Rise of Unstoppable @emerald
VS Bonnie

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The scene opens up to show TME and Atomsk while they were sitting in comfy computer chairs while they look at the readers.

"Well here we are in a new request story." Atomsk said.

"Yup, and this one is a high payout of a story… 140 bucks for you and I… each… this story costs 280 bucks total and its 14 chapters of 10,000 word goodness… and while no Futa or Creature on female, I did get a workaround of sorts with Ron later and a run in with DNAmy hehe… point is things will be fun… here is the list of ladies for Ron though and no, no Kim romance people, sorry but… yeah." TME said when he summoned a list of ladies that Ron would get with later down the line.

Ron Harem list:





Vivian Porter

Betty Director


"And here is the list, if it gets updated on a future date, I'll make the updated list later, also to keep this story classy…. No more intros and outros for this story and only for one reason… keeps the word count consistent AND it will save Atomsk and I time when it comes to editing and what not… anyway got anything to add Atomsk?" TME said while he looks at his partner in writing crime.

"Nope. Let's gets story started. We already gave the warnings and stuff." Atomsk said.

"Yup… OH and one final thing, two things really, first off this chapter while long is more or less an intro chapter and shows how Ron will go Grey or no longer good but not evil… so again do not expect lemons with Kim and Ron, next Atomsk and I will take a break from this, with permission from the Requester given, every 4 or 5 chapters, most likely 4 for later chapters, 5 for the first 5 chapters here, the starting chapter being that 5th chapter being thrown in… point is do not expect this to be worked on from start to finish in one go, we need to take breaks every now and then or we will burn ourselves out… though if we are having fun… who knows… could do this in one go since our normal chapter limit normally goes well beyond the 20,000 word limit hehe." TME said while he grins at the readers.

"Hehe, ain't that the truth." Atomsk said while smirking.

"Yup, now then this story starts out during a mission where Kim and Ron are trying to catch a new villain though in this case were chasing the villain right now…" TME said before he snapped his fingers and the scene went to...

Hidden villain base/ Kim, Ron, Rufus

"Holy crap!, why was there a self destruct button as a pressure pad!" Ron yelled as he, Kim, and Rufus in Ron's pocket, ran after a new villain through a hallway as pieces of the building they were in starts to crumble thanks to how unstable the building was when the self destruct starts to destroy parts of the base.

"Worry about it later when we're not crushed Ron!" Kim said as she dodges any fallen debris while running.

Ron didn't argue with that as he followed Kim through the building, thankfully for Ron he was able to do pretty well with chasing Kim since he just played follow the leader when he moved to get over and under fallen debris that was on or off the ground and had to dodge plenty of rocks and what not that nearly crushed them a few times.

Kim was a bit glad that Ron was keeping up as Rufus hid inside Ron's pocket as the duo kept running.

Though as the group ran through the building, Ron noticed something fly by his head from the right when a steel beam was swinging by him… he got wide eyes when the beam was heading for an unaware Kim and high tailed it while he gripped Rufus in his pocket and tossed him at Kim, when she caught Rufus she was confused on why Rufus, who looked just as confused as Kim from the sudden toss, was in her hands after Rufus hit her head and bounced into her hand… though Rufus and Kim were shocked when Ron pushed Kim and Rufus towards a nearby hall and when they looked back, they were shocked to see Ron flying when a steel beam, that would have hit Kim, hit Ron like a golf club hitting a golf ball and as the entryway in the hallway collapsed, one thing was certain… if Ron didn't get lucky and get knocked out of the building… or unlucky on landing… he would be crushed or caught in the self destruct and Kim had no way of going back thanks to the falling debris blocking her way.

"Ron!" Kim shouts as she wanted to stop and help her friend but considering the situation, the only thing she had to do was… to keep running.

While she did that, the scene then shifts to Ron while thankfully for him, he was indeed knocked out of the building… from the 4th floor window at full force… long story short he would be glad that the hidden base was in a Jungle because many trees broke his fall, but as he crashed into the ground… he passed out and it would be who knows how long before he would wake and while that happened a figure approached Ron with heavy footsteps…


Ron groans as he starts to wake from his sleep and as he opened his eyes, he saw that he was in some kind of hospital and as he sat up with a groan… well… he held his head when he had a unfocused look in his eyes because when he was knocked out… he had one hell of an intense dream…

"O-Oh man… my head." Ron said as he tries to numb the pain.

"W-Where am I?" He said.

Though as he looks around, he heard a door open and a gasp was heard and when he looked, he saw a surprised Kim and Rufus on Kim's head at the door.

"Ron, you're awake!" Kim said as she went to Stoppable's side.

"How are you feeling?" She said with a worried look.

Ron blinks at Kim a few times while he held his head.

"Well… I feel fine now… last I remember was pushing you out of the way of a steel beam, getting knocked out of a window and crashing into trees… after that it was a blank… how long was I out?" Ron asked when he wondered how bad the damage was.

Kim sighs a bit.

"You've been out for a week, Ron."

"A WEEK!?... that dream I had was only a few hours at best, though you're telling me I was out for a week!?" Ron said with a shocked look on his face.

Kim lightly flinches from the yelling.

"Yeah, that beam literally knocked you out hard. But the important this is that you're okay." She said as Rufus nods his head before going to Ron.

Ron held Rufus on the palm of his hand while he was silent for a second and looks at Kim.

"Where are we by the way?, a hospital in Middleton?" Ron asked when he wondered which hospital they were in.

"Well yes but you were taken to various hospitals during the travel and we had to make sure you were OK enough to move." Kim said.

"I see... mind getting me a drink?... I'm a bit thirsty." Ron said while he rubbed his throat… being out for a week gave him a serious case of a dry mouth.

"Yeah of course. I'll let Rufus keep you company till I'm back." Kim said before she left the room to get Ron some water.

"Thanks KP, I may nap again after this… hopefully not for an entire week hopefully… hopefully I can leave the hospital later or tomorrow… mom and dad's probably been worried for so long." Ron said while he rubs the back of his head… boy he may not get to go on missions for awhile after this.

Rufus was worried for Ron before a minute or two pass before Kim came back with some water.

Ron drank the water slowly and felt alive again when he felt his throat and what not clear up big time and water tasted so good to him right now.

When he finished drinking the water he sighs in relief when he passed Kim the cup.

"Phew, thanks KP… water never tasted so good right now." Ron said while he smiles at Kim.

Kim did slightly smile at him.

"Well try to take it easy Ron sinc you just woke up." She said.

Ron nods before he watched as Kim left the room and after that happens he looks at Rufus.

"Hey buddy, if I give you say… 5 bucks from my wallet… think you can sneak in something from Bueno nacho… pretty sure hospital food won't be tasty." Ron said before he shuddered at the thought of the horrible food that could be given to him.

Rufus was thoughtful before he nods his head at Ron since he didn't want his best friend to eat the hospital food too.

"Right… if you know where my wallet is then you know where the cash is buddy, I'll rest up here and wait for you to get back." Ron said while he smiles at Rufus.

Rufus gave Ron a firm salute before he went to Ron's pants which was on a chair across the room and managed to take out a 5 dollar bill from Stoppable's wallet before the naked mole rat snuck out of the room.

Ron chuckles before he got a serious look on his face as he laid back on the pillow… the serious look was a bit sudden given what happened but there was a reason for it… that dream that he had… or more like an eye opening nightmare...

Right after Ron was first knocked out… Ron's mind/ Ron

The scene showed Ron as he was walking in a daze around some kind of field while many things moved around him from beautiful looking cheerleaders and flying Nacho Grande's and many Rufus looking Naken mole rats ran across the plains… that made Ron smile but he stopped and had a confused look on his face.

"Wait… what am I doing here and… who am I?" Ron questioned which showed the hit he got plus the crash got him amnesia… but if that was the case then how did he wake up and know who was who when he woke?

The reason for that was actually walking up to him right now.

"That would be a sickening goody goody who doesn't know when to man up." Ron heard from a voice like his own though more… evil sounding of sorts.

"W-Who said that?" Ron said as he checked his surroundings.

Turns out he saw… himself after a moment?... aside from a pair of goggles on this Ron's head and some… blue skin?... could be an exact double of Ron.

