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VS Shego

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Jr.'s home/ Jr.'s Room/ Jr, Shego

Jr at this time, a few hours after he called Shego, had her come to his home and right now she was watching the video with a bowl of popcorn while looking a bit impressed with this.

"Hmmm… not bad, seems Stoppable upped his game if he stole your woman from you." Shego said after she finished the movie.

Jr. frowned.

"This is unacceptable. What right did he had to steal my Bonnie?"

"Well for starters I heard you stood her up on a number of dates thanks to some of your Dad's goons eavesdropping on you so maybe she got pissed and this was payback?, I mean gotta say stoppable was packing, can't deny that, though the whole going from good to… this was out of the blue so might as well find out what is going on with him… don't want him going evil again." Shego said while muttering that last part though Jr. heard her.

"What? What do you mean again? Stoppable has never been evil… besides him stealing my woman." Jr. said.

"Well…" Shego said before she explained what happened with the Attitudenator… Ron turning into Zorpox, him being more evil then most villains and even scaring her a bit… and she finished with this.

"... Thankfully we got that guy back to normal before he could really run wild otherwise he could have taken over the world faster than any Villain that I know of… even myself… so you can get why I may take this more seriously than you." Shego said while she crossed her arms.

Jr. was a bit surprised at the story and had no idea Ron can be that skilled… when he's evil.

"I see… So what can we do?"

"Well YOU are going to do nothing for now while I see how different this Ron is, if you try anything, chances are this new Ron will break your limbs or at the very least if he is amused crack bones… not to try and downplay my strength or make myself be a coward but when those alien warriors came to earth, Ron was the one who took down the two leading fighters while Kim and I had trouble, not only that when he was this… Zorpox persona when evil, he even scared me of all people… now you get how dangerous this could be?" Shego said while she went to the computer and copied the video onto a flash drive for some reason.

Jr. pale a bit at the thought of Ron breaking his bones but was confused when Shego copied the video.

"Why make a copy?"

"Eh, something to have fun with later for personal viewing, consider it my advance to even see if this wasn't an act on top of the usual fee I'll bill you since I doubt you would just ring me up to see if your girlfriend or ex was really breaking up for you for Ron… then again with what he's packing may give him a try if he isn't annoying as his goody goody self, Drakken just isn't doing it for me anymore since he is more interested in being a CEO and using his flower power to grow plants then actually get interested in romance… just hope that fully evil side isn't in control or we are all in trouble." Shego said before she pockets the flash drive when the copy of the video was complete.

Jr. groans.

"If only father retired like Drakken my relationship with Bonnie wouldn't be in vain."

"Well given how your dad is pretty much still kicking despite his age, doubt that, anyway your fault for not putting your foot down with your dad in at least making sure the whole romance thing didn't get put in jeopardy and now you just lost this Bonnie chick to Ron of all people… food for thought in case you want to try and win her back or find a new lady, pretty sure unless you actually man up against your father, those romances will be in trouble before they get serious… food for thought before I go." Shego said while she left Jr. to his thoughts.

'But if I go against father, he might… disinherit me. But then again I don't want my love life to be in jeopardy. I don't think I'll be able to win back Bonnie.' Jr. thought.

Though while Jr. dealt with his own issues on what to do since is father would be a main issue, Shego got in a personal jet she owned and was using it to fly to Middleton to see what this new Ron was like… not only that but she had another reason to go after Ron and this was just the icing on the cake more or less.

It took her a few hours to get to Middleton and when she lands, she made sure her jet was well hidden so no one would try anything stupid, and when she went to Ron's place of all things, she went around back and saw that there was a massive hanger of sorts way off the property and when she got there, she entered and she speaks up.

"Hey Ron, seems you were right in Jr. calling me." Shego said while she walked towards Ron who was working on refurbishing an old item in a new way for his own use and he chuckles a bit.

"Hehe, yeah figured as much, good thing I bought you off to not cause trouble, so how was Jr?, was he pretty bummed or was he having thoughts on what he may or may not do with his dad later in the whole villain thing?" Ron said while he kicked a chair over lightly for Shego to sit in.

Shego smirks before sitting down.

"A bit of both. He's bummed about losing that Bonnie girl, but mad at you, and now he's probably thinking of a way to be assertive. Though he's probably worried about losing the money from his dear dad."

"Yeah well if he was smart about things, could make his own business if he put enough Oomph into it, and he doesn't know I have you not only on the payroll but one of my ladies right?" Ron said while he grins at Shego after he put his tools down…. A few days passed since that time with Bonnie and thinking ahead, Ron used a connection or two that he made to get in contact with Shego… long story short which would be explained in a length flashback later… well… not only was Shego working for Ron as he worked to try and keep his new self on a low profile, but he was also his second woman… again would be explained later…

"Hehe, oh yeah. Was surprised when you called me and thought it was a trick. But proved me wrong, in more than one way." Shego said.

"Right… oh and did you stop by DNAmy's place on the way here?, heard some funny rumors going on and wanted to make sure that she wouldn't give me issues… may need to pay her a visit if she was not so welcoming to you… or did you come straight here after meeting with Jr?" Ron asked when he fiddles with the item he was working on and tossed it to Shego after a moment.

Shego blinked at the item after catching it before looking to see what the item was.

Turns out it was some kind of bracelet like item and when Shego looked curious Ron spoke up.

"Variation of the Moodulator, but instead of controlling moods, it's made to resist commands from people like DNAmy if she tries to turn you into something different and tried to give you commands, might as well pay her a visit and give her a warning to not try anything with me later since I'm about to start one of my plans." Ron said while he crossed his arms and had a serious look on his face.

"Yeah… the last thing I want is to be a mind controlled animal." Shego said before shuddering at the thought of what DNAmy would do to her.

"Right… making one for myself as well so when we get going we won't have many issues… going to need to find one of her changing rays though just in case so if we do get hit we can get turned back to normal." Ron said when he gets started on working on a resist command device.

"Good thinking." Shego said as she watches Ron for a moment.

While this went on, Shego remembered when she was called by Ron initially and how he got her to meet him...

