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Harry Potter and Fawkes Gift @rt89.2
Chapter 4 Freedom Alights

Chapter 4 of Fawkes Gift

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter; much as I'd like to be, I'm not related to J.K. Rowling.

~Lines from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban~


Phoenix Telepathy

In the early hours of the 31st of July Fawkes was once more training Harry while he slept. "You have done well Hatchling. You have managed to summon flames and control them, temper them so they are only as hot as you want them, and moved them with your will. As you've trained here your magic has grown stronger and more in tune with you. But remember Harry, flame is easily stoked by anger, so you much watch your temper; the mental exercises we have done will help with that." Fawkes said as they're training round down. Harry smiled proudly at Fawkes.

"I'll do the best I can, but Aunt Marge is coming for a visit and she's always been horrible. She always brings her dog and encourages it to attack me, while throwing insults at me. I might have to send Dobby away while she's here or he might attack her, he's rather protective of me." Harry said, slightly worried about Marge's visit. He had a bad feeling.

"Tell him to come to me while she is there, I shall attempt to explain it to him. Should you feel the need to escape, remember you now have the means to defend yourself and to flee without a wand. If you need to escape, think of a place you feel safe and let your magic guide you. If you use this gift, I shall know and be with you instantly to take you somewhere nobody you don't want to find you can reach." Fawkes said, attempting to reassure his young charge. He could tell something about this 'Marge' scared Harry greatly.

"Thank you, Fawkes. I really appreciate all your help. I know there must be so much more to learn and don't want to think about what could have happened if you hadn't started teaching me." Harry said with a shudder. During a few of the nights Fawkes didn't train Harry, he would have nightmares of losing control of the flames he had been learning to control, of hurting those he cared about.

"Fear not Hatchling, you can always call for me to aid you. The fire that burns within you will only hurt those who try to hurt you or those you protect. They are apart of you, just like your friends. And your right, what you have learned is still but an ember of the true brilliance of your gift. When you truly master your gift, you will shine brilliantly." Fawkes said, before wishing him pleasant sleep and a happy birthday.


When Harry woke up, he called for Dobby and explained what was going to happen. Dobby's ears drooped but he nodded sadly. "Dobby understands, Master Harry. He will do as Master Harry says. May Dobby still bring you your breakfast and dinner?" Dobby responded. The look of fragile hope as he asked Harry about his usual meals was almost heart breaking. "Of course, Dobby. Don't worry, she won't be here long. She'd have to pay a fortune for someone to look after all her dogs if she's here for too long." Harry answered, putting a hand on Dobby's shoulder.

Dobby bowed and popped away. Less than a minute latter he was back with Harry's breakfast. Next to the tray he placed a small pile of packages from his friends and Hogwarts. Harry opened the package from Ron first and found a birthday card and present wrapped in gold. The birthday card held a letter and a news clipping; the clipping showed the Weasleys in Egypt and the letter apologized for getting him in trouble with the phone call and describing his vacation, in the present was a pocket sneakascope for detecting if someone untrustworthy is around. Also, that they would be returning the last week of August to do their school shopping. Next was Hermione's, she sent Harry a card and present, the present was a broom servicing kit. Neville sent Harry a card and a potted luminescent bush sprout, the card saying when the bush grew its leave had fascinating magical properties. Luna sent a card and a magical photograph of where they were searching, moving in the bushes was something that Luna had talked a lot about, much to Hermione's annoyance, a crumbled horned Snorkack. Harry stared in surprise at the creature then read the card, he had to force himself not to laugh loudly at what was written: I KNEW THEY WERE REAL! I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW HERMIONE! On the other side from the message in the card was another magical photo, this one of Luna smiling brightly and holding the little creature like a teddy bear. Finally, he opened the package with the Hagrid's untidy scrawl and a Hogwarts letter tied to it. He put the letter aside so he could see the package first, when he started opening it, it started shaking, once it was unwrapped it was a bound copy of a living book; The Monster Book of Monsters, and a note from Hagrid wishing him well and stating the book will come in handy this coming year. The Hogwarts letter was the standard yearly letter; the train leaves at 11 am on the 1st of September from platform 9 3/4, the yearly booklist, and a reminder for third years to have their permission slips for Hogsmeade village trips signed.

Harry once again asked him to join him, causing the elf to smile and thank Harry for his kindness. After they ate Dobby disguised himself to look like Harry once more and went to make the Dursleyes their breakfast. Once he was done, he popped off to Hogwarts to find Fawkes. After Harry finished eating, he wrote a letter to Neville explaining the situation. He asked Hedwig to deliver it for him. She was thrilled to; she hadn't been very used that month with Harry being away most of the day. She gave Harry a loving nip and flew off to deliver the letter.

Once Hedwig was on her way and he could hear the Dursleys eating their breakfast Harry left the room to get started on the small list of chores. He worked until lunch when Aunt Petunia called him in to make lunch for herself and Dudley, Uncle Vernon had gone to fetch Marge from the train station and would be back at roughly three o'clock. As he opened the fridge to get started a large stack of sandwiches appeared along with two tuna sandwiches and a goblet of pumpkin juice. Harry just shook his head with a smile and silently thanked Dobby.

After lunch Harry finished the chores and took a quick shower to look presentable when Aunt Marge arrived. Just after Harry had gotten dressed, he heard the front door open and Uncle Vernon announcing they were home. Marge called out for Dudley and found him in the family room watching T.V., the News was breaking in again about the escape of a convicted murder on the loose. She pulled him into a hug and pinched his cheeks, Dudley squirming trying to see the show. Harry walked down and as soon as Marge saw Harry she scowled and turned her nose up at him, Ripper growling.

"Your still here, are you?" Marge asked. "Don't see why my brother even took you in, let alone kept you. If you had been left on my doorstep you'd have been in an orphanage by sundown." She said with a sneer. Ripper eyed his favorite chew toy, Harry's leg, but knew he had to wait.

"It's been more tolerable since I only have to deal with him for two months, now that he's in secondary school. St. Brutus's is a first-rate institution for hopeless cases like him." Uncle Vernon said, looking around nervously; odd things kept happening this summer when he talked about Harry, he had no idea why… Nothing went flying at him, but he did feel the temperature starting to rise. "Good disciplinary school, not afraid to use the rod."

"Good, can't stand all this ~namby-pamby, wishy-washy nonsense about not hitting people who deserve it. A good thrashing is what's needed in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred. Have you been beaten often~, boy?" Barked Aunt Marge towards Harry.

