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Danzo Hokage @spaceorbisstories
The Mission To Wave

Hokage Office.


It had been several weeks since the newest generation of team seven had been formed and Danzo was currently busy dealing with the seemingly never-ending paperwork that would enter into his small office at all hours of the day and night. Hell, sometimes he would even be awoken in the middle of the night just so he could restamp something in case he didn't do it before he had returned home for the night. The filing system really was in need of a good upgrade. He had heard wondrous news of a new invention called the computer that was making waves all over the Land Of Sun far to the east, maybe he could try setting up a meeting with the inventor in the coming days. Just as that thought entered his mind the 37th pile that day and the 7th this past hour alone landed atop his table. His secretary slowly walking out of the room. She was very young, no older than 25. She had the greenest eyes and long brown hair that reached all the way to the midway point of her back. She had proven herself to be a highly-skilled secretary. Her graceful steps even with a large tower of paperwork in her hands still blew him away even after working with her for so long. But of course, it was her ass he enjoyed watching the most. As the Hokage, he could have ordered her to perform her womanly duty but so far he dared not. Still, he always loved watching her leave. It was the primary reason he had hired her, that and she knew how the damn filing system worked and where everything was. He guessed that was a damn good reason too.

"Sir you're 12:30 is here. Should I send him in"? The voice of his secretary voiced over the intercom.

"Yes, send him in". Danzo replied before returning his gaze to the door. The sound of footsteps could be heard and soon the knob began to turn.


The man who entered knew better than to show up wasted. If he wanted his homeland saved he would need outside help. He would need the help of a ninja. He had of course hoped that he wouldn't need to beg for outside aid. But he was by no means a fool. He knew that if something wasn't done soon nobody in The Land Of Waves would have any hope for a future and so here he was begging for aid from the hidden leaf. The most dangerous of all the hidden villages. Eying the third Hokage he stepped into the small office, bowed deeply to the Hokage, and waited to be addressed by the most powerful man in the village.


"You must be. Danzo stopped what he was doing for just a moment to look the man up "Tazuna right"? Danzo asked after finding the man's name on the mission request form.

"That's right, Hokage-same". Tazuna replied in the most respectful way possible. Danzo simply nodded his head at the man's answer before he moved the mission request aside before working on something else altogether. His pen moving at speeds unseen by the younger man's untrained eyes.

"You understand that the cost for a C-rank mission is fifty thousand. With a payment plan of 2,000 per month". Danzo asked as he looked it over one last time. People had, of course, lied before to get a mission done with a much lower cost on their end. He had a feeling this street rat was trying to do just that. It was why he was going to assign team seven to this mission. Mostly so Naruto would stop bugging him about new jutsus. The boy was like a damn sponge with the stuff. The boy clearly had a promising career. One he looked forward to seeing unfold in the days and weeks ahead. His teammates also showing promise as well.

"I do". Tazuna replied in the most respectful of tones he could muster.

"Very well. You will meet your team at gate three in thirty minutes". Danzo said all this without once looking the man in the eye. Tazuna at once bowed and left happy to be finally out of the room.


Hidden Leaf Village Gate 3.


Tazuna had been waiting nearly an hour for his assigned bodyguards and it seemed he would be forced to wait another hour by the looks of things. Had the Hokage been Hiruzen Sarutobi he may have complained about the delay. But doing so with this man was a really good way to die. So he was forced to wait some more. After waiting another two hours he finally saw a group of ninja walk up. He was about to say something rude but in the end, he decided it wasn't at all worth it.


Land Of Fire Coastline.


Kakashi was busy reading the newest of the world-famous book series by Jiraiya Namikaze. His team had long since stopped trying to keep him from the books. After all, he could still do his job even with the book practically touching his face. When team seven was about three-quarters of the way to their client's home Naruto saw the obviously misplaced puddle on the side of the dirt road. It hadn't rained in days and even if it had rained the puddle was much too big to be left afterward. Almost as soon as Sasuke was told of this poor attempt at camouflage he fired off a set of mid-sized fireballs at it at rapid speed. This, in turn, forced the demon brothers out into the open. Both brothers quickly began firing off a handful of ninja stars and kunai knives at the pair. However, none of their attacks landed due to Naruto's masterful use of wind jutsus. Something he would have to remember to thank his father for after the mission. Team seven knew of course who they were facing. The demon brothers were easy enough to identify even without the use of a bingo book. Both brothers were a low to mid-C-rank missing ninja with bounties ranging from $30,000 for one to $70,000 with both. The drop in pay due to killing them wasn't much so it wouldn't matter anyway. At any rate team seven planned on beating them and then sealing them away for the prize money post-mission.


