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Chapter 3

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Waking up the next morning was a different experience for Mercedes, she slowly crept her eyes open and didn't recognize anything around her. This was not her place, she wasn't in her own bed...hell, she wasn't in a bed at all. She felt the carpet underneath her, although it was soft, she could still feel the hardness of the floor beneath her. She started to move but was stopped by a strong arm around her waist, pulling her against a very hard body with another hard surprise poking her in the ass. Then all the memories of last night came flooding back to her. I fucked Sam… She felt the soreness in between her legs and she shook her head, oh yeah I totally had sex with Sam. It was in that moment that reality set in for her and she shot up, "Oh Shit! What the hell were we thinking?"

The sudden movement from his side jerked Sam from his peaceful sleep and he looked up at a disheveled Mercedes looking like she saw a ghost. "What the hell? Why are you screaming?" He was trying to figure out why they were on the floor, and he shook his head, oh yeah, we didn't make it to the bed. She wanted to fuck in front of the big picture window. He chuckled softly.

Mercedes glared over at him when she heard him laugh, "What the hell is so funny? Do you realize what we did last night?" She started scanning the room for her clothes, "And why the hell are we on the floor?" She huffed and started getting up to get dressed.

Sam was a bit taken aback by her reaction, she came over to his place wearing next to nothing and seduced him, so why was she acting like he did something to her. He was going to snap on her, but then she got up and was as naked as a jaybird, and all rational thought flew from his brain. He couldn't stop staring at that luscious frame that not too long ago was riding him like he was the last man she was going to get a chance to ride. His eyes traveled to her breasts, remembering the way her nipples felt in his mouth. Then she turned around and bent over to get her clothes and his dick jumped and he couldn't hold back his growl, "Fuck…"

Hearing his reaction made Mercedes snap around and look at him, "Seriously Sam?" She shook her head and went back to gathering her things. She couldn't lie, seeing his eyes devouring her body was still hot, but she couldn't fall back into that trap again. "Sam...this was a mistake, although a hot and sexy mistake, it was still a mistake."

Sam knew Mercedes was right, this could get them in a lot of trouble if anyone found out about it. He ran his hand through his hair, "I know, and I am very aware of what the repercussions of this could be and we need to make sure no one finds out about this and…"

" never happens again!" Mercedes finished his sentence.

Sam nodded, "Exactly…" He didn't take his eyes off her, fuck she is still so sexy though, but this was a one-time thing.

Mercedes was slipping on her bra when she looked back down at Sam as he sat there with his disheveled hair, lips still swollen from all the kissing they did and looking like pure sex, it was not fair. Why does this man have to be so damn sexy, and his sex was so damn good. Stop it, Mercedes! It was a one time more Sam Evans. She grabbed her coat after putting her panties back on and slipped her shoes back on. She looked back at Sam, who still had not moved from his spot, "This was fun, but…"

He put his hand up, "I time thing…"

She nodded, "Exactly…" She tied her coat up and grabbed her purse, "See you Monday counselor." She smiled and sauntered to the door, quickly getting out of there as fast as she could. Everything in her body told her to go back and get one more ride on Sam, but she shook that thought out of her head, "No! Not going to happen." She smashed the elevator button and let out a sigh of relief when the doors closed.

Sam watched Mercedes walk out of his apartment and he needed to fight the feeling of jumping up and grabbing her to have one more chance to be inside of her, but he knew he couldn't...he shouldn't...but man he wanted too. He sent her a salute when she said it was fun. Once she closed the door he fell back, "See you Monday...fuck that is going to be a hard meeting to get through." He let out a loud sigh, "Why can't you ever take the easy road, Sam Evans? You always have to make things more complicated than it has to be." After sitting there for a while, he finally decided to go get into the shower and start his day. As much as he tried to get the curvy vixen out of his mind he couldn't. He went to sit on the couch to go over some briefs, but all he could think about was what they did on that couch and how he had her screaming out his name as he…"Fuck Sam...get it together." He got up and moved to his desk in his office, "I should be fine here, we didn't do anything here." He opened his files and started reading through them, but then his mind wandered, what I wouldn't do to have Mercedes bent over this desk and me...SAM! Dammit! He blew out a breath, "I am so screwed…"