~ "Oh, yeah," said Harry, "loads of times." ~

~Aunt Marge narrowed her eyes. ~

~ "I still don't like your tone, boy," she said. "If you can speak of your beatings in that casual way, they clearly aren't hitting you hard enough. Petunia, I'd write if I were you. Make it clear that you approve the use of extreme force in this boy's case." ~

Harry was starting to get annoyed, but could feel the temperature rising and knew he had to control his anger. He used what Fawkes had been teaching him and focused on a small, even, flame. The heat in the room returned to near normal and Harry returned his outer focus to Aunt Marge.

Seeing that hadn't gotten Harry to react as she'd hoped, so continued. "Away with you boy, get back to your chores. Do what your told or I'll lock you outside with Ripper." Ripper barked and growled excitedly. Aunt Marge looked towards the television as the News bulletin flashed again about escaped convict Sirius Black. ~…The public is warned that Black is armed and extremely dangerous. A special hot line has been set up, and any sighting of Black should be reported immediately. ~ "Best be careful out there boy, they don't say where he escaped from, but from the look at that mug I'd say he's mad as a hatter." Aunt Marge said before waddling towards the kitchen for a spot of tea.


The rest of the day Marge would snipe at Harry, Harry would focus on keeping his temper so as not to burn the house down. Harry was very stressed when he was finally able to escape to his room after making dinner; the entire time Harry was cooking, Marge was running her mouth at the table drinking wine, by the time dinner was ready the wine had boiled in her glass and shattered it. Marge played it off as having a firm grip. Dobby popped in with Harry's dinner and a calming drought, "I could feel your anger from Hogwarts, Master Harry. Dobby wishes he could help." Harry smiled tiredly at his little friend and invited him to sit for dinner.

That night after telling Fawkes about his day they focused on meditation, to help Harry keep calm around Marge. After hearing what his day was like after Marge arrived Fawkes was very concerned. Once Harry was in a meditation Fawkes eyes darkened from the rage, he felt towards the one who harassed his charge, thinking darkly it will be a miracle if Harry's control lasts the week. He pushed those thoughts aside and joined Harry in meditation for the remainder of the night.


The weekend continued along the same line as Saturday afternoon. By Monday the house thermostat was a steady 10 degrees hotter than usually kept, despite multiple attempts to cool the house down. Harry was doing everything he could to keep his cool, while Aunt Marge did her best to make him snap. Dudley just stood around watching in amusement when he wasn't out terrorizing the neighborhood with his gang, his wallet bulging from all the pounds Aunt Marge kept slipping him. Uncle Vernon sweated buckets following his sister around. Aunt Petunia had a constant look of fear and disgust as Ripper turned her clean house upside down, Aunt Marge constantly dropping little treats for him. It came to a head that evening at dinner.

The Dursleys were at the dinner table drinking and watching a small kitchen television while Harry had once again cooked dinner. Aunt Petunia was drinking coffee while Aunt Marge and Uncle Vernon were drinking brandy while Dudley drank milk and gobbled down a pie after dinner. Aunt Marge intentionally spilling some for Ripper to lick up, much to Aunt Petunia's dismay. Aunt Marge, on her third glass already, was rambling on about her dogs and sniping at Harry. Once dinner was finished off before Harry could get to the table Aunt Marge, deep into her sixth glass, patted her belly and belched.

"Marvelous meal, Petunia." Aunt Marge said, completely ignoring that it was Harry that did the cooking. Seeing Dudley belch contently she winked at him and said, ~ "You'll be a proper sized man, Dudders, like your father." ~ Then she looked over at Harry with a glare. His stomach clenched and he felt the room raise another five degrees. ~ "This one here's got a mean, runty look about him. You get that with dogs. I had Colonel Fubster drown one last year. Ratty little thing it was. Weak. Underbred." ~

Harry focused on the candle in his mind, trying to remain calm.

~ "It all comes down to blood, as I was saying the other day. Bad blood will out. Now, I'm saying nothing against your family, Petunia" – she patted Aunt Petunia's bony hand with her shovel-like one – "but your sister was a bad egg. They turn up in the best families. Then she ran off with a wastrel and here's the result right in front of us." ~

Harry focused on his mental exercise but could hear a loud whooshing sound, like the flames of a raging fire. Aunt Marge's voice boomed over the whooshing sound, her voice like a sonorous.

~ "This Potter," said Aunt Marge loudly, seizing the brandy bottle and splashing more into her glass and over the tablecloth, "you never told me what he did?"

Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia were looking extremely tense. Dudley had even looked up from his pie to gape at his parents.

"He – didn't work," said Uncle Vernon, with half a glance at Harry. "Unemployed."

"As I expected!" said Aunt Marge, taking a huge swig of brandy and wiping her chin on her sleeve. "A no-account, good-for-nothing, lazy scrounger who –"

"He was not," said Harry suddenly. The table went very quiet. Harry was shaking all over. He had never felt so angry in his life.

"MORE BRANDY!" yelled Uncle Vernon, who had gone very white. He emptied the bottle into Aunt Marge's glass. "You, boy," he snarled at Harry. "Go to bed, go on –"

"No, Vernon," hiccupped Aunt Marge, holding up a hand, her tiny bloodshot eyes fixed on Harry's. "Go on, boy. Proud of your parents, are you? They go and get themselves killed in a car crash (drunk, I expect) –"

"They didn't die in a car crash!" said Harry, who found himself on his feet.

"They died in a car crash you nasty, little liar, and left you to be a burden on their decent, hardworking relatives!" screamed Aunt Marge, swelling with fury. "You are an insolent, ungrateful little –" ~

That had finally done it, Harry's anger slipped from his control. The room around him began to heat to uncomfortable levels, climbing 40 degrees. The stove, which was still hot from cooking dinner for his relatives caught fire. "Shut up, you big fat bag of hit air!" Harry yelled. With that subconscious direction his magic struck out at Aunt Marge, making her swell up like a hot air balloon. She lifted out of her chair and started floating along the ceiling towards the kitchen door.

Ripper took this as an attack on his owner and charged at Harry. He went for his favorite target, just about the ankle, and bit hard enough to draw blood. As soon as Ripper tasted Harry blood, he also tasted something different from before, something that made him let go, vomit, then stagger from the room. Harry looked down at the bite and it was already healing.

Harry looked back to the Dursley's and Aunt Marge, they were all sweating profusely and looked ready to pass out from the heat in the room. For a moment Harry thought about leaving them like this, with the burning stove, but couldn't bring himself to let them die due to his anger. Horrible or not, they were still family. He concentrated on the temperature in the room and brought it back down to a normal summer temperature, then turned his attention to the stove. The fire that had been starting to spread reduced to the size and heat of a candle, then went out. Harry decided it was time for him to leave before either the Dursleys recovered or the Ministry turned up to investigate the obviously large amount of magic that had just occurred.

