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Mercedes and Sam were so excited about this weekend, not only did Sam have a game this weekend, but he was going against Finn as the Bengals played the Bears. Finn walked on to the Bengals team last year, and he was making a huge name for himself. Not only that, but all of the Trouble Tone crew and their families were coming to the game to cheer on both of their friends. Mercedes planned a huge dinner for everyone when they came in, and since Tina already lived in Chicago as well, she came over to help out.

"Cedes, this is going to be so great, you know the last time we actually had all the crew back together like this?" Tina said mixing the salad together.

"I know! It has been so long, and I miss everyone. I mean, it's great that we get to hang out so much, and I know Sam loves having Mike here with him."

"Yeah, Mike loves hanging out in the locker room, and going to the practices with Sam. I think that's all he talks about." She giggled and rolled her eyes, "I think he is more excited about that then the upcoming wedding."

Mercedes looked at Tina, "Of course he is! As much as Mike loves you, and he does, he practically has full access to the Bears locker room, and has made friends with a lot of the guys. That's a guy's dream right there." She giggled, "But I'm sure when your day finally gets here, Mike will be super excited, and all there for you."

"I sure hope so…" Tina put the salad in the fridge, "But that's why I made sure we planned the wedding after football season." She smiled, and went back to seeing what else she could help with. "Cedes, everything looks so good, you are still a beast in the kitchen."

Mercedes smiled, "That was a smart move girl." She checked on the mac and cheese, "Thanks T, I love to cook, and my husband loves to eat, so I have no choice." She started pulling out the ingredients for her famous brownies, and laughed at Tina's face, "Why are you looking like that Tina?"

Tina knew exactly what Mercedes was making, and she was super excited. "You're making your brownies!" She could hardly contain herself, "You know I love your brownies, hell everybody does, so I hope you plan on making a whole lot of them."

Mercedes smiled and shook her head, "I already made some last night, but I think Sam found my stash and ate a few, well a lot! So I have to make more." She started mixing ingredients together when her phone rang. Not even looking to see who was calling, she picked up the phone, "Hello."

"DIVA!" Kurt yelled out.

"DIVA!" Mercedes put down her spoon, "How are you?"

"I'm good, we just landed, and I was looking for my car you sent, but I don't see the driver."

"Uh, Kurt….I didn't send a driver because you told me that you and Blaine were going to rent a car, and drive to the house."

"No I didn't! I said that I don't want to drive in this city, and you need to make sure I get around. Now DIVA, where's my driver?"

"Unless you call a car service, then you won't have a driver." She shook her head and then heard the phone rustle. "Kurt?"

"It's Blaine, Cedes, and don't you worry about getting us a driver, we will rent a car."

Mercedes laughed, "Hey Blaine, and thank you. I know how hard it is trying to keep that man of yours calm, but if anybody can do it, I know it's you."

"Keep praying for me Cedes, I'm going to need it." He sighed. "We'll see you in about an hour."

"Okay Blaine, I'll see you guys then, and tell Kurt that I have his room ready just as he requested."

"I'll do that." He chuckled, and hung up the phone.

Mercedes hung up the phone and looked over at Tina, "Girl, why do we have such crazy friends?"

Tina laughed, "They are insane, but we love them just the same. Now, we need to finish getting all this food ready, because everybody is going to get in soon, and they are all going to want to eat."

"You're right about that, so let me finish getting these brownies in the oven, and we will be just about done." Mercedes finished mixing the batter for her brownies and put them in the oven when Sam and Mike came in the house, laughing and being rowdy. She looked up and smiled, "Really guys? Must you be that loud coming up in here?"

Sam and Mike had a great time working out with a few guys from the team, it was nonstop laughter and joking going on, while they got their workout on. And apparently the fun didn't end on the way home, since Sam and Mike were still laughing when they walked in. Sam heard Mercedes comment, and made his way over to her.

"We're sorry babe, we just had a really good time today." He wrapped his arms around her waist, and kissed her cheek. "Mike had all the guys dancing, and it was a riot. Some of those guys have no skills at all baby, it was hilarious."

Mike laughed as he went and hugged Tina, "That's so true, I think maybe even Finn danced better than some of those guys." He was doubled over laughing at this point.

Tina shook her head, "They weren't that bad were they?"

Mike was laughing so hard, he couldn't get the words out, so all he could do was nod yes.

"That would be something I would like to see." Mercedes stated.

"So would I." Tina chimed in.

"Well you ladies are in luck." Sam said, pulling out his phone, "I happened to have recorded it."

Mercedes smiled brightly, "Oh yeah baby, that's my smart husband." She started doing the grabby hands towards Sam's phone, "Gimme, gimme, gimme!"

