Rise of Unstoppable @emerald
VS Monique and ?

The scene opens up to show the dynamic duo of TME and Atomsk while they were busy deciding who was next in the list of Ladies Ron had to wow.

Ron Harem list:

Bonnie (Check)

Shego (Check… sort of)

Yori (Check)


Vivian Porter

Betty Director


"Alright, looks like we got the checklist here… want to mix it up and pick a random lady or go in order on the list?" TME asked when he saw Tara, Vivian, Betty Director, and Monique left in the list while TME was looking up their info.

"Hmm… go random." Atomsk said.

"Right… though just in case want to ask the requester this or just surprise him?, can't be too careful with stuff like this and its… 7 minutes to midnight here and you'll need to sleep for your job so…" TME said as he looks at a nearby clock and saw it was getting REALLY late.

"Eh… let's surprise the dude. We tend to do that." Atomsk said.

"Alright, in the meantime I'll look up data on each lady so I know who we are dealing with ,random or not, I'll see you tomorrow Atomsk." TME said when he gave his friend a smile.

Atomsk waved at his friend.

"See yeah."

After Atomsk left, TME looks at the readers.

"Well everyone, as you can see we are taking a small break so…" TME said when he snapped his fingers and a card appeared in the readers view.

"Deciding on next Lady Ron wows so please be patient while the duo decide who goes next." The sign read as a number of hours pass...

The next morning…

TME yawns as he stretched his body, he made his choice on the lady of the chapter for now and was drinking a soda when he was waiting for Atomsk to get here.

Just then, a portal opens up and coming out is Atomsk the Pirate King.

"*Yawn*... Morning."

"Morning, I haven't gotten in touch with the requester yet so… want to go with Monique this chapter?" TME asked as he looks at Atomsk.

"Works for me." Atomsk said before cracking his neck a bit.

"Right, let's just get started though how do you want to start this chapter?, brains still a bit fuzzy since I just woke, last time we had Ron and Yori in a forest… want to time skip to a few months later with Ron having his transformation under control?, start out simple?" TME asked while he cracks his own neck a few times and cracked his back after he sat in a chair.

"Hmmm… sure. I mean he can't stay as a monkey all the time." Atomsk said before sitting down.

"Well… to be fair all humans are technically monkeys so…" TME joked while he smirks at Atomsk.

Atomsk rolls his eyes.

"Oh haha, let's start the chapter."

"Right… anyway let's start this say… at Ron's place a few days after he officially got his transforming in check…" TME said as he snapped his fingers and the scene went to...

Timeframe… 4 months after chapter 3/ Ron's home/ Ron's room/ Ron, ?

Right now the scene showed Ron while he was napping on his bed, the kicker was that A, he was now back to normal and was a bit more toned and bulkier, and B… Bonnie and Yori were sleeping at his sides after a fun time last night celebrating Ron's return from the woods officially since he finally got that form under control.

It was hard to explain things to Ron's folks when they came to the woods unexpectedly though thankfully not while Ron was in the act… still it took some convincing from Ron to get his parents calmed down and not only that… well after another event… well Ron had to explain the multiple ladies thing and that was another drama filled thing Ron had to calm them down from… especially his mom who got a very wrong idea on things.

Though his dad was secretly proud of Ron he would never say that.

This resulted in Ron being able to walk around sometimes in his new form to keep it limber and be able to have his ladies at his place… though while Bonnie and Yori were easy… Shego was a different level of convincing for his parents since they wanted to get Kim to get rid of her… it would take a bit for Shego to get Ron's folks to warm up to her but until then…

Well the scene showed Ron cuddling with Bonnie and Yori right now, Bonnie had easy access to Ron though Yori… well it was simpler then it seemed thanks to Shego and her jet helping with the back and forth every week, Ron trained with Shego and Yori to get his skills trained and in his monkey form as well… which would explain the body he now had while he had his arms wrapped around Bonnie and Yori's shoulders.

Said duo happily sigh in their sleep as they snuggle closer to Ron.

Ron did the same though the group was interrupted from their nap when Ron's alarm went off and he opened his eyes and blinks a few times from that.

Bonnie and Yori groan in annoyance from the sound of Ron's alarm.

"D-Dammit Ron. Did you had to set the alarm on?" Bonnie said.

Ron then slipped free from Bonnie and Yori and moved to turn it off and stretched a bit when he stood fully.

"Sorry, but Shego is taking me on a training thing to fine tune some things, heard she found some kind of secret Monkey ninja thing at one of Monkey Fists old homes and stuff and she invited me to tag along, you two can sleep more if you want." Ron said while he stretched his arms which partially transformed for a moment into bulkier arms before they returned to normal… guess the transformations happen naturally for Ron now after his months of training to keep it in control.

Bonnie did lick her lips a bit when she saw that.

"You sure you don't want me and Yori to tag along?"

"Hmmm… maybe, will have to ask Shego since her jet is a two seater, pretty sure Yori may tag along to make sure there are no bad items there… don't want to turn to stone in case well… any forbidden items are there." Ron said when he didn't want to risk a Yono moment… he already explained it to Bonnie with Yori's help so while she was still learning, she at least got forbidden was forbidden for a reason and this Ron would be smart to bring Yori along for her expertise in recognizing bad things at Monkey Fists lair.

"Ron is right Bonnie-san." Yori said.

Bonnie did pout.

"Yeah I guess you're right."

"Hey if it's any consolation, considering no one is pretty much coming after Monkey Fists old lairs, I may move into one of them… since I heard he has one near Middleton that I heard about recently… and after emptying most items to sell or store away just in case so you could say I'm moving up in the world and getting a castle… or a small manor… depends on the price, I checked my account that is going up and well…" Ron said when he whispered in Bonnie's ear which shocked her from what she was told ad Ron smirks when he starts walking away.

"Just in case better pack for a night or two in a new Stoppable homestead away from others so we can get as loud as we want hehe, may ask Shego where she got her Jet so I can get my own so I won't need to ask her for lifts for distant lands." Ron said when he went to grab some clothing so he could get dressed.

Yori was confused before looking at Bonnie.

"What did Ron say?"

Bonnie was quiet before she looks at Yori.

"Yori… we better make sure if Ron gets any new ladies we test them big time… Apparently Ron is loaded enough now to give Senior Senior Sr a run for his money… in about 10 years or so if Ron doesn't make any new items… steady increase and profits from patents Ron got and what not but if Ron makes other items well…" Bonnie said before she whispered in Yori's ear and she got a shocked look as well.

"O-Oh my." Yori said as her eyes widened.

"Yup… better make sure Ron doesn't let any new ladies try and walk over him." Bonnie said while Yori raised an eyebrow.

"Didn't you take 100 US dollars from Ron when he… convinced you to have fun with him?" Yori said while she sounded curious.

Bonnie blushes a bit.

"D-Different scenario. Plus I needed birth control anyway since his cum amount was big."

Yori blushed from that when she remembered how productive Ron was.

"F-Fair enough… seems like he became more productive after what DNAmy did to him… glad we got his form under control and he had… practice in many things though I wonder what we will find at Monkey Fists place, heard that many of his places are treasure troves so who knows what artifacts we may find… I'll get ready as well in case Monkey fist took anything of true importance from any ninja clans." Yori said when she got up from the bed and her nude form was seen while she stretched her body.

Bonnie did blush when she saw Yori's body and hated to admit it but… Yori did look good.

Yori saw the look when she looks at Bonnie to ask her something and smirks at her a bit.

"Just to let you know… I don't need Ron to have fun with others, stereotype or not from living in a forigen country... I have been getting plenty of… material that you westerners would find… a bit much… so that makes it very simple for me to know how to please ladies one on one… also… we may not look it but Master Sensei allows us to have the internet at the dojo in some areas so we have ways of getting far off information… now if you will excuse me Bonnie-san… I'll be getting ready." Yori teased when she moved to grab her current outfit which was in a bag and left Bonnie alone for a moment.

Bonnie was surprised to hear that before she mentally chuckled.

'That sneaky little…' She thought.

After everyone got ready when everyone took turns in the shower for rule reasons from Ron's mother, the trio met with Shego while Ron was talking with the plasma user while the group was away from the jet for privacy sake.

"...hats why I want to bring Yori along mainly in case we run into anything dangerous and Bonnie wants to tag a long with us to not get left behind, could be a good learning experience for her so…" Ron said when he hoped Shego wouldn't mind as he gave this offer.