"Hehe, Well I would lie and say things but considering that you'll be the listening type for now, might as well introduce myself… I am Zorpox, you could say I'm the you you keep locked away… for the most part…" This Ron or Zorpox said while he smirks at Ron.

Ron was a bit creeped out by Zorpox.

"If you're me then why are you so… blue?"

"Well… again would lie and say I'm a version of you with full body hypothermia but nope… I'm an evil version of you more or less, not held back by you or the weaknesses you give by being such a sickening goody goody." Zorpox said with a smug tone to his voice.

Ron was surprised at the info.

"E-Evil version of me?!... Should I be talking to you?" He said.

"Not like you have a choice in the matter if you want to stay in a coma for the rest of your life or just for a short time, thanks to you getting a pretty big injury I was let free… now I could take over while you are weakened right now but nah… I'll have no fun if I take you over as you are now… no real struggle… follow me, might as well help you remember yourself and we can have a real battle to see who gets to really control this body… then again you may just give me control since I doubt you want to stay in a coma forever… not only that… you may give me control since your life up till now was so… backseat if I can use that word." Zorpox said with an amused tone to his voice as he walked away from Ron with a grin on his face.

Ron was hesitant before he follows Zorpox.

"You're not lying… but I don't want to lose my body."

"Hoo… and how do you know I'm not lying?, sure we could be in your head but couldn't I just be a figment of your imagination?" Zorpox asked while he keeps leading Ron through the field.

"That's what I'm thinking but somehow… I feel a strange connection towards you… hard to explain." Ron said.

"I see… connection huh?... interesting… well let me tell you, normally you are the butt of many jokes… always playing second fiddle with Kim possible, she is known far and wide in the world as a hero yet you are always labeled the side kick… if you think I'm bluffing… walk down here… you'll see both the good and bad of your memories that were sealed a bit and depending on how things go… well you and I could make a deal of sorts… or I can take full control… either way… enjoy the trip down memory lane." Zorpox said while he gestured for Ron to walk down the stairs when in the field there was some kind of stairway which Zorpox gestured towards for Ron to approach.

Ron gulped a bit before he starts going down the stairs while being careful.

Zorpox in turn chuckles as he watched Ron walk down the stairs and with Ron…

He walked into darkness for a bit before he starts hearing things.

"...kick… no...possible." A voice said which was broken up from the distance.

"Huh?... What was that?" Ron said as he starts getting closer to the voice.

When he approached the words got clearer and clearer and he saw when he got down there was a hall of memories that floated by like TV screens that had images in them and various noises were coming from them, where he was standing it would be hard to make out the word when many were jumbled.

"What is this place?" Ron said as he looks at the images.

Some were pretty good with showing Ron in his younger years while he had fun during birthday parties, Bueno nacho, and even palling around with Kim on many missions.

"Oh wow… Talk about fun memories." Ron said with a smile on his face.

He even saw him getting Rufus and how the two palled around and when they met Kim, the trio of friends was born… Ron saw everything from Kindergarden all the way to high school… though when he looked up he saw that this was good memories when a sign showed it and when he looked up at the sign on the opposite wall… he saw a Bad memories side and well… it was 2 to 3 times bigger then the good side.

"W-What the… why is this side more than my good memories?" Ron said.

"Because this side is the reason why I may get an easy way to get control if you show weakness." Zorpox said from out of nowhere as he moved to stand next to Ron while he lost the grin he had on his face and frowns at the bad memories.

Ron didn't know what Zorpox mean before he started looking at the bad memories.

Turns out many of them were of him getting rejected by the ladies, him normally being second fiddle to Kim in missions, him getting messed with by Barkin, camp Wanaweep, many other things… but the largest one was Ron always being called Kim's side kick… the guy who blunders things… the guy who normally caused more harm then good when he tried to be good…

Ron was just shocked at the many memories that he was seeing.

Though instead of getting sad, he was actually feeling… angry.

Zorpox grins at that when he saw Ron and crossed his arms.

"So… remember everything now?" Zorpox asked when he looks amused.

"I do… I'm just a joke to these people." Ron said.

"Hehe, yup, a huge joke to many… myself included… when I was in control I had the potential to not only get Shego of all people under my thumb but could even get many in this world under my control… I doubt you want that and I don't want to be sealed so if you really want whats best for us… how about a fair deal and one that even you won't have to think of much to get an answer." Zorpox said with an amused tone to his voice.

Ron was quiet for a bit before looking at Zorpox.

"What kind of deal?"

"Simple… you and I merge… as sickening as that sounds coming from me it should be for the better for the two of us… arn't you tired of always being second best?... tired of being pushed around… getting called the side kick again and again… I mean lets be honest here, we both know we can do SO much more… and while I hate to admit it I'm a bit… crippled thanks to getting sealed here so I can't exactly force you into doing anything right now… but you know I'm right… if you don't change you'll always play second fiddle so tell me… do you want to be second best or actually taste what being number 1 is." Zorpox said while he held a hand out for Ron to shake.

Ron looked at Zorpox's hand a bit before looking at Zorpox.

"Hang on… How do I know this isn't a trick? Would I still be me if we merge?"

"Hehe, smart… hmmm… yes and no… its not a trick and it would be… debatable on if you would still be you if we merge… think of it like this… were puzzle pieces who are incomplete and if this happens our traits merge into one… I may not be all evil like I am now but you won't be all good either… if this was a black or white moment our merged self would be grey… not pure good and not pure evil… has morals but flexible… honestly even I don't know what will happen but if you want to always be the second best and be shot down by many… your call… as you are now I can't force you and you can even send me back to the deepest parts of your mind if you wanted… but do you really?" Zorpox said while he gave Ron a serious look.

Ron was silent again before giving Zorpox a serious look of his own.

"I don't want to be second best."

"Then all you need to do… is shake my hand… the rest will work itself out." Zorpox said while he smiles at Ron.

Ron was hesitant before he brought his hand out and… shook Zorpox's hand after taking it.

"Deal…" He said.

"Hehe… good… no take backs." Zorpox said before he and Ron glowed with different colored lights and the scene went back to the present.

Middleton/ Hospital/ Ron

Right now the Ron that was laying in the bed right now was a mix of Zorpox's evil and Ron's good and because of how good Ron was and how evil Zorpox was… well a balance was more or less made in Ron instead of one side being stronger then the other… currently this Ron was not pure good or evil, but pure neutral… though… Chaotic since he could be pretty unpredictable now… right now he was thinking a mile a minute on what to do now and well… lets just say he was going to make some changes soon so might as well enjoy being the old Ron for now so no one would suspect a thing.

Though he did hear the door open and he looked over while making sure he looked well… *Ron* again and saw Rufus entering and grins when he saw a Nacho Grande of all things being dragged into the room in a bag… how Rufus snuck it in was beyond even him but he knew that Rufus would have his back on a lot of things and this was one of them.

"Hehe, thanks buddy, knew you could do it." Ron said while he sat up and leaned down to pick up the bag as Rufus gave a salute and pants as Ron ate his meal… though he did give Rufus some food thanks to him bringing it here so Rufus deserved a reward.

"Here buddy, have some, might as well share it." Ron said with a smile on his face.

Rufus smiles at Ron before thanking him and then starts eating his share.

Ron smiles and ate his portion and when he was done he laid back on the bed as Rufus got rid of the evidence.

"Phew, now that hit the spot, not sure about you buddy but one thing is certain… nothing beats hunger like a Nacho Grande hehe." Ron said while he looks at the ceiling with a grin.

Rufus nods his head before letting out a small burp before chuckling.

Ron chuckles again before he got a serious look on his face.

"Hey buddy… I've been thinking while I was in my coma and well… I may need to change a bit… not just in my usual looks but in how I act… I'm tired of messing up in missions or playing second fiddle to Kim… this may seem way out of left field Rufus but think you can help?, I mean you gotta admit that when I'm not with Kim things are not so good sometimes." Ron said when he looks at Rufus.

Rufus was a bit surprised when he heard that but he knew that Ron had a point since whenever Ron, and by extension Rufus, are with Kim or not, things don't always go their way.

Rufus nods his head and Ron smiles more.

