Rise of Unstoppable @emerald
VS Betty Director and ?

Ron Harem list:

Bonnie (Check)

Shego (Check… sort of)

Yori (Check)

Monique plus Naruka (Check)

Betty Director and ?

Vivian Porter



The scene showed Ron while he was napping on his bed… the kicker was that this was in the castle that Naruka inhabited while many ladies rested near or on him from Yori being on one side of him on his left, Naruka on his right thanks to her cloned body, Monique nearby with a pillow, Shego in a similar state on one part and Bonnie was doing the same with another pillow… all of them pretty much tired themselves out and as the sun came up, Naruka by habit sat up on the bed with a tired but refreshed look and yawns… its been a LONG time since she last slept period with a body.

"Man that was intense." Naruka said when she rubbed her head with her hand and looks around to see if anyone else was waking or not.

Shego groans as she woke next.

"You're telling me." She said before yawing.

A few more people woke like Bonnie and Monique and Naruka looks at Monique with a smirk.

"Nukeke… so Monique, have fun last night?" Naruka asked while she had a teasing grin on her face.

Monique blushes brightly after hearing that.

"Well… it was… interesting to be honest."

"Interesting enough to keep your trap shut with Kim?" Bonnie asked while she stretched her body a bit which gave her pleasant pops here or there.

Monique was a bit quiet for a moment.

"I… don't know. Kim's my home girl. It would be wrong to hide… well this." She said.

"And I got one question… do you really think Kim would believe Ron of all people, with his secret still hidden for now, is now neutral… would get his DNA altered by DNAmy willing... fuck multiple women to make a harem of sorts and one of them is a long dead Ghost given a clone body that knows serious monkey magic stuff… I can go on but do you really believe Kim would believe that if told right to her face?, granted she may believe you since she is used to all the crazy things she has been on but with Ron in the mix?... makes it highly unbelievable with Ron of all people right now... you don't have your phone right now so you kinda lack proof right now and I'm sure Ron got rid of any possible pictures or videos you may have took or he may do that soon if he hasn't." Bonnie said when she looks Monique right in the eyes.

"Besides… do you really want to squeal and miss out on the fun and stuff?, pretty sure Ron isn't doing anything illegal after all so what is so wrong about this new him?" Bonnie said when she relaxed on the bed a bit.

Monique was again quiet as she tries to think things through but deep down… she knew Bonnie was right since Monique didn't have her phone so no proof which means that Kim will probably won't believe that. Plus Ron isn't doing anything illegal even though she still questions the idea of Ron hiring Shego. And finally… her mind was telling her to not say anything since it's been a while since she had fun which caused Monique to blush.

"Okay… I won't say a word."

"Hehe, good… though just in case you need some help with keeping quiet… take a look at Ron right now… seems he has a case of morning wood that needs taken care of right now." Bonnie said when she sounds amused.

Monique blinked before she turned her head and was blushing brightly when she saw Ron's cocks being hard.

He was in his monkey king state so his cocks were both iron hard yet he was still sleeping for now.

Monique continues to blush as Shego and the rest smirk.

"Very tempting huh?" Shego said in a teasing way.

Bonnie looks amused though she looks at Monique.

"Well Monique?, you already had fun so whats another round or two going to hurt, Naruka seems pretty eager." Bonnie said when the group looked over and saw Naruka licking her lips at the sight of Ron's cocks.

Yori chuckled after she woke herself before she looks at Monique.

"She has a point. No need to fight it."

Monique did gulp before she decides to rip the bandaid and crawl towards Ron's sleeping body or in this case, his two hard cocks.

Monique lightly blushes before she grabs the upper cock and lightly strokes it before she starts to lick the lower cock.

Ron groans in his sleep and his cocks throbbed a bit thanks to Monique's actions.

Monique blushes more as she kept doing these actions before switching cocks as the group watches.

Naruka grins when she saw that and she looks at Bonnie and Shego as the trio snuck up on Monique and Shego used a finger to rub her folds while Naruka and Bonnie gripped Monique's breasts and fondles them to please her.

Monique lightly jolts after feeling that.

"H-Hey?!" She whispered since Ron was still sleeping.

The trio however ignored Monique to continue their petting actions so Monique could feel her folds getting rubbed and her breasts and nipples getting messed with to boot.

Yori had to hold back a chuckle as Monique shudders before she went back to pleasing Ron's cocks.

Ron groans in his sleep more while his cocks throb more thanks to Monique's actions and as time went on for a minute, Ron's cocks start to leak precum from the tips to show he was liking what was happening.

Monique shudders when her tongue licked the precum before she starts to suck the upper dick.

Ron really moans from that and his cock throbbed hard in Monique's mouth while his other cock throbbed and Naruka smirked when she moved over to suck the cock that was free so Ron wouldn't get a mess launched onto him.

Monique noticed this as she kept sucking the upper dick before using her tongue to lick the tip a few times.

It took a few minutes and when Ron came hard in Naruka and Monique's mouths with groans, it was a pretty huge load and thanks to Ron pretty much being asleep he had no way of warning the duo when he came hard inside of their mouths and his nuts worked hard to get the first shot of the day out of the way.

Naruka was able to take it rather well when she eagerly drank the load… Monique on the other hand…

Monique though had a bit of trouble as she tries to swallow the load even though some spilled out.

Ron rode out his orgasm with a deep groan and sighs in relief and when he finished, he slowly opened his eyes and looks down at Naruka and Monique and blinks a few times as he registers what he was seeing.

"Well… this is an interesting wake up service." Ron said with a smirk.

Naruka smirks when she cleaned her mouth off when she licks her lips.

"Thanks, couldn't resist having fun when your cocks were iron hard in your sleep… Monique on the other hand seemed to be pretty eager once she got into the swing of things." Naruka said when she smirks at Monique a bit.

Monique blushes brightly after hearing that as Ron chuckled.

"Oh really now?" He said as he was now grinning lustfully at Monique.

"H-Hold on… I was talked into this by B-Bonnie… blame her." Monique said with a blush on her face as she looks at Ron with a slightly embarrassed tone to her voice.

Bonnie smirked.

"Oh no you don't. This was all you." She said with her hands on her hips.

Monique blushed from that while Ron chuckles as he sat up.

"Well either way on if it was Bonnie's fault or not… you still had your lips around my cock Monique, can't deny that right?" Ron teased as he grins at Monique a bit without sounding embarrassed.

Monique felt more embarrassed before turning her head to avoid the look.

That made the other ladies in the group sweatdrop.

Ron smirks however and he surprises Monique when he kisses her on the cheek.

"Thanks though, I feel pretty relaxed thanks to you and Naruka." Ron said when he moved to get off the bed.

Monique blushes from the peck.

"W-Welcome." She said making the others smirk.

"Sounds to me like she was glad to help." Shego said.

Ron looks amused by that when he got off the bed.

"Maybe, but for now we should focus on a few things to do here on out since I can't just stay low key forever in some things, having a base is all well and good, but unless we have some way to really gain income and stuff… besides I have a plan of sorts and in order to get it to work we need a bit more help so… think I should try and charm Betty Director?, lady is a pretty good woman with a head on her shoulders and stuff, considering all I did I'm not even going to fight much when it comes to gathering other ladies and considering this maybe a pattern of sorts, might as well skip the bullshit and get right into the next act so to speak." Ron said with a grin on his face as he shrank back down to his normal form.

That made Shego blinked.

"Wait… you're going after the chick that's in charge of Global Justice?"

"And why not?... with what I have in mind later we could use her connections more or less and her expertise in leading a large group of people… we don't have a person like that since most people here are strong but not so lead capable people, besides from what I heard she has been getting more and more red tape on a lot of things that are restricting her so why not give her a change in profession?" Ron said when he grins at Shego when the ladies saw Ron's eyes light up not in a demonic or magical way but him having many ideas kind of way.

"And what profession would that be?" Bonnie said.

"Simple, leader of our group for large scale stuff once I get some real changes started, I may have changed for the better but tell me… do you really see me as a figurehead or a leader when I'm more combat oriented?... maybe in the future but what about now?" Ron said when he looks at Bonnie.

Bonnie was thoughtful for a moment.

"We'll hang on, while we were at Camp Wannaweep… the first time, didn't you act like a leader when we were dealing with Gil?"

"Camp… Wannaweep? Who names a camp like that?" Shego said.

"Apparently sadistic people now that I think about it… wannaweep… makes me want to cry just thinking about it and I was technically in a rare zone of sorts, I mean long term large scale management Bonnie… I mean do you see me leading people long term for years on end possibly?" Ron said while he looks at Shego then Bonnie for a moment.

