Rise of Unstoppable @emerald
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Ron Harem checklist:

Bonnie (Aquired)

Shego (Aquired… so to speak)



Vivian Porter

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Ron's workshop/ Ron

Ron at this time was busy with fine tuning his anti-command bracelet just in case DNAmy tried to use the deal that he made with her to her advantage.

You see it has been about a week since Ron made the deal with DNAmy but that would all change when his phone rang nearby and when he answered it, he heard DNAmy's voice on the other end and she sounded excited.

"Good news Ron." DNAmy said.

"Good news?, bit early if its what I think it is… no bugs with this kind of transformation that I suggested shortly after I left and will I be able to change back at will?" Ron said while he tilts his head so he could hold the phone on his shoulder while he keeps onfiddling with his anti-command bracelet.

"Oh absolutely you can." DNAmy said.

"I see, well I'll have Shego come pick me up to meet you or is there a way to meet up in middleton so Kim doesn't know you are around?" Ron asked while he finished up with his Anti-command bracelet and looked satisfied with the results.

DNAmy however giggled.

"Actually… I'm at your front door."

Ron blinks before he walked to the door and when he opened it, he saw DNAmy and a few of her goons in front of him while she giggles at the shocked look on Ron's face.

"Hehe, surprise." DNAmy said.

"Yeah… *Hangs up phone*... surprise… so… seems you were pretty excited to show off this new gadget if you came all the way here… no one saw you right?" Ron said when he looks around to see if anyone was following DNAmy.

"Don't worry. We were incognito. So how about letting us in." DNAmy said.

Ron moved away a moment later and DNAmy and her goons entered while she looked around the workshop to see what kind of things Ron had when she examines some of the gadgets he made, some were even works in progress while a few of DNAmy's goons brought in some kind of machine with a large ray on it.

"Hmmm, nice workshop. Interesting gizmos you have." DNAmy said.

"Thanks… so how is the item here?, anything I should know like possible side effects?" Ron asked while DNAmy hums a bit.

"Well not sure if these count as side effects but… well there are three things you should know." DNAmy said while she looks at Ron.

"Go on…" Ron said while DNAmy nods her head.

"Alright, first off I am only able to make a mixture of a three DNA based transformation permanent but only if your body agrees with the transformation well, say for example your first and second mixture agree with you but the third doesn't, after 24 to 48 hours, your body will lose that trait so say you have a horn on your head during that transformation, no matter how useful it is, if your body rejects it it will vanish and even if I refine things, it may only stay for a longer time before vanishing… second you may have some cravings for things depending on the DNA used, it depends on the DNA… finally there is a catch to the whole transforming back and forth process, first off the first transformation will be pretty hard to control so that's the main reason why I have my babies with me to help restrain you so you don't run wild, second is that it will take you a bit to get the hang of actually transforming back so you'll need to make some calls first and explain that you may not be home for a few days since it will take a bit for you to get the hang of the form itself… its like… hmmm… playing a new type of game, you know the rules and what not but the controls you will need to get used to… sure you may hear and see how to do things but muscle memory is a pain to get around." DNAmy said while Ron nods his head.

"Ah, alright, well lets get started then with you getting the machine warmed up, I'll call Shego for added muscle and another lady I know a call so she won't worry if I'm not seen for a few days." Ron said while he pulled out his phone… though after hearing Ron not with Shego but with another lady as well… well for DNAmy who was like a romantic with mixes and since this seemed like an interesting mix… well…

"Oh… you have another lady friend? What's her name?" DNAmy said.

"Well her name is Bonnie Rockwaller, used to not get along but now we do… bit complex in this whole relationship thing." Ron said while he shrugged his shoulders and called Shego real quick

and after a few rings, she picked up.

"What's up boss?" Shego said.

Ron chuckles when he heard that.

"Please, no need for the boss thing after what we did, simply put DNAmy is here so I'm hoping for you to stop by the workshop if you are able." Ron said while he sounded amused.

Shego blinked after hearing that.

"Wait, she's actually there at your workshop?"

"Yeah I was surprised by that but could be worse, anyway will you be able to stop by?" Ron asked while he sounded curious.

"Yeah. I'll be there." Shego said.

"Great I'll give Bonnie a call so that she can keep away in case things get ugly, DNAmy says the first transformation could be a bit… wild so she has her goons here to try and restrain me in case I get wild in my actions." Ron said while he got ready to hang up.

"Wait, wha?!" Shego tried to say but the line was cut off.

On the other side, Shego would've tried calling back but chose not to and just starts heading to Ron's workshop.

Ron in the meantime rang up Bonnie and after a moment, she answered the line on her end.

"Hey Ron. What's up? Calling me for a fun time?" Bonnie said while being flirty.

Ron chuckles on his end.

"Maybe later, remember that talk we had about me making a deal with DNAmy?... well she is here right now so I'm giving you a call that if things don't go well you may not see me for a few days." Ron said while he sounded amused.

Bonnie was surprised at this.

"S-Seriously?... Should I come over?"

"Well not sure about that, I called Shego just now so she should be on her way even as we speak but just in case you may want to stay away for a bit, though if you are stubborn about coming over, if things look bad then run alright?" Ron said while he sounded a bit worried for Bonnie's safety.

Bonnie was quiet for a bit.

"I'm gonna need to think this through."

"Fair enough, in case you do come by, won't blame you if you want to run if I go out of control, anyway I'll see you later if that gets to be the case." Ron said before he got ready to hang up.

Though Bonnie did have one more thing to say.

"J-Just be careful, Ron." She said as she lightly blushes on the other line.

Ron chuckles when he heard that.

"Same to you too Bonnie, see you later." Ron said before he hung up on Bonnie a moment later.

Ron then looks to DNAmy after he gave his parents a quick text.

"Alright Amy, lets get this started, everyone else will just think I'm on a mission with Kim and I sent a text to my parents that I'll be hanging with a friend for a few days." Ron said while he grins at the gene splicing scientist.

DNAmy blinks at Ron's grinning before giggling.

"Alright then. Let's get things started. First thing… strip off your clothes."

"Huh?" Ron said with a confused look on his face when he looks at Amy from the surprise command.

"What? You think I'm gonna do the experiment with your clothes on?" DNAmy said.

"I see… mind if I at least keep my underwear on?, it stretches big time so I doubt it would rip, besides you turned Barken into a Naked mole rat man with his clothes on so clothing shouldn't be much of an issue." Ron said while he starts to remove his clothes and placed them on a nearby table.

"Very well then." DNAmy said though she liked how well toned Ron was for a second.

Once Ron removed his clothing, he moved to where DNAmy gestures for Ron to stand.

