Mask of the Yellow Death @fireballdragon
Chapter 1

Mask of the Yellow Death – A RWBY/Mask Crossover fanfiction by Fireball Dragon

Chapter 1 - Arc de Défaite

Dragon's Notes: Hello there! Bet you never thought you'd see this crossover, did ya?! After reading the original Mask comics for myself (Which are a delightfully fucked-up joy to read, by the way, read them ASAP), this idea popped into my head faster than you can say "SMOKIN'!"

First of all, this takes place before the events of Volume 3. And before you ask, yes, this WILL tie into RWBY reacting to the Deadpool VS Mask Death Battle. But anyone who's read the actual comics (Once again, that should include you) will know that battle will trigger some terrible memories. Once I actually get to that battle. Which'll likely take forever and a goddamn day.

But enough about that. Let the madness begin.

RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth.

The Mask belongs to Dark Horse Comics.

I own none of the copyright.

How much do you think people know the real you? What lies in that little head of yours, shielded from society? Do you really show your true self, or are you just hiding behind a mask? When it comes to brass tacks… When you're all alone… Who are you really? These questions would soon be presented to one Jaune Arc, regardless of whether or not he wanted to answer them.

As he and his team of Huntsmen and Huntresses went out shopping out in the city for the weekend, Jaune came across a peculiar antique store. He had been saving up a lot of money so he could buy a gift for the apple of his eye, Weiss Schnee. He entered the store and saw an array of all sorts of knick-knacks that more than looked antiquated enough to impress a girl as high-brow as Weiss. One particular antique, however, drew his eyes to itself at borderline Mach-speeds. It was a little green mask.

"Uh, excuse me," Jaune asked the cashier gingerly. "How much for the mask?"

"That'll be 135 Lien," the old man replied. It was nearly all of Jaune's savings, but his desire to impress Weiss made him splurge it all in go anyway.

"Could I get gift wrapping for it?" Jaune asked. The man simply handed him a small box. Shrugging, Jaune simply walked out with his present in hand, wallet emptied, but spirit raised. He thought for sure Weiss would love it.

As soon as his team, JNPR, made their way back to their dorms at Beacon Academy, they came across by the campus bullies, Team CRDL, and their leader, Cardin Winchester, simply bumped into Jaune as he passed by. "Watch it!" Jaune barked.

"Oh?" Cardin said with a cocky smirk. "What're you gonna do about it, Jauney?" Jaune gritted his teeth like a wolf baring its fangs. "You still owe me one for saving you from that Ursa, you know," he yelled.

"Pffft," scoffed Cardin. "That was months ago. I'm not like I was back then. I'm way stronger now. Watch." He then brandished his weapon, a giant black mace, and hit Jaune over the head with it, sending him flying into a wall. As Jaune's teammates shrieked in horror, Cardin's teammates laughed in joy.

Jaune was quick to get up however, and readied his sword for a counterattack. Cardin, who still had his guard let down from laughing boastfully, didn't realize until the blunt edge of Jaune's sword sent him to the floor. Jaune, huffing in anger, stared down at the fallen Cardin with hatred in his eyes.

Cardin got up with speed equal to Jaune, and both were ready to fight it out, until one of the faculty stepped in. It was Glynda Goodwitch, right-hand assistant to the headmaster of Beacon himself, the man known simply as Ozpin. Brandishing her riding crop, she aimed it at the two Huntsmen and said with a stern voice "That's enough! If you keep this up, I'll report you both to the headmaster!"

Jaune and Cardin both complied silently, vitriol for each other still brimming in their bodies, and headed back to their dorms. Jaune simply could not get the images of him mutilating Cardin out of his mind.

Kicking him in the crotch.

Gouging his eyes out.

Cutting off his head.

Slicing open his torso and ripping out his intestines.

But after making it back to his dorm room, Jaune just decided to let it go and bring his present over to Weiss. Rubbing his sweaty brow to cool himself down, he prepared himself and his gift.

Luckily, Weiss's dorm was just across the hall from his, so he simply knocked on her team's door and waited for someone to answer. It was the leader of Weiss's team, Ruby Rose, who answered the door. Jaune saw that all of Team RWBY were inside as well. "Oh, hey Jaune." Ruby said cheerfully. "What's up?"

"I, uh, got you a present- I mean, for Weiss!" He stammered awkwardly. "I got a present for Weiss!" Weiss simply rolled her eyes as Jaune had tried to win her over before and failed every time. Just to throw him a bone, she took the box he was carrying out of his hands and opened it to see the mask inside. "Whoa!" She said. "What is this?"

