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Chapter 2: Cole Has a Bang

Chapter 2 of InFamous Mentor! Devine Spark!

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Cole MacGrath woke the next morning to the sounds of urban activity. He had followed the glaring hint from Shango to a group of town houses in what appeared to be middle class living. Cole was currently on the roof across from the Hawkins residence. How did he know which house was Virgil's you might ask? The house was almost jumping with the amount of static electricity within it.

The first thing Cole heard, other than cars, was a young man complaining about getting shocked again by the static build-up. Cole smirked at this before he stretched and moved to get a better view of the building. Several minutes later a young man, Virgil Hawkins, exited the house and went to the top of the street to get on the city bus. Cole followed him, sticking to the roofs. When the bus came and Virgil boarded, Cole used his lightning tether ability to get to the top of a nearby powerline and induction ground along the lines to follow the bus, while staying high enough to not reveal his powers to the people walking and driving or having to push through them.

After several stops, Virgil got off the bus near the high school, Dakota High. As Virgil neared the school, Cole saw another young man joined Virgil. Cole was close enough to hear Virgil address him as Richie, and watched the two joke around as they headed into the school for class. Cole couldn't help thinking of Zeke and wondering how he was doing.

With Virgil in school, and Cole now knowing where it was, Cole decided he should explore the city and find something to eat. He had learned during the previous months that he could sustain himself on electrical power, but it was always better to have a proper meal when he could; he always felt sluggish and irritable after feeding off his reserves of power and all his abilities were weaker.

After asking around, he was advised to head towards the Freeman Community Center. Everyone he asked seemed to think he was a drifter that had just gotten to Dakota. It happened every once in a while; most tended to get their bearings, look for work, and if they weren't lucky move on or found a place with the homeless of the city. After getting directions, Cole headed there on foot, not wanting to stand out too much with his powers.

As he entered the Center, he was greeted by its head counselor Robert Hawkins. He looked a-bit stressed, but when he spoke you could tell he held a passion for his work. When he saw Cole walk in, he went over and welcomed him. "Welcome to the Freeman Community Center, my names Robert Hawkins. I don't think I've seen you around here before, anyway I can help?" Robert asked with a smile.

After taking a moment to think of how to respond, Cole said "Yeah, I just got in and was advised to come here when I asked about odd jobs and food centers. I spent the last of my cash getting here, so I was hoping to find my bearings and start a life here. Think you could help me out?"

Robert blinked for a moment before he chuckled softly and smiled. "Well, you came to the right place. There are several churches operated food shelters nearby; it's a bit late for the breakfast handouts but the Center always has people bringing in fruit and some sandwiches if you need a bite and missed breakfast, and for the children I'm glad to say come here after school. Alva Industries owns a lot of the city and their always having low paying spots opening up, if you brought along your diploma from school or a GED it will help you get a better paying job. What did you do before coming here and do you have a place set up to stay?"

Cole looked nervous for a moment before replying, "Well, I graduated Highschool and was working on my college course before having a rather strong argument with my parents, so I dropped out to annoy them. I had got a job as a bike courier, delivering packages all over the last city I was living in. Got driven out by the gangs and wasn't talking to my family so I got a ticket as far away as I could. Last night I just crashed someplace dry, figured I should sort out food and income before looking for a place."

Robert sighed silently; he had heard similar stories more often than he cared to admit. The young man in front of him was dressed in slightly wrinkled clothes, showing signs of being slept in. He knew Dakota City wasn't the only city being plagued by gang violence. How he hated them for the pain they caused those around them, and the pain they had caused to his own family. He thought of his wife and then of his kids after their mother's funeral. He closed his eyes hard and forced those thoughts back down where he kept them and drove him to make this City better.

After he refocused on Cole, he said, "I get where you're coming from, see it all the time. At least you seem to have your head on right. I'll help you best I can. Why don't I get you something to eat, while I look into a place for you to stay and what you'll need to set up your courier service here." Robert said, leading him to a room deeper in the Center.

While Cole snacked on some fruit while Robert did his thing, Cole couldn't help but think of the necklace in his pocket and the woman who asked him to deliver it. He could see why she had married Robert; it was clear he was kind and had a strong heart to reach out and help others after losing his wife. He could respect the man and do his best for Virgil.