Flashback/ 2 days ago/ Middleton/ Ron's workshop/ Ron

Ron was busy tinkering with some things while he gave light hums, though as he was working on his latest item, the door to the hanger opened and he heard a familiar voice.

"Yo, Stoppable." Said a female voice.

Ron smirks when he heard that and he turned to look at a not so amused but curious looking Shego since she didn't expect all this with the workshop and Ron's new look.

"Here for that Item I took from one of Drakken's R&D departments?... well you can take it back with no hassle, just needed you to get here so we could talk, already completed the item so should save Drakken's workers some time if that was the final product." Ron said when he glanced at a pot nearby that had solar panels on the side and some kind of lamp was over the pot that connected to the solar panels… seems it was a self charging solar potted plant pot that could be used to keep a plant healthy though it looked a bit different thanks to some changes by Ron.

"I made a cheap covering that could be easily replaced so that the solar panels have some protection though it may hinder the energy gathering, didn't mess with the lamp design but had to fix a few loose wires that no one noticed, thing would have shorted out a few days after use." Ron said while he shaked his head and Shego really noticed the difference now… it was like part of his evil side was back again and it helped Ron with his intelligence and well…

Shego narrows her eyes before getting to a guarded stance.

"Who are you really? Are you the same kid that's always around with Kim or… am I talking to the evil side of you? Because if you are… 3 times is too much."

Ron looks amused and he gave Shego a smirk.

"Well… you want the scary answer that would spook even you a bit or the actual truth that is not so spooky and depend on how this talk goes, could work to benefit us both… though if you want to fight I don't mind, just remember I was able to take down those head Lowardians single handed after I used my mystical monkey powers while you and Kim were knocked aside by them… you think I can't take you single handed in self defense?, I practiced when no one was looking so I'm able to tap into this ability rather easily now." Ron said while he got a serious look on his face as a strange feeling came from Ron and seems he was using his power right now so if Shego did attack, she would regret it.

Shego can tell Ron wasn't bluffing when she remembered that.

"Alright… I'll listen but you better not pull some kind of trick on me."

"Hehe, oh no trick, just wanted to talk, first off I should explain that I was in a coma for a week if you haven't heard yet, thanks to that my eyes opened a bit on a lot of things and thanks to some inner struggle of sorts… well lets just say my evil side and my good side pretty much merged and now I'm more on the grey line of morals instead of pure good or evil… I mean would a good guy steal some prototype item from a well known CEO's R&D department without some kind of reason?" Ron said while he relaxed and he had the calm smile on his face again.

Shego was a bit surprised at the story and though she wanted to retort, she couldn't find any faults with that logic.

"I suppose not." She said.

"Yup, anyway I'll get right to the point, as you can see I'm not quite as good as I used to be but I'm not flat out evil, simply put I'm hoping to hire you as either a bodyguard or some top tier help and do a few things for me, of course you would be paid well, thanks to me reconfiguring devices from evil people like the Attitudenator and other items to be more beneficial instead of harmful, I'm making quite a bit of money and thanks to some help I hired I don't have to do much besides making sure they don't double cross me… cash comes flowing in so price is no object here… and before you get the idea that I'm like Jr. or his dad, don't… unlike them I have a real goal in mind instead of trying to be a villain for fun." Ron said while rolling his eyes at the simple ways of Senior and Jr.

Shego was surprised that Ron wants to hire someone like her to be his bodyguard.

"And what will your precious Kim say if she finds out about this?" She said since she doubt Ron would keep a secret from her.

"Eh, first off we are not dating anymore per say… on break right now though with how long its been we might as well be broken up… as for if she finds out, well I'll worry about it later since she hasn't found out about this yet, I'm pretty good with covering my tracks and to everyone else I'm still the lovable goof called Ron Stoppable the side kick… even if Kim hears a few things, you think she would believe it?" Ron said while he shakes his head in amusement.

Shego raised her eyebrow for a moment.

"Well you have a point since you were a goofball… on some occasion."

"Yeah but no more, simply put I'm not out for world domination or anything truly evil… personally I'm wanting to make sure I keep all villains in check so to speak so they won't cause too much damage… what do you say?, want to do the fun thing and help me pit villains against villains?" Ron said while he smirks at Shego.

Shego was a bit surprised when she heard that but surprisingly… it did sound fun.

"Well… would be funny to watch. As long as I'm getting paid… I'll do it but… this job better not make me do something demeaning or embarrassing."

"Eh, may need to tease a few villains here or there to trip them up but you would be more or less using your brains and charms to get them to let their guard down." Ron said while he smirks when he complimented Shego with the charm thing.

Shego was a bit caught off guard by that compliment.

Though she did chuckle.

"Careful there. Otherwise I'll be thinking that your hitting on me."

"Eh then think of it like that, I already got this lady here to have fun with and she doesn't mind if I have fun with others to gain experience, if you want to find out if I'm not boasting, can invite her here so you two can have a talk if you think I'm lying and we could have some fun if you like what you hear." Ron said with a grin on his face while he pulled out his phone so he can show Shego he wasn't bluffing at all.

Shego was a bit surprised after hearing that but she still wanted proof.

"Alright. Call this girl over."

Ron nods before he gave Bonnie a text and it took her about 40 minutes to get to Ron's workshop.

"Sorry for the wait, had to talk with those cleaners again to make sure they didn't go too overboard in moving things around." Bonnie said when she walked into the workshop and Ron shrugged.

"No problem, things happen, had to keep a guest entertained while we were waiting for you so in case you two didn't meet officially on good terms, say hello to Shego, Drakken's former right hand from what I heard, she is doubting that you were legit so figured you could explain some things to show I'm not lying." Ron said while he points a thumb at Shego while she was busy watching a movie on a TV nearby while she was in a computer chair that could lean back a bit.

Bonnie blinked a bit before smirking at Ron.

"Well if she doubts you, I'll be happy to give her the big picture."

"Hehe, well instead of telling why not make it fun and show her if you want to make this a little kinky." Ron suggests while he and Bonnie were out of earshot.

Bonnie grins as she rubs her hand on Ron's chest.