"Thanks buddy, in a few days might as well try and go for a more unique look and attitude on life… that coma really opened my eyes." Ron said while he grins as he looks at the ceiling.

3 days later…

Three days passed since then and Ron changed a number of things after he got out of the hospital.

First was his wardrobe… he kept the iconic look for everyday use and to throw people off on if he was acting odd or not, he got one outfit that looked similar to the one that Senior Senior Jr wore when he tried to be fashionable… he could care less now on if the outfit got messed up.

Other styles were more pants that were cargo pants and actual short sleeved shirts, and various boots instead of shoes.

He even told his mom he was going to let his hair grow out a bit so he could style it… that surprised his mom quite a bit.

Next was him actually using some of his allowance to buy various parts and stuff but he did that in secret… he wasn't Zorpox but he did have a clear head about how to make gadgets and what not like him… this would be a long term effort for him to change for the better.

Finally… and most importantly he looked up how to talk with people and various other ways to speak when he needed to impress the ladies… would also come in handy since he was tired of getting rejected by them.

Though as he was doing this he did small odd jobs here and there that while not seeming like much, he would save that cash away from the cash he used from his allowance to be able to buy certain… things that would be handy later… another secret for later… and given Ron's new mentality… he decided to recon a certain woman for a bit to see how she was doing and to see if he could act with her… Bonnie Rockwaller… it wasn't for stalker reasons nor for romantic ones at the moment… he just wanted to see if Bonnie was single and wanted to see how she would react to his new look.

Turns out he didn't have to look far when he went to the mall and found an irritated Bonnie tapping her foot and was looking at a watch and muttering about idiotic boyfriends and hasle to break up with if he never got there.

That reminded Ron that Bonnie was indeed dating someone and that someone was Senor Senior Jr. and it looked like that things were strained… made sense when Jr. lived pretty far away.

This caused Ron to smirk when he approached Bonnie and pretended to act like he just saw her now.

"Yo Bonnie, looking good today, waiting for someone?" Ron said when he pretended for now to not notice Bonnie's irritated state right now while he looks at her current outfit.

Bonnie was seen wearing a red shirt that only had a couple buttons open which revealed a bit of cleavage and she was wearing a nice looking skirt which also helps show off her slender legs.

Bonnie narrows her eyes when she recognized the voice.

"What do you want Stopp… able?" She said but was surprised when she saw Ron being different for some reason.

That difference was… well the outfit he was wearing for starters…

He wore come cargo jeans that could unzip at the knees that would turn into shorts if needed, he wore black combat boots and he wore a black T-shirt that showed off a little muscle on his arms and he wore a grey vest that had a few pockets on them while he had a wallet that had a chain leading to one of his belt loops… his hair thanks to not getting it cut in a while, while not ponytail forming length, was more slickbackable and thanks to that with a little hairjel, Ron actually looked pretty good in the outfit while he had a little stubble on his face like a small forming five-o-clock shadow and he had this new attitude that showed some kind of odd calmness when he approached Bonnie.

Bonnie couldn't believe how good Ron looked before shaking her head.

"What's with the new look Stoppable? Then again, it's a big improvement for you." She said.

Ron shrugged while he took a hand out of his pocket.

"Thanks, you look good as well, waiting for a date?... I figured I should change my look and other things… was in a coma for a week or so when I saved KP from getting hit with a steel beam and well… lets just say it was swinging like a golf club and I got knocked out of a window on the 4th floor… crashed into some trees which softened the landing and fractured some bones… but eh, no biggy aside from the coma… just figured I should change some things since I had plenty of time to reflect on what I can do from here on out." Ron said while he kept an oddly calm smile on his face.

Bonnie was a bit shocked at the news.

"Hold on, seriously?! And somehow you're still standing?" She said when she thought that Ron had a big brush with Death or something.

"Eh maybe I'm lucky or I'm just tougher than I look, maybe both, I mean a week long coma would be the best outcome after all that instead of dying but enough about me, you waiting for someone?" Ron said when he tried to get the situation to change a bit though keeps his calm tone of voice.

Bonnie grumbles a bit.

"If you must know, I was waiting for my date… who happens to be beyond late." She said before checking the time again.

Turns out it was now 15 minutes past their meeting time… again and as Bonnie frowns, Ron smirks a bit which Bonnie didn't notice.

"Well last I heard it was Junior who is your boyfriend right now, shame really, all that money yet seems like he will be late to a date, could have gotten a private jet so he could use it to come and go to you and I seen some pretty interesting things at his place like hovercrafts and stuff." Ron said while he had his hands behind his head and keeps a straight look on his face.

Bonnie was surprised after hearing that.

"He has all that?... Then why is he so late?!"

"Didn't you join KP and I for a mission to Jr.'s a few times?... hmmm… maybe he's… nah you have matured emotionally in the past so I doubt that would be an issue.." Ron said while he looks thoughtful…

Bonnie raised an eyebrow at Ron.

"What are you saying?"

"Well I mean first off Jr. is rich, guy's pretty much the richest man ever to rich around the rich… or at the least up there and could inherit everything from his dad when he dies of old age most likely… point is while you did get more… mature over the years and while I can't exactly say much… you did torment Kim a lot and pretty much act like a snob to most… I'm not saying you do that to Jr…. but if you did and act like you would try and command him then maybe he could be… well… seeing other ladies… guy has riches beyond belief and not only that is not too bad looking, not saying it in a romantic way on my end, just saying he could look like one of those models you see in those magazines and well… not sure if he matured but… has he?... I mean I know the mean you well enough but do we know Jr. really?" Ron said while shrugging his shoulders.

Bonnie blinked a bit after hearing that but somehow Ron made sense since Jr. had that personality of his.

"Since when did you start making sense?" She said.

"Eh like I said, week long Coma gave me a lot to think about, anyway I'm not saying Jr. is cheating but if he is late, maybe for good reason, could have trouble getting to you because of his dad, could have technical issues if he does have a jet and it broke down… point is unless this is a repeat thing I doubt he could be cheating." Ron said while he starts walking away from Bonnie though he did look to see how she would react to that after Ron moved out of sight.

Bonnie blinked a bit before thinking things.

Jr. cheating on her is a possibility… but if there was a family emergency, she would understand… though why doesn't Jr. call her for that?

Then again Jr. is getting more and more frequent in missing the starts of dates and well… this really got Bonnie confused… so much so that she went to go to a nearby restroom while Ron smirks when he saw that…

He then followed her inside after she entered a stall to sit and think… though to Bonnie's surprise she saw a freaking Gloryhole leading to the stall next to her.

'Are you kidding me?!... Who would do that in a lady's room?' Bonnie thought.

Though to her shock, a moment later she heard heavy footstep approach and saw some familiar looking boots walk by her… wait… didn't Ron wear those and was he really walking into a woman's restroom?... wait… there was a gloryhole here so…

'What the fuck?!... Did Stoppable follow me here?!... Is he gonna use that hole?!" Bonnie thought again.

As Ron entered the stall, he smirks when he saw the hole and speaks up.

"Hey, not sure who is in there but if you make things worth my time, I may pay quite a bit… got 100 bucks on me right now so I hope whoever is in there can make this worth my while." Ron said while he pretended to not notice Bonnie in the stall while he used a hand to hold a 100 dollar bill at the hole for Bonnie to take if she wanted to do this or not… her call it seems.

Bonnie couldn't believe what she was hearing.

'Okay… maybe he didn't see me but is he for real? And where did he get that kind of money?' She thought even though that hundred was looking a bit tempted.

Though when Ron didn't see the bill taken, he smirks when he gets ready to pull it away.

"Shame… and here I thought if you did a good job, I may throw in an extra 100…" Ron said while he moved a second 100 dollar bill in front of the hole to show proof and pockets it again.

Bonnie was again surprised when she saw the second hundred dollar bill and somehow… she wanted to get the money before she actually took the first hundred dollars.

Ron smirks when he saw that.

"Nice… give me a second and no worries… I washed under the head so no worries about it being filthy." Ron teased when he unzipped his pants and fished out his cock, after a moment of stroking it, Bonnie saw to her shock a damn 10 to 11 inch cock appear from the hole and it was 2 to 3 inches in width… would explain the baggy pants.

