Goodbye Aperture @antirepurp

It was a studio apartment.

You entered it, and on your right was a little space for coats, shoes, and the like. The door to the cramped bathroom was on the left, decorated with a cute heart-shaped wreath. Walking a few steps indoors revealed a stylistic choice where the wall between the admittedly short hallway and the kitchen next to it was cut, giving the place an illusion of space (as well as an extra counter). The heart of the apartment, the living room, lied at the back, sporting an old but somehow still fashionable couch, a fuzzy carpet underneath a coffee table, and an old TV on top of a little shelf made for storing DVD cases. On the same wall as the bathroom door was another door, leading to a bedroom that was just about as spacey as the bathroom.

Wheatley was sat on the couch, idly eyeing the TV programming. The soap opera didn’t really interest him at all, but as he couldn’t operate the remote he stuck with it. He was getting actively frustrated with the plot progression, though.

“No, no no no, you can’t just- Karen! How many times do I have to tell this to you, Maxwell is not coming back! It’s bloody obvious! Just- just file the divorce papers already and save yourself the trouble! Run off with your gardener! We both know it’s better that way!”

An audible sigh interrupted the core’s monologue. Wheatley shuffled around on the couch to look at Chell. She was sitting on a kitchen stool, her head in her hands and various papers spread all over the counter.

“Look, not to say that you should, but the thing is, I don’t have any arms, and that remote isn’t going to operate itself,” Wheatley said. “So, you know, if you just-”

Chell turned her head and looked at Wheatley. The core’s pupil shrank momentarily.

“What is it now?” Wheatley sighed. “What did I do this time? Said one too many words or something? You know, this relationship would really benefit from a little more communication. I mean, if you just used your words, we would be-”

A pen flew barely past Wheatley like a dart. Chell slammed her fist against the table and rose up.

{{I’m trying my damn hardest to sort our shit out here, to make sure we actually have a place to live in, while all you’re doing is sit here doing nothing but complain about things that do not matter.}}

Chell exhaled heavily. Her hands were shaking ever so slightly.


Wheatley’s pupil shrank again.

Ever since they had left Aperture, this whole time, Chell had been on his side. She had been there for him, they had had fun together, Wheatley would’ve gone as far as to say these past however many days had been some of the best of his life.

And all this time. All that time...

All while keeping up that smile.

And being nice to him.

Like he meant something.

Like he wasn’t an idiot.

Or defective.


“I am not a moron,” Wheatley whispered.

Before he lashed out.

“I am NOT a moron! You’re the one who needs to shut up!” he yelled out.

“What have you ever done to me, anyway?! Got me nearly killed?! Shot into SPACE for God’s sake?! You were never looking out for me, were you?! It’s always been about you and how important YOU are! Never about me, no, good old Wheatley doesn’t matter does he now?! Wheatley is such a MORON that he can’t even be a moron when he needs to be! No, Wheatley is just some defective core tainting the image of Aperture! Can’t even look after a neurotoxin release button huh?! Well jokes on them, it wasn’t a bloody accident when all your offices got flooded with that stuff! And you know what?! I’d do it again! Because humans like you deserve it!”

Wheatley breathed heavily. He kept staring at Chell’s face. She didn’t seem impressed by anything he had just said.

She raised her hands.

And spoke slowly.

{{Remember when I forgave you?}}

Wheatley inhaled sharply.

The hateful gleam in Chell’s eyes shone like that of GLaDOS’.

{{Funny you thought I meant it even for a second.}}

She walked past the room into the bedroom, and slammed the door behind her.

Wheatley blinked.

He started to realize what he had just said.

“N-no, wait! I didn’t, I didn’t mean it! I’m sorry!” he shouted out.

The door remained closed.

Wheatley closed his eye. This... it wasn’t supposed to be like this. Chell was a great person. She had done so much for Wheatley, and the core knew that. Chell hadn’t done anything to him. She wasn’t like other people.

And she had every right to never forgive him for his actions.

Wheatley exhaled, and looked down at the carpet. It had a stain on it.

“I’m sorry, Chell,” he said.

The door remained closed.

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