"Sounds exciting."

Ron smirks before he looks at Shego.

"Hey Shego, if you want to see proof I'm not pulling your leg, why not look over here if you want to see a good show that isn't a rerun… yet." Ron said while he grins at Shego while she wasn't looking at him yet.

Shego rolls her eyes before turning her head to look at Ron before blinking in surprise at what she was seeing.

Turns out she saw Bonnie in the room, but she then royally shocked Shego when she knelt down and unzipped Ron's pants and for a second, Shego thought Bonnie pulled out a third leg but it was in fact Ron's cock and he smirks when he saw her stare at his dick like she couldn't believe what she was seeing as Bonnie stroked the cock to full power to get things started.

'What the?... okay he's definitely not lying but seriously?! He's packing that big trunk in there?!' Shego thought as she couldn't believe it.

Ron shuddered from the handjob but smirks when he saw her staring.

"What's the matter Shego?, never seen a cock like mine before?, pretty sure you would be used to freakish things if Drakken used his plant powers in rather kinky ways." Ron teased while he pets Bonnie's head after she starts to lick the side of his cock a few times.

Bonnie smirks as she keeps licking Ron's cock.

Shego was able to shake her head,

"Please, Drakken doesn't know the true meaning of kinky."

"Hehe, shame, with a body like yours I am shocked Drakken didn't do more with you, you look like you could use a good fuck if Drakken didn't satisfy you… hehe… well considering I stole Bonnie here from Jr… why not try and steal you away from Drakken or are you two even still dating or what?" Ron said while he smirks at Shego as Bonnie licked the tip of Ron's cock.

Shego scoffed.

"As if, Drakken is too focus on his place as CEO to your favorite taco place."

"I see… well if you are not interested in any fun I'll just send you some cash later if you can leave your phone number so I can get in contact with you later for details… I would escort you out but as you can see…" Ron said when he looks at Bonnie when she moved to take Ron's cock into her mouth and Shego saw her struggle a bit to do so but when she got it partly into her mouth she starts to bob her head on his cock and stroked the rest off.

Shego was surprised to see Bonnie do that and though she never gave Ron a single thought, the green plasma user hadn't had fun in a while so…

"I don't think so, you called me here and then you were bragging about… this. So I'll stay."

"Alright… though as a viewer or you joining in?" Ron asked while he looks amused.

Shego rolled her eyes.

"I'll join since you said you needed 'more' experience." She said with her arms crossed.

"Alright, why not get a close look then so you can see if my cock is legit real or not." Ron said while he unbuttoned his pants and his pants fell to the ground.

"Alright, I will." Shego said before she got close to the duo as Bonnie continues to please Ron's cock.

When Shego got close enough… she could see how massive Ron was while Bonnie worked to suck his cock like she was in a pleasure induced trance of sorts… not literally a trance but she was so turned on right now that she worked to suck Ron's cock with some serious Gusto while Shego knelt next to Bonnie so she could get a pretty close look.

'Crap… he really is hung. More hung than Drakken was.' Shego thought as she continues to look.

A couple minutes pass with Ron slowly getting close and Bonnie could feel that so she bobbed her head more on Ron's cock and made sure to stroke him off harder while he gripped his table with great finger strength to keep himself from falling.

Shego saw what was happening as Bonnie bobs her head faster and harder so she can make Ron climax before Bonnie uses her tongue to roughly lick the tip.

This finally set Ron off and he growled deeply when he came hard in Bonnie's mouth with great force, overflowing her mouth in no time while she struggles to drink the sperm.

Shego saw how puffy Bonnie's cheeks were before Bonnie tries to drink down Ron's load.

When Ron tapped off, the front of Bonnie's outfit was pretty much ruined… thankfully it was a throwaway type outfit that one could but for a few bucks and Ron got plenty in stock so Bonnie could get an outfit later.

Bonnie uses this time to swallow the rest of Ron's cum before Bonnie uses her mouth to clean Ron's cock.

It took her a minute to do so and when she finished, Ron's cock was clean and still iron hard after the load he unleashed… he then grins at Bonnie when she starts to remove the outfit while not caring if Shego saw her body.

Shego was again surprised by this as she sees Ron's cock again before Bonnie was completely nude in front of Ron and Shego.

Ron licks his lips before he removed his shirt and boots which allowed him to remove his pants from his legs, all in all the two were naked in front of Shego and Ron looks at Shego.

"You know, if you want to join in, better get rid of the outfit unless you just want to watch if you are nervous." Ron teased when he messed with Shego a bit.

Shego, who is as surprised in seeing Ron with a bit of muscles, felt her eye twitch a bit after hearing it.

"I'll show you." She said before she actually starts to get undressed.

Ron and Bonnie smirk when they watched as the older woman gets undressed, they saw that Shego was well stacked and sexy as hell with her having D Cup breasts, wide hips, and had a toned body that put Bonnie to shame in the fit department since unlike Bonnie, Shego worked to train her ass off to be pretty powerful in her own right.

Bonnie felt jealous when she saw Shego's body.

'Damn… her body's more toned than mine.' She thought.

Though while Ron smirks when he saw Shego, he noticed Bonnie looking at Shego with some envy.

"Hehe, hey don't worry Bonnie, even if Shego is tougher, you'll always be number one in flexibility." Ron said when he remembered a couple positions that he had Bonnie in for their fun times.

That seemed to help make Bonnie feel better.

"You're right about that." She said with a smirk.

"Yup, still we should focus on the fun now instead of talking and since Shego is our guest here… why not let her lead this round on what she wants to do." Ron said when he grins at Shego to see what she wanted to do.

Bonnie looks at Shego as well as Shego smirks.

"Well first things first…" She said before a moment later, she was giving Ron a titty fuck as she used her breasts to stroke Ron's cock.

Ron groans from that when he was caught off guard with the surprise tit fuck.

Shego chuckles at that reaction.

"Didn't see that coming huh?" She said as she continues to move her breasts up and down.

Ron groans from that and smirks at Shego.