Bonnie's eyes widened in shock when she saw Ron's cock.

'What the actual fuck?! Stoppable had something this big?! There's no way Kim didn't know about this. Those two spend so much time together.' She thought.

Though Ron sounded impatient a moment later when he spoke, he was actually grinning.

"Hey, I paid 100 up front for a good time, either pass the 100 back or show me a good time, otherwise I may just come and see who is in there and get my cash back one way or the other." Ron said while he grins a bit.

Bonnie was able to shake her head as she almost forgot that she took the money before looking at Ron's cock.

'Can't believe I'm doing something this dirty in the bathroom.' She thought before she sticks her tongue out and starts to lick Ron's cock.

Ron shuddered from that and smirks more when he had Bonnie licking his cock and waits to see what she would do next after a couple minutes of licking.

After a bit of licking, Bonnie opens her mouth before she starts swallowing Ron's cock as best as she can.

"Oh yeah… thats the ticket… really work that cock good." Ron said while Bonnie had trouble taking Ron's cock into her mouth when her jaw was getting sore already from the raw size that Ron had.

'Are you kidding me?' Bonnie thought as she needed a moment to adjust having Ron's cock in her mouth.

After about a minute or so, Bonnie starts to slowly move her mouth back and forth on Ron's cock.

Ron groans a bit more from that while he made sure to keep still while he felt Bonnie work his cock good and his cock slowly throbbed as time went on which was a bit quick but first shots from guys were normally a bit fast and to give Ron credit, he was lasting a couple minutes and Bonnie had to stroke Ron's cock with her hands and her fingers couldn't even grip him fully.

'Can't believe I'm doing something like this to Ron of all people. But I'll admit that his cock… does taste good.' Bonnie thought as she sucked Ron's cock harder before using her tongue to lick the tip a few times.

Ron shudders more from that when he felt that and lets Bonnie work his cock more while his cock throbbed more and more.

"A-About to… b-blow!" Ron warned which gave Bonnie enough time to pull away if she needed.

However, she didn't want to get blasted so Bonnie bobs her head faster and harder so she can make Ron climax.

Ron gave a deep groan a minute later and sperm erupts from his cock and filled Bonnie's mouth greatly, so much so that it made her cheeks puff and sperm dripped down her chin a bit.

Bonnie was surprised at how much cum Ron let out before she tries to swallow it as best as she can while waiting for Ron to finish.

Though it took Ron 15 or so seconds for him to do it and when he did he sighs in relief when he felt that and waits for Bonnie to pulled her mouth off his cock.

Bonnie took a moment to swallow whatever cum was left in her mouth before she takes her mouth off of Ron's cock and lightly gasps for breath.

Ron chuckles when he heard panting in the stall.

"Hehe, not bad, seems you have practice… well I don't mind giving an extra 100 since I last longer then 1 shot… make it worth my while and this 100 is yours, can even use some of it to get birth control… otherwise I'll be going, no skin of my nose now since I got a fun time." Ron said while he wiggles the other 100 near the hole while his cock stayed iron hard in Bonnie's view.

Bonnie couldn't believe what she was seeing but… she wasn't gonna turn down the money.

That's when she lifts her skirt up and pulls down her panties till her folds were exposed.

Bonnie took a breath as she brings her backside close to the wall and angles herself before pushing her folds onto Ron's dick.

Ron lightly groans through gritted teeth when he felt Bonnie's pussy take his cock into her folds and his cock stretched her out wide, it was like she didn't get much action… either that or Ron was huge for a human.

Bonnie groans as she feels her pussy being stretched out as she continues to go further before feeling Ron's cock touching her cervix.

Though there was still a bit out of Bonnie but Ron didn't care, right now he just lost his virginity to Bonnie of all people and man it felt good though he waits for Bonnie to adjust before he would do anything.

After a minute or so of adjusting, Bonnie took a deep breath before she starts thrusting her hips back and forth on Ron's dick.

Ron lightly groans from the feeling and lightly thrusts his hips so his cock would bash into Bonnie's cervix again and again.

Bonnie groans as she continues to thrust her hips while meeting Ron's thrusts.

'Fuck… can't believe I'm fucking with Ron Stoppable of all people… but his cock is so… big and it feels… good.' She thought before letting out a moan.

Ron mentally smirks while he thrusts his hips harder and his cock bashed against Bonnie's cervix again and again as time goes on and threatened to break into her womb.

Bonnie groans and moans a few times before she pushes herself a bit further on Ron's cock while thrusting more.

It took a couple minutes and instead of warning Bonnie, Ron growled a bit while he thrusts his cock hard enough one last time and busts into Bonnie's womb and came hard inside of her while his nuts worked in overtime to fill Bonnie's womb up.

Bonnie moans a bit loud but tries to cover her mouth a bit before she climaxed on Ron's cock while feeling her womb being filled to the brim.

It took Ron 10 to 15 seconds before he tapped off and after recovering, he pulled his cock out of Bonnie's abused and gaping snatch before he used some toilet paper to clean his cock.

"Hehe, nice… here is the extra 100, who knows, we meet again you may get more but for now, might as well use this to get some birth control." Ron said while he sets the 100 buck bill on the hole and gets ready to leave the stall.

Bonnie panted a bit before she grabs the 100 bill from the hole.

'I will admit… that felt good. Though I think… it can be better at a different spot.' She thought as she recovers.

Though while she did that, she heard the stall next to her open and saw Ron's boots as he walked by her and out of the bathroom leaving her alone while sperm dripped from Bonnie's pussy… seems like she will need to head to the pharmacy to get some birth control if this was going to be a recurring thing.

'Definitely need to stock up on birth control the second I'm out of here. Wonder if Jr. finally tried to reach me.' Bonnie thought before she checked her phone.

Turns out, she did miss one call so it went to voicemail.

Bonnie blinked a bit before she checked to see what the voicemail said before clicking on it.

"Hey Bonnie, sorry about this but I won't be able to make it again for our date… seems my father wants to try and take over something again and I can't get away from him, I'll try and make it up to you later but I won't be able to call you again today, barely had time to call again, anyway gotta go, my father is coming." The Voicemail said before it ended… though instead of getting worried, Bonnie was getting pissed… Jr. was missing more and more dates because of his father and the whole villain crap that he did when he was already one of the richest men in the world!?... thrill or not this was getting annoying… maybe Bonnie could do something… hmmm… Ron did give a good fuck so maybe she could use him to get Jr. Jealous… and mess with Kim as well…

That made Bonnie grin.

"Oh I'll make sure you're sorry Jr. for picking world domination over me." She said while thinking of a way to get another round with Ron.

Though she had to leave the restroom first and after cleaning and getting some birth control… she happened to find Ron eating at a burger stand while his naked mole rat was eating some of the meat that Ron passed him.

'Perfect.' Bonnie thought before approaching Ron while pretending that she didn't know what she and Ron did.

"Enjoying a nice burger Stoppable?" She said.

Ron looks over while Rufus focuses on his meal and Ron takes a bite from his burger and swallows the bite.

"Yeah, worked up an appetite earlier… though I doubt you would be interested in hearing about that… so Jr. meet up with you after I left you alone or did his dad do something?, doubt Jr. would cheat since that would make things look bad with his dad… then again considering his dad is a villain would that actually be a good thing?" Ron said while looking thoughtful about that thought and pretends to not know what he and Bonnie did just a bit ago.

Bonnie frowns.

"Not cheating on me but he decides to cancel the date again because his dad is doing some evil plot and of course Jr. had to stay to help. Says he'll make it up to me. Like I haven't heard that before." She said before actually taking a seat by Ron.

Ron noticed that and just looks calm about this instead of nervous looking like he normally would or his overconfident self.

"Well to give Jr. Credit he is trying despite his dad being a rich supervillain, pretty sure his dad would cut him off if he disobeyed him too many times, though you should know well if you ever visited Jr.'s home and met his dad so you should know his father's personality pretty well with how long you two dated." Ron said while he pulled out a phone to text Kim about what he heard so Wade could keep an ear out on things before he pockets the phone while not caring if Bonnie could look over his shoulder.

"No kidding. That man needs to at least give his son a break so he can enjoy a bit of life. God… do I have the worst luck with guys or something?" Bonnie said.