As this was going on Sakura was busy doing her nails some distance away. She knew that her two male teammates could deal with a few C-rank nobodies without her. The fact that the two C-rank nobodies were in a bingo book didn't matter all that much to her and she doubted it mattered to her two teammates. Any ninja with even a modicum of ability would eventually be entered into a bingo book if for no other reason than that they were out doing missions and info about them was key to other ninja. If somehow the worst did come to pass Kakashi would just jump in and see to it himself. She needn't worry about this fight and so she didn't.

"What are you doing"? Tazuna asked her completely at a loss. Shouldn't she be helping her teammates he thought.

I'm coloring my nails". Sakura answered as she busily colored her nails a nice dark red. Tazuna could tell that she gave the battle that was happening a dozen or so yards away no mind.

"You're doing that now"? Tazuna asked in utter bewilderment at how careless she was being. What made her think coloring her nails was at all appropriate in the middle of a battle.

"I didn't have time to do them before now. Besides they can deal with them easily. Just relax old man and you'll live longer". She shot back. Once again without so much as a passing glance his way.

"You should be out there fighting them! I'm paying you good money, after all, girl"! Tazuna said more than a little pissed at how casually she was dismissing him. No sooner had he said that did he had a kunai right up in his face by the sole girl on the team.

"Look old man our mission is to keep you safe so you can make that super bridge or whatever, yours is to stop asking me any more of your pointless questions or I will fucking gut you. Are...we...clear"? Sakura all but yelled into his ear her blade kissing his skin. He didn't dare say a word lest she see it as reason enough to make good on her lethal declaration.

"Yes, we are very very clear". Tazuna said before slowly backing away from the pink-haired demon girl. However, it wasn't long after that he once again was face-to-face with a ninja. This time with Kakashi.

"Why do you have ninja after you"? Kakashi asked the older man giving him a hard look all the while.

"Um...will you see". Tazuna began all the while trying and failing to get out of the man's vice-like grip.

"Out with it old man or I'll have him burn you". As if to prove the point Sasuke began firing off small D-rank-sized fireballs near his family jewels. Needless to say, he talked soon after and he talked alot.


"I take it back old man that is one super bridge". Sakura said before making her way up the small river embankment. Happy to be off that damn boat as were her two teammates. None more so than Sasuke himself who looked about ready to unload today's breakfast.


It didn't take team seven long to find a usable boat to use to cross the river. After all the previous owner had no more use for it. Seeing as he was now dead with a blood-covered kunai in his right eye. The boat ride itself was slow going. The mist making visibility virtually zero. Naruto was thus forced to use very weak wind jutsus to clear a path and sail safely to the other side. Around ten minutes of doing this, they had finally landed on the other side of the river. By then the sun had removed most of the mist and the massive bridge finally came into view.

"I take it back old man that is one super bridge". Sakura said before making her way up the small river embankment. Happy to be off that damn boat as were her two teammates. None more so than Sasuke himself who looked about ready to unload today's breakfast.


However, that view was soon replaced by the abysmal living conditions found inside the town. Children no older than five could all be seen digging inside the many trash-cans looking for anything edible. The people all looked half dead and most of the buildings looked halfway ready to fall. The shops had next to nothing on the shelves and what little they did have cost an arm and a leg to buy. Team seven did feel sorry for them. They really did. But saving this town wasn't the mission no matter how sad this was. The mission always came first. That rule had been driven into them all continuously back in the academy which felt almost like a lifetime ago now. It wasn't long before team seven got to Tazuna's house. The house itself wasn't all that bad. Sure the paint had faded in places and had a few holes in the roof. But it was a far cry from the many homes they had all seen back inside the small fishing village. Tazuna soon introducing them to his daughter Tsunami and her son Inari. Inari calling them all fools for taking this mission before running to his room.