"Hmmm… yeah you're right. You're great in bed… but being a leader is not you." Bonnie said.

"Maybe not at first, with some training he could be one but thats when he takes some lessons, having a leader for now would be good if we do quick minion recruiting so I would say this is a good call more or less." Naruka said when she looked curious on how this is going… Monique however…

Monique still couldn't believe what was happening as she was not only had sex with Ron but is actually part of this… guess club of being Ron's women.

Ron chuckles when he saw the look on Monique's face.

"Hey don't worry Monique, new Ron is not evil Ron, I'm in the middle of stuff instead on the morality scale so I have no need to do evil things at all, may need your help with fashion advice later if I ever get minions to do gruntwork and who better then one of the most fashionable ladies I know?, I can even back that kind of price range if I have to do something to buy the materials legally." Ron said when he just told Monique that he would be getting henchmen but she would be more or less the seamstress of the group and… did make sense… who better with clothing then a clothing expert who could pick out good clothing and good deals with them.

That made Monique perked up before smirking.

"Well if it's clothing you need… then I'm your girl."

"Good… anyway just keep quiet about what happened here with Kim and I'll give your phone back to you no questions asked… after I make sure there are no pics and videos on it so she doesn't see much by accident… though if you want to film a fun time or something for later viewing… well different thing altogether but can work to that… did you know Bonnie and I made a film of sorts and sent it to Jr. as a break up video as well?, honestly Bonnie was pretty into it so ask her for details… got a backup back home if you want to see it." Ron said while he stretched a bit as he starts to grab his clothes and walks to the bathroom so he could get clean.

Monique blinks in surprise after hearing that that before looking at Bonnie whom said Brunette smirks.

"Oh yeah. It was pretty hot. Still have a copy if any of you wants to watch."

"Oh I want to see it!... let me put it to you like this, anything would be better then what Monkey Fist had in stock here for movies… you can only watch that Aladdin movie so many times before you can just close your eyes and think of that movie from to back and backwards as well… been stuck here way too long." Naruka said while she facepalms at how out of touch she was.

Everyone sweatdrops after hearing that.

"Well not to worry. Since you're out, you can see all the movies you want." Shego said.

"Well I'll need to work on that ring while I have a body to work with, can't move too far from Monique right now since this body is a altered clone body of hers, I can possess her to work on it some while she is asleep and use magic to make sure she is fully rested but until I say otherwise I'm mostly in a borrowed body more or less." Naruka said while she cracked her neck a few times to get some kinks out of it.

"Eh, better than nothing huh?" Shego said.

"Yup, baby steps… though speaking of babies… Monique you may way to get some birth control later just in case you and Ron keep having fun… I got a cloned body so no worries about knockups on my ends yet but…" Naruka said while she looks amused at Monique.

Monique jolts after hearing that.

"Crap!... Does anyone have any pills?" She said.

Bonnie moved to pass her some once she got a pill from her bag near the bed.

"Here, extra strength so shouldn't have much issues since its been bought recently." Bonnie said when she looked amused when she saw Monique down the pill in no time.

Monique lightly gasps before she calmed down.

"Thank God. Not ready for that."

"Doubt you needed to give a reaction like that when taking a pill… anyway… all in a vote… want to join Ron in the shower and get cleaned after some more fun or want to hold off till later when we get back to Middleton so we can help Ron move things here… pretty sure moving his backyard lab is part of my payments and stuff since some stuff will need heavy lifting." Shego said when she grins at the others.

"Oh I'm game for fun in the shower." Bonnie said while Naruka chuckles a bit.

"Nukeke, count me in, might as well know what it's like to be in a shower again in this day and age." Naruka said while she looked really amused.

"I could use a good shower." Yori said.

"Same here." Monique said since she wanted to get clean the most.

Shego looks amused when she looks at Monique.

"Just to be clear… this cleaning will be AFTER we get fucked long and hard by Ron and stuff… ready for round 2 or want to wait till all of us get out of the shower here?" Shego said when she grins at Monique.

Monique blinks a bit.

"Wait I thought he was getting dressed."

"After the sweat he worked up last night with trying to help you and with the fun you, Naruka, and Ron had, pretty sure I would bet and win 100 bucks that Ron is in the shower first or trying to find one so he doesn't reek and stuff… come on girls, lets find the Monkey king and have some fun with him in the shower." Shego said when she got off the bed and stretched as she walked to the door where Ron went.

"Hehe, it's hunting time." Bonnie said before she and Yori followed Shego.

Naruka looks amused while she sat near Monique.

"So what is your call Monique?... want to have more fun with Ron?... we both know he can fuck with the best of them no so why fight it now after all that happened yesterday?" Naruka said while she gave Monique a fanged grin.

Monique blushes a bit after hearing that.

"Well… already agreed to not say anything so might as well get going." She said before getting up.

Naruka chuckles and she followed Monique while not grabbing her clothing for now… hey she was a spirit more or less so she could dispel the clone body and boom… Naruka would vanish and as long as she stuck near Monique she would be golden… not like she cared about modesty given her long life and stuff.

It took a bit before the duo finally found the bathroom before peeking inside.

When they looked inside they saw Ron humming while he scrubbed his body down in the shower and they saw that his muscles were gleaming a bit in the light, thankfully Naruka made sure to keep the place well clean and stuff since Ron wouldn't use this room otherwise.

Monique blushes when she saw that.

'Okay… he is definitely ripped. Though where are the others?' She thought.

Though to her surprise, she saw the group on one side as they were brushing their teeth and stuff first, made sense given what they did, oral hygene is something not to ignore and it looks like the group packed for the overnight stay with purpose.

Monique composed herself before she casually enters the bathroom like it was nothing.

When she and by proxy Naruka enter, Naruka grins as she approached the Shower while Monique approached the sink and Bonnie passed Monique a spare toothbrush she had and when Bonnie looks at her, Bonnie explained that the extra toothbrush was just in case and considering that things could have gotten bad… made sense if Bonnie lost her things and couldn't find both brushes.

Monique thanked Bonnie before she started to brush her teeth in a very thorough way.

As that went on, Ron heard the shower door slide open and he looked over to see Naruka enter as she had an amused look on her face while her normally poofy hair was matted down by the shower water when she approached with swaying hips.

"Hope you are not satisfied with one orgasm handsome, pretty sure I would like one of my own before we leave this place." Naruka said when she looked down on Ron with a grin, out of his Monkey King form he was shorter then Naruka by a head now and she looks amused when Ron looked surprised by how tall Naruka naturally was.

Ron blinked a bit before he chuckled.

"Well I would be an idiot if I didn't please a beautiful woman in front of me."

"Good… you staying in this form or taking that handsome Monkey king form of yours?... not bad looking either way but looking down on you does give me a bit of a neck cramp so unless we go to the fun now, you may want to change to a form more my size… and more well equipped to boot." Naruka said when she saw Ron only had one cock in human form, either he needed practice with partial transformations or this was a transformation only perk that he could have vanish at any time given the situation.

"Right." Ron said before he started to change to his monkey form with his two cocks appearing.

Naruka smirks when when she went from looking down on Ron to looking somewhat up at him when he increased in height greatly and the added bulk caused Naruka to lick her lips as she placed a hand on Ron's chest.

"Nice… so my king… how do you want to fuck your sorcerress?... your wish is my command after all." Naruka said when she teased Ron with King like comments and stuff.

"Well first…" Ron said before he walk towards Naruka before cupping her cheeks and kiss her lips.

Naruka hums as she returned the kiss and wrapped her arms around Ron's neck and Bonnie saw this when she finished brushing her teeth first.

"Huh… this is interesting." Bonnie said making the others look over seeing Ron and Naruka make out.

"Got that right but nothing we haven't seen, come on, lets finish up and get in there." Shego said while she finished brushing her teeth and walked by Bonnie after smacking her ass to get her walking to follow her.

Bonnie jolt before smirking.

"Oh no you don't." She said as she quickly finishes before following the green plasma woman.

As that went on, and the others joined in the shower, time went to a number of days later with everyone pretty much moved in relatively speaking… Ron was the main owner of the place, Yori visited so she technically didn't move in, Monique was still keeping quiet about things and liked to live in the City, Shego was not really living anywhere so while not on missions she actually lived with Ron in the Castle while Naruka hanged with Monique, either as a ghost and kept invisible, or as a clone and thanks to some work on Monique, Naruka worked at Club Banana with her and while Monique had to get her a custom made uniform, Naruka could pass off as a actual human aside from her height which was amazonian like.