As Harry was leaving the kitchen to go collect his things Dobby popped in looking panicked. "Master Harry, you need to leave. The magic you used was stronger than what I could do. The Ministry will be here soon and I hear noises in the distance. I packed you stuff in this trunk and Hedwig is out hunting, hurry." Before Harry could say anything, Dobby popped away. Left with little choice Harry walked out the front door.

Harry had a rough plan; he would walk quickly till he was several streets away from the Dursley's then call the Knight Bus, he would then go to Neville's so he could have a safe place to plan his next move. He obviously couldn't go back to the Dursley's, that was an inferno waiting to happen, but he needed time to think. As he was passing Magnolia Crescent he slowed to a stop, 'This should be far enough.' Harry thought to himself. As Harry pulled his wand out to summon the bus, he sensed something was off. He looked around, his eyes shifting slightly to improve his sight with true sight, and then he noticed something standing in the narrow gap between garage and the fence behind him. Whatever it was, it was shrouded with the same strange magic he noticed on Ron's rat before school let out.

Harry used his wand to cast Lumos and a beam of light shot from his wand into the narrow gap. What he saw looked to be a great big dog, with mangy black hair and big gleaming eyes. The dog, whatever its true nature was, was clearly magical as magic danced about it. When it saw that it had been noticed it charged at Harry.

As the dog charged at Harry, he tried to draw on his magic to protect him by striking the charging beast. However, his magic was reluctant to strike, impressing on Harry that something wasn't right, that the dog would not harm him. When he couldn't protect himself by attacking the charging dog Harry had an overpowering urge to get away. He thought of what Fawkes had told him on his birthday, "If you need to escape, think of a place you feel safe and let your magic guide you." Harry thought about Neville's home, of needing to get to safety at Neville's home. His magic flared and in a flash of fire Harry disappeared from Magnolia Crescent.

The dog skidded to a stop and blinked in surprise. It sniffed the air where the young wizard had been and recoiled in surprise. One thought ran through its mind. "Pup?!"


Moments latter Harry arrived at Longbottom Hall in a flash of flames, still simmering, on the front lawn. As Harry was attempting to get his bearings another flash of flame appeared in the air and Fawkes arrived. "Fawkes," Harry called out mentally, while needing to take a moment to release his true sight.

"I am here Harry, just as I said I would be if you ever felt the need to Flame to safety. Now that you have done so, I will take you to true safety." Fawkes said as he circled Harry before landing on his shoulder. With a nod from Harry, Fawkes Flamed them away.


When they arrived, Harry stumbled before seeing where they were. In front of him there was a golden gate attached to a long silver fence that stretched on in either direction for half a mile before being lost in trees. On the gate there was a Crest, depicting a phoenix in flight about a griffin with large oak trees on either side. Beyond the gate stood a massive, in Harry's opinion, manor; standing three floors tall and standing half a mile wide from the front. The wood appeared to be the same as the trees around the manor, strong dark oak. The front door was a massive double door and there were at least 10 windows on either side of the door along the manor, each floor had similar window layout with a large window on the second and third floor above the front door. Behind Harry and Fawkes rested a meadow of wild flowers about 30 feet wide before the view was blocked by more large oak trees.

"Where are we, Fawkes?" Harry asked as he looked around them in wonder while feeling something he only dimly felt at Hogwarts.

"Welcome Harry, to Potter Manor. Your families' ancestral home. I wanted to bring you here as soon as your gift started to develop, but certain parties needed to remain unaware for your safety. Albus has the best of intentions but he has plans for you and watches the wards he placed on your relatives' home closely. There are those in the Ministry who would use tonight to restrict or imprison you, labeling you as dark, evil, or a half-breed; an irritating toad that works there would love to label you as such. The death eaters who bought their freedom continue to poison the Ministry, lining the right pockets." Fawkes said explained. "Only a Potter can open the gate, as it was sealed when you parents left to go into hiding. Before you ask, sadly I don't know why your parents chose to hide in Godric's Hollow, I can only speculate it was to protect the Manor."

Harry nodded and stepped forward. As he approached the gate Harry felt like it was judging him, determining if Harry was a Potter. When Harry got to the gate it was practically humming, he put his hands on either side of the Crest but the gate didn't budge. Then touched the Crest and his magic flared. When Harry's magic settled the gate stopped humming and slowly swung inwards; despite years of disuse the hinges sang of good care. Five minutes latter Harry was standing in front of the massive front door. As Harry opened the door the lights in the entry hall came on and an old house elf popped in front of him, dressed in a red tunic, black pants and a gold sash. "Welcome home to Potter Manor, Master Harry. My name is Tomsy, I be the Head Elf for the Potter Family." Harry and Fawkes entered the Manor, following Tomsy to the first-floor lounge.

While Tomsy popped away to get food and tea for Harry, Harry told Fawkes what happened that night to make him leave the Dursley's and then scared him into Flaming to Neville's. Needless to say, Fawkes was less than pleased with the Dursleys and furious with this 'Aunt Marge'. He complimented Harry on his control and self-restraint, saying others could easily have chosen otherwise. He was concerned and confused when Harry told him about the strange magic that the dog let off and said he would think about it, his immediate thought was troublesome but he didn't want to scare Harry any more tonight.

After Tomsy returned, leaving Harry grilled fish with mashed potatoes and several rolls, tea, and a tray for Fawkes with chopped fish and a dish of amber liquid Harry couldn't identify, Tomsy popped away to continue his duties. They talked on lighter subjects while they ate in apparent silence. Once they were done eating Fawkes sang out and Tomsy appeared to lead Harry to the Master bedroom before Fawkes flamed out, promising to return tomorrow so they could plan what to do next.


In the morning Dobby woke Harry up with breakfast. "Dobby very sorry Master Harry, for panicking last night. Dobby just wanted Master Harry safe. Dobby wanted to punish himself for last night but couldn't because Master Harry said not to." Dobby said through tears, pulling at his ears. "Its ok, Dobby. I'm not upset you were scared, its natural. Please stop pulling at your ears." Harry said, trying to calm his little friend, finishing a little firmly. Just them Tomsy popped in to see what the commotion was about.

"Who be you?" Tomsy asked as soon as he saw Dobby. "I be Dobby, Master Harry Potters' personal elf. Who be you?" Dobby replied. "I be Tomsy, Head Elf of the Potter Family." Tomsy replied firmly. Harry sensing trouble intervened, "I hope there isn't going to be any trouble between you too. Tomsy; Dobby went against his family to try to save me last year at Hogwarts, at he end of the year I freed him from his abusive last family and he bonded to me and has been of great service all summer. Dobby; I'm currently at Potter Manor and Tomsy is the head elf here, you can still be my personal elf but get along with Tomsy and do what he says. I don't want you two fighting, understand." Both elves nodded, Dobby beaming with pride.

