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Harry Potter and Fawkes Gift @rt89.2
Chapter 1 A New Friend

Harry Potter and Fawkes Gift

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling does. It would be awesome to meet her though.

A/N: Starts the day after Harry's battle with the basilisk.

Harry is thrashing about in bed, stuck in a nightmare of his fight with the basilisk. He it all so vividly; finding Ginny, confronting Tom Riddle, the basilisk being called, Fawkes showing up with the sorting hat and blinding the basilisk, the chase, drawing the sword, slaying the beast while stilling getting bit by the king of snakes, Fawkes tears healing the wound, stabbing the accursed diary of Tom M Riddle, flying out of the Chamber of Secrets while holding on to Fawkes.

Little does he realize the events in the chamber will change the course of his life forever. The phoenix tears Fawkes shed were still at work in his body, fixing all the damage that remained unhealed throughout his life; the near starvation growing up causing malnutrition, the beatings from Dudley and his gang all throughout primary school bruising bones, being force to live in the cupboard under the stairs for years with little room to grow and relax hurting his eyesight. All that damage was being fixed while Harry slept, numbing the pain of rapid muscle growth and poorly healed bones being repaired. The pain otherwise would be comparable to an Unforgivable the Longbottomes know all too well.

Harry eventually woke about eight that morning, feeling more tired than when he went to bed the night before. Everyone else had gone down to breakfast already, it was Monday morning and they still had classes even if the end of year exams were canceled for all non O.W.L. and N.E.W.T. students. Harry was about to get out of bed when all of a sudden Dobby appeared beside his bed.

"Dobby, what are you doing here? I thought I helped free you from the Malfoys yesterday?" Harry asked, surprised the to see the house elf again so soon.

"Great Harry Potter sir, Dobby does not have the words to thank youes with for freeing Dobby from bad masters." Dobby exclaims with tears in his eyes. His revere for the young wizard clear.

"Dobby must be apologizing Harry Potter sir, when youes freed me from old masters Dobby loosely bound himself to youes sir." Dobby said, head held low.

"But Dobby, why would you do that? I thought you wanted to be free." Harry questioned his little friend, surprised at what he had done.

"Oh, Harry Potter sir, Dobby did wish to be free but a house elf needs to be bound to a wizard or magical place to stay strong and healthy. Without the bond, we house elves would lose our magic and dies a slow painful death. That is why most house elves fear clothes, it is to be condemned to a slow death if we can not find a new master soon. Dobby knows Harry Potter sir is a good, kind, honorable wizard who would make a wonderful master who Dobby is proud to serve, unless youes don't want Dobby." Dobby finished with a look of fear towards Harry.

Harry was shocked to say the least. He couldn't believe what he was being told. Dobby had bound himself to Harry after being freed from the Malfoys without telling him, now was worried Harry wouldn't want him. He looked so scared Harry just couldn't stay mad at him, especially after what he had just learned.

"It's ok Dobby, I'll gladly take you if it means helping you." Harry said, Dobby started crying in happiness at once. "You said loosely, what do I need to do to except you?" Harry asked.

"Oh, thank you Harry Potter sir, all youes need to do is point your wand at me and state you claim me as your house elf. It would be a great honor to serve the Great Harry Potter sir."

"Very well," Harry stated, grabbing his wand from his night stand and pointing it at Dobby, "I claim you Dobby as my house elf."

There was a flash of white magic for a moment that surrounded them both for a few moments before it dissipated. Dobby quickly hugged Harry as hard as he could.

"Oh, thank you Master Harry Potter sir. Dobby will be a good elf for you."

"Ok Dobby, two things before we continue. First please just call me Harry, or Master Harry if you must. Second, you're not to punish yourself without my order. I remember you were quite creative with your punishments."

Dobby quickly agreed. "Thank you, Master Harry. Dobby will do as you ask of Dobby."

"Well, I had better get breakfast or I am going to be late for class." Harry stated, again about to get out of bed.

"Dobby will get your food while youes be getting dressed Master Harry." Dobby said as he disappeared with a light pop.

It was then Harry realized he didn't have his glasses on but could see perfectly fine. He got dressed while he waited for Dobby, wondering how his eyes had been healed. He also realized his clothes were a bit snug. He would have to try to get to Diagon Alley this summer to get some new clothes.

Just as Harry was finishing getting dressed Dobby popped back in with a tray of food; eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit, and toast with butter and jam.

Harry thanked Dobby and dug in, inviting Dobby to join him.

Dobby declined stating it wouldn't be proper with great shakes of his head, sending his ears flapping.

"Better hurry up. I don't want to be late for class. What was first period today?" Harry asked himself aloud.

"Noes need to hurry Master Harry sir; first period was Defense but was canceled because there is no professor right now after what happened to bad wizard Lockeehearts in the Chamber." Dobby explained while Harry ate.

"Next lesson is Charms the little professor, then a free period, lunch, and double transfigurations." Dobby listed off Harry's classes for the day as he stood by his bed.

"Dobby, how do you know what my classes for today are?" Harry asked, nearly done with the tray, surprised at how hungry he must have been.

"Dobby watched Master Harry all year long when old bad masters didn't need Dobby. Plus, it's a house elves duty to help their masters the best they can." Dobby said, looking a little embarrassed with a hint of pride.

"Well, I think I'll try to catch up to Ron and Hermione. She may have been healed yesterday but she is probably already hard at work in the library trying to catch up on what she missed." Harry said with a smirk, he was glad she was ok again.

