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Chapter 17: After Shit Hits Fan

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Chapter 17: What Happens After the Shit Hits the Fan

Friday, August 1st, 1992

Harry and Susan were on one side of the dining table and Amelia was on the other. It was breakfast time, but nobody was eating breakfast. In fact, nobody was doing anything, but glaring at each other. Harry started to say something only for Amelia to focus her glare on him. The silence was deafening. Finally after what seemed like half the day Amelia sighed then asked calmly,

"What am I supposed to do, Harry? What am I supposed to say?"

Susan straightened up in her seat. Whenever Amelia started with calm questions like this it was a trap.

"Harry." said Susan warningly.

"We didn't do anything. I don't even know how…" started Harry.

Amelia started laughing.

"You didn't do anything? Harry, do you think I'm stupid? Was I born yesterday?" asked Amelia.

'Don't answer.' willed Susan hoping Harry wouldn't.

"Uhm…no." said Harry.

"That's right, Harry. No is the correct answer to both of those questions. It's also my answer to what you said. No. I don't believe you, Harry." said Amelia.

"But we didn't…" started Susan.

"He was in your room, Susan! The door was locked! There is nothing you can say to excuse that!" yelled Amelia.

"We're not making excuses, Auntie! Harry wouldn't have come into my room and slept in my bed on his own! You'd know that if you'd stop being pissed for even a minute!" yelled Susan slamming her hands on the table and rising from her seat.

"Can we please just calm down?" asked harry causing both Amelia and Susan to glare at him.

"Of course I'm pissed, Susan! A boy slept in your bed last night and I found you cuddled together this morning! That is completely…" yelled Amelia.

"Maybe it was Dobby." said Harry.

"The house elf that warned you not to go to Hogwarts?" asked Susan sitting back down.

"Who's Dobby?" asked Amelia.

Harry and Susan told Amelia about Dobby's visit and his warnings of something dangerous happening at Hogwarts.

"So you think because you didn't agree to not go back to Hogwarts that Dobby put you in Susan's bed and locked the door? Why would he think that would make me keep you out of Hogwarts?" asked Amelia.

"I don't know. He seemed a bit deranged to us." said Harry.

"I don't like this. I don't think the two of you would make this up and house elves can get through our wards undetected. Mipsy?" called Amelia.

"What can I do for you, Miss Amy?" asked Mipsy.

"Was there another house elf here last night?" asked Amelia.

"No, miss." answered Mipsy.

"Is it possible for you to hide yourself from being detected by another house elf?" asked Amelia.

"Yes, miss." said Mipsy.

"Do you know of an elf named Dobby? Can you tell me who his master is?" asked Amelia.

"I've heard of Dobby, but it's not permitted to speak of another's master." said Mipsy.

"It was worth a shot. Thank you Mipsy. You may go." said Amelia. She sighed before speaking again. "I'm sorry for yelling at the two of you without having all the information. My only excuse is the condition I found you in. When you have your own kids you'll understand. I'm also sorry for overreacting yesterday. The rules I laid down are rescinded, but I still ask that you keep things as proper as possible. Also if you see Dobby again call for Mipsy immediately." said Amelia.

Harry and Susan nodded. Amelia hugged the both of them then had Mipsy bring out breakfast. She had to eat quickly to get to work on time, but it was a happier trio that ate the meal.

Saturday, August 2nd, 1992

Diagon Alley

Harry and Susan's Hogwarts letters arrived while Amelia was at work so she took them to Diagon Alley the next day. They stopped in Madame Malkin's first so the robes would be ready by the time they were ready to go home. Their next stop was going to be the bookstore, but it was so crowded.

"Damn, we'll come back here later. I don't want the two of you around Gilderoy Lockhart." said Amelia.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Harry.

"There's just something wrong with the man. He creeps me out. Even when we were at Hogwarts he was creepy." said Amelia.

They went to the apothecary instead and after finishing up there along with a stop at Quality Quidditch Supplies. On the way to The Leaky Cauldron for lunch they noticed a commotion at the bookstore.

"Get a table and I'll join you in a little while." said Amelia.

Harry and Susan got a table easily since the pub wasn't very busy with everyone shopping. Most of them hanging around the bookstore. They started to get hungry so went ahead and ordered two of the lunch specials. They were almost finished eating when Amelia sat down.

"What took so long, Auntie?" asked Susan.

"Arthur Weasley and Lucius Malfoy got into a brawl. Hagrid stopped the fight, but it took a while to get through Lucius' whining about being manhandled by him. I told all three of them to end things or they'd all spend the night in the same ministry cell. Afterwards I ordered your books. They'll be delivered to the house tomorrow morning. Oh, and I found out some bad news. Gilderoy Lockhart is your new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor." said Amelia.

