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Chapter 11: Have Yourself a Merry Little

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Chapter 11: Have Yourself a Merry Little Kissmas

Thursday, December 19th, 1991

After Halloween the pace in classes started to pick up as they headed toward midterms before the Yule Break. Professor McGonagall wrote a letter to Ron's parents and he was given two weeks of detention and made to publicly apologize to Hermione. The Howler he received from Mrs. Weasley was horrible.

Harry and Susan finished the assignments that Dumbledore had given them and were on their way to turn them in before returning to their dorms to finish packing as they would be going home tomorrow. They made it to the top of the stairs and Dumbledore called them in before they knocked.

"One of these days I'll find out how you do that." said Harry while he and Susan handed Dumbledore their parchments.

"If you do, you'll be the first to figure it out. Let me give you a little help by removing two wrong answers. The Gargoyle doesn't tell me who is coming up and I can't see through the door. I'll have some more assignments for you after the break, but I want to run an idea by the two of you. It has already been approved by your Aunt and your Heads of House. The classes that you help with are doing considerably better than the ones where you aren't, specifically the Gryffindor and Slytherin classes. If you agree I'd like to pull you off your regular schedule and have you assist different classes. If this works out well, next year you'd be assisting both first year and second year classes. I'd add the third and fourth year classes as well, but I don't think you'd be received well by the older students. When the class is only reading or working on theory you are free to use that time for your own studies." said Dumbledore.

Harry and Susan both agreed and Dumbledore wished them a happy Yule and asking that if they were going to get him a gift his greatest wish was for a pair of warm wool socks.

Friday, December 20th, 1991

Harry, Susan and Hannah said goodbye to Hermione as she left through the barrier to find her parents then searched the crowd on the platform for Amelia and Hannah's parents. When they found them Susan ran and hugged Amelia screaming, "Auntie!"

"Well I guess someone missed me." said Amelia when she was hit again as Harry hugged her as well.

"I'm sorry to interrupt the three of you, but where are Mum and Dad?" asked Hannah.

"Your parents couldn't get away from work and asked me to keep an eye on you. I told them I'd suffer through it." said Amelia laughing. "We're going to Diagon Alley so the three of you can get presents for each other and your friends. And don't forget about me. If you do I'll just have to take my pick from your piles on Christmas Day."

The four of them flooed to the Leaky Cauldron and entered Diagon Alley.

"Susan, Hannah. I need to talk to Harry for a bit. Why don't the two of you head over to Fortescue's and wait for us. It'll be a while." said Amelia.

Susan and Hannah ran off after getting some Galleons from Amelia.

"How are you, Harry?" asked Amelia.

"What do you mean, Auntie? I'm fine." said Harry.

"I know that's what you say, Harry. Every letter I got from you said you were doing fine, but I can read between the lines. Also I have a niece who cares for you very much and she wrote letters to me also." said Amelia.

Harry sighed but started talking.

"It's hard, Auntie. I never had friends before Susan and Hannah and even in the two years living with you it's just been the three of us. I don't know how to deal with the others." said Harry.

"Susan told me that Neville Longbottom joins you every once in a while at the Hufflepuff Table and that since Halloween Hermione Granger always eats with the three of you." said Amelia.

"Yeah, I think the two of them will end up being good friends. There's one thing I could use your help with for when we go back to Hogwarts." said Harry.

"What's that?" asked Amelia.

"Hannah keeps threatening to show embarrassing memories of me to all the girls at Hogwarts." said Harry.

"Oh, no you don't, Harry. I'm not getting involved in that. You and Susan tease Hannah constantly and that's with me not even knowing what happened with this kiss with Hannah that Susan mentioned. You wouldn't want to enlighten me about that would you?" asked Amelia.

"Uhm… no, Auntie. Why are we going to Gringott's?" asked Harry. He hadn't been paying attention to where they were going.

"I got a letter from the Goblins a couple days ago. The Ministry is slow in informing the Goblins on anything so they just found out that I was your Guardian. Because of House laws, my guardianship doesn't give me any control over your inheritance left to you by your parents so I never even thought anything about it as typically you wouldn't have access to anything until you turned 17 other than maybe a trust vault. Anyway the Goblins were wondering why you hadn't come in to see them after your 11th birthday so I told them we'd visit after you got back from Hogwarts." said Amelia.