A little while later Robert came back. "I've found a place with some space for you, downtown. It's a bit run down but they don't turn anyone away. There doesn't seem to be any courier services in the City so I made up a flyer for the board we keep in the front room and gathering areas, I only ask that you keep your deliveries legal and you leave us a small percentage of what you make. Stop by each day and I'll let you know if there are any jobs."

"Thank you very much, Mr. Hawkins. I really appreciate the help." Cole said with a large smile. After getting the addresses of the food shelter and the lodging, Cole shook Roberts hand and continued to explore.


Cole checked out the place Robert had said had some space for him first. It turned out to be an old building with people from of all ages, from children that should be in elementary school to older men and woman that looked to be in their 50's. On the first floor there was a couple that looked to be in their 60's trying to keep things organized and helping the children. Cole figured they were probably the owners of the building.

Cole approached them and they welcomed him, stating that Robert had called to let them know he might be coming. The man had Cole sign a register before handing him a key for a room on the top floor. Like Robert said, the place was a bit run down, but at least it still had working lighting and water, and lockable doors. The room he was given held a full-sized bed, three drawer dresser and had an attached bathroom with a tub, sink, toilet and mirror. Everything in the room needed some cleaning but it would work until he was better set up

After checking out his living arrangements he saw the clock on the wall in the lobby said it was nearly lunch, so Cole decided to check out the food shelter Robert had suggested. It was roughly a 15-minute walk to the shelter and Cole was looking forward to getting more to eat than a few pieces of fruit. When he got there, Cole found out how big the homeless issue in Dakota City actually was. Where shelters like this in Empire City before the Ray Sphere explosion would have two dozen people at most, this shelter had at least twice that if not triple.

After giving that a moment to sink in, Cole got in line for some lunch. While waiting in line, he saw at least a spark of light. The children there with their parents were full of life and happiness, making those around them smile and laugh. When Cole got to the front of the line, he got some soup and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a cup of coffee. He thanked the helpers sincerely and found space at an occupied table. At the table sat a rather depressed little girl, a mother with two small children who looked about two and five, an older man that looked to be pushing seventy who had clearly been through tough times, a middle-aged man and a young woman who looked to be in her mid-twenties.

Cole tried to engage them in small talk, but none of them seemed to want to talk. The mother gave a small thankful smile, but declined to talk while her older girl clung shyly to her mother. Cole returned her smile and ate quietly while watching everyone else. The only one in the room that made him feel uncomfortable was an old man with a cane that reminded him of Alder, cast down but not to be underestimated.

After eating and returning the dishes, Cole headed out into the City to get more familiar with its layout. It was nearing One by the time he'd finished lunch and if school in this world was like his own, High School would be releasing in two hours. While he was exploring, Cole ran across the entrance to an old subway station that the knife that was Shango's axe seemed to react to. Deciding to explore there tomorrow, Cole looked around for landmarks before heading back towards the school.


As Cole was arriving, school was just releasing and Virgil and Richie were walking out. Cole got just close enough to hear what they were saying and had to hide a smirk. After all that had happened to him and what he knew was coming, listening to Virgil and Ritchie gripe and joke about standard High School issues was almost laughable. They got on the bus and Cole, who still didn't have any money yet, had to ride the powerlines again to catch up.

When they got off, they were near the Community Center and heading in that direction. Cole decided to check if anything had come in, while tailing Virgil. As Cole entered the Center, he found Virgil talking to his father with Richie standing near one of the doors, far enough away to give Virgil and Robert some privacy. When Robert saw Cole enter, he held up a hand to Virgil; causing Virgil to hold what he was about to say. Robert waved Cole over and Cole could see the shuttle shift in his body language from parent to social worker.

"Welcome back, Mr. MacGrath. Johnathan called me back to let me know you arrived in that apartment building he owns. Get settled in alright?" Robert said as Cole came over. Virgil stayed quiet, knowing his dad was doing his job. He couldn't shake the feeling there was something odd about the guy his dad was talking to.

"No problems so far, thanks for the help Mr. Hawkins. I checked out the place you set up for me before heading to that food shelter you recommended. Then I took some time to explore more of the City. I found myself nearby, so dropped by to see if there was any interest in my courier service yet." Cole said.

"Nothing yet, but it's only been a few hours. Give it time, I'm sure something will come up soon." Robert responded with a quite chuckle. He liked how eager the drifter was for work, it showed that the troubles he ran from didn't break him despite the rough appearance. "This is my son, Virgil, and his friend Richie. They go to the local high school and help out around the Center a lot." Robert introduced the two boys to Cole.