Mercedes was not faring too well back at her apartment, she took a nice long bubble bath because she needed to have that after the night with Sam. And now she was going to watch a movie and just relax for the rest of the day. She turned on her television, "Oh...Clueless, I love this movie." She started watching it and she was into it for a minute, but her mind kept wandering back to the way Sam had her going crazy with the way he was using his tongue and fingers. She felt herself getting all hot and bothered all over again. You have to stop this, it cannot happen again, no matter how incredibly sexy and talented he is… She knew better and she needed a distraction, so she grabbed her remote and turned the television off, went to her kitchen to make her something to eat. That kept her distracted for about ten minutes because as soon as she was waiting for her toast to finish browning, her mind went back to the way Sam had her pent against the window and was slamming deep inside her. Her hands slipped to her breasts and she felt her nipples pebble up and were soon hard. She was aimlessly tweaking her nipples when the sound of the toaster popping snapped her out of her haze. She realized what she was doing and she blew out a breath, "I am so screwed..."


Mercedes managed to get through the rest of the weekend and not think about Sam, but as soon as she got back to work she was quickly reminded of him again. She walked in to have Carly following her in her office with coffee in hand, "Good morning Ms...Mercedes." She smiled at her almost making the same mistake again. "Here's your coffee and your schedule." She handed over the paper with her itinerary.

Mercedes laughed, "Thank you Carly, and why don't you just upload my itinerary to the calendar, it goes right to my phone you know."

Carly smiled, "I did that too, but I make a copy just in case you don't look at your phone, or you lose it." She shrugged her shoulders and made her way back to her desk.

Mercedes shook her head and smiled, "And that is why I hired her, she is good at what she does." She liked the relationship they built over the years, they both learned so much about each other and it helped with their working relationship. She was getting into her groove and was handling the things for the day when Carly popped back into her office. She looked up and smiled, "You got something else for me?"

Carly was going back and forth about something she saw last Friday before she left and she wondered if she should even say something to Mercedes about it, but she figured that it was a good idea to tell her boss what she saw. "Um...yeah...sorta." She was so nervous to tell Mercedes, how was she supposed to tell her boss that she saw her opposing counsel in his car after their meeting and he was...well...pleasuring himself.

Mercedes narrowed her eyes at Carly, she could see something was wrong, "Carly, are you okay?" She got up and led her to the couch in her office and made her sit, "Talk to me."

Carly was fidgeting and fumbling with the hem of her skirt, but she knew she needed to just say it. "I um...need to tell you something and it is going to sound strange."

"You're really freaking me out now Carly, just tell me."

She took a deep breath, "Okay, so last Friday after your meeting with Mr. Evans…"

Shit...why is she bringing him up now? I don't want to think about his perfect mouth and where he used it so brilliantly.

Carly continued, not even noticing Mercedes had zoned out, "I was leaving on Friday and I noticed he was still in the parking deck and he had his eyes closed. I wondered if he was in trouble or something, so I went over to his car…" She needed to take a breath before going on with the story.

Mercedes was looking at the poor woman that looked like she was going to pass out and that scared her even more. "Go on, then what?" Her eyes went wide, "Did he do something to you?" Oh God, if that man defiled my secretary and then had sex with me, I am going to kill him!"

Carly quickly shook her head, "No! Of course not, he was walked to the window and saw his hand on his...private area and he was pleasuring himself."

Mercedes stared at Carly for what seemed like forever, but then suddenly she started laughing when she thought about how their meeting went.

Carly was confused, "What's so funny? I just told you that the man that just left your office was sitting in his car masturbating and you are laughing. Aren't you disgusted by the fact that he could be possibly thinking about you?"

Mercedes smiled and nodded, Oh I got my power back… "He was definitely thinking about me and that gives me something to use when I go meet him later."

Carly was confused for a minute, but then she smiled when she thought about it, "Upper hand...I get it." She giggled, "Oh Mercedes Jones, you are definitely brilliant."

She shrugged her shoulders, "I just know that in this case, I am going to need all the ammunition I can get, because as much as I hate to admit this, Sam Evans is a good lawyer." And good at making me scream till I lose my voice.