Sam laughed, loving how adorable Mercedes was being. He went and sat on the couch and patted his lap, "Come here silly girl."

She happily took her spot on his lap and started watching the video and was in a fit of giggles as soon as it started. "Oh my God T, come look at this, it is as bad as they said."

Tina ran over and looked over Sam's shoulder, gasping at the sight that was there before her, "This is soooo bad….and what is that guy doing? Having a seizure?"

"Please tell me they are just playing around Sam…" Mercedes looked into his eyes, hoping to hear this was all a big joke.

"I wish I could tell you that it was a joke, but they were really trying to do the moves as Mike." He was laughing again.

Mike chimed in, "Now some of the guys were alright, but as you can see, some of them were um…"

"A hot mess!" Tina finished, "And you should have given them something simpler to do babe. You know not everybody is not as skilled as you are." She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

He blushed, and pulled her closer to him, kissing her on her cheek, "Oh baby, you're sweet and probably a lot biased."

"But I'm also honest, and you know that I think you are the best dancer in the world."

"I have to agree with your future wife." Mercedes chimed in, "You are amazing, and you know you shouldn't give those amateurs such hard moves."

"Those were the easy moves." Sam chimed in, "I begged Mike not to give them the hard moves, my stomach couldn't take it." He was still laughing.

"I promise those are the basics." Mike stated shaking his head. "I didn't even plan on dancing, I literally went to work out, but once they found out what I did, they all wanted to see and learn some moves, and that's what came of it." He was laughing along with Sam.

Mercedes watched a little more of the video, but the ding from the oven snapped her back into what she was doing, "Oh, my brownies are done." She jumped up, and headed to the kitchen.

"Brownies?" Sam smiled brightly, and followed right behind her.

"Oh no you don't Sam Evans…" She pointed her finger at him, "you already ate most of the last batch, that's why I had to make more. Now you and Mike need to go shower and change, our guests should be arriving soon. I know for sure Blaine and Kurt are on the way. Sunshine and Finn are already in town as well, so they should be here soon. Did you make sure all the rooms are ready?"

His mouth flew open as she stopped him, "I did not eat most of them, just 1 or 2, maybe 8…." He tried to be cute, but Mercedes was not having it. "Okay fine, I won't eat any more...yet, and yes the rooms are ready. I got the last room in the guest house finished before I left." He kissed her on the cheek, "I will go shower, Puck called me and said he and Santana, along with Quinn and Sean should be here in about an hour or so, they just landed not too long ago."

"Great! I am so excited that everyone could come this weekend, it's going to be just like old times." She started making a mental note of what else she had to do, "So you go shower, and Tina and I will finish up down here." She shooed him off, sent Mike home to shower, and called Tina in the kitchen, "T, are you guys sure you don't just want to stay here with us this weekend? I mean we have plenty of room, and I want you guys to be here with everyone."

Tina shook her head, "Nah, Mike and I like sleeping in our own bed at night, besides, we're just a few minutes away, we'll be here every day, so you guys won't miss us at all." She pulled the last batch of brownies out of the oven, Mmm, these smell so good."

Mercedes sighed, "If you say so, but we would love to have you guys here." She was glad that she finished all the food before anyone got there, so she wouldn't have to spend so much time in the kitchen when they did. She pulled out the hors d'oeuvres, "T can you help me put these on the table in the dining room?"

"Sure Cedes." Tina grabbed the shrimp tray, and the fruit tray "You went all out for us huh Cedes?"

"Nothing's too good for the Trouble Tones right?" She chuckled and grabbed the cheese tray, and vegetable tray. As soon as she placed it on the table, the doorbell rang, and she smiled brightly, "They're here!" She smoothed out her skirt, and made her way to the door, and when she opened it, she was greeted by a warm smile from Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, Joe, and their little girl Kristen. "DIVA!"

"DIVA!" Kurt was the first to hug her, "You look stunning as always.

"I could say the same about you Kurt." She hugged him tightly, "You look amazing, but I guess your husband has something to do with that."

"I sure do!" Blaine spoke up.

"But just so you know, I am still very angry that you two ran off and got married like that, and not invite me." She pointed her finger at the both of them. "I mean, you were both in and planned my wedding, I would have like the same respect."

They both dropped their heads, knowing they were going to catch hell for eloping, and not telling anyone until after the fact. "I know Diva, and I'm sorry, but we just wanted to get it done with, we couldn't wait another minute."

She sighed, "That's fine, I understand about being in love, but no more surprises you two. Now move aside and let Rachel, Joe and this little one inside."