With a wave and a "What's up?" from Richie, Virgil greeted Cole. His dad seemed to like him and despite the weird feeling he was getting from him Virgil didn't feel threatened by the new guy. "Nice to meet you, Mr. MacGrath. Welcome to Dakota City." Virgil said, before turning to his father and asking, "Looks like you need to get back to work, mind if me and Richie go shoot some hoops?"

Robert chuckled again before saying, "Go ahead, boys. I've still got a few hours before heading home." After a quick thanks, Virgil and Richie headed through the door Richie was waiting by. After they left, Robert chuckled some more before saying, "They're good kids. It's sometimes hard to remember they're still teenagers sometimes. Now that I know where to reach you, I'll let Johnathan know if you get any work so he can pass that on. Of course, you're more than welcome to stop by any time. Anything else you need?"
"Not at the moment, though a map of the City would probably help. Thanks again for your help. Mind if I check out the rest of the Center? It seems like a lot of people are coming." Cole responded. Robert told him to feel free and to stop by tomorrow for a map. Robert then moved on to welcoming the kids and young adults that had come in while they had been talking.

Cole went through the same door the boys had gone through and found himself in a rec-room with several table-tennis tables set up, a couple foosball tables and an arcade game that looked like it was held together with duck-tape. There were two more doors in the room; one was open and obviously an office and the other was another swinging door. Cole went through the swinging door and found a hallway with a couple more open doors, at the other end of the hallway was a double door held open to reveal a gym.

He took a quick look in rooms along the way, so it wouldn't look like he was going directly to the gym. The first room he looked in appeared to be an art room, filled with easels and canvases. The second room had a few computers and a book case, Cole thought this room was probably a study room. The room before the gym appeared to filled with lockers and wall cubbies, along with mesh bags of different balls.

Once Cole made it to the gym, he found Virgil and Richie playing basketball with some of the local youths. Cole took a seat in the stands to watch them play, while he evaluated Virgil's potential. While Virgil didn't have the precise control of professional players, it was easy to tell Virgil had a good bit of experience and an athletic build; his movements were wide but he had the strength and agility to compensate, he showed good eye-hand coordination and good situational awareness. The other kids had potential as well; Richie, Cole noticed, also had good control, tighter movements than Virgil but lacked the strength and agility to adapt quickly.

After playing for about half an hour, Virgil broke away to have a seat. He noticed the new guy walking in about ten minutes after they started and every once in a while, noticed him staring at him with a calculative look in his eye before his gaze would move on to another player. Virgil was still feeling that odd feeling from before, so decided to carefully approach Mr. McGrath, maybe find out what had him on edge but not like the gang members at his school.

"Hello, Mr. MacGrath. Decided to explore a bit in doors?" Virgil said friendly, remembering what his dad and Cole had said when he got there.

Cole smirked slightly and eyed Virgil up quickly before answering. Virgil was giving of a friendly, open feel, but Cole could see the subtle clues that showed Virgil was ready to move away quick if he felt threatened. "Yeah, figured if I'm going to work from here, I should know the layout. Found you and your friends playing, so I figured I'd sit and watch. You all show a lot of potential."

Virgil couldn't help smiling at that. While he didn't think he had what it took to go pro, he loved to get acknowledged for his skill. He felt comfortable enough to carefully ask his next question. "Thanks, but if you don't mind, what brought you to Dakota City?" Virgil could see he might have stepped on some uneven ground, but the feeling he was getting hadn't changed.

Cole looked at Virgil a little harder after he asked that, saw that Virgil had noticed and that his sitting hadn't changed. Cole closed his eyes and sighed, pinching between his eyes to give himself a moment to decide how much to tell him. By the time he'd opened his eyes again Cole had decided on his path. Cole told Virgil mostly the same story he had told his father, but gave Virgil a bit more on his life growing up.

Virgil could tell from the slight shifting of the feeling he was getting from Cole, that while Cole hadn't lied, he was still holding a lot back. Virgil couldn't hold that against him though, especially as he knew he had been a bit rude and he couldn't tell how he knew Mr. MacGrath was holding back. "Thanks for sharing that Mr. MacGrath, and sorry if that was rude of me."