The real shock was actually Bonnie moving in with Ron as well believe it or not, thankfully thanks to Shego's connections and Ron's cash, he had a jet bought and got a license for it after some time so he could pilot himself and Bonnie to Middleton if needed, sure Bonnie lived in Ron's new home now with Naruka sometimes staying over to have fun when she found out a way to have fun with Ron in ghostly form, but she also kept her room back in Middleton if she wanted to spend time with her folks.

That… caused a big talk with Ron and Bonnie's parents and though many questions were asked and they got answers… they knew when to keep quiet on some things when Ron explained in private even away from Bonnie on why he wanted no one to know yet… keyword was yet… he had a few more things to do before he actually made his new self known so many still knew Ron as the loveable goofball more or less.

And Ron's own family even came by and while they were shocked to see Naruka in the flesh so to speak, they were happy Ron had a place like Monkey Fist's old lair to himself… thanks to a LOT of contractors being called and what not, Ron had the place repaired fully, had solar panels in key places to power things, had generators that charged thanks to said generators and from the power grid just in case… all in all… after a few months of work… the Monkey Fist Castle pretty much became the Monkey King's fortified castle.

Ron's income became so large now thanks to more patents and what not that he even hired some maids and butlers that worked to keep the place clean… honestly many like Shego and Bonnie were shocked at how rich Ron was getting right now… Ron even gave Shego a serious pay increase to keep her from double crossing him in case anyone wanted to buy her services and try and use her against him… unlikely given how she liked the fun she and Ron had in the bedroom.

"Hehe, please. Like I would turn against you, you stud." Shego said.

Ron was amused by that and walked by Shego after kissing her on the cheek.

"I see, well consider it a monthly allowance then, you can do you merc work but think of this as one reason to come back… second reason is bedroom related stuff… anyway I used some connections to get in contact with Betty Director so I'll be seeing you and Bonnie later, if you don't hear from me for a bit… say eh… 3 days or so… think I'm getting it on with the Director or something then… anyway again see you two ladies later." Ron said as he kissed Shego and Bonnie on the lips and left the Castle while Bonnie looks amused when she saw Shego blushing a bit from that.

"You're definitely gonna be missing him." Bonnie said in a teasing way.

Shego blushed more and she looks at Bonnie.

"Oh shut it Mrs. getting dicked by him daily, pretty sure you'll have withdrawals long before I will." Shego said as she walked away from Bonnie while Shego had a big blush on her face.

Bonnie chuckled.

'Not as much as you.' She thought.

The scene then went to a number of hours later with Ron in Middleton's food court… he managed to get in touch with Betty Director thanks to some connections Ron had from his sidekick days and as he ate a burger, he was suddenly dropped down a hole that opened under him and faster then anyone noticed, Ron and the chair vanished while a new one was put in the old chairs place.

As Ron screamed from the fall he crashed onto the ground with a surprisingly soft impact and noticed that he and the chair were safe thanks to a big air cushion stopping the fall and wiped his forehead, he was in human form so Ron wasn't too worried about weight right now.

Though as he got off the chair, many agents swarmed the room with guns trained right on him while Ron blinked at the sight.

"Uh… hey Global justice guys… bit hostile don't you think?" Ron asked while Ron heard a familiar voice.

"Considering the new intel we have on you, you might as well be an unknown right now, not sure if you are a threat or an enemy right now." Betty Director's voice said over a speaker while Ron raised an eyebrow and sighs.

"Alright, I guess playing dumb is not a good idea, but if I really wanted to try and do anything evil wouldn't I have done something long ago?... mind if we meet in person, you of all people should know I'm not going to harm you or anyone here… well… not without a good reason that's pointing right at me." Ron said when he mentioned all the guns aimed at him.

Betty Director was thoughtful for a bit.

"Stand down men."

This caused the armed guards to stand down and after they did so an elevator opened nearby.

"Take the elevator to the lowest level, we can meet there, might as well have your assistance with an issue we have and this could count as a test of trust to make sure you are not just holding back on going full evil… we know about that Zorpox persona you have so don't think we don't know what you are capable of now." Betty said while Ron shrugged as he approached the elevator, after he got on and hit the button for the lowest level, Ron hums a bit in tune with the elevator music when it was kind of catchy.

It took him a minute or two to get to the lowest level and when he entered, he saw he was in a rather large room with Betty Director herself nearby while she was with a few armed guards.

Ron however ignored them and waved to Betty.

"Hey there Director… so what's the trust test about?" Ron asked while Betty was silent and only spoke one word… or a name Ron remembered.

"Warmonga." Betty Director said which surprised Ron greatly.

"Wait wait wait… Warmonga?, I may have heard the name once but is she that alien chick who tried to help invade earth and it was only thanks to my skills that she was beaten…. Ah… I see… guess you have her imprisoned here or something and need me to do something with her and your men here are scared of getting their butts kicked by her is that it?" Ron said while he raised an eyebrow at Betty.

Betty sighs.

"Pretty much." She said while feeling slightly embarrassed that her men couldn't handle this.

Ron chuckles at that and smirks at the Director.

"Well… maybe I can deal with her, however on three conditions since I'm sure it won't be easy if she gives me trouble… I'm not a simple guy anymore and if you know me as well as I hope… well I'm sure you'll get why I'm asking three conditions." Ron said while he crossed his arms.

Betty raised her eyebrow after hearing that.

"Alright. Name your conditions but no funny business."

"Ah shame, one of them would have been a bity funny… condition one… I deal with Warmonga in my own way, as long as I keep her under control no reason why I can't use her as some personal muscle and stuff right?... and again… NO… I am not evil nor will I go full on take over the world… I can explain more later in private where there are no prying eyes from your guards or security." Ron said when he gave a look that said non negotiable at least on the talking in private part.

Betty was thoughtful for a second.

"Very well."

"Good… second condition can be explained later again in private, don't want rumors spreading quite yet… surprised Kim hasn't found out about me… she didn't yet did she?" Ron said while he had a hard to read look on his face… but it was so serious and intense that the guards around Betty shuddered when Ron waits to see what Betty would say.

Betty didn't shudder but was a bit surprised at the serious look.

"No. We would call her in case things went south with you but so far… nothing."

"Good… let me give you some info just in case you do think of getting loose lips… or your men exactly… DNAmy came by and I have a surprise of sorts… do any of you know what that is or am I just confusing you… well I can show it later with Warmonga but lets just say you don't want to piss off the new me… and yes… it is a threat." Ron said while he looks more at Betty's guards then her.

To prove his point… Ron even just casually swings his hand in a backhand and when he hits the wall… it shockingly caused a sizable dent though Ron did nothing else as he pulled back his hand which wasn't injured at all.

'Oh shit!' The Guards thought as Betty was more surprised.

"Okay… you made your point." She said.

"Good… now mind showing me where Warmonga is so I can get her out of your hair please?" Ron asked with a smile on his face.

"Wait… you said three conditions. You only said two. What is the third condition?" Betty said.

"Oh right… guess I'll use it for this… Kim does NOT find out about this at all… consider this me testing to see if Global Justice or you Betty can keep a secret like this… I can explain more later but can you guarantee you and your men won't mention me or Warmonga to Kim yet?... trust me, I'll make sure to tell all later when things are right but I don't want Kim to know yet." Ron said with a serious look in his eyes.

Betty raised her eyebrow at the request but knew that Ron was serious.

"Alright. You have my word that me and my men won't say anything to Mrs. Possible."

"Good… now lets get going, wonder how Warmonga will like the new and improved me… doubt she would be ticked since I kicked her butt before." Ron said with an amused look as Betty and her guards led Ron deeper into the facility.

They even went many floors deeper and in no time were in front of massive steel doors that seemed to have many dents in it and Ron raised an eyebrow.

"She try to break free a few times huh?... can see why you need me to deal with her." Ron said when he saw how deep the dents were… against a normal human she would end them.

"Yes. Don't know how long my men can try to hold her." Betty said.

"I see… hope these doors swing open otherwise I would have a hard time getting in." Ron said when he saw how damaged the door was, if it was a sliding door, there would be no way anyone would get inside or out.

"They do… just need to unlock it first." Betty said before she motioned two of her guards to unlock the door which they did even though they were greatly cautious.

As soon as that happened, the doors were unlocked though barely with how badly the door was damaged and the lock broke off one final time as Ron looks into the darkness.

He had no fear though… he then starts walking forward and said this to Betty and the guards.

"Close the doors and make sure no one comes here and does anything stupid… pretty sure Warmonga already destroyed any cameras in the room so I'm sure no one knows what she has been doing in here so until I give a simple patterned knock… no one open this and get this door barred just in case." Ron said before he entered the darkened hall and Betty and the others saw Ron's figure fade in the pitch blackness.