"Nice kid". Naruto said dryly before the poor woman could utter so much as a letter of an apology.

It wasn't long before team seven began working on a new ninja skill known as tree climbing. Seeing the looks on all of their faces made Kakashi break into a long unmanly fit of giggles.

"No I'm not talking about that kind, but this kind". Kakashi said as he slowly began to walk vertically up a sizable tree as casually as one would expect a walk in the park in the afternoon. Soon after all three could be seen working on mastering this new ninja skill. Sakura reaching the top of her tree after only ten or so minutes. Sasuke and Naruto would likely need much more time considering their chakra capacity.


Meanwhile many miles away Zabuza Momochi had just got done killing the tiny mob boss Gato. He's thugs having been taking care of by his adopted daughter Haku. Now all he had to do was clean up the mess and he could finally return home to aid in the ongoing civil war back inside the mist. He could see his adopted daughter enter the small hideout when he noticed that she wanted to say something and so gave her the go-ahead.

"Father we may not want to go just yet". Haku said before she added. "A team from the leaf has just entered the village".

"So, what does that have to do with us"? Zabuza asked his adopted daughter as he was busy cleaning his comically oversized sword.

"Will father It's just that one of them had fox-like markings, three on each cheek," Haku said. Zabuza said nothing as he slowly got up and made his way to the door of Gato's old home.

"Make sure nobody finds this place, remain inside until I return. Should anybody but me try to enter see to them". Zabuza said before jumping onto the nearest tree and disappearing into the forest.

"I understand, father". Haku said before taking the now vacant seat and waiting.


Outside Tazuna's House.


Over the past few days, Team seven could be seen training just outside the house of their client, Tazuna. At the moment Kakashi was working on their overall unit cohesion. Both Sasuke and Naruto could easily work together as shown by their academy reports as well as in the battle with the two demon brothers just a few days before. However, Sakura was another matter altogether. It was becoming increasingly rarer for a non-clan child to face a clan child and even more so to win. Seeing as Danzo had upped the academy's standards almost as soon as he had officially taken the hat from his late sensei, Lord Second Tobirama Senju. As such his understanding of her overall skills was far from ideal, to say the least. He would need to cover all the basics just so he knew where she was in her ninja skills. A task that would take nearly a full week to properly do. However, it was soon clear to him after only a few days of doing this that she could easily do most of the things the boys could. However, water walking would be something that would take time to really master to a useful level even with her near-perfect control. One of the few things he knew she was better at than either of her two male teammates.

As for the boys themselves, both of them could be seen sparring atop the surface of the water. Neither Sasuke nor Naruto had his speed or skill at battling on water but unless they faced anybody above a high C-rank to low B-rank it wouldn't really matter all that much anyway. The odds they would face anybody that skilled on a C-rank was only about 8-15%. They would have better odds mastering the skill of water walking in a day than they did facing anybody skilled enough to cause them any real worry.

"Ok, you two that's good enough for now. Come on back it's about time to eat". Kakashi yelled to the two before turning to Sakura who was busy pulling her kunai out from a nearby tree. He could honestly say he was impressed with her. It was times like this he was truly proud to be their sensei. In a few year's time, he was sure they would be some of the greatest the village had the honor of putting to the field.


Grassy Meadow.


The past few days had passed in this manner and Naruto could easily say he was really starting to hate this small back-water village. Eating the same thing again and again did get old real fast. The people also didn't help matters any. They would always ask for food or money or whatever else came to their minds. He really wanted this mission to be done with as quickly as possible so he could go back home and enjoy the gift of the gods. Ichiraku ramen. It was for this very reason that he was now enjoying himself in this small meadow. Far away from the many needy villagers down below or his teammates who he was around nearly all hours of the day and night. He really needed his space and finding this was like a gift from the gods. Just then he heard the sound of somebody dropping down from one of the many trees that lined the clearing. He was about to yell that he would be back later in the day when the person began to speak. His voice was deep and demanding. Turning around he saw a man with a really big sword embedded in the soft earth with a masked man standing atop its hilt. The sight itself was odd, to say the least. The man had his face covered in a thin white/gray-colored cloth not all that dissimilar to Kakashi's own blue mask.

