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Chapter 1

Hey guys, LadiJ is back with another story! I know it's been a minute, but I can only write as the mood hits and boy did it hit! I owe it all to RILEY'S debut EP! It is amazing and I have been listening to it every day since it came out. This story is inspired by the song Creepin and I love it. I had to give it my own Samcedes twist, so I hope you guys like it. Let me know how you all feel about it, and if I should continue or not!

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***I only borrowed SamCedes, nothing to do with Glee***

Mercedes was walking through the office where she worked as a partner in her firm. She had a swagger about her that was undeniable from anyone who came in contact with her and she knew that she was that bad bitch. Today was no different than any other day, she looked flawless and everyone's eyes were on her as she walked past them. She was sporting a sleek black pencil skirt that showed off all her curves. Her blue blouse fit her perfectly, and she toed the line from professional and sexy. The front of her blouse dipped just low enough to make people drool, but not get completely distracted. You would never catch her without a heel lower than six inches, she likes how her legs looked in them and so did a few of her admirers. She walked into her office and her assistant Carly came running in, looking like she had something urgent to tell her.

"Ms. Jones, you have a meeting in ten minutes."

Mercedes was taking off her jacket, hanging it on the rack in her office and looked over at the woman and shook her head, "I know Carly, that's why I came back in time." She lightly chuckled, "And what did I tell you about that Ms. Jones business?"

Carly dropped her head and smiled, "Call you Mercedes, because your mother is Ms. Jones."

"Exactly." Mercedes smiled and took a seat behind her desk, "Now that we got that out the way, let's discuss the meeting and why am I the one that has to handle this?"

Carly let out a little chuckle, she knew Mercedes only liked to have the high priority cases, and she had no idea why the other partners wanted Mercedes to deal with this case. "I'm not sure Miss-Mercedes." She caught herself. "All I know is that you are to meet with the opposing counsel to try to come up with a plea deal."

Mercedes rolled her eyes, and it all made sense to her. The other partners knew she was the best with negotiating with other counsel and making cases disappear. She had a knack for getting what she wanted, and she figured this won't be any different. "Fine, so do we know who this opposing counsel is?" She looked over her files but didn't see any information she was looking for.

Carly started looking through the files and put what she was looking for on the desk, "Yes, it's this new hotshot lawyer from Philadelphia, um...Sam Evans."

Mercedes hadn't heard anything about this guy, so she was very unfazed by the name. "Oh okay, never heard of him, but I am going to make sure he knows who I am before he leaves this office." She smirked and that caused a little squeal from Carly.

"I do love watching you take down the competition with so much confidence and class, that is why I wanted to work for you." She couldn't stop smiling, she admired Mercedes for a long time, and although they were close in age, Mercedes just exceeded in this field and was the most sought after attorney in the Miami area.

Mercedes smiled at the compliment coming from Carly, "I do try my best, and not going to lie, I like seeing the competition come in here and underestimate me. Especially if it's a guy." She put on a devilish grin, "Something about that makes me all giddy inside." She chuckled as Carly's phone started to ring.
"I better go get that." The woman rushed out and answered the phone, "Mercedes Jones office...oh yes, please send him in." She quickly hung up the phone and hit the intercom, "Sam Evans is on his way up."

Mercedes hit the button, "Thank you, Carly, you know what to do." She smiled and got up quickly, closing the door, putting her jacket back on before sitting back down at her desk. She started looking over the files to get a last-minute look at the case. She didn't pay attention to when the man walked into her receptionist area, and Carly sat him down and offered him something to drink, which he declined. She then left him to his own devices until it was the proper time to escort him to Mercedes office. This was a power move that Mercedes had perfected and it worked 100% of the time, so she didn't think it would be any different this time around. After leaving him out there for ten minutes she finally hit the intercom button, "Carly, can you bring Mr. Evans in please."

"Yes, Ms. Jones." She knew this was the only time Mercedes wanted her to call her Ms. Jones, it was more professional in front of clients or other attorneys. She got up and went over to where Mr. Evans was, "Ms. Jones is ready for you now."

