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Disclaimer: I don't own anything related with or to the show 'Da Vinci's Demons' like plot, characters. I'm a fan of the actors and Tom Riley is so hot, okay I need to stop but I'm just putting that out there.

Pairing: Leonardo da Vinci/Girolamo Riario

Summary:'Modus operandi' spin on what's going to happen. Leo is in deep water and Riario just can't stay away from his artista.

M note: This is AU-ish since I don't plan on straying too far from canon. The characters are probably ooc and that's all...


"Artista?" Girolamo whispered into the darkness surrounding this area of the cave. No one will be around for a couple of minutes because he asked for a little privacy.

He has a limited timeframe here, a small opening to work with because Pope Sixtus IV will expect him in a couple of minutes.

Finding Leonardo is his priority for the moment. He just hopes that he's not all that worse for wear, half-dead at least.

Knowing what he does, Carlo de' Medici has his work cut out for him. Leo is incredibly resilient and stubborn.

At least that's what-who he had been in the New World...

Describing the artista as foolishly brave does him justice but his ingenious, brilliant mind and outspoken quirks never fail to land him in trouble.

Often, does he question why or how it's possible that he's not dead yet but God chose to give him a mind unlike no other and the luck to match.

His curiosity and disregard for rules is admirable however.

He's torn between wanting his 'almost something' back and wishing that he stays silent, buried deep because the Architect will not abandon his goal.

That man won't stop because he wants Da Vinci at his whim. Complacent, docile.

Ruined or not at all.


"You betrayed me..." A couple of tears are falling down his face but Riario knows that it's most likely because his eyes sting awfully.

"You were digging far too deep. It didn't go unnoticed, nothing you do ever does."

"I want to avenge my mother's death. I won't allow their demise to go or be in vain. Tell me what I need to do." Leonardo ignores the pain and discomfort because there's an overwhelming sadness threatening to take his heart.

He needs to use those emotions to his advantage in order to escape and get back to his mission.

"I need to get close enough to Carlo to destroy him but I want your acquaintance, guidance. It's foolish to trust you. I know this but my choice is made."

"Become one" Riario's response is automatic. Almost as if conditioned.

"I can't." Leonardo answers just as adamantly.

"Fake it then. Just repeat after me. We are one." Riario wishes he could stop the process of 'conversion' but it's far too late for that and he only has a handful of minutes left.

He wasn't planning on taking over for Carlo but he's here now and it isn't like Da Vinci is going anywhere anytime soon.

Leo just seems to be breaking in the wrong places. He's losing resolve and that is not good but it can be useful if he handles it properly.

"Artista, I beg of you. Do everything in your power to survive the night, this ordeal." He has to continue so he doesn't dwell on attempting to apologize and says words he knows all too well.

"We are the horns of the Increate. We are the shadows at the center of the Labyrinth. We are the unity within the beast."

He wants to lessen the pace of speed because what Carlo has done here is simply vicious.

At this rate Leonardo will either have to speed it up and pretend to go with whatever De' Medici tells him to repeat back or he's going to suffer through more problems than serious eye irritation.

" weren't spared the atrocities were you."



"I believe in you, please don't fail me. I'm sure my faith isn't misplaced." He doesn't want to answer but Leo stays silent for a moment.

With his silence Riario has confirmed his fear. By avoiding the question he's said too much.

"Answer and I shall consider it." It seems the artista will not be satisfied with anything less than the actual words.

Riario will not oblige.

Instead he sighs, takes in his surroundings and reaches into his pocket for a small flask-like bottle of water.

"Consider this art, the work of a savage or a path to enlightenment. Just live. Still your tongue and focus on the bigger picture."

"Your version of a pep talk needs some working on..." Leonardo is disappointed that there isn't any more water, he drank it too fast even when Riario warned him against it when saying it wouldn't be enough.

"We are one." Riario spoke quietly, as if trying to coax a child into eating oatmeal.

"I don't want to say it." Leonardo knows that his betrayer here could always increase his suffering tenfold on nothing but a simple whim because he's probably pushing it by being stubborn.

"We are one." This requires a tactic shift and he thinks he knows which buttons to push.

Leo grunts when Riario is whispers the words again.

This time against his ear and the pain in his eyes is nothing compared to the torturous, slow motion of his captor's hand on his clothed half hard erection.

These are not it, the buttons or the path he had originally planned on taking but he wants to see how far this can go without actually taking it anywhere dangerous.

"We are one. Speak up artista. I don't have much time to dally around. And I'm sure you'd rather have someone else's assistance."

He hadn't meant to say the last part, he had meant nothing of it but a basic awareness for the fact but he had wished to keep this thought to himself.

He should have been on alert.

Should keep in mind that he cannot afford to lose control of the situation. Things never turn out how he wants when he's around Da Vinci though.

"No. Girolamo, please. Don't you dare leave. Not yet, fuck. I'm in prefect harmony. At a point between intense pain and pleasure."

Leonardo makes an odd noise because he was trying to stifle a moan. Riario increases his movement for a couple seconds but stops abruptly, moves back and speaks up.

"We are one. Say so. Carlo will not be so kind if you don't start showing progress."

"Keep touching me then." Leonardo smirked even if he's no longer feeling all that into this now that the pain in his eyes has increased tenfold and he hadn't thought that possible but here he is.

Proven wrong.

"Speak" Riario says the words as if begging and Leo knows it's time to quit messing around.

"You've made your way into my soul."


"Fine. You're so bent on hearing me say the words. Have them." Leonardo can tell without even having to look at him that Riario is still just focusing on his previous words.

Maybe this will snap him out of it. "I am one, you are one. We are one. What the fuck is so important about those words!?"

"I could tell you." Carlo walks in as if unaware of what has transpired between them in his absence but willing to inform his prisoner.




"Where where you?" Sixtus doesn't look up from a stack of papers a servant has just handed over. Riario is a couple of minutes late, this is unlike him but he doesn't bother caring about this much.

"Praying for salvation." He answers without really thinking his response through and thinks he hears the words. 'Yours or Da Vinci's'

"Pardon?" He hopes that he hasn't heard right because his emotional attachment to the artista is downright forbidden and perilous.

"I asked if you've seen that idiot Da Vinci roaming the halls. The guards say they haven't seen him in a while."

"No, I haven't seen the artiste. Perhaps, he is sleeping or bathing. I'm not his keeper..."

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