Betty looks at the Guards.

"You heard him. Lock and bar the doors."

"B-But Director." One guard tries to protest but a stern look from Betty says it all.

The guards moved to get the door closed and even brought over some heavy machinery to block the door and Betty saw that the door was well and truely locked again… what happens in that room could be anyone's guess given how the cameras in the room were destroyed.

'Really hope I know what I'm doing.' Betty thought as she wondered what Ron is gonna do.

The scene then went into the hall and Ron saw a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak, when he entered he saw a large room pretty much made for Warmonga and aside from some spots having dents, either security cameras and as a test to see how well made the cell was, the rest of the room looked pretty good… had a bed, TV probably to keep Warmonga busy if she was bored on one side, and a few other things… decent to keep her entertained and even some high grade weight training sets were here or there and Ron saw Warmonga in the center of the room while she was sitting at the edge of her bed… she wore a simple tank top made for her body and sweatpants and nothing else, even her hair was down to have it flow down her back.

She then noticed Ron and was surprised to see him and that surprise turned to anger which Ron expected but did nothing to see how Warmonga would act.

"You!... You dare show your face here to Warmonga?!" She said before getting up.

Ron keeps quiet as Warmonga approached Ron and towered over him when she got close, Warmonga trained her ass off it seems and she seemed even tougher then last time, Ron didn't know what happened to that other guy with Warmonga but the look in her eyes spoke serious levels of rage so Ron could guess that guy didn't make it.

"I will make you pay for what you done!" Warmonga said before she sent a fist straight towards Ron and pretty much forgone using her name for a more first person type of speech pattern.

Ron surprisingly didn't move and when he was hit, he was sent flying towards the wall and crashed into it and Warmonga grins sadistically when she thought she got so strong Ron couldn't react this time.

However he flipped in the air and lands on the wall on his feet and jumped to land on the ground with a grin on his face and gave Warmonga a surprising look… one of excitement of all things while he removed his shoes for some reason.

"Nice… stronger than last time… makes what I have in mind for you all the sweeter." Ron said while Warmonga noticed something off and Ron… looked a bit off… not even in a weird fighting stance that took her out yet her instincts showed Ron wasn't mocking her when his hands were opened but the fingers were bent in a clawing like way.

Warmonga was surprised for a bit before glaring at Ron as she charges to attack him.

Though something made her stop in her tracks when Ron lifts his right foot but instead of charging… when she saw that she Ron's body… enlarging… a tail formed from his backside over his pants and aside from his hands and feet gaining fur, most of his body was bulking up and when he finished, Ron now in his Monkey king state with a fanged grin on his monkey like face grins at Warmonga.

"Something the matter?, thought you wanted to kill me." Ron taunts when he grins at Warmonga with his hands clinching and she how powerful Ron looked with his sweatshirt and pants barely containing his body… and did he have two dicks or something with the two bulges in his pants?

Warmonga's eyes widened.

"W-What sorcery is this?!"

"Science actually Warmonga… I'll tell you later how this happened but for now…" Ron said as he moved with shocking speed and gripped Warmonga on the face and with one good move, slammed Warmonga on the ground head first and the ground actually shook from the impact and Warmonga bounced off the ground and before she could recover she was kicked on the side by Ron or technically punched when his right foot clinched like a fist and since he was a Monkey right now… Warmonga got slugged on the side hard and crashed on the bed in the middle of the room, bounces off and lands on the other side while Ron lands on the ground.

Warmonga couldn't believe this was happening again as she tries to get up while groaning.

Ron grins and chuckles while he crossed his arms, Warmonga would have gotten killed if she was weaker and this showed how strong she gotten… but also showed Ron wasn't slacking off as well.

"D-Don't know what training you took but… I will not be made a fool!" Warmonga said with an enraged look as she charges at Ron again.

Though as Warmonga threw many punches at Ron, he redirected them and even caught Warmonga's fists with his upper hands and pretty much got in a deadlock with Warmonga when he tried to overpower and though he had a grin, he struggles to keep his grip on Warmonga's fists but Warmonga couldn't get free and she couldn't get any closer to Ron even if she tried which showed that they were at a stalemate right now.

"H-How is this possible?!" Warmonga said as she tries to break free.

Ron grins as he surprised Warmonga when he surprisingly let her go and moved to the side as she stumbles forward and had to righten herself, a moment later she turned to Ron and was surprised to see him not in a combat stance.

"Listen Warmonga, I am not your enemy here, you know that since you know might is right… simply put I beat you and that guy who was with you, not sure what he was to you but do you really blame me for his death?" Ron said with a serious tone to his voice.

Warmonga glares at Ron.

"He was my battle companion."

Ron raised an eyebrow at that and shrugged.

"And how would that effect me much?, unless that made you some kind of couple in your peoples language then all I can say is my apologies but you two were trying to take over my planet, what was I supposed to do let you take it over without a fight?, and at the time, you nearly killed my girlfriend back then, might as well consider her my battle companion at the time… not anymore now but at the time… yeah… if we're doing culture swaps you get why I defended her." Ron said while he had a look that showed no regrets in what he did to Warhok.

Warmonga raised an eyebrow.

"And why was that female no longer your companion?"

"Well guess its because we are no longer battle companions… didn't work out… she is still alive and what not but all in all, she and I are no longer a couple… I have a deal for you Warmonga, you may despise me but I know you know I'm not your enemy here, I could have ended you a number of times in our fight… you know that... you may have powered up but you haven't been out of here so long your actual skills have gotten rusty." Ron said like that was a matter of fact to the War inclined battle woman.

Warmonga was confused.

"And what deal can you offer me?"

"Simple… in your own terms, why not make me your new battle companion?" Ron shockingly said to Warmonga with a serious look when he walked up to her and stands in front of her and looks down at her with a rather intense gaze in his augmented eyes.

Warmonga couldn't believe what she heard.

"You must be joking."

Ron made sure to uncross his arms and he had a serious determined look in his eyes.

"Do I look like I'm joking to you after all that happened so far?... think of it as me taking responsibility for Warhok if you want as well." Ron said while he didn't stutter at all.

Warmonga can see that Ron was serious before narrowing her eyes.

"If you wish to take responsibility and be my new battle companion, then I need to test more of your… abilities." She said.

Ron smirks and with surprising speed, moved to get behind Warmonga and had a hand on her ass.

"Well if its combat, we proved we are more or less even in power… so why not skip to the fun part and see if I can't wow you here." Ron said when he pushed Warmonga hard enough to trip her up and has her fall on the bed and while she tried to get her bearings Ron removed his shirt and his muscles were seen and he looked really tough right now when he didn't hold back on the transformation.

Warmonga looked back after getting her bearings and hate to admit it but Ron did have a nice and strong physique.

Ron smirks when he saw Warmonga staring and he removed his sweatpants and Warmonga saw both his cocks in full as they were on display at full power.

"Hehe… not to knock Warhok but doubt he had two dicks… or did he?... hard to know with aliens and I don't look down guys pants… so how do I stack?" Ron said as his cock were hard as rock right now.

Warmonga couldn't believe what she was seeing as she looks at Ron's cocks.

"Surprisingly… better then any of the male warriors on my planet since they never had two."

Ron smirks when he looks pleased by that.

"Well would be odd if you didn't get undressed, might as well see what a Lowardian female has in terms of beauty, and if you are the Queen or something, might as well be the top lady in strength and beauty I bet." Ron teased when he approached the bed with heavy steps.

Surprisingly that comment made Warmonga lightly blush before shaking her head.

"I will show you." She said before she gets up and removes her outfit.

Seems Warmonga had a body fit for a Queen of her status thanks to some of her muscles.

She also had nice looking legs, a plumped ass and lastly, her breasts were either D-E size.

Though in Lowardians terms they were D to E, they might as well be bigger at G to H in size given Warmonga's larger frame then a humans.

Ron whistles as he looked her form up and down.

"Nice… going to enjoy the fun soon." Ron said when he surprised Warmonga when he gripped her on the alien woman on the ankle and moved her so she was laying on her back without harming her.

He then knelt down and grins at Warmonga.

"Still should at least treat a lady right and pretty sure battle crazed or not… wonder if any of your males did this!" Ron said when he opened his mouth and he starts to eat Warmonga out when his tongue went to assault her folds in a pleasure inducing way like he was fighting her in another way to locate her weak points.

Warmonga was surprised and was gonna say something before groaning when she felt Ron hitting a spot or two.