"You're the fox, right? The unknown man asked. Naruto looked the man over. The sword pointed to a swordsman but he knew most of them in the leaf and he sure as hell wasn't one of them if his clothes were anything to go by. His clothes looked to be best suited for warm/humid areas of the world so it was possible that he was from the Land Of Mist. If that was the case he was most likely one of the legendary seven swordsmen of the Hidden Mist but he had never cared enough to learn the names of their swords or what their swords looked like. But the size of the sword made him sure this was one of them. Nobody but them would have such a comically large broadsword. Such a massive blade would be utterly unfit for battle unless one was a highly gifted swordsman.

"I'm not going to attack you". The unknown man said as he raised his hands in the air to emphasize that point more clearly. The fact he did so while standing atop a massive sword was fairly impressive he wouldn't lie. Still, Naruto wasn't buying that at all and so his hand was near his ninja pouch just in case the masked man tried to attack. However, he had a feeling this man could easily stop him if he wished. So, for now, he would talk.

"People have called me that sure". Naruto replied.

"Your mother...what's her name"? The man asked. Naruto, in turn, only narrowed his eyes all the more at the still unknown man before him.

"Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze". Naruto replied not at all liking where this was going. Was this man a spy? Should he try running? Even if he did he had a feeling this man could easily keep up. So, for now, he would play it cool and see what he could find out. The best way to do that was by talking and so he did.

"How is she"? The masked man asked.

"Why do you care how she is"? Naruto shot back.

Zabuza looked at him for a time before pulling out a scroll. It was clearly very old and worn and had clearly seen many years since its production. By its aged look he guessed it was nearly as old as the Hidden Leaf was. Tossing the scroll about halfway between himself and Naruto he released its contents. Naruto slowly walked up to what was now upon the ground. It was a sword. An Uzumaki one at that.

"Why do you have a sword from my mother's clan"? Naruto asked eyeing the man with an ever-growing suspicion.

"That blade was my mother's. I took it upon her passing as par her wishes". Zabuza said as he watched as the boy eyed the blade up and down. He knew the fact he had what was so clearly an Uzumaki sword would make the boy on edge. Nobody should have clan-related material without being a member of that clan.

"So what are you saying you're". Naruto began before being cut off by the man.

"No, I'm only half Uzumaki, your mother was my second cousin or so I have been told. My full name is Zabuza Momochi Uzumaki. But seeing as I'm the last of that clan in the mist I never felt much need to go with my full and proper name.

"So why are you in this cesspool of a country"? Naruto asked his somewhat distant relative.

"I was tasked with killing your client". Zabuza told him. He was never one to mince words and he was even less likely to mince words when on a job.

"I...I see well can you at least hold off on killing him until my mission is over"? Naruto asked.

"Sure I guess I could hold off for a week. Otherwise, I'll have to kill him. I hate leaving jobs undone. Oh before I go I killed Gato so you needn't worry about him or his thugs". Zabuza said as he jumped off his sword, pulled it out, and jumped into the trees and out of sight. Naruto only shaking his head in mild amusement. His family was filled with oddballs.


Unnamed Bridge.


It had been nearly a week but with no need to worry about Gato or his thugs any longer the townsfolk had all joined in to help get the job done. This made the work go substantially faster than it otherwise would have. With their help, the bridge was completed in a matter of weeks instead of a few months. Tazuna was so happy he could cry. His home was safe once again and in time life would return to the village. However, that joy was soon replaced by soul-crushing fear.

"What the hell are you doing, boy"? Tazuna yelled at Naruto.

"Our mission is now done, old man. Also, you lied to us about the mission specifications this is no C-rank but a low B-rank at best and a low A-rank at worst. You have to suffer the consequences for that lie of yours". Naruto said to the now fearful man. His eyes bore no sympathy whatsoever for the man nor to his home. Tazuna looked at the others in team seven hoping that one of them would help him. However, none of them so much as moved an inch to interfere. The two other kids could even be seen talking about food of all things. Just then Zabuza walked up and placed his over-sized sword at the base of his skull. Again no movement from team seven.

"Before you die I should inform you what will happen to this place. Naruto said to the terrified bridge builder. His cerulean eyes were as cold as ice and utterly indifferent to his eventual fate.

"What"? Tazuna asked. Hot tears were now running freely down his face.