"Not a problem, kid. Better to ask about something you don't know, than fear what you don't understand, at least that's how I see it. Why don't you get back to your friends? Richie looks like he could use your help." Cole said, cracking another smirk. As Virgil was moving away, Cole wanted to say one more thing. "And kid, call me Cole. You'll probably be seeing a lot more of me."

Virgil looked confused at how to take that last statement but put it aside. He smiled again before sticking out his hand to shake Coles'. "Then please, call me Virgil." Cole smirked again and shook Virgil's hand, not promising a thing.

After that, Virgil continued playing basketball with his friends and Cole watched for another half hour. When Cole saw the game was winding down, he left the gym and complimented Robert on his establishment and left through the front door. He quietly made his way around the back, and when he felt sure no one was watching he lightning tethered his way to the roof and took out the map the city he'd been given before leaving. Johnathan had even been helpful enough to circle the Center and the Shelter he was set up at.

Cole spent the next few hours going over the map and what he had learned today. He could say this much to himself; he didn't have a bad first impression of Virgil Hawkins.


Several hours later, he could hear Mr. Hawkins' closing up and Cole followed them home along the power lines. On their way home, they dropped off Richie at his home, several blocks over. After making sure they made it home safe, Cole marked where they lived on his map, along with where Richie lived since it was clear the two were close friends, before quickly making his way back to his place. He got in just after 8:30, causing some disapproving looks from Martha while Johnathan welcomed him back, saying nothing had come in while he'd been out.

Cole thanked them for having him before heading up to his room. While his powers prevented him from taking showers, he had worked out how to sponge bathe and he felt like cleaning up and relaxing a bit after a long day of exploring and surveillance. After half an hour, Cole was cleaned and relaxing back on his bed. As he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, the dagger Shango had given him vibrated and he heard a familiar voice in the back of his mind, "Cole."

Cole opened his eyes and once again found himself in Shango's realm. Though not as surprising this time, Cole still marveled at the rolling lightning clouds on the horizon before focusing on the throne that had formed in front of him. On the throne sat Shango, smirking at Cole's reaction and waiting to be noticed. Once Cole noticed him, he bowed shortly while not taking his eyes from him. "You called?"

Shango gave a booming chuckle before responding. "Welcome back, Cole MacGrath. It seems you didn't take long to start getting sorted."

"With all due respect, it seems I was given the time and I wouldn't be of much help to Virgil as a homeless stranger. Fortunately, the story of my life isn't too crazy before the Ray sphere activated and my life after only needed a little tweaking to be believable. Your daughter appears to have picked a good man to marry, he was very helpful and welcoming. I could also tell he has been a good father and strong enough not to break after losing Jane." Cole answered.

Shango nodded before continuing. "Well said, Cole. You have done well your first day, but there is much to do before Virgil awakens to his powers and your challenge truly begins. You have one month to get ready; I trust your judgement and will assist where I can. As such, I welcome you to make use of the base of another who shares your power, though has since retired. You will more than likely run into him one day, but I advise you not to seek him out. I will also bring you here each night as you sleep, so that you may be trained to truly master your gift; until now you have simply been teaching yourself and running on instinct." Shango said, laughing when he noticed Coles reaction to training.

While it irked Cole to be laughed at by Shango, he couldn't really dispute what he'd said. He had help getting control at first, but after that it was up to him to train his skills. It wasn't till New Marais that he had anyone with powers on his side. "Thank you for your aid. Where is this base and who did it belong to?" Cole answered.

"Down the subway tunnel that you felt my weapon respond to, you will find a locked door marked 'High Voltage' to the right of the stairs. Behind that door leads to the Power Pad, the base of Soul Power; an African American hero from the 1960's that called Dakota his home. While it might seem a bit outdated, it will provide you a place to start from and shelter incase things go south for you and Virgil." Shango answered, laughing harder and louder at Coles' reaction to the base and hero's name. His laughter was so great, the whole realm seemed to shake.

When Shango finished laughing, he stood from his throne and seemed to grow more serious. "That is for tomorrow Cole, tonight I train you to wield my blade." Quick as lightning, Shango was before Cole, his O'shea raised high. Only Cole's hardened survival instincts allowed him to dodge, rolling to the right as he reached for the hidden O'shea in his pocket. Cole hadn't tried to summon it yet, but his instincts told him it was like his AMP. As Cole came up, he raised the O'shea to perry the follow up swing from Shango, the axe flaring with Cole's lightning.

