I'm not reading any strange aurae from the rune itself. Lu?" Matt said, before turning towards Luna. The blonde closed her eyes for a few seconds, then opened them and shook her head.

"Sorry, the Blibbering Humdingers are all acting normal," she said apologetically.

"It's not causing you any pain, or anything is it?" Ron asked.

"No. Nothing like that at all. It's such a big help in everything. It's just… I'm a bit worried about my O.W. L's. What if they say it's cheating or something?"

The rest of the group rolled their eyes and burst out laughing.

"This is important guys," she said, folding her arms over her chest.

The fourth years only stopped talking about the Tournament after their first Defence Against the Dark Arts Class of the year.

When they entered the classroom, Professor Lupin was sitting on his desk, his legs dangling out just above the floor. When they had all sat down, he looked up with tired eyes and smiled softly at them.

"Welcome to your fourth year of Defence Against the Dark Arts. Last year we learned all about Dark Creatures and what to do if you come into contact with them. This year we're going to move onto Curses and their counters." A number of people began whispering throughout the classroom.

"Next year we move onto proper Duelling, combining everything you've learned over the past few years. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. First things first. Can anyone tell me, what makes a curse different from your jinxes and hexes?"

To no one's surprise, Hermione's hand soared straight into the air.


"Curses, unlike jinxes and hexes, are designed to bring intentional, permanent harm to the recipient. Jinxes and Hexes, while they can be mildly painful, are temporary, and can be easily dispelled."

"Exactly," Lupin stated as Malfoy coughed a phrase that sounded eerily similar to "know-it-all," from his spot at the back of the room.

"Curses come in all shapes and sizes. They can remove peoples limbs, bewitch their minds, or even, in the most horrifying of circumstances, kill their target." Lupin stood up and ran a hand through his hair. The Full Moon was two weeks ago, so Harry wasn't sure why he looked so tired. But the ever-present lines on his face were even more obvious today, and Harry couldn't help but feel a bit worried for his teacher and friend.

"According to Ministry guidelines. I shouldn't be showing you any actual curses until you reach sixth year. But Professor Dumbledore says, and I agree, that you all need to know what you're up against. The attack at the World Cup just proves that there are still terrorists and radicals out there and keeping you in the dark about the world doesn't help you at all. Curse knowledge is also a major component of your O.W.L exams coming up next year, so make sure you pay attention."

Lupin sighed and turned to the blackboard.

"That being said. There are three curses that I will not be demonstrating. Anyone care to take a guess which ones they are?"

Then, to the astonishment of the entire class, Neville raised his hand.

"The Unforgivable Curses," he said shakily.

"Indeed. The Unforgivable Curses, so named because the use of any one of them will earn you a one-way ticket to Azkaban," Lupin said, and suddenly, Harry realised what the expression on the werewolf's face was. It wasn't tiredness, it was dread.

"So, who can tell me the first one?"

A number of students raised their hands, and Lupin pointed at Ron.

"Um… My Dad did tell me about one… the Imperius Curse."

"Correct. The Imperius Curse is the power to control someone's mind. And, as you can probably guess, it can cause quite a few problems. There is no way to conclusively prove anyone is under the control of the Imperius Curse. If I placed one of you under its effects right now, you would think that anything I told you to do would be perfectly normal. I could tell you to jump out the window, and you wouldn't even bat an eye. Or I could make you murder your best friend or the person you love, and there's no way for you to prove that you didn't do it out of your own free-will."

Then Lupin, for the first time that day, smiled.

"But it can be fought. And if you make it to sixth year, I will be teaching you how to do exactly that. It takes incredible will power, and it's not something everyone can do. But even the ability to resist slightly can give you a massive advantage. Still, best avoid being hit if you can."

Then his smile vanished as if it was never there.


Malfoy rolled his eyes at Lupin and raised his hand in the air, a cocky smile on his face that did not bode well in Harry's opinion. Ron elbowed Harry, and he looked at his best friends face. He had clearly seen it too.