"I thought you'd like it," Jaune replied, starting to doubt his choice in gift. "I blew almost all of my savings on it! I think it's super-rare and ancient!"

"Actually," Weiss admitted, "this is really interesting, but I'm not sure I'd want something like this in our dorm." One of her teammates, Blake Belladonna, agreed with her. "Yeah, that thing looks a little gaudy," she added. "Where did you even get it?"

Head hung low, Jaune simply took the mask back and sulked back into his dorm room. They didn't even say much to him this time. But the last of the team, Yang Xiao Long, simply assumed. "Huh. Dude must've had a rough day."

As Team RWBY's door shut behind him, Jaune heard a mysterious voice that he could've sworn came from the gift box. "Come on, buddy! Let's court the little lady and get even with that chowderhead!" Jaune was shocked to say the least. "What the hell?" He murmured softly. "I must be really out of it," and he headed back into his dorm room.

His teammates were quick to reassure him, though. "Don't worry Jaune," the only other man in the team, Lie Ren, said in a calming voice, "that was the closest you ever got to winning her over."

"Yeah!" A redhaired energetic girl in pink, Nora Valkyrie, blurted out. "Progress is progress, and this was definitely progress! Better luck next time!"

"I never have better luck!" Jaune said. "No matter how much progress I make, everyone else still gets ahead of me! How am I supposed to be a good team leader when I'm the weakest member?!"

"Jaune, it'll be okay," his final teammate said. She was clad in amazon armor, her long red hair tied in a ponytail. She was Pyrrha Nikos, the once-in-a-century Huntress who Jaune was lucky enough to have on his team. Unfortunately, he didn't realize how lucky he was. "Pyrrha?" Jaune said under his breath, almost like a whimper.

"The more you keep comparing yourself to others," Pyrrha continued, "the less you see your own strengths. You don't have to be the strongest, or the fastest, or the toughest to be the leader."

"Yeah, just look at Yang!" Nora added. "She's the strongest of the team, and she's not the leader!" "Yes," Ren replied, "and same applies to you." "Knock it off," Nora said smugly.

"My point is," Pyrrha concluded, "you were chosen to be the leader for a good reason. You're an excellent strategist, and you've been getting better at tactics ever since you started training with me. Believe me when I say, there can't be a JNPR without a J."

Jaune was taken aback at how Pyrrha went out of her way to comfort him. "There can't be a JNPR without a J… That's so cheesy for you to say, you know," he chuckled. "But thanks," he quickly added. It was a little joke like that coupled with Pyrrha's comforting words that improved his mood a little better. Hoping tomorrow wouldn't suck as much as today, JNPR headed off to bed.

It was near the stroke of midnight that Jaune suddenly woke up. He had to pee, and so he headed to the toilet, where he saw the mask that he bought earlier sitting on the toilet seat. "AAAGGH!" He yelped, thankfully waking no one up and not wetting himself either. It was pretty jarring to see something like that in a bathroom of all places.

"Nora must've put this here to scare me," Jaune muttered. "How about I put this damn thing on and jump out from under her bed? That'll show her." And so, he put on the mask. Worst decision of his life.

As soon as he put the mask on, he felt an indescribable sensation overcome his whole self. A crude mixture of power and madness welled up inside of him until his mind was brimming with raw energy, his body shaking and spinning and yet somehow still not waking up the people outside the bathroom. He had begun to undergo an incredible (And horrifying) transformation.

As soon as the transformation was complete, the Jaune Arc everyone knew had taken cover under the guise of a powerful new identity. His head had practically mutated into a big green skull, eyes practically popping out and giant teeth fixed into a nightmarish rictus. He sported a yellow tailcoat and big yellow hat, almost looking like a banana. As soon as he saw his new self in the mirror, the masked entity could only say one thing.


And so, he went out into the cold midnight air, laughing like a maniac the whole time. Meanwhile, NPR were still sleeping soundly, not knowing what the hell just happened. Seriously, how could they not wake up from that shit?!

Not too far off from Beacon Academy was the Emerald Forest, filled with all sorts of monstrous creatures known as the Grimm. Team CRDL was out there, looking for Grimm to slay, not out of their responsibilities as Huntsmen, but to relieve stress.