While Cole had managed to avoid the blade, both he and Shango were blown apart by the discharge of the weapon. Shango landed with grace, ready to charge again, while Cole had unfortunately not made it back to his feet before the discharge and was sprawled on the ground ten feet away.

"Good, Cole. Good. You managed to survive my first attack, but you have much to learn. Survival will only get you so far, and you will not protect those who need your protection sprawled on the ground. Rise, Cole MacGrath, and learn to truly fight!" Shango called over to him.

Cole grasped the handle of his O'shea and charged not only it, but his whole body. With determination and drive Cole rose and turned to face Shango; a determined smirk on the God's face. Cole spared only enough time for one though before he charged, 'This is going to be a long night…'.

As Cole charged, those who would train him watched from the clouds. They could see Cole was clearly self-trained, his moves barely controlled. But they could all see the potential, not many mortals could get back up after Shango charged at them. As power arced between the combatants below, some could hardly wait to test him themselves.


The next morning, Cole woke sore in his apartment. He spent a few moments lying back and thought about his training the previous night. His sparing with Shango was thrilling and terrifying, he felt like he fought a force of nature given physical form, which technically he had.

After a quick sponge bath and an apple, he had taken from the Center before he left the previous day, Cole got dressed and headed for the roof he had crashed on his first night in Dakota City. He got there just as Virgil's alarm was going off, 7am. While Cole waited for Virgil to head out to school, he took the time to think about what he needed to do and how to help Virgil once his powers awaken. As it turned 8am, Virgil left his house and headed for the bus stop, Richie meeting him there. Cole found it refreshing and painful to watch them goof around till the bus came; he couldn't help thinking about his best friend.

Finally, the bus came, and Cole kept up with it by riding the power lines. He watched them head into the school before heading to the Center. Cole helped himself to a muffin that had been brought in before searching for Robert. He hadn't seen Johnathan that morning before leaving and wanted to check if he'd gotten any jobs yet. Cole eventually found Robert in his office doing paperwork.

"Good morning, Mr. Hawkins. I was wondering if there were any deliveries yet. Sorry to bother you." Cole said, after knocking on his open door.

Robert looked up from his paperwork to see Cole leaning against his open door and chuckled. "No one's asked about it yet, however I do have something you could deliver for me. I need to deliver expense reports twice a month to City Hall, I'm a bit behind on my paperwork though. Would you mind taking it for me? I'll pay you twenty bucks and wave the finders charge."

"Not a problem. Where is City Hall and who do I give it too?" Cole responded, happy to help and get some cash. He pulled out the foldup map of the city he got yesterday, and Robert showed him where he needed to go and that the secretary would help him the rest of the way. Robert gave him twenty dollars and the report, and he was off.

Once he was outside and he was sure nobody was around, he lightnings tethered up to the nearest roof and started parkouring his way towards City Hall. He had missed this thrill, of running full speed towards a delivery while flipping and leaping from ledges, feeling at one with himself and the world around him. It took him less than twenty minutes to reach City Hall, having bypassed all the streets, stoplights, and people. Once inside, the secretary took the report from him and gave Robert a call, letting him know it was there.


Cole's first delivery completed, he headed towards the Subway entrance that had drawn his attention the day before. Heading down the stairs and up to the track, Cole found a section of the platform that extended beyond the wall. The transformed axe vibrated and tried to drag him towards it. When Cole stopped being dragged, he was standing outside a locked metal door that read 'Danger High Voltage'. Cole was just wondering if he needed to break the lock when the axe vibrated again, and the lock unlocked itself.

Once Cole was passed the door, he followed a short tunnel lit by old lights until it came to an end. The tunnel opened onto a large circular room, the first thing he saw was computers lining the wall with a disco ball hanging in the center. To the right of the entrance was exercise equipment, lockers, and a car covered by a sheet. Remembering his last experience with a car, Cole stayed well away from it; last car Cole tried to drive blew up because of his powers.

Further in, Cole found a sleeping area with a cabinet and several glass cases with costumes and various items Cole could only assume were trophies. After exploring, Cole headed back to the main room where he got two shocks; an old man was waiting for him, looking rather annoyed, but before he could say or do anything the O'shea flew out of Cole's pocket and returned to its original form.