"Alright, just in case I do get control, how do I change back and forth at will?, Will it be instinct or something?" Ron asked when he watched DNAmy walk to the machines console.

"All you have to is think really hard after you manage to control your beast side and then you can fully switch forms." DNAmy said.

"Right… let's get this started." Ron said while he stands in front of the machine and waits for it to fire away.

"Alright then." DNAmy said as she started pressing some buttons.

Once she did that the machine warmed up before DNAmy looks at Ron with some Goggles equipped.

"Oh and the three DNA sources I used are Monkey, horse, and snake." DNAmy said which surprised Ron a little.

"Wait wha-!" Ron tried to say right before he was blasted by the ray and he screams as the Ray starts to change him.

Meanwhile a moment ago…

As Ron got ready to get blasted, Bonnie and Shego, running to the Workshop, met up at the door and looked surprised to see one another.

"What are you doing here?" They said at the same time.

That caused them to blink at the response and Shego rolled her eyes.

"Let's skip the questions and get inside first, pretty sure you got a call from Ron right?" Shego said before she approached the door though she and Bonnie jolts when they heard Ron yelling inside which slowly turned into a deep roar of sorts.

Bonnie's eyes widened.

"Please tell me that's not who I think it is." She said.

"Knowing who Ron's with, pretty sure that question is redundant." Shego said before she opened the door and she and Bonnie enter the room and saw Ron getting blasted by a new Ray made by DNAmy and she had an excited grin as Ron was changing right before her eyes and thanks to the light, all Shego and Bonnie could see was Ron's silhouette as his body was changing.

Height wise it wasn't much… maybe about a head taller then he usually was, bulk wise he really bulked up, but not to bulked up so he could keep his speed and agility and have some power.

Next was fur growing from most of his body and thanks to the ray, the color was hidden at the moment and as the transformation ran it's course… Ron fell to his hands and knees and gave a Monkey like shriek that was really deep in tone before the ray finished changing him... though in some sick dramatic twist… steam from Ron's body blocked him from view and all everyone could hear was deep pants from Ron as he tried to catch his breath.

Bonnie was worried.

"R-Ron?... Are you okay?"

DNAmy noticed Shego and Bonnie and while she was curious on seeing Bonnie, the Steam slowly fades as Ron catches his breath before he was seen.

He had yellow fur all over his body but his chest, stomach, and face were clear of the fur to show a rugged face and though partially monkey like with some fangs in his mouth, Ron didn't look too bad… like Sun Wukong from some mythological images from ancient images in various cultures.

He had monkey hands and feet with the fur ending at the top of his hand and and feet and while he wore some underwear… it looked like it would rip at the slightest pull and well… there was two massive bulges seen in Ron's barely held together underwear.

He then cracked his neck once and he looks at DNAmy.

"You never said anything about hurting like no other… hope it won't be that painful when I go back and fourth between this form and normal." Ron shockingly said with a very deep tone to his voice while everyone had wide eyes as they look at him.

"Whoa!... He can talk." Shego said.

DNAmy ignored Shego as she looks at Ron.

"Maybe once or twice, but you'll get used to it." She said.

"I see… guess you mixed in a little parrot DNA or something so I could speak in this form huh?" Ron said while he looks at his hands and clinched them a few times.

"You guessed." DNAmy said.

Bonnie was a bit cautious before stepping forward.

Ron looks over at Shego and Bonnie and looked a bit surprised.

"Oh, hey Shego, Bonnie… didn't expect both of you here, would have thought I wouldn't see you Bonnie for a few days at least." Ron said while he looked down at Bonnie thanks to his partial increase in height.

"Well after thinking things through, I just had to make sure you were okay." Bonnie said as she lightly blushes.

Ron chuckled when he hear that.

"Right, seems like you do care about me heh." Ron teased when he gave Bonnie a fanged grin.

Bonnie blushes a bit as she pouts.

"W-Well… you are my boyfriend considering what we did. So of course I care." She said.

"Aw, how sweet." DNAmy said.

"Hey the mushiness is all well and good but how come Ron isn't running wild?" Shego asked while DNAmy just shrugged her shoulders… though Ron speaking up got their attention.

"Maybe because I merged with my evil side, gave me enough willpower to get my animal instincts under control before I could run wild." Ron said to give his two cents on the matter.

DNAmy was thoughtful.

"Hmmm… it's very plausible. Multiple personalities do happen."

"Maybe because of the Attitudenator was used and stuff… anyway I'm not complaining, thanks for the transformation Amy, who knows you could use it on yourself now and maybe make you the lady you always wanted to be and could find a guy later or something." Ron said while he cracked his neck again to get some kinks out of it.

"Hmmm… maybe I could." DNAmy said though her track record with guys is not so good ever since Drakken and Monkey fist.

However… she did think Ron looked good even before and after the transformation.

Though no one could read her thoughts on the matter as Ron looks at Shego and Bonnie.

"Well you two, instead of being dramatic and stuff, why don't we celebrate how well things went and have some fun somewhere in private… pretty sure I can't walk around much like this for a bit so maybe we could go camping and see if I can't get this for under control enough and change back." Ron said while he grins at Shego and Bonnie.

Said duo blinked a bit before Shego smirks.

"Well it be interesting to be with a monkey man so count me in."

"Hehe, careful you may wake Monkey Fist from his stone tomb." Ron said with a very amused tone to his voice.

Shego rolls her eyes.

"Very funny."

Ron chuckles like a monkey for a moment before he looks at Bonnie.

"So Bonnie, interested in seeing what this form can do like Shego or you nervous about this?" Ron said before he flexed his chest a bit which made his now well muscled chest flex a few times in a teasing way. (Think Peck pop of love that the Rock did in that jungle movie.)

Bonnie blushes a bit considering she would have fun with Ron in that form was very tempting.

"Sure. I'm in." She said with a smile.

"Great… I'll need one of you to head to my place and grab a pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt from my room at my home, pretty sure if I even walk wrong I'll bust out of this pair of underwear like some kind of comical moment and don't want to do that in public." Ron said when he looks at his clothes nearby to show that his keys were in one of the pockets.

Bonnie chuckled.

"I'll take care of that." She said before she went towards Ron's clothes and took the keys from his pants pocket before heading to his house.

While that went on, Ron took a moment to test his body's upper arms for a second when he threw light punches while he made sure not to move his legs much since well… his underwear did look like it would rip if he so much as twitched a leg muscle… though aside from the Grunt's and DNAmy who left with their DNA altering maching, Shego noticed the twin bulges in Ron's underwear after she got over the initial shock of Ron's transformation.

"Uhh… Ron? Do you have two bulges in your underwear?" Shego said.