"Well… of all things to expect, didn't expect to get a tit fuck of all things from the great Shego of all people, kind of a kinky fantasy that came to life so lets just say this is a turn on." Ron said while he made sure to keep himself under control so he wouldn't blow anytime soon.

Shego smirks a bit.

"Good." She said before she sticks out her tongue and starts licking the head of Ron's cock whenever it appears.

Ron shuddered from that and pets Shego on the head when he liked what he saw as he watched as Shego work his cock good between her breasts.

As Shego continues her work, Bonnie got a bit mischievous before she got close to Ron and cupped his cheeks before smashing her lips on his.

Luckily for him, Bonnie's mouth was clean earlier thanks to a nearby wet towel being used.

Ron, though surprised, returned the kiss while he used a hand to grip Bonnie's ass and teased her ass a bit when he touched her asshole and slowly prods it.

Bonnie groans as she made out with Ron before sliding her tongue in his mouth and started a tongue war.

This went on for a bit with Ron making out with her before he slipped his finger into her ass and fingers it while he felt his cock throb slowly over time.

As Bonnie groans again, Shego felt Ron's cock twitching which caused the green plasma user to double her efforts as her tongue roughly licks the tip a few times.

A moment later, Ron muffly groans when he came on Shego's face hard with great force and he kissed Bonnie harder as a result when he really wanted to kiss her.

Shego was surprised at how much cum Ron let out before she tries to drink down his load.

Bonnie moan as she made sure to kiss Ron a little longer as she wrapped her arms around his neck as Bonnie's tongue rubbed Stoppable's tongue more.

When Ron tapped off, he pants for breath and pulled away from the kiss while he and Bonnie look at Shego to see how she was doing while most of Ron's sperm plastered her face.

Shego was able to finish drinking down Ron's load before pulling her mouth off of Ron's cock.

"F-Fuck… you sure cum… a-a lot." She said as Bonnie chuckled.

"You have no idea." She said.

"Hehe… yeah why don't we let you get cleaned for a moment before we get to the fun part when I eat you out, can't say I can't return the favor." Ron said when he grins at Shego.

Shego smirked.

"You got that right." She said as Bonnie hands her a towel.

Once she was cleaned up, Ron moved some things off a nearby table and Bonnie moved to sit in a nearby chair so she could watch the show before her while Ron looks at Shego.

"So Shego, want to lay on the table or have your legs hang off it while you lay facedown?, or want me to lay on it so we can 69 one another?" Ron said while he had a hand on the table.

Some of the suggestions were tempting to Shego.

"Hmmm, let's go with… 69." She said while grinning.

Ron shrugged and a moment later, with Ron on his back on the table, he held Shego's ass while she was sucking his cock and stroking him off while Ron made sure to really eat her out and fondles her ass to tease her.

Shego was a bit surprised and impressed by Ron's skills as she made sure to please Ron's cock by using her best blowjob technique while using one hand to fondle and massage Ron's balls.

This caused Ron to groan and used a finger to finger Shego's pussy while the other went to finger her ass.

Shego groans from these actions but made sure to not be outdone while Bonnie watched as she slowly fingers her pussy a bit.

It took a few minutes but Ron, already fired a few shots earlier, was able to outlast Shego when he keeps teasing her holes and focused on pleasing her more and more until…

Shego's eyes widened before she groans a bit loud and climaxed on Ron's face.

Ron had his eyes closed while he fingers Shego's tightening holes and waits for her to ride out her orgasm.

Shego's climax got a bit strong thanks to that action for about 15 seconds before tapping off.

Once that happened, Ron pulled his fingers out of Shego's ass and pussy.

"Hehe, first orgasms always the quickest, got to hate that and love it at the same time." Ron said while he pats Shego's ass a few times.

Shego takes her mouth off of Ron's cock for a moment.

"N-No kidding." She said before she went back to sucking off Ron's cock again to make him climax.

Though Ron smirks when he suddenly pushed Shego off of him and he moved to get on top of her while he held her legs apart.

"Pretty sure we got enough foreplay out of the way… why not get to the good part." Ron said while he teased Shego when he rubbed the head of his cock on Shego's folds.

Shego was a bit surprised at the push before smirking at Ron.

"Alright then. Give me your best shot." She said.

Ron gave a smirk of his own before he forced his cock into Shego's tight folds and Bonnie watched as he got pretty deep into the green plasma based woman and Ron hit her cervix a moment later to show how far he went.

Shego was a bit surprised when she felt how far Ron's cock was in her pussy as Shego groans.

"F-Fuck!... Your cock huge!" Shego groans as she feels the insides of her pussy stretching.

"Hehe… all the better to fuck you with!" Ron said before he thrusts his hips and his cock starts to barrage Shego's cervix again and again as Ron fucked her pussy without restraint.

Shego groans a few times as she feels Ron's cock roughly going in and out of her pussy.

Ron grits his teeth while he worked to fuck Shego harder, he moved his hands to her breasts and fondles them and his fingers sink into the soft but firm flesh a bit but he was gentle enough to not harm her.

Shego groans from that action as she feels her breasts being squeezed which caused her toes to curl a bit.

While this went on, Bonnie looks on as Ron fucked Shego harder and faster as time goes on and even rocked the table he and Shego were on with how rough he was getting.

'Damn this is getting hot.' Bonnie thought as she was feeling turned on before seeing Shego wrapping her legs around Ron to make him go deeper.

And deeper he went as a result and as he fucked Shego… he surprised her when he leaned down and smashed his lips onto Shego's and really made out with her while his cock threatened to bust into Shego's womb.

Though Shego was shocked, she moaned loudly from how good the pleasure was before she flat out returns the kiss after wrapping her arms around Ron.

Ron keeps his actions up and as he fucked Shego, his orgasm slowly approached and he could feel Shego's orgasm getting closer as time went on and fucked her harder and faster while he fights to hold back his orgasm until…

Shego tightens her hold on Ron as she groans a bit loudly in his mouth before Shego climaxed a bit hard on Ron's cock.

Ron growled like an animal and a moment later he climaxed hard in Shego's womb after his cock bashed through her cervix and the warm feeling from Ron's sperm filled her up in no time.