Ron raised an eyebrow at that.

"Do you want the truth or a lie because we both know that your choices in guys can be a bit… ehhh… I mean you are dating a supervillains's son… I mean not saying anything bad since my track record in the past with the ladies was hit or miss with a huge aim to the miss, but at least I tried to go for those with good personalities sometimes to switch things up… I mean let me ask you, you really think every guy will be putty in your hands and will do everything you say?, from what I know Brick broke up with you before Collage because of your personality, or am I off the mark?" Ron asked while he looked oddly calm when he spoke to Bonnie like that.

Bonnie frowns a bit after hearing that but sadly… she knew that it was true.

Ron then looks at Rufus again.

"Hey buddy, here are another 5 bucks, get a Nacho Grande for yourself, maybe a bit with this talk and you may get bored here." Ron said when he held out a five dollar bill.

Bonnie blinked a bit when she heard that as Rufus nods his head before taking the 5 bucks and starts heading to Beuno Nacho.

After Rufus left Ron's sight he looks at Bonnie with a raised eyebrow and had a somewhat unnervingly calm look in his eyes.

"Alright, I won't beat around the bush, need something for real?, we both know you took the 200 legit so mind explaining why you followed me?" Ron said with a surprising getting to the point kind of way.

Bonnie was surprised after hearing that before narrowing her eyes.

"First how about we start with why did you follow me to the bathroom?"

"Alright... first was curious on where you would go after that possible issue with Jr., I mean I left first so for a moment was wondering why you were coming my direction, but when you went to that bathroom with all the rumors, couldn't resist going inside, happened to have some cash on me so figured I take a risk and got what I wanted somewhat from you, but my own question back to you is why did you follow me here?... I know you Bonnie even if we don't hang out… you have some kind of reason for it and it normally involves KP getting hurt… so lets just get to why you came here because I doubt it was just for a talk… and before you ask, again, that Coma really helped me think so sure… new Ron maybe strange Ron, but new Ron is no longer a Nieve Ron." Ron said while he looked Bonnie in the eyes unflinching at the narrow look he got.

Bonnie rolls her eyes.

"Fine then. In truth… I wanted to make Jr. jealous for canceling our date and figure I do it with the one guy that I happen to be talking to. Plus I wouldn't say hurt but I do want to mess with Kim. Bottom line… I want to go another round with you." She said with a smirk.

Ron chuckles a bit at that.

"Funny… mind giving me one good reason to do so?, I mean aside from a good time… before you make a smart remark Bonnie… I'm not just a new Ron…" Ron said before he picked up a piece of rock and after clinching his fist, he punched it into dust.

"I'm also stronger as well… and thanks to that coma opening my eyes… ever have a thought that I could make you regret it badly if you try and harm Kim?... we may not be dating anymore for various reasons… more like on break more or less but its still a breakup so to speak... but she is still my friend… and before you say that it would be impossible for me… well… first off thanks to that Coma, my evil side from one of those missions that messed with my head and my good side that I normally have mixed so now I'm not so goody goody anymore… got a balance of sorts so while I may not harm you and your family… whats stopping me from totalling your home and what not?... and lets face it… while I am wanting to change my image later down the line to be other then KP's sidekick… what do you think people will say when they hear that Ron Stoppable, the loveable goofball sidekick that hangs with Kim destroyed Bonnie Rockwaller's home?, best case people would believe you but it would be just collateral damage if KP and I happened to fight a villain near there recently, or best case… no one would believe you… either that or I could make it look like an accident… so before you think you can use me, try and think again and why don't we make a deal more or less… something that would benefit us both instead of trying to one up one another… pretty sure I got you outclassed in strength if you can't break a rock and out repped since I'm known as a goody goody yet you are known as a snobby woman." Ron said while he had a calm look but a partly evil grin on his face which was odd given his normally… well normal self.

Bonnie was creeped out by that grin but was shocked after hearing everything.

Though she gulped before speaking.

"O-Okay… you made your point. But I was serious about not harming Kim. I admit to being a bitch but I'm not heartless. As for making sure you don't destroy my home, I can help give you more experience."

"Nice, I will say this though, don't care what you do with Jr. either send him a video or not, break up with the guy or not, don't really care, just make sure you don't do anything to cause issues with Kim and I won't give you issues… may use that experience on other women though if I get better… you did get my virginity after all." Ron said while he smirks at Bonnie.

Bonnie was surprised after hearing that.

"So you were still a virgin until now?" She said.

"Yup, pretty much, didn't get far with Kim and until that Coma, was hit or miss with the ladies… anyway you may want to head to your place to make sure its empty if I come by… oh and if you do use a hidden camera… again try and make sure this either stays between us or try and make sure Kim doesn't find out at least… that means making sure Jr. doesn't give me a reason to total your place or something." Ron said while he pulled out his phone.

"What's your number again?, you can text me on if your place is empty so we won't mess with anyone there." Ron said while he looks at Bonnie.

Bonnie gulped as she didn't want to be on Ron's bad side and made a mental note to not let this secret out and to make sure that Kim isn't involved.

She takes a pen out, grabs the napkin and writes it down before handing it to Ron.

"My parents are actually on a trip for a whole month so I have the place to myself."

"I see, I'll wait here for Rufus then so you might as well let you head on home and get cleaned up before I get there after you let me know you're done getting clean." Ron said while he put Bonnie's number in his phone and tossed the napkin since that wasn't needed anymore and used a quick text to send Bonnie a message and his number as well.

Bonnie got the message before looking at Ron.

"Alright. I'll see you later then." She said before getting up and walk past him a bit before stopping as she looks at him.

"You have my word that I won't let no one, not even Kim, know about this." She said making sure Ron heard it before leaving.

"She better keep her word to that otherwise she maybe missing a room next time she leaves it." Ron thought and he waits for Rufus to get back.

Meanwhile after Bonnie got home and in the shower… she was washing her body down while she thought about what happened earlier with Ron not just with the sex but the talk as well… it was like Ron changed greatly… not sure if it was for the better but considering Bonnie was pretty much cheating on Jr. with Ron, she may not be sure on what she will do later.

Bonnie, now fully seen had unrestricted B to C cup breasts, wide hips, and had a toned body thanks to her training as a cheerleader and her keeping up with a small training regime after she graduated from high school.

'Fuck… don't know what's going on. First I hear that Ron went to a coma and now he's brand new when he mentioned about the merge with his evil self. Almost forgot how much trouble that guy was. Though seriously, at least this new Ron is… okay when he's not threatening me or my home. Still can't believe the cock he was packing. Bigger than any of my old boyfriends. Plus who knew Ron was that strong.' Bonnie thought as she actually blushes at the image.

'However… I'm technically cheating on Jr. with Ron. I mean I should feel guilty but… I want to teach Jr. a lesson.' She thought before she starts to clean her pussy as she fingers the cum out but as she does this, she couldn't stop thinking about what she and Ron did in the bathroom.

Honestly it was shocking how full she was at the time and from what she could feel or not feel… Ron didn't even get serious with her thanks to how the stall was in the way and she was mainly doing the work.

'Damn… even though there wasn't much movement thanks to the stall, Ron still climaxed big inside of me. Thank goodness I took the pill earlier or else I'll be carrying a Stoppable baby and Lord knows I'm not ready for that.' Bonnie thought as she slowly fingers her pussy.

Though… that interestingly enough got her worked up when she fingered her pussy more and as that went on her mind started to drift on this new Ron fucking her in surprisingly dominating ways with that new strength of his…

"O-Oh fuck." Bonnie groans as she kept imagining Ron dominating her before Bonnie uses one hand to play with her breast.

Her imagination starts to get a bit wild when she imagined Ron fucking her on all fours while he had his hands on her hips and used that extra leverage to turn her pussy into much when he rammed into her cervix again and again… he even smacked her ass hard enough to make it read a moment later while Bonnie's orgasm was quickly approaching when she got rougher with her own actions as her fingers went into her pussy again and again.

"O-Oh fuck yes… H-Harder!" Bonnie groans as if Ron was actually here.

