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Chapter 3: Too Short of a Week

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Chapter 3: Too Short of a Week

Wednesday, August 2nd, 1989

Bones Manor

Harry woke up the next day and after remembering where he was went to the bathroom. He was going to take a shower, but remembered that he didn't have anything except the clothes he was wearing. He cleaned up the best he could and went down to the dining room.

"Good morning, Harry. Did you sleep well?" asked Amelia.

"Yes, ma'am, thank you." said Harry.

"Remember, it's Amelia, Harry." said Amelia.

"Harry, are those the same clothes you had on yesterday?" asked Susan.

Harry looked down embarrassed.

"Susan!" chastised Amelia.

"I'm sorry, Harry. I wasn't thinking." said Susan.

"Why don't I take the morning off and we can go and get you some clothes, Harry?" asked Amelia.

"I don't want to be a burden." said Harry.

"You're not a burden, Harry. We want to help you." said Susan.

"I have to go back home today, but can I go into Diagon Alley with you this morning?" asked Hannah.

"Floo call your mother and make sure it's ok." said Amelia.

Diagon Alley

Amelia flooed with Harry so he wouldn't be as scared his first time going through the fireplace and because she didn't want him by himself in The Leaky Cauldron. When Susan and Hannah were with them she took them to the back where the entranceway was to Diagon Alley.

Harry was amazed. He'd seen some magic yesterday at the Ministry, but seeing everything and everyone in the magical shopping district was something else entirely. In addition to the shops there were peddlers in booths selling magical items and showing what they did and how they worked.

Their first stop was to a tall white building at the end of the alley that Amelia said was called Gringott's. She told him that today was on her, but she wanted to see if there was a will or anything left from Harry's parents for him. There wasn't a will, but they did find that he had access to his Trust Vault now and that when he turned seventeen he'd get access to the Potter Family Vault. They withdrew some money from his Trust Vault and the Bones Family Vault and exited the bank.

Their next stop was Madame Malkin's to get some robes and regular clothes for Harry. Susan and Hannah looked through the dresses while Harry was getting measured and sorted out. There was a dress in particular that Susan liked, but she put back on the rack. Harry asked attendant to add it to his things without her seeing and he would pay for it separately. He caught Amelia smiling at him letting him know that he didn't get away with it completely. After Madame Malkin's they went for a small lunch as Amelia still had to get them back to the manor before going in to work.

"Thank you for the clothes, Amelia. Would it be ok for me to go ahead and give Susan her present?" asked Harry.

"Present?" asked Susan.

"Yes, Harry go ahead." said Amelia.

"I know you loved the card yesterday, but I saw you looking at this dress and I could tell that you really wanted it. So Happy Late Birthday, Susan." said Harry.

Susan tore into the package and found the dress she'd just been looking at. It was a simple pink and white flowered summer dress, but she thought it was beautiful and had it not just been her birthday she would've asked her Aunt for it. She put the package down and went and pulled Harry into a hug and gave him another kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you, Harry. I'm only sorry that I don't have anything for you for your birthday." said Susan.

"Because of you and Amelia, I have my own clothes and shoes for the first time in forever. That's a wonderful birthday present. Thank you." said Harry hugging Susan again and giving her a kiss on the cheek back making her blush.

"You're welcome, Harry. I'm sorry that we have to end this, but I have to get you three home and head to work." said Amelia.

After they flooed to the manor, Hannah got her stuff and said goodbye before flooing back home. Mipsy took their purchases and put them away for them. While Harry was upstairs, Amelia took Susan aside and told her that she was fine with her teaching Harry how to swim, but no sunbathing was allowed. Susan blushed at hearing that. Harry came back down to say goodbye.

"You both be good and I'll see you for dinner." said Amelia.

After Amelia left, Susan asked Harry if he still wanted her to teach him how to swim and he said yes. They both went upstairs to put their swimsuits on. Harry was a little nervous seeing Susan in her swimsuit, but he figured after yesterday it wasn't that bad. Out at the pool they both got in the shallow end.

"The first thing is to get comfortable being in the water. Take a deep breath and put your head under." said Susan.

Harry did so and the weird feeling made him panic and he swallowed some of the water and came up sputtering.

"Don't worry, Harry you'll get used to it." said Susan.

And he did. By the time Amelia came and got them to go get ready for dinner she had him floating and swimming around the shallow end. Tomorrow she would have him try and work his way to the deep end a little.

"How was your swimming lesson?" asked Amelia at the dinner table.

"It was good. Susan only splashed me a few times, but I got her just as good." said Harry.

"You did not, Harry. You'd barely even tried to get me back." said Susan.

"Well there's always tomorrow." said Harry.

"We'll see, Harry. We'll see." said Susan.

