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Chapter 7: First Lesson

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Chapter 7: First Lesson

Monday, August 7th, 1989

After saying goodbye to Andi, Amelia had Harry and Susan sit down so she could tell them about Dumbledore's offer. Susan was all for it when she heard that they would be allowed wands two years early, but Harry wanted to know why they were being given this opportunity. Amelia didn't want to lie completely so she said,

"There are reasons that Dumbledore told me that I don't think you are ready for, Harry. I know that is not what you want to hear, but I am asking you to trust me and know that when you are old enough to take it I will tell you."

Harry wanted to argue and say that he deserved to know now, but after his breakdown earlier he thought that maybe she was right.

"What will he be teaching us?" asked Harry.

Amelia explained some about what they would be learning and that since they would be in Diagon Alley to get Harry a new pair of glasses that they would visit Ollivander's as well. After some more talking, Mipsy popped in letting them know that dinner was ready. Amelia told them that after dinner they'd watch Ghostbusters.

Tuesday, August 8th, 1989

"Harry, stop!" yelled Amelia stopping Harry from running off after flooing back from Diagon Alley.

"Why?! So we can pretend that everything is fine while you keep things about my life from me?!" asked Harry.

"Harry I didn't mean to keep this from you." said Amelia.

"How would you…" Harry stopped when Susan took hold of his hand. It calmed him down a bit, but he was still upset. "How would you feel if on the same day that you first heard your parent's names that you find out they were murdered?"

Flashback - Ollivander's

"Madam Bones, Maple and Dragon Heartstring 9 inches. I trust your wand is serving you well?" asked Ollivander.

"My wand is fine, Mr. Ollivander. My niece, Susan and Harry are going to be…" Amelia started.

"Harry Potter. My, it seems only yesterday that Lily and James came in and got their wands." said Ollivander.

"You knew my parents?" asked Harry shocked at hearing his parent's names for the first time.

"Yes, such a tragedy what happened." said Ollivander.

"You mean the car crash?" asked Harry.

Before Amelia could stop him Ollivander answered.

"No, my boy, your parents weren't killed in a car crash. Don't you know they were killed by You-Know-Who?" asked Ollivander.

"Who's You-Know-Who?" asked Harry barely containing how upset he was.

"We don't speak his name. Now I've been informed by Dumbledore that the two of you have been given permission to receive wands early as he will be giving you special lessons. Miss Bones why don't we have you go first." said Ollivander.

Ollivander pulled several boxes from behind the counter and opening one gave it to Susan. For a second she just stood there holding it before Ollivander told her to wave it at which she did and the tip caught fire. Ollivander snatched the wand out of her hand putting out the fire and replacing it with another wand. After several more tries Susan ended up with a 10 inch Cyprus wand with a Dragon Heartstring core.

"Now for you Mr. Potter." said Ollivander.

After trying double the amount of wands that Susan did Ollivander went further back in his shop and returned with another box. After blowing off a lot of dust he opened the box and handed the wand to Harry. Immediately a glow appeared and a gust of wind filled the shop signifying that the wand had chosen Harry as its companion.

"Curious. Very curious." said Ollivander.

"What's so curious, sir?" said Harry.

"I remember every wand I've ever sold, Mr. Potter. What's curious is that the Phoenix which provided the core to your wand provided another feather. That feather was in the wand that murdered your parents and gave you that scar." said Ollivander.

Harry tried to contain his anger, but couldn't.

"Then give me another wand!" yelled Harry.

"I'm sorry Mr. Potter, but the wand chooses the Wizard. You won't find another that will work for you until…" Ollivander started.

Harry guessed at what Ollivander was going to say and snapped the wand in half throwing it on the floor.

"Give me another wand." said Harry.

Harry ended up with an 11 inch Hawthorn and Thestral Hair. He didn't say a word and left the shop and waited while Amelia paid for the wands.

Present - Bones Manor

"Why didn't you tell me?" asked Harry.

"I'm sorry, Harry. I thought you knew. I know what your relatives did, but I never thought that you wouldn't know about your parents." said Amelia.

Harry was trying to get control of his emotions. Susan holding and rubbing his hand was helping, but not fully.

"Thank you, Susan. I'm sorry, but I need to be by myself for now." said Harry as he pulled his hand away from her and ran upstairs.

Susan went to follow him, but Amelia stopped her.

"Susan, he said he needs to be alone." said Amelia.

"Auntie, even though Harry says he wants to be alone he doesn't mean it. He needs to know that someone understands what he's going through and I'm going to do just that." said Susan.

"You're going to tell him…" started Amelia.

"Yes, Auntie." said Susan.

Susan went upstairs and to Harry's door. She didn't knock, but just opened the door and walked in. Harry was sitting on his bed crying and having heard the door open he looked up.

"Susan, I said I want to be alone." said Harry.

Susan ignored him and sat beside him on the bed. She reached over and took his hand and started rubbing it like before.

"Susan." said Harry.

"I'm not leaving, Harry." said Susan.

"Why? Why do you want to be here? To feel sorry for me?" asked Harry.

Susan was a little hurt by what he said, but understood where it was coming from.

"No, I don't feel sorry for you, but I do understand what you're feeling." said Susan.

"How do you know…" Harry started, but stopped when he realized what Susan was saying. "I'm sorry, Susan. How old were you when you lost your parents?" asked Harry.

"They were killed a week before your mum and dad." said Susan.

"How?" asked Harry.

"You-Know-Who killed them. I don't even remember them. It's always been just me and Auntie. She's told me stories about them and how much they loved me and always tells me that they would be proud of me when I do something well, but I'll never know if that's true or not." said Susan.

