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Chapter 12: Christmas Confession

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Chapter 12: Christmas Confession

Wednesday, December 25th, 1991

It's been two years since Harry started living at Bones Manor. Two years of Christmases and getting used to Susan's quirks. So you'd think by now that he'd be prepared for it. He wasn't.

"Happy Christmas, Harry!" yelled Susan jumping on Harry's bed.

"Susan, will you ever let me sleep in?" asked Harry groggily.

"Nope and if you don't get up I'm calling in Hannah." said Susan still bouncing up and down on the bed.

"I'm already here. Happy Christmas, Harry!" yelled Hannah joining Susan in jumping on the bed.

"Ok, ok. I'm up. Happy Christmas you crazy witches." said Harry hitting Susan with a pillow which started a pillow/tickle fight.

"Every year, Susan? I'm going to have to teach you the Silencing Charm. Never mind. Forget I said that." said Amelia standing in the doorway.

"Harry and I already know the charm, Auntie." said Susan smiling.

"Let me have peace of mind a little while longer, Susan. Breakfast in ten minutes you three." said Amelia before leaving the room.

Harry put his pajama shirt on and went to the bathroom. When he got out Susan and Hannah were waiting for him and the three of them went downstairs and into the dining room holding hands.

"What's going on with the three of you?" asked Amelia.

"We'll tell you after presents, Auntie." said Susan.

Amelia accepted that answer hoping that what they had to tell her wouldn't ruin today or the rest of the holiday break.

The four of them finished their breakfast and Harry, Susan and Hannah raced each other to the sitting room. When Amelia got there they had already started sorting the presents. When Susan and Hannah weren't looking she saw Harry hide two presents behind his back and place them in with his pile. Amelia smiled at him letting him know that she'd seen him.

Once all the presents were out Harry, Susan and Hannah started looking at Amelia. She did this every year even before Harry came to live with them. Amelia looked at her pile and picked one out that was from Andi then slowly opened it. It was a pair of crystal glass cups and a bottle of Firewhiskey. On one glass there was a capital H and on the other a capital S. There was a card that said,


As Nymphadora started getting older, I needed some liquid relief to get through some days. You are going through this with two of them and I thought you might need this. The cup with the H is for when Harry is the cause while the S is for Susan. I have a feeling you'll be using both cups at the same time.

Happy Christmas

Amelia looked up from the card laughing and saw that the kids had already gotten a good start on their piles. There were VHS tapes, make-up, clothes and candy among other things with wrapping paper thrown everywhere. Amelia watched and saw how happy the three of them were. They were laughing and showing each other what they got. She just watched them for a few moments before continuing with her pile.

Harry was about to open his present from Hannah. Susan's was in front of him and would be opened next. He started to tear the wrapping paper when Susan and Hannah were suddenly standing in front of him.

"What's the matter, girls?" asked Harry smiling.

"Where are they, Harry?" asked Susan.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Susie." said Harry.

"We know you have our presents, Harry." said Hannah.

"I'm sorry. I must've forgotten to get the two of you something." said Harry.

Harry didn't know who jumped first, but he was quickly being tickled by both girls.

"Auntie, help." said Harry laughing.

"You're on your own, Harry. If I were you I'd give them up." said Amelia.

"Fine, fine. I give up." said Harry and Susan and Hannah stopped and held out their hands and Harry handed each of them their present.

Susan and Hannah opened them and found identical charm bracelets in them. They each had a red heart with a lightning bolt in the middle hanging from them. Susan and Hannah both leaned forward and gave him a kiss on each cheek.

"Ok, you three, clean up the wrapping paper and take your presents to your rooms. We'll have that talk when you get back down. Mipsy, if you touch one piece of wrapping paper I'll be making Christmas dinner." said Amelia.

Because of the spells they knew, cleaning up and putting away their presents didn't take too long so Susan and Hannah both gave Harry a better thank you kiss before they headed back downstairs. The three of them sat on the couch with Harry in the middle and both Hannah and Susan holding his hands. Amelia came in and sat in a chair after a few minutes.

"Mipsy said everything will be ready in an hour. So I can guess what I think is going on by how the three of you are holding hands and how the wards told me that you and Hannah were in Harry's room at midnight last night, but I'd rather hear it from you." said Amelia.

"Auntieā€¦" tried Susan, but the first time ever she couldn't talk.

"We've decided that we're going to be together. The three of us." said Harry.

"Oh, I think I'm going to be using those cups sooner than I thought." said Amelia.

"What?" asked Hannah.

"Nothing. Whose idea was this?" asked Amelia already knowing the answer.

"It was mine, Auntie. Harry agreed before he ever asked me to be his girlfriend. Hannah was a little harder to get onboard." said Susan.

"Ok, start from the beginning. If this was what Susan wanted then why did you only ask her to be your girlfriend, Harry?"

"Before Susan and I started kissing, Hannah and Susan would practice together." said Harry nervously.

"Don't be nervous, Harry. I'm not mad. I just want to understand this. I take it you understand this isn't how it normally is?" asked Amelia.

"Yes, we know, Auntie and its wrong how it normally is." said Susan heatedly.