"I can even transform and thanks to some bigger laps, Yori or Bonnie won't have to act like a seat for you and they can sit on my laps, just in case you have any objections on seating arrangements… speaking of which know who to get a good jet from?, maybe a plane instead... may get more than just you three ladies at my side knowing my luck so might as well use a bit of cash I got to get a personal plane for large group things." Ron said while he looked thoughtful on some things.

Shego was thoughtful for a bit.

"Hmmm I don't know yet but I'll find out. Anyway, let's make sure that everyone is present."

Ron nods before he looks at Bonnie and Yori who packed light in case the group has to spend the night.

"You two ready?, Yori I'm cool with coming to Monkey fists lair since she knows not to touch anything dangerous looking… Bonnie… what is the golden rule here if you want to tag along?" Ron asked when he and the other more trained experts on dangerous stuff look at the newbie of danger of the group.

"Um… make sure to pack light and… don't touch anything in case of a trap." Bonnie said.

"More or less though I can ignore accidental ones like hidden switches… pretty sure we can all agree that those are just the worst… freaking trap switches and their actions… anyway the main reason to pack light is for an overnight stay just in case, however for today I'm not expecting this visit to be more then say… 5 to 6 hours at least to comb that place from top to bottom for secret passages and hidden treasure troves, Monkey fist normally had things in fire places and bookshelves but don't be surprised if he has any hidden places in high to reach areas given his monkey nature at the time." Ron said while he transformed and pets Bonnie on the head after kissing her forehead.

"Anyway if we do a good job, all four of us could maybe mess with one of Monkey Fists old bedrooms and see how comfy his beds were anyway and… hmm?" Ron said before he stands up fully on edge and sniffs around a couple times… right now they were in a out of the way location so if it was near the jet, sure people may stumble upon them but… well Ron's eyes widened when he looks to a certain direction and hopped high in the air and when he lands behind a bush a girlish shriek was heard and… Monique of all people fell from the bush while Ron in his transformed state had a raised eyebrow when he looks at Monique.

"What the?... Monique?! What are you doing here?" Bonnie said as Yori was confused while Shego had a raised eyebrow.

Monique was quick to get to her feet while she points a hand at Ron.

"I-I'll e-explain when someone tells me why I just saw Ron not only hanging with you and Shego of all people and kissing your forehead but then this!?... pretty sure many will think Monkey Fist has something to do with this… I gotta tell Kim!" Monique said though Ron snatched her phone from her before she could even get started while he looks at her after he picked her up effortlessly by the back of her shirt so he could look her in the eyes and raised his hand with the phone.

"I'll return this… and let you go AFTER all of us go to Monkey Fists place for a small treasure hunting adventure while I give you some reasons not to let Kim know… you can run but your precious phone will be totalled and you got yourself to blame for this… your call Monique." Ron said while he waited for an answer.

Monique was surprised at the way Ron spoke to her.

Granted she needs to tell Kim but… she needs her phone more.

"Alright, fine." She said.

"Good." Ron said as he pockets Monique's phone and sets her down on her feet.

"You'll get this back AFTER we get back from Monkey Fist's lair nearby… anyway as for Shego, Bonnie, and Yori… well not sure about Shego since she is technically on my payroll but… all three are my ladies… mainly Bonnie and Yori… Shego more or less has a good time with me for stress relief more or less." Ron said while he shrugged his shoulders as he walked by Monique.

Monique's jaw dropped after hearing that.

"Y-You're joking… right?"

"Nope, ask them yourselves… while you do that, hey Shego the seat adjustment bit is under the seat right?...I'll handle the adjustment so Yori, Bonnie… and Monique can sit in my lap." Ron said while he had an amused grin on his face as he left the four ladies alone for a moment.

Monique was again shocked as Bonnie chuckled.

"Just so you know… he's not joking. He really knows how to treat a woman."

"Hehe, yeah, though while while the fun on the side is good, only got better when Ron got double barrelled by DNAmy… needed practice against hairtriggers and stuff but…" Shego said while she and Bonnie high fived for a moment which showed that she and Bonnie got along well.

"W-Wait… double barrell?... You mean he has…" Monique said as Yori brought her two scents.

"Indeed. Quite an interesting experience."

"Hehe, that before or after Ron got your V-Card with both of them?" Shego said which made Yori blush and Bonnie looks at Monique.

"Look, considering Ron is a bit of a softy still when it comes to intimidation… why not make this interesting and make a bet, you win you can run and tell Kim everything… lose… well… going to have to explain after you want to hear me out." Bonnie said while she had an idea in her head.

Monique was a bit cautious after hearing this.

"And what type of bet is it?"

"Simple, as you can see were not exactly against sharing and while we could do a whole back and forth on trying to convince you to join us, why not make this simple… have fun with Ron when we get to Monkey Fists place near here and if Ron outlasts you, you pretty much become one of his ladies and help out with material gathering for clothing and stuff, pretty simple things… if you win, you get to go scott free and do whatever, either way in case you haven't gotten laid in awhile, win win right?... I mean what's the worst that could happen in humoring this?, you got no choice but to come along so why not make it interesting… and lets just say its not monkey DNA Ron had zapped into him… horse AND Snake as well for two massive cocks… or did you have plans later?" Bonnie said when she grins at Monique while Shego and Yori look surprised Bonnie would offer that thought… considering its either this or a few hours long of trying to convince Monique… why not try and do things more physical than mental?

Monique was shocked after hearing this. She was just speechless at the deal.

Bonnie smirks when she saw that.

"Hey if you doubt Ron and his barrels, ask Shego and Yori more details, in fact Yori gave her first time to Ron in that form." Bonnie said while she points a thumb at Yori.

Yori did blush before clearing her throat a bit.

"All true. It hurt at first and despite his… roughness, Ron knew to be gentle."

"Yeah though after that you really gave his form a real test when it seemed to get a sex crazed monster out of you." Shego teased when she and Bonnie came back after that movie and saw that Ron was the one getting overpowered after some time… he chalked it up to lack of using both dicks so half stamina.

Yori did blush again as Monique was once again speechless.

'Good God.' She thought.

Shego chuckles a few times when she saw Monique's speechless face.

"Anyway Monique was it?, pretty sure you can at least think about it when we go to Monkey Fist's lair, you can decide on if you want to have fun with Ron and his great banana's later or not." Shego said before she chuckles at her joke as she wonders how Monique will react to that since she was trying to help her relax.

Monique blushes after hearing as Bonnie rolls her eyes.

"Joke aside… we better head to the jet now."

"Yeah… again you can follow or not Monique-san but… pretty sure your phone would be at risk from Ron." Yori said when she followed Bonnie which caused Shego to follow suit and left Monique behind.

Monique was quiet before she sighs in frustration.

"Dammit." She said before following the trio.

Once she followed the group to the Jet, she saw Ron exiting it and lands on his feet.

"I got the seat adjusted so… ready to go ladies?" Ron asked while he smiles at everyone.

"Hehe, I'm ready." Bonnie said with a smirk.

"I'm also ready Ron." Yori said with a smile.

"Hope you didn't mess with the pilot seat, I got it just the way I like." Shego said since she was the pilot and she moved to get in as Ron chuckles in amusement while Monique saw this.

"I have no choice since you have my phone." Monique said with crossed arms.

"Hey to be fair we didn't expect you to drop in so…" Ron said with a shrug as he moved to Monique and Bonnie, picked them up in one arm each pseudo bridal style and he jumped to the Jet while Yori followed and Ron sets Monique and Bonnie on their feet so he could sit in the backseat of the Jet first.

Monique was obviously caught off guard before blushing from being carried as Yori got in the jet.

This caused Bonnie to look amused as she got on her seat which caused Bonnie and Yori to sit on Ron's laps while Monique… was left a seat between Ron's legs…

Monique sees this before she quickly tries to find a different spot to sit on.

However thanks to the fact Bonnie and Yori wouldn't budge… and Ron had the seat pretty much pulled back as far as possible… unless Monique wanted to squeeze between Ron's current monkey feet since he went barefoot for now she would have to settle for Ron's lap.

'Son of the bitch.' Monique thought before she actually sat on Ron's lap.

Bonnie chuckled a bit.

"Feeling comfy?" She said as Monique blushes in embarrassment.

Ron in the meantime tried to keep quiet though… with Monique on his lap his twin snakes got a bit hard in his pants and pretty much pushed up against Monique's clothed ass cheeks.

Monique jolts when she felt that.

"H-Hey?!" She said while blushing.

"Sorry, body's so used to the ladies it has a mind of its own now, besides I didn't pick who sits where." Ron apologized since the last thing he wanted to be labeled was a perv.

Monique continues to blush before turning her head.

"L-Let's just get this… trip started."