Carly felt so much better with finally saying something, it was weighing on her all weekend, but she loved the way her boss handled it. "So what's the plan for Mr. Evans?"

Mercedes smoothed down her skirt, "Oh you already know…" She smirked, "Total annihilation." She got up and went to grab her jacket, purse, and briefcase. "You can go home early today, I don't think I am going to come back to the office after my meeting." She smiled brightly and walked out of her office with a pep in her step.

An Hour Later

Sam was sitting in his office getting prepared to see Mercedes Jones again, but this was all business...that is what he kept telling himself. He had finally gotten to the point where he wasn't thinking about her constantly, and now here he was about to see her. He ran his hands through his hair, "I just have to not think about anything that happened at my place when I see her, just all about the clients." He nodded, giving himself yet another pep talk when he heard a small knock on his door and looked up to see Todd his assistant coming in. "Hey Todd, what can I do for you?"

Todd was a young, eager law student and was so excited to have the opportunity to work with Sam Evans. He knew everything about him and he wanted to be just like him when he was a lawyer. He was so lucky that his mother knew Sam's mother and was able to have her put in a good word for him. He worked hard every day to impress Sam, and he was doing just that. "Yes Sir Mr. Evans, I wanted to know if you wanted to have the meeting with Ms. Jones in the conference room? I can have it set up in ten minutes."

Sam shook his head, "No it's okay, I will have the meeting in here, just make sure that the coffee is fresh and water is cold." He smiled.

"Already done Sir." He said he felt very accomplished. "Is there anything else you need?"

Sam thought about it for a minute, but couldn't think of anything else, "No not at the moment, but stick around, we may need you to order food for us later if this meeting is anything like the last one." He thought back at just how stubborn Mercedes was being in the meeting, but how willing and giving she was at his apartment, No Sam! Stop thinking about her sexy, naked frame writhing beneath...FUCK! He needed to not think about that. His head snapped up when he heard the elevator, "Showtime Todd."

Todd smiled and gave him the thumbs up, "I'm on it." He ran out to his desk and took his position for when Mercedes walked in. He smiled when the woman walked in, Wow...she is gorgeous. Too bad she is going to go down by the hands of Sam Evans. He smiled brightly, "Welcome to Evans, Bell, & Harding, may I help you?"

Mercedes smiled at the guy at his desk acting as if he didn't know who she was, nice power move Evans. She smiled, "Hello, Mercedes Jones here to see Sam Evans."

He looked at his appointment book, "Oh yes Ms. Jones if you can have a seat, Mr. Evans will be ready for you in a moment." He motioned to the chairs behind her, "Would you like something to drink?"

She smirked seeing him doing the same thing she did to him, but she would play along, "Water please." She smiled and crossed her leg seeing the young man jump up to grab her water. She pulled out her phone and started looking through some of her emails. She was able to answer a few before the young man returned with her water and was told that Sam was ready to see her. She smiled, "Okay thank you, lead the way." She followed the man into a really nice office, almost as nice as hers...almost. She then locked eyes on those green eyes that were in her dreams the past two nights, the eyes she desperately wanted to forget, but couldn't. She took a deep breath and held out her hand to Sam, "Mr. Evans, a pleasure to see you again." That's it girl, keep it strictly professional.

Sam saw her as she walked up and he needed to take a deep breath because she looked so sexy in that skirt and heels. All he could think about what her legs looked liked when they were on his shoulders...and yes with the shoes on. God Sam...calm the hell down. He was able to compose himself when she walked in and talked to him. He shook her hand, "Pleasure to see you as well Ms. Jones, please have a seat." He motioned for her to sit, and his eyes betrayed him when they went straight to her ass as she walked past him. That didn't go unnoticed by Todd, he cleared his throat to snap Sam out of his ass haze. Sam's head snapped up and nodded to Todd, he was so glad the man was there as well. He took the water from Todd, "Thank you, Todd." He walked over to his desk and slid the bottle of water to Mercedes, "Your water."

"Thank you, Mr. Evans, I am a bit parched." She grabbed the bottle and slowly took a sip, knowing Sam was going to be watching her. She glanced down quickly and saw him lick his lips, oh yeah, I still got it…

4 Hours Later

Sam and Mercedes were right back where they started from in her office...NOWHERE! Neither of their clients wanted to budge and it was starting to get really frustrating for both of them. It was like they were going in circles and it was getting completely out of hand.