Imagined Ron did as told when his actions got rougher while he leaned down and used one hand to fondle Bonnie's right breasts and fucked Bonnie harder and faster while in reality her fingers really worked her own pussy as her juices and sperm dripped more and more until…

Bonnie moans loud as she throws her head back before climaxing on her hand.

Her juices spray from her pussy and her pussy gripped her fingers rather tightly and thanks to how strong her orgasm was… and about Ron of all people… she collapsed to her knees in the shower while her body shook from how intense the orgasm was and it was just her fingering herself.

"O-Oh fuck… T-That felt… g-good." Bonnie said as she panted but deep down… she needed more fun.

Though she did remember and realize one thing… she was fantasizing about Stoppable of all people… either Jr. didn't do enough for her or she was desperate for a good lay… either way if this was Pre-Coma Ron Bonnie doubted she would even consider him… but now with his new way of thinking to not get pushed around and with his way of somehow getting cash… well… maybe making a deal for repeat visits from Ron wouldn't hurt to much…

"Fuck… call me crazy but… wouldn't mind having repeats with Ron." Bonnie said.

After she got cleaned… after another orgasm… she texted Ron to meet her at her address and after 20 minutes of waiting in nothing but a robe, she heard a text that said Ron was at the front door and knocking was heard which caused Bonnie to walk to the front door and saw Ron there.

"I texted you 20 minutes ago, what kept you?" Bonnie asked while Ron shrugged.

"Had to take care of Hana for a bit before my parents could take her from me, watching a little sibling isn't easy especially when my little sister can do things that normal little sisters can't… long story… but lets just say that she has a lot of monkey power in her and uses it to literally run all over the walls sometimes… or crawl all over them..." Ron said when he saw the confused look on Bonnie's face and Ron showed her his phone with a pick of Hana pretty much crawling on the ceiling while Ron chased after her on the ground… looks like Rufus took the picture.

"What the?... Okay, don't know how that's possible but anyway, come in." Bonnie said as she made room for Ron to enter.

Ron pockets the phones and he entered and looked around the place.

"Nice place you got… also I left Rufus with Hana at home so that he could keep an eye on Hana and if an emergency happens he can give me a call from the house phone, so its just the two of us right now." Ron said to let Bonnie know that only he was here, no Rufus at all.

Bonnie blinked a bit after hearing that.

"I see… Well not complaining here." She said as she closes the front door before locking it.

"Now then, shall we head up to my room?" Bonnie said with a smirk.

"Sure, lead the way." Ron said while he gestured for Bonnie to go ahead of him.

Bonnie nods and starts leading Ron upstairs.

Though she surprisingly teased Ron when her ass swayed a bit.

Ron blinks at that but wasn't complaining as he followed Bonnie, when he got to her room, she closed and locked the door while Ron looks around.

"Huh… your room is a lot more fashion themed then anything else… not much in cute stuff or even stuffed toys like I heard about in some women's rooms… not bad." Ron said when he looked around Bonnie's room.

"Hehe, thanks. I make sure to keep up with the latest fashion tips." Bonnie said before she unties her robe and takes it off.

Ron looked over and smirks a bit.

"Not bad… definitely not bad, wonder why Jr. would pick a life of crime or at least following his dad when he has a beauty like you at his side... then again rich people have different ways of thinking so might as well go with the flow… oh and just to remind you, don't mind if you have a hidden camera here to film this but make sure Jr. keeps his trap shut or at least warn him that if I don't break things here… well… considering Jr. is technically working as his dad's henchman… doubt I need to hold back much on breaking his limbs." Ron said when he lets that small threat to Jr. hang in the air before he starts to get undressed when he placed his vest, shirt, pants, and shoes near or on a nearby chair and Bonnie saw Ron's body and while not ripped… was oddly more toned then usual… either Ron was hitting the Gym hard recently to get some kind of muscle definition or his times tagging along with Kim helped him get this way and no one really noticed and all he had left was his underwear on which his a very large bulge which again… would explain the baggy pants… not many could hide that kind of bulge without some notice.

"Whoa… you're definitely tone well Stoppable." Bonnie said as she was actually liking the sight.

"Thanks, been training a bit after I woke from my coma… but I doubt you want to hear about that so…" Ron said before he removed his underwear and his cock was fully seen.

"Let's get this fun started… but first since I do have some manners…" Ron said before he moved toward's Bonnie and a moment later gripped her chin and before she could react, he kissed her on the lips while his remaining hand went to her waist to pull her in so he could really give her an intense kiss out of the blue.

Bonnie was greatly surprised at this bold action as she couldn't believe she was being kissed by Ron of all people.

His hand on her waist went to her ass a moment later and his grip was surprisingly strong as well, when he fondled her ass his fingers sunk into her ass cheeks a bit to tease her somewhat.

Bonnie let out a slight groan for a bit before she actually starts to melt into the kiss and starts to return it as Bonnie wrapped her arms around Ron's neck.

Ron went with it and had his tongue go into Bonnie's mouth and his tongue danced around Bonnie's when he went more intense with the kiss.

Bonnie moans into the kiss as she had her tongue play with Ron's tongue before her hand actually gripped a bit of Stoppable's head hair on the back of his head.

This went on for a moment before Ron pulled away from the kiss and grins at Bonnie.

"Get on the bed and lets get you warmed up so I can show you what happens when I don't have a stall in the way." Ron teased while he lightly smacked Bonnie's ass to tease her into walking towards the bed.

Bonnie was a bit surprised at the slap but surprisingly… didn't mind before she actually gets on the bed.

Ron smirks when Bonnie didn't complain at all and waits to see what position she would get into.

Bonnie lays on her back before spreading her legs before showing Ron her holes.

Ron licks his lips before he approached and when he got on the bed, he placed his hands on Bonnie's ass and angled her so that he could lean down and lick not only her pussy, but her ass as well, good thing they were cleaned but it was still a surprise given that Ron was just a virgin recently.

Bonnie was surprised by these actions before letting out a groan or two as she felt her holes being licked.

Ron in turn keeps on eating Bonnie out before he had his tongue focus on her pussy while he teased her asshole when he rubbed the tip of his finger there and slowly pushed it inside of her ass.

Bonnie groans again from that action.

'F-Fuck… Ron must've had some good practice or something.'

Though Ron was no mind reader he did look amused when Bonnie was reacting well to his actions and adds a second finger to Bonnie's ass and starts to thrust it in and out of her ass while his tongue went deep into her folds again and again when he really ate her out just now.

"O-Oh fuck." Bonnie said before her hand touched Ron's head and actually petted him.

This resulted in Ron eating her out harder and fingered her ass harder and faster while her orgasm was getting closer and closer until…

Bonnie moans a bit loud as she climaxed on Ron's tongue as her pussy juice sprayed out.

Ron lapped up the juices and keeps on fingering the tightening asshole to help Bonnie ride out her orgasm.

Bonnie groans as her orgasm got a bit stronger before she taps off after 15 seconds before panting a bit.

Ron pulled his head back and wiped his face with his hands.

"Damn Bonnie, either you really needed that or you are just a squirter… either way I doubt I need much more in terms of foreplay with how soaked you are right now… was my tongue and fingers that good?" Ron teased as he pulled his fingers from Bonnie's ass.

Bonnie groans a bit at first before looking at Ron.

"Y-Yeah… How'd you get that good?"

"Eh I would say natural talent but nah, one thing about most guys my age you should know about way before now… if we have a computer… there is porn… pretty good learning tool but never put it in practice until now… hopefully you can help that later by being a practice partner but for now I believe you want this to go into a hole don't you?" Ron said while he teased Bonnine when he used the juices on his hand when he wiped his face to lube his cock and stroked it a few times in front of Bonnie while his cock was iron hard.

Bonnie licked her lips a bit before looking at Ron.

"Oh yeah." She said before opening her folds.

"And this time there are no walls." She said with a smirk.

"Hehe, oh yeah." Ron said while he rubbed the head of his cock on Bonnie's folds.

"Oh and I'm hoping we could try some anal after this… I won't force it since I can be a bit on the big side from what I could find out, but you could get three of my virginities instead of two, got sucked off and got this dick in this tight pussy earlier so why not try all three?" Ron said as he kept teasing Bonnie's holes.

Bonnie groans a bit from the teasing.