They finished up the day watching the last two of the Star Wars movies and Amelia promised that she'd look for some more titles to watch this weekend.

Amelia said it was time to go to bed. Harry told her goodnight, but Susan said she wanted to talk to her Aunt and gave Harry a kiss on the cheek and told him goodnight.

After Harry was up the stairs Susan sat down next to Amelia.

"Can Harry stay with us?" asked Susan.

"How did you know that he'd be leaving sooner than the week?" asked Amelia.

"You let us stay up late and finish the movies and you've just had this look all night." said Susan.

"Maybe that look was from realizing my nine year old niece is such a flirt." said Amelia.

"What?" asked Susan.

"Touching his arm, leaning into him when Luke was fighting Darth Vader not to mention the kisses on the cheek." said Amelia and Susan blushed.

"I like him and I think he likes me." said Susan.

"What makes you say that?" asked Amelia.

"He wouldn't splash me back. It was like he didn't want to hurt me." said Susan.

"He is a nice boy and I think we'd be good for him, but I don't know about having a boy who my niece likes in that way staying with us." said Amelia.

"Auntie, we're nine, what do you think we're going to do?" asked Susan.

"I'd rather not go into that right now, but let's just say I'm more worried about when you are older than nine." said Amelia.

"Harry shouldn't be punished because of my feelings for him. You knew I had a crush on the boy who lived because of those stories, but you still brought him here and you know what?" asked Susan.

"What?" asked Amelia.

"He's even better than those made up stories about him. He deserves the best family possible and that's us." said Susan.

"When did you get so wise?" asked Amelia.

"Last year. Why'd his relative's case go so quickly? I thought you said we'd have a week?" asked Susan.

"With the memories he was able to provide our liaison with the Muggle Police was able to fast track the charges and his Aunt was picked up and taken into custody this afternoon. There will still be a trial, but with both his Aunt and Uncle in custody and the Prosecutor is sure of a conviction, Child Services will want to place Harry as soon as possible." said Amelia.

"Will you put your name in as an option for him to be placed with us? And does he get a choice if there is more than one family?" asked Susan.

"His choice is part of it, but the ability to care for him is the bigger factor. Against us would be that I have to leave you home alone a lot, but I will try. Now I think it's time for both of us to go to bed." said Amelia.

As they approached the steps they heard footsteps retreating and knew they'd been overheard. Amelia looked down at Susan who was blushing.

"Bugger." said Susan.

"Watch your mouth, Susan. Go to bed. I'll talk to him." said Amelia.

Amelia made sure that Susan went into her room and then knocked on Harry's door before entering. Harry was pretending to be asleep. She cast a locking and silencing charm at the door so there'd be no eavesdropping this time and sat on the bed.

"So, how much did you hear, Harry?" asked Amelia.

"All of it." said Harry.

"Do you know that it's wrong to listen in on other people's conversations?" asked Amelia.

"I'm sorry. Do you not want me anymore?" asked Harry.

"It's not that simple, Harry. What I want and what you want is only part of it. How do you feel about what Susan said?" asked Amelia.

"I do like her, but I don't know what these feelings I'm having mean. I want to see these boy who lived books also though." said Harry.

"I think you have that right. As for liking Susan what kind of feelings are you having?" asked Amelia.

"I have this knot in my stomach and when I saw her yesterday and in her swimsuit the other day the knot felt tighter. I like her red hair and think she's very cute and I want to stay and not be separated from her." said Harry.

"So you like her because of her looks?" asked Amelia.

"Not just that. She's amazing. I like the person she is. Strong and independent and not afraid to go after what she wants." said Harry.

'Part of what I'm worried about.' thought Amelia.

"Susan is like my daughter and I have to think of her first, Harry, but at the same time I think she'd never forgive me if I didn't offer you a place here." said Amelia.

"That wouldn't make Susan my sister, would it?" asked Harry.

Amelia laughed but told him no which he answered good.

"You'll have to go to work with me tomorrow and Child Services will want to talk to you. Ok?" asked Amelia.

"Ok." said Harry.

"Get a good night's sleep and I'll see you at breakfast, Harry. Goodnight." said Amelia.

"Goodnight." said Harry.

Amelia undid the charms and sure enough Susan was trying to listen to their conversation.

"What did he hear?" asked Susan.

"Everything and you know better than trying to listen in as well, young lady." said Amelia.

"Does he want to stay here?" asked Susan.

"Yes and he likes you too." said Amelia teasingly telling her what she really wanted to know.

Susan just blushed.

"Go to bed, Susan. I'll try and get it to where Harry can stay with us. Goodnight." said Amelia.

"Goodnight, Auntie." said Susan almost skipping back to her room.

'I'll try my best.' thought Amelia.

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