Bonnie licked her lips when she watched Ron climax as Shego's orgasm got stronger as she waits for Ron to tap off.

When he did tap off with a groan, he leaned back and Shego's womb looked pretty bloated with how full she looked… similar to Bonnie she looked a few months pregnant.

Shego panted a bit.

"F-Fuck… You really… c-came a lot." She said as she blushes.

"Yeah well I heard that a lot from Bonnie here, good thing there are plenty of birth control pills." Ron teased while he pats Shego's womb a few times to tease her before he pulled his hips back and his cock was pulled free and his sperm flowed from Shego's pussy.

Shego groans when she felt that before shuddering as she can feel Ron's load leaking out from her pussy.

Ron chuckled before he got off the table.

"So… want to continue or we end this here?, Pretty sure Bonnie doesn't mind getting it up the ass so…" Ron said while he sounded like Shego wanted to stop after getting fucked like that… was Ron messing with her?

Shego looks at Ron.

"Are you kidding me? I haven't had fun in a while. We are gonna keep going." She said with a determined look.

"Alright… get on all fours on the floor or have your legs hang off the table so we can continue." Ron said while he licked his lips when he looks at Shego's ass.

Shego smirked before she had her legs hang off on the table as her ass was exposed to Ron.

Ron approached Shego and teased her when he gripped her ass cheeks and fondles them a bit and smacked them a couple times to see how she would react.

Shego likely groans before looking at Ron.

"Hey, quit with the teasing and start fucking me."

"Sorry, your ass just looked too good and couldn't resist a tease." Ron said while he aimed his cock at Shego's ass and a moment later slowly forced his cock into Shego's tight ass.

Shego groans a bit as she light grinds her teeth when she can feel the insides of her ass stretching.

Ron takes a couple times to stop and let her adjust, unlike Shego's pussy, her ass was much tighter and he didn't want to harm a ass as sweet as this so he made sure to let her adjust as he got deeper.

Shego made sure to adjust before letting Ron know to continue.

Ron nods his head and after a few more times with him getting deeper, he got 10 inches in Shego's ass and starts to fuck her pretty hard from the get go.

"Oh fuck!... Oh fuck!" Shego groans as she can feel Ron's cock going in and out of her asshole.

Ron grins before he used a hand to smack Shego's ass hard while he fucked it and as this went on, Bonnie who was watching after she found a flashlight…

Bonnie was grunting as she used the end of the flashlight as a dildo of sorts as she lightly thrusts it in and out of her pussy with one hand, while using the other to play with her breast.

As this went on, all three people pretty much had the time of their lives right this moment and Ron keeps on fucking Shego's ass while each thrust made her toned ass ripple with each thrust.

"Oh fuck yes! That's the spot!" Shego groans as her toes curled a few times.

Ron grins more before he full on smacked Shego's ass hard enough to cause it to get a bit red with each smack.

Shego groans and moans from that action before looking at Ron with a grin.

"C-Come on Stoppable… R-Really get in there!" She groans.

Ron had no complaints with that command and gripped Shego's hips and with some monkey power boosting his strength, he really fucked away at Shego and this was too much for the table and two of the legs broke which caused Shego's upper body to aim at the floor somewhat, but thanks to Ron holding her hips, and her legs hanging to the ground, all Shego could do right now was moan, groan, and get a fucked up look on her face as Ron adapts and continues to fuck her ass without mercy… in fact Bonnie who was watching was both turned on and a bit scared with how rough Ron was going… made her feel a bit like a virgin again when Ron pretty much gave a new meaning to hardcore fucking.

'W-Whoa… it's like he's really an animal.' Bonnie thought as she can hear Shego moan.

"M-More!" She moans as her face starts to look more fucked up as her tongue was sticking out.

Ron now looked positively feral and he was rutting with Shego like he was claiming her ass for his own use and continued to fuck Shego harder and faster until…

Shego moans very loudly in ecstasy as her ass tightens on Ron's cock before climaxing hard on it.

Ron this time pushed his cock balls deep and with a surprising monkey like shriek, he came hard in Shego's ass with such force that not only did the table break fully when it was technically on its last legs, but Shego's stomach bloated more then last time and to Bonnie's shock… Shego starts to cough up some sperm after getting a funny look on her face while Ron held Shego's hips tightly to keep his cock inside of Shego as he rode out his orgasm.

'What the fuck?!... He never came that hard inside of me.' Bonnie thought while feeling a bit worried for Shego.

As Shego coughed up a bit more sperm, Ron tapped off with a deep groan and pants for breath while he shuddered as he waits for his body to recover while Shego at the same time…

Shego, after tapping off, was able to cough out that last bit of cum before trying to catch her breath.

While that happened, Ron pulled his cock from Shego's ass and his load leaked from her and Ron looks amused as Shego's stomach slowly deflates from the sperm flowed from her ass thanks to gravity making Shego's ass lower a bit and Shego was resting on the fallen table and her body shook a few times from mini orgasms.

"F-Fuck…" Shego said as she was very pleased.

Ron chuckles after he recovered and just looks more amused then irritated at the mess.

"Well Shego, not sure if you can hear me but we could make a deal… 30% off your usual hiring fee and I'll make sure to please you like this whenever you want, though if you can't hear me after what we just did might as well talk to you later after you wake up… this was my first time using Mystical monkey power during the act… I must say not bad… could try that with Bonnie later if she leveled up a bit with some training… if you were knocked down like this then pretty sure Bonnie would have serious trouble if I went all out hehe." Ron said while he smirks at Shego.

Bonnie jolts when she heard that even though she will need some serious training.

Shego, after panting, was able to speak up.


"Hehe great, and if you want to make a secondary deal with Bonnie's permission, mind training her?... either for free with good times with me all access 24/7, or with a fee payed by me but you would have to make an appointment, I know you don't work for free but since I'm already hiring you, can't blame me for trying to save cash when possible." Ron said when he looks amused as he used a remote nearby to bring a bed out of a nearby wall so Shego could rest for now.

Shego noticed the bed before looking at Ron.

"T-The… first… o-one."

