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Be Who You Always Have Been @jamiemaike1980
Chapter 8: Agreements and Arguments

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Chapter 8: Agreements and Arguments

The next morning when Jasmine woke up she found a dozen pink roses and a box on her nightstand. She opened the box to find a smaller box and a letter inside. She read the letter first.


You said I couldn't buy your necklace, but you didn't
say I couldn't buy you any jewelry, so I asked the
attendant to pick out these to match your necklace.

Happy Valentine's Day

Jasmine opened the smaller box and saw a pair of diamond earrings that did work well with the necklace she picked out. As she was admiring the earrings she suddenly realized that she hadn't gotten anything for Cedric. She'd never even thought about it or that she would be in this situation.

"What do you have there?" asked Hermione.

"Cedric got me these beautiful earrings and I don't have anything to give him." said Jasmine.

"He'll understand. It's your first Valentine's Day, but if you want to have something at least give him one of your Chocolate Frog's and make him a card real quick before breakfast." said Hermione.

Jasmine went and showered quickly and got ready and made the card. She and Hermione grabbed Ron and headed to breakfast. When they got there Cedric was at the entrance to the Great Hall. Jasmine walked up and pulled him down to her for a long kiss. Hermione shook her head disapprovingly as she walked by.

"Miss Potter, restrain yourself please." said Professor McGonagall. As she walked by them she looked at Cedric and Jasmine could've swore she heard her say, "Well done, Miss Potter."

Apparently Cedric heard it too cause he was blushing.

"I take it you liked your present." said Cedric as they sat down at the Gryffindor table.

"I loved the earrings and the flowers. I wish I had something better from you, but I didn't think about it." said Jasmine handing him the card and the Chocolate Frog.

"It's ok. At least you thought to bring me something. In my third year I was asked to Hogsmeade by a girl and I didn't realize that it meant that obviously we were dating and I didn't get her anything for Valentine's Day. She was highly offended and I ended up in the Hospital Wing having my nose and ears returned to their normal size." said Cedric.

"Madame Pomfrey does do good work." said Professor McGonagall. "The Headmaster would like to see you as soon as you're finished eating."

"Well at least I get to spend Valentine's Day with you." said Jasmine trying to not sound nervous.

"Not exactly the best way to spend the day." said Cedric.

When the mail came, Errol crashed into the table in front of them.

"Bloody bird." said Ron and Hermione smacked him on the arm.

"Language, Ron." said Hermione.

Jasmine took the letter from Errol and looked at it.

"What's wrong?" asked Cedric.

"I'm scared. What if they said no?" asked Jasmine.

"Not bloody likely." said Ron.

"Ron, language!" said Hermione.

"You've known me for three years. You should know I'm not going to stop." said Ron.

Jasmine tuned out there argument and opened the letter.


I'm so sorry to hear what those horrible Muggles did to you. Molly and I would be happy to have you stay with us. It's the least we can do after you saving Ginny last year. I hope the rest of the year goes well for you and look forward to seeing you on the platform.

Arthur Weasley

"They said yes!" said Jasmine showing them the letter.

"That's wonderful." said Hermione.

"I knew they would. I wonder why dad wrote you though. I thought Mum would've." said Ron.

"Well now you won't be too far away during the summer." said Cedric.

Headmaster's Office

"Good morning Miss Potter, Mister Diggory." said Dumbledore as Jasmine and Cedric entered the office.

"Good morning, Professor." said Jasmine and Cedric.

"Madam Bones contacted me and the two of you are needed at the Ministry. She is sending an Auror to escort you shortly. Ah, here he is." said Dumbledore as the floo activated.

"Professor Dumbledore, it is good to see you." said the Auror.

"It's good to see you as well, Kingsley." said Dumbledore.

"Miss Potter, Mr. Diggory if you'll come with me." said Kingsley.

The Ministry of Magic

Jasmine stumbled out of the floo, but was caught by Cedric and Kingsley.

"I hate floo travel." said Jasmine.

"You'll get used to it." said Cedric.

After registering with security, Kingsley led them to Madam Bones' office.

"Thank you for bringing them, Kingsley. I'll take care of them from here." said Madam Bones.

"Professor Dumbledore said that you needed us, but didn't tell us why." said Jasmine.

"The parents of the girls wish to meet with you. They want to see if there is a way to avoid a public trial which would be an embarrassment to their houses." said Madam Bones.

"That explains why Jasmine is here, but I'm just a witness to what happened. It'd solely be up to her to accept any deal." said Cedric.