"Aye aye." Shego said with an amused tone to her voice as she starts the jet and as it caused the jet to rise and Shego had the jet do a fancy movement when it took off so that when the group flew, Yori and Bonnie were lightly hugged by Ron to keep them safe in their seat while Monique was pressed up against Ron's chest, abs, and his twin snakes under his pants which really pressed up against Monique's ass more.

Monique blushes brightly after feeling that.

'Damn… they weren't kidding when they said Ron had two… and when did he get so… ripped? Was it because of this… transformation thing?' She thought.

Either way Bonnie noticed the blush on Monique's face and looks at Yori with a smirk out of Monique's sight and grins when she knew what she would do later to try and keep Monique quiet.

Yori sees the look and gave Bonnie a slight nod of understanding which was out of Monique's sight as the group waited till they reached their destination.

It took about 15 minutes or so of flight for the group as they approached a large castle in the distance, it looked like one of those medieval castles surprisingly enough, looks like it was well hidden because no one else was nearby and Ron whistles at the sight since it looked like an impressive place… how come Monkey Fist never lived here?... scratch that either that was a secret base for him or he never used it in risk of getting caught by Kim and Ron.

"Wow… that's some castle." Bonnie said with a surprised look.

Monique was surprised as well as Yori had an interested look.

"Yup, and if it gets a clean bill of health from most of us, a new place for Ron to crash in and a base for all of us to meet in and really get down and dirty when we are not doing things." Shego said when she took the Jet in for a landing while Monique was pressed up against Ron again from the slight force of her moving back a bit.

Monique blushes brightly again as she could feel Ron's chest but didn't say anything.

Once the group lands in a large area that could keep the jet parked, the group got out with Ron helping Bonnie and Monique out of the Jet when he carried them for a moment and after he and everyone looks around, Ron hums.

"Hmmm… not bad… not bad, going to need a serious cleanup from a gardening crew later but… not bad of a condition on the outside." Ron said when he saw that aside from a ton of grass needing a serious mowing and maybe a few repairs here or there, the place was pretty decent… really high castle walls for defense… the Castle was even bigger like one of those fantasy places one would find in a storybook… honestly risk of getting caught or not, Ron wondered why Monkey Fist didn't use this place before now…

"Okay… I may not know that guy well but how come this Monkey Fist guy never used this place?" Bonnie said.

"Maybe because its pretty close to Middleton?, KP and I could probably get here if we call in a favor normally so maybe Monkey fist didn't want to risk getting caught… unless… hmmm… hey Yori, can you feel if anything is off about this place?... for some reason I'm getting an odd feeling of being watched." Ron said when he looks around and while the place was lifeless… Ron couldn't help but wonder if something Monkey magic related was here and that could be why Monkey Fist never used this place.

Yori had her eyes closed before using her ninja training to sense the group's surroundings.

For a moment nothing was felt but… she did feel something… faint… not… hostile but something definitely was here… though Yori couldn't get a clear feeling of what...

"Unfortunately it seems Ron's senses are correct… we are being watched however I am unable to pinpoint it because it seems too weak to locate… either it's watching us to learn why we are here or it could be a territory thing… either way we should be careful if we enter, who knows what this presence could be… could be nothing and maybe just an animal or could be something Monkey magic related and it could be something deadly." Yori explained while Ron nods his head.

"Then should we even be here? What if it's a ghost?" Monique said.

"Well if it is we got a plasma wielding woman who can probably scare it off, a Ninja with know how on Monkey Magic and other things and a guy who can do the same but is more combat oriented and pretty powerful physically… if push comes to shove why not just do a horror movie trope and look for some kind of thing that the ghost is bound to and get rid of it?, normally helps right?" Bonnie said with crossed arms.

Shego shrugs.

"Perhaps, but we won't find out till we get inside."

"Yeah…. You could stay out here Monique but… Monique?" Ron said while he looks to where Monique was and saw her missing before the group heard her from the castle door.

"Well if we were going with tropes might as well not use the one where we get split up so come on!" Monique said while everyone blinks as Yori speaks.

"Wow, I did not know Monique-san can move that fast." Yori said as Bonnie shrugged.

"Eh fear can motivate a lot into things they didn't think they could do before so…" Bonnie said while the group moved to approach though as the group got close to Monique they saw something that made their eyes widen when a glow was heading right towards the Castle door while Monique was unaware of things.

Ron shot forward with a panicked look before anyone could react and as the castle doors slammed open out of the blue and some tendrils pulled Monique in, Ron flew into the castle after Monique and as the doors slammed shut with the others running to approach the door, they couldn't get the door to budge at all… even Shego blasting it full power a couple times barely made a dent.

"Gah! What is this door made of?!" Shego said.

Yori looks around and narrowed her eyes as Shego tried to turbo charge an attack.

"Shego wait!, you won't bust this door down anytime soon… I can see runes on the doorway, its an ancient kind of Monkey magic made to defend against even bombs, I doubt your plasma blasts will work, we need to find an alternate way in while we put our faith in Ron in rescuing Monique." Yori said while she had a serious look in her eyes.

"She's right so we gotta work fast." Bonnie said.

Shego frowns while she lets her attack fade while the scene went into the Castle to show Ron as he was chasing Monique quickly as she flew through the air and avoids many things she was being dragged so she could see Ron doing his best to keep up and he was slowly speeding up as well...

'Damn… don't know what's going on but gotta save Monique fast.' Ron thought as he kept running.

Though while Ron tried to grab at Monique's outstretched hand, a suit of armor moved on its own and swong an Axe at Ron, hitting him in the face with the side of the weapon to not really damage him but Monique had a panicked look in her eyes when Ron was stunned long enough for her to be taken out of Ron's sight as he sat up and groans while he held his face where he was blindsided and glared at the armor which had moved back into position.

Ron growled when he got up and he ignored the armor to chase after Monique again while the scene went to Monique herself as she was pulled to a different part of the castle and it was in a fancy bedroom while she was sat on the bed carefully while she heard a female sounding voice that had a slight tinge of an echo to it.

"My apologize young one... I did not mean to scare you, just had to have someone to speak with for a moment in private since you were the one who came close to the door." The voice said from around Monique though the voice tried to sound calming to try and keep her from really panicking.

Monique though shudders.

"W-What do you need to talk to me for?"

"Well first off…" The voice said and Monique felt a flick on her forehead when a spectral hand formed which caused Monique to grip her head from the surprising amount of pain from that.

"Aside from that to knock sense into you, the only one I have issues with is the one called Monkey Fist… the man with hands and feet of a monkey and is obsessed with Monkey magic…" The voice said while Monique saw a beautiful woman appear before her… her skin tone was unknown since she had a glowing spectral look, but she looked like she could be a lot like Yori given the robe she was wearing and… to Monique's surprise had… monkey hands for feet?... was she related to Monkey Fist?... doubtful since Monique heard once that Monkey Fist got his extra hands from DNAmy and given this ghost looked ancient based on the clothing she wore… well… highly doubtful she could have her body changed by genetics.

She had long hair in a braid, she had some side burns which gave her a rough look and a ring at the end which was on the middle of her back and aside from a mole near her eye which gave her a cute look of sorts, this woman looked powerful, sensual, and wise all at the same time… she also had a well endowed figure to boot that looked to be around D to E cup breasts, looked a bit taller then Monique so she could look like an Amazon and finally to top things off… well she had a freaking monkey tail.

Monique lightly blushes as she looks at the spirit.

"Um okay… so what is your beef with him besides the obvious? Was this castle your home? Did he took something important from here?"

"No this place is not my home, I was moved here by force by Monkey Fist from my tomb before the traps there pretty much destroyed it, made Monkey Fists life here pretty much… whats the word… read it in some books… oh yes… hell for him which forced him to move away and stuff, my name is Naruka, it's simple name, was given because I had red hair when I was alive… anyway before you ask, no these are not… artificial traits… well the feet are natural at least, bit of a… what was the word for you present day mortals?... ah… a Mutation at birth… the tail is well… not sure if you know this but know of the amulet of the Monkey King?, not sure if you do since unlike that Ninja woman and that… interesting specimen of a male trying to help you… but you and that greenish woman don't seem to have many connections to mystical monkey powers and stuff… I helped make the thing and during one of the testing phases I got a monkey tail from it… I'm pretty old even by ghostly standards." Naruka said when she had her upper hands on her hips.

Monique was surprised after hearing this.

"W-Whoa... so is that why Monkey Fist took you from your tomb? Because he wanted to find the amulet?"