"Great… might as well consider you one of my ladies if that's the case, but since I'm still working on getting my own thing going we will need to keep this on the downlow so if anyone sees you and I in public try and pretend to be barely tolerable of me… can't let people get suspicious until I show the world the new and improved me hehe." Ron said before he chuckles darkly but not Zorpox levels of dark while he placed Shego on the bed and stands up to stretch.

"No problem there." Shego said.

"Great, you can pass out now." Ron said while he looks amused at how tired Shego was, seems like it was a long time since she was fucked like this.

Shego didn't respond this time as she flat out lays down on the bed and closed her eyes before hearing light snoring.

Ron smirks before he looks at Bonnie.

"So Bonnie, want to get trained by Shego?, should be a good bonding experience so you two can get along and while I may not be a fan of this, you and Shego would get along since you and Shego don't get along with Kim." Ron said while he shrugged his shoulders.

Bonnie was a bit weary of Shego.

"Well… despite what I remember hearing about her, I guess I can tolerate learning from her since I need to get better so I can handle your… monkey strength." She said as she blushes while looking at Ron's bod.

Ron looks amused while he went to another remote and summoned a small cleaning robot that would clean up the mess.

"Well until then I can hold back on the monkey power, but for now, why don't we head to your place after I get dressed and we can have more fun there while this bot here works to clean up the destroyed table and the fluids on the ground?" Ron said as he got dressed and passed Bonnie her own outfit.

Bonnie smirks before she gets her outfit and quickly gets dressed til she was fully clothed.

The scene then went back to the present.

Present/ Ron's workshop/ Ron, Shego

Ron looks amused when Shego had a blush on her face when Ron could guess what she was thinking.

"Remembering the fun meeting we had here?" Ron teased while he went back to fiddle with one of his gadgets.

Shego blinked a bit before shaking her head.

"Maybe I am… or maybe I wasn't. Though I will admit that you were surprising."

"Was that before or after I placed you on a bed to rest after we broke that table?... though speaking of things, how is Bonnie's training going?, been a few days so how is her potential in getting trained by a woman of your level?" Ron asked since Bonnie, though agile, was not to Kim or Shego's level of battle power.

"Hmmm, it's a slow in progress but she's getting there. Sooner or later, she be on the same level as your partner." Shego said.

"Hehe, you talking about you or Kim?, been working less and less with her lately and while she is a bit confused or concerned, I made sure she won't suspect much, thanks to you giving intel on a lot of other villains, we can keep them at one another's throats while we work to get my own base… hmmm… hey Shego, think a floating skybase would be a good idea or would that be too cliche?" Ron asked while he looks curious.

Shego blinked a bit.

"Hmmm… could work. Though how would you keep it floating? And what if something went wrong?"

"Well first off unlike Drakken in the past I wouldn't install a self destruct… pretty sure that would solve most technical issues down the line… as for keeping it floating… hmmm… I have a few ideas… some mystical, some technical… maybe both to save on the electrical bills… either way its still a work in progress." Ron said while his brain was working a mile a minute on how to keep it floating.

"You sure that's safe to combine? When have you ever heard of Mystical and Technical stuff put together?" Shego said.

"Well first off I doubt I would ever go as bad as Monkey Fist when he woke the Yono and got turned into stone… he went way too deep and got what was coming to him… as for tech I wouldn't even think of going DNAmy's level and mix fantasy with technology and make mutant creatures for myself… as for mystical and technological… compared to most fights we had, isn't that kind of combo rare?" Ron said when he tried to remember some times when tech and mystical powers normally clashed and… well… most times it was just pure tech to deal with.

Shego was thoughtful for a bit.

"Well you got me there."

"Yeah… best I would use is try and find some kind of mystical power generator and use it to power some kind of floating device and put a security system around the core and hover units so they won't break down or get broken by people who would have suicidal thoughts if they wanted to try and take me down… don't worry Shego, if you remember Zorpox, you would know that side of me wouldn't just half ass things like Drakken would back then, pretty sure once I get the ball rolling on a plan, unless something serious happens that would change how things go, I would pretty much go 100% into this plan." Ron said while he grins at his green themed lady.

Shego shrugged after hearing that.

"Good enough for me. So you need me to get something?"

"Hmmm… yeah, bring your jet here, might as well pay DNAmy a visit if you haven't visited her yet, might as well make sure to get certain enemies and allies on our side and while I don't want DNAmy of all people… her creations could be pretty deadly if we don't play our cards right so might as well try and get the winning hand in our hand more or less before anyone else does." Ron said when he got a second anti-control bracelet equipped after he put it on.

"Hmmm, alright but if that bitch tries something, I'm gonna be beyond pissed." Shego said as she went to get her jet.

"Hehe, yeah well if we do get hit, wouldn't complaining much if you get turned into a sexy cat girl or Dog girl or something, pretty sure you would look adorable… knowing DNAmy though she would turn me into some kind of monkey or something to mess with me." Ron said while he smiles at Shego when he followed her.

Shego blushes a bit before smirking at Ron.

"Well better be careful. Female cats would get… frisky." She said.

"Eh I'll be waiting for it then, I'll grab a few more items and wait for you at the park." Ron said before he walked by Shego but not before he gave her a sneak kiss on the lips before he walked away from her.

Shego was a bit caught off guard by that action which caused her to blush a bit before smirking as she gotten used to that before getting the plane ready.

About half an hour later with Shego refueling and Ron having a bag full of cuddle buddies of all things… most likely a peace offering so DNAmy wouldn't attack the duo, she and Ron were on their way to DNAmy's latest base though Ron did make a bit of small talk.

"So Shego… how is Drakken lately?, pretty sure you would keep an eye on him just in case but is he still the CEO and is he still a bit plant crazed like I heard?" Ron asked while he placed the bag of cuddle buddies on the floor of the jet so he could sit normally.

"Oh yeah. There were times I thought he would go back to trying to think of a evil scheme but nope. He's comfortable where he's at." Shego said.

"I see… miss him at all or you pretty happy as is now?, may not be full good anymore but I'm not full on evil." Ron said while he points out he still has the capacity to care.

