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Chapter 2: Hurtful Things

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Chapter 2: The Hurtful Things We Don't Know We Say

For the first time in her life Hermione was mad. At a teacher that is.

"Professor, how could you!? You didn't even let her say anything before going off on her! Of all the insensitive…"

"Miss Granger! I don't know what's gotten into you or what you are talking about, but this sudden disrespect for me will not be tolerated!" Professor McGonagall took a few breaths to calm down and continued. "Now, Mr. Weasley tells me that Mr. Potter went upstairs to apologize to you and that you told him to come upstairs which caused the alarm. Is that true?"

"Yes, Professor McGonagall. I'm sorry for my outburst, but you upset Jasmine and I need to go get her and try and calm her down so that she'll trust me to bring her back down to talk to you." said Hermione running passed Ron and Professor McGonagall after Jasmine.

"Who is Jasmine? Miss Granger, we're not finished with..." Professor McGonagall tried, but Hermione ignored her and went up to the boy's dorms.

Hermione opened the door to the third year boy's dorm and went straight to where Jasmine was and pulled her into a hug.

"It's ok, Jasmine. Professor McGonagall doesn't know so she wasn't trying to upset you." said Hermione while rubbing Jasmine's back. "Do you think you can come back down and talk to her?"

Jasmine moved back from Hermione and nodded. Hermione cast a charm to remove the tear stains from Jasmine's face and they headed back down to the common room. As soon as Professor McGonagall saw them she started,

"Mr. Potter…"

"Professor, there are some things that you need to be told so that everything that has happened will make sense, but this isn't something that should be talked about in the common room. May we please go to your office?" asked Hermione.

"Fine, follow me." said Professor McGonagall.

As they walked to Professor McGonagall's office Ron kept trying find out what was going on, but Hermione told him that they'd tell him when they got to the office.

"Miss Granger, you'd better have a good explanation for this behavior otherwise you'll be in detention for a month. As it is for your disrespect earlier you'll be seeing Mr. Filch for detention the first day that classes resume." said Professor McGonagall as soon as they entered her office.

"Professor McGonagall, Ron, let me introduce to you, Jasmine Potter." said Hermione.

"What are you on about, Hermione. That's Harry." said Ron.

"No, Ron. Hermione's right. My name is Jasmine Potter. I'm a girl." said Jasmine.

Ron was about to argue again, but Professor McGonagall stopped him.

"Will you please explain, Jasmine?" asked Professor McGonagall.

Jasmine proceeded to tell Professor McGonagall and Ron everything that she told Hermione earlier.

"So you really are a girl?" asked Professor McGonagall.

"Yes, Professor. I've known this since I was little." said Jasmine.

"Are you still my friend?" asked Ron.

"Do you still want me to be?" asked Jasmine.

"Of course. I know I'm a bit thick about some things, but it doesn't matter to me whether you're a boy or a girl you're still you." said Ron.

"Well said, Mr. Weasley. I'd award points if we weren't on the holiday break. May I ask what made you choose the name Jasmine?" asked Professor McGonagall.

"When I was little one of the times I tried to get my Aunt and Uncle to give me a girl's name they punished me by making me go clean the attic. While I was up there I found an old picture of two girls. I later figured out that they were my Aunt and my Mum. On the back of the picture was the words My Flower Girls - Petunia and Lily. From then on I decided I wanted to be a Flower Girl." said Jasmine.

"A flower girl? You mean like in a wedding?" asked Ron.

"No, silly. My Mum and Aunt were named after flowers. So is my name. Jasmine is a type of flower." said Jasmine.

Ron nodded. It was a little strange being called silly instead of prat like Harry used to call