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Disclaimer: I don't own anything related with or to the show 'Da Vinci's Demons' like plot, characters. I'm a fan of the actors-writers.

Pairing: Leonardo da Vinci/Girolamo Riario

M note: This is AU-ish since I don't plan on straying too far from canon.

The characters are probably ooc. I've taken a long time to update compared to 'Vie' since I posted on the same schedule.

Anyway, I needed to mentally prepare for the series finale.

I saw it and thought it was awesome. Okay idk how many more chapters this will have, maybe six or seven.

Bear with me people.

"Hey Leo, wake the fuck up already. It's time for you to take that crap Riario gave you for the poison." Zo kicked him in the foot then moved back a little as Leo sat up almost groggy-looking as he did.

He had wondered at first why he should even consider following fucking Riario's instructions then figured that if Rome's loyal pet wanted Leonardo snuffed.

He could have just taken him out when the opportunity presented itself. That or the pope knows that he'll need Leonardo's brain and wrath fixated on the obliteration of the opposing party.

Whatever the reason, he's glad that his friend is alive and okay for the most part. With that in mind he helps Leo sit up then hands him a vial.

He wonders what Riario will do once his path crosses with Lucrezia. If he'll stand beside her, against Sixtus or test out his sword and think himself an executioner.

"We in Florence yet?" Leonardo clears his throat and takes the vial without complaint or comment as to what it is.

He drinks it then slumps back down onto the cargo bags that carry rations food and other supplies.

This is making him uncomfortable and he wants to walk around because he feels as if he's been bed ridden for what seems like a year.

"No. Not even close. How's your face.. You're eyes sting as bad as they did a couple of hours ago?"

"Huh? I was deadweight an hour ago. Sleeping like a baby..I dreamt of Lucrezia and a forest..I don't want to sleep again..."

He moves to stand and mentally enlists the help of Zo because he's helping him a little towards the end of that.

"That's not an answer." The words sound caught somewhere between accusatory and questioning as they cut through the established silence.

"Yes. I'm well-met." He can hear the mild note of concern as he thumbs through his journal before tossing it near the right where there's not much piled up.

At first his legs are a little wobbly and he's feeling all weird because his foot is asleep.

He is planning on just walking it off, taking a piss against some tree not too far off into the woodland then locating a river.


"What.. I'm supposed to just walk up there and wait?" Zo is looking at him as he speaks. Looking unconvinced about it's simplistic nature.

"That's essentially the plan, yeah." Leonardo is washing his paintbrushs as he responds.

He doesn't look at him for a couple of seconds and Zo can tell something's amiss because Leo is pouring water onto his face.

That's looking a little counterproductive but it might help in dissuading him from trying it again.

"How much am I getting paid to do this?" The question sounds redundant to him for some reason even though he's the one asking it feels uncalled for.

"Enough." The tone catches Zoroaster's attention because there's a finality and yet a sort of pleading to the word.

Leonardo's response has him feeling ineffable, even.

Leo gathers composer as he stands and backs up from the muddy water, two of the rocks that lay alongside the path could be of use to him.

He picks them up and pockets both before looking at his friend and being as honest as he can afford to be with one of the last few people he trusts. "Zo, please. This is important."

"Not to me it isn't..." He doesn't really have an edge of defiance or but he's not all that sure that this is a good idea.

On that honest level, he's done stupider things in the name of friendship.

"I'll give you Friday off. Just keep walking." Leo smiles slightly as he yelled after him while climbing back onto the wagon like push-cart.

His little detour will give him a couple of minutes to think about what he should do next.

Zo drowns out Leo's voice by speaking louder, pulling imaginary pilling from his clothes while saying.

"Alright but when we get to Florence your buying me, Vanessa and Nico a couple of drinks."



Leo thought of what lay ahead as he looked at the road. Verrocchio's workshop had been his home, one he's not really wanting to head back to so readily.

Perhaps his new studio would be an adequate place to crash for the time being. He should get his thoughts in order.

The Ottoman Empire's rise was his fault, unwittingly because Al- Rahim got a peak into his mind but his nonetheless.

It's downfall will be swift

All consuming like wildfire. He'll bring all of them down even if he has to stoop to their level.

He will create hell on earth.

All he needs to do is think up a new strategy, to start from scratch.




He doesn't know what to make of his dreams or the people in them, the information has his mind as jumbled as.. well usual.

Now he's wanting scrambled eggs.

Lucrezia and Girolamo need to get out of his head, he has bigger things than his love affairs to worry about.

There has to be some reason as to why he is seeing what he is. How do they play in on on this.

What are their roles here. There is something he has yet to pick up on, he should get on wondering what that is exactly.

Whether it's the locations, their words, his actions towards them, his emotions at the moment(s).

He is unsure but he will be ready to figure it out once he finishes here. He doesn't plan on dying or risking anyone else in this war.

He's lost more than enough already, as it is.

The welfare of the world depends on his next moves, the outcome of the upcoming battles.

Clarice is dead and Lorenzo is still missing. He wonders what has become of Florence in his absence.

In a couple of hours he'll find out.

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