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Chapter 9: Siriusly? You're a Dog

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Chapter 9: Siriusly? You're a Dog.

Sirius Black was seen in Hogwarts again. After leaving Jasmine, Hermione and Cedric, Ron had went to the dorm and found Sirius looking around the room with a knife in his hand. Sirius ran and made it out of the common room pushing by Hermione as she came in. The castle was searched again, but there was no sign of him.

"I don't get why Sirius was looking around the boy's dormitory." said Cedric at breakfast the next day.

"Well Ron's dad did say that Sirius would want to kill me." said Jasmine.

"And Sirius wouldn't know that you wouldn't be in the boy's dorm anymore." said Cedric.

"What doesn't make sense to me is that Jasmine was clearly not there, but Sirius was searching the whole room for something. I think we're missing something." said Hermione.

A few days after the close call with Sirius, Jasmine, Hermione, Ron and Cedric were heading down to Hagrid's to be there for him when Buckbeak was executed. Cedric tried to bow out saying that he had some last minute studying to do for his O.W.L.s, but Jasmine and Ron told him he'd been studying too much. Hermione argued that there's no such thing as too much studying, but she was ignored. On their way down they saw Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle looking down the hill at Hagrid's laughing. Malfoy turned when he heard them coming.

"Hey, Jasmine, why don't you come over here with us? We've got a perfect view of where the beasts going to be put down." said Draco.

"You foul, evil little cockroach!" yelled Hermione drawing her wand.

"Hermione why be so rude." said Jasmine sweetly putting her hand on Hermione's arm then walking over to Draco.

"Draco's just being courteous. Isn't that right, Draco?" asked Jasmine poking her finger on Draco's nose. Draco nodded and Jasmine put her arm around Draco and rammed her knee into his crotch.

Crabbe and Goyle moved to attack Jasmine, but Cedric and Ron both had their wands out.

"You're an idiot, Malfoy." said Jasmine as she started to go down the hill.

Cedric and Ron followed, but Hermione added another kick to Malfoy before following.

"Before we get to Hagrid's I have a question, Jasmine." said Cedric.

"What's that?" asked Jasmine.

"I know you've always been a girl, but you did used to have one of those. How can you just do that to a guy?" asked Cedric.

"I don't know. Think about that before you make me mad." said Jasmine laughing.

Jasmine knocked on Hagrid's door. Hagrid was crying when he answered and let them inside and served them some tea.

"Yeh guy's shouldn' be here. They'll be comin' soon ter…" started Hagrid.

"We came here to be with you when they…" started Hermione.

"Yeh'll be doin' no such thing. Yeh think I wan' yeh seeing tha'? As soon as yeh finish your tea yeh bes' be out o' here. Oh, Ron. I found summat tha' belongs ter yeh." said Hagrid handing Ron a rat.

"Scabbers!" said Ron.

"Mind yeh keep a better eye on 'im from now on." said Hagrid.

"I guess Crookshanks didn't eat Scabbers after all. Looks like you owe someone an apology." said Hermione.

"Hermione." said Jasmine warningly.

"I'll be sure to apologize to Crookshanks when I see him." said Ron.

"I meant me!" yelled Hermione and a pot smashed.

"What was…? Ow, son of a bitch that hurt!" yelled Jasmine as something hit her in the head. "They're coming."

"Yeh lot can' be seen here. Go on out the back." said Hagrid.

The four of them left and went back up the hill. They couldn't see Buckbeak, but they saw the executioner bring his axe down and knew it was done. They started heading back to the castle, but were stopped when Scabbers bit Ron and ran off. Ron chased Scabbers and caught him, but a black dog came running toward them and jumped and bit into Ron's leg. Jasmine, Hermione and Cedric had tried to get to Ron, but the dog pulled him through a hole in the Whomping Willow.

Hermione tried to follow, but was hit in the stomach by a branch.

"Are you ok, Hermione?" asked Jasmine while Cedric drew his wand.

"I'll be fine." said Hermione.

"Immobulus." said Cedric causing the tree to stay still.

The three of them went into the hole that Ron was pulled into followed the paw prints to upstairs. They found Ron, but instead of a dog they found Sirius Black.

"Well I was hoping Harry would be here when I took care of what should've been done 12 years ago." said Sirius.

"Well I guess you'll just have to settle for me, traitor." said Jasmine angrily.

"Is there a name that goes with all this beautiful anger?" asked Sirius.

"My name is Jasmine Potter." said Jasmine.

"Well that'll be an interesting story to hear, but first I have business to attend to." said Sirius drawing his wand.

"You're going to pay for betraying my parents!" yelled Jasmine pulling her wand.

