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Chapter 14: Easter With Hannah's Parents

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Chapter 14: Easter Break With Hannah's Parents

Sunday, April 19th, 1992

Students who wanted to go home for the Easter Break flooed from their Head of House's office so Harry ended up arriving at the Abbott Manor several minutes before Susan and Hannah. It shouldn't have been awkward, but the last time he'd seen them he wasn't dating their daughter and her best friend at the same time. It was the longest, quietest wait he'd ever had. Finally though the floo activated and Hannah then Susan exited.

"Mum, Dad. I missed you so much." said Hannah.

Even though Eleanor and Jonathan Abbott were busy with work a lot in the Department of International Magical Cooperation they were loving and caring parents and Hannah missed them every time they were gone.

"Where did you go while you were gone this time?" asked Hannah.

"A few places. Bulgaria, West Ireland and New Guinea." said Jonathan.

"What did you do?" asked Hannah.

"Honey, we have all week to talk about our boring jobs. We want to know more about the three of yours relationship. I guess we have time for that later also. It's Easter so why don't we have an Easter Egg Hunt. You know how much fun Toppy has hiding them for you, Hannah." said Eleanor.

"I hope he didn't hide any up in the tree's again." said Harry.

"Oh, you remember Harry's first Easter with us and Harry went after that egg in the tree and slipped while climbing and caught his pants on the branch and ripped his pants and everyone could see his underwear." said Hannah.

"Yeah, good times." said Harry sarcastically as Hannah, Susan, Jonathan and Eleanor laughed.

"You remember that time…" started Harry.

"Don't tell that story Harry." said Susan.

"You don't even know what I was going to say." said Harry.

"Yeah I do." said Susan.

"Prove it." said Harry.

Susan just stuck her tongue out.

"One of these times I'm going to bite that tongue." said Harry.

"I wish you would." said Susan suggestively.

"Susan!" yelled Hannah then added more quietly, "My parents."

"Oh yeah, uhm, sorry? Let's go find some eggs." said Susan running outside pulling Harry by the arm behind her followed by Hannah.

"Do you still think Amelia was exaggerating?" asked Jonathan.

"I don't know dear." said Eleanor.


After an Easter Egg Hunt which turned into a war of flying eggs everyone had to come inside and clean up before lunch. After eating they all had a seat in the sitting room and Toppy brought them some chocolate eggs to snack on.

"I know we have time, but I'd like you to explain this relationship of yours. How exactly will it work?" asked Eleanor.

"Mum, Susan and I both love Harry and Harry loves both of us. Also I love Susan. It'll work how any relationship works. We'll be there for each other and love one and care for one another and when we're ready we'll marry each other." said Hannah.

"You mean one of you will be the Mistress." said Eleanor.

"No, Harry's going to marry both of us. He has more than just the Potter family so he can marry both of us and he doesn't care that me and Hannah are together also. It's a true polyamorous relationship." said Susan.

"I understand and can see that the three of you mean what you say, but I'm afraid that you're not going to be prepared for when this truly gets out to the public." said Jonathan.

"If anyone thinks of degrading either Hannah or Susan then they'll find the full weight of the power that my Houses hold." said Harry and Jonathan and Eleanor truly believed that he could back up the threat.

"Well why don't the three of you go outside and play a bit. Dinner will be at the normal time so make sure you have enough time to clean up." said Jonathan.

Hannah went outside followed by Harry and Susan who both had grins on their faces.

Eleanor ran to the door.

"And I don't want to see any of your underwear out there." said Eleanor.

Thursday, April 23rd, 1992

The week had been going good so far. Amelia decided to visit and they were talking about the big International event that Jonathan and Eleanor were involved in while the kids were playing.

"Crouch is an idiot. Every time we think we have an agreement on something he opens his mouth and we have to give five more concessions to keep them in agreement and you know that this isn't the only event we're having to work on for that year. You know the World Cup is going to be held in Britain then as well. I swear Dumbledore doesn't think before he demands something be done. It's a good thing we have the time to make all these preparations because it seems like we're a hair's width away from negotiations falling apart all the time." said Jonathan.

"Is there an agreement yet on the age limit we wanted?" asked Amelia.

"The French seem to agree, but Bulgaria keeps arguing that the Tri-Wizard Tournament has never needed an age limit before so why now? It's petty posturing." said Eleanor.

"What's the Tri-Wizard Tournament?" asked Harry when he, Hannah and Susan came in.

"It's a competition between the top three Wizarding school's of the world. It used to run every four years, but the tasks were quite dangerous and there were a lot of deaths so it was eventually discontinued." said Jonathan.

"And you are trying to bring it back?" asked Susan.

"At the request of Dumbledore." said Eleanor.

"Why would he want to bring a deadly tournament back?" asked Hannah.

"He thinks we can come up with a way to make it safer." said Jonathan.

"Didn't you say Crouch wanted Dragons for one of the tasks? How is that safe?" asked Amelia.

"Like we were saying. Crouch is an idiot." said Eleanor.

"If they don't find a way to get everyone to agree to an age limit for this tournament the three of you are not allowed to enter period. Got it?" asked Amelia.

"Yes, Auntie." Chorused the three of them.

"Can you teach us how to do that?" asked Jonathan.

Sunday, April 26th, 1992

Harry, Susan and Hannah got flooed back to Hogwarts and were on their way to the Hufflepuff Common Room when Hermione came running towards them.

"Harry! I need your help." said Hermione.

"Calm down Hermione. What's wrong?" asked Harry.

"Hagrid's got a Dragon." said Hermione.

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