"Huh?... oh yeah, I think DNAmy said something about using three bits of DNA with this transformation from Monkey… horse… and snake?" Ron said while he looks thoughtful in the memory… though he smirks when he glanced at Shego from the side when he gave those three bits of DNA… monkey was a given… but horse and snake?

Shego was beyond confused.

"Wait, what? Monkey I get it, but horse and snake?"

"Eh, DNAmy always made Chimera's and with this transformation, it could be a temp one if the DNA agrees with me or not, the monkey one would help me for many things… for horse and Snake… well you can probably guess why those two DNA bits were added… I got two large bulges instead of one after all." Ron said while he grins at the look of realization on Shego's face.

Shego's eyes widened.

"Holy!... S-So you actually have two…" She said but stopped since she knows the answer.

"Hehe, yup…. And with the horse DNA… probably packing more then I normally would have so… food for thought with that dirty mind of yours." Ron teased when he grins at the blush forming on Shego's face.

As Shego blushed, the duo heard Bonnie's voice as she enters the workshop.

"Hey I'm back and… what's with Shego?" Bonnie said as she was confused on Shego's face.

"Eh, oh nothing much, just told her of some improvements that I got along with this form that I can show later… anyway you got the clothes?" Ron asked when he hoped Bonnie at least had pants he can walk in.

Bonnie was confused on what was happening before looking at Ron.

"Uh yeah. Found these nice looking pants that can help you walk good." She said as she shows him the pants.

They were some pretty big sweatpants, bigger then what Ron would normally wear and they had special material on the ends of the leggings to be tight around the ankles.

That caused Ron to grin and as he walked forward… well… thanks to him suddenly feeling some kind of pressure on his backside when the waistband of his underwear shifts… well long story short the waistband snaps and his underwear pretty much fell… revealing not only a tail on Ron's backside but thanks to the snake DNA and horse DNA that DNAmy mixed in… well… Shego and Bonnie got an eyefull on two horse themed massive cocks that were flaccid at the moment so the official length was unknown… though the sight alone at first glance… well massive was an understatement.

"What the?!... You have a tail?!... and have two...?!" Bonnie said with wide eyes as she looked at Ron's cocks but was now blushing brightly.

Ron blinks at the blush and looks down.

"Hehe, yup, didn't get a look yet to see what improvements I got but hey, better now than never right?, so what do you think?, not sure if the DNA that DNAmy used on me will stick so the two cocks and the horse trait maybe a temp thing, same with the monkey DNA… though… are you even listening?" Ron said when he used a hand to tap one of his cocks and it swings around a bit as Bonnie's eyes moved back and forth and Ron smirks and snapped his fingers to get Bonnie's attention.

"Huh?... Sorry what?" Bonnie said as she was back to reality.

"OK… long story short before I lose you again, this double dick and horse cock trait maybe a temp thing depending on if this DNA agrees with me or not… same with the monkey DNA… mind passing me the pants so I can look you in the eyes?" Ron said while he sounded amused when Bonnie had a hard time looking away from his cock.

Bonnie blushes a bit brightly after hearing that.

"R-Right. Though we might have to cut a hole in these pants since you have a tail now."

"Eh I got plenty of tools here." Ron said as he moved to show Bonnie some scissors and knives here or there.

"Mind cutting a hole for me?, doubt I can hold anything with my hands being bigger then usual." Ron said while he waits for Bonnie or Shego to act.

Bonnie was already on it as she grabs a pair of scissors nearby and carefully starts cutting the hole on the back of the pants.

Once she was done, she passed Ron the pants and after he put them on, they fit snuggly on him and he grins at the perfect fit while his tail slipped through the hole Bonnie made.

"Not bad, thanks Bonnie, I'll make it up to you later during the campout." Ron said while he grins at his first lady.

Bonnie blushes a bit before smirking at Ron.

"Oh I know you will… my stud monkey boyfriend." She said as she had her hands rubbed Ron's chest.

Ron, though sweatdropping at the nickname, smirks a moment later and placed his hand on Bonnie's ass which nearly covered both cheeks from the larger size.

"Oh I'll do that and more, though if I'm going to be getting a hang of this form, I'm going to need a few favors from you two that I'll payback… mainly taking some cash from me and getting camping equipment for one since I can't walk in public yet and… hmm… hey Shego, if my phone is still in my pants, if I can't make a certain call thanks to my larger fingers, mind helping me dial a certain number?" Ron asked while he lightly squeezed Bonnie's ass for a moment but he looks at Shego a moment later as she went to his pants to get his phone.

As Bonnie groans, Shego rolls her eyes at that before looking at Ron.

"Sure. But hope I get a good reward for getting the equipment." She said before going to get the phone.

Ron chuckles when he knew what he would have to do later, but for now, with some careful touches, Ron managed to send a text when he had a mischievous idea… though not before he double checked the message for typos to correct so there wouldn't be issues.

"Hehe, actually instead of spoiling the surprise for her, might as well let her see the new me, tell me Shego, not sure if you two actually met or not, but you know Yori?, ninja woman I knew?, black hair, asian decent, very fit thanks to her training?, she could give Kim a run for her money in a fight?, I think she visited the high school a few times either before or after the exchange program so Bonnie may know her in passing at least." Ron said after he looks at Shego before he looks at Bonnie.

Shego was puzzled but Bonnie remembered.

"Wait, that girl from Japan? I think I remember seeing her take you while that cute Japanese guy came in your place." She said.

"Yeah… him… forget him… anyway that was Yori alright, here is a pic so you remember her fully." Ron said when he carefully got a pic of Yori giving him a one arm hug while Rufus held the camera thanks to Ron's palm being seen in the pic, was pretty steady and all that.

Shego and Bonnie blinked at the pic as Shego chuckled.

"Wow, guess even before you dated Kim, you were already smooth with ladies. How come this never happened?"

"Well… bit of a long story, lets just say that thanks to me learning how to use Mystical monkey power and other things, had to be trained in Monkey Kung fu… and given back then when I had to deal with Monkey Fist, had to fight fire with fire so to speak, not sure if I can say much to outsiders per say but let's just say that I went to a training school for ninjas and whatnot and leave it at that, not trying to keep secrets but pretty sure Master Sensei would be pretty steamed if people suddenly popped up at the Dojo in case either of you talked… not like you two would blab about it, but you never know… besides… Master Sensei though cool can be a bit scary when he can make some kind of projection near you… in fact its thanks to him I was able to beat those aliens and he was not even anywhere in the area… nuff said." Ron explained while he shuddered at what Master Sensei would do to him if he gave up the location of the Yamanouchi ninja school without making sure it was OK to do so.