While Harry ate his breakfast, Tomsy took Harry's measurements and popped away to get new clothes for him and a Potter elf uniform for Dobby. When he returned, he laid out Harry's clothes; a long sleeve silk shirt with several shades of red ranging from deep maroon to apple, with emerald green and gold trim, blue jeans, and dragon hide boots. For Dobby he set a red tunic with black pants, and a silver sash. On the back of Dobby's new tunic was the Potter Crest with L.P.E. right beneath it, Tomsy's had the Potter Crest on his back with H.E. beneath, to signify he was the Head Elf while Dobby was the Lords Personal Elf.

While Harry was getting dressed Dobby reminded him about meeting the goblins. "If I could advise Master Harry, send Dobby to set up an appointment for today and request direct transport to the bank, its never wise to be late to meet the goblins, being delayed is still being late." Tomsy said. Harry said it was a good idea and sent Dobby. By the time Dobby returned, Harry was done getting dressed and down stairs for a cup of morning tea. Dobby handed Harry a Galleon and said, "Master Harry's appointment is at 8:30 with your account manager, Goldclaw. The Galleon is charmed as a timed Portkey to take you to room nears the lobby at 8:20." Harry nodded and checked a nearby clock, it was currently 7:45 so Harry put the Galleon in his pocket and finished his tea.

When Harry was done with his tea, he decided to explore the manor, he would have Tomsy give him a tour later that day after he was done with the bank. After several minutes of wandering he found his way to the library, what he saw astounded him. While Longbottom Hall's library was large, it was all on one floor, Potter Manor's library was two floors tall with a reading area at each cardinal positional in the room on both floors. In the center of the room was a pedestal with a large old leather-bound book on it, inside the book were a list of subjects and book names that had been crossed out, on the last of the written pages there were several names that were not crossed out. Harry felt he had the general idea of its purpose but would wait to ask Tomsy about it, he would also ask about the books that were not crossed out. As Harry closed the large book, he saw a grandfather clock next to a nearby shelf, its hands showed it to be 8:15.

Harry excited the library and made his way towards the front of the manor, feeling it wouldn't be proper leaving the manor from the library. As he walked, he called for Tomsy and let him know what was going on and asked to be given a tour of the manor when he returned. Tomsy bowed as he walked and got the door for Harry as they neared it. As is turned 8:19 Dobby popped to Harry's side and offered him a cloak with the Potter Crest brazened on it and a dragon hide wand holster for his wand. When Harry asked where he got the wand holster Dobby said it was in the armory.

At precisely 8:20 the portkey activated and Harry felt a pull behind his naval. After spinning for several seconds, he came to a sudden stop in a marble room, flat on his face. When Harry heard a quite snickering, he got to his feet and saw a goblin waiting for him by the door, smirking. After dusting himself off he walked over to the waiting goblin and passed him the portkey Galleon and a second Galleon. "Thank you for the service of a portkey sir, I have an appointment with my account manager in ten minutes, might I get directions."

The goblin stood there for a moment shocked, not many wizards were this polite to them. "Of course, sir, that is why I was waiting for you. If you would follow me, I shall escort you to your meeting." The goblin answered, taking the portkey and pocketing the tip. He led Harry out one of the two unmarked doors, Harry assumed the other led to the main lobby. After walking for nine minutes, taking several turns at blank walls, they arrived at a door marked ACCOUNT MANAGER GOLDCLAW. The goblin that guided him knocked three times and when Goldclaw called to enter, he bowed and left.

Harry entered the door and quickly glanced around, the room was decorated with weapons mounted on the wall, a dark lacquered mahogany desk, with large comfortable looking chairs on either side. Seated behind the desk was an older goblin with salt-and-pepper hair in a suit that wouldn't look out of place in Barclays. Harry noted with some amusement that Goldclaws nails actually appeared to be golden. The goblin gave Harry an annoyed look and he moved to have a seat across from Goldclaw. "Thank you for meeting with me today, Mr. Goldclaw." Harry said.

"Of course, Mr. Potter. Now we have a few things we must discuss before we talk about the audit of your account." Goldclaw said, his eyes hardening some while he talked. "Gringotts has attempted to reach you multiple times over the years, why are you only now coming in. When you did come in, it was to pull money from you trust vault and then immediately left, I had left instructions for you to be brought to me when you came to collect your funds for school materials. The next year you were accompanied by the Weasley matriarch and her children and left the bank even faster. This year, you sent a house elf to make a withdrawal for you and inquire about an audit. Mr. Potter, tell me, why is this the first time we're meeting and why have you not responded to any of our mail?" Goldclaw inquired, growing increasing agitated.

Harry was stunned for a moment before, like with Hermione when she rapid shot questions, he began responding to the statements and questions. "The first mail I ever received was my Hogwarts acceptance letter, which was taken from me before I could read it by my Uncle, one week before my eleventh birthday. The first time I visited was on my eleventh birthday to collect funds for my school supplies, I was escorted by Rubeus Hagrid and brought down to the vault by a goblin named Griphook; once we visited my vault we went to vault 713 for Professor Dumbledore and then left to get my supplies, no one informed me you requested my presence. My second visit I was taken to get my second-year supplies by Mrs. Weasley, the goblin that escorted us did not give his name; we visited my vault first and I rushed to fill my pouch so as not to make the Weasleys feel uncomfortable, given there was so much in there and the Weasleys are so poor, we were then taken to the Weasley's vault where she withdrew everything I could see, after she was done we were taken back to the lobby and exited the bank, again with nobody stopping us to say you wanted a word with me, Mr. Goldclaw. At the end of my second-year, I rescued Dobby from an abusive master and he bonded himself to me, which allowed me to take him back to my relatives this summer and a means to visit Diagon Alley without and escort or time constraint; until yesterday evening I could not break away from my relatives so sent Dobby to withdraw money so that I could make non-school purchases such as clothes and reading material, Dobby returned with the money I asked him to retrieve and a request to meet you on or shortly after the 31st of July. On the 31st of July my Aunt Marge arrived at my relatives' house and I was unable to get away, she has always been particularly aggressive towards me and the missive I got from the Ministry only allowed for Dobby to defend me against my immediate family, who are aware of and hate magic. Yesterday evening my Aunt Marge was rather drunk and very vindictive for me challenging what Uncle Vernon always said about my parents; he always said my father was a jobless drunk bum, my mother was a drunk whore, and they died in a car crash leaving me with my Aunt Petunia and him, a worthless miscreant freak that according to him and his sister should have been drowned at birth."