"Nah, apparently I hear once before he ran out after some of my… antics was that he lost the amulet to someone called Possible and considering I made that prototype, he wanted a more fine tuned one and researched the creator of the artifacts of mystical monkey power and here I am… official title is Sorceress of the Monkey King, pretty much outclassed the past Monkey King in magical might and not to toot my own horn was able to fight him on even ground in the past, was his instructor as well, I happen to be a grand master in Ninjutsu and Monkey Kung fu as well, main reason why I didn't take the Ninja woman since she looked like she wore a familiar uniform of the sect I initially created, my robe here pretty much shows who I used to teach and stuff… I believe when it was established I called it… Yama… Yama… ugh… been so long my memory is failing me an I have a photographic memory… though that was probably when I was alive and had an organic brain." Naruka said while she gestured to her outfit… clothing color aside the style though a bit dated did remind Monique of someone… and with Yori… wait… Yama… Yamanouchi ninja school!?

"Oh my… You mean Yamanouchi… the Ninja School?!" Monique said with a surprised look.

Naruka looked surprised by that.

"Yeah, now that you mention it yeah Yamanouchi… you mean to tell me its still standing?, heard once in the spectral grapevine from some passing ghosts was that Monkey Fist went with the Yono to destroy it and I thought the worst… after that I didn't get much else it terms of info… I'm technically bound here thanks to that idiotic Monkey magic obsessed… whats the word… oh yes… dumbass fucktard… heard that from a rather foul mouthed ghost once and figured it would fit Monkey Fist to a T." Naruka said while she had a cringe on her face when she really didn't like to talk about Monkey Fist.

Monique sweatdrops a bit.

"Right… well if it makes you feel better, the school stands… though I never been there. I know that Yori girl comes from there. Plus, Ron, the monkey man that you saw, went there too."

"I see… would explain a lot… tell me child… Monique was it?, are you friends with those four?, I can see hasitance for two of them in your mind and hostility for the green skinned woman and the one with brown hair as well." Naruka asked with crossed arms.

"Yeah… the green woman is Shego and let's just say she's like an enemy to my best friend, Kim. And the other is Bonnie. Not enemies… per say… but we don't get along that well. Went to school with her." Monique said.

"I see… what of that male who tried to help you?, you seem hesitant as well from your thoughts, though… seems thanks to some recent events you are… curious about something he has." Naruka said while she smirks at Monique when she told Monique she could read her mind if in bits and pieces.

Monique jolts a bit after hearing that.

"D-Don't know what you mean. But he's not the same Ron that I remember. He's… different."

Naruka looks amused by that.

"Oh really?, how do you remember him?, from what I can tell he changed thanks to a Coma you heard about but is this new him really so bad?, from what I can get from your mind, seems he was always the bottom of the barrel socially and always known as this Kim woman's sidekick… not knocking the strong female warrior but some men have something pretty stupid called pride and stuff, pretty sure during this coma he just had some kind of revelation and is not trying to change… for better or worse is anyones guess but has he done anything lately really considered bad?... aside from holding onto that phone thingy of yours… I mean you would have ran and tattled to his best friend so… pretty sure he got spooked and just tried to do something not scarring to you since you are a friend to him as well." Naruka said while she smiles at Monique.

"Well… he hasn't done anything to me. Just surprised at the new change and plus the… new friends he's made." Monique said.

Naruka looks amused when she heard that.

"New friends as in that Shego and Bonnie woman or new friends as in what he has in his pants?" Naruka teased when she read how Monique could feel how large Ron was with her ass in the jet and really couldn't resist this… it has been a long time since Naruka had girl talk with well… any lady.

Monique was blushing after hearing that last part.

"W-Wasn't talking about that!.. I meant Shego, Bonnie and… well he and Yori were already friends."

Naruka giggles from that while she sat near Monique though her laugh sounded a bit like a cute monkey like laugh… must have been a habit she got from the monkey magic business.

"Nukeke… well I'm sure they are not all bad if you got to know them outside of this… school thing… and when that Shego woman is not doing evil acts… seems like she hasn't done any at all after this whole… alien thing I'm getting from your mind… besides people change over time and mature, why not give them one chance to prove themselves?, even if they are not… good… doesn't make them automatically evil, being neutral has its perks like you can pretty much do whatever you want and as long as you don't do anything twisted no one will really question things… I mean what is so wrong with change?... though I'm rambling… considering this seems interesting and as you know I can't exactly leave normally… I want to make a deal with you since you seem pretty fun to hang out with… humor me if you want to know how to get out of here without complaints from me." Naruka said while she gave Monique a fanged yet mischievous grin.

Monique did raise her eyebrow a bit.

"What kind of deal do you have in mind?"

Naruka smirks while the scene went to Ron, still in his Monkey king like form, a bit later when he was searching around various rooms of the Castle… he had a hard time locating Monique's scent thanks to something in the air pretty much stopping that though… as he was exiting a bathroom... Monique ran towards him from around the corner.

"Ron!, oh thank god I found you!, I managed to slip away from that ghost finally!" Monique said before she gasped for breath when she got close to Ron and had to stop to catch her breath.

Ron sighs a bit.

"Thank God you're okay Monique. Now let's get out of here."

"Right… follow me, I think I may have found a way out when I found this secret room or something when I had to hide from the ghost, had these weird items in it so not sure if I could even go in there without a second opinion… heard how dangerous some things can be so…" Monique said while she trailed off when she didn't know how to continue from there.

Ron was thoughtful for a bit.

"Hmmm… well… better than nothing. Lead the way."

Monique nods her head before she led Ron down the hall while he was unaware that Monique had a smirk on her face thanks to her facing from him and some green glowing eyes for a moment.

Once Monique and Ron got to the room… turns out it was the bedroom Monique was in earlier and Monique points to a nearby bookshelf that was slightly ajar.

"The room is back there, the ghost brought me here first but left right after when it muttered something about getting you as well… it also mentioned the front door being locked so we can't get out that way so I tried to look for one of those hidden passages and well… yeah… I found a bookshelf to move but couldn't move it much… worried the noise may get the ghost's attention again." Monique said when she points to the bookshelf that was slightly ajar while there was an open closet as well, guess Monique hid there near the shelf to avoid the ghost if it came back… or at least… if this was Monique talking… though Ron was none the wiser since Monique was so herself right now.

"Hmmm,well let's see if we can try moving it." Ron said before heading to the bookshelf.

Monique smirks a bit when she saw that and as Ron moved the shelf, Monique licks her lips when she saw Ron's muscles bulge in the Monkey King form as he moved the surprisingly heavy shelf.

Once it was out of the way, Ron had to wipe his forehead… either this shelf was made to be hard to move or heavy like it was supposed to be like this or he opened it wrong like he would have to find a switch for it later… either way he did wonder how Monique moved it when opening it a few inches winded him and he forced it the rest of the way.

Though as he opened it… he saw that in the room was a pedestal with two rings… one looked like some kind of thick ring that had an intricate Dragon design and the other was a ring with a small indent with a monkey symbol on it.

Ron entered while he looks around for a back way out while Monique grins when she entered the room while Ron was unaware thanks to how… oddly quiet Monique was… and before he could even look, Monique grabbed the ring with the monkey indent in it and put it on when Ron looked over to see Monique do that before he could even register what just happened.

"Uh… Monique? What are you doing? There's no time to look at rings. We have to find a way out." Ron said.

"Oh I know a way out of here… and thanks to Monique I won't be forced to stay here as well." Monique said as her voice starts to sound different while the monkey indented ring glows and a monkey shriek was heard before a blinding light emits from the ring and Ron's eyes were blinded from the light for a moment and before he could raise his eyes to shield himself, the light fades and Ron, with somewhat blurred vision rubbed them when he thought he saw double… though when he uncovered his eyes he saw Monique and… some strange woman with monkey like attributes and unlike earlier with Monique she was fully colored.

She had blood red hair… ebony skin similar to Monique, a robe that looked similar to Master Sensei's robes though these looked a bit older by design… Ron saw that her feet or hand feet were shaven and smaller then Monkey Fists while she had a red colored furry monkey tail… all in all she clinched her hands a few times and grins when she looks at Monique.

"Nukeke!, it worked!, told you I was right Monique!" The woman said while she looks at Monique with bright red eyes and a fanged excited grin.

"Looks like it." Monique said.

"Whoa whoa whoa… what in the name of the Phantom Menace is going on?" Ron said with a surprised and confused look.

Monique with rolling eyes grins at Ron when she looks at him.