Sam Evans was not new to this game, although looking at him, you would never guess that. He knew he looked young to some people, but looks were definitely deceiving in this case. He was not someone you could get things passed easily and he was known in some circles as the Hitman because he would go after his target in cases and he would always hit his target and get what he wanted. He was definitely a good looking man and he knew it. He took care of himself and was never one to lack looks and stares from people on the street. He liked wearing clothes that made him feel like a million bucks, and he would never be caught dead in anything less than a tailored made suit while he was working. Today he was sporting a gray suit, with the tiniest pinstripes, and a lavender tie and pocket square. His dress shirt was crisp white, and he had on a pair of silver cufflinks, he looked as if he just stepped out of GQ Magazine. He was sitting in the waiting area of Mercedes Jones' office, and he knew exactly what she was doing. Making him wait was a clear power move and he kinda admired it. He had done his homework on Mercedes Jones, and he knew she was a hotshot here in Miami and was definitely good at her job, that was one reason he accepted this case. He wanted to work with the best and go against the best. From what he heard, Mercedes was the best and he wanted to show her and everyone else, just how good he was.

"Ms. Jones is ready to see you now." He looked up as the woman said those words, and he flashed her a warm, sexy smile, "Thank you so much…lead the way."

Carly couldn't lie, this man was sexy and she wondered if this was someone that was going to be a real match for Mercedes. She had all the confidence in her boss, but from the look of Sam Evans, he was ready for the fight. She showed him to the office and escorted him to the seat. "Ms. Jones, Mr. Evans." She smiled and slowly walked backward out of the office.

Sam walked in and was instantly struck by the beauty that is Mercedes Jones.

Oh fuck...

He knew from the moment he saw her, he was in trouble, but he needed to keep his composure. He cleared his throat, "Ms. Jones, it is a pleasure to meet you, I wish it was under better circumstances."

Mercedes looked up from her desk as she heard her door open and let out an audible gasp at the sight of Sam Evans, he was nothing like she expected and she found herself staring at him. He was fine as hell, and she couldn't believe that he was the person she would have to destroy in this case.

Why does this man look like walking sex? I mean Damn!

She took a breath and composed herself the best way she knew how. She stood up and walked around the desk, "Mr. Evans, it is a pleasure to meet you as well." They exchanged handshakes before she walked back to her desk. "Although the circumstances aren't the best, we could agree to be as civil as possible can't we?" She gave him a warm smile.

Oh, my word...that Ass can make a grown man cry, and I am tearing up.

He had to take a breath and try not to focus on her ass as she walked back to her desk, but that was not an easy feat. She was gorgeous, and his manhood let him know just how excited he was. Not now, I got to focus on work, but trust me I know. He opened his briefcase and pulled out his tablet and files, "So we should discuss the blatant way your client is trying to defame my client's name and reputation in the literary community." He gave her a seductive smirk, knowing it could work in his favor like it always had.

Mercedes couldn't lie, his little smirk was something that sent shivers down her spine and heat to her nether regions, Oh he's good...really good and sexy. But she was too smart to let that affect her goal in making this case go away with her client getting the win. She leaned up and folded her hands on her desk, "Oh Mr. Evans, I think you have been misinformed because it is your client that is defaming my client and spreading lies in the literary community." She returned the smirk, this is going to be fun. "So how do we make this end and your client pays my client for the damage she has caused?"

Sam sat up knowing he might have met his match in Mercedes Jones because she was pulling out the moves he used on other attorneys and would easily get them to do whatever he wanted, but she was not backing down. He liked a good challenge, and he was ready to show her what he got. "I guess we have a difference of opinions here, and I was so hoping that this would be a short visit." He smiled.

Mercedes took off her jacket and put it on the back of her chair, "I guess not, so should we order lunch? I have a feeling it is going to be a long meeting Mr. Evans." She smirked and cocked her head to the side.