Harry couldn't keep his anger in full control when he got to the part with the Dursleys, his eyes glowed, his magic flared, and the temperature in the room jumped fifty degrees. When Harry noticed the goblin slowly reaching under the table, he realized his temper had gotten away from him, he closed his eyes half way and visualized the flame of his emotion, currently a raging fire, and forced the flame to recede and with it his temper. When Harry was finished getting his fire under control he sagged slightly and the room started to cool. After a moment to center himself he focused on Goldclaw and saw a he had brought a set of golden claws out from under his desk, the edges of the blades glowing with an enchantment of some sort. "My apologies Mr. Goldclaw, I should not have lost control of my anger. Yesterday evening I left my relatives house after losing control of my anger and inflating Aunt Marge. After I was several blocks from their house, I was about to call the Knight Bus when a magical dog of some sort charged at me from an alley and I panicked, flaming to Longbottom Hall. Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix, has been training me since I started manifesting phoenix magic, he accidently gifted me with."

"This is quite troubling. Your anger towards your relatives and this 'Marge' seems to be well justified, but keep that temper on a tight leash or you might not make it out of Gringotts alive. It would seem you were blocked from visiting me for some reason. You received no mail before your Hogwarts letter, none from your own kind? You should have gotten lots of mail from witches and wizards after you killed Voldemort." Said Goldclaw, still tense from Harry's flare-up.

"No sir, none since I can remember. I had a hard time just getting the Hogwarts letter, my Uncle confiscated and destroyed all the Hogwarts letters that got sent, while more kept coming daily. Now that I think about it, that was quite reckless of Hogwarts, there were dozens of owls perching on or near the house. The day before my Uncle decided to try running from them dozens of letters came shooting out of the chimney. I'm surprised the Ministry didn't intervene."

"Ministries a bunch of pompous fools with few who aren't idiots or corrupt. Someone was most likely paid to look the other way, I'm sure more than a couple thought it was funny. Anyway, it sounds like someone put up a mail redirection ward around you, probably whoever put you with your relatives. If so, there should have been a registering of that. The fact there isn't means it's either illegal, some ones taking a bribe or never filed it. You don't mess with a wizards male, especially not Gringotts mail."

"How did I receive a notice of underage magic if all the mail gets redirected?" Harry asked, annoyed that someone had apparently stolen his mail. "Whoever set it up must have taken it down or modified it once you started receiving you Hogwarts letters. I'd rager most people gave up writing you by then if they didn't get a response; if you ever find that mail, I'd advise responding to them as soon as possible." Harry gave a firm nod and put it on his mental list of things to look into.

"It would seem you were not ignoring us, but were truly unreachable. I shall have to look into why no one informed you when you entered or left before, I'll certainly be having words with Griphook after we're done here today." Goldclaw stated, the smirk on his face when he mentioned having words with Griphook made him almost feel sorry for the goblin, his day was about to get a lot tougher.

"Now, the reason you came, the audit of House Potter's account. We shall start with the liquid assets such as Galleons, Sickles, Knuts, British Pounds, US Dollars, stocks, and investments. We will then move on to heirlooms, businesses and properties. Your trust vault, which is all you are able to redraw from until you take up you Head of House ring, has been refilled to 10,000 Galleons, 1,000 Sickles, 1,000 Knuts as of the 31st of July, as it was set up to automatically refill to that amount yearly when the vault was set up on August 3rd 1980. The Family vault currently sits at 15,000,000 Galleons, 50,000 Sickles, 50,000 Knuts, 4,500,000 pounds and 6,000,000 US dollars. Current interest income comes to 100,000 Galleons, 50,000 Sickles, 50,000 Knuts, 250,000 Pounds, and 300,000 US Dollars due to various stocks, investments, businesses, and rented property. The heirlooms range from several types of precious gems, jewelry, furniture, and documents of moderate too significant importance to the history of the House." At this Goldclaw passed Harry a stack of parchment with what was listed as heirlooms. Hundreds of cut gems of varying quality, a list of the various pieces of jewelry in the vaults collection, lists of various pieces of furniture, and a chronological list of documents.

They then moved on to the various investments, properties, and businesses the Potters were invested into or owned out right. Properties all over the world, several businesses owned or partially owned in both the magical and muggle world. Harry could admit, if only to himself, he didn't know what most of the places or businesses were but some stuck out; most of the stores currently in Diagon Alley had at least 15% ownership, several like the bookstore, Flourish and Blotts, Quality Quidditch, and the Magical Menagerie had 30% ownership, and 40% of The Daily Prophet. One of the Muggle businesses that stuck out though was Grunnings, full ownership. "Am I able to influence any of these or do I need to wait till I'm Head of House?" Harry asked.

Goldclaw looked over to see what Harry was on when he asked and then checked his copy of the accounts. While he was turning the pages he said, "As heir, you are able to make small deals with advisement, larger deals need a sign off by me or the Head of House. Grunnings, here we are. Your father bought the business and left a note in the file; for good will and leverage with sister in law, Petunia Dursley, trump card against Vernon. Looks like you father bought this to keep your Uncle in line and Vernon is either unaware of this or thinks you'll never find out. What are you wanting to do Mr. Potter?"

"I think he needs a reminder about who owns his company. I don't want to close them down, why punish the lot for the actions of one walrus. I have a form he needed to sign but didn't, if he wants to keep his job, arrange for him to sign." As soon as Harry finished talking Dobby popped in with the Hogsmeade permission form, bowed and popped away. Harry just shook his head and chuckled. He handed the form to Goldclaw, who read it and laughed. 'This heir Potter is proving most interesting and amusing.' "Easily handled, Mr. Potter." Goldclaw said, putting the parchment to a clear spot on the desk reserved for new parchment work. "Any other changes you'd like to discuss?" "Not that I can see, but I might want to look into investing in The Quibbler, I've gotten to know the owner's daughter and she says good things about the paper."

Goldclaw nodded and made a note, he could see potential on several angles with that request. "Is there anything else I should know, Mr. Goldclaw? I would like to get some shopping done since I'm in the Alley, so I'll need to visit my trust Vault before I leave." Harry said.

"I think that will be all for today, Mr. Potter. I shall escort you to the carts, I have business that way now anyway." Goldclaw replied as he quickly put his desk back in order and the Potter accounts back in his desk drawer, then locking the desk. As they walked towards the carts Goldclaw told Harry about a couple of times Harry's father had to come in and Harry listened eagerly, he always loved hearing about what his father got up to. When they reached the carting area Goldclaw ordered one of the younger goblins manning the station to take Harry down to his vault. Once Harry was speeding along the tracks Goldclaw went in search of Griphook.