"Malfoy," Lupin said, gesturing to the pale-haired Slytherin.

"The Cruciatus Curse."

"Yes. The Torture Curse." Harry felt a thick surge of bile attempt to climb into his throat. That was the spell he had saved Ginny from. That was the spell Danny had been placed under…

"The Cruciatus Curse targets the body's Nervous System, the tiny cells in your body responsible for you being able to move, and attacks them with a force like a bolt of lightning. Every part of your body in complete and total pain. The more powerful the caster, the more intense the pain." Lupin said softly, looking down at the floor. Harry, however, was looking at Neville, who looked like he was going to throw up. Hermione, who was sitting next to him, was rubbing circles into his back.

"But how are we supposed to know what it's like if you can't show us?" Malfoy asked, "Are you too much of a coward?"

Lupin looked up at Malfoy, all the kindness gone from his eyes.

"Well, Mr Malfoy, if you think you can provide an accurate demonstration, be my guest." Lupin threw his arms out as if making himself a target. Harry had the urge to jump up and pull him to the ground, but restrained himself, trusting the professor.

Malfoy stood up, a malicious grin on his face, and pulled his wand at Lupin.


"Stupefy!" A snarling voice yelled from the door, and a bolt of white light struck Malfoy in the back, sending him careening forward flat on his face unconscious. Harry, who always enjoyed any unfortunate circumstances that fell upon Draco Malfoy, had to try very hard to contain his laughter. A series of dull clunks echoed through the classroom as a man in a black cloak hovelled inside, wand in one hand, walking stick in the other. A large diagonal scar ran across his face, and a large chunk of his nose was missing. But it was the man's eyes that made him look frightening. One of them was small, dark and beady. The other was large and a vivid electric blue. The blue eye was constantly moving, rolling about in its socket without blinking, completely independent of the other eye.

"Head Auror Moody," Remus said, not at all surprised to see the man.

"I have to say Lupin, when I agreed to take Unforgiveable Lesson Monitoring shift on short notice, this was not what I was expecting," Moody said, standing over Malfoy and pointing his wand at the prone boy.


Malfoy jerked awake and squeaked when he saw the man's face. The class was too stunned to laugh.

Moody leaned over and grabbed him by the arm, jerking him to his feet.

"I'll inform Dumbledore this one's being suspended for attempting to perform an Unforgivable. If I'm lucky, he'll be expelled by the end of the day. Old Lucius will loooove this!" Moody grabbed Malfoy by his collar and walked him to the edge of the classroom.

"Seeing as how I'm the only one in the country who can legally do this." Moody reached into his pocket and pulled out a giant spider, which he then dropped on an empty desk. Ron let out a tiny whimper. He hated spiders.

"Found this little beauty outside just now," he said.

He pointed his wand at the spider and, suddenly realising what was about to happen, Harry tore his eyes away.

"Avada Kedavra!"

He wasn't fast enough.

A flash of green light emanated through the classroom, and the spider lay on the desk, unmoving.

"The Killing Curse, the last of the Unforgivable Curses. It will penetrate any shield, and there's no counter." Lupin said, glaring daggers at Moody, whose blue eye had suddenly slid into the back of his head. Harry, on the other hand, was merely staring at his desk. He knew the spell that killed his parents. Had seen Voldemort cast it in his mind when the Dementors came near. But seeing it in real life was something else entirely.

"Only one person is known to have survived it. And he's sitting in this room." Harry looked up and saw that Moody was staring at him, both eyes fixed upon the scar on his forehead.

"Now. I don't want to be hearing any of you being as stupid as this one. Cause if you try anything, I'll know. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" Then, as the entire class jumped back in fright, Moody dragged Malfoy, who was whining about how his father, 'wouldn't tolerate this,' from the room.

"Class dismissed."

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