5 Hours Later

Mercedes and Sam were going round and round with this case and still couldn't agree on any terms. They were not budging on anything and the air was thick in her office. They went tit for tat on each defaming word and each lie that was spread between their clients, and each of them had an argument for why their client was right. It was way past the time when Mercedes and Sam would leave their prospective offices and head home, but they were in no rush to leave tonight. They were going back and forth, but along with the obvious work tension, it was a thick layer of sexual tension going back and forth in between them and they both felt it.

Mercedes slammed the file down on the desk, "Sam Evans, you are delusional if you want to sit here and tell me that your client posting an article on a well-known website that my client plagiarized his last book is not slander, then you are clinically insane." She was over this meeting and couldn't believe how stubborn he was being.

Sam just shrugged his shoulders and chuckled, pulling out a book that he believed showed that his client was right. "I am not delusional or insane, I am right. And if you look at this book, on page 235, you will see why my client said what he said." He sat back like he just hit the game-winning shot. I got her right where I want her...well almost.

Mercedes had never seen the book and quickly grabbed it and looked at the page he directed her to. She was reading it and shook her head as a smirk came across her face. "This is what you came up with?" She let out a chuckle and put the book down, "You really think a paragraph that has some of the words that are like the one in my client's book can justify plagiarism?" She flipped her hair and shook her head, "You got to come better than that Sam Evans." She pursed her lips together, but she couldn't keep her eyes off his full lips, why does he have to look at me that way? And damn his lips are so fucking sexy. She was so enthralled in him, she missed what he said, "Huh...what did you say?" Shit Mercedes, get it together.

Sam knew it was a stretch, but he was going to throw anything out there and hoped it stuck because he knew it was a hard case for him or her to win, but they apparently were both super stubborn and were not going to accept defeat. He had to shift in his seat when she flipped her hair and pursed her sexy lips together, he got a whiff of her perfume and it was intoxicating. His pants were getting tighter and for the first time, he hated that he wore such a perfectly tailored suit, because there was no hiding his situation. He needed her to stay behind her desk until he could get it under control. Even her laugh was affecting him, Sam, calm your ass down, she is just another woman...a very sexy, curvy, temptress...but still a woman. Get it together. He took the book back, "Clearly your client took more than a few words from this book and he deserved to be called out for not having an original thought, but if you don't think so, then I guess we are not going to get anything done here today. And honestly, I have plans for tonight, so I can't sit here with you all day going around and around in circles." He did have plans for the evening, he met a woman that was gorgeous and he was taking her out tonight. Sure she wasn't as gorgeous as the woman before him, but he wasn't going to say that.

Mercedes sat back and crossed her legs under her desk and shrugged her shoulders, "That's the first thing you said that I agree with, and I too have plans for the evening, so I would like to wrap this up so I can have time to go home and change into something more appropriate." She stood up slowly so she could put her shoes back on, she kicked them off a long time ago. "So I guess we should set up another meeting?" She walked around her desk and leaned against it, right in front of Sam, crossing her arms in front of her chest, pushing her breasts up in her blouse. She knew he was checking her out throughout the meeting, so now she was going to mess with him a bit.

Sam swallowed hard as she came in front of him, looking like a vixen. Her hair was falling to her shoulders with the curls so perfect, and damn why is she pushing her breasts up like that? She is totally messing with me. Two can play this game. He closed his briefcase when he put everything inside and stood up, right in front of her, invading her personal space a bit, "I'm glad we could agree on something Mercedes Jones." He let his southern drawl slip out when he said her name, he knew that it usually drove the ladies crazy. "I will have my secretary set up that meeting tomorrow. I hope you have a good time with your plans tonight." He smiled and reached for his suit jacket and slipped it on. "I guess we will see each other again soon." He leaned in closer to her and smirked, "Next time in my office." He winked and turned and left, leaving her standing there stunned and definitely turned on.

Mercedes had never been challenged by a man like that ever and she was very much hot and bothered by him. She was standing there thinking about what just happened, and was so glad she was leaning on the desk because her knees went weak as his tall slender frame was so close to her. His cologne was tickling her nose and she could still smell him. She was so in a daze she didn't notice Carly walking into her office.