"I was wondering when you were going to acknowledge we were here." Joe said, walking inside, hugging Mercedes, "It's so good to see you."

"Cedes!" Rachel squealed, "Your home is so beautiful, and I have to agree with Kurt, you look amazing."

"Don't be a smart ass Joe." She hugged him, "I was going to acknowledge you and your gorgeous wife, but you know I had to let those two have it." She smiled and hugged Rachel, "Rachel! It's so good to see you, motherhood looks good on you. And this baby girl is so beautiful." She picked Kristen up, "Hey baby K, it's your auntie Cedes…"

Kristen smiled, and hugged Cedes around her neck, "Ti Ti!" She squealed.

"That's right, you are so smart baby girl! I have some brownies with your name on it, after dinner, but we won't tell mommy and daddy." She whispered in her ear.

"Yay!" Kristen cheered, but then wanted to go back to her mommy.

"I think it's time for someone's nap, since she decided she didn't want to sleep on the plane."

Joe took her, "I'll put her down babe." And looked at Cedes, "What room are we in?"

"Go up those stairs, I put name cards on the door, you should find it easily."

"Okay, be back in a few." He grabbed the bags and headed up the stairs.

"I'm right behind you babe," Rachel stated, "I want to get settled. See you in a few Cedes, and thank you for letting us stay in your lovely home."

"It's my pleasure Rachel, now you guys hurry back, I have food ready."

"I think I'll go and put our things in the room too Kurt." Blaine said.

"I'll help; I need to freshen up anyway." He looked over at Mercedes, "We'll be back in a few."

"Okay guys, same goes for you, hurry back." Mercedes ordered.

Tina came out the kitchen, "So I know I heard Kurt and Blaine, who else is here?"

"Rachel, Joe and baby K."

"Oh cool, I can't wait to see little Kristen."

Just then the doorbell rang again, and they both looked at each other and smiled, "More are here…" Mercedes was so giddy as she opened the door, "Finn! Sunny! Come on in!"

"Mercedes!" Sunshine screamed and gave her a big hug, "It's so good to see you, and not on Skype."

"I know right! This is such a great weekend! Even though my man is going to have to crush your man." She looked up at Finn with a smile on her face.

"We'll see about that Miss Cedes." Finn picked her up in tight hug, "It's good to see you."

Mercedes squealed as Finn hugged her, "It's good to see you too Finn."

"Hey, hey, hey! Get your hands off my woman!" Sam walked up from behind them with a smirk on his face, "I'm the only one that gets to hug her like that."

"Sam!" Sunshine squealed and hugged him, "Look at you looking like a real NFL player." She joked.

"That's cause I am, and my wife is right, I am going to have to crush your man on Sunday."

"We'll see about that, my Finny is a beast out on that field."

"Oh he knows!" Finn chimed in, "And Sunday he is going to see for himself" He walked over and hugged Sam, "But for now, we can be cool!"

"Yeah you're right about that, I'm so glad to see you man!" Sam hugged him back.

"Me too bro!" Finn replied.

Before Mercedes could close the door, Brittany and Kenyatta walked up, "Don't lock us out!" Brittany said.

"Britt! You made it!" Mercedes greeted her with a hug, "You looking as good as ever. And Kenyatta it's so good to see you again as well."

"It's so good to see you too Cedes, I have to say, I love your house. It's just as nice as Puck and Santana's." Britt said, "We were there just last week, and we had a great time."

"They do have a great house, but this is just as nice." Kenyatta chimed in, "Thanks for letting us stay here."

"It's our pleasure."

Sam cleared his throat, "Am I not standing here?" He had his arms stretched out for a hug, and they both came in for a hug.

"We see you Sammy, and it's good to see you again." Brittany said, "You're looking good man."

He smiled brightly, "Thanks Britt Brat, so are you. And Kenyatta, you look lovely as well."

"Thanks Sam, I have to stay fly for my lady." She retorted.

"And she is doing just that." Brittany said, wrapping her arms around Kenyatta's waist. "So where should we put our thing?"

"Yeah man, Sunny and I need to change and get out these travel clothes." Finn piped in.

"You guys are in the guest house." Mercedes spoke up, "Baby can you show them where they'll be staying?"

"Will do, you guys can follow me." Sam led them to their rooms.

Mercedes was ready for everyone to get there so the party could officially get started. She didn't have to wait long, before others started to arrive. The doorbell rang, and she opened the door.

"Hot Mama!"

"Puck!" She pulled him in for a hug, "You guys made it!"

"Of course we did Aretha, you didn't think we would miss this!" Santana said, coming in for a hug.