When Harry got to his vault, he started to load his money bag, counting as he went. Now that he knew how much he had and that it would refill he wasn't afraid to take what he wanted. He would still try not to waste it, but he knew he didn't need to hold back. He loaded his bag with 2,000 Galleons, 100 Sickles, and 100 Knuts, he figured that should more than cover anything he could possibly want in the Alley and plenty to spend in Hogsmeade. As much as Harry knew Vernon hated him, he knew Vernon liked his job and way of life more. His bag filled to capacity; Harry headed back to the lobby for a day of shopping.

His first stop was Flourish and Blotts to grab his school books and see what books there were on him and his family, like Dumbledore advised. ~ As Harry entered Flourish and Blotts, the manager came hurrying towards him. "Hogwarts?" he said abruptly. "Come to get your new books?"

"Yes," said Harry, "I need – "

"Get out of the way," said the manager impatiently, brushing Harry aside. He drew on a pair of very thick gloves, picked up a large, knobbly walking stick, and proceeded toward the door of the Monster Books' cage.

"Hang on," said Harry quickly, "I've already got one of those."

"Have you?" A look of enormous relief spread over the manager's face. "Thank heavens for that. I've been bitten five times already this morning –"

A loud ripping noise rent the air; tow of the Monster Books had seized a third and were pulling it apart.

"Stop it! Stop it!" cried the manager, poking the walking stick through the bars and knocking the books apart. "I'm never stocking them again, never! It's been bedlam! I thought we'd seen the worst when we bought two hundred copies of the Invisible Book of Invisibility – cost a fortune, and we never found them…. Well… is there anything else I can help you with?" ~

"Yes, actually I'm here for my third-year course books." Harry said, pulling out his book list. "I need Intermediate Transfigurations, The Standard Book of Spells Grade Three, The Essential Defense Against the Dark Arts, Ancient Runes Made Easy, Rune Dictionary, Magical Hieroglyphs and Logograms, Spellman's Syllabary, and Numerology and Grammatica. If you could, I would also like any books you have the history of the Potters, I'd like to learn about my family." The manager nodded, then did a double take when he mentioned his family. He did the usual quick look to the forehead to see the scar, which even though everything else healed the lightning bolt scar remained. He took Harry to an aisle he kept most books written about Harry Potter on, near the end was books about the Potters.

Harry looked at these books while the manager went to collect his books, he was really clad not to need to deal with the Monster Books. There were several books that caught his eye, he grabbed a few about his Grandfather, Fleamont Potter, and his Great Grandfather, Henry Potter, and went to find the manager. He caught up with him in an aisle with charms books in them when a magical glimmer caught his eye. He focused on his true sight and saw the outline of a box on-top of the shelf. "Sir, could someone have put that box of invisibility books on top of a shelf and forgotten about them? There is a slight shimmer on top of this shelf." The manager looked and when he used a detection charm, he was ecstatic, he grabbed the box and took it with the books he had already collected to the counter.

He rang Harry up for all his school books, then reached under the desk and pulled out an odd dusty book cover. He pulled one of the invisible books out and put it in the book cover, when it was in it became visible. "Mr. Potter I can not tell you how long I have been looking for these. To show my appreciation, I would like to give you a copy of The Invisible Book of Invisibility on us." Harry couldn't refuse so it got added to the stack of books, bagged, then shrunk. When he was done the Manager conjured a bright sheet of cloth and wrapped it around the invisible box grumbling about why whoever received the books didn't do this, forgetting that conjured items disappear after so long, then put it on a shelf behind the counter. Harry called Dobby to come collect the books then headed towards the door.

Harry exited the store and went exploring, buying school supplies as he walked up the alley. He saw several things that tempted him to spend his Galleons but resisted, he couldn't justify spending 10 Galleons on golden Gobstones. He did however indulge in an order of large glass balls with perfect, moving galaxies inside them, for himself and his friends. At 10 Galleons each he figured they would make great birthday or Christmas gifts and they would never have to take another Astronomy lesson. He bought half a dozen for himself, his friends, and the Weasley twins who he figured could share and would appreciate the help with the Astronomy O.W.L.

Between visiting the bank and his shopping, several hours had passed. Harry decided he would stop by the Leaky Cauldron for a bite of lunch before heading home. As he entered however he was met by the Minister of Magic, who immediately grabbed Harry and guided him through to a private parlor. "Thank Merlin I found you, Mr. Potter. I must say you gave us quite the scare. You really should not have run away from you relative's house; it was a simple matter to reverse that accidental enlargement charm and Obliviate miss Marjorie Dursley of the incident, no harm was done. Your relatives were understandably upset but agreed you may return next summer so long as you stay at school for the holidays and away for the remainder of the summer. Now, I've set you up with a room here and expect you to stay here for the remainder of the summer; there is a killer escaped from Azkaban, you shouldn't be by yourself."

When he finally finished talking Harry asked what had been bothering him since last night. "Am I in trouble for what happened last night? I knew when my Aunt arrived, she would insult and belittle me, so I sent Dobby away for the time she would be staying so he didn't get in trouble. When I got my temper back under control I knew when my relatives got their bearings, they would be positively murderous, so rather than wait for them to recover or someone to come take my wand I left, intending to take the Knight Bus but ended up making other arrangements." Harry didn't think he should tell the Minister about his ability to Flame.

Fudge looked briefly concerned but shook his head and smiled. "Now Harry, surely you must be exaggerating about your relatives expected reaction. No, neither you nor your house elf are in any trouble, accidental magic happens now and then and with the exception of your Uncle's sister they were all close family in the know. Give them time to calm down and you shouldn't have any trouble when you return after the school year. After all, we don't send people to Azkaban for enlarging relatives." Minister Fudge said, chuckling. "Stay in the Leaky Cauldron or Diagon Alley, and don't wander off into muggle London alone, and Ministry drivers will pick you up here to take you to Kings Cross on the first of September."

With that Minister Fudge walked out the door and Harry heard the Floo activate moments later. Tom came in and instructed Harry to follow him to an upstairs room. "The pub kitchen is open for lunch, can I get you anything, Mr. Potter?" "Some pea soup and some grilled cheese if its not too much trouble." Harry replied. "Of course, no trouble, I hope you'll enjoy your stay." Tom responded with a wide grin. Tom left and ten minutes later was back with Harry's food and a pitcher of pumpkin juice.