"He wrote over half the books on our booklist. Is he really that bad?" asked Susan.

"Read the books tomorrow and come to your own conclusion." said Amelia.

Sunday, August 3rd,1992

At breakfast the next morning Mipsy brought their new books in. Amelia asked her to place them in the sitting room. She knew that Harry and Susan would dig into Lockhart's books as soon as they finished eating.

Amelia was called in to an emergency at the ministry so she left them to their reading. After a few hours of reading Harry slammed the book he was holding down.

"This is ridiculous. There's not one spell in any of these books. I mean how did he defeat these creatures? I'm pretty sure how pretty he looked didn't help, but that's all he talks about." said Harry.

"I agree with you, Harry and look at this some of the dates conflict with each other. In some cases he's in 4 different places at the same time." said Susan.

"Dumbledore must've had a reason for hiring him. Let's wait and see what the first class looks like and if it's not good we'll talk to Dumbledore." said Harry.

Amelia flooed in late in the evening while Harry and Susan were watching a movie.

"What happened, Auntie?" asked Susan.

"Oh, it was nothing really. Just Mundungus Fletcher causing trouble again. Mostly it just caused a lot of parchmentwork for me. Did Mipsy save me some dinner?" asked Amelia.

"You know she always does." said Susan.

Amelia headed for the kitchen. Harry and Susan went back to the movie, but stopped and ran to the kitchen when they heard a scream. They saw Mipsy laying on the kitchen floor.

"Mipsy! Is she dead?" cried Susan.

"She's not dead, but I can't wake her." said Amelia.

"Who would do this?" asked Harry.

"It had to be Dobby." said Susan.

"Why is he going to these lengths to keep you from school, Harry? Even if something did happen at Hogwarts, the professors would deal with it. Nobody is stupid enough to do anything really dangerous with Dumbledore there." said Amelia.

Amelia sent the two of them to bed after making sure Mipsy was comfortable. She finished eating dinner and had a glass of firewhiskey. On her way to her room she saw a house elf, who she assumed was Dobby, placing some kind of magic on Susan's door.

"Hello, Dobby. Would you care to talk?" asked Amelia with her wand pointed at him. She knew he could pop away anytime, but she was pretty quick and could probably get him before he disappeared.

They stood for a little bit staring at each other when Dobby said,

"Dobby will talk."

Amelia lead Dobb into the sitting room.

"You can have a seat, Dobby. Now can you tell me why you don't want Harry in Hogwarts this year?" asked Amelia.

"Dobby is trying to save Harry Potter. Harry Potter is very important to all magical beings and must be protected at all costs. Even from himself."

"Why himself? Harry wouldn't harm himself." said Amelia.

"Dobby heard the story from last year. Harry Potter put himself in danger to protect his girls. Harry Potter is more of a danger to himself than anything else because of his noble nature."

Amelia couldn't argue with that. She knew Harry would run into fire to protect those he cared for. Susan and Hannah especially.

"Dobby I understand you have the best intentions, but you're going about this in a bad way. Please can you stop trying to force Harry away from Hogwarts and allow me and the professors to figure out this danger you warned us about?" asked Amelia

"Dobby is sorry, but Dobby can't. Harry Potter is too important."

"Ok, Dobby you've given me no choice. I'll keep Harry out of Hogwarts this year. Agreed?" asked Amelia.

"Dobby agrees."

"Now can you please awaken Mipsy before you leave?" asked Amelia and Dobby snapped his finger, which Amelia assumed did what she asked. "Thank you, Dobby. Oh and please don't pay anymore visits to my house. If you do, house elf secret or not, I will have my friends in the department of mysteries do everything possible to you to find out who your master is. Have a good night, Dobby."

Dobby disappeared and Amelia sighed. "I hope that worked." she said to herself.

After Dobby popped away, Amelia checked on Mipsy, who was fine. She started to pour herself another firewhiskey when she remembered Harry and Susan. She ran up the stairs and unlocked Susan's door and started laughing. What she saw wasn't something anyone would ever think she would laugh about. Cuddled together in bed were Harry and Susan. The blanket was slid down them a bit showing that they were quite obviously naked. Amelia conjured some night clothes and spelled them on the two of them without waking them up and left the room. As she was laying down in her bed she thought,

'I gotta hand it to Dobby, he knew which strings to pull.'

Author's Note: Short update, but a new update. Yay! Little small scene to scene chapters seems to fit this story better. Before anyone comments Amelia didn't ask who Dobby's master was because she knew he wouldn't tell. Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Next is back to Hogwarts.

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