Shego sighs.

"I won't lie, I do miss it but I'm actually happy with the new job now."

"I see… well you should know that you won't have to stick around… I maybe able to offer a good time either in the bedroom or with a thrilling adventure or two, but well… I may not be able to do both in the future, either by age or by circumstance, unlike you I'm technically neither good or bad now so I have no idea how well we can mesh given how you want to take over the world and stuff… I mean let me ask, why take over the world?... honestly it would seem like a headache to me given you have to pretty much deal with lots of headaches and other things." Ron said while he rests in his seat.

Shego shrugged.

"To be honest… I just like doing evil stuff. Brings me excitement."

"Well I'm not going to try and give good points on being good since I'm not fully good anymore, but I just want to say being evil 24/7 maybe tiring given how your life went, why not try and ease up and try and go along the middleground like me more or less?, you don't have to do good acts but let me ask, is working for guys like Drakken and others in the past on the evil side fun when you were number 2?, I mean after what you went through with your family I can't blame you for not wanting to do good again, but there has to be a way to give you a thrill yet not cause total anarchy… I mean aside from being evil, what good would taking over the world accomplish aside from being boring?... I mean think about it, you take over the world… then what?... you would be pretty much take people like Kim out and while I don't like that kind of example… I mean if you take people like Kim out what will keep you amused?" Ron asked while he leaned forward and placed his arms on Shego's headrest and looked down at her thanks to the angle.

Shego was thoughtful.

"Good point. Kim was the only one I can fight against. And besides being bad… having a good time in the bedroom gives me thrill." She said as she smirks at Ron.

Ron chuckles while he got a serious look on his face.

"Well how about a deal… not saying you give up evil acts, but… if I can give you the thrills you want in and out of the bedroom… how about work for me full time… not saying you wouldn't get paid, but compared to your past employers, would I make a bad one?... well… morally speaking I would be a bad employer but thats only because I'm not full on evil… point is I have a plan and while its not world domination… well… hows this for a plan… simply put we do things to cause havoc not between normal people which would be boring… but between villains so they won't cause so much damage around the world?... sounds… eh when I put it like that but just think of how amusing it would be on putting people like Dementor and his goons against someone like say… DNAmy in the future if she gives us trouble?" Ron said while he had a evil grin on his face.

Shego blinked a bit after hearing that but… it did sound interesting and funny.

"Interesting and you may not be evil but… I could do worse so… you have a deal." She said.

"Great, we can celebrate after we get back… for now we got a psychotic woman with a chimera fetish to try and get on our side and keep her under our thumb so she won't cause trouble." Ron said while he leaned back in his seat and as he did so, the jet shot forward with more speed.

Once Shego got herself and Ron at a safe spot to land, she and Ron were walking towards DNAmy's latest hidden base, this one was more or less hidden underground and the entryway was a large boulder.

Once Shego approached the Boulder, she found a hidden keypad and used it to ring up DNAmy and a moment later a camera and microphone appeared while on the keypad a screen was seen which showed DNAmy was answering the call and when she saw Shego, she seemed pretty happy… though when she saw Ron… she got royally confused.

"Well this is an interesting surprise. Shego and Ron Stoppable? Standing side by side?" DNAmy said.

"Eh its a long story, before you try and sick your Chimera goons against us… truce for now so we can talk?... got a peace offering… some cuddle buddies and one of them is a rare limited edition version not normally gotten on shelves." Ron said when he held the bag of cuddle buddies.

DNAmy blinked when she heard that and she knew that she can't resist cuddle buddies. Especially a rare one.

"Okay. You have my attention." She said.

"Right… mind if we come in first?, would be a shame if we have to leave if these cuddle buddies are not to your liking." Ron said when he pulled out an adorable cuddle buddy that looked like a mix between an adorable rabbit and a panda giving it a cuddly look.

DNAmy wanted to squeal when she saw how adorable that cuddle buddy was before she hit a few buttons and a moment later, the door opens up in front of Ron and Shego.

"Please come in."

Ron smirks when he placed the cuddle buddy in the bag and he and Shego enter the hidden base and a moment later the door closed.

A moment later Ron and Shego were in a large entryway and DNAmy herself came out of nowhere so she could get the bag from Ron though he oddly enough moved out of the way for some reason to keep her from getting the bag.

"H-Hey?... Give me the bag." DNAmy said.

"Oh I'll give them to you… on the way out… how do I know you won't try and use some henchmen to ambush us and try and turn Shego and I into your minions?... pretty sure you at least got some kind of note from Shego on the new me and how I'm not full good anymore… you could try and take the bag by force but wouldn't that put your precious cuddle buddies in danger?... especially this rarely made limited edition one?... you may love it more since it has a defect that gives it an additional trait more then the usual cuddle buddy." Ron said while he keeps dodging DNAmy as he explained why he was holding onto the bag… for now.

Shego smirks when she thought this scenario was funny before DNAmy stopped trying to grab the bag.

"Okay okay. I'll listen."

"Good, here is one buddy to help calm you down." Ron said when he passed DNAmy one of the cuddle buddies and it was a Turtle with Lobster claw instead of usual turtle limbs.

DNAmy smiles at the toy before she hugs it and rubs her cheek on it.

The sight alone made Shego sweatdrop.

'She needs to get laid.' She thought.

After a minute of waiting for her to calm down, Ron clears his throat to get her attention when she went a bit into cuddle buddy land just now.

DNAmy was able to calm down before she looks at Ron and Shego.

"Alright. So what is it that you two want to speak to me about?" She said.

"Eh, mainly me more or less, got a room we can sit in and talk?, I'll give another Cuddle buddy if you give us a tour of your lab on the way." Ron said while he teased DNAmy when he wiggles the bag of cuddle buddies around a bit to tempt DNAmy a bit.

DNAmy was cautious but… she wanted those cuddle buddies.

"Okay. Follow me." She said as she gestures the duo to follow her.

Ron smirks when he heard that and he and Shego followed DNAmy through her base, she had a number of people turned into her chimera guards from what Ron could see and many looked pretty powerful… granted he and Shego could fight their way out but it would be a pretty tough fight given how varied and unique each chimera goon looked.

