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Chapter 7: First Date and a Patronus

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Chapter 7: First Date and a Happy Patronus Memory

Saturday was finally here and Jasmine was a wreck. Hermione woke up and found her throwing clothes from her wardrobe onto the bed.

"Jasmine, what are you doing? I thought we figured out what you were going to wear yesterday." said Hermione.

"And the fact that you were going to let me wear that really makes me question your fashion sense." said Jasmine.

Lavender and Parvati laughed and Hermione glared at them.

"It's cold outside, Jasmine. It's not like he's going to get to see what you're wearing anyways." said Hermione.

"Are you a Witch or not, Hermione? We have warming charms." said Lavender picking up a sparkling green dress that she said would work wonderful with her eyes.

"Was that so hard, Hermione?" asked Jasmine.

"You looked at that dress three times and didn't pick it either." said Hermione.

Jasmine just stuck her tongue out at Hermione and got dressed and asked Lavender to fix her hair and help her with her makeup.

"You look beautiful, Jasmine, but something is missing. I know. Here you can borrow this necklace. Would you like me to pierce your ears?" asked Lavender.

"Will it hurt?" asked Jasmine.

"No. The spell has a numbing charm included with it." said Lavender.

"I have some earrings you can have." said Parvati.

Jasmine agreed and Lavender did the spell on both of her ears while Parvati got the earrings and helped her put them on.

"Now you're perfect. Let's go get you a husband." squealed Lavender while pushing Jasmine out the door followed Parvati.

"This is just a date. She's not even thinking about marriage yet." said Hermione following after them.

The four of them made it down to the Great Hall and Lavender and Parvati went and sat with Dean and Seamus while Jasmine found Ron and Cedric.

"What took you two so long? I was waiting for you, but I got hungry." said Ron.

"Jasmine took forever to get ready." said Hermione.

"Well you look beautiful, Jasmine." said Cedric.

"Thank you. You look beautiful too, Cedric. I mean… handsome." said Jasmine blushing a bright red.

"I'll take being called beautiful." said Cedric laughing.

Breakfast ended and everyone that had permission started heading out to go to Hogsmeade. Cedric held Jasmine's hand as they exited the gates and helped her into the carriage that would take them to the village.

"Is there anywhere in particular you want to go?" asked Cedric.

"I only saw The Three Broomsticks and Honeyduke's when I came here last time so anywhere you want is fine?" said Jasmine.

"Well we'll visit everywhere since this is your first official visit to the village." said Cedric.

"That sounds great." said Jasmine.

When they got to the village Cedric helped Jasmine out of the carriage and they started walking down the street. They stopped at Honeyduke's and Cedric bought both of them some chocolates. Jasmine tried to say that she could by her own, but Cedric pretended not to hear her. They decided not to go into the bookstore or the store that sold Quills, Parchment and Ink since this was a date. They did stop in the joke shop though, but didn't purchase anything.

Jasmine's feet were starting to hurt so she wanted to sit down for a little bit so Cedric took them into Madam Puddifoot's tea shop. When they walked in they were bombarded with pink. There were heart shaped bubbles floating around the shop while couples snogged at the tables their tea forgotten. She loved the place, but could see that Cedric wasn't completely comfortable being in the place.

Cedric pulled her chair out for her and excused himself then went up to the counter and talked to the woman there. When he returned to the table he had a pink rose that he gave her.

"Thank you, Cedric. It's beautiful. Is this place always like this or is it just because Valentine's Day is on Monday?" asked Jasmine.

"I don't know for sure. I've never been in here before. I can see that my friends were right about the snogging though." said Cedric.

"Do you want to…" trailed off Jasmine nervously looking at the other couples.

"Jasmine, no. I didn't bring you here for that. I mean… maybe one day… we can…" stuttered Cedric.

Jasmine giggled at him trying to get his meaning across.

"I understand, Cedric. Maybe one day, but only if I want to." said Jasmine as the woman from the counter brought them some tea.

"Yes, exactly." said Cedric.

"I really like you, Cedric." said Jasmine.

"I really like you too, Jasmine." said Cedric.

"Why? I mean you can have anyone you want. Why do you like me?" asked Jasmine.

"You underestimate yourself." said Cedric.

"Of course I do, Cedric. While I have known my whole life that I was a girl this is still new to others and I have recently had it proven to me that not everyone is ok with people like me. So why me?" asked Jasmine.

"Why not you, Jasmine. You're right that there are people out there who are going to who don't like who you are, but that is their problem. I'll admit that when you were Harry that I admired you for your skills at Quidditch and for that I would've liked to have been your friend, but with us being in different houses and years it would've been difficult." said Cedric.

