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Chapter 2

Mask of the Yellow Death – A RWBY/Mask Crossover fanfiction by Fireball Dragon

Chapter 2 – Defanged

Dragon's Notes: Hello there. I figured I'd start working on another chapter of this before getting to any other projects. Mainly because this story will only be like, half a dozen chapters long, tops. Takes a load off my shoulders.

Anyway, this chapter introduces another familiar face from the Mask stories. If you're wondering how exactly he made it Remnant, try not to think about it too hard. After all, how did the Mask get to Remnant in the first place? By which I mean, the actual mask, and not the character.

Yeah, I refuse to actually call him the Mask. He's "Big Head," you get me? "BIG HEAD." The only time I'll ever accept calling him as the Mask is during the Death Battle between him and Deadpool, and only when the hosts call him that. Billy Batson might've been retconned from Captain Marvel to Shazam, which I can accept, but I will NEVER call Big Head the Mask. He will always be Big Head to me. But, insistence on names aside…

Enjoy the second chapter.

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Throughout the streets of Vale, a tall, hard-boiled-looking man in a tan trenchcoat roamed around, seeming like he was searching for something. Or someone. A passerby walked up to him and asked, "Hey there, are you looking for something?" The man simply replied with "Have you seen a green mask lying around anywhere?"

What the passerby responded with would strike most with surprise, but this coated man seemed to expect the answer. The bystander said, "Oh, you mean the green-faced guy in the news? Big Head?" Suddenly, the trenchcoated man took a more serious tone in his voice. "Do you know where he is? Where he's been recently?"

The bystander was a little shook by the sudden change in disposition, but replied with "Sorry man, I only know about him in the news. I haven't actually seen the guy in person." The trenchcoated man sighed and continued to run around looking for any sort of lead on Big Head. "Who was that guy?" The bystander asked. "Was he with the police or something?"

As the trenchcoated man continued to search the streets, he saw a news report airing on TV in one of the store windows. "And just last night, the White Fang struck again organizing a raid on a local Schnee Dust Plant. No sightings of criminal mastermind Roman Torchwick or radical extremist Adam Taurus were reported, but sources indicate that they might be major players in attacks to come." The man watching, he started to get an idea of just what might happen in the next couple of days. Or rather, who might happen. He needed a plan.

Meanwhile, at Beacon, while everyone was enjoying their lunch break, Blake looked gloomier than usual, which is saying something. Head hung low, she could barely touch her tuna salad. Her teammates knew exactly what was wrong with her and decided to give her some space to sort out her angst.

"Jeez, must be rough seeing the ones you worked for fall so low," Ruby said. As a Faunus, Blake was ashamed at how the activist group for her peoples' rights turned into a violent gang of criminals. Every attack by them and every report they get in the news filled her with disgrace. On the flip side, though…

Weiss felt bad not only for Blake, but for the Dust Plant that was attacked as well. "If this keeps up, my company will never be able to reconcile with the Faunus," she said. "I don't want to inherit a company full of racists." Jaune ever-listening, wanted to make Weiss happy. And he knew that with the newfound power of his mask, he could solve everyone's problems all at the same time.

"Pyrrha," Jaune asked his teammate. "You're smart. Where do you think the White Fang might attack next?" Pyrrha wondered why Jaune would care about that but gave the best guess she could off the top of her head. "Um, if I had to guess, I'd say they'd strike somewhere near the industrial area? There're rumors of new technology the Schnee Dust Company is working on with the Atlesian military, so… Why do you ask?"

Jaune simply replied "Just curious," while looking to the side. Pyrrha was suspicious of her partner but just chalked it up to newfound bravado. Of course, she did not realize exactly where this new surge of confidence came from. Poor girl. Tonight, carnage and madness on the menu, and Big Head was the maître d'.

Later that night, at the location Pyrrha theorized the White Fang would strike, her theory would prove to be true as several White Fang goons were already stationing themselves around a local SDC armory, planning to steal the weapons inside for themselves. Quite a few members were scanning the area for incoming enemies, until they heard a scream not too far off.

"What the hell was that?" One grunt asked. "Let's go check it out," his partner replied. He then gave an order to two more guards. "Stay here. Watch for intruders. Report any unusual activity to the others." Tensions were high, and in a situation like this, that's only natural. Nature however, would almost immediately get defiled in seconds.

As the two White Fang grunts checked around the corner to the back of the armory building, they saw that the entire armory's backlot was decked out to look like a cheesy cooking show TV set, complete with spotlights, kitchen counter, cupboards, and various other stage pieces.

"What the fuck?" One of the grunts whispered under his breath. "Who did all of this?" The answer then presented himself right in the guard's face. It was Big Head, wearing a cooking uniform and cliché toke, speaking in a horrible French accent. "Bonsoir à tous!" He greeted the guards with. "Welcome to Cooking with a Big-Headed Maniac! Tonight, pain and agony are on ze menu, as we'll be showing you how to cook pan-fried terrorists wiz a side of Dust-powered anti-personnel weaponry!" And so, Big Head made it clear that he took my cooking metaphor way too fucking literally.I cannot believe how difficult he's making it for me to write this.

The White Fang goons readied their guns, but almost in an instant, Big Head took their firearms out of their hands and somehow contorted them into cooking utensils. "First, you take a pair of unsuspecting guards, and strip zem of zeir weaponry!" He then threw them onto the kitchen counter where the spotlights focused on at that point. "Next, you turn on ze stove and keep ze fire HOT!" Big Head activated the stovetop of the oven that was built into the counter, roasting the two guards alive.