Carly watched Sam leave and she watched him as he walked to the elevator and didn't take her eyes off him until he got on the elevator and the doors closed. She then made her way to her bosses office, "Mercedes…" She got no response and she chuckled to herself, he blew her mind. "Um...Mercedes." She waved her hand in her face, "Are you okay?"

Mercedes jumped, "Huh? What?" She blinked and realized what happened, "Carly what are you still doing here? You should have been gone a few hours ago." She couldn't believe that man got her so worked up and now she had to act as if he didn't.

Carly tried to hide her laughter, she had never seen Mercedes so flustered before, "I was just coming to tell you that I was leaving and Troy called and said that he will see you at 8:30." She smiled.

Mercedes quickly nodded, "Okay thank you, now get out of here and live your life. I will see you tomorrow." She smiled and waved her off. She watched Carly leave and she sat back in her desk and blew out a breath and started fanning herself, "Damn you, Sam Evans."


Sam quickly walked out of the office and to his car, where he sat inside and couldn't get himself to actually start his car and pull off. He was reliving every flirty moment he had with Mercedes and he couldn't stop smiling. She was so sexy and every curve was now engraved in his brain. All he wanted to do was grab her and memorize each curve with his fingers and tongue. He wanted to worship her body like he felt it deserved it needed to be worshipped, starting with her luscious breasts. He wanted to see if he could make her cum by just playing with her nipples. Damn, what is this? I have never reacted to any woman like this. He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard his phone beep, letting him know he had a text message.

Can't wait to see you tonight. xo- Veronica

Sam sighed, "Oh yeah…" But he looked down at his crotch and he was still hard as a rock, "I definitely need to take care of this first." He shifted his cock in his pants, and at that moment, he jumped when he heard someone knock on his window.

Carly made her way to the parking deck to leave, and she saw Mr. Evans was sitting in his car and she wondered if there was something wrong. She walked over to see if he needed help, but what she saw was more than what she bargained for. "Mr...Oh My GOD! I am so sorry."

Sam was mortified that she caught him in a compromising position, "Oh God NO! It's not that!"

Carly was not going to stick around to see him finish whatever he was doing, she turned and ran to her car and sped off, not wanting to hear anything.

"SHIT!" Sam screamed out as he watched her speed out of the deck and he plopped back in his car, "Dammit Mercedes Jones, look what you doing to me." He turned the ignition and sped out of there as fast as he could.

Mercedes was sitting across from Troy with a smile on her face, he was a very good looking man, and was very into her which she liked, but most of the night she found herself thinking of a sexy green-eyed attorney, that set her soul on fire this afternoon. Why can't I stop thinking about Sam Evans, I mean Troy is just as sexy and he is everything I wanted in a man, so why am I not into this date as I should be? She had nothing but great things to say about Troy, he owned a couple of restaurants and he was an amazing chef, not to mention he was kind, sweet, and yes sexy. She had actually experienced him in bed and he was amazing, but tonight she was distracted. She saw him waving his hand in her face, "Oh sorry...did you say something?"

Troy shook his head and laughed, "You must have had someday today, you are more distracted than normal." He was used to her being distracted when she had a big case, he didn't get too worried about it, because he was the same when he was getting ready to open another restaurant. "So tell me about it, that way I can have your attention tonight." He chuckled and sipped on his wine.

She felt so bad for not being completely present with Troy, but that Sam Evans was living rent-free in her head right now. She needed to shake all thoughts of Sam from her brain and really focus on Troy, he deserved. She grabbed his hands after he finished his drink, "I am so sorry for being off in another world, but I do have a new case that is taking a lot of my time. I had a meeting with the opposing attorney today and he is as stubborn as a mule." She shook her head.

"Like you huh?" Troy chuckled and shook his head.

Mercedes' mouth fell open but then she closed it, not really being able to argue with him because she knew he was very stubborn. "Okay...maybe like me." She chuckled, "But we got nowhere in our meeting and now I am running over things in my head on how I can win this case." She was definitely thinking about the meeting, but it had nothing to do with the case, but more so with the sexy attorney that set her lady loins on fire during the meeting. She needed him to believe her so she plastered a huge smile on her face hoping he wouldn't be able to read her mind at this moment.