Before either of them could cast Remus came in and disarmed them both. Remus then hugged Sirius.

"You've been helping him?" asked Hermione.

"No, Hermione. You have to understand…" started Remus.

"I should've known that you couldn't be trusted. Jasmine, he's a Werewolf." said Hermione.

"Well, Hermione I must say that you are the brightest witch of your age." said Remus.

"Can we get this over with, Remus? I finally found him and he must pay." said Sirius.

"I've never done anything to you and I'm not a boy so stop calling me him." said Jasmine.

"I'm not talking about you, Jasmine. I promise when this is over we'll talk." said Sirius.

Professor Snape came in and started trading insults with Sirius. Jasmine was done with not knowing what was going on and took Hermione's wand and fired the spell to disarm Snape, but because she was mad she used too much power and knocked him into the wall.

"Ok, tell me everything now." said Jasmine.

Sirius and Remus told her everything and revealed Scabbers as Peter Pettigrew. Jasmine convinced them not to kill him and they bound him and went back through the hole in the tree. Remus had forgotten to take his potion and changed shortly after they were all out of the hole. Peter changed to a rat and ran off towards the Dark Forrest and Cedric ran after him. Remus stalked toward Jasmine and was about to attack her, but Sirius in his Animagus form jumped and attacked Remus. Sirius ended up getting hurt and Remus started towards Jasmine again when there was a howl and Remus ran off.

Jasmine went to where she'd seen Sirius and found him by the lake. Sirius tried to tell her to go as the Dementor's came and started attacking them. Jasmine tried to do the Patronus Charm, but it only held them off for a minute. There were too many Dementor's and just when Jasmine thought it was over there was a bright light and a solid Patronus drove off all the Dementor's. She thought she saw someone before she passed out.

Jasmine woke up to yelling. Ron was out in the bed next to her, most likely on potions from Madame Pomfrey. Hermione and Cedric were in beds too. Cedric had bandages on his right shoulder and leg.

"Who cast it then, Dumbledore? A corporeal Patronus just doesn't appear from nowhere causing over 100 Dementor's to flee." said Fudge.

"The Dementor's should've never been on the grounds in the first place, Fudge. You do realize that four students and two professors could've been kissed." said Dumbledore.

"They were after Black!" yelled Fudge.

"Sirius is innocent!" yelled Jasmine.

"Keep quiet, child. I understand you've been through a horrible ordeal, but don't speak about things you don't know." said Fudge before leaving the Hospital Wing.

Professor, Sirius is innocent. We found out that Ron's rat Scabbers was actually Peter Pettigrew." said Hermione.

"We all saw him." said Jasmine.

"It's true, Professor. I'm sorry, Jasmine. I tried to get Pettigrew, but he sent cutting spells at me before stunning me." said Cedric.

"While I believe that all of you are telling the truth, Fudge and the rest of the Ministry aren't going to believe four children. Perhaps if we had more time." said Dumbledore looking at Hermione.

"Professor, you don't mean." said Hermione.

"Miss Granger you know the rules and you must not be seen. Even by yourselves. If you are lucky you might be able to save two lives. I'm going to lock the door and you must be back before I close the doors. I think three turns ought to do it. Good luck." said Dumbledore.

Dumbledore turned and left.

"Cedric, since you and Ron are hurt it'll just have to be me and Jasmine." said Hermione pulling the necklace out from her shirt.

"Is that…?" started Cedric.

"Yes, it's a Time-Turner. Professor McGonagall gave it to me at the start of term and I've been using it for all my classes. Come on Jasmine." said Hermione before putting the chain over both of their heads and spinning the Time-Turner three times.

Jasmine and Hermione saw everyone moving backwards in and out of the Hospital Wing before they were the only ones in there. Hermione put the Time-Turner back into her shirt and they ran and exited the castle.

"Look, Jasmine we're on our way to Hagrid's." said Hermione.

"That must be what Dumbledore meant by two lives. We can save Buckbeak." said Jasmine.

Jasmine and Hermione went to Hagrid's and kept out of sight.

"Pettigrew's in there." said Jasmine starting to move.

"No, Jasmine, you can't." said Hermione.

"Why not?" asked Jasmine.

"You're in there right now, Jasmine. If you go in there you'll think you've gone mad. You could accidentally kill yourself." said Hermione.

"Fine." said Jasmine.

"Look, there they come. Wait. We're not leaving." said Hermione looking down at the big pumpkin in front of her.

She saw the rocks in front of her and threw one breaking the pot. Then threw another hitting Jasmine in the head.

"I'll get you back for that, Hermione. That really hurt." said Jasmine.