"But we're still in different houses and years." said Jasmine.

"Yes, that's true, but when you first came into the Great Hall and Professor McGonagall introduced you I thought you were so beautiful. Before you say anything let me finish. It's not just about your looks, but that's how this started. I mean I know that my looks are part of why you like me so yes your looks are a part of it, but you are also an amazing seeker and if the stories I've heard are true you are fiercely loyal and brave and when I put that all together you are someone I really want to get to know better." said Cedric.

Jasmine had tears in her eyes and Cedric conjured a napkin for her to wipe her eyes.

"When I first woke up after my transformation and realized that I liked boys you were the first person I thought of. Hermione thought you were too old for me, but I told her that I thought you were cute and that you were really nice when you tried to get Madame Hooch to give us a rematch because you caught the Snitch when I fell because of the Dementor's. That's all I really know about you, but I would really like to get to know you better also." said Jasmine.

"Well it looks like we are on the same page. We can spend some time getting to know one another the rest of the school year, but right now I just want to know one thing." said Cedric.

"What?" asked Jasmine.

"What's the difference between me and Ron?" asked Cedric laughing.

"I forgot you were there for that. Can we come back to that at a later date?" asked Jasmine turning red again.

"I'll remind you later. Well I'm getting hungry and the only thing they have here to eat are muffins. Would you like to get lunch at The Three Broomsticks?" asked Cedric.

"Yes, but I want to do one thing first while we are here." said Jasmine.

"What?" asked Cedric and Jasmine answered him by leaning over the table and kissing him.

"Well that was way better than Ron's kiss." said Jasmine giggling.

"You kissed Ron?" asked Cedric.

Jasmine told him the story as they walked to The Three Broomsticks. They said hi to Ron and Hermione, but got their own booth since this was a date. They talked about Jasmine's first two years at Hogwarts.

"You-Know-Who was actually possessing Quirrel, a Basilisk was the cause of the petrification's last year and now you have Sirius Black coming for you this year. And here I've been worrying about my O.W.L.s. What trouble do you have planned for next year?" asked Cedric laughing.

"I don't plan the trouble. It just happens. That's enough about me. What do you think you'll do after you graduate?" asked Jasmine.

"I don't really know. I know my father wants me to join his department at the Ministry. He's the head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, but a Ministry job isn't appealing to me." said Cedric.

"Well you have some time to figure it out." said Jasmine.

They went to a few more shops including a jewelry store. Jasmine liked the necklace that Lavender let her borrow and wanted to find one like it. Before going in she told Cedric that she was going to buy it and if she saw him pull out one Knut she would hex him in a part of his body that he wouldn't like. While she was looking at the necklaces he was whispering with the attendant, but she didn't see any money exchanged between them and when she picked her necklace the attendant charged her for it so she was happy that he hadn't tried to pay for it behind her back.

They walked back to the carriages and he helped her inside again before getting in himself.

"Would you like to come again with me tomorrow?" asked Cedric.

"I'm sorry. I would love to, but after breakfast I have to meet with Professor Lupin. He's going to teach me a way to keep the Dementor's away. They seem to affect me badly." said Jasmine.

"Well after your finished I'll meet you for lunch." said Cedric.

"That sounds good." said Jasmine leaning in to give Cedric another kiss.

"Still better than Ron?" asked Cedric laughing.

"Definitely." said Jasmine.

Cedric walked Jasmine to the portrait of the fat lady and after another kiss said he'd see her at dinner. Jasmine gave the fat lady the password and made it up to her dorm. Lavender and Parvati were already there, but Hermione wasn't. She gave Lavender her necklace back and showed her and Parvati the one that she bought. They were in the middle of grilling her about the date when Hermione came in.

"What's going on?" asked Hermione.

"Jasmine was just telling us about her date." said Parvati.

"How'd it go?" asked Hermione.

"Her and Cedric kissed three times." blurted out Lavender before Jasmine could answer.

"What was it like?" asked Hermione.

"Heavenly." said Jasmine.

"Well you'll need to come down from that cloud. It's time for dinner and I don't want you falling down the stairs." said Hermione.

The next day after breakfast Jasmine went to the D.A.D.A. classroom for her lesson with Professor Lupin. After her transformation she'd asked him if her parents would've accepted her and he told her that they loved her and that they wouldn't have stopped loving her.