"Greetings Soul Power, it has been many years since we last spoke. I am Shango, Orisha of Lightning, and this is Cole MacGrath. I took him from his world for a mission and told him he may use your headquarters to aid him. I did not expect you to arrive shortly after he entered."

Whatever Maurice Grant was about to say, the talking axe claiming to be a god stopped him in his tracks. He remembered that voice and name, though he had only ever heard it once, when he had gotten his powers. "I tied a senser to the door to let me know if anyone ever entered that wasn't me. Won't deny it surprised the heck out of me when it started going off. I guess I can't really go against you, just try not to destroy the place."

"Your assistance is appreciated. I had told Cole not to seek you out, as you have earned your retirement. I also didn't want to risk your last nemesis becoming active again. Should that happen, Cole will assist you. Now I must return." With that said, the axe changed back into its knife form and floated back to Cole.

Maurice and Cole look at each other for a moment, then start chuckling. Maurice shook his head and offered his hand. "Well, looks like you're going to need my place, let me show you around and get things running for you." Cole shook the offered hand and the two started exchanging stories as they walked around the Power Pad.


The month went on with a routine now set. Every morning Cole would wake early to watch over Virgil on his way to school, before making his way to the Community Center where he asks about new jobs. The speed of his delivery had impressed not only Robert but the secretary as well, who was a considerable gossip and told everyone about the fast new courier, bringing in more business and a steady profit for the Center's reserves. Cole would eat lunch at the food shelter with the same group, who slowly warmed up to him, before making his way back to the High School to wait for Virgil. He watched over Virgil and Richie as they spent their afternoon and got dinner from the shelter after seeing them home. As he slept each night, a different denizen of the Realm of Lightning would train him.

After nearly a month of this routine, Cole could feel the tension in the air change. When he woke up, he was immediately alert. Shango had told him the time had come for his grandson's awakening. Cole got ready quickly and made his way to Virgil's. The day went as it normally went, until after Virgil got out of school. Richie left Virgil shortly after they started walking. A few minutes after Richie left, Cole spotted one of the gang members that gave Virgil a hard time, Francis Stone, waiting by a streetlamp before moving towards Virgil. Virgil sees him coming and tries to turn around when he sees one of Francis's gang members waiting at the corner he had just passed. Virgil tried to duck in an alley to avoid them but was blocked by two more of Francis's gang.

Cole was about to intervene when he saw two more gang members of a rival gang rush into the same alley. Francis and his gang left quickly after Francis got in one last punch, which knocked the wind out of Virgil. After getting Virgil back on his feet, they say something that Cole couldn't hear and turn to leave the alley. Virgil looked to be trying to decline what seemed to be a meeting. By this time, they had gotten close enough for Cole to hear without being conspicuous with the more muscular gang member saying, "in a half."

Cole followed Virgil as he slowly exited the alley. Nearly thirty minutes later, they come to the base of a large stone bridge. Virgil walks up to a large man in yellow guarding a door at the base of one of the support beams and gets brought inside. Cole can't risk sneaking in after, but puts some of the tricks he had learned over the last month to use. He closed his eyes and used his powers to enhance his senses, watching as Virgil's electrical field moves and using it to piggyback what is said around him.

Cole hears the meeting between Virgil and Wayde's gang, with Wayde pushing Virgil to join his gang. Virgil doesn't answer, but Wayde takes his silence as acceptance and welcomes Virgil to his gang. After ten minutes, Virgil is led out of the gangs' base looking defeated and scared. Cole follows as Virgil makes his way home.

When Virgil gets home, he is already late to dinner, so his sister asks where he was and how he got hurt. Virgil quickly lied and asked to be excused after taking a few bites. Up in his room, Virgil got a call from Richie; apparently, Wayde wanted everyone to know Virgil was now part of his gang so spread the word. While Richie was telling him what a bad idea joining Wayde's gang was, Wayde called to tell Virgil to meet him at Gate 10 of the Docks immediately and that they were taking care of his problem tonight. Virgil hung his head and muttered "terrific".


Virgil snuck out of the house and head for the Docks, not knowing Cole was following him. When he got there, he found the chains locking the gate had been cut. As he made his way inside, he was met by the same gang member that guarded their base, who grabbed Virgil and told him to keep it down as he escorted him to Wayde. When they reached Wayde, Virgil tried to back out, but Wayde shushed him and passed him binoculars. Virgil saw Francis and his gang jumping the fence on the other side of the dock. "Theres going to be a major throw down with all the crews in the city".