After Tom left again, Harry called Dobby and Tomsy to let them know what was going on. "If I could be making a suggestion Sir." Tomsy said carefully after Harry finished talking, Harry nodded and Tomsy continued. "You could go into the Ally for a bit each day, then come to Potter Manor after returning to this room. It would make it look like you were obeying the Minister but free to do as you please." After Tomsy was done Dobby raised his hand faster and more vigorously then Hermione during her first year, when Harry nodded to him, he said "Dobby could also be helping, like he did with Harry's relatives. Disguise my self as Master Harry and walk around, so Master Harry need not come." "Thank you for volunteering Dobby, but I think I'll go with Tomsy's suggestion. I might have you visit for me if I get busy or sick. No Dobby, Tomsy, I'm fine, no need to worry." Harry said, then had to calm both elves down when he mentioned getting sick.

He insisted both join him for lunch, then ordered them back to what they were doing. He then went back out into the Alley and explored for another hour before returning to his room. When he got back, he noticed the 'do not disturb' slip on the back of his door so moved that to the front of his door, he didn't want someone coming to the room expecting him to be there and raise alarms because he wasn't. Once that was done, he Flamed back to Potter Manor and called on Tomsy for a guided tour of the Manor.

Along with the library, Tomsy showed him the various rooms around the Manor such as; the lounges, the formal and informal dining room, the Ball room, separate rooms dedicated for potions, arithmancy, ancient runes, alchemy, divination, charms practice and transfiguration practice with each room having what Tomsy informed Harry was a self-updating index of the main library which listed the books and what they focused on for each branch of magic, an indoor exercise room, a meditation room, a game room, an indoor heated swimming pool with a jacuzzi and spa area, the kitchen where Harry was introduced to Maple, the elf in charge of cooking for the Manor, all on the first floor alone. On the second floor there were the guest rooms and a few for more lounges and a door to the second level of the library. The third floor held the Master Bedroom, the Lords private study with another complete index book along with separate collection of rare books, and the Portrait Gallery, Harry vowed to explore there when they were done with the tour because he knew there was a chance that he would be spending hours in there.

There was one floor beneath the first which contained a combat magic training room, an armory, storage, the Ward room, and a Silver door marked MAIORUM REQUIEM which Tomsy said was where the Potters cremated and entombed their dead with their wands before the urns. Harry and Tomsy bowed their heads towards the door and left it shut, Tomsy said as they returned up stairs "Usually the only time that door is opened is when someone joins their ranks or on Samhain, when any family living here goes and honors their ancestors." "What about when you elves die?" Harry asked, solemnly. "It depends on the family we serve. A lot of light aligned families bury their dead elves, usually near their own dead or in the gardens. I've heard some neutrally aligned families either bury their elves or simply vanish them, some give the elder elves clothes so they don't need to worry about what to do with them. The darker aligned I'm told sever and shrink their favored elves heads and use the body for potion and ritual ingredients, Master Sirius said distastefully his family displays the shrunken heads going up the staircase. Those that serve a location but no family such as Hogwarts, St. Mungo's, or Gringotts will their magic return to their home and join the ambient magic they served. The Potters have always been so good to us, there is a separate room in that chamber for all the Potter elves."

"Are my parents in there?" Harry asked. Tomsy looked to Harry sadly and shook his head. "They were buried away from here, against the wishes of the Will. They lay in the graveyard of Godric's Hollow." Harry shut his eyes so Tomsy didn't see how angry that answer made him, that they were laid to rest away from the Manor against their wishes, what else in their Will was ignored. Harry would have to see about that. He kept the anger from showing but couldn't stop the short but sudden temperature spike around him.

Tomsy then took Harry out back, hoping the gardens would help his young master's mood. He knew what that heat spike meant, sensed Harry was sad and angry. The garden was massive and colorful, flowers of all kinds with fountains designed as magical creatures and footpaths of several different colors which swirled around each other when the paths overlapped. The green path led towards a hedge maze visible at the other side of the gardens. The path that was as blue as the sunny sky led towards a quidditch pitch with several good condition brooms waiting in the equipment room to be used. The path that was ocean blue led to an outdoor pool and lounge area. There were several marble paths to various gazebos around the garden. The final path had Harry snickering while Tomsy giggled, understanding the joke, the path was golden and led to the green houses; clearly one of his recent ancestors was a fan of L. Frank Baum.

With the back yard explored, and Harry in a better mood, they returned to the house where Harry led them to the library so he Tomsy could hopefully answer some of his early questions. As Harry had assumed, the central book worked as a combined magical index and summoning tool; the user wrote the name of the book they were looking for or the what type of magic they were looking for, then the book summoned the books from the shelves and if the user used the second option the titles of the books summoned wrote themselves beneath the subject, to return the book to the shelves you crossed out the name. That told Harry there were books missing from the collection. "Tomsy, did anyone borrow books from the Potter library before my parents and grandparents died?" Tomsy looked shocked at that and checked the last page… and Harry learned a few new words before soap appeared out of nowhere and shoved itself into Tomsy's mouth. After spitting the soap out, Tomsy apologized. "Very sorrow Master Harry, one of the previous Lady Potters got tired of using the charm herself every time her children cursed so added the spell to the wards, whenever anyone uses bad language, they get their mouth washed with soap."

With that interesting tidbit to make him wary Harry ordered Tomsy to find the missing books and let him know who if anyone took them from the house. Tomsy bowed low and popped away. As it was nearly dinner Harry decided he would make his appearance at the Leaky Cauldron and have a light dinner, come home for a proper meal, then go to the Portrait Gallery. Harry called for Dobby to let him know then Flamed to his room at the Leaky Cauldron. A little wandering around the Alley and a light dinner of vegetable soap with his first butterbeer he returned to his room to Flame home. When he arrived, a very anxious Tomsy popped in before him.

"Very sorry, Master Harry, but Dobby and Maple are arguing in the kitchen. Dobby says you told him you would have dinner when you return and is trying to cook your food while Maple is being rather adamant about her role as Cook for the Potters." Harry sighed and started walking towards the kitchen. When he arrived, he was treated to a rather rare scene, two house elves screaming at each other, Harry felt sorry for any cats in the area.

Harry whistled loudly to get their attention. "Ok, that's enough. Maple, Dobby has been cooking my meals since he bonded with me almost two months ago so is used to cooking them. Dobby, Maple has a role she hasn't gotten to fill in nearly thirteen years, serving meals for the Potter family. Either let Maple cook, Dobby, or work with her rather than fighting." Harry explained in a calm, even, tone so the elves would hopefully see they weren't in trouble. Both elves blushed heavily and chorused, "Sorry Master Harry, yes Master Harry." As they got to work cooking together, Harry stepped back out of the room. Tomsy watched him go with pride for his young Master.