Shego and Bonnie blinked at the story and considering the adventures that Ron went through… they'll take his word for it.

"Okay… that explains some stuff. And I suppose that Yori chick is the next one on the list to be conquered huh?" Shego said with a teasing smirk.

Ron blushed a bit and cleared his throat.

"M-Maybe… maybe not, unlike you and Bonnie, Yori is more on the full good side then anything else, stranger things have happened but lets hope we don't come to blows… not to insult you Shego but in terms of combat she is just as good as you and maybe more so at least in stealth since she trained more then you or I as a ninja, she can even take Kim on in a fight so that should speak for her skills." Ron said while he gave a general idea of Yori's skills, powerful in a fight but more on stealth then anything.

Shego raised an eyebrow after hearing that.

"I'll be the judge of that." She said before looking at the phone for a moment.

She saw Yori in her ninja gear and while she wasn't in a combative stance, having an arm on Ron and all that, Shego could see that while the outfit did hide most of her body, she could see she had some decent muscle like she trained for years which did back up Ron's claim on Yori's skills on looks alone… maybe she could test Yori herself when she gets here to see how good she was.

"If you say she's good then I want to test her out myself." Shego said.

"Really?... well if you can promise not to take things too far I won't stop you… getting in the way however…" Ron said while he lets go of Bonnie and flipped over her and Shego and stands behind Shego effortlessly and gripped Shego's ass before she could react.

"Pretty sure I can do that if you are distracted." Ron said before he lets go of Shego's ass and moved to step back a couple steps.

Shego was definitely caught of guard by the agility Ron demonstrated before blushing from having her ass grabbed.

Ron chuckles at that before he grabbed his pants from the ground and after fiddling with it for a moment to get his wallet and passed a few hundred dollars to Bonnie.

"Here, might as well make sure to get an extra sized tent and what not and some swimtrunks for me if we find a lake to have fun at nearby, anyway I'll see you two later so good luck with the supply run." Ron said while he moved to hold the door open for Bonnie and Shego.

Said duo looked to one another before they nod at Ron and head for the door.

Though as Bonnie got close to Ron, she leans up and gives him a little kiss.

Ron returned the kiss after a moment while he gave her a light hug with one arm, thankfully his lips were still human like for the most part so the kiss was not awkward at all.

Shego waited patiently as she see Bonnie kiss Ron more while hugging him back.

It took the duo 10 seconds to end the make out session and Bonnie exits the workshop and Ron looks at Shego to see what she would do.

His question was answered when Shego walks up to Ron, grips the back of his head before Shego smash her lips on his.

Ron was a bit surprised by the forwardness though he quickly adapts and returned the kiss and his tongue fights with Shego's for a moment.

Shego let out a slight moan as she had her tongue fight Ron's tongue more.

For a bit the two keep their makeout session up before Ron pulled away from the kiss and grins at Shego while he lets her go.

"Hehe, try and save some of the fun for later Shego." Ron said when Shego seemed pretty eager with the kiss.

Shego smirks.

"Oh don't worry… I will." She said before giving Ron's ass a nice smack before heading out.

Ron jolts before he shakes his head in amusement before he closed the door to the workshop and as Shego and Bonnie left, Ron heard them talking for a moment.

"Even transformed, his lips are still smoothed." Bonnie said.

"Hehe yeah, and those muscles, not sure about you but don't mind if Ron keeps the monkey DNA when it agrees with him." Shego said and Ron looks amused before Bonnie and Shego's voices fade from earshot and he went to his clothes to put them on a nearby table while he pockets his phone, thankfully the sweatpants had pockets and with some fiddling on Ron's part, they had a button on them so he could make a sealable pocket so he wouldn't lose it anytime soon… after that he decided to scope out a primo camping spot while Shego and Bonnie were away and the time went to a day later with Yori, in some american based gear to blend in, managed to get into town and was heading to Ron's place since she got that message that Ron had something important to show her and Ron wouldn't message her like this without a reason.

Though she was confused when she heard that Ron wasn't home from his folks and to add further surprise, when she was walking away from the house, she saw two people walking by her, though when they noticed her, they looked a bit surprised… the reason for the trio looking surprised at one another was pretty obvious given who was looking at who.

Yori was looking at Bonnie that she saw a few times in Ron's old high school, and from a description from Kim about past enemies, Shego the plasma wielding fighting woman who could give Kim trouble if she wasn't careful

For Shego and Bonnie, when they saw Yori, they forgot about her for a bit since she never came by a fews days ago and she was barely mentioned yet seeing her here in the flesh reminded them that Ron gave her a text though when Shego saw Yori looking guarded, she better speak fast otherwise fists may start flying for the wrong reasons and maybe for a misunderstanding if Yori thought Shego was trying to get Bonnie to do something.

"Whoa easy girl. If you think we're here to hurt Ron then you're mistaken." Shego said.

Bonnie looked confused for a moment but then she starts to get where this was going when Yori speaks.

"Oh really?, aren't you two not very friendly with Kim possible and Ron?, pretty sure I heard from Kim and Ron some time ago that while you did help with this alien invasion, you are more or less a villainess who wouldn't be friendly unless you had something to gain… and why are you with Bonnie?, I may not know her much but it can't be good after I heard about some of the things she did to mess with Kim and insulted Ron daily." Yori said while she looked really guarded now… not combat guarded… yet… but this was at least a step in the right direction given that Yori was not throwing the first punch.

Bonnie sighs.

"Okay. Some of that is true but things change. And it be difficult to explain but… I'm like… dating Ron." She said.

"And I'm working for him. Along with getting a good time." Shego said with a smirk.

Yori blinks at that before she got a half lidded look on her face.

"Your lying, Ron should be dating Kim possible and not only that why would he be dating you after all the things I heard and you working for him?... good time?... Ron is a decent man who doesn't have an evil bone in his body, why would he have a woman as evil as you at his side?" Yori said when she really didn't believe either Bonnie or Shego… well given what she knew… couldn't blame her for the doubt… maybe talking with Ron himself will be more then enough in terms of proof.

"Well news flash, Ron and Kim are broken up. But since you don't believe us, best you hear it straight from the horse's mouth… Hehe, or in this case, monkey's mouth." Shego said making Bonnie sweatdrop.

Yori just looked straight up confused before she frowns.

"Not sure what you mean by that but if you are talking about Ron then please lead the way, I want to hear things from Ron himself and learn the truth." Yori said while she seemed really confused and what not.

"Well you heard her Bonnie. Let's show her our man." Shego said before she and Bonnie motioned Yori to follow them.