"I know that feeling too. Do you think my parents loved me?" asked Harry.

Susan turned facing Harry and pulled him into a hug.

"I know they did, Harry." said Susan as she released him.

"What were your parent's names?" asked Harry.

"Edgar and Samantha." said Susan.

"I know they loved you, Susie." said Harry.

"Susie?" asked Susan.

"Erm. I meant…" tried Harry.

"It's ok. I like it. You can call me Susie." said Susan.

"I don't mean to bring the mood down, but do you know what You-Know-Who's name really was?" asked Harry.

"I do, but I can't tell you." When Harry tried to object Susan stopped him. "I can't tell you because Auntie will be very upset if I say his name. I did once before and I couldn't sit down for a week." said Susan.

"And rightly so." said Amelia coming into the room. "Are you ok, Harry?"

"I'm feeling better and I'm glad that Susie came and talked to me." said Harry.

Amelia saw the blush on her niece, but decided not to say anything about her new nickname.

"Harry, I'm going to tell you You-Know-Who's name, but it is not to be repeated. You have to understand that when he was active people who said his name disappeared and people are rightly still terrified when they hear it." Amelia took a few breaths and continued. " His name was Voldemort."

Wednesday, August 9th, 1989

After breakfast the next day, Harry, Susan and Amelia went to the sitting room and waited for Dumbledore to come through the floo. Harry was still curious as to why they were getting these lessons, but was just as excited as Susan wondering what they would learn today.

"Since I missed work yesterday I'll be late coming home tonight. I want the two of you to promise me that you'll pay attention to everything Dumbledore says and to be careful. I don't want to come home to find the place burned down." said Amelia.

"Yes, Auntie." said Susan.

Amelia looked at Harry.

"Yes, Auntie." said Harry with a grin.

Susan giggled, but Amelia's response was interrupted by Dumbledore coming through the floo.

"Good morning, Madam Bones. Miss Bones, Mr. Potter. I hope you had a filling breakfast." said Dumbledore.

"We did, Professor." said Susan.

"Excellent. Now why don't we sit down and have a small discussion before we start." said Dumbledore.

"I'll just be on my way. Remember you two. Behave." said Amelia.

"Yes, Auntie." said both Harry and Susan giggling.

Amelia flooed to the Ministry and Harry and Susan sat on the couch while Dumbledore took a chair.

"Mr. Potter…" started Dumbledore.

"Can you call me Harry, Professor?" asked Harry.

"Since you are not officially students that will be acceptable. You may also call me Albus. May I call you, Susan?" asked Dumbledore.

"Susie." Harry whispered getting a smack from Susan for it while she giggled. Dumbledore chuckled as well.

"Yes, Albus, you may call me Susan." said Susan once she stopped laughing.

"Now, Harry. I know you are curious as to why I am giving you and Susan these special lessons and while I won't tell you all the reasons I will tell you that one of them is that I wish to make up to you for placing you with your Aunt and Uncle." said Dumbledore.

Harry started to get upset at hearing that but let Dumbledore continue.

"I am very sorry for what you were put through there, Harry, but without a will made by your parents it was the only place to legally send you as they were your last living relatives. There are other reasons for giving you this training, but I'm afraid that you are too young for that information at this time. As for Susan she is getting this training as I did not think it would be fair to just train you and have her left out." said Dumbledore.

"What is it that we will be learning?" asked Susan.

"I've brought with me the books that the professors have assigned for the coming first years and that is where we will start. Now I can imagine that you are thinking why would I just teach you first year material when you'll be first years in two years and you'll have to go over it again then. The answer to that is that when you start Hogwarts in addition to your regular classes and homework you'll be working ahead into the upper year courses and unofficially be my apprentices where you will be learning advanced magic that is beyond what is taught at Hogwarts. While you are not allowed to move up a year at Hogwarts you can take the O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s early as they are given by the Wizarding Examination office from the Ministry and not Hogwarts itself." said Dumbledore.

Harry and Susan were on the edge of their seats with what Dumbledore was explaining that they'd be doing.

"We'll be meeting every weekday until Hogwarts starts and then we'll meet every other week throughout the school year so a lot of this will be on you to study when I'm not here. For today we are going to get you acquainted with and used to your wand. Now stand up and draw your wands. We're going to work on your aim today with a paintball charm." said Dumbledore as he waved his hand over Harry and Susan making several targets appear over their clothes.

Harry and Susan grinned at each other as Dumbledore explained how to cast the paintball charm and what they were going to be doing.


Amelia had a lot of work to do, but couldn't stop herself from thinking about how the lesson with Dumbledore went today. She decided to surprise them and go home and have lunch with them since it would be late when she got home tonight and wanted to hear what they thought of what they were going to be doing with Dumbledore. She took some floo powder and stepped into the fireplace calling, "Bones Manor." As she stepped out of the fireplace into the sitting room a red blur went past her and she was struck with a ball of pink paint that splattered all over the front of her robes. She looked up and saw the shocked face of Harry as he lowered his wand.

"I'm so sorry. I was aiming for Susie." said Harry looking terrified.

Amelia looked from Harry to Susan and all around the sitting room that was covered in paint of all colors.

"Susan." said Amelia.

"Yes, Auntie?" asked Susan.

"Nevermind." said Amelia as she turned back to the fireplace, grabbed the floo powder and tossed it into the fire returning to her office.

"Susie?" said Harry.

"Yes, Harry?" asked Susan.

"What just happened?" asked Harry.

"I don't know, Harry. I don't know." said Susan.

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