Harry went to the meditation room to relax until one of the elves appeared to let him know dinner was done. After fifteen minutes, Dobby popped in to let Harry know dinner was served in the informal dinning room, as Harry requested. Harry surprised all the elves but Dobby as he instructed all the elves to join him at the table for dinner. All the elves were uncomfortable until Dobby said, "Master Harry is always asking Dobby to join him for Dinner. He told me last month he didn't want me to just serve him, but be his friend and family. Master Harry is truly a wonderful Master." After that, the elves relaxed a bit and everyone enjoyed Maple and Dobby's delicious cooking."

After dinner was done, Harry didn't want to wait any longer, he went to the Portrait Gallery. When he got to the door he stopped, suddenly nervous. What did he really expect was in there, would he really be able to talk the portraits of his parents, grandparents, and would he have the strength to leave if he found them? Harry remembered how he felt sitting before the Mirror of Erised and how he felt after it had been moved. He took a deep breath to settle himself and opened the door.

As Harry walked in, he found portraits of old Potter Heads of House with their wives, or husbands in a few cases, along with plaques stating who they were and when they lived. He thought he saw a few shuffle about as he moved by but they all seemed to be asleep. When Harry neared the end of the Gallery more of the portraits seemed to wake up as he passed, they talked amongst themselves and started to wake the older portraits. Finally, Harry came to the one of his parents and grandparents, who had woken up from the commotion of the other elder Potters. "Mom, Dad?"

"Hello Harry, we've been waiting a long time to see you again." James Potter said, a broad smile on his face. "Oh, Harry. Look how much you've grown. Your turning into a handsome young man." Lily Potter said, a mother's love shining in her painted eyes. His grandparents, Fleamont and Euphemia Potter, greeted him with nods and beaming smiles. "I finally found my way here." Harry said, causing several of the nearby portraits to chuckle, snicker, and giggle.

Harry spent the next three hours there getting to know his family. Several minutes after finding his parents Dobby popped in with a comfortable chair from one of the lounges. As 9:30 rolled around Dobby popped in to let Harry know Fawkes had flamed into the entry hall and was asking for him. After saying good night to his parents, Harry left the Portrait Gallery and went down to the first floor to greet Fawkes. "Good evening, Fawkes. Welcome back."

"Good evening Harry, your looking well. I heard you visited the Alley this morning and got found by Minister Fudge. He turned up shortly after lunch to let Dumbledore know, he can be funny to watch at times but mostly he's annoying. What really happened?" Fawkes said, amusement and curiosity shining in his eyes.

"I went to the bank this morning to meet with my Account Manager, who apparently has been trying to reach me for years, so I could get a proper grasp of what I have. After I explained that I never received any mail before my Hogwarts letter and only letters from a select few and being escorted through the bank quickly he grouched about looking into it and moved on to explaining my estate to me. Apparently, I own the company my Uncle works for." Harry said with a smile. Fawkes laughed.

"After the bank I did some shopping, got my school supplies, and generally explored since I wasn't being rushed. It was nearly lunch time so I went to grab a bite at the Leaky Cauldron, as soon as I walked in the Minister grabbed me and took me to a side room. Said I wasn't in trouble and neither was Dobby, that they fixed the damage to the house and Marge, Obliviated her and made my relatives agree to let me come back next summer; as if I'm going back there willingly. Then he insisted I stay in a Ministry paid room at the Leaky till they pick me up on September First and not to go into muggle London." Harry continued, still annoyed with the Minister.

"Clearly you're not doing what the Minister thinks your doing." Fawkes said with a chuckle. "I assume you have a plan, Hatchling?" Fawkes was definitely amused with Harry's antics.

"Of course. Tomsy actually suggested it when I told him and Dobby about the situation. I'll Flame to my room in the Leaky Cauldron, eat a light meal, walk around Diagon Alley for an hour, return to the room, and Flame out back to the Manor. Then do the same several times a day. Dobby volunteered to do that for me but the Ministry might be watching for me using him like that so I'll just take care of it unless there is an emergency." Harry said, causing Fawkes to laugh. The fools would waste hours watching an empty room.

"I was just up in the Portrait Gallery getting to know my parents. They're both fun, I know they're just magical imprints of them but at least I can finally get to know them." Harry said. "So, what are you doing here? Won't the Headmaster know you've disappeared?"

"Not to worry Harry, Albus has gone to bed early tonight as he was up late last night trying to find you. He was making a Floo call when I came to get you so I only had until he finished. I wanted to discuss a new training schedule now that you're staying somewhere that's not being watched. I took Albus to Privet Drive so he could find out directly what happened and saw the kitchen, I think its time to start your real-world training along with your dream training. You did good raining in that stove fire, but the Dursleys showed signs of dehydration, we can't have you turning that lizard into a Mummy, now can we?" Fawkes said, mischief alight in his eyes as he referred to Harry's main nuisance, Draco Malfoy.

"No, I guess we can't. Besides, I might also catch Ron and Hermione in the heat wave with him." Harry said with a straight face.

"Well, we can't have that. As one of the ones watching over the school, I can't have you frying everyone who insults you. If the students turn against you like last year the whole school might go up in flames." Fawkes responded, only half joking. He really hoped he could get Harry sufficiently trained before the school learned the full truth behind the school motto; never tickle a sleeping dragon.

"If your agreeable, I would like to work with you three hours a night here after Albus goes to bed. So, on average, from 10 at night till 1 in the morning, then sleep training. I'd suggest getting an afternoon nap between lunch and dinner. If you want to inform those closest to you that's fine, I'd recommend not telling the red headed one until he returns, his mother has been known to intercept her hatchlings mail." Harry nodded and agreed not to tell Ron or Hermione just yet, he'd wait till he saw them at the end of the month. He'd probably visit with Neville tomorrow and Luna was due back any day now, he thought with a smile.

"Sounds like a good plan Fawkes. Thanks for all the training and help. Professor Dumbledore is lucky to have you watching over him." Harry responded, and bowed his head respectfully.

"Well then, lets head down to the training room and get started. Shall we?" Fawkes asked. Harry thought that seemed a little odd but started walking. While he walked with Fawkes perched on his shoulder Harry asked, "Fawkes, how do you know your way around here so well, and where this was when it was locked down?" Fawkes gave a nervous chuckle before responding, "I used to visit before your grandparents died. I've been around for a while and I'm usually on good terms with your family." Harry nodded, accepting his answer though thought it sounded like there was more to it.

They trained on Harry's control of his conjured fire. Given that it came from him, it was more responsive to his will. By the time they finished up near midnight Harry was able to change the shape of his fire with concentration. He was exhausted when Fawkes Flamed out and Harry climbed the stairs up to the Master Bedroom. He had, had a long and busy day and needed a rest, at least his dream training helped him wake feeling refreshed and part of the nightly training was meditation.

Harry climbed into bed after changing and was asleep as soon as his head it the pillow.

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