"We are taking it. A few ANBU should be entering this shit-hole very soon. Your lie has forever cost your people their freedom". With that done, Naruto gave Zabuza the go-ahead. Zabuza's oversized blade soon cut through his neck with ease as his blood shot up in a deep crimson. Afterwards, he kicked the man's head around for a bit before saying goodbye to Naruto and his team. Just as team seven began walking away two ANBU teams ran past them at high speed. In the coming days, the Hidden Leaf would make its money back and more. For now, however, team seven was homeward bound.



Hidden Leaf Village Gate 3.

Days later team seven could finally see the two massive wooden gates of Konohagakure off in the distance. After they had all signed back in they entered the village. They didn't get too far in however before the three legendary sages called them over ( Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and lastly Tsunade) to talk.

"How did your mission go in wave"? Orochimaru asked the three. Team seven told them everything about their mission in wave country.

"So he was killed"? Orochimaru asked. His pale skin giving the man the look of someone who had never once seen the light of the Sun a day in his life. His yellow eyes giving the man the appearance of a snake human hybrid.

"Yeah, Zabuza kind of cut his head off". Naruto replied with a light shrug. It didn't matter all that much to him anyway. His mission statistics would remain perfect with or without the man living to see another sunrise.

"Will no matter. You three did well. I'm so proud of you kids". Orochimaru told them.

"As nice as this all is I'll be taking Naruto home now". Jiraiya told them. Just as he was about to go Tsunade stopped him. Her hand landing on her swollen belly.

"Don't worry dear I'll make sure to see our baby girl when the time comes. No matter what". Jiraiya replied before giving her a light kiss. With that done he was soon gone. Only a small collection of leaves being any indication that anybody was ever there. What now remained of team seven talked a bit longer before Kakashi also left to give his report to Lord Danzo.


Hokage Office.


Danzo could be seen overlooking his village. It was hard to believe how long it had truly been. He would sometimes wonder what could have been had that choice so long ago gone the other way. Would the attempted kidnapping of Hinata Hyuga have happened? Would the third great ninja war have broken out? But most of all would his old teammate still be alive. It was true their relationship was a bit icy at times. But the very idea of Hiruzen trying to take the Hokage hat from him was nearly inconceivable to him, and yet it had happened. His own teammate had nearly plunged the village into a civil war and it was only stopped due to the combined might of the Uchiha/Hyuga Clan that saw his eventual downfall. It was from this fact that the two clans who had for nearly all of recorded history had seen a warming of relations over the past few years. There even was talk of a possible marriage proposal between the two clans. Something that only ten years prior would have been viewed as the delusions of a madman. As was customary for such things his body was burned and his name removed from any and all lists of ninja. He was now only known by the oldest ninja/civilians in the village. Just then the door slowly opened and in walked Kakashi. Danzo was still looking at the village as he asked for the mission report.

"The Land Of Waves is now ours, lord Danzo". Kakashi said.

"What of the client? Did he survive his trip back home? Danzo asked still overlooking the village.

"Yes, sir we were able to see him safely back home. While en-route we were attacked by the two demon brothers. Here is the seal that houses them. Naruto and Sasuke showed great skill in their fight. As for the client he was later killed by Zabuza soon after the mission was completed, sir. The town was being secured by Bear and Crow's ANBU team as we were leaving the village, sir". Kakashi replied never once meeting the eyes of his lord.

"I see, no matter we now have a port city to the south that alone helps us immensely". Danzo replied as he gave Kakashi his team's mission payment.

"But now let us move on to more pressing matters. The Chunin Exams will begin in just a few more days. Will we see your team take part"?

"Yes, Sakura may be the weakest on the team for now but I'm sure she'll overcome whatever come's her way".

"Good to hear. Now I have a mission for you. I need you to find out whatever you can about a new village that has popped up not too long ago". Danzo said as he pushed a tan-colored folder over to Kakashi.

"Good to hear. Now I have a mission for you. I need you to find out whatever you can about a new village that has popped up not too long ago". Danzo said as he pushed a tan-colored folder over to Kakashi.

"What village is that"? Kakashi asked as he opened the folder and began reading its contents.

"The Hidden Sound". Danzo replied.