"I'm so glad you could clear your schedule...all of you are so busy."

"Like you are just free all the time." Quinn chimed in, and made her way over for a hug, "It's so good to see you Cedes."

"You too Q, I missed you guys." Mercedes hugged her tight.

"Are we the last to arrive or something?" Sean asked, looking around.

"No, we're still waiting on Sugar, Artie and Rory."

"Okay cool, I didn't want to have all of you guys waiting on us."

"They can wait on us!" Santana said shrugging her shoulders, "I'm Santana Lopez, and people wait for me all the time." She smirked.

"Babe, can we leave the diva attitude in LA this weekend?" Puck shook his head.

She rolled her eyes, "Only because you asked, and I love you."

"Thank you for loving me baby…" He looked around, "So where's Sam?"

"Right here!" He walked up and hugged Puck, "So good to see you bro!"

"Sam my man! It's been too long." Puck hugged him back, "You looking good on the field man, I've been watching."

"Thanks Puck, I'm doing the best I can." He looked over at Santana, "And I see you and Satan are still going strong."

"That we are Trouty, and we will continue to go strong for a very long time." She walked over and hugged him, "It's good to see you."

"You too Santana." He looked over at Quinn and Sean, "Look at you guys, why so quiet?"

"Just waiting our turn." Quinn said, and hugged him, "How are you Sam? It's been too long."

"Things are great Quinn, I got my Mercy and football, what else can a man ask for?"

"Don't forget your music." Sean said, going in to greet Sam, "So good to see you man."

"I can't forget the music. It's good to see you too man, it's been too long. How's producing going?"

"I can't complain, I'm doing what I love, and people actually pay me!" Sean said, "Not to mention I got a hot, sexy lady waiting for me when I come home, so as you said, what more can a man ask for?"

"Nothing man, we are blessed men." Sam said with a huge smile, as he wrapped his arms around Mercedes waist.

"So enough of this love fest, where do we change?" Santana spat out.

Mercedes laughed, "Still impatient as ever, come on girl, I got you guys set up downstairs, and your names are on the doors."

"I'll show them babe." Sam kissed Mercedes on the cheek, and led the crew down to their rooms.

Mike made it back from showering and changing, and was sitting in the living room with Tina. So Mercedes went to get the drinks out of the fridge. She sat everything on the table when the doorbell rang, and she happily went to get it.

"CEDES!" Sugar screamed out, "I missed you so much! I can't believe it's been this long."

"I know, I missed you guys too. Come on in!" She hugged Sugar, and Artie. "New York looks good on you Artie."

"My sweet Sugar keeps me looking good." He shot Sugar a wink, "But you my dear are looking extra sexy these days. You lost weight, but kept all my beautiful curves intact I see."

"Artie are you still lusting after my wife?" Sam said coming upstairs.

"Always, and that's never going to stop either." He smiled and hugged Sam, "So good to see you man."

"Good to see you too man." He went to hug Sugar, "It don't bother you how much your man talks about Mercy?"

She shook her head, "Not at all, because I know he loves me, and Cedes is a sexy beast, so I can't blame him." Sugar giggled.

"Hey, I'll take the compliments anywhere I can get them." Mercedes chimed in with a laugh.

"This house it amazing guys." Artie said looking around, "We're gonna be living like kings and queens this weekend. So where do we go?"

"You guys are set up in the guest house, so follow me." Sam chimed in.

"Oh and by the way, Rory called me, "Sugar said, "he had to take a later flight, his new girlfriend is coming, and he went to LA to meet her first."

"Oh, so Rory is bringing someone….he said he might, but he wasn't sure if she was going to come, the last time we talked." Mercedes said.

"Yeah, well I guess she changed her mind." Sugar stated, "So he said we can start without him."

"Well alrighty then, as soon as everybody is all freshened up, we can get started." Sam said, "Come on guys, let's get you guys settled so we can eat, I'm starving."

"When are you not starving Sam?" Artie quipped, but followed right behind him.

Mercedes laughed at the banter, and went to make sure everything was in place. Slowly everybody started filtering back downstairs, and was greeting everyone. Mercedes stood in the doorway, looking out at all of her friends, when she felt Sam's strong arms wrap around her. She smiled, and melted into his chest.

"What are you smiling about?" Sam asked.

"I'm just so happy to have all our friend here again. I didn't realize how much I missed everyone until now."

"Yeah, it's good to have everyone here in one place. We're very blessed."

Mercedes nodded, "Yes we are babe." She looked out at all their friends again, "Let's go join them, shall we?"

"Lead the way babe." Sam smiled, and followed behind Mercedes and they had a great time getting reacquainted with their friends.