"Interesting choice of words… phantom yes, menace, nah, Naruka here is pretty cool for the ghost who dragged me in here… long story short she is technically the one who not only made all of these items that have those monkey power things, but also helped make Yori's school… Naruka was pretty much the sorceress to the first Monkey King so you can thank her for all the items that you found in your adventures and the reason why she was here… well blame Monkey Fist and his tomb raiding ways for Naruka being here… she was the one who ran him out of here." Monique said while Naruka chuckles again as she rubbed her head.

"Nukeke… sorry about the scare but considering I had one of two technically powerless people to drag in so they wouldn't give me much trouble, might as well drag one of them in who was closest and thankfully I got the more level headed of the duo." Naruka said while she grabbed the other ring and tossed it to Ron.

"Here, catch, consider it a gift to the future owner of this place and an apology for the scare." Naruka said as Ron, to not get hit in the head by the ring, caught it and well… the moment it touched his hand it turned into a long and intricate dragon theme staff.

"Whoa." Ron said as he looks at the staff for a moment before looking at Naruka.

"So you really made this stuff? But I don't get why take Monique when you could've just appeared."

"Considering after a small mind read I was dealing with a Kunoichi from my school who probably advanced a lot of stuff to fine tune things in Ninjutsu… a alien energy like woman who can fire said energy and who knows how that would affect a ghost like me, and you as well with your latent talents with the monkey arts… pretty sure it would be a risk to do so in my past state given that I heard you all were so jumpy at seeing a ghost… pretty sure you all would attack first and ask questions never for some… besides… couldn't resist a good tease since it's been so long since I had guests… as for the items… hmm… mostly… had a team of apprentices help with fine tuning things but I guess after my death they left some nasty side effects in most of them… the amulet of the Monkey King was not suppose to turn the wearer into a damn monkey… I mean my feet are natural before you ask but the tail is not… one of the earlier prototype models gave this to me... makes it hard to lay in bed sometimes unless I lay just right, you should know that kind of feeling given your new tail like appendage on your backside." Naruka explained while she sweat drops at a few memories.

Ron sweatdrops after hearing that.

"I see… and you have a point… granted I can change back whenever I can."

"Yeah but pretty sure first few days were of you trying to not break your tail I bet Nukeke." Naruka said while she looks amused before she cleared her throat.

"Anyway… as for the ring Monique wears… well… as you can see from the staff in your hand but… well in a nutshell you could think of them in helping complete the Son Wukong like thing you got going on if you want though Monique may keep the cloning ring for my use unless you need it for certain fights, only the wearer can summon clones and stuff and when I had Monique possessed for a moment, I altered the ring to allow me to customize the clone in my own image… so I'm technically not alive fully but I'm no longer dead… may even be able to walk out in the sunlight finally…. Though I can't move far from Monique otherwise the clone body I have will vanish and I'll be forced back into Monique again, she agreed to let me inhabit her body so I'm not stuck here anymore and in exchange I would teach her everything I know and stuff as my pupil and she maybe able to help me make a new body for real from my remains… thankfully I know a few spells that can restore a body but… full on body reconstruction is well… not on that table yet… maybe a finger from my ashes?... either way looks like I'm a tag along and if Monique really needs help I can take over her body and…" Naruka said when she smirks, vanished, and Monique had a similar smirk when she moved with shocking speed to get behind Ron before he could react and Monique pretty much poked him on his back and he was launched from the room and onto the bed out of the hidden room while the staff turned into a ring on Ron's finger when he lets go of it while Monique walked out of the room with hands on her hips and she shut the secret book case effortlessly.

"As you can see thanks to my training with both mystical and physical arts, I can use my magic to make up for Monique's lack of strength for now… besides we as in Monique and I have another deal to complete though I may have Monique either make a clone body for me or let her sit out on this one since she is a bit nervous about this part of the deal Nukeke." Naruka said from Monique's body with a mix of her own voice and Monique's voice with Naruka's voice being the deeper of the two.

Ron was a bit surprised at what was just happening before looking at Naruka/Monique.

"And what kind of deal is that?"

"Simple… you give me a good time more or less, I've been stuck as a ghost for so long its been a long time since I felt the touch of a real man… or woman, I'm not choosy… if you are worried about Monique, don't, we talked this over and I can let her have control for this talk so…" Naruka said while she closed her glowing spectral eyes over Monique's and a moment later, Monique blinks when she had control of her body again while Ron sat up on the bed and rubbed his back where he was poke launched.

"Wow… amped or not that was still a powerful hit." Ron muttered while he wondered if Monique really had control or not.

"Yeah no kidding. Still though, sorry for the ruse." Monique said.

"No problem, though considering things… you really OK with letting Naruka do this with your body?, I mean not sure what a clone body would be like but pretty sure I don't want to do anything to you unless you are fully willing." Ron said while he sat at the edge of the bed for now so he could speak with Monique.

Monique sighs a bit.

"Well after talking things out with Naruka, I willing to… try things out. Sorry if I pause considering how long have we known each other."

"Fair enough… though again pretty sure you could just make a clone body for Naruka so its not like you don't have a way to avoid this so… you sure?... not sure if you would feel things with Naruka in control so… why not mix things up and make a clone body for Naruka, you join in for a threesome and if you feel comfortable after some watching, you join in?, if not, just Naruka and I… simple right?" Ron said when he didn't want to scare Monique away but was partially his fault Monique was in this situation in the first place.

"Hmmm… true but I'll let Naruka take the driver seat for the time being." Monique said.

"Alright… though if you want to join in feel free, though how are you two sharing the body?... do you two just swap places and can see, feel, and hear things like she can or does it really feel like you are a backseat driver and can see things over her shoulder so to speak?" Ron asked since he was curious on the whole possession thing.

"Eh, hard to explain but I just see what she does and… guess I can feel what she's feeling and stuff." Monique said with a shrug.

"I see… hate to ask this just in case but… are you a virgin?, I mean no insult, just saying since you feel what she feels and what not… I mean don't want to harm you and all that." Ron said when he tried to not make himself sound like some kind of sicko or something.

Monique lightly blushes a bit.

"Well… not a virgin. But don't get enough dates due to my job."

"I see… want to try something first at least so this doesn't start out with you getting surprised later or you just going to switch with Naruka now?" Ron asked since he wanted to help Monique relax for now.

"Hmmm… okay like what?" Monique said.

Ron smirks when he got up and approached Monique.

"Well for starters…" Ron said as he moved to grip Monique's chin and kissed her on the lips after he rapidly returned to normal for a more normal kiss while he had a hand on Monique's waist to pull her in gently… he secretly liked the surprised look on Monique's face from the transformation and surprise kiss.

Monique was greatly caught off guard by both the transformation and was surprised to be getting kissed by Ron Stoppable of all people.

'I can't believe it… he's really kissing me. I feel like it should be wrong since he's Kim's ex. And yet… this feels… so… warm.' Monique thought before a moment later she slowly starts to kiss Ron back as she brought her arms around his neck.

This went on for a moment while Ron carefully picked up Monique and he carried her to the bed while he keeps the kiss up and once the duo were on the bed, Ron pulled away from the kiss with a smirk.

"Still want to trade back or make a double with Naruka… your call since she is pretty much the backseat driver right now." Ron said when he looks at Monique with a lustful look in his eyes… Monique did remember that Bonnie suggested a bet with Ron… to keep her trap shut and stuff so…

Monique blushes a bit.

"Alright… I'll make a clone."

Ron nods as he moved back for a moment and Monique held out the clone ring and a moment later, the glow appeared and Naruka stretched her body a bit while she sits on the bed.

"Hmmmm… oh we're still here?, I dozed off after waiting to get some kind of control back… so whats the game plan again?" Naruka asked while Ron blinks at that.

"Well… you and Monique tag team and you may have to lead this since Monique seems a bit nervous." Ron said while Naruka hums.

"I see… well unless you got two cocks in that form I suggest going back to the hunkier form you had with all the bells and whistles since it would give us more cocks to work with." Naruka teased while Ron shrugged since he couldn't fault that logic and transformed back into his Monkey King form while Monique heard all this.

"So he really does have two?" Monique said.

Ron pretty much answered that when he got up and removed his pants to show he went commando and two flaccid cocks were seen… not very long at first but considering Bonnie, Shego, and Yori approved of Ron must show just like this form increased his buff, his cocks must be growers and not showers which made Naruka lick her lips when she eyed the cocks as Ron removed his stretchy shirt to fit the monkey king form he had so they wouldn't rip… same with his pants when he kicked them off the bed and Monique got an eyefull of Ron's muscled body… unlike earlier with some tone… his body currently looked extremely tone and a bit bulkier then normal.

"H-Holy…" Monique said before her jaw dropped when she fully saw Ron's monkey form and other… appendages.