Mercedes hung up with her client Angela and Sam had just hung up with his client Sean, and they both looked at each other with the same look on their face.

"She's not budging…" She said.

"He's not budging…" He said at the same time.

They both laughed and shook their head and she sat back in her chair and looked at him, "So what are we going to do? I mean I told her your points which were great and spot-on, but she was not trying to hear them."

"I told him all of your brilliant points and he shot them all down and wants to pursue this." He sighed, "Honestly I don't know how we settle this and that is not something I say often." Or ever…

Mercedes nodded her head, "I never had a case like this where the clients won't listen to reason. I feel like it is something else going on about these two that we are not privy to because this feels very personal."

Sam pointed to her with that long finger of his, "You know you're right, I was thinking the same thing because this does not feel like it is just about a book."

Baffled was the word for both of them and they had no idea how to fix this. They had exhausted all of their strategies and needed to regroup. Also, they couldn't stop eye-fucking each other throughout the meeting. Her panties were soaked at this point, and he was hard as a steel rod, so it had to end here. It was Sam who closed his files first, "We are not going to get anywhere tonight, so I think we need to get out of here."

Mercedes nodded and slipped her shoes back on, "You're right Sam, this was a total waste of our time. I think we need to meet with our clients again before we meet again."

He nodded, "I agree, and maybe we need to meet with them together? I mean maybe a face to face meeting would be just what they need to see happen to know we are right." He stretched.

Mercedes licked her lips as she watched his shirt stretch across his broad chest, and she remembered her tongue sliding up and down that taut chest and she quickly shook out those thoughts. "Um, yeah I think that could help." She stood up and bent over to get her briefcase.

A low growl slipped out of Sam's mouth as his eyes were stuck to her amazing ass, but he cleared his throat and stood up, "Yes, just let me know when you want to schedule that meeting."

She caught him and chuckled.

"What's so funny Mercedes?" He asked.

"You are Sam, I mean if you look at my ass any harder you might burn a hole through it." She laughed a little louder.

Sam scoffed and rolled his eyes, "Please, not like I was the only one ogling Ms. Jones."

She put her hand on her chest and acted shocked, "I was not ogling you, Mr. Evans, that was all you."

Sam walked over to her, invading her personal space, "Oh please Mercedes, you were undressing me the moment you walked in here with your eyes." This maybe was not the best idea...she smells so good, just like she did when I had her screaming my name. Damn, I want to bend her over this desk right now.

Why is this man trying to kill me? Her breath hitched when he moved close to her, just one small move and he would have been kissing her and she was not sure if she would be able to resist it. Damn that mouth… She shook her head, "I think you are mistaking your own actions. I mean you couldn't keep your eyes off my breasts the entire time you were on the phone with your client. But it's okay, I do have that effect on men." She smirked, thinking about what Carly told her about his last visit to her office.

It was his turn to roll his eyes at her, "Wow, someone is very cocky today…" He leaned in to whisper in her ear, "I guess that's what happens when you are properly and thoroughly fucked." He smirked and moved back before he got the attention of his assistant.

Damn you, you sexy ass man...I will not let you have the power, but it is so hard not to rip his clothes off right now. She straightened up and stood as tall as she could, it was time to end this power struggle, "Not cocky when you know for a fact it's true." She smirked, "Oh, by the way, my secretary told me to tell you hello, she hoped that you took care of that problem you had after our meeting." She smiled, GAME, SET, MATCH! The look on Sam's face was priceless, she knew he was shocked that she would bring that up, but she needed to regain that power. "I'll have my secretary set up that meeting, see you next time Mr. Evans." She walked out of his office and added some extra swish in her hips because she was sure he was watching.

Sam stood there long after she was gone, with the most shocked look on his face, he couldn't believe that her secretary told her that he was masturbating. He wasn't, not that he wasn't hard, but it wasn't that deep, he was just adjusting himself...that was normal. "Damn...that woman is good...really good." He had to respect the move, but he would be damned if he let her win the war. "You may have won that small battle Mercedes, but I will win the war." He meant that, even if he didn't know what the prize was, he wanted it.

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