Harry and Amelia went inside. The bank was busy so they had to wait for a bit in line. When it was their turn Amelia asked to see Account Manager Swiftnut. The teller called for Griphook to lead them and they were soon seated in the office.

"Madame Bones, Lord Potter. Thank you for seeing me today." said Swiftnut.

"I'm sorry, but did you say Lord Potter?" asked Amelia.

"Yes, Madame Bones, you heard me right. As the last of his line and with no will made by his parents naming another, Harry is Lord Potter with all rights and responsibilities that come with that title." said Swiftnut.

"But he's just 11." said Amelia. "No offense Harry, but you don't understand what he's saying. This makes you an adult in our world and there will be certain people who will try to take advantage of you when they find out."

"I understood what you meant, Auntie." said Harry.

"Legally his age is of no consequence, but you are correct, Madame Bones. I'm going to assume that just because he's now an adult that you're not just going to kick him to the curb as the Muggles say." said Swiftnut.

"Of course not." said Amelia.

"Then you'll be there to make sure that nobody takes advantage of Lord Potter. Also as you are already on the Wizengamot and Lord Potter is still in school you should act as his Proxy. Lord Potter if you would I need three drops of your blood on this parchment and it'll unseal and reactivate the Potter Family Vault. Your Trust Vault will be closed and reabsorbed into the Family Vault as it was never used anyways." said Swiftnut.

"If the vault was sealed how is Hogwarts getting paid?" asked Amelia.

"James and Lily paid for Hogwarts in full shortly after Harry was born. As well as unsealing the vault the parchment will become your copy of the holdings for Lord Potter." said Swiftnut.

Harry took the dagger that Swiftnut provided and pierced his finger and allowed three drops of blood to drip onto the parchment and it flashed and started forming words and adding pages. Harry looked at the first page.

Lord Harry James Potter

Age - 11


James Charlus Potter - Deceased
Lily Marie Potter nee Evans - Deceased


Lord of House Potter
Lord of House Peverell
Lord of House Gryffindor
Lord of House Slytherin (By Right of Conquest)
Heir to the House of Black

Amelia told Swiftnut that they didn't have the time to visit the vaults and go over everything so they made an appointment for after the new year after Swiftnut gave Harry his Head of House rings and told him how to merge them together.

When they met back up with the girls, Harry asked if he could go by himself, but Amelia said they'd go in pairs. Susan went to go with Harry, but Amelia stopped them.

"I can only imagine what the two of you would get up to so Susan you're with me, Hannah you go with Harry." said Amelia.

Hannah stuck her tongue out at Susan.

"I wonder if Harry wants to know what you told me at Fortescue's." said Susan warningly.

"You wouldn't." said Hannah.

"You know I would." said Susan.

Hannah glared at her before taking Harry by the arm and heading down the alley.

Tuesday, December 24th, 1991

The morning of Christmas Eve when Amelia was about to head to work there was a floo call from Hannah's mom Helena. There was an emergency at work and her and her husband had to leave today and wouldn't be back until the day before the kids went back to Hogwarts and asked if it was ok for Hannah to stay with them.

"Harry, Susan. Hannah's going to be staying with us… I have only been out of the room for a few minutes you two." said Amelia walking in to the dining room where they were kissing.

"Sorry, Auntie." said Susan and Harry together.

"I'm sure that you are. Come with me. I have to get to work. Hannah will be here around noon and she'll be staying with us till you go back to Hogwarts. I don't know what's going on with the three of you and honestly I don't know if I want to know, but I want you to promise me you'll behave." said Amelia.

"We prom…" started Harry and Susan.

"Never mind. I'd rather you not lie to me." said Amelia throwing the floo powder into the fireplace and stepping in.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Susan grinning.

"You know it." said Harry.

Hannah ended up flooing in early and caught Harry and Susan in the act.

"Susan will you never learn?" asked Hannah.

"You want to join us?" asked Susan.

"I don't care what spells Dumbledore has taught you, you're never going to figure out how to get passed that ward line without Aunt Amy knowing about it. Just accept that and enjoy being surprised by your gifts, Susan." said Hannah.

"At least she didn't set the tree on fire this year." said Harry laughing.

"Hey, remember there are things you've done that I haven't told Hannah. Or have you forgotten the day you came down to dinner in one of my summer dresses. Oops." said Susan giggling.