Professor Lupin explained to her how the Patronus Charm worked and told her that there was a Boggart in the trunk and that it would turn into a Dementor so she could practice the spell. The first couple times she was able to get a mist and Professor Lupin told her she needed a happier memory. She then used the memory of her first kiss with Cedric and while the mist still didn't fully form, it was stronger and she could've sworn she saw antlers starting to form.

Professor Lupin gave her some chocolate and told her that he'd send a message to let her know when they could practice again.

Cedric was waiting for her when she got down to the Great Hall. She noticed he was holding a basket in his hand.

"I thought you might enjoy lunch out by the lake." said Cedric.

"That sounds wonderful." said Jasmine.

They walked down to the lake and Cedric pulled out a blanket from the basket and set out the food. He also cast a warming charm over them so they wouldn't freeze.

"So have you gotten yourself a new broom? You play Ravenclaw next weekend." said Cedric.

"I was practicing on a school broom, but Professor McGonagall gave me back the Firebolt I got for Christmas on Thursday. I swear Wood would've had a stroke if I ended up playing the game on a school broom." said Jasmine laughing.

"You have a Firebolt? Why did Professor McGonagall have it?" asked Cedric.

"Professor McGonagall took it and had Professor Flitwick and Professor Lupin check it over for curses and other dangerous spells. It was sent to me anonymously and they thought it had been sent by Sirius Black." said Jasmine.

"That makes sense. I don't mean to go all Quidditch freak on you, but can I have a go on your broom?" asked Cedric.

"Sure let's go inside and I'll get it and we'll head out to the Quidditch Pitch." said Jasmine.

Once Jasmine and Cedric got to the pitch, Jasmine had a better idea.

"You really want to try out this broom, right?" asked Jasmine and Cedric nodded. "How about this. We both use a school broom and if you catch the Snitch you get to try out the Firebolt."

"I don't know, Jasmine. You are an amazing Seeker. The only reason I caught the Snitch was because you fell. I don't think I'd have a chance. How about this. Win or lose I get to ride the Firebolt, but if I win you have to come and sit at the Hufflepuff table with me all next week." said Cedric.

"What do I get if I win?" asked Jasmine.

"What do you want?" asked Cedric.

Jasmine's face turned a bright red and she whispered,

"I want you to snog me like those couples at Madam Puddifoot's."

"What was that?" asked Cedric.

"I want you to snog me like those couples at Madam Puddifoot's." said Jasmine louder.

"You're making me want to let you win." said Cedric laughing.

"You're an honorable person and I know you won't throw the match." said Jasmine.

Cedric knew Jasmine was right so they both went and got school brooms and the practice Snitch and left the Firebolt in the shed. Jasmine through the Snitch up into the air then after waiting a minute the two of them mounted their brooms and took off searching.

After circling the pitch for several minutes with no luck, Jasmine decided to have some fun. Cedric had been shadowing her and watching her more than looking for the Snitch so she acted like she saw the Snitch and shot straight up into the air with Cedric following close behind her she then shot straight down and sped her way toward the ground and skimmed the ground with her feet as she pulled back up. After she leveled off she saw that Cedric had given up a while back.

"You're crazy. I can't believe you did that with a school broom." said Cedric.

Just then Jasmine saw the Snitch hovering around the goals at the other end of the pitch and she shot passed Cedric. At first Cedric thought she was playing with him again, but then saw the Snitch as well. His hesitation cost him and Jasmine caught the Snitch while flying through the middle ring.

As they landed Jasmine was laughing.

"So you think I'm crazy? That's not something you're supposed to tell a girl you like, Cedric." said Jasmine.

"Well I don't actually think you are crazy, but it's a miracle you pulled off that feint on this rickety thing." said Cedric gesturing to the broom she was carrying.

They put the brooms back into the shed, but before Cedric could grab the Firebolt, Jasmine took Cedric and pulled him around to the side of the shed.

"It's time to collect my winnings." said Jasmine grinning.

"Are you sure? We don't have to do this yet. I can wait for you to be ready." said Cedric.

"Just this once. I want to see what it's like. I'll let you know if we can do it more later on." said Jasmine leaning forward.

Cedric leaned forward and captured her lips and after a few moments they both parted their lips and started exploring with their tongues causing a moan to escape from Jasmine. When they stopped Jasmine was smiling up at Cedric.

"I think we'll be doing that again." said Jasmine.

"I hope so, but now I really want to try that Firebolt." said Cedric taking the broom out of the shed.

"You like the Firebolt more than me." pouted Jasmine.

"That's not possible." said Cedric as he mounted the broom and took off.

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