Yori frowned from the our man bit but she kept quiet as she followed Bonnie and Shego into a nearby forest and though Yori was suspicious, she knew if this was a trap, she could easily get away for now and get help… but she wanted to make sure Ron was alright and she kept quiet as she followed Bonnie and Shego.

Trio got further into the forest till they found a nice clearing.

On one side of the clearing was a campsite complete with a lake nearby and there was a number of items one would use if one was living here for a bit, there was even a solar charger that was charging a phone while the Phone had a small cute phone sized tent to keep the sunlight from hitting the phone as it charged.

"Okay here we are." Shego said before she tries to call out to Ron.

"Hey Ron, we're back! And we brought a friend!"

For a moment, nothing was seen or heard, but behind the trio a large figure seemed to fall from the treetops and before anyone could do much, they heard a deep voice speaking.

"I can see that Shego, thanks for inviting Yori here." A very familiar, yet animalistic voice said from behind Yori, Bonnie, and Shego.

Yori blinked in surprise when she heard the voice.

"S-Stoppable-san?" She said before turning around before her eyes widen when she who the figure was.

What she saw was a large golden furred monkey man and while the outfit he wore was different, being sweatpants plus a tanktop to match his frame, she saw that his body well… looked like freaking Sun Wukong, his headfur even looked more scruffy in the back to give him a really rugged look.

"Hey Yori, nice to see you… please after what we have been through no need to be so formal with me, Ron's fine... how have you been doing?, lovely as always I see?, sorry you had to see me like this but it's a REALLY long story… why don't we take a seat and talk?" Ron said with a grin on his face as he gestured for Yori to follow him while he had some logs near a small campfire he made though it wasn't lit yet thanks to it being the middle of the day.

Yori was still shocked about Ron's new look but still wanted the truth before she followed him while Bonnie and Shego do the same.

After the group sat down, Ron offered Yori a cooked fish.

"Hungry?, not sure if you had anything to eat after landing, made this earlier and had a bit of extra so if you want some you can." Ron said while he gave Yori a fanged grin.

Yori blinked at the grin but accepted Ron's hospitality.

"I am a bit peckish. Thank you." She said before saying something in her Japanese language to honor her meal before taking a bit.

Ron smiles at that before he waits for Yori to eat her meal while offering her some tea in a canteen.

Yori accepted the tea and took a sip before resuming her meal.

It took a few minutes but when Yori was finished she felt pretty satisfied right now.

"Thank you for the meal Stoppable-san. It was cooked well done." She said.

"Eh I had practice, anyway you have questions right?" Ron said to help get Yori on her line of questions that she most likely had.

"Yes I do." Yori said as she looks at Ron.

"Why are you like a Monkey? If you're dating this Bonnie, what happened between you and Kim and is… Shego really working for you?"

"Well… bit complicated to answer, mind if I explain and you save the questions for this story for after?, Should be an attention getter since I was in a coma for a week that helped lead me to where I am now." Ron said while he rubbed his chin a few times when he messed with Yori a bit with a tale like setup it seems.

Yori's eyes widened.

"Y-You were in a coma?"

"Yup, it all started a bit after I saved Kim from getting hit by a steel beam…" Ron said before he went on to explain what happened after, his merge with his evil side, the break from Kim which was more or less he and Kim no longer seeing one another romantically, Ron's change in profession somewhat, pretty much everything up to now.

"As you can see Yori, I'm no longer fully good or to be exact, I'm no longer the naive guy I once was and I'm a lot smarter for it, I make quite a bit of money thanks to taking advantage of the situation and now I'm working on getting this form under control, nearly got it as I was Meditating though hearing you were here got me a little excited." Ron said and it could be Yori's imagination but… was Ron flirting with her at that last bit?

Yori blinks a bit at the story but was confused on the flirting.

"An interesting story Ron. But are you…

How you say… flirting with me?"

"Hehe, maybe... Bonnie and Shego don't mind if I flirt with other ladies and last I checked, you did have a thing for me from what Kim told me so I guess I was pretty dense to not notice a beautiful woman like you having feelings for me at the time… then again if my story changed then I do understand or if you already found someone, but figured I should be pretty honest now, I may not be full good anymore but I'm not going to do anything like takeover the world or terrorize people." Ron explained while he smiles at Yori a bit.

"I-I see… though to be honest… I'm not seeing anyone." Yori said making Shego and Bonnie blink in surprise.

Ron was a bit surprised as well though he decided to tease Yori a bit.

"Interesting… mind if I ask why?... I mean you are beautiful, strong, smart… honestly any man or woman if you go for the same sex romance would be pretty lucky to have a deadly beauty like you at their side." Ron said while he smirks at Yori a little.

Yori blushes a bit.

"Truth is… I still have feelings for you. But you were in a relationship with Kim so I continue my studies even though I still think of you from time to time."

"I see… seems I was a fool to not notice your feelings and wish I kept in touch earlier, it would have been very interesting if I could claim you… a powerful beauty like you would be a nice addition to my ladies at my side… don't get me wrong I'm not forcing you if you don't like the new me, but I'm just tired of being second best and just want to be taken seriously more or less… pretty much got me where I am today." Ron explained as he grins at Yori.

"Well… the new you is surprising but… my feelings for you won't change." Yori said with a small blush at the compliments.

"Hehe, I see, well now that you know everything what will you do now?, Obviously I don't want Kim to know about this and since Ninja's like to keep their honor by keeping promises… think you can promise that as long as I don't go full on evil… think you can keep this new mentality of mine and this transformation a secret from Kim?" Ron asked while he had a serious look in his eyes… if Yori didn't agree he would have to take some more… drastic measures to make sure Yori didn't talk.

Yori was surprised at the request but was actually a bit hesitant.

Ron noticed that and smirks when he moved to sit next to her.

"Hey Yori… don't you trust me?, Pretty sure I wouldn't do things that would cause much worry… in fact if you need convincing… why don't you help me test something…" Ron said while he surprised Yori when he placed a large hand on Tori's ass to see how she would react while he squeezed her toned ass.

Shego and Bonnie blinked when they saw that as Yori jolts from having her ass squeezed but didn't swat Ron's hand away.

Ron smirks while he looks at Shego and Bonnie.

"Hey you two, if I give a hundred bucks bill, think you two can watch a movie together?, Consider the extra cash snack funds." Ron said when he went a roundabout way to ask for one on one time with Yori while he keeps fondling her ass which made a blush form on her face without her realizing it.

Shego chuckled.

"Eh sure. I was feeling bored after the walk."

"Hmmm, guess I can go see that new movie that came out." Bonnie said.

Ron smirks as Shego got a 100 dollar bill from Ron's wallet and after Shego and Bonnie left, Ron looks at Yori as she realized what could happen if she lets Ron continue taking the lead here.