"O-Okay. The pussy can be last."

Ron grins at that when he moved to have the head of his cock at Bonnie's asshole.

"Alright… better relax because this won't be an easy fit." Ron warned so Bonnie could relax.

Bonnie nods her head before she took a few deep breaths for a moment before she was fully relaxed.

That allowed Ron to slowly push his hips forward after he placed his hands next to Bonnie's head and his dick slowly forced itself into Bonnie's asshole at a slow and steady rate so Bonnie could adjust.

Bonnie was groaning as she feels the inside of her ass stretching a bit before she felt it try to match the shape of Ron's dick.

Though Ron didn't give her much leeway in adjusting when he fucked her ass hard from the start and his cock bashed into her ass again and again as time went on, Ron even leaned down and took one of Bonnie's nipples into his mouth and sucked on it hard to really help Bonnie feel good.

And it did the trick as Bonnie starts moaning and groaning from having her ass fuck as Bonnie's toes curled a bit.

"O-Oh fuck!"

Ron mentally smirks while he angles his hips so he could try and find a weak point inside of Bonnie's ass… he heard that some women were weak here and heard that certain spots that when hit could act like G-Spots… he wasn't 100% sure about that but with how Bonnie was acting, he wasn't complaining while he wondered what Bonnie thought as he fucked her harder like an animal in heat… funny given that he uses Mystical monkey power and can act like one sometimes.

'Oh fuck do I need this! Ron maybe a former virgin but he's hitting all the right spots. Need to feel more!' Bonnie thought before she wrapped her legs around Ron to make him thrust deeper.

And thrust deeper he did while he keeps fucking Bonnie, however he used one hand to actually smack the side of her ass a few times to see how she would react to that.

That made Bonnie moan more as her ass tightens around Ron's cock.


Ron then repeats that while he fucked Bonnie harder and faster while he could feel his orgasm getting close, but he worked to fuck Bonnie harder and faster to get her to climax while he held his orgasm back as long as he could until…

Bonnie groans loudly as she tightens her hold on Ron before climaxing a bit hard.

Ron gave one good thrust to get his cock as deep as he could go and when he felt a bulge form in Bonnie's stomach and got balls deep in her, he growled and climaxed hard while he sucked harder on Bonnie's nipple while his nuts worked hard to unload as much as they could into Bonnie's ass.

Bonnie groans more as her climax got stronger while waiting for Ron to tap off.

When his orgasm stopped, he leaned back and chuckles when he saw how bloated Bonnie's stomach looked right now.

"Hehe, wow, you look like you are carrying a kid right now." Ron teased while he wiggles his cock in Bonnie's ass to mess with her.

Bonnie groans a bit before blushing brightly at the thought.

"Well keep dreaming Stoppable. But I will admit you're very fertile. Never masterbated before?"

"Oh no I have, its just I stick to the toilet or shower because as you can see… I'm very virile… better get ready to wash these sheets later or tell me where to carry you for more fun in the shower because I'm pretty sure my cock is the only thing keeping you from messing up your bed for good." Ron said while his cock did act like a stopper, some sperm dripped from Bonnie's ass when it was just barely able to do so.

Bonnie chuckled.

"I'll worry about the sheets later. Right now we have more fun to do." She said.

"Very well… may hire a cleaning crew for this since your parents will be gone for a month...just remember you were the one to give me the green light for this so don't blame me for the mess now." Ron said as he removed his cock and his sperm floods out of Bonnie's ass and her stomach slowly returned to normal over time for the next 5 or so seconds.

Bonnie shudders as she felt Ron's load leaking out of her ass before looking at Ron.

Ron smirks when he watched his load flow out of Bonnie's ass, when she was finished and returned to normal, Ron moved Bonnie onto all fours and aimed his cock at her folds and in no time, pushed himself as deep as he could go into her and really pushed up against her cervix while Ron was still iron hard after all that.

"O-Oh fuck!... Y-Your cock is so huge." Bonnie groans as her pussy hugs Ron's cock.

Ron chuckles while he shuddered from the feeling.

"Yeah well you still have a tight pussy even after what I did earlier… lets try and fix that so you'll have a hard time going back to Jr. later." Ron said with a dominating tone to his voice when he starts to thrust his hips again and his cock rammed into Bonnie's cervix again and again in no time.

Bonnie was moaning and groaning from how intense Ron was.

She wasn't even thinking about Jr. at that time as her face starts to look fucked up.

"O-Oh fuck yes Ron! G-Go deeper!" She moans.

Ron grins at that while he used one hand to grip her ass cheek tightly and thrusts harder then ever and like in Bonnie's fantasy, Ron smacks her ass much harder then ever again and again while he worked to dominate Bonnie.

Interesting enough, the hidden camera that Bonnie had was not one, but two of them and one of the angles pretty much got a picture perfect angle to show Bonnie's face while she really looked fucked up as time goes on.

"Oh fuck Ron! K-Keep fucking me like you're… t-trying to own me!" Bonnie moans with ecstasy.

"Hehe… that's right, say it to the camera if you have one in front of you, really let Jr. Know that unless he gets his act together I own these holes!, doesn't matter when or where, if I want a good time and I ask for it what will you do!?" Ron growled out in a dominating way as he fucked Bonnie harder and faster then a normal man could go.

Bonnie slightly turns her head like she was looking at something.

"I-I… give it to you. N-No matter what!" She moans.

"Hehe… good… lets give Jr. a real eyefull… where is the camera and if there are multiple ones then tell me where." Ron ordered as he continues to fuck Bonnie into submission.

As Bonnie moans loudly, she was able to show Ron by pointing one camera by her computer and another on her headboard.

"I see… might as well do the easiest way then and…." Ron said before he used some quick movement to grip Bonnie beind the hips, lift her and Ron stands at the same time and as his cock stayed in Bonnie's pussy, he lifts and lowered her as he approached the headboard where a small cute looking bear was and it had a camera eye hidden behind some see through plastic and it pretty much saw where Bonnie and Ron were connected… he then lifts and lowered Bonnie more on his cock as he fucked her.

"Hehe… better get a good look Jr. doubt you could get this close to Bonnie thanks to your dad and missing so many dates… in fact I owe you one so I'll give you this warning if you get this… you can come after me if you want but let Kim know about this and well… since you are technically a villain with a record… I doubt anyone would believe you if you claim I came to your place and broke you limbs…. Now enjoy as I claim my first bitch!" Ron growled as he fucked Bonnie hard when he thrusts his hips up as he slammed her onto his dick again and again.

That made Bonnie moan more and more before looking at the camera.

"Y-You better watch this… J-Jr…. I-I may as well… d-dump you and be… R-Ron's woman now!" She moans.

"Hehe, hear that Jr… seems you really messed up… I won't lie, may use Bonnie to help with my skills to charm the ladies and get others but considering how well things went with her going from guarded to pretty open about this… pretty sure she wouldn't mind me being able to go around with a few other ladies if it means being able to last longer so I can fuck Bonnie into a sex coma in the future!" Ron said before he growls as he fucked Bonnie harder as her orgasm gets closer and closer as time goes on.

Bonnie's face was really fucked up at the pleasure for a moment before looking at Ron.

"D-Do it Ron. Fill my womb with your… s-spunk!"

Ron really growled as he gave a few more thrusts and in no time, he actually roars when he slammed Bonnie down onto his cock and his load erupts into her womb and made it bloat in no time… good thing she took birth control but at this moment many if they could see this doubted Bonnie cared right now.

"Y-YES!... L-Look Jr… Ron is giving me his children." Bonnie moans before climaxing on Ron's cock.

It took the duo 15 or so seconds to ride out their orgasms before they tapped off and after that happened, Ron got off the bed after pulling Bonnie off his cock and moved to get the sheets off the bed.

"Well considering the fun that was, might as well finish by saything this to Jr…. again… come after me if you want but as you can see I'm a very different Stoppable now… so good luck with getting payback if you are pissed." Ron said with a grin to the camera before he found the off button to save the power on it after a moment.

He then looks at a fucked up Bonnie who was still recovering and smirks at her.