Ron in an amused way wonder what she was thinking right now since he never knew how Lowardian's mated, granted she looked human aside from a size increase and stuff… though the look on her face showed it was awhile since she had sex so guess she was just overly sensitive and stuff.

'Gah!... this human… or whatever animal it is… is actually doing well. He must've mated with other females on this world.' Warmonga thought.

Ron though no mind reader could see Warmonga getting close and slipped his tongue into Warmonga's pussy deeply and ate her out more and more for a minute until…

Warmonga groans as she lightly grinds her teeth before climaxing on Ron's face.

Ron closed his eyes when he saw the signs and he was glad he did when Warmonga drenched his face with her juices and he ate her out more while waiting for her to ride out her orgasm.

Warmonga's climax got a bit stronger before she finally taps off after 15 seconds.

Ron pulled his head from Warmonga's folds and wiped his face clean with his arm.

"Wow, you really needed that, guess being locked away here isn't very eventful huh?" Ron said when he looks at Warmonga and stands while his cocks looked harder then ever.

Warmonga panted a bit before having a half lidded look.

"In more ways than one."

"I see… well want to return the favor or we just get to the main event?, I know you warrior types like to either be in charge or just get surprised but so I don't give bad ideas, figured I could at least give you a choice on what happens next." Ron said when he lowered his arm and waits to see how Warmonga would react.

Warmonga was quiet for a bit before she looks at Ron's cocks.

"Hmmm… for this… I'll return the gesture."

"Alright… just a word of warning, pretty productive and a bit of a quick shot on my first round so just saying if you think I'm a quick shot, its only for one round, nuff said." Ron said as he moved to stand on the bed while his cocks stood at the ready and waits for Warmonga to act.

Warmonga rolls her eyes before a moment later she was on her knees before she started sucking off Ron's upper cock while stroking the lower one.

"Oh fuck…" Ron groans out as he kept still though his hips jerked a bit which caused his upper cock to lightly buck into Warmonga's mouth a few times.

Warmonga didn't mind as she gave the upper cock some powerful suction before switching to the lower dick and gave it the same treatment.

Ron really groans from that as his cocks throbbed a bit thanks to Warmonga's actions and she saw his large testicles that hunger under his cocks, they looked packed with sperm right now with how swollen they were.

Warmonga was a bit surprised when she saw that as she kept switching cocks before using her hand to fondle Ron's balls.

Ron really groans and used a large hand to pet Warmonga's head a few times to show she was doing very good so far.

Warmonga may have blushed from the gesture but was focusing on pleasing Ron's cocks as hard as she can.

It took a minute but Ron finally got close enough to a climax and gave Warmonga this warning.

"A-About to blow… either get ready or move out of the way… not kidding in how productive I can be." Ron muttered while his cocks throbbed hard to show Ron was holding his ejaculation back big time right now.

Warmonga did hear the warning but wasn't afraid as she still kept doing these actions.

As warmonga moved to suck Ron's lower cock, Ron surprised her when he gripped the back of her head.

"Alright then… don't say I d-didn't… w-warn...YOU!" Ron roars and screeched when he forced Warmonga to deepthroat his lower cock and his sperm bursts down her throat while his upper one fired a huge load over Warmonga and onto the floor nearby from how powerful the cumshot was.

Warmonga was surprised when she felt how much cum Ron let out before gulping it down.

Thankfully she was able to do well at first though Ron seemed to have no end in sight and when he tapped off, his sperm dripped from Warmonga's lips and onto her breasts a bit and Ron pants for breath as he removed his cock from Warmonga's mouth and gives her and himself a moment to recover.

Warmonga took a bit before finally catching her breath.

"Y-You are indeed very fertile. You have enough to impregnate a village."

Ron chuckles at that while he grins at Warmonga.

"Well I had practice and body alteration done as you can see… got 5 ladies back home who have fun with me daily… you maybe the 6th and guess who maybe the 7th if I play my cards right… Betty Director…" Ron said when he told Warmonga he was pretty much going to try and wow Betty later after this or something.

Warmonga blinks a few in surprise.

"You have other mates and now you're trying to woo that… warden?"

"Well not sure if that is an issue with you or not but think like this… more ladies I have fun with… more of a stamina beast I become… like with training for harsh battles, need experience with sex to last longer and you gotta admit I must be doing something right with having 5 other ladies back home who come onto me daily… in fact, one of them is Shego… she is that green plasma wielding woman you may remember… as for Betty… she is just doing her job since you did cause trouble though follow my lead later and you may be able to walk out with me as you… *Guardian* of sorts." Ron said while he grins at Warmonga more.

Warmonga raised her eyebrow a bit.

"Well… alright then."

"Alright?... no questions?... I could stop if you want, not sure what its like on Lowardia or whatever your planet is called but here on earth we have this thing called consent so if you want me to stop I'll stop." Ron said while he wondered what Warmonga meant by alright then.

"No!... I've been isolated here and had no mate. We must continue to see if you're truly worthy." Warmonga said.

Ron shrugged his shoulders at that.

"Alright, might as well ask then… want me to be aggressive from here on out or want to try gently at first since you were really worked up earlier… your call here." Ron said when he cracked his neck in case Warmonga wanted to be aggressive.

Warmonga shook her head.

"No Gentle. I want aggressive." She said.

Ron shrugged and he moved Warmonga onto all fours and Ron rubbed Warmonga's folds and used her juices to let his fingers tease her ass out of the blue.

Warmonga shudders from that action before looking at Ron.

"N-No stalling."

Ron smirks from that and grins at Warmonga.

"Oh but I'm not… I got two cocks, you can guess that I would be warming your ass up as well… need to make sure you are well lubed up back here otherwise my two cocks would harm a perfect looking ass like this… besides might as well show you how an earthling eats ass." Ron said before he leaned down and started to lick at Warmonga's asshole while he made sure to use a finger to rub her bud.

Warmonga couldn't believe it.

"W-What the?!..." She said but started groaning as she felt her ass was getting eaten out by the very human that beat her.

Ron then spread Warmonga's ass cheeks apart and Ron sent his tongue INTO Warmonga's ass this time and his tongue wiggled around inside of her to see how she would react… seems she was a complete virgin with her ass with a reaction like that.

"Gah!" Warmonga groans while feeling Stoppable's tongue moving around in her ass.

After a couple minutes, Ron pulled his tongue from Warmonga's ass and smirked when she had trouble staying upright on all fours.

"Hehe… cute… I know you want to be aggressive but you can guess where my second cock will go so I'll give one final choice… one cock… or two?" Ron said when he had the upper cock vanish and reappear a few times into his body to show Warmonga that Ron could call his second cock at any time it seems in Monkey King mode.

Warmonga was able to collect her bearings before she smirked this time.

"Give me everything you got."

Ron shrugged at that… he did warn her and since he couldn't think of anything else… Ron surprised Warmonga when he pounced onto the bed behind her and before Warmonga could get what just happened… Ron had already aimed his cocks at Warmonga's ass and pussy and went balls deep into her in no time while a massive bulge formed in her gut from how full she was right now and her ass's virginity was taken rather roughly by Ron and his upper cock.

"GAH!" Warmonga groans as she feels both of her holes being penetrated at the same time.

After a minute or letting Warmonga adjust for her ass's sake… Ron starts to thrust his hips slowly but powerfully while he had his hands on Warmonga's hips so he could pull himself into her… he would get serious in a moment but wanted to savor that he was fucking Warmonga right now and enjoyed taking her anal virginity too boot.

Warmonga groans a few times as she feels her holes getting fucked before her toes start to curl on the bed sheets.

Ron smirks when he surprises Warmonga when he actually used a hand to smack her right ass cheek hard a few times as he fucked her.

Warmonga was surprised by that action before she groans loudly and actually feels her holes tightening on Ron's cocks.

Ron grins a bit as he worked to fuck Warmonga harder… it was like he was trying to get her to submit to his cocks.

Warmonga tries to be strong even though she feels Ron's cocks hitting her sweet spots.

Ron in turn keeps on fucking Warmonga while he made sure to get rougher and rougher with his actions like she wanted, changing the angle of his thrusts to boot to try and find where the best spots to hit Warmonga were.

This time, Warmonga starts moaning as she grabs the sheets with her hands.

It took a bit for Ron to enjoy Warmonga's holes and he could tell she was getting close and he fucked Warmonga harder and faster until…

Warmonga would throw her head back and moans more before she climaxed on Ron's cocks.

Ron gave a few more thrusts while he grins at Warmonga… his orgasm didn't hit him yet shockingly enough which showed he really was a one time quick shot… other shots would have to be worked for and given Ron has practice with many women daily… his stamina was no longer shot to hell when he used two dicks.