Yori continues to blush.

"R-Ron… What if someone else sees us?" She said.

"Eh let them… were in the forest so if someone watched then that's their thing… do you really want to pass up a chance to give this form a real workout?, Pretty sure if you never had other lovers I could help you get experience at least… let's just say that thanks to DNAmy… I also got horse and Snake DNA in my body now… try and guess where they impact the most." Ron teased while he really fondles Yori's ass to help her relax.

As Yori blushes, she was confused on what Ron meant before her eyes widened as she understood terms of innuendos and stuff.

"Y-You mean…" She said but didn't finish.

"Hehe… yup… got twin barrels for now AND I'm much bigger than normal too boot." Ron teased while he leans back a bit and Yori saw his bulges.

Yori was again shocked when she saw the two bulges in Ron's pants.

Ron smirks while he wondered what Yori was thinking when she saw the twin cocks in Ron's pants.

'That's impossible. N-No one could have two… what did this DNAmy do to Ron?' Yori thought.

Ron looks greatly amused while he removed his hand from Yori's ass.

"So Yori… your call, do you want me to stop?... all you need to do is just say the word and I'll let you go without issue." Ron said while he slowly and dramatically leaned in towards Yori's face.

Yori blushes a bit brightly as she sees how close Ron was even though part of her had wanted this.

"D-Don't… stop."

Ron just grins a little before he gave Yori a light kiss on the lips and placed his hand back on Yori's ass to pull her in closer while he made the kiss pretty intense in no time to not give Yori anytime to recover.

Yori blushes more after fully realizing that she got her first kiss with Ron Stoppable. Her main crush.

Yori didn't want this feeling to stop before she wrapped her arms around Ron and kissed him back.

Ron moved Yori so she sat on his lap while she faced him and he keeps the kiss up while he made sure to rub her body through her clothing.

Yori moans into the kiss as her hands roam Ron's fury body.

Ron then stands up and after placing Yori on the log, he teased her when he removed his shirt to show his body, and while furry, his chest, stomach, and neck were pretty much clear of any and all fur which showed off his augmented abs to start things off.

Yori blushes when she saw how fit Ron was.

"I-I see that you been… working out." She said.

"Yup, been working out though part of this is from the transformation, I will admit not nearly as impressive but I did train quite a bit… now for the reveal that you have been waiting for." Ron said as he dramatically gripped his sweatpants waistband and slowly lowered his pants and had his body turned so that Yori couldn't see much aside from Ron's tight buns.

Yori blushes brightly as she looks at Ron's ass and can see how perfectly round and toned it was.

Ron chuckles when he saw that and after kicking his pants away, he turned and Yori saw not one cock… but two and not only where they a bit bigger then usual at 12 to 13 inches long but the cocks also looked horselike to boot thanks to the horse DNA in Ron.

Yori lightly gasped when she saw the two.

"Y-You weren't kidding when you said that you had… two." She said.

"Yup… but now I believe you need to get undressed so its fair for the two of us right?, or want me to undress you?" Ron teased when he didn't mind either way since he could have fun with the undressing.

Yori blushes a bit.

"I-I can do it myself." She said as she gets up and starts to undress while feeling a bit nervous.

Ron smirks when he saw that and decided to make sure to help Yori relax since she was a good friend of his once she was undressed… well… good friend or not depending on if they could be more later but… one step at a time and Ron did want to be a bit more aggressive when it came to claiming women.

It wasn't long before Yori was completely nude and the years did good to her.

She was very fit thanks to her ninja training. Her arms and legs were slender, nice looking curves and thanks to her petite body, she had B size breasts that maybe partway to C size.

Ron licked his lips when he eyes Yori.

"Beautiful." Ron said when he slowly approached Yori to get a closer look of her body.

Yori blushes brightly at the comment.

"T-Thank you." She said.

"Welcome… but I am serious… I am honestly wondering why no one ever tried to get your attention… people had plenty of chances to do so… mind explaining that or do I need to… interrogate the intruding Kunoichi for information?" Ron said while he teased a bit with a roleplay idea of sorts.

Yori knew what he meant.

"You can try… but I won't say anything." She said.

Ron looks amused when he used a hand to hold Yori's chin.

"We will see my dear… I have ways of making you talk, don't give me too much trouble or your Sensei will pay the price so violence is a no go." Ron said to mess with Yori a bit when he used the whole captured master routine.

Yori then got serious.

"Do what you want with me but leave my Sensei alone." She said but even though she was following the routine, she was a bit excited on how Ron will act from here.

Ron grins as he lets go of Yori's chin.

"As long as you listen to my commands my dear, no harm will come to your sensei… why don't we start with you up against that tree… hands on it and I'll make sure your holes are decently lubed before you return the favor." Ron said as he gave the order to Yori… smart move on his part since this would be a tight fit for Yori and he didn't want to harm her so foreplay was needed.

"Very well." Yori said before a moment later, she was up against a tree with her hands grabbing onto it.

A moment later Ron approached Yori and used a finger to tease her pussy for a moment to see how she was, depending on the wetness he may need to really work her good or not much.

Yori shudders from the tease but judging from her folds, seems Ron's gonna have to make her wet.

Ron then licked his lips before he knelt down and with a larger tongue then normal, starts to lick her folds and surprisingly her asshole in one go in a repeating pattern to start things out.

Yori, though surprised, shudders a bit when she felt both her folds and asshole getting licked.

Ron smirks when he decided to tease Yori as he ate her out when he also lightly smacked her ass a few times and had a mischievous look in his eyes when he decided to tease her.

Yori bit her lips a bit but not too hard before letting out a slight groan as she felt her ass getting smacked.

Ron really looked amused when he saw Yori's folds getting more wet the more Ron smacked her ass and teased her more with that.

"Hehe… seems we got a either a masochist here… or you are enjoying this alot… tell me, did you have any training in the sexual arts my dear or is this your first time?" Ron asked before he went back to licking Yori's holes and smacking her ass lightly.

Yori groans a bit and felt embarrassed when she gave her response.

"I… know the arts but… it's my first time."

Ron looked really surprised by that though he keeps in character.

"First time?... we talking first time as in first time or did you use toys at least?" Ron asked since him fucking a full on virgin would be new for him.

Yori blushes more.

"I never used any toys."

Ron now looked really surprised… though he had a devilish grin on his face that Yori didn't notice.

"I see… well I hope you will enjoy your time with me much as I will with you… can't say I won't do well when I work the info out of an untrained Virgin." Ron teased as he went back to eating Yori out and has his tongue enter her tight folds a few times.

Yori groans again from that action.

"Y-You can try… but I will not submit."