Dinner was going great, and everybody was having a great time. The conversation was flowing as well as the drinks. Mercedes and Sam were having the greatest time being host and hostess of this party. And everyone seemed to be enjoying everything. Right in the middle of dinner, the doorbell rang, and Sam got up.

"That has to be Rory." He made his way to the door and opened it up, and the look on his face was that of pure shock, "What the hell?"

"Surprise Sam!" Katie stood there with Rory right next to her, "I bet you never expected to see me again did you?"

Sam was speechless, he couldn't believe what he was seeing, "How...what….Katie?"

Rory smiled, "Yeah that was about my reaction when we figured out that you guys knew each other."

Sam still couldn't believe what he was seeing, but he shook out of his stupor long enough to move aside to let them inside. "So you guys are together?"

"Yup, this is my girlfriend." Rory said smiling brightly, "We met when she came to Ireland on vacation, and we just clicked."

"Rory was such a sweetheart, and super sexy, I couldn't resist him." She was smiling like a schoolgirl; it was evident that they were happy. "It wasn't until he started talking about coming to Chicago to meet his friends, did we put two and two together, that we knew the same people."

"And now here you both are, at my house…" Sam said, shaking his head.

"I guess it is." Sam laughed, "I'm glad that you and Rory found each other, he's a great guy. So come on in, everybody's sitting down eating, I'm sure Mercy is going to be just as shocked as I am. And so will a few other people." He knew this was going to be hilarious. He led them into the dining room, "Hey everybody, look who's here!"

Mercedes got up first, "Rory, you finally made it!" She hugged him, and then her eyes went wide, when she saw who walked in behind him. "What the hell? Katie!"

Santana, Puck. Quinn and Sean looked like they saw a ghost. Santana was the first to speak, "You crashing another dinner party?"

Katie laughed, "Surprise! I guess it's what I do, but this time I am here as the real girlfriend, not a pawn."

Rory wrapped his arms around Katie's shoulder, "Yes, she told me what happened last time she came to one of you guys dinner party, and I assure you, that this is the real deal."

Mercedes stood there dumbfounded, "I'm do you two even know each other?"

"We met in Ireland." Katie said, looking adoringly at Rory, "I was on vacation, with my family, and I met Rory at a coffee shop. He was so sweet, and offered to be my tour guide. I couldn't resist him, and we spent the whole day exploring the countryside."

"I showed her all my favorite hangouts, the part of Ireland most tourist don't get to see, and the rest is history." Rory piped in, "I was smitten right away, so we kept in touch."

Everyone in the room could see and feel the love radiating off the both of them, and it was sweet to watch.

"Well, as long as you're happy man, we're all happy for you." Puck said, "Even if it is weird."

Santana laughed, "It is weird seeing you here again Katie, but ever since you helped us bust Matt, you have been okay with me."

"Me too." Mercedes said with a smile, "You guys have a seat, you can put your bags up later. I'm sure you're hungry from the long trip."

"That I am." Katie said, taking her seat, "Plane food is never enough."

"So you guys are doing the long distance thing huh?" Sam asked going back to eating his food.

"Yeah we are, but not for long." Rory said with a smile on his face, "Katie loves Ireland so much she wants to move there, so I am going to be back home with my family, and now my girl."

"That's really good for you guys." Tina said, "So you guys are really serious the, if you are willing to move all the way across the world."

Katie shook her head, "We are very serious, I can't see my life without Rory."

"Neither can I." Rory said taking her hand in his.

"Awww…..we have another forever couple." Brittany said with a huge smile on her face.

"You see that Britt?" Santana asked.

"I sure do, it's all over them." She nodded.

"Well I guess there's nothing left to say but, welcome to the circle Katie!" Mercedes said, raising her glass, "And if you hurt him, we will come after you." She gave her a quick glare.

"Here, here!" Quinn said raising her glass, giving Katie a stern look.

Katie gave a knowing nod, "I got it, but no need to worry, I would never purposely hurt my Rory….he has my heart."

With that, everyone was satisfied with the new relationship, and went on eating their meal. The night had been full of fun, laughter, and surprises, but that's what a good Trouble Tone party is always like. They spent the rest of the night just enjoying one another, and of course, a song would break out every now and then A whole lot of reminiscing, and catching up. Everyone got filled in on the Matt fiasco, and the quickie wedding of Kurt and Blaine. It was a great night had by all, and after a while, everyone retired after it got pretty late in the evening. Mercedes and Sam decided that they would let the cleaning crew come in the morning to clean up the mess, because they were both too exhausted to do anything else. So they headed to bed.

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