"If Miss Potter agrees to their deal you would be required to swear an oath to not reveal the details of the attack to the press or anyone who doesn't already know." said Madam Bones.

"I wondered why the Daily Prophet hadn't printed anything about the attack. What did they pay you to keep this quiet?" asked Cedric angrily.

"I resent the accusation, Mr. Diggory. Miss Potter, you have to understand that if this goes to trial you may very well lose and keeping this out of the press benefits you as much if not more than it does them." said Madam Bones.

"I'll listen to what they have to say." said Jasmine understanding what she was implying.

"They're waiting for us in a conference room down the hall." said Madam Bones getting up to take them there.

The three of them entered the room and took their seats.

"Before we start I'll remind you that the Auror office is just down the hall. If any of you cause any trouble I swear you'll be in Azkaban by the end of the day. Do I make myself clear?" asked Madam Bones receiving nods from everyone present. "Ok. Have you decided whether you want separate deals or one that will apply to all of you?"

"We've decided on one deal for everyone? As my daughter was the ringleader, so to speak, it's been decided that I speak for all of us." said Lord Chang. "Miss Potter, I offer apologies for what happened to you and ask what it would take for this to not go to trial?"

"I've begun to realize that the Wizarding World is not as understanding of my change as I was initially led to believe, either because my best friend confused having a solution as acceptance or because Professor McGonagall wants to believe in the best of people, I don't know. But that's not the issue nor is the opinion that I should've just let my core overload and kill me instead of becoming the freak I am according to all of your daughters." said Jasmine looking at all of them before laughing.

"Jasmine?" asked Cedric worriedly.

"I'm sorry I was just thinking about the letter from my Aunt. You see my relatives already thought I was a freak and when I finally became who I was supposed to be they kicked me out and you inform me that even in a world of freaks, which is what all of us are according to my relatives, that I'm a freak.

"Anyways I'm getting off topic. The issue is that your daughters out of their jealousy attacked me and left me to die on the floor. So let's start there, Lord Chang. I can't accept your apology or any deal unless the girl's themselves apologize to me personally. Not for their beliefs or even your beliefs because of who I am, but for the attack itself. I might also want to add that I've recently learned that my family is an important one. One of the Sacred Twenty-Eight if I remember correctly. I am the Heiress, not to mention the last member of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter. An Ancient and Noble House that you came close to ending. The Ministry doesn't take kindly to that do they, Madam Bones?" asked Jasmine.

"No they don't." said Madam Bones.

"I think it is acceptable that they personally apologize to you…" said Lord Chang.

"I will not apologize to that…" yelled one of the Slytherin girls.

"You will do as you are told! Were you not listening!? Miss Potter can finish our family if she wanted! Apologize now or you will be disowned!" said her father.

After that outburst all six of the girls gave their apologies.

"While I don't for an instant believe the sincerity of those apologies I know they're the best I will get. I only have one other condition for accepting the deal that this doesn't go to trial or to the press. I want an oath from the six of them that they will not attempt to harm me in any way including having someone else do it for them for the remainder of their time at Hogwarts." said Jasmine.

"That is acceptable as well." said Lord Chang.

"Ok. As soon as the girl's give their oaths everyone will give their oaths that they will not speak to anyone about this incident." said Madam Bones.

"Madam Bones, you should know that Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were already told what happened." said Jasmine.

"Auror Shacklebolt will be going back to Hogwarts with you to get their oaths as well as the professors and Madam Pomfrey." said Madam Bones.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

After all the oaths were given Jasmine and Cedric were taken back to Hogwarts. Dumbledore called Madam Pomfrey and asked her to come to his office and then asked Professor McGonagall to bring Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley. When Ron and Hermione came in Jasmine could tell that they'd been arguing again. Kingsley got everyone's oaths and the four of them were dismissed.

"What's going on now?" asked Jasmine.

"Ron lost Scabbers." said Hermione.

"I haven't lost him. You're bloody cat ate him." said Ron.

"You don't know that." said Hermione.

Ron didn't say anything, but just took off by himself.

"Hermione, you know it's possible that Crookshanks did eat Scabbers. If you'd at least acknowledge that, Ron might not be so mad at you." said Cedric.

"I know. I'll go find him and apologize." said Hermione.

"How did you do that? I've known them for three years and could never get either of them to agree they were wrong." said Jasmine.

"When you look as good as I do people tend to listen to you." said Cedric haughtily.

"Shut up, pretty boy." said Jasmine giggling.

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