Warmonga was shocked that Ron hadn't climaxed before tapping off but was still groaning.

Ron continues to fuck Warmonga from then out out and as he fought to keep his orgasms in check, he had Warmonga climax who knows how many times in various positions, honestly Ron's balls ached from how hard he was fucking Warmonga and blueballing himself right now.

Warmonga's face starts to look fucked up thanks to all that orgasms.

"O-Oh yes!"

Ron would have given a reaction to that but since he wanted to climax badly, he just fucked it and thrust his hips as hard as he could so that his cocks barraged Warmonga's holes relentlessly like he was trying to destroy her for others now.

"Y-Yes! Yes! Warmonga wants more!" Warmonga moans as she was enjoying this.

Ron was amused when he fucked Warmonga into the third person again and fucked Warmonga so hard that when finally let his orgasm approach, he railed Warmonga with 100% of his power with his thrusts making Warmonga's ass ripple a few times with each thrust and he fucked Warmonga harder and faster until…

Warmonga moans loudly with ecstasy as she climaxes very hard on Ron's cocks.

Ron snarls when he came unbelievably hard inside of Warmongas holes while his balls worked in overdrive to get his backed up load right into Warmonga's body with her womb and stomach pretty much being filled to the brim and sperm leaked from her holes as a result.

Warmonga moans more as her climax got stronger as her toes curled greatly again in the bed.

It took 25 to 30 seconds for Ron to ride out his orgasm and when he tapped off, he lets Warmonga go and she fell to lay on the bed and pants for breath when she couldn't feel her hips right now thanks to how hard Ron fucked her and sperm leaked from her ass and pussy while her body kept having pleased tingles all over her body when Ron pretty much satisfied her and he only came twice…. Technically four times with his two cocks.

"O-Oh my… no one has pleasured me with such… animosity." Warmonga said with a blush on her face.

Ron chuckles as he takes a moment to breath.

"Hehe, thanks… so can you move or do you need rest?, personally I'm hoping to have a bit of fun later with the Director and get her on my side for something I have in mind, so either way need to save some loads for her… if you want you can join in if you can move… might as well see how well you do when mating with ladies since I have others who you may need to bond with." Ron said while his cocks stayed hard though thanks to what Ron said, it looks like the fun would be on hold either until he and Warmonga leave this hidden base or if Warmonga could move, with the Director much sooner.

This caused Warmonga to actually pout.

"A shame… I was hoping to continue."

Ron chuckles as he pats Warmonga on the ass a few times.

"Hey I did say you could join in on helping me break the Director in a bit, maybe you pin her down while I break her holes in?... besides I have another reason for you being at my side and no… not world domination but more like… doing things from the shadows sort of thing, either that or could have you as some top tier muscle when defending someone if needed." Ron said while he grins more at Warmonga.

Warmonga was thoughtful.

"This position intrigues me. I shall think on this but first, should have these beasts clean." She said before she moved a bit and was already cleaning Ron's cocks with her mouth and tongue.

"O-Oh fuck…" Ron groans out while Warmonga's actions got him fully hard in no time thanks to how eager she was though his cocks were getting cleaned thanks to Warmonga's actions.

Warmonga lightly chuckles at that reaction as she made sure to thoroughly clean Ron's cocks.

Honestly it took a LOT of Ron's willpower to grip Warmonga on the head and gently pulled her from his cocks and he looked amused.

"E-Easy… think they are clean enough… need to save some loads for the Director and you later when we talk with her, you got a bathroom here or something so you and I can get cleaned?" Ron said while he hoped the subject change would help him cool down a bit and hopefully distract the lustful Warmonga from his cocks.

Warmonga chuckles.

"Indeed but why worry? Your energy can be replenished after some good rest."

"True, but I think I would be able to come back easily after I get you out of here?, you may hear this later but until I became what I am now, was more or less a jokester and stuff so not many take me seriously… think like this… I'm trying to fool soon to be enemies before I show them my real power and what not, get the idea?... though if you really want more fun, how about a promise… you hold off for now, let me talk with the Director… and I'll make sure you and the Director are put in pleasure comas… would tire me out even in this state but let's just say while it's true I can rest up… best record is about an hour or so in the sack when I took on 5 women at once… and some were just as tough or almost as tough as you." Ron said while he grins at Warmonga.

"Besides… you could use the chance to recover since let's face it." Ron said when he gave Warmonga a really lustful look.

"If I went all out, you would be in a pleasure coma very soon if I wasn't after the Director as well… can't deny that since you have been pretty lonely for awhile." Ron said before he surprised Warmonga with a gentle kiss on the lips thanks to her lips being clean and he looked for a bathroom and saw it, he then went to gather his clothes off the ground while he made sure Warmonga could see his body as Ron calms down.

Warmonga blushes from the kiss but does smirk when she gets a good look at Ron's body again.

This time she saw how defined his muscles were and though most of his body was covered with fur, she could see each and every outline of Ron's body, it was like this form gave him absolute perfection with enough muscles for power and toned enough for speed.

Add the two cocks to him and the balls that were huge when they seemed packed again with sperm and Ron might as well be a sex god right now or soon to be with getting refined from his fun with others… Warmonga had to admit, thanks to her rust she would be at a disadvantage… for now at least.

'Hmmm… seems I'm gonna have to start training again so I can get the upper hand in this.' Warmonga thought.

As Ron gathered his clothing, he looked at Warmonga and surprised her when he went to pick her up bridal style and carried her to the bathroom while his tail carried his bundle of clothing.

Warmonga was a bit caught off guard by this action before blushing as she was being carried.

Ron noticed the surprised look and smirks.

"What?, never get treated like this?, well on earth, it would be pretty rude if I didn't offer to help you get clean and what not and you help me wash my back in return." Ron said when he wondered how things happened on Lowardia or whatever Warmonga's planet was.

"C-Cleanliness yes… being carried like this has not happened before." Warmonga said.

"Well get used to it, if you are a warrior Queen, might as well treat you like one… hell even got my own castle so should be handy in helping you get used to living on earth if you live in style." Ron said like he was saying Warmonga was his Queen now and he was her King.

Warmonga blushes again after hearing that.

"Then I'm… in your hands… my king."

Ron grins at that while he entered the bathroom and as he and Warmonga got ready to leave, Betty Director came back to the entrance of the hall to ask a guard if Ron gave a signal yet.

"Is Ron alright?, it's been nearly an hour or so since he went in there." Betty asked though as the guard got ready to speak… a patterned knock was heard… Ron's signal.

"That must be him. Open the doors." Betty ordered.

The guards did as ordered though when they moved all the machinery away from the door and opened it… they were shocked and greatly confused when they saw Warmonga in a sweatshirt and pants while she had her arms wrapped around the right arm… of a massive monkey man in the outfit Ron had while Betty Director's one visible eye widened in shock when she saw the duo.

"What the?!... What is going on here?! Who are you and where is Stoppable?!" Betty said.

Ron looks amused as he and by proxy Warmonga walks towards Betty and Ron stops in front of her with a fanged grin.

"What?, didn't I suggest a patterned knock or something to know when I would be back?" Ron said with a greatly amused tone to his voice.

Betty blinked before her eye widened again after connecting the dots.

"S-Stoppable?" She said.

Ron looks amused when he liked the surprised look on her face.

"Yup… not sure if I did but I'm sure I mentioned DNAmy and a surprise right?... pretty sure you can guess that this form is a surprise… I can explain more later but in private… got an office or personal room here where we won't be bothered?, Warmonga is tagging along since I doubt anyone else here can take her, don't worry, she will be a key person in our talk anyway so might as well not hide much or make her impatient by waiting outside of a door or something." Ron said while Warmonga grins when she looks at the guards with a challenging grin on trying to make her wait anywhere at all.

The guards gulped a bit as Betty noticed before facepalm.

"Might as well get you two escorted to my office."

"Great… oh and you may want to clear your schedule for today, this talk will be awhile, Warmonga and I will meet you at the elevator." Ron said as he and by proxy Warmonga went to the elevator and left Betty behind.

Betty was confused.

'What does he mean like that?' She thought.

Though as she used a phone to call a secretary to clear things for today, she followed the duo to the elevator and after the group got to one of the higher levels, Ron and Warmonga were led to a pretty well decked out room that just screamed Betty Director's bedroom while a large computer was nearby and many mountains of paperwork as well, made Ron's head ache from just looking at that.

"Huh… nice place you have, guess this cuts out the commute to work huh?" Ron said to make a moment of small talk as he and Warmonga looked around a bit to see a TV and some game consoles for stress relief when there were plenty of pretty intense M rated games like DOOM and stuff like that.

