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Chapter 6: Therapy Dumbledore's Offer

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Chapter 6: Therapy and Dumbledore's Offer

Monday, August 7th, 1989

Amelia woke up wishing she could go back to bed. Every time she ever had to talk to Dumbledore she always ends up with a headache and with the feeling that she agreed to something she'd normally not. Also today Andromeda Tonks was coming to give Harry a checkup and evaluation and would be flooing in right before she was supposed to leave for work. She would've rather been there with, Harry for his first time with Andromeda, but even with cutting her work hours and delegating she still had a lot of work to do.

"Good morning, Susan, Harry. How's breakfast?" said Amelia when she walked into the dining room.

"It's really good." said Harry.

"Susan, after Harry's meeting with Andi, you and Harry can watch some of the movies we got yesterday or go swimming, but remember that I want to watch Ghostbusters with you so don't watch that one yet." said Amelia.

"Can I stay with Harry when Andi examines, Harry?" asked Susan.

"As long as she says it's ok." said Amelia.

They finished eating breakfast then headed into the sitting room just in time for the floo to activate and a woman to walk through.

"I wish I could come through the floo like that." said Harry blushing while remembering his first trip through the floo network by himself.

Andromeda noticed that Susan was blushing too.

"You'll tell me what happened later won't you?" Andromeda asked Amelia.

"Yes. Harry, this is Andromeda Tonks, but I'm sure she'll let you call her Andi. Andi, this is Harry Potter."

"It's nice to meet you, ma'am." said Harry.

"It's nice to meet you, Harry and please call me Andi. I'm not old enough to be called ma'am yet. And how are you, Susan?" said Andromeda.

"I'm doing good. How's Tonks?" asked Susan.

"Nymphadora is doing fine. She's happy to be starting her fifth year at Hogwarts next month. Unfortunately she wasn't made a Prefect though." said Andromeda.

"Well I'd better get to work. You two be good for Andi. I'll see you around 3 o'clock." said Amelia hugging them before using the floo.

"Would you show me to your room and we can get this examination started?" asked Andromeda.

"Auntie, said it would be ok if I was in the room with you." said Susan.

"That's ok, but only when Harry is clothed." said Andromeda.

The three of them walked up the stairs to Harry's room.

"I'll take care of the part of the examination that requires you to be undressed first so that Susan can come in as soon as possible. Until then you can stay out in the hall." said Andromeda.

Susan went out into the hall and stayed until she was called back in.

"You have some malnutrition, which was expected with how small you are and I can see that you have had broken bones numerous times that were healed by your magic. Because of this your magical core is quite a bit larger than it would be at your age." said Andromeda.

"What is a magical core?" asked Harry.

"It's where we get the power to do our spells. Most Pureblood's will disagree with this, but every being has a magical core. Even Muggles have a magical core it's just smaller and not enough for them to use it. The same thing could be said for Squibs. That's a person born to magical parents, but can't use magic." said Andromeda.

"What does it mean with Harry's being larger?" asked Susan.

"He'll be able to perform more spells and stronger spells without tiring as fast and if the growth of his core stays constant as he gets older he'll be a very powerful Wizard." said Andromeda.

"Can you scan me?" asked Susan.

Andromeda did and told her that her core was as it should be for her age.

"Don't be upset, Susan. As you get older your core will grow with you and having a regular sized core doesn't mean you'll be a lesser Witch." said Andromeda patting her hand on Susan's shoulder. "Harry, I know Amelia told you that I specialize in Mind Healing. Do you know what therapy is?"

Harry shook his head.

"I'm going to be asking you questions about your past and will be talking about some of your issues and problems that you are having because of how the Dursley's treated you. Are you sure you want Susan in here when we do this?" asked Andromeda.

"I'd like it if Susan could stay." said Harry and Susan sat on the bed next to him.

"Ok. Do you think you can tell me about some of the things the Dursley's did to you? I was told you had to do chores. Was it just you or did they make their son do things too?" asked Andromeda.

Harry started talking and when it got harder for him to continue Susan took his hand and started rubbing it when tears started coming down his face.