It had been nearly a week and Kakashi had yet to return from his undercover mission to this unknown village. He did, however, give them all the Chunin Exams participation papers before departing. Based on the papers it was a much harder version of the Genin Exams. However, unlike the genin test killing was more or less a certainty while then simply allowed. Naruto was sure the other teams of their year had also been given their own papers. But until the exams started he would train. He really wanted that green vest.


Hidden Leaf Academy Second Floor.


Team seven entered the academy and saw a crowd of around 60 genin all trying and failing to enter a second-floor classroom. However two :Genin: blocked the way. A test before the true test he guessed. If they didn't understand that the classroom was in fact on the third floor and not the second he wasn't going to help them. Just as team seven was about to pass the sizeable crowd of clueless genin a boy in a green jumpsuit challenged Sasuke to a spar. Needless to say, the kid lost. But from this, they met his equally odd sensei Might Guy.




Entering the classroom Naruto found himself forced to the floor by a yellowish blur. Ino soon getting off him. A cute smile could be seen on her face.

"You know the test doesn't start for a few more minutes. I could help you pass the time". Ino said as her hand slowly moved ever lower until he stopped her just above the prize.

"No Ino now isn't the time for that". Naruto replied.

"You're no fun foxy-kun. Ino said acting like she was offended. He knew damn well she wasn't. That fact didn't make it any less of a pain in the ass to deal with. He really wished he would've just left her alone and not have given her that damn flower at the age of five. But he had and now she was his number one fangirl. The bane of all respectable male ninja. But at least she was cute. A right pain in the ass sure but cute. He guessed that was a fair tradeoff in the end.

"Stop calling me that". Naruto said irritated by her behavior.

"You know you love it". Ino shot back. Sticking her tongue out at him as if she was still in the ninja academy. She was sixteen and the next in line to take over her clan. She shouldn't be so damn cute Naruto thought angrily.

"Whatever how about you go bug Sasuke or something". Naruto said. He wasn't about to admit that he really wanted to take her up on that offer but that could wait. This could not.

Just then her teammates joined the group. Her team consisted of Shikamaru Nara and Choji Akimichi. It wasn't much longer before the other teams from his class joined them. Just as the clock hit 12:00 pm a man in a black overcoat walked in. Behind him stood a group of six Chunin. He explained the rules of the test as one of the Chunin assistances slowly handed out the test. The first part of the Chunin Exams had now officially begun.

Just one minute past noon. He and the other genin had just 59 minutes more until the final question would be asked. Looking down at the test it was clear this was not going to be easy. Hell, he was one of the better genin in the village and even he didn't have a clue on any of the nine paper questions. Sakura may be able to answer them but he wasn't sure. Sasuke for his part looked to be mostly ok. But he could see the clear signs of stress forming on his face. His grip upon his pencil was slightly tighter than it really needed to be. He was unsure about something. Of what he didn't know. But he was sure his team could still ace the test. Just then the sound of a kunai flying into somebody's head filled the air. The body of a stone ninja had fallen onto the tiled floor but it wasn't from one of the chunin. But from one of the many genin taking the test. Looking at the many chunin none so much as moved an inch or even looked like they even noticed the blatant attack. So even in this part killing was allowed. He would need to be ever more mindful of the other genin from that point onwards.

Ten minutes later and Naruto had placed most of his answers to the nine paper questions down. Hinata had about the same done on her test. However, her answers were much more elaborate typical of her clan. She, however, did do one thing that most in her clan would never do. She made little Naruto faces on the edges of her test. That was just too creepy. Naruto moved his chair an inch or two away. He once again looked at his teammates both looked relatively fine. Sakura more so than Sasuke. By this time a few more genin had fallen to the many surprise attacks and like the first nothing was done. Five minutes before 1:00 the proctor walked to the middle of the room and began to ever so slowly write the last question to the test. He placed the last letter just as it hit 1:00.

(What do you do if you are on a mission to assassinate a bandit lord when a teammate is wounded)?

(What do you do if you are on a mission to assassinate a bandit lord when a teammate is wounded)?

"That's right, Naruto. But you didn't have to be all over the top with it". Ibiki said with a bemused expression.

"I'm sorry". Naruto replied before retaking his seat once more. Soon after Ibiki told them to go to training ground 44 better known as the Forest Of Death for the second part of the Chunin xams.

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