"Indeed. So what is it that we need to discuss that it has to be private?" Betty said.

"Well it depends… how much do Global Justice know about me or more exactly you persay?, may want to ask that first so I don't bother you with possible info that you may already know about." Ron said as Warmonga went to sit on a nearby Sofa that could hold her large frame.

Betty was confused.

"What? What exactly are you saying?"

Ron facepalms and just looks at the Director.

"OK… let me rephrase that… how well do you like working at Global Justice?, I ask and I'm getting to the heart of the matter, I want you to come with me since I'll need someone who can be a leader of a group of people I'm gathering and I have a reason for this, more or less my plan is pretty simple and again no… not evil… its…" Ron said as the sound cut out as Ron spoke for a couple minutes and as Warmonga and Betty listened in, their eyes widened as Ron continued to explain and when he finished, he more or less had a grin on his face as he crossed his arms.

"That's more or less the main reason why I want you on my side, you know how to run a large group of people in an orderly manner though… pretty sure you get hit with a LOT of red tape and stuff from the look of things… I'm willing to hire you as the leader of the group of people I'm getting and offering one hell of a payment as well since if you did your research, you will know I can pay two to three times your salary here and still make a profit thanks to the patents I have and what not… that's the main reason… I got another but I can explain that after you consider my proposal." Ron said as he fell silent.

Betty was surprised when she heard this.

"You seriously want to hire me?"

"I wouldn't ask if I wasn't… won't lie though I got a few other reasons but that's the main one next to the other reason I have… I won't force you to take the job, hell, if you are hesitant on a lot of things I won't take you out of your comfort zone… but tell me… aren't you tired of always trying to get by legal issues when you know some matters can't be resolved by normal methods?, again I'm not talking about illegal methods, but more like you getting stopped from doing things based on certain factors like diplomatic stuff or even stuff on the other side of the globe and people in suits getting scared that something may happen that would risk their own comfort… should be worth the risk when helping the world not get fucked 7 ways to sunday right?" Ron said while he had a serious look on his face.

Betty was quiet for a moment.

"Okay. Let's say that you're right and now you're giving me a chance to be free by choice?"

"More or less, there are some perks as well and I do have an offer of sorts if you do agree, but in a nutshell, you would be leading the group in the future once I get a few more things and in a nutshell you could be the commander giving orders or up in the front lines fighting at your own command as long as the plan can fit that in… that's more or less the role I have for you, no red tape, nothing restricting you aside from not getting your team in trouble in life or death situations." Ron said while he had a grin on his face now.

Betty was thoughtful for a moment after hearing that.

In truth, she never told no of this but she had been bored with GJ for some time now and if Ron was really offering her a deal then well… better late than ever.

Ron watched as Betty was thoughtful and stuff, and when he saw a determined look on her face, he seemed to get an answer from her.

"I will… accept the deal." Betty said.

"Good… a side perk on joining is well… let me ask… how much you know about my love life?" Ron asked as he crossed his arms.

Betty blinked at the question.

"Well I know you and Mrs. Possible aren't together no more. Apologize for bringing it up."

"No worries, it happened long ago, long story short is that I have other ladies now… Multiple… as in more than one… simply put aside from a pay raise I'm also offering to give you a good time to help with any stress relief you may have… I mean how else do you think I got Warmonga here to be so calm right now?, sure wasn't from talking that's for sure." Ron said with an amused look on his face.

Betty's eye widened after hearing that before glancing at Warmonga who smirked before Betty looked back at Ron.

"Okay… major questions about… well this. Also, I'm flattered but do you not know how old I am?"

"Honestly not really, you look pretty young so I'm guessing either late 20's or early thirties." Ron said while he looked thoughtful.

"But considering I got Naruka who was a ghost which I can explain in full… no real issues on age, besides I more or less look like this nowadays so can't really pull age when I look like a walking myth somewhat, I also got Shego, Monique, Yori, and Bonnie, so with Naruka, five ladies of various ages, Warmonga just now… and maybe you as well though most likely friends with benefits… just a thing to consider if you get stressed and can't find anyone for a good lay… ask Warmonga about my skills in bed if you want." Ron said while he pointed a thumb at an amused Warmonga.

Betty blinked a bit after hearing that as Warmonga chuckled.

"Well… not sure if you want to know but… he was very animalistic with me as we mated."

Ron chuckles and nods his head.

"As you can see… Warmonga approves of my body in the act so why not give it a shot… not the worst thing you could do with getting stress relief right?" Ron said as he crossed his arms for a moment.

Betty was again surprised for a moment but… she was curious.

"Hmmm… alright. Might as well see what you're made of in case you're not blowing smoke."

"Great… lets get started." Ron said when he went to remove his shirt and Betty saw how well muscled Ron's upper body was when he removed the shirt fully and dropped it onto the floor.

Betty blinked with her one eye and had to admit it but… he was indeed well tone.

Ron then removed his shoes and a moment later, he removed his sweatpants and Betty saw to her shock that Ron had two large cocks that were already at full power.

"W-What the?!... You have two of them?!" Betty said with a shock look.

"Yup, mainly monkey DNA used but there is horse and Snake DNA as well to a lesser effect… you can guess where those two went more or less right?, oh and in this form I can make the upper cock vanish and reappear so if you want a single cock, I can do that." Ron said with a teasing tone as he made his upper cock vanish into his body a couple times and just went back to two dick mode.

Betty was again shocked by the sight as Warmonga chuckled at the soon to be former director of GJ's reaction.

Ron then clears his throat to get Betty's attention onto him and even used a finger to point upwards since his eyes were higher than his cock.

Betty did blink her eye for a sec before looking at Ron.

"So… think I can try and impress you?... either way unless you want to get kinky and I rip a hole in your pants and shirt, I suggest getting undressed." Ron teased while he looks amused right now when he stunned the Director of GJ.

Betty shook her head a bit so she could focus. She didn't want to be made a fool.

"Alright then." She said before she started to get undressed as Ron and Warmonga watched.

It took a moment for Betty to get undressed and in no time she stood nude aside from her eyepatch still being on her head, she had B to C cup breasts, perky as well, and wide hips with a well toned look on her body to show she trained rather well and since she was the head of GJ, she had to be pretty strong to keep up with the many soldiers here.

Warmonga hums a bit.

"Hmmm… not bad."

"Indeed… and guess from the way your acting, guess aside from strange situation, you have had fun every now and then with sex huh?" Ron asked when he saw how calm Betty was.

Betty may have blushed a bit.

"Sometimes… I don't get out that much."

"Well better then nothing, and since unlike Warmonga you may have different tastes, how do you want to do this?, take it slow?, fast?, gentle?, intense?" Ron asked while he licked his lips when he looked Betty up and down a bit while his cocks harded more than ever.

Betty raised her eyebrow a bit at the stare.

"Hmmm… surprise me."

Ron smirks and when the scene shifts to a few minutes later, Ron was on his back as he had his hands on Betty's ass while she rode his cocks… the kicker he was thrusting his hips upward so his cocks barraged Betty's ass and pussy in rapid powerful strokes while Warmonga was masturbating at the sight from the side when she herself got naked as she watched Ron's large balls slap Betty on the ass while Betty faced him and had her hands on his chest.

Betty groans from that action which caused her to ride Ron's cocks more as Warmonga was liking the sight more.

Ron then used his monkey tail to smack Betty's ass hard a few times when he used his right hand to play with Betty's breasts which her left ass cheek open to the assult and the tail was surprisingly effective despite it looking not so whip like.

"F-Fuck!" Betty groans before her holes tightened on Ron's cocks while bouncing.

This caused Ron to smirk as he used a bit more power and speed in his actions when he fucked Betty hard enough to cause her to lose her balance and as a result, Ron used a quick shift of his hand on Betty's breast to go to the back of her head and he smashed his lips onto hers while he fucked her ass and pussy so hard that his upper cock bashed into Betty's womb without mercy.

Betty was shocked at that action but the pleasure was affecting her a lot before she actually kissed Ron back as Warmonga felt more turned on by the sight.

It was like Ron was conquering the Director of Global Justice so this was working up Warmonga's more battle crazed size and while masturbation was fun, she was feeling a bit left out so she takes a moment to look around the room for something to use and to her surprise after she rummaged around the room… she… oddly found a earthling strapon under Betty Director's bed.

'Hmmm… maybe this could help.' Warmonga thought before putting on the strapon.