"If Master Harry needs Dobby, hes just have to call for him and Dobby will apparate straight to youes." Dobby said, disappearing with a light pop.


As Harry was making his way down to the library he ran across a Ravenclaw girl that appeared to be in first year. Harry couldn't quite remember her name, not being at the sorting due to Dobby's 'help' and Ron's 'brilliant idea', but notice she seemed to be in a bit of distress.

"Hello, are you okay? Where are your shoes?" Harry asked the young girl with concern. She seemed to be missing her shoes and wore a strange necklace that looked like it was make from bottle caps. The first year looked at Harry warily for a few moments before answering.

"Oh, your Harry Potter. I am fine, the nargles are just hiding my things again." The young girl answered evasively. She seemed to be subtly looking around her as if she was scared.

"Well maybe I can help you find them, what your name?" Harry asked, a touch concerned with the subtle signs she was giving off. He looked where the girl seemed to be looking and could barely make out the outline of a cloak edging a corner in the hallway.

"My names Luna, Luna Lovegood. You can call me Luna if you want, but a lot of people have taken to calling me Looney Lovegood." Luna answered quietly, not taking her eye off the corner of the hall.

"Well, that's not very nice of people to call you that. Maybe I can help you find them." Harry said, now a bit worried for Luna. He noticed the cloak shuffle a bit.

"That would be wonderful, these stone floors are a bit hard cold." Luna said shyly.

"I'll help you then, and you can call me Harry, Luna." Harry said, extending his hand towards Luna palm up.

Luna took another look at the corner, hesitated a moment more, then shook Harry's hand, stepping close to him.

Harry started walking towards the corner, determined to see who was watching them. Luna followed closely behind Harry, hiding slightly behind him. Half expecting to find Malfoy and his group Harry was surprised when he turned the corner to find not three Slytherins but three Ravenclaws; Cho Chang, Marietta Edgecombe, and Michael Corner, with Cho holding a small pair of shoes.

Harry looked at them angrily, he really didn't like bullies, before he snarked, "Well, its not nargles but three stupid magpies."

They all looked at Harry shocked; Choe, Marietta, and Michael with indignation clear on their faces. They couldn't believe what they were seeing and hearing.

"What did you just call us Potter? And why are you walking around listening to Looney Lovegood?" Cho Change asked angrily, losing control of her temper.

"I don't appreciate you calling my new friend names and kindly return her shoes before I bring this to your head of house, my next class is Charms." Harry said, getting quite annoyed. Luna hid further behind Harry, scared of her house mates.

"Please don't Harry, it wont matter anyway. There is never any proof and nobody will back me up." Luna tried to tell Harry from behind him, which just got him more annoyed at the Claws in front of him.

"No Luna, I know what its like to be bullied. It doesn't go away by trying to hide from it, I know that all to well from my uncle and cousin. Plus, now you have someone who will stand up for you, me." Harry said, hoping to encourage his new friend. He would be speaking to Professor Flitwick, their head of house, after class about this regardless.

That stunned them all, what could Harry mean by that. There was nothing in all those books about Harry getting bullied or anything about any relatives. Luna looked worriedly at Harry, she could hardly believe he was trying to stick up for her after everyone in her house snubbed or bullied her for being different.

Cho looked into Harry's powerful green eyes for a few moments before her nerves broke. "Fine, here is her shoes, we'll stop messing with her." Cho said quickly, throwing the shoes towards Harry before turning and walking away at a brisk pace. Marietta and Michael took off after her, not wanting to be caught bullying when the scores were even.

"They won't stop, they're just going to wait and try to get you in trouble. I'm sorry Harry." Luna said sadly after they had left.

"How do you know that Luna? You might be right, and they'll try, but we are not defenseless and we are not alone anymore." Harry said, pain in his eyes as he handed Luna her shoes. He didn't know why but he felt he had to protect her.

"I occasionally catch glimpses of things to happen, and I see things others can't. That's why people think I'm a looney. Did you know your practically glowing with power?" Luna said carefully, scared her new friend would laugh at her or abandon her.

Harry looked down at himself and noticed a faint glow, he felt his magic stirring right beneath his skin ready for use. He looked back at Luna and noticed her eyes were glowing softly as well, like her magic was pooling behind them. He wondered what was happening as his magic settled once more, returning to his core until he called upon it.

"Don't worry Luna, I believe you. They will try but they wont win. Would you like to join me in the library, I was heading that way to find my friends?" Harry asked, wanting to keep Luna close at least until he could talk to Professor Flitwick. He looked to her and saw a small smile on her lips and light tears trying to break free, he hoped he hadn't hurt her feelings.

Luna could hardly believe it, Harry believed her and wanted her to meet his friends. She reached out and hugged him for all she was worth. She hadn't been this happy since her mother passed. "Thank you, Harry, I would like that very much." She said with a wide smile.

Harry took her hand and began walking to the first floor again, guiding Luna the opposite direction of her tormentors and hopefully towards his friends. Before long they were at the library. True to her Ravenclaw nature, Luna's eyes see to light up when she saw the tens of thousands of books. A variable sanctuary of knowledge watched over by Madame Pince.

Harry guided her further in and quickly found Ron and Hermione at her usual table. Ron looking board and Hermione with a mountain of books around her. He smiled at how well he knew his friends. He quickly went to take a seat, offering Luna the seat next to him. "Hey guys, thought I'd find you here. I want you to meet a new friend, Luna."

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