Harry squeezed Susan hand and kissed it to calm her down.

"Anyways, after you caught me and Susan kissing, Hannah came over for one of her visits and was teasing Susan and saying it wasn't fair that she got to me first. Susan asked Hannah if she wanted to give it a try and she did. Susan had already told me about how the only option for her and Hannah was to be someone's Mistress. Even if they found a Muggleborn they'd most likely not find someone willing to give up their family name or who would want to have enough children to carry both lines. I want a big family. I've wanted one before knowing what we found out at Gringott's so I agreed." said Harry.

"I take it Hannah didn't agree?" asked Amelia.

"No. After Harry kissed Hannah I kissed her and tried to talk to her, but she wouldn't listen. I tried to get her to agree, but finally when we thought it would never happen Harry asked me to be his girlfriend and we were going to just have it be the two of us. Over the last few months I've been teasing Hannah to get her to come around and she's come to me and started talking about it, but it always ended up with her saying the same thing." said Susan.

"Susan, sometimes you just have to accept that someone doesn't feel the way that you do." said Amelia.

"Susan was right. I liked the first kiss with Harry and the kisses I had with Susan. I kept telling her that this isn't how it's done, but after Susan made the mistletoe appear over Harry and me I don't know that how it's always done means that it's right. Why shouldn't Susan and I be happy, Aunt Amy?" asked Hannah.

"I understand what each of you has said, but you have to understand that you want something that no one does. Mistresses are tolerated because of yours and Hannah's situations so that your lines will continue. But a true polyamorous relationship where Harry marries both of you? Harry has four maybe five families that he needs to rebuild and you want to add the Bones and Abbott families to that?" asked Amelia.

"I was looking at the parchments that Swiftnut gave me and House Gryffindor and Peverell both had daughters that married into House Potter. I can use those titles, but I don't have to continue their lines as they are already integrated with my House. So it's just Potter, Slytherin and possibly Black that I have to worry about and as I said I want a big family. I'm not saying we're going to spend all our time after graduating Hogwarts having kids, but from what I've read about Wizarding history it's kind of stupid that as long as we can live that a lot of Houses have only one child." said Harry.

"Auntie, we understand that everyone's going to think badly of us, but what matters most is what we think. And you." said Susan.

"I don't want to see any of you hurt, but I support all of you, Susan. Of course I do. Just promise me that you won't start on that big family for Harry any time soon and no more midnight visits." said Amelia.

"We promise." said Hannah.

"I believe you only because it's coming from you, Hannah." said Amelia laughing when Harry and Susan tried to defend themselves.

"Well, Harry and I might not be trustworthy, but at least our part is done. You still have to tell your parents, Hannah." said Susan sticking out her tongue.

Sunday, January 5th, 1992

Susan and Hannah went with Amelia and Harry to visit the vaults the day after the New Year and it was clear that money wouldn't stop them from having the big family that Harry wanted. What wasn't clear was how Harry was Heir to House Black. Amelia said she'd look into it.

The last few days were wearing on Amelia. In the past it was bad enough flooing in and seeing Harry and Susan kissing, but now with the three of them she started coming through the floo firing stinging hexes, but that didn't last long since Harry and Susan started shielding all of them when they knew it was close to time for her to come home. Hannah wrote a letter to her parents, but hadn't gotten a reply yet. She was starting to worry that they wouldn't accept what they were doing.

Finally the day to return to Hogwarts came.

"For the love of Merlin! The three of you were supposed to be down here and ready to go 30 minutes ago!" yelled Amelia.

"We're almost ready!" yelled Harry.

"I swear to everything holy I'm going to hex your lips off!" yelled Amelia.

Harry, Susan and Hannah came running down the stairs. Hannah was dragging a trunk behind her.

"Aunt Amy, Harry and Susan won't shrink my trunk." said Hannah.

"I'm going to ask Dumbledore to keep the three of you at Hogwarts over the summer." said Amelia while shrinking Hannah's trunk.

"No you won't, Auntie. You love us." said Susan.

"That's what you think. Now get through the floo." said Amelia.

Amelia followed the three of them through and saw the Weasley's again.

"Are we going to make this a regular thing, Molly?" asked Amelia.

"We'll see." said Molly.

The two families hurried onto the platform.

"I love all three of you. And I'm sure you'll get a reply from your parents soon, Hannah." said Amelia.

"I love you, Auntie and I'm sorry for everything you've gone through the last couple weeks." said Harry.

"Does that mean that you and Susan are going to stop?" asked Amelia.

"Hannah was there too." said Susan.

"I know who the ringleader's are." said Amelia.

"See I'm innocent." said Hannah.

"I wouldn't go that far. You need to get on the train. I love you all. If you get in trouble at Hogwarts I don't want to hear about it." said Amelia jokingly.

Harry and Hannah got onto the train while Susan hugged Amelia tightly.

"I love you, Auntie." said Susan.

"I love you, Susie. Now go be with your girlfriend and boyfriend." said Amelia.

Amelia watched Susan get on the train and kept watching until the train was long gone from the station. She could joke and tease all she wanted, but she'd always be sad when they were actually gone.

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