Troy smiled and shook his head, "You work hard and I like that, but I hope you can relax enough to enjoy this night with me." He pulled her hands up and kissed both of them.

That little gesture had her heart fluttering, he was a great guy and although they hadn't made anything official, she could see herself falling for him in time. "I will relax and stop thinking about…" Just as she was about to focus all her attention on Troy, a pair of green eyes that had been haunting her all night, was staring right at her from across the room. She was shocked to see Sam there, but her body was betraying her and was getting hot and bothered just by seeing him. "Sam…" She unconsciously whispered out.

Troy jerked back and followed her eyes to see what she was looking at, "Who the hell is Sam?"
Oh shit, did I say that out loud? Mercedes couldn't believe she was being this sloppy, she was never this way. She shook her head, and looked back at an obviously angry Troy, "Um...yeah….Sam...that was the attorney's name who I met with earlier, I was going to say stop thinking about Sam and the case." She didn't know if he believed her, but she was sure as hell going to try to make him, she was a lawyer for God's sake, she could convince anyone to do anything she wanted.

"So who is that guy you were just staring at then?" Still, a bit annoyed that she was not focusing her energy on him, but what made it worse, some other guy apparently had her attention.

Mercedes smiled and grabbed his hands back, "The guy that walked in is Sam, and I was just shocked to see him, that's all." She squeezed his hands, "You have all my attention babe, I promise you." She fluttered her eyes and gave him the smile she knew he couldn't resist. She even rubbed his hands with her thumb to help convince him.

He didn't know if he was fully convinced, but when she smiled, he couldn't resist her, so he pulled her hands up and kissed them again, "Okay, I will take a chill pill and just enjoy this lovely evening with you, and hopefully we can go back to yours or my place for a nightcap." He winked.

"Oh, that is definitely going to happen." She smiled and winked back. She was never one to pass up on a night filled with hot orgasms and Troy knew how to give her what she wanted. So she was looking forward to a great night, she just needed to keep her eyes off of Sam, which was going to be hard since he was seated right in her line of sight. Damn you, Sam Evans!


Sam and Veronica walked into the restaurant after Sam was late picking her up for their date, and he needed to make it up to her. He told her that work held him up, and that was kinda true. He left out the part where he was extremely turned on by Mercedes, so much so that he needed to go home and release the tension. Usually, one shot would do it, but with Mercedes, he would get hard just at the mere thought of her, so it was more than one shot this time. He finally convinced her and was getting out of the dog house when they walked in the restaurant, when who was the first person he locked eyes with, none other than the reason he was late in the first place, Mercedes Jones. He felt his dick twitch and he inwardly cursed. Fuck my life! How is she here? How did we pick the same restaurant? And who is that lame-ass dude she is with? What the fuck Sam, you are here on a date, focus! But he was staring at Mercedes, and he couldn't take his eyes off of her. It wasn't until he heard Veronica's voice.

"Sam...what the hell are you looking at? Did you even hear the hostess say our table is ready?" She was a model and definitely beautiful. She wasn't one to have a hard time getting dates, so she was a bit shocked that he was not giving her the attention that she was used to.

He shook his head, "I am so sorry, I didn't hear anything, I just got a bit distracted." He put his hand on the small of her back to lead her to the table the hostess was leading them to. He pulled out her chair like a true gentleman, "My dear." He smiled and then took his seat. He looked up and the first thing he saw was Mercedes, right in his view. Usually, he would shut it out, but he knew there was no way he was going to be able to do that, especially how his dick was already reacting to seeing her. He wanted to focus on Veronica, but he was no longer interested in this date. He picked up his menu and pretended to read it, but he was looking over the top of it at Mercedes. He smirked when they locked eyes again, and it was on, he knew what he was going to be doing for the rest of the night.

