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Chapter 2: A New Home?

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Chapter 2: A New Home?

Tuesday, August 1st, 1989

Bones Manor

Amelia decided to give Harry a tour of the manor while Hannah tried to calm Susan down. She introduced him to Mipsy their House Elf which led to a discussion on what other kinds of Magical Creatures there were. When they got upstairs to show him his room she was telling him that there were Centaurs in the forest surrounding Hogwarts.

The door we just passed is your room. Susan's room is next door and on the opposite side of the hall is the bathroom. I think now is a good time to try and see if Susan is ok." said Amelia.

Harry was nervous. His first meeting with Susan didn't go all too well, but he wanted to make this work so he nodded.

"Susan, may we come in?" asked Amelia knocking on the door.

Susan opened her door and let them in. She had changed into a summer dress and Harry thought she looked very pretty.

"Susan, this is Harry Potter, he's going to be staying with us. Harry, this is Susan Bones, my niece.

"You look pretty, Susan…Erm I mean…It's nice to meet you." said Harry blushing.

Amelia held her laughter in barely.

"Thank you, Harry. It's nice to meet you to. This is Hannah Abbott, my best friend." said Susan.

"Nice to meet you, Hannah." said Harry although he couldn't stop looking at Susan.

"Let's head down to dinner and that birthday cake I know you are waiting for." said Amelia.

After dinner Mipsy brought out the huge chocolate cake for Susan's birthday. Amelia, Hannah and Harry sang happy birthday to her and she blew out the candles. Amelia cut the cake and gave each of them a slice before taking her own.

Harry had never had cake before and when he took his bite said,

"Wow this is amazing. What flavor is this?" asked Harry.

"It's chocolate. Have you never had chocolate cake before?" asked Hannah.

"I've never had cake before." said Harry.

"What? How could you not have had cake before? Wasn't yesterday your birthday?" asked Susan.

"Susan, we'll talk about this later. I forgot that we hadn't talked to you about why Harry is staying here and I'd rather not ruin your birthday." said Amelia.

"Ok, Auntie." said Susan.

"Can I give her the card, Amelia?" asked Harry.

"Yes, I think now is a good time for presents." said Amelia.

Harry took a piece of paper out of his pocket and unfolded it.

"Amelia told me it was your birthday earlier today, but I wasn't able to get you anything so while she was watching my memories I made you this." said Harry giving her the paper.

Susan took it and opened it. There was a picture on it of her and a boy who she knew was Harry playing. Above the picture were the words Happy Birthday.

"How'd you know I had red hair?" asked Susan.

"I assumed your hair would be about the same color as your Aunt's. Do you like it?" asked Harry.

"I love it, thank you, Harry." said Susan giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Harry went and sat back down blushing.

Hannah gave her a rectangular shaped package. Susan tore open the package and found a box with three other boxes in it that said The Star Wars Trilogy. Amelia had taken Susan to an old theater that was doing a re-showing of the first Star Wars movie and Susan had fallen in love with going to the movies, but Susan didn't know how she was suppose to watch these and had no idea what a VHS was. She asked Hannah, but Hannah told her she'd have to wait.

From Amelia, Susan got some clothes, her favorite perfume, a magical makeup set that Amelia knew Susan had wanted for years and in a big box were two black boxes, one big and one small, which said RCA on them. The smaller of the two had a flap on the front of it.

"That's called a TV and a VCR. A Muggleborn Witch, Cassie McDonald figured out a way to make them work with magic instead of Muggle Electricity. The VCR hooks up to the TV and then you put the VHS tape in the VCR and watch the movie. We'll be able to watch at least the first one tonight." said Amelia and Susan squealed with excitement.

After the party the four of them went and watched the first Star Wars. Harry thought it was amazing and couldn't wait to see the other two. It was about time for them to go to bed, but Susan wanted to know what was going on with Harry. Amelia asked Harry if it was ok to let her know and Harry nodded.

"You know Harry's birthday was yesterday. I don't think there's a Witch or Wizard alive who didn't know. As his birthday present Harry was beaten by his Uncle after an incident with his Cousin. He had multiple broken bones that were healed overnight. This wasn't the first time that this had happened. This morning I received a letter from Harry with his address asking just two words. Help me. I don't know how this letter appeared on my desk and neither does Harry. My guess is that Harry's magic knew he needed help and sent the letter when Harry passed out last night." said Amelia.

"I'm so sorry, Harry." said Susan leaning over and giving Harry a hug.

"How long will he be staying with you?" asked Hannah.

"While the investigation is still open I can legally keep Harry here for the week, but after that Child Services will have to be contacted to find a suitable home for him." said Amelia.

"We're a suitable home." said Susan.

Amelia knew her niece had a crush on the boy just like Hannah and every other witch around their age, but she had to admit it would be nice to have the young boy in their home.

"You know how busy I am with work, Susan. We'll see. But first I need to make sure the Dursley's are sent to prison for what they did to him." said Amelia.

"Will they go to Azkaban?" asked Susan.

"Unfortunately no, but they will go to a Muggle Prison for a very long time. Now off to bed." said Amelia.

As the kids were heading upstairs Amelia heard Susan ask,

"Do you know how to swim, Harry?"

She was going to have to lay down some ground rules while Harry was in the house.

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