Naruka in turn grins when she looks at Monique as Naruka went to untie her robes and the clothing vanished since it wasn't real clothing.

"Might as well undress then Monique… doubt you want to get any of your clothes dirty right?" Naruka said while she was nude in no time… she had a well trained or well made body, had a 6 pack on her arms, looked toned and thanks to her frame being taller then Monique, she was around Ron's augmented height and thanks to that she looked like a wild beauty and could have said she was a Monkey Queen or something and no one would doubt Naruka's claim.

Monique blushes after hearing that before she slowly starts taking of her clothes infront of the duo.

When they watched Monique, she didn't have a trained body like the duo but she did have a very sensual one when she was fully naked.

She had wide hips, a nice looking ass, and her breasts were B to C in size and Ron blushed at the sight while his cocks got iron hard in no time and well… she and Naruka saw the cocks in their full power glory at the 12 to 13 inch mark.

"Oh my." Naruka said as she licks her lips at Ron's cocks while Monique blushes brightly at the sight.

Ron grins when he looks at Monique.

"I'm going to start with Naruka unless you want to go first or you both want to tag team together… pretty much got two cock's so no need to worry about not having fun right?" Ron teased as his cocks twitch a few times.

Monique was thoughtful for a bit before she heard Naruka giggling.

"We can both tag team if it helps."

That caused Ron to be quiet and as Monique blushed more… the scene went to a few moments later, he was groaning when Naruka and Monique were licking and sucking the tips of his cocks while Naruka took the upper cock while Monique got the lower one.

Naruka hums in delight as she was finally glad to be tasting cock again while Monique took her time to actually please Ron's lower cock.

Ron gripped his fists, the upper ones while he stood on the bed as he worked to breath deeply when he watched Naruka and Monique lick his dickheads, he used his upper hands to pet both ladies on the heads to show they were doing good while he pets Monique to help her relax more.

Naruka eyesmiles at Ron as Monique blushes from having her head petted as the duo really made sure to please Ron's cocks before they both started licking the tips.

Ron shuddered while he grits his teeth more and Naruka stepped things up when she opened her mouth wide and took part of Ron's cock into her mouth and starts to suck him off with a lustful look in her eyes.

Monique, though surprised, blushes brightly after seeing that.

However, she knew licking wasn't enough before Monique opens her mouth and tries to take in Ron's lower cock but didn't rush it.

"O-Oh fuck!" Ron groans when he felt both mouths on his cock, Naruka took it eagerly while she used a hand to fondle his balls and while Monique had some trouble she used her hands to stroke his lower cock to help please him more… he wondered what the duo thought right now as his cocks slowly throb in their mouths… no matter what he always had a bit of a hairtrigger on his first orgasm.

'After all these years I'm finally tasting this hunk's cock and I can feel it throbbing. Definitely not missing my chance here.' Naruka thought before she doubles her efforts.

'This is nuts… whether he has two or not, Ron's cock… is bigger than any of the guys I dated. Not to mention how… musky the scent is.' Monique thought as she bobs her head more on the lower cock.

It took a couple minutes of the two ladies working his cocks well and Ron grits his teeth.

"A-About t-to b-blow!... p-pull away o-or g-get ready f-for it!" Ron warned mainly for Monique when he saw Naruka being pretty eager for the load though he had trouble seeing Monique thanks to Naruka's head being in the way.

Little did Ron knew that Monique is no stranger to tasting cum which caused her to double her efforts a bit while stroking the lower cock more.

Ron's eyes rolled back in his head and he made a monkey like shrieked when he threw his head back and climaxed hard in Naruka and Monique's mouths and his nuts throbbed hard as his balls worked to unload all he had into the willing mouths of the two ladies who were sucking his cocks.

Naruka moans as she greedily drank in Ron's load while Monique had some trouble as a bit spilled out but she tries to make sure take it in.

Ron growls and groans when he rides out his orgasm before he tapped off around the 20 second mark while he pants as he looks at Naruka and Monique with a blush on his face.

Naruka took a moment to clean Ron's upper cock after swallowing the cum in her mouth before taking her mouth off.

"Ah… delicious." She said as Monique takes her mouth off as well.

"T-Talk about a lot." She said as she blushes before looking at Ron.

Ron took a moment to recover and chuckles a little.

"T-Thanks… man your mouths felt good… honestly wonder why you don't have a boyfriend Monique and damn Naruka… I would be surprised if you didn't have a few lovers with how good that was… my balls feel lighter than usual." Ron said when he grins at the ladies though his cocks were still hard beyond belief right now.

Naruka and Monique blushes when they saw that as Naruka chuckles.

"Well who's to say that I haven't before? But right now, time for the fun to continue." She said.

"Yeah… time to return the favor so who gets to go first on the foreplay?" Ron asked while he tried to be patient.

Monique blushes after hearing that as Naruka smirked.

"If you want, let Monique have a shot."

"You sure?" Ron asked since Naruka was locked away for awhile so who knows when she last had real fun compared to Monique.

Naruka giggles as Monique was a bit surprised to hear that.

"I don't mind waiting a bit." She said.

Ron nods his head before he looks at Monique.

"Well you heard her, looks like I get to warm you up so…" Ron teased when he moved to lick up Monique by the ass and with some good grip strength and some shift to his grip, he had Monique sit on his shoulders while she faced him as he starts to lick at her ass and pussy while Naruka looks on and when she saw Ron's cocks were free… she smirks when she moved to lay on the bed and surprised Ron when she used her hand feet to grip his cocks and starts to jerk both cocks off while she used her upper hands to play with her breasts and pussy to keep herself warmed up.

Monique was surprised at Ron's actions before she starts groaning from having her pussy and ass eaten out.

"O-Oh fuck." She groans.

While that happened as Ron enjoyed himself, the scene went to a moment later outside of the building to see Yori, Bonnie, and Shego circling the place while trying various things to get inside.

Breaking the windows didn't work, they may crack with Shego's hits, wobble with hits from Bonnie and a nearby branch… hell even break fully with actual bombs from Yori that she had though they were small… the windows repaired themselves…

Any doors they found were locked and no matter how much Shego attacked the doors, they wouldn't break…

Even trying to damage the walls themselves were no good, seems the place was made to withstand intruders from the ground.

Yori looks thoughtful while she looks at Shego.

"Hey Shego, try and take the Jet to the roof, I want to see if there is an opening, I'll meet you up there." Yori said while she got ready to use a grappling hook, though Bonnie, tired from trying to get in sighs and leaned against a nearby wall of the castle.

"Oh give up Yori, unless there is a secret entrance I doubt were getting in." Bonnie said though… seems she leaned against a switch and she leaned back more then usual right before the wall opened up to show a passage into the castle while Bonnie groans on the groups while Shego looks amused.

"Huh... maybe being ironically coincidental is a super power of yours if it can make stuff like this, try asking for a million bucks next time." Shego said when she lit her hand up to see the inside of the passage in full.

Bonnie groans in annoyance.

"Let's just go inside."

Yori giggles when she moved to follow the duo.

The scene went back to Ron, Monique, and Naruka while they were having fun as Ron had slipped his tongue into Monique's pussy to really get her lubed up while Naruka was stroking his cocks off at a harder rate while she grins at the precum dripping from his cocks.

Monique groans and moans a few times as she was enjoying the feel of Ron's tongue as her toes curled a few times.

Ron hums when he enjoyed the taste while his cocks throbbed in Naruka's hand feet while she stroked him off more and more until he groans and climaxed hard in the air and hits various parts of Naruka's body when he did so while his tongue went wild in Monique's pussy.

Naruka moans when she felt the sperm hit her body a number of times and stroked him off while he rode out his orgasm.

"O-Oh fuck Ron!" Monique moans more before actually wrapping her legs around Ron's head.

Ron didn't mind when he lapped up Monique's juices before he tapped off a minute later.

Monique taps off as well before she pants a bit for breath.

Once that happened, Ron moved Monique off his face and breaths for a moment while he lifts Monique up to look at an amused Naruka while she was cleaning sperm from her body with her fingers from her ebony skin… interesting sight with the contrast.

Naruka hums as she scoops the cum off her breast with her fingers before sticking them in her mouth.

"Enjoying yourself?" Ron asked when he looked at the hand feet on his cocks that continues to stroke him off to keep him hard.

"Oh yeah. But not as much when its my turn." Naruka said with a lustfilled look.

"Hehe, well thanks to what you did, might as well give it to you good first to show how intense I get before I have fun with Monique later… though considering you made a pretty big mess… might as well continue pleasing her until you are cleaned up." Ron said before he lowered Monique to focus on her ass when he licked at the back entrance and his tongue slipped in after a moment.