The night continued and Sam was doing his best to keep his attention on Veronica, but he was sneaking glances at Mercedes every chance he got. It only made it more difficult for him when she was doing the same thing and his dick was twitching all over the pace. It was something about her eyes that were not burned in his brain, and he needed to talk to her. He couldn't be feeling like this alone, and when he caught her licking her lips at him, he knew the feelings were mutual. He watched her get up and excuse herself from her table, and he followed to where she was heading. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, "Oh shoot...I am getting a call from work, excuse me please." He kissed her hand and excused himself from the table, with his phone to his ear to keep the charade going. He walked right to the area Mercedes just walked too and waited for her to emerge from the restroom. When she did, he grabbed her arm and pulled her into the empty party room, pressing her against the wall, "You have been eyeing me and flirting with me all night Miss Jones, and I need to know what is going on in that sexy head of yours?"

Mercedes knew what she was doing, and a small part of her felt bad about it, because she was there with Troy, but her eyes would constantly go to Sam and his bony date. She had no idea what he saw in her, but whatever, he couldn't keep his eyes off her and she took solace in that. She watched how he would react to her, and she knew she had him right where she wanted him. She purposely walked right past him to go to the restroom so he could get a good look at her ass that he was admiring earlier in the meeting, but now she had on a bodycon dress that showed him every curve of her ass. She made sure to put an extra swish in her hips as she walked past him. And just like she wanted, he followed her. She wasn't surprised to see him there, but she needed to act like she was surprised. She "acted" as if she was going to push him away, "Sam Evans, what are you doing? I am here on a date, and if I'm not mistaken, so are you." She never really created any distance between them, as a matter of fact, she moved a bit closer.

Sam smirked at her attempt to act surprised, "Cut it, Mercedes, you were putting on a show for me the whole night, you wanted my attention." He moved inches away from her lips, "Now you have it, so what are you going to do with it?" He let his hands slip to her waist and pulled her even closer to him.

It took everything for Mercedes not to grab him and kiss him senseless, but she needed to keep the upper hand at least a little. She smiled, "Me? Putting on a show? Now, Sam Evans, I think it was you putting on the show. I mean, how many times did I catch you staring at me?" She pressed her chest against his, and by his reaction, she was sure her power was intact.

Sam moaned as he felt her breasts smashed against his chest, but he couldn't give her that much power, so he slipped his hand to her ass, the place he wanted to touch all day and gave her a smack, "Oh no Miss Jones, you have totally been naughty tonight, and you deserve a spanking." He smacked her ass again. He heard Mercedes not only let out a squeal but a moan as well, letting him know she really liked it.

She couldn't believe this was really happening, and she liked it. She was on a date with a guy she actually liked, but here she was lusting after another man and allowed herself to be in his clutches while both their dates were waiting on them. How crazy was this? They shouldn't be doing this, but it felt so good. " good as this feels, and it does feel good, we can't do this." She finally pulled back from him, "We are on dates with other people right now and we have professional conflicts that say this isn't ethical."

He knew she was right, and as much as he wanted her, he couldn't...not now. He let out a sigh, "I know you're right, but Mercedes, we can't deny what is happening right here."

"I don't want to deny it, I can't if I tried." She ran her fingers through her hair, "But we can't?" It came out more of a question than a statement.

"No..we can't?" He mimicked her words, but he knew the answer, they were not going to be able to deny it. "How about this, we meet up later tonight at my place to discuss it." He smirked.

She smiled back at him, "What about your date?"

"I can get rid of her, but what about your date?"

"I can get rid of him too…" She knew it was going to be difficult, but this was what she wanted, Sam and tonight she was going to have him.

"Good...then I will be waiting for you." He leaned down and captured her lips with his, and the second he touched her lips he knew he wanted more.

She moaned against his lips, surprised how soft and perfect they were against hers. She knew then that this was going to happen tonight, and then she was going to get Sam out of her system. "I'll see you do have my number right?"

He pulled out his phone, "Once you give it to me I will." He smiled.

She took the phone and put her number in it, "Text me the address once you see me leave." She kissed him one more time and left him standing there with a silly smirk on his face.

He was on fire and couldn't wait to get rid of Veronica and get home and Mercedes to show up. It was going to be a good night he knew it. After a few minutes, he made his way back to the table with Veronica and apologized for taking so long.

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