"You dared me to!" exclaimed Harry.

"Please tell me we can use Aunt Amy's Pensieve to view that memory." said Hannah.

"No, Auntie started keeping it locked up after Harry and I charmed it to turn her hair purple when she used it." said Susan.

The three friends spent some time trying to guess what presents they would be getting before Mipsy came in and told them lunch was ready. After lunch they decided to watch Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Harry sat in between Susan and Hannah and they both ended up leaning into him. Susan got up to go to the bathroom and when she got back pointed her wand over their heads from the entranceway. Harry and Hannah both looked up when snowflakes started falling on them.

"Look, Hannah, Mistletoe." said Susan with a big grin on her face.

"Would you like another chance?" asked Harry.

"I need to talk to my manipulative friend before deciding, but it's tradition." said Hannah smiling as she kissed Harry.

Hannah got up and took Susan by the hand and dragged her upstairs and into Susan's room.

"Do you know a spell that'll keep Harry from listening in?" asked Hannah.

"Yes, but he knows the counter to them all. Harry won't listen in though." said Susan.

"If I say no, will you stop?" asked Hannah.

"Stop what?" asked Susan.

"The teasing and the little nudges to convince me. Like that down there." said Hannah.

"You liked it and you liked it the first time you kissed him too." said Susan.

"Of course I did, Susan. But it doesn't change anything. It's not how it's done and you won't take less than you want." said Hannah.


Saturday, February 16th, 1991

It had just been two days since Harry and Susan's first kiss and they were enjoying repeating the experience much to Hannah's annoyance.

"I can't believe you got to him first. It's not fair." said Hannah.

"Well if you want to kiss Harry I don't think he'd mind." said Susan grinning.

Harry looked nervous, but at Susan's urging he moved towards Hannah and kissed her.

"Mmmm. That was…" started Hannah when the kiss was over, but she was stopped by Susan kissing her. Hannah kissed her back but then jumped back.

"Susan!" exclaimed Hannah.

"Uhm I think I'll let you two talk." said Harry.

After Harry left the room Hannah turned to Susan.

"You planned this!?" asked Hannah.

"I've been planning this since me and you started practicing kissing last year. I want the three of us to be together." said Susan.

"You don't know what you're saying, Susan. Be together. We're only going to be 11 this year. How do you even know?" asked Hannah.

"Don't talk like you're my Auntie, Hannah. I know how old we are, but I love you, Hannah and I love, Harry." said Susan.

"It's not the way it's done." said Hannah.

"Who cares? I'm in the same situation you are, Hannah and it sucks. A line continuation contract. No happily ever after, no marriage just essentially being a mistress until we pop out a son and it's over." said Susan.

"And how would this be any different?" asked Hannah.

"What we just did with Harry is different. He likes both of us, Hannah and I know when we're older he would marry both of us." said Susan.

"No, Susan. You're right that I don't like what's meant for me anymore than you do, but it is how things are and what you are proposing isn't possible." said Hannah before turning to leave.

"Did you like the kisses?" asked Susan, but Hannah kept going.

Flashback End

"Why should I take less than what I want. And don't lie to me, you want it too. Every time he joins us at the Hufflepuff table you smile at him. You watch him in classes when he's helping other students and let's not forget the conversations we've had, the most recent being at Fortescue's or the fact that you liked my kiss too." said Susan kissing her.

"Fine." said Hannah after breaking the kiss. "Is that what you want to hear? Yes I like kissing you and Harry both. It doesn't mean this would work and be accepted by others."

"It only matters for it to be accepted by us." said Susan.

Mipsy popped in and told them that it was time for dinner. Amelia asked them what they did today and Hannah kicked Susan under the table to stop her from saying anything. Before bed they watched the movie It's a Wonderful Life.

Harry was sleeping good when he heard his door open and close. He got his glasses off the bedside table noticing that it was midnight and saw Hannah and Susan standing at the end of his bed. Harry got up and asked, "Is everything ok?"

"Everything is fine, Harry." said Susan smiling.

Hannah walked up to Harry and leaned forward and kissed him.

"Happy Christmas, Harry." said Hannah then she walked back over to Susan and kissed her and left Harry's room.

"I told you so, Harry." said Susan before kissing him and skipping out of the room.

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