Then there was DNAmy's lab, this place was more or less tech central which did cause Ron to think of where DNAmy could get the funding for this tech from, she was a well known supervillain so he doubted she could get the cash from a simple robbery or two.

Finally there was holding cells for many people and DNAmy explained that they were trespassers, people who mocked her, or test subjects for new Chimera goons.

When the group got to a sitting room that DNAmy had to relax, Ron passed her a cuddle buddy that was a Chicken with a fish tail instead of legs.

DNAmy felt happy with this cuddle buddy before looking at the duo.

"So, hopefully the tour of my lab was satisfying."

"Indeed, pretty informative… right Shego?" Ron said while he looks at her with a smile to not get DNAmy on guard, though Shego, knowing this new Ron for a few days knew that he was giving her a serious look… given the guards, the captives, and the tech, if DNAmy was used right or if she took things more seriously, she would be a force of nature in her own right so they had to play this meeting carefully to keep things in their favor.

"Yeah. It was a nice tour." Shego said making DNAmy smile.

"Wonderful to hear."

A moment later, the three were sitting in some chairs as the trio talk.

"So DNAmy, can I call you Amy?, I came here with Shego to back me in case things go… south... because I want to try and make a deal with you… simply put I'm planning on ditching the whole heroic thing soon somewhat and I want to make sure that a… powerful woman such as yourself is not my enemy… I mean with your brain and Chimera army, if you wanted to take over the world it would be a pretty simple matter if you were given enough time without interruptions to build the army of yours… I'm not a hero anymore but I'm not going full on villain either so this talk is more like a matter of I scratch your back you scratch mine so to speak… I mean I know you don't have any plans as far as I know but given that just like me, people change so can't be too careful right?" Ron said while he gave DNAmy a calm smile.

DNAmy blinks in surprise when she heard this.

"Interesting… and what about your girlfriend Kim?"

Ron rubbed the back of his head at that question.

"Eh, we are kinda on break… pretty sure broken up, bit of a long story and I doubt you want to hear a sad story right?" Ron said while he shrugged his shoulders.

"I see… sorry to hear that. If you want my opinion, she made a dumb mistake." DNAmy said.

"Hehe, thanks, though given what I have planned, wouldn't blame her for officially breaking up with me and stuff… anyway what I have in mind is pretty simple… a two fold kind of deal so to speak… first off lend me a few of your Chimera goons if I send word as henchmen of sorts, and I'll make sure to fund any research you want as long as it's not too pricey, still gaining traction in getting cash and I only make so much per month thanks to patents on the remade items I reconfigured legally and what not." Ron said while he grins at DNAmy while he went over the first part of the deal.

DNAmy was thoughtful for a moment and didn't think this deal was bad.

"Sounds doable."

"Great… though this second one maybe a bit… trouble even for someone with your brain and talent but should be worth it in the end since this could help make it so your talents as a gene splicer will be accepted in the world and no one would call you insane anymore…. Simply put I am hoping to use your skills to see if you can make a certain… transformation for me that I can go into at will and back unlike the forms that the Chimera goons that you have that require a ray to do so… you see I'm no idiot… at least not anymore, I know if push comes to shove some people could overpower me and in cases like that I'm hoping to have a ace up my sleeve just in case… you could think of it as a new experiment and I'm the guinea pig in case you have any plans for that kind of work." Ron said much to Shego's shock since he never talk about this part at all.

DNAmy was shocked as well.

"R-Really?... you would ask me to change you?"

"Well as long as I have the added benefit of being able to change back to human form at will or close to it, that's a yes, you see I have my reasons and you can say having a transformation would be a good hidden card to play… I mean many final bosses in games have a final form for a reason right?" Ron said when he used some game analogy for a moment.

DNAmy was thoughtful for a moment.

"Alright. It's never been done but… I will give it my best."

"Great, here are the rest of the cuddle buddies and Shego and I can see ourselves out, here is my number so once you figured out how to let one change back at will and what not and work out the bugs, give me a call." Ron said as he wrote down his number and passed it to DNAmy while he passed the bag full of cuddle buddies to her.

DNAmy felt excited.

"I promise not to disappoint, Ron."

"Great, I'll tell you the DNA I want added to mine after you get that kind of transformation process worked out, even if its just one or two, maybe three mixes max… but one would be good more or less… anyway unless you need us for something, Shego and I are going, it was nice to speak to you in a civil manner Amy." Ron said while he held a hand out for DNAmy to shake.

DNAmy may have blushed after hearing Ron call her Amy before taking his hand and shake it.

After the duo shakes their hands, Ron and Shego left the hidden base though Shego gave Ron a curious look when she wanted to know about that whole transformation business when she and Ron got in the jet.

Once the duo were inside, Shego turns to Ron.

"What was that about?"

"What was what?, the whole transformation thing?... well seemed like an interesting thing to consider and I did say it would be good to have a hidden ace in the hole so to speak." Ron said while he sat in his seat.

"Maybe… but think she'll be able to do it?" Shego said.

"Eh knowing her she will try her best to do so, knowing how obsessed she is with her work, I would be surprised if she did fail, worst case scenario is that I get stuck in a transformation, best case I get what I want and no one would be the wiser." Ron said while Shego got the Jet warmed up and ready for takeoff.

"We'll hope you know what you're doing. Hate to lose an employer." Shego said before she had the jet take off.

"Hehe, you sure its not just that and you may lose a good lay?" Ron teased as Shego had the Jet take off into the air.

Shego may have blushed but chuckled nonetheless.

"Perhaps… then again… we still got some time to celebrate."

"Yeah, once we get back to my workshop we can celebrate a job well done today, I'll make sure your usual fee is sent to you later after we have our fun." Ron teased again while he had his hands behind his head.

"Hehe, that's good to hear." Shego said as she plots course for Ron's workshop while feeling excited for the fun they're gonna have.

The scene then fades to black for now as Shego's jet fades from view.

(Chapter 2 down, 12 to go, chapter 3 will be soon.)

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