The terrorists screamed in agony as the fire scorched their flesh something fierce, but Chef Big Head was not done with them yet. "After broiling ze guards, you coat zem wiz a light coat of herbs and spices, and flip zem in ze pan!" Big Head then did just that, the guards freaking out over being flipped super-high into the air over and over again in a comically large frying pan of pain.

"And finally, to top it all off, you serve zem on a skewer and garnish zem wiz parsley!" After the final pan-flip, Big Head impaled the guards on a giant skewer, making it look like they were on a rotisserie. Topping them off with parsley, he then went on to say, "Zis dish goes very well wiz a side of garlic mashed potatoes and a bottle of cranberry wine! Bon Appétit!" Cackling, he then went on to slaughter the guards on the other side of the building.

Meanwhile, Roman Torchwick was watching the whole show from afar with his assistant Neopolitan. They were intending to oversee the group's activity while remaining a safe distance away, but they were absolutely flabbergasted at the scene that laid out before them. "What the hell was THAT!?" Torchwick belted out in surprise.

Neo, who preferred to keep her words to herself, simply shrugged in confusion. Brandishing her parasol blade, otherwise known as Hush, Roman stuck his arm out in front of her, signaling to hold her back. "No. We need to take him out from afar." He then readied his shotgun cane, Melodic Cudgel, and lined its reticle up with Big Head.

However, the trenchcoated man from earlier rushed onto the scene, pointing a gun at Big Head. "Hmm," Roman pondered. "Maybe this one'll do it for us." With all the guards in the area dead, the trenchcoated intruder's only threat was in the form of the masked murderer he was facing right then and there.

"Big Head!" The man belted out. "Stop! Take off that mask NOW!" With a creepy grin, Big Head simply challenged his order with "Come here and make me, big guy!" The man readied his gun, Big Head pulled another gun from behind his back, and both stared each other down. It was quite an intense moment. Both of them were ready to get their hands dirty. It almost felt like a showdown in an old-fashioned spaghetti western, whistling music optional.

Roman and Neo were actually kind of excited to see how this would play out. No matter how many bullets and knives the White Fang guards tried to load Big Head with, it was like he could just outright nullify anything bad or harmful in his way. Could this guy do any better of a job? But before they could get an answer, another bullet from afar marked Big Head square in his big head.

The bullet passed right through his skull and into the ground, and Big Head himself was completely fine. Looking up to see where the bullet came from, he saw Team RWBY jump down from one of the rooftops. It came from Ruby's rifle scythe, Crescent Rose. Readying her weapon once again, Ruby made her intentions clear. "Big Head!" She said. "I think we all know why you're doing this. What you're trying to accomplish. But this isn't right. This isn't how to stop people like the White Fang."

"Oh great," Roman sighed. "Little Red ruins everything once again." Neo then signaled that they should probably get away in their evac chopper before they have to get roped into that mess. Roman agreed, and away they went. Live to fight another day, you two. No one was the wiser.

Big Head however, could not care less about those two, nor could he about RBY or even the trenchcoated fellow. After all, as of now, his gaze was fixated on Weiss. "Hello again, Sweet Little Snowflake! Up for another dance?" Weiss blushed heavily at the idea, but she knew they had a job to do. "I-I won't let feelings cloud my judgement! We're taking you in!"

Big Head's grin then turned into a grimacing scowl. "Better people than you have tried. Just ask Kellaway over there." The team was confused. "Kellaway?" Ruby asked. The trenchcoated man then identified himself as such, making it a lot easier now that I don't have to keep referring to him as "the trenchcoated man."

"That's right," he said. "Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway. I've been chasing Big Head down for years." Team RWBY was in awe that there was finally someone who could have enough intel on Big Head to take him down. Unfortunately, Big Head didn't seem to do a thorough enough job in killing all of the White Fang guards, because one last survivor broke out of the armory's storage shed with an Atlesian Paladin.

"YOU MOTHERFUCKER!" The guard shouted from the inside, body brimming with rage after what Big Head did to his comrades. "I'M GONNA FUCKING INCINERATE YOU!" RWBY and Kellaway were stunned in shock, but Big Head, who was now sporting a mullet, bandana, stubble, a cigarette in his mouth, and a tactical bodysuit, simply said in a gruff voice "METAL GEAR!"

All of them readied their weapons to try and take down the Paladin, but Big Head simply pulled out a rocket launcher from behind his back and fired straight at the cockpit. The Paladin exploded in a mess of blood, guts, metal, and smoke. After the smoke cleared, Big Head was nowhere to be found. "Damn it!" Kellaway said. "I just got here, and he's already caused this much damage?!"

"Wait, Kellaway," Ruby said. "You said you were chasing Big Head for years. Tell us what you know about him. Do you know how to stop him?" Kellaway looked at the girls, realizing they could be a big help in taking the newest Big Head down. With a nod, he decided to tell the Huntresses everything he knew about Big Head.

Meanwhile, back at Beacon Academy, Big Head climbed into JNPR's dorm and took off his mask, transforming back into Jaune. "Who was that guy?" Jaune asked the mask. "Do you know him?" The mask, still capable of speaking replied with "That's Kellaway. He's always ready to spoil my fun. Whatever you do, don't listen to anything he says. You and I? We're on our way to glory! And into Weiss's panties as well! Did you see the way she blushed at you?!"

Jaune, chuckling with joy, responded with "Yeah, you're right. Just a little more, and she could finally be mine. I owe you a lot, mask. I just wish we could've done more tonight." The mask responded with "Cheer up, buddy. There's always next time." Putting the mask under his bed, Jaune went to sleep, ready to feign ignorance at everything that just happened. But he can't hide the truth forever. Especially not with Kellaway on the case. Things were only going to get crazier.


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