This time Ron didn't speak thanks to his tongue being deep in Yori's pussy, however he did smack her ass a bit harder to get her worked up more while he used his free hand to tease her asshole a bit after getting it lubed from Yori's juices.

Yori continues to groan a bit before she lets out a slight moan through her teeth as her pussy got more right.

This went on for a bit with Ron eating her out more, and thanks to his experience with Shego and Bonnie, he could tell Yori was getting close and keeps his actions up until…

Yori moans a bit loud before she climaxed for the first time on Ron's tongue.

Ron lapped up the juices while he hums at the flavor… not bad to him.

About 15 seconds pass before Yori taps off and pants a bit.

Ron pulled his mouth from Yori's pussy and smirks when he saw how soaked she was… no more foreplay was needed on her end though for Ron… both his cocks were hard as hell and looked like they could be used as weapons and as he stood tall his cocks looked like they ached with how erect they were with veins bulging on various sides.

Yori pants a bit more before she looks back and was blushing brightly when she saw Ron's erect cocks.

All Ron did was give the come over here gesture.

"Time to return the favor and help you learn how to suck cock." Ron said while he grins at Yori in a dominating way when plenty of lust was seen in his eyes.

Yori blushes at the lust Ron gave but resumed her role.

"Very well." She said before she approached Ron and got on her knees.

Ron held his upper cock steady while he lets Yori get a good look at his cock… though he did mess with her when he moved it a little closer so she could get a really close look.

Yori blushes before shaking her head.

"E-Enough teasing." She said before she gently grabs Ron's upper dick.

Ron shrugged his shoulders and lets Yori do her own thing for now with his cocks to see how she would do with her first ever experience pleasing a cock… or cocks in this case.

Yori blushes as she held the upper cock.

'Okay… if I remember the lessons I should do this.' She thought before she slowly starts to stroke Ron's upper cock.

Ron shuddered when he felt that and stays still as he lets Yori work at her own pace so he wouldn't scare her off.

Yori continues this action before she grabs the lower cock with her other hand and gave it the same treatment but made sure to not rush things so she can get a better feel of it.

She could feel how the cocks could barely fit in her hands… how they lightly throbbed from her touch and thanks to how close she was, she could smell the musky scent they gave off even when clean… all in all, Ron had perfect looking cocks for a prime lover.

'This is… interesting. Even though it's my first time, I still can't believe I'm handling two of Ron's cocks. So… big and warm.' Yori thought as she continues to stroke them.

Ron in turn though patient smirks as he used a hand to bring Yori's head closer to his cocks and her right cheek touched the lower cock and she could pretty much hear Ron's heartbeat from it as a result.

Yori blushes when she felt it.

'I can actually feel its heartbeat.' She thought before shaking her head.

'Need to focus. Next part I should do is this.' Yori thought again before she nervously sticks out her tongue after getting close to the upper cock before she starts to gently lick the head of Ron's upper cock.

Ron shuddered but he kept still as he lets Yori do her thing more so she can get used to things.

Yori shudders from the taste but seems that Ron's cock was clean since she read that most males never clean that area that often which caused her to continue licking for a moment before she slowly dragged her tongue on the base of the upper dick.

Ron moans lightly while his cocks throb lightly thanks to Yori's actions and Yori could see he was enjoying himself and it was thanks to her.

Yori blushes but knew it was enough. So she gulped when she had to do the next big step.

The young ninja girl opens her mouth as wide as she can before she starts to take in Ron's upper cock.

Ron visibly shuddered from the feeling as he could feel his upper cock enter the warm wet mouth and pets Yori's head to show that she was doing good so far for a virgin.

Yori blushes at the petting as she continues to take in Ron's upper cock despite gagging a bit.

Ron didn't stop her at all to see how far she could go, though he did grin as he had Yori take more of his cock into her mouth to make her gag a bit more and lets her go to recover.

It took a bit but Yori felt this was enough before she slowly starts to move her head back and forth on Ron's upper cock.

Ron groans from that and looks Yori in the eyes.

"Ohhh… thats good… keep that up… try and keep your throat relaxed… heard from Shego and Bonnie that's how they are able to adjust pretty well… also breathe when you pull back enough to breathe ." Ron points out to help Yori adapt well.

Whether or not this is roleplay, Yori took the advice and made sure to breathe in and out when she pulled back and relaxed her throat for a bit as she tried to take more in.

Ron really groans when Yori quickly adapted thanks to that advice, who knew asking Bonnie and Shego would get Yori to improve this much.

After adapting, Yori resumes bobbing her head back and forth on Ron's upper cock but Yori made sure to give the lower cock some attention as well.

This went on for a bit while Ron's orgasm slowly approached, thankfully he and Yori were near a lake because Ron's balls looked pretty huge right now and as his cocks throbbed more and more as time went on, he gave Yori this warning.

"A-About t-to… blow." Ron muttered while he fought to hold back his orgasm for as long as he could.

Yori got the warning but... she wanted to see what happens when a male climaxed which caused her to keep going.

Ron however made it hard for her to see things when he gripped her on the back of the head and a moment later he gave a shriek like roar when he forced Yori to deep throat his cock and he came hard down her throat while his lower cock fired its load on Yori's body and down to the ground when it was angled to fire its load low to the ground.

Yori was surprised from this and couldn't believe how much cum Ron let out before she tries to drink down Ron's load which caused the ninja girl to shudder.

Ron rode out his orgasm and tapped off with a groan 15 seconds later and pulled his upper cock out of Yori's mouth and he pants for breath from that rather intense orgasm… thanks to him practicing with Shego and Bonnie earlier, he was used to the feeling from climaxing from both cocks though he did worry about Yori when he looks at her to see how she was doing after she was forced to drink his load and saw plenty of his load on her body.

It took Yori a moment to drink down the rest of Ron's cum before she took a moment to breathe but still shuddered from the taste.

Ron chuckles when he saw that and waits for her to recover so he could talk with her.

After recovering, Yori looks at Ron.

"You came… a lot." She said while blushing a bit.

"Hehe, sorry, bigger form, bigger loads… how you feeling?" Ron asked when he worried he harmed Yori.

"I feel fine. Was surprised at how fertile you were even though it was my first time doing this. Hopefully I did it right." Yori said as she hoped she pleased Ron good.

"Well we just got started… though I recommend getting cleaned in the lake nearby before we continue… cleaning fur is a nightmare…" Ron said when he seemed to have experience with the whole bathing thing in the form thanks to some kind of flashback that was not seen though the look on his face spoke volumes.

Yori blinks in confusion when she saw the look.

"I see… though if it happens again, I wouldn't mind washing your fur." She said before she went to the lake and wash some of the cum off her body.