Monique was able to recover a bit before she starts groaning as Naruka kept cleaning herself while stroking Ron's cocks.

Ron shuddered from that as he worked to eat out Monique's asshole more while Naruka used a quick spell to get herself cleaned fully after she got her fill of sperm.

Once that was done, she cleared her throat to get Ron's attention and he pulled his tongue from Monique's asshole and looks at her and saw she was clean as a whistle while he looks surprised.

"Wow." Ron said when he wondered how Naruka did that.

Naruka giggles.

"Little secret of mine if you're wondering. But now it's time for you to please me with your mighty cocks.

"Maybe, I could give you a warm up if needed but…" Ron said when he saw how soaked Naruka surprisingly was…. Guess she really pleasured herself greatly while waiting.

Naruka chuckled.

"Oh I think I'm warmed up enough."

"Fair enough… hey Monique mind if I have some fun with Naruka to show you what I can do?" Ron asked since he was pleasing Monique here.

Monique panted a bit.

"S-Sure… Go nuts." She said.

Ron nods his head while he gently set Monique on the bed next to him which would give her time to recover as Ron looks at Naruka to see how she was doing.

Naruka smirks at Ron in a lustful way.

"So how do you want to take me?"

Ron smirks and as he made his choice, the scene went to Yori, Bonnie, and Shego as they got by another trap set in the tunnel, seems every few steps a trap was sprung and it seems going back didn't set them off… seems this place was made to got get into easily through this way.

Yori used her training to deactivate them while Shego had her hand lit up more and as the group approached the end, they saw light from around a bookshelf at the end of the tunnel.

"God hope it's not another trap. Otherwise it be too soon." Bonnie said.

"Careful, for all we know we got turned around and are back at the exit because of that, some rooms got us spun around after all." Shego said while the group approached the wall while Bonnie really hoped that was not the case… thankfully for the trio, when they opened the door which was a bookcase back instead of a wall… they saw they were in some kind of office and a fancy one at that while Monkey Fists portrait was on a wall nearby… though… seems it had a Dunce hat drawn on him while he had eyes drawn on the portrait to make him look insane… Ron wouldn't do that while looking for Monique here though it was a good eyecatcher that whoever did this was not a fan of him.

Shego starts to laugh.

"I don't know who did that, but that's funny."

"Yeah but considering that I doubt it would be Ron or Monique-san… who would do this?" Yori said while she looks around the office and found many items that surprised her… blueprints for new artifacts… some stuff half made but were brimming with Mystical monkey power even in their half finished states… honestly whoever made them was a genius.

"Amazing... I'm not sure what some of these items are for but they would be pretty powerful in the wrong hands… I wonder who made these." Yori said when she looks thoughtful though she was careful not to touch anything just in case.

Bonnie looks at the blue prints.

"Whoa… judging from these dates, they were made like hundreds of years ago. And there appears to be a name on top." She said as she looks at the name.

"Property of… Naruka?"

"Huh… interesting name, wonder who that is… wait… hey Bonnie I think you missed an extra digit or two… says here these things are well over 1000 years old… maybe longer with earlier dates and… hold on…. Hey Yori, isn't this some kind of blueprint for your dojo?" Shego said while she moved some papers and stuff to find a complete blueprint of the Yamanouchi Ninja school and it said in the title in english that it was a backup blueprint of the original that didn't have hidden ink used so every secret of the school was on it and even showed various names in various languages and it said Naruka was the designer and co-builder of the school when it was first built… and said her title was Sorceress of the First Monkey King…

Yori's eyes widened when she realized something.

"Oh my… These are the very blue prints… or copies at least of the school. I've heard stories about Naruka when I was a little girl. She created artifacts that revolve around the power of the monkey. She not only created the very school that I trained at, she also trained the first Monkey King."

"Seriously!?... wait… considering all of this is here and Monkey Fist is pretty much obsessed with Mystical monkey power… you don't think…" Shego said when she realized something… the artifacts… the blueprints… the way this place was made with mystical monkey power… the reason why Monkey Fist never lived here… and a ghost… it all made sense when you connect the dots…

"Wait a minute… are you suggesting that the ghost haunting this place is that Naruka woman and that Monkey Fist pissed her off?" Bonnie said.

"Considering this is Monkey Fist were talking about… highly possible that happened… would explain why he couldn't get anything here… who better to defend this place then an unkillable ghost who can fight and mystic better then Monkey Fist ever could… guys skilled from what I heard and I tangled with him a few times so he is not a slouch but if he was forced away from here and for good reason… well hopefully Ron is having a better time than we are if he ran into her." Shego said while the scene went back to Ron while at this time…

He was busy fucking Naruka hard and fast with both cocks with one up her ass and pussy while he fucked her like a bitch in heat while she was on all fours while Monique watched when she saw how intense Ron was thanks to how much Naruka begged for more and he had his hands on her shapely ass to keep him from thrusting her away from how rough he was being with her.

Monique blushes brightly at the sight as she can hear Naruka's voice.

"Oh fuck yes Ron! Keep giving it to me!"

Ron was going so rough he couldn't say anything though he did use his right hand to smack her ass hard a few times to show he was listening while Monique saw how rough Ron was and how intense things were while she had a few thoughts from this…

'Good God… he's really giving it to Naruka. Despite appearances… He's really an animal in the sack. I can see why they stick to him.' Monique thought as Naruka's face starts to look fucked up.

As that went on, Monique's body was really getting turned on while she watched as Yori, Shego, and Bonnie walked up the stairs to the next floor after they found no one and started to hear things like moaning and groaning from a female… though thanks to the echo it sounded more like ghostly wails then Naruka getting the long overdue fuck of her afterlife… or new life in a cloned body?... hard to say…

"What the hell is that?" Bonnie said as she was a bit creeped out of the echo.

"Maybe Naruka?, lady would be pretty ticked if Ron is getting Monique back… hey ghost!, you better get ready, not sure if you take hot plasma well but doubt it can be good for you!" Shego taunted while in the room Ron fucked Naruka harder and faster until…

Naruka's voice which was a deep and satisfying moan at the time was a deep and almost threatening yell to the trio who got on guard with Yori and Shego near Bonnie.

Yori frowns.

"Oh screw this!" She surprisingly said before she starts running to where the echo leads to.

Shego looked surprised by that and looks at Bonnie with an amused look.

"I blame you for that kind of influence on her since I doubt I'm here long enough to corrupt our little Kunoichi." Shego said when she ran after Yori while Bonnie was left behind for a moment as a deeper and almost feral growl like snarl rang out.

"H-Hey! Don't leave me!" Bonnie said before she ran after Shego.

As that went on, the scene went back to Ron, Monique, and Naruka as Ron growls through gritted teeth as he climaxed unbelievably hard inside of Naruka's holes while her womb and stomach bloat from the amount fired into her… it was almost impossible but it was like Ron was recovering just as much sperm as he fired in no time so his payloads were all maxed out while he held Naruka's ass to his pelvis as he went balls deep into her without much issue since she was around his height more or less.

Naruka moans loudly as she climaxes hard on Ron's cocks as Monique blush brightly as she keeps watching.

It took about 30 seconds this time before Ron tapped off and he pants for breath deeply while he moved back to pull his cocks free of Naruka's holes which not only gapped from the pounding they took but flowed with sperm after a moment while Naruka's legs were apart for a bit though before the afterglow could be enjoyed… well the doors burst open and Yori, Shego, and a shaken up Bonnie ran into the room to blink at the sight of a nude Monique, a naked Ron and… a third strange woman who looked like she just got the perfect fuck of her life just now if the look on her face was anything to go by while her stomach look bloated as well.

"What the?" Shego said making Monique look at the trio in surprise.

"G-Guys?!... How you three get in?"

"Oh… well before we ask questions of our own, Miss lucky here stumbled upon a hidden entryway and we had to get by some traps to get into this office which funnily enough had a portrait of Monkey fist that was drawn on, gotta say admire the art… now a question since it maybe pretty obvious… is that woman getting fucked by Ron the Sorceress Naruka?, she doesn't look too ghostly to me and before you ask… found a lot of blueprints that she made with her name on most of them so yeah… put two and two together with Monkey Fist in the mix and we get what happened more or less though seeing her getting fucked instead of you is a surprise." Shego said to try and get some control back since Yori and Bonnie were stunned for different reasons… well Yori was stunned at the sight of Naruka in the flesh at least to her while Bonnie… she was blushing at the Miss lucky name she just got.

Monique was blushing a bit brightly.