While the Minister and Dumbledore were signing the parchments, Jasmine and Hermione were able to get Buckbeak away. They kept hidden, but made their way to where they could see everything going on and waited.

"I can't believe we're just going to sit here and let Pettigrew escape." said Jasmine.

"We have to, Jasmine. I'm sorry." said Hermione.

"Did you hear who cast the Patronus that sent all the Dementor's away?" asked Jasmine changing the subject.

"No, but Professor Snape said that whoever it was had to be very powerful." said Hermione.

"I thought I saw someone, but I couldn't tell who it was." said Jasmine.

"Look, there we all are." said Hermione.

They watched while Remus changed and tried to attack Jasmine. When Sirius was hurt Hermione saw that nobody was going to get to Jasmine to save her so she howled which caused Remus to come after them. Jasmine grabbed Hermione and ran towards the Dark Forrest. Buckbeak was able to keep Remus busy.

"Jasmine where are we going? No, we can't." said Hermione when she realized where they were headed. They saw Cedric go down and Jasmine fired a Stunning Spell at Pettigrew, but missed.

Pettigrew disarmed Jasmine and Hermione.

"I thank you, Jasmine. You saved my life so in return I'll let you live for now. We'll see each other again." said Peter before turning into a rat and running off.

Jasmine and Hermione found there wands and hurried over to see if they could find out who did the Patronus Charm. They didn't see anyone coming and Jasmine realized that it had been her and so she went down closer and yelled, "Expecto Patronum!"

Once Jasmine and Sirius were taken back to the castle, Hermione and Jasmine flew on Buckbeak and broke Sirius out.

"I should've let you kill him before. You're on the run still now, but at least he'd be dead." said Jasmine.

"Pettigrew will meet his judgment eventually. I'm happy to have my goddaughter know that I'm innocent. I have to go, but write me and tell me that story as soon as you have a chance." said Sirius.

"One more question before you go. Did you send me the Firebolt?" asked Jasmine.

"Yes. I watched the match where your broom got smashed up and thought I'd make up for all the missed birthdays and Christmases." said Sirius.

"Jasmine, we need to hurry." said Hermione.

Jasmine gave one more hug to Sirius and then started running back to the Hospital Wing with Hermione. They just got back as Dumbledore was shutting the doors. He pretended not to know what they had done and left them to go inside. Jasmine went over to Cedric.

"I'm sorry we just left you lying there on the ground, Cedric." said Jasmine.

"That's ok. I didn't even know you were there." said Cedric.

The next morning Oliver came into the Hospital Wing.

"Jasmine, if you tell me that you are too hurt to play I'm going to find Madame Pomfrey's potions and end my life right now. Two years the cup should've been ours. You have to play, Jasmine." said Oliver.

"I'm fine, Oliver I can play." said Jasmine and Oliver grabbed her head and kissed her on the lips.

"Sorry Cedric!" yelled Oliver as he ran out of the Hospital Wing.

Gryffindor won the Quidditch Cup and Oliver cried as he had Jasmine hold the cup with him as they flew around the pitch. At dinner it was announced that Remus had resigned his position. Jasmine went to see him and like the other Marauder's he said that they would see each other again.

With the year over all the students boarded the Hogwarts Express to go home. Jasmine and Cedric were getting in some kissing time since they didn't know when they would see each other during the summer.

"Will you two stop." said Hermione.

"Ron is right next to you. Why don't you kiss him?" asked Jasmine.

"Not everything is about snogging, Jasmine." said Hermione.

Jasmine gave in and the four of them talked about their summer plans and played some Exploding Snap. When the Hogwarts Express pulled into King's Cross they started getting their trunks down. Hermione said her goodbyes and went through the portal to see her parents. Cedric introduced Jasmine to his father.

"Well, Miss Potter, I am honored to meet you. Call me Angus." said Angus.

"As long as you call me, Jasmine, Angus." said Jasmine.

"Cedric's told me in letters that he'd like to have you over sometime during the summer. I think we can arrange that. The Quidditch World Cup is being held here in England this year and I've managed to get tickets if you would like to go with us." said Angus.

"That'd be great." said Jasmine.

"That's not till August so we'll come up with something a bit sooner. Oh, it looks like the Weasley's are waiting for you. I'll let you say goodbye to my son." said Angus.

"I'll write you as soon as I can." said Cedric.

"I'll miss you." said Jasmine leaning up and capturing his lips in a kiss.

She grabbed her trunk and pulled it behind her and headed towards the Weasley's and noticed that Mrs. Weasley did not look happy. For the first time ever, Jasmine had a feeling she wasn't going to have fun at the Weasley's.

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