"Stupid Jaune," Cardin muttered under his breath, "making an ass out of me like that… I oughta slam my mace into his skull right now…!" The negative emotion brought from Cardin attracted a big bear-like Grimm known as an Ursa. Readying their weapons, CRDL prepared for battle. Until a mysterious voice from out of nowhere shouted "CRIKEY!"

"What the hell?" Cardin shouted. Not even a second later, and out popped the masked "Jaune," clad in a khaki outfit, sporting an accent similar to Velvet's. "We're 'ere at the Emerald Forest, where all sorts o' dangerous Grimm make their home! 'ave a look at the Ursa 'ere! It's strong enough to rip a man's head right off! And I'm gonna jam my thumb up its butthole!"

"Who the fuck is THIS?!" Cardin yelled. But "Jaune" refused to answer, instead beating the Ursa into submission, jamming his thumb into where its butthole would be, like promised, and cackling as the monster crumbled into dust. Team CRDL was pretty pissed that this big-headed individual stole their kill.

"Who the hell do you think you are, jackass!?" Cardin belted out foolishly. "Jaune" then fixed his gaze onto his unknowing nemesis and began to shake his hand profusely. "Well, g'day, mate! You must be Cardin! Good to meet ya!" He then grabbed Cardin by the collar and simply said "Let's wrassle!"

And so they "wrassled," though it was a relatively one-sided fight, as "Jaune" overpowered Cardin in less than a second, beat him down senseless (With great satisfaction), and trapped him in a leglock. Cardin was screaming in fear as his teammates ran off, also screaming in fear. This noise was finally enough to make NPR and even Team RWBY up from their sleep, as they headed outside to see what all the commotion was about.

"Say uncle!" "Jaune" commanded Cardin. "UNCLE!" Cardin replied, just wanting to get the maniac assaulting him off of him. "Say Uncle Albert always eats apples in his underwear!" "Uncle Albert always adds- ears- apes-" Cardin struggled to complete the tongue twister, despite it really not being that difficult. "I CAN'T!"

Suddenly, "Jaune loosened his leglock on Cardin, hearing footsteps from very, very far away. "What is that noise?" He then said to Cardin "We'll settle this later," and rushed off back to Beacon, leaving Cardin a broken mess in the middle of a Grimm-infested forest.

RDL tried to explain the situation to RWBY and NPR, but their panicky stuttering and talking all at once made it impossible to understand them. Before they could get their words together though, "Jaune" suddenly appeared in a white tuxedo, his gaze fixed on Weiss this time. "Well, hello there, sweet little snowflake," he said. "How about a little dance with daddy-o?" "M-Me?" Weiss asked meekly. "Jaune" then grabbed Weiss by the hands and the two began to dance all over the campus square, "Jaune" singing all the while.

"You're just too good to be true.

Can't take my eyes off you.

You'd be like Heaven to touch.

I wanna hold you so much.

At long last love has arrived

And I thank God I'm alive.

You're just too good to be true.

Can't take my eyes off you."

Weiss couldn't it believe herself, but even she was getting a little into it. The bravado and elegant footwork of this big-headed charmer was slowly but surely winning her over. But just then, the academy's clock chimed. It was 1 AM. "BEWARE THE FIRST GHOST WHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES ONE!" "Jaune" then disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving everyone in the square absolutely confused, and also leaving one girl a little swooned.

"Whoa," Ruby said in a low voice, still trying to process what happened. "who was that guy?" Weiss finally managed to speak after being subject to such amazement. "I have no idea," she replied, "but that was actually… kind of fun." Both teams looked at her in bewilderment, as they never thought she would say anything like that.

The next morning, word spread quickly about the so-called "big-headed Huntsman." No one had any idea where he came from, where he went, or why he was at Beacon. Everyone was talking about it.

"They said he was powerful enough to take down an Ursa with his hands!" Nora shouted. "What kind of Semblance does he have?!"

"What I want to know is," Ren added, "will he be back? I have a lot of questions I want to ask him."

"You're not the only one," added Pyrrha. "Everyone wants to know more about this 'Big Head' guy. 'Big Head…' I think that's what they're calling him." She then turned to Jaune. "What about you, Jaune?" She asked. "What do you think of this?"

"Me?" Jaune replied, pretending not to know. "I think this is the start of something really, really crazy. Whoever this Big Head is, it's obvious he'll be back. And I think he's gonna cause even more mayhem than last night." NPR agreed, not knowing the truth of the matter was hidden under Jaune's bed. Jaune gave a little chuckle as for once in his life, he got his hands on some real power. Or maybe the power got its hands on him.


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