After taking the binoculars back, Wayde hands Virgil something rapped in a rag. "Time to go the permanent route little bro. This way." As Wayde leads the rest of his gang further in, Virgil takes a moment to unwrap what he had been handed. It was a gun. Virgil mutters, "Oh man, I stepped into it big this time." Virgil ran towards the edge of the dock and threw the still wrapped gun into the water.

Virgil hears the fighting started behind him and tries to run, unfortunately the only way out is through the fighters. He's forced to stop running as one gang member is shoved into a crate in front of him. As he's about to start moving again, Francis punches out one of Wayde's gang and spots Virgil. He advances on Virgil, cracking his knuckles and chuckling, but right as he goes to grab Virgil the cops show up in helicopters and demand everyone drops their weapons and step out into the open.

All the gangs scatter for cover before someone who would have been better off entering shooting competition pulled a gun and shot the light out of one of the helicopters. They respond by launching crowd control gas into the docks and hitting a crate of canisters containing purple gas, sparking a chain reaction causing the rest of the large supply to explode. The result was a large cloud of purple gas covering gate ten and expanding out.

Virgil ran for the fence as everyone trapped in the cloud started coughing, and some started screaming in agony. As cops got out of cars with gas masks, Virgil climbed over the fence. As he made it over, Virgil coughed and passed out. Cole, who had remained hidden on the roof of the attached warehouse, picked up Virgil and quietly made his way out of the docks. Once they were clear of the docks, Cole pulled out Virgil's mothers' necklace and put it on Virgil, hiding the majority of it beneath his shirt.

Due to staying high and the lateness of the hour, Cole encountered nobody on his way to Virgil's house. When they reached the house, Cole knocked and Robert answered the door. His usually jolly mood replaced by confusion at being disturbed this late, that then changed to concern when he saw Virgil unconscious on Cole's back. "Cole, what are you doing here so late, and why are you carrying Virgil? What happened?"

Cole had been informed, more or less, what was going to happen and had spent time over the last month thinking of what to say when this happened. "I was out for a late run when I saw Virgil making tracks towards the docks, it looked like he was troubled about something so I decided to follow. When he got there, he was lead further in by a large young man in yellow. Several gangs showed up and one of the gang members forced something into Virgil's hands before leading the rest of the gang into a brawl.

"Virgil took one look at what he'd been handed and threw it off the dock before trying to get out of there while everyone was fighting. Then the cops showed up, ordered everyone to surrender, then fired crowd control gas which hit some gas canisters stored there. Virgil only got a little before he managed to escape, but he got knocked out from whatever it was."

Robert looked both angry and worried at the same time. Thinking about what was likely running through Roberts head, Cole cut him off to spare Virgil some trouble. "It looks like Virgil was being forced into a gang, through pressure and intimidation, but didn't want anything to do with it. Instead of joining the fight, and using what I'm guessing was a gun, he threw the weapon away and head straight for the nearest exit. I don't think the gangs will give him much trouble for a while, they were all at the center of the gas cloud."

Robert sighed and rubbed the back of his neck; Cole had seen it a few times when he was frustrated about something he couldn't change. "It's not a good situation, but neither was the position he was in. One of the gang leaders was a young man I saw assaulting him earlier and another was the one who came to save him. He was essentially stuck between two gang leaders with no way out he could see." Robert sighed and nodded. He takes Virgil from Cole and thanks him for his help and advice before carrying his son up to bed.


When Virgil came to his senses, he woke in what seemed to be the center of a thundercloud. Clouds ranging from charcoal grey to coal black with lightning flashing on the horizon. Virgil thought, 'Whatever was in that gas must have seriously messed with my head'.

"Hello Virgil, I've missed you."

Virgil turns around so fast, the pop of his neck sounded like thunder. "Mom?!"

When Virgil turns to see who spoke, he sees his mother in her African dress, smiling at him. "Welcome Virgil, to the Realm of Lightning. Come, there is someone I would like you to meet, he's certainly eager to meet you".

Behind his mother sat a throne with a man who seemed to radiate power, whose very presence demanded respect. The man rose as they approached. "Hello Virgil, its nice to finally meet you. I am Shango, Orisha Lord of Lightning and your grandfather!" Shango smiled and then let out a booming laugh at the shocked expression on Virgil's face.

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