"Hehe… pretty sure you will say otherwise later so might as well keep this camera with me for a day so you can get over the pleasure high and see the proof… but did you just say give you my children?" Ron said when he used the camera next to the computer that was still recording to film Bonnie's face as Ron smirks when this would be good later in case Bonnie was just on some kind of high.

Bonnie lightly chuckled.

"Y-Yeah… I-I was too high on pleasure."

"Hehe, yeah well considering that I pretty much made it so that not many could please you unless Jr. himself is packing, why don't we make a deal… you let me see other ladies and as long as I keep pleasing you from here on out, you won't complain about things when we are alone or with other ladies, like I said might as well get experience and I'm pretty sure you want much more then this hehe." Ron said when he grins at Bonnie behind the camera.

Bonnie almost forgot what Ron said about involving more women but if she can get more from Ron…

"Damn straight I do." She said while smirking.

"Good… oh and to make it so Jr. doesn't think what just happened was just a pleasure high… you officially breaking up with him?... I'll handle the editing of the video and what not so you can clean this mess later somewhat, I'll hire a cleaning crew later to really be thorough but pretty sure you'll want to sleep after what just happened so lets just end this video with the break up… oh and while I may not be as rich as Jr… I have ways of making plenty of income… lets just say my evil side knew how to mess with gadets and what not so thanks to some messed up or broken items I took from villains in the past and repurposed them… well I'm now making 30,000 a month… 3 to 4 thousand weekly." Ron said while he smirks at Bonnie.

Bonnies was shocked after hearing that.

"Wow…" She said but shook her head.

"Doesn't matter now on who's rich or not. What I wanted was a boyfriend to actually be there for me. So even if I was high on pleasure… I actually mean it." She said.

"Hehe, I see, well doubt this will be official until I fully show the new me so let's keep this relationship a bit of a secret for now and once I show everyone I'm not the same Ron anymore, might as well make you my first official lady." Ron said as he grins fully at Bonnie as he got ready to end the recording but waits to see if she had anything else to add.

"Well I do have something to say." Bonnie said before looking at the camera.

"Sorry if you had to see this Jr. but you brought this on yourself and I finally found a man that can give me what I want. And to show how serious I am…" she said before motioning Ron to come closer.

Ron had an idea of what would happen and as he moved the camera away while he had it pointed at him, Bonnie used a hand to pull him in for a kiss after he leaned down above her head.

Bonnie moans before she wrapped her arms and legs around Ron to make the kiss intense as Bonnie gripped the back of Ron's head and wanted to make the kiss last as long as she wanted.

It took a couple minutes, but when the duo finished kissing, Bonnie had to pant for breath while Ron caught his breath after a minute.

"Hehe, pretty desperate for a good time huh?, well try and be patient, you'll be a bit sore for a day or two… besides need to edit this… anyway I'll be taking this and the bear camera so I can edit a good movie from what we did and I'll bring these back, after that we just go back to how we normally are in public but when alone… hehe, well lets just say I have a few ideas on where to have more fun if we can't go on a few dates yet… a bit reversed but pretty sure the wait will be worth it… just making sure no one can try and get in my way later down the line first." Ron said while he had a determined look on his face after he stopped the recording and went to get the bear camera.

Bonnie smirks.

"Oh I'm sure no one can stop you. But before you go, mind if I… clean your cock first?"

Ron smirks at that while he turned the computer camera back on.

"Sure, might as well give Jr. an eyeful if you get a facial as well so get on your knees and lets give him a little bonus." Ron said while his cock got iron hard again.

Bonnie smirks before she gets up and approaches Ron.

She gave him a quick kiss on the lips before getting on her knees.

She then opens her mouth and starts sucking Ron's cock after swallowing it.

Ron groans from that and as he record Bonnie sucking his cock, he smirks when she looked pretty eager to do so.

Bonnie hummed as she enjoyed the taste of Ron's cock while using her tongue to lick around before using her hand to fondle Ron's balls.

Ron moans from that and used a hand to pet Bonnie's head while he lightly thrusts his hips so that his cock would be taken deeper down her mouth.

Bonnie lightly gags a bit but didn't care as she kept sucking off Ron's cock.

It took a few minutes, but Ron was getting close with his climax.

"F-Fuck... about to blow… pick where this goes, down your throat or on your body… either way expect to get clean after this!" Ron got out as he fought to keep his orgasm back as long as he could.

Bonnie mentally smirked before she takes her mouth off of Ron's cock and grabs it before Bonnie stroke it hard as it aimed at her body.

Ron grits his teeth and a moment later he growled as he climaxed and ejaculates hard on Bonnie's body, first was her face, then her breasts, then her stomach… Ron's final shot went between her legs and hits her folds but her body was pretty much plastered with sperm from Ron's oversized cock and when he tapped off, he pants for breath as Bonnie sucked the tip a few times and licked it clean before she lets go of Ron's cock when she was finished and could give Jr. on the other end when he got this one final line when she gave a peace sign.

"Sorry Jr. but I'm his woman now." Bonnie said before she started to scoop up some cum and brought it to her mouth.

After a few scoops, Ron shut off the camera and chuckles when he moved to get dressed.

"Nice, I'll make sure the edited video gets sent to Jr. later, for now you get clean and clean this room by changing the sheets, I'll make a couple calls and hire some cleaning crew to really get the hard to get spots, they should be here in a few days… my parents will be out of town as well for three days so why not let you crash there with me while they are gone?, they will be taking Hana with them so like this place, got my home all to myself… well minus Rufus but he backs me up in a lot of things so I doubt I would have to say much for him to keep quiet." Ron said while he smirks at Bonnie as she cleaned her face off from most of the sperm.

"Hmmm, sounds good to me." Bonnie said as she lustfully grins at Ron.

"Good… see you later Bonnie, I'll make sure to treat you well later in my home after I settle things with Jr. in case he tries anything, just in case try and either stay home or stick around my neighborhood so I can protect you in case Jr. snaps or something." Ron said while he finished getting dressed and he placed another 100 on the desk as he was about to leave.

"For extra birth control, morning after pills, and condoms as well… and maybe a meal for yourself since I doubt you want a pure protein diet hehe." Ron said before he left the room while Bonnie was left with the mess and the scent of sex in the air still… going to need to open a window later.

"Hmmm, gonna be a bitch to clean." Bonnie said before smirking.

"Totally worth it. Even though Ron will hire a cleaning crew."

Time then went to a few days later with a box being delivered to the Senior Senior residence and Jr. who happened to be home, heard knocking at the door a few times and went to check to see who it was… though when he got to the door he saw only a box on the ground and it was addressed to him.

"Hm? I don't recall ordering anything?" Jr. said before he picks up the package.

When he opened it, he saw that it was a DVD addressed to him by Bonnie and… Ron?

"Huh? Ron Stoppable? Why did he and Bonnie sent me a DVD?" Jr. said with confusion before he went to put it on to see what it was about.

He went to his personal room and with a high tech computer, he put the DVD in and it automatically starts playing… though what he didn't expect was Bonnie and Ron fucking in her room and Bonnie looking so… dominated right now and while Jr. would have stopped the video, the sudden showing caused him to lose the remote from shock and he pretty much saw and heard everything… even the part with Bonnie breaking up with him and how Ron was claiming Bonnie as one of his ladies.

"W-What?... This can't be happening." Jr. said before he a moment later, he got angry.

"That Stoppable brat did this. And I heard he was dating Kim Possible. Well when I show her this they won't be before I deal with him myself."

Though Jr. did remember that warning that Ron gave and while Jr. would have thought nothing of it… he was smart enough (Shocking right?) to know that this was not the best plan because if this did get to Kim… well… Jr. didn't want broken arms and legs… maybe he could call Shego in for a favor… she was a powerful fighter and could take Kim sometimes…

"I'm going to need Shego's help." Jr. said before he grabbed his phone and starts calling her.

The scene then fades to black as ringing was heard on the phone and the scene fades to black as Shego picked up on her end… how this would go down would be anyones guess but right at this moment… Ron got Bonnie of all ladies as his first woman… who knows what other things Ron has in store now that he is not fully good anymore or evil… pure Grey now and smarter then ever.

(End of chapter 1, chapter 2 will be written soon and from here on out unless there is an announcement, no Intro's or outro's.)

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