"You've told me a lot, Harry and we'll have a lot to go over in future meetings, but I have one more question before we finish for today. How does what the Dursley's did to you make you feel?" asked Andromeda.

"How do I feel?" asked Harry.

"Yes, how do you feel?" asked Andromeda.

"How the fuck do you think I feel!?" asked Harry gripping Susan's hand harder and breaking down. "I was their fucking slave! And I was supposed to be so grateful about it when I got to wear Dudley's clothes that were three sizes too big for me or get my glasses when the teacher called the Dursley's when I couldn't see the board! You asked about broken bones! That time I got my arm broken as payment for making them spend money on me! And again when Dudley broke the first pair! I hate these fucking things!" yelled Harry as he took off the glasses and threw them and shattered them on the wall. "And what is talking about it going to do!? Not a god damned thing! Is it going to make me ok with not getting an ounce of love from the pieces of shit!? Is it going to make what they did better!? Is it going to make me know what love is so I can tell…"

Harry released Susan's hand and ran out of the room.

"Harry!" yelled Susan.

Amelia's Office

Amelia was working on some paperwork when Penelope came in and announced that Dumbledore was there.

"Let's get this over with. Send him in, Penelope." said Amelia.

"How are you this morning, Madam Bones?" asked Dumbledore as he came in.

"Let's cut the pleasantries, Professor. I already can press charges on you for placing a tracking charm on a minor and while you say that Minister Bagnold approved the wards on the Dursley's home I can't find any paperwork to back up your claim. Is there anything else you'd like to confess, hiding a will perhaps, or do I have to haul you in when I find out on my own. As it is your lucky that you're looking at only being fined for what you have done." said Amelia.

"As far as I know the Potter's didn't make a will before their deaths. And no there is nothing else I need to confess. In fact I'd like to see what I can do to help young Harry and try and make up for the mistake of sending him to live with the Dursley's." said Dumbledore.

"Help him how?" asked Amelia.

"I'd like to come once a week and teach Harry, Susan too if you'll allow it." said Dumbledore.

"Susan already has tutors teaching her basic theory during the regular school year and preparing her for things like writing essays at Hogwarts and I was going to add Harry to those lessons, what else would you be able to teach them at their age? Neither of them have wands." said Amelia.

"If you are agreeable we can get permission for them to have wands early and only for use in your manor. You know Nicholas Flamel was my mentor and Harry and Susan could learn a lot from me." said Dumbledore.

"Why do I have the feeling that there's more than just wanting to help Harry behind your offer of help?" asked Amelia.

"Because you are an intelligent woman." said Dumbledore then proceeded to tell her about Voldemort not being fully gone and a Prophecy.

Bones Manor

When 3 o'clock came Amelia was glad to be able to go home. She hadn't expected to see Andi still there when she came out of the floo though.

"Andi, what's wrong, why are you still here?" asked Amelia.

"Harry got upset and ran off during the therapy part of my evaluation. Susan's with him, but he refuses to talk to her and he won't come back inside." said Andi.

"Where is he?" asked Amelia.

Andi took Amelia to the garden where Harry was sitting rocking against a tree with Susan holding onto him and rubbing his back. Amelia got down on her knees beside him and pulled him into a hug and told him that it was going to be alright and that he'd never have to go through what the Dursley's did to him again. Harry cried into Amelia's shoulder and said he was sorry.

"What are you sorry for?" asked Amelia.

"I yelled at Andi and broke my glasses." said Harry.

"That's ok, Harry, I'm sure that Andi isn't mad at you and we can fix your glasses or get you a new pair." said Amelia.

"A new pair would be nice." said Harry. "I'm sorry I wouldn't talk to you, Susan. Thank you for staying out here with me. You two have done so much for me and I want to say that I don't know what the love of a family is, but I think it's what you have shown me and I want to say thank you and that I love you both."

"You don't have to thank us, Harry…" started Amelia.

"We love you, too." said Susan tackling Harry to the ground while Amelia and Andi both laughed.

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