"W-Well first… that is Naruka and second… well originally she was gonna use my body to have… fun with Ron thanks to an agreement but… I made a clone body for Naruka to use thanks to this ring that I wear now." She said before showing the trio the ring.

That got everyone to blink when things made more sense though…

"Yeah... still doesn't explain why she wanted to have fun with Ron though doubt we could get an answer for her for a moment… though considering we took so long to get in… ladies considering our spectre friend is down for a moment… why not hop on the bed and watch as Ron here gives Monique a good time?, looks like she is wet enough so it would be rude to interrupt now right?... maybe we could give some orders or something from the sidelines… hehe, wish I brought in the food I packed just in case, one of them is a bottle of wine so would be pretty classy to watch the current Monkey King fuck the sorceress of the first Monkey King… not sure if the first one had relations with this lady but eh…" Shego said when she moved to sit in a nearby chair while she groans in relief from getting a seat for now.

Monique was surprised to hear that.

"W-Wait… you're all gonna watch us?"

"Well unless you can convince your ghostly friend to open the front door, no way are we going through that trap filled back entrance and even if we did leave the room… pretty sure Bonnie would get scared like a certain TV dog in that one cartoon when the moans and groans from here sounded like roars and growls on our end on the lower floors." Shego said when she points a thumb at Bonnie again.

"Hey!" Bonnie said as Yori chuckled.

"That idiom I know."

"Hehe, yeah, anyway grab a chair, might as well make this interesting and sit at three sides…" Shego said when she moved her chair to sit on the left side while she moved two other chairs a moment later to be at the foot of the large bed and the right for Yori and Bonnie to sit in as Shego moved to get back in her seat.

No sooner than a second, Yori and Bonnie were now sitting on the chair's Shego set which surprised Monique before she glances at Ron.

Ron in turn didn't seem to mind when he still had hardons while he grins at Monique when he approached her as Naruka was recovering from the fucking she just got.

Monique was blushing brightly as she sees Ron getting closer.

Ron licks his lips before he had a thoughtful look and looks at Monique in the eyes.

"So… looks like its you and me for now… I'm getting a hang of this form so I'll ask, want me to get rid of one cock for now and bring the second out later or go all in with both?" Ron asked as his cocks throbbed and dripped with sperm a bit.

Monique blushes again when she saw that.

"W-Well… better… take two now then later." She said.

"Alright… lay back and let me handle the rest." Ron said with a confident look on his monkey-like face.

Monique nods her head before she lays down on her back before looking at Ron.

Ron nods back while he gripped Monique's legs and spreads her legs and while that happened… Naruka surprised all when she moved with such speed that she was knelt near Monique while she had a smirk on her face.

"Just a tip since I got a fuck from these cocks… relax and don't panic… Ron is pretty good as a lover, reminds me of the first Monkey King when I had fun with him in the past… could be a descendant for all I know… and no, no relations to before anyone asks… never had kids from all the work I did." Naruka asked when Shego opened her mouth which shut her up funnily enough.

Monique was at first surprised to see Naruka there but chose to ask questions later as she took a bit to relax completely.

Ron saw that and when Naruka looks at him, she nods her head to signal Ron to start and Ron nods his head back when he aimed his cocks at Monique's holes and ever so slowly pushed his cocks inside while Naruka used her left hand to play with Monique's bud, leand down to suck Monique's left nipple and used the right to fondle Monique's right breasts to help distract her from any discomfort, she was lubed from earlier, she was used to getting dicked thanks tp past experience but Ron pretty much outclassed any lover right now which showed when he stretched her holes wide and thanks to the angle, Bonnie saw Ron's lower cock enter Monique's ass while Shego on her end saw the upper enter Monique's pussy thanks to her legs being spread while Yori at the foot of the bed on her end pretty much saw how caring Naruka was in helping Monique adjust.

Monique groans as she can feel the insides of her ass and pussy stretching while feeling Ron's cocks going deeper in her holes.

While this went on Naruka gave comforting thoughts to Monique thanks to the link she had.

"That's right… just relax… if those three can take these cocks after some warmup, you can do… I mean I got a body from you even if it was adjusted for my looks and it could take them… didn't do anything with the ass and pussy so you can't argue with that logic right?" Naruka mentally said to the woman she was pleasing when she keeps rubbing Monique's bud and pleasing her breasts.

Monique did mentally hear Naruka as she powers through while waiting for Ron to finish pushing.

It took a minute or two before Ron felt Monique's cervix and stopped to let her adjust while Naruka leaned back away from Monique so Monique could see how deep Ron was and he was surprisingly deep in her folds and ass.

"O-Oh fuck." Monique lightly groans as she can feel how big Ron's cocks are.

It took a moment but after that moment, Ron slowly pulled his cocks free of Monique's holes till the heads were the only thing inside and he started to thrust his hips slowly but deeply so he could help Monique adjust when he fucked her slowly.

Monique starts to groan a few times as she feels Ron's cocks going in and out as everyone else watches.

Ron was panting a bit with each thrust and as he thrusts away, he looks at Monique's face to see how she was doing and slowly speeds up over time so she could adjust faster.

Monique groans a few more times before she starts to moan as her face gave out a cute blush.

Ron grins at that and with some decent dexterity, he moved to kiss Monique on the lips while he fucked her harder and everyone saw this happen.

Monique couldn't give out a surprised reaction since the pleasure was affecting her before she wrapped her arms and legs around Ron and actually returned the monkey man's kiss.

Ron had no issues with that and fucked Monique harder in the mating press position while his cocks piston in and out of Monique's holes again and again as time goes on while the bed lightly rocked a bit every now and then.

Monique kept moaning as she was truly enjoying the pleasure as her toes curled a few times while Monique kept kissing Ron.

It took a bit but Ron was now pounding away at Monique's pussy while his cock bashed into her womb again and again long ago, right now he was in full on mating mode while Naruka looks at the others with an amused look.

"Looks like Ron here likes Monique alot, not sure if you do want to add her to his harem but might as well add me as Monique's plus one… could be handy in many ways if you want to give me a test later." Naruka said with a fanged mischievous grin when she looks at the others.

Shego was thoughtful for a second before looking at Yori and Bonnie.

"What do you two think?" She said.

Yori was a bit thoughtful before giving out her two scents.

"If Ron enjoys Monique's company then she is welcome, if she wants to join. Though having Lady Naruka join would be an opportunity too good to pass on. We could learn many things from her."

Bonnie looks at the others who look at her and sighs.

"Alright… but do any ghostly things around me for pranks and I may convince Ron to not do much with you for awhile… got it Monkey lady?" Bonnie said which amused Naruka.

"Hehe, Kunoichi's honor, no ghostly pranks from me." Naruka said while she had a hand crossed on the bed that Bonnie missed but Shego noticed though she kept quiet on that sense it would be amusing.

'Oh this is gonna be funny.' Shego thought before looking at Ron and Monique still going at it.

It didn't take long for Ron to get to his latest orgasm when he pushed his cocks surprisingly balls deep in Monique and growls in the kiss when he climaxed hard inside of the brown skinned beauty under him while sperm flowed from Monique's holes a moment later while Naruka looks amused.

Monique moans loudly into the kiss as she hugs Ron more before climaxing hard on his cocks.

It took a bit for Ron to tap off and when he did, he leaned back after pulling away from the kiss and saw a pretty exhausted Monique while Ron looks amused.

"You can pass out now… we can talk more about keeping you quiet later from Kim… just know I'm not nor will I ever be evil… nuff said." Ron said when he grins at Monique.

"O...kay." Was all Monique said before passing out with a pleased look on her face.

Ron chuckles before he looks at the others.

"Well that went pretty well… so want to put Monique on a nearby bed and continue the fun or look around the place until she wakes?" Ron asked while he grins at the ladies.

Shego chuckles.

"You kidding me? After all our efforts on trying to save you and Monique, you bet your sweet monkey ass I'm staying."

Ron smirks while Bonnie and Yori had similar looks while Naruka grins.

"Nukeke!... well what are we waiting for, let's get Monique in a guest room to let her recover or bring an extra bed here and have more fun!... we can explore later, I can give the grand tour later." Naruka said when she gestured for everyone to get on the bed as a bed from a nearby room came in and it spooked Bonnie while Monique was placed on the bed by some spectral force.

"Hehe, nice. Now then." Shego said before she, Bonnie and Yori got naked.

This resulted in the scene fading to black while the sounds of many pleased ladies were heard from the Master bedroom… looks like a haunted castle was acquired by Ron and company so their base was made… who knows whats next on the Stoppable agenda… see you next time in… Rise of Unstoppable.

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