Ron grins in amusement when he stealthy got into the lake while Yori was washing the front of her body off and when Ron saw that she was pretty clean, he surprised Yori when he gripped her breasts from behind and lightly pinched her nipples to tease her more while his cocks pressed up against her ass cheeks a few times.

Yori was surprised by that action before hissing a bit from having her nipples pinched.

Ron smirks before he angled his cocks so that they slipped between Yori's thighs.

"Considering how far we went, pretty sure we can't take too much time or the fun will end… what do you say we get back to land and use a blanket of mine and we really make you into a woman." Ron teased as his upper cock grinds against Yori's pussy.

Yori shudders at the feeling but blushes brightly after hearing that last part before turning her head to look at Ron.

"Y-Yes. Let's." She said.

Ron had no issues with that and he picked Yori up bridal style and approached the tent nearby so he could grab a clean dime store blanket that he could throw away later.

Yori blushes at the position she's in but felt a warm feeling from being carried as she nuzzles her head on Ron's neck.

Ron just grins when he placed Yori on the blanket and while he looks down at her, he gripped her ankled and aimed his cocks at her holes.

"Want one cock or both?" Ron asked since Yori was a virgin and he wanted to let her choose what would happen.

Yori blushes as she looks at Ron's two cocks.

"B-Both." She said.

Ron nods before both his cocks prod Yori's ass and pussy and a moment later, Ron lets Yori relax and a second later, he forced his cocks into Yori's holes while he grits his sharpened teeth when he could feel how tight she was and took his time with getting inside of her so she could adjust.

Yori groans as well but her training as a ninja helped her power through it but not too much.

A moment later, Ron felt his upper cock touch Yori's hymen and he looks at her to see if he should continue or not.

Yori knew where Ron's upper cock was at before looking him.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine." She said.

Ron nods before he gave Yori an intense animalistic like kiss and pretty much tore the bandage off when he pushed his cocks balls deep or as deep as Yori's holes would let him, even after he bashed through to her womb and waits as Yori fully registered just how deep Ron was inside of her ass and pussy.

Yori, who was surprised how deep Ron was, groans loudly into the kiss from losing her hymen while trying to fight back the tears that tried to leak out.

Ron waits for a minute for Yori to adjust while blood leaked a bit from Yori's pussy and he keeps the kiss up to help distract her from the pain… though since he couldn't get a signal, he slowly thrusts his hips and his cocks enter and exit Yori's holes at a slow rate so she could get used to the feeling sooner.

Yori groans more before she wrapped her arms around Ron's neck and returns the kiss to help take her mind off the pain… but to also make out with Ron.

Ron in turn knew Yori would adjust soon and had a devilish glint in his eyes as he starts to pound away at Yori's holes, his cocks barraging her holes in no time and thanks to Yori being a surprising masochist… well she was quickly getting soaked thanks to how dominating Ron was right now.

Yori was moaning from how rough Ron was before she wrapped her legs around his waist to make Ron thrust deeper.

And thrust deeper he did as time went on, and thanks to his earlier orgasm, he wasn't going to climax anytime soon, and thanks to Yori's inexperience with sex… well… even as Ron keeps the kiss up he saw Yori's eyes roll back into her skull when she looked a bit fucked up already thanks to Ron pretty much making her ass and pussy submit to him… even if the twin cock thing was a temp thing it was a good thing he had them… would save time later in getting Yori's virginities.

Yori had her lips separated as she was moaning loud.

"O-Oh fuck Ron! You ninja beast!" She moans.

This gets Ron worked up more and he surprised Yori when he moved to have her arms let him go and he adjusts his body so that he was pretty much pinning Yori and had her in a mating press as he continues to fuck her while his cock barraged her womb again and again in a way to try and pretty much say to all *Hey this bitch is mine!* kind of way… must be the DNA in him.

Yori was surprised but was moaning loudly from the pleasure.

"K-Keeping going Ron!... I want to be... yours!"

Ron growls when he had no issues with that and fucked Yori harder and pretty much worked to destroy her holes while Ron was using so much force in his thrusts that it made it hard for Yori to talk when all she could focus on was the pleasure for now.

Yori was moaning and groaning loudly as her legs stayed wrapped around Ron's waist as Yori's toes curled a few times.

Ron keeps this up for a bit while Yori had orgasm after orgasm… though Ron felt his orgasm approaching while Yori's was getting close as well again and this time he gave another shriek like roar when he came hard inside of Yori with great force, filling her with his sperm and thanks to how close he was to Yori, her body couldn't hold much before some was forced out of her pussy and ass around Ron's cock.

"R-RON!" Yori screams his name before she climaxed hard on top of Ron's cocks.

Ron in turn rides out his orgasm big time and when he tapped off, he pants when he felt greatly winded and lets go of Yori and got off of her while his cocks left her holes… after what he did she had a fucked up look on her face and she looked like she would pass out at any moment and Ron well… he was running on fumes for a bit thanks to his inexperience with both cocks, so her sleeping now would be a good thing in this case.

Yori panted a few times as she enjoyed the afterglow.

"W-Wow… Ron." She said while blushing.

"Hehe, thanks… you can pass out now by the way, I'll make sure you are clean when you wake so no worries." Ron said while he smiles at Yori in a caring way now that the fun dominating part is over with.

Yori weakly smiles.

"T-Thank you… m-my love." She said before passing out.

Ron was a bit surprised by that confession, though after what he did, he would have had to been an idiot to not let that sink in and chuckles.

"Hehe, damn, first I find out she liked me from Kim now I get a confession in person from her before I realize it, if its one thing Yori is good at its surprising me… anyway time to get her and myself clean before taking a nap." Ron said as he got to his feet and went to pick up Yori as the scene went to Shego and Bonnie for a moment to check up on them.

Ironically enough they were watching a movie called Monkey King: Hero is back, dealt with Sun Wukong as he traveled to get his godly powers back while learning to show a more compassionate side to himself. (A/N from TME: Actual fun fact, there is a game with the Monkey King that has this title, fun to watch with the important parts, and there are Monkey king movies.)

"Hehe, talk about ironic that we're watching this." Bonnie said to Shego.

"No kidding, lets try and keep Ron from seeing this otherwise we may have to worry about him trying to copy the look hehe." Shego whispered as she munched on some popcorn.

Bonnie sweatdrops as she actually pictures her own boyfriend in the movie character's get up before she went back to watch the movie.

As the movie went on the scene fades to black and Bonnie hopefully thought that if Ron did see a movie like this… he wouldn't go nuts on the character or anything… otherwise she would have to knock some sense into him for that and the scene fully faded to black a moment later.

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