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Chapter 8: Lessons Birthdays Hogwarts

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Chapter 8: More Lessons, Birthdays and Hogwarts Letters

Wednesday August 9th, 1989

When Amelia flooed back home again late that night she was glad to see that the sitting room was spotless, but she was surprised because Harry and Susan were cuddled up with each other sleeping on the couch. They looked so cute together, but she didn't want this to become a habit so she went to wake them and get them to their bedrooms. When she got closer she could see that both of them had what looked like dried up tears all down their cheeks.

"Harry, Susan, wake up." said Amelia while softly touching them to wake them up.

Harry jumped awake and when he saw Amelia he brought his knees up to himself and started rocking and crying which made Susan fully wake up. Susan ignored her Aunt and took hold of Harry and started whispering to him,

"Harry, it's ok. Remember I told you, Auntie is not going to beat you nor is she going to make you go back to the Dursley's. You are our family now, Harry. We love you."

Susan repeated this over and over several times before she turned to Amelia.

"You're not getting rid of Harry, are you Auntie? I promised him you wouldn't, but we both saw how mad you were earlier and… please Auntie. I promised him. We looked in the first year Charms book and learned the Cleaning Charm and got rid of all the paint. Mipsy wanted to do it, but we told her no and did it. Please, Auntie." begged Susan while starting to cry as well.

Amelia took hold of both of them and pulled them both in a hug.

"I'm so sorry that you thought I was going to hurt you or get rid of you, Harry. I promise that will never happen. I wasn't really mad at you. I was upset when I flooed in and got hit and I shouldn't have left like that, but after I got back to my office I just started laughing. Harry, like Susan said we love you. You are my family forever." said Amelia.

She let them go and gave each of them a kiss on the cheek.

"It's been a long day for all of us. Why don't we all go to sleep and we'll talk more tomorrow." said Amelia.

Susan and Harry agreed and groggily followed Amelia upstairs.

Wednesday, July 31st, 1991

After the paintball incident Amelia talked to Susan and Harry and explained to them that while it was ok to have fun with what they were learning, what she walked into that afternoon was unacceptable. Harry and Susan, being children, said they understood, but sometimes got a little too excited with what they were doing and things got out of hand. There were a few more incidents where Harry thought he was going to be hurt or gotten rid of, but eventually those thoughts went away and he accepted that just because she got upset sometimes didn't mean that she was mad at him.

As for the lessons, both Harry and Susan absorbed everything they could. For the practical subjects Transfiguration, D.A.D.A. and Charms they were done with the first year material by the time Halloween came around. For the other subjects Potions was easy for Harry while Susan struggled with measuring and portioning the ingredients properly. Neither of them liked doing Herbology or reading the History of Magic text. History was just boring is what they told her and they understood Herbology well enough and knew the material they just didn't like the dirtiness of it, which was funny because Amelia couldn't stop them from tackling each other and rolling around on the ground whenever they were playing outside. Astronomy they made due with book knowledge, because Amelia wouldn't let them stay up late enough to do any of the outside work for it. She promised that after their 11th birthdays she would let them stay up late to look through the telescope a couple nights so they were used to it before having to do it for class once a week at Hogwarts.

Two weeks before their 10th birthdays Amelia had to give the talk to Harry and Susan. Harry having seen Susan sunbathing on that first day that he arrived never became an issue. It was embarrassing, but even though she had started developing a little it wasn't much and it was forgotten. Susan was told that sunbathing was no longer allowed, but with work and everything going on, Amelia didn't notice how fast Susan was developing in that area until at breakfast one morning Susan came down in her nightgown and she was close to coming out of the top of her gown. Amelia was nice enough to talk to the two of them separately, but she could tell that they had compared the conversations she'd had with them by the blushes they had around each other in the two weeks leading up to their birthdays. She knew that Susan liked Harry and not in a brotherly way, and she was pretty sure the same about Harry for Susan, but she still held on to the hope that she had a few more years before she had to worry about that can of Flobberworms.

The following year was more of the same with the lessons. Amelia was sure that Harry and Susan could take their O.W.L.s for the practical courses already, but Dumbledore wanted them to take the O.W.L.s at the Ministry during the summer after their second year. The N.E.W.T.s would then be taken during the summer after their fourth year.

At Christmas time Dumbledore convinced Amelia to purchase brooms for both Harry and Susan with the excuse that the school brooms were in bad shape and it would be better for them to learn to fly on a quality broom so they both received Cleansweep 11's as gifts. When she asked him why the school doesn't just replace the school brooms he said that the Governor's never approve the funds for them.

On Valentine's day of all days Amelia's hope for that few years before Susan and Harry showed each other how they felt was blasted into smithereens. Like she always did when Susan was younger and even last year with Harry there too Amelia took off early and flooed home to surprise the kids with candy. When she came out of the floo she saw that their work that they were supposed to be doing for Dumbledore's next lesson was forgotten on the coffee table and Harry and Susan were kissing on the couch. To be fair they were chaste kisses and nowhere near being inappropriate and their hands didn't leave each other's arms as they were holding each other, but still it was a shock. Now before their 10th birthdays she had given them a generic talk because she was the nice Aunt and this is what she gets because of it. Well not this time. This time she sat them both together and went into details about the dangers of what they were getting themselves into and she was happy that she put the fear of Merlin into Harry on what would happen if he did anything to Susan. Ok afterwards she felt a little bad because by her estimation it was about two and a half weeks before Harry would even touch Susan again, but she'd never admit that to him, although she did tell Susan that if she wanted to do anything further with Harry later much later in the years to come to talk to her before doing anything.

After what seems like a very short time it was time for Harry and Susan's 11th Birthday party. Like the year before they were sharing a party on Harry's Birthday. They were supposed to have gotten their Hogwarts Letters already, but Dumbledore decided to bring them both with him to make sure that he got some cake.

After presents were opened and cake and ice cream was eaten Harry took Susan's hand and turned her toward him.

"Susan, I know we're going to meet new people and possibly we'll end up in different houses at Hogwarts, but you are everything I want in my life. Will you be my girlfriend?" asked Harry.

Susan squealed and launched herself at Harry kissing him and saying yes.

"Hang on. Sorry to interrupt your P.D.A. you two, but you've been kissing each other for the last 5 months weren't you already boyfriend and girlfriend?" asked Amelia.

"It was just kissing, Auntie. He never asked me to be his girlfriend before. He kissed Hannah too." said Susan giggling.

"Susan! You promised not to tell!" yelled Hannah.

"Ah to be young again." said Dumbledore.

Author's Note: Sorry for the short chapter, but I wanted to give an overview and get us to the point of starting Hogwarts. Next chapter will be the train ride and the sorting. Possibly more. I kind of want to try and see if I can get some longer chapters going, but at the same time I don't want to burn myself out with writing and have to drop off the face of the earth again. Thank you to everyone who has reviewed, followed or favorited. If you haven't please do so.

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