It took her a moment since the straps on the side had to be adjusted and while it was smaller then Warmonga would have hoped, being around 9 inches or so, it would have to do while Ron noticed and stopped his thrusts when he got where Warmonga was going with this and lifts Betty off his cocks to show her gapping holes and Ron surprised by Betty and Warmonga when he aimed both cocks at Betty's pussy and after a second… he pretty much slammed her down hard on his cocks which stretched Betty's folds out way beyond what would normally be thought possible.

"OH FUCK!" Betty groans very loud as her eye widened from having two cocks in her pussy.

As Ron lets Betty adjust, he then looks at Warmonga with a grin when he held Betty's unguarded ass and Warmonga smirks, spits in her hand and used that to lube the strapon when it was dry before she got on the bed, even if Betty noticed Warmonga, thanks to Warmonga's torso blocking Betty's view, she wouldn't see the strapon until it would be too late and Betty felt a large fememine hand on her backside.

"W-Wait… what's she doing?" Betty said with a concerned look making Warmonga grin.

"Don't worry about it." She said.

Though that made Betty worry more… especially when she felt something poking at her asshole and when she looks back with her good eye… it widens in shock when she saw that Warmonga had her strapon equipped thanks to the angle now that Warmonga moved to get in a better position.

Warmonga smirks right before she forced the dildo part of the strapon deep in Betty's ass and as a result… Betty technically had three cocks inside of her, one from Warmonga wearing the strapon and two from Ron right in her pussy.

"D-Damn it!" Betty groans loudly again as she feels all three cocks.

Ron and Warmonga look at one another with grins as they start to fuck the GJ director hard and fast in no time while Ron's cocks barraged Betty's cervix and Warmonga made sure to use only part of her strength when she slapped Betty's ass hard enough to make it a bit red but not enough to leave bruises.

Betty was groaning loudly from these actions for a moment before she started to moan a few times.

This went on for a bit as the two larger beings pretty much made Betty their plaything as Ron continues to fuck Betty hard and fast while Warmonga made sure to use her hand to reach around and rub Betty's bud roughly to see if this would get her to climax.

Luckily for them, Betty's eye rolled in the back of her head as she moans loudly in front of Ron before climaxing on the duo's cocks.

A moment later, Ron growls when he shocked Betty when he pushed his cocks so deep that his cocks forced themselves right in Betty's womb and he came hard inside of Betty without mercy with both barrels and though Warmonga didn't have her own orgasm yet, thanks to the strapon not being made for her, she did look amused when she saw what happened to Betty as she could feel Betty's womb bloating as a result since her hand was near Betty's but, ergo had to reach around Betty's body to do so and could pretty much feel Ron's sperm blasting Betty's womb in large bursts.

Betty groans as her climax got stronger and luckily for Ron, he got a good view of Betty's face looking fucked up as her tongue was sticking out.

Ron however while seeing this couldn't do much as he rode out his orgasm and when he tapped off, he groans as Betty fell on his chest to pant for breath while Warmonga pulled the strapon from Betty's ass so she could look at Ron while Betty was down for the count for the moment.

"Hmmm… seems she needs more experience if she can't continue." Warmonga said.

"Yeah… why don't we let her take 5 and you and I really give this bed here a real test?" Ron said while he carefully moved Betty to lay next to Ron and his cocks were still hard even when sperm flowed from Betty's pussy to make a small puddle of sperm on the bed, thankfully not in Ron's way.

Warmonga licks her lips.

"Yes. Let's." She said before getting on the bed and crawls towards Ron.

The scene went to a bit later with Betty managing to recover after a few minutes of her mind piecing itself together after that mind blowing orgasm she just had, oddly enough no rocking was felt but she did hear lots of moaning and groaning near her.

"W-What… the…!" Betty said before turning her head and was shocked at what she was seeing.

Thankfully the shock wasn't a mess in her room though there was quite a bit of sperm on the bed, but the main shocker was Warmonga getting fucked on all fours on the floor nearby by Ron… the kicker was that he was fucking her ass with both his cocks as they rammed into her ass again and again mercilessly while he had a savage snarl on his face and he grunts from the effort of forcing his cocks into Warmonga's ass at a powerful and quick pace while his tail gripped the strapon at the base and was thrusting the dildo part into Warmonga's pussy again and again while Ron had an iron grip on her ass, not her hips, her ass as his fingers dug into her well muscles ass cheeks as he worked to pretty much make it impossible for anyone besides him to satisfy Warmonga or come damn well close depending on what lovers Warmonga had.

Betty couldn't believe what she was seeing as Warmonga was moaning loud with ecstasy.

"Oh yes my King! Don't stop!"

Ron however was so into his act of dominating Warmonga that he couldn't even speak so he wouldn't lose focus, thanks to that all he did was smack Warmonga on the ass hard and Betty saw how fucked up Warmonga was thanks to Ron… no wonder she wouldn't cause trouble… if he did this to her daily then no reason for her to betray Ron since she would lose one hell of a good time.

'My god… No wonder he had Warmonga obey him. He really is like an animal.' Betty thought before she was surprised to feel her folds getting wet just from watching this intense show.

Ron in turn keeps on fucking Warmonga's ass again and again as time went on and he leaned down a moment later to grip her breasts and really humped away like an animal like a dog fucking a bitch… did DNAmy put some Dog DNA in him a smidge to make it an even number or something?

Warmonga's face got more fucked up thanks to that action as Betty blushes brightly.

'What did DNAmy do to him?' She thought as Warmonga turns her head.

"More!" She demanded.

Ron had no issues with that and smashed his lips on Warmonga's for a rather intense kiss as he fucked Warmonga harder and faster before he growls deeply and pushed his cocks balls deep in Warmonga's ass and flooded her insides with sperm.

Warmonga moans loudly as she kissed Ron back before climaxing hard on his cocks as Betty watched.

It took a bit before Ron tapped off and when he did, Warmonga's stomach looked swollen with sperm and as Ron pulled away and stepped to the side, Warmonga was barely conscious while Ron's cocks were STILL hard shockingly enough.

Betty was again shocked when she noticed.

'Damn… It's like he can't stop.' She thought.

Though as Ron noticed her… he grins as he slowly approached her while he grabbed Warmonga and in no time… both Betty and Warmonga were hugging eachother while Betty held onto Warmonga for dear life while her head was between Warmonga's breasts and Warmonga just needed something to hold… reason being Ron was fucking both their pussies at once now while he seemed to go feral and fucked the duo so hard that the bed actually sounded like it would break under the pressure of Ron's thrusts as his cocks barraged Betty and Warmonga's wombs again and again.

Warmonga and Betty couldn't believe the predicament they were in as they moan and groan in unison from having their pussies fucked.

It took quite a bit of a pounding but Ron was able to fuck a few orgasms out of the duo and without warming climaxed hard right into their wombs when he went balls deep inside of them though to their shock even as he climaxed he continued to fuck them hard while his cocks unload his payload and Ron forced it right into their wombs with each slam of his hips as it took all his will to not stay balls deep in the duo.

Warmonga and Betty kept on moaning loud while hugging each other before they both climaxed hard on Ron's cocks.

It took a bit but Ron tapped off at the 20 second mark but keeps on fucking the duo through the orgasm while sperm was leaking from their folds and onto the bed as Ron got himself so into it that he saw Warmonga and Betty about to pass out thanks to how hard he has fucked them.

'Such stamina.' Warmonga thought.

'It's like stop isn't part of his vocabulary.' Betty thought.

This though wouldn't last long as Ron was quickly approaching another orgasm but continues to fuck Warmonga and Betty more as his cocks barraged their wombs until…

Both women moan loudly in unison before they climaxed hard again as their pussies tighten around Ron's cocks.

Though Ron surprised them when he pulled his cock from their folds and while ignoring the sperm on his cocks, he stroked himself off and a moment later he snarls when he came on Betty and Warmonga like he was marking them as his mates.

Said duo shudders as they felt Ron's loads hitting every inch of their bodies after tapping off.

Once Ron tapped off after getting most of their bodies covered in sperm like Warmonga's breasts, Betty's back ass and parts of Warmonga's thighs, Ron tapped off with a groan and pants for breath when his cocks finally went flaccid and he pants more while he was sweating up a storm right now… he saw that Betty and Warmonga had passed out on the bed and Ron chuckles deeply before he looks around and after seeing the mess, he hums as he shook his head.

"Nah… will let the janitor clean this up… might as well get cleaned and what not before I do anything else." Ron said when he just got off the bed and walked to the shower with a slight stumble here or there.

Honestly Ron had a feeling things would get much more interesting soon and as he entered the bathroom, he had one final thought as the scene starts to fade to black.

"Hmmm… wonder who should be next if this is going to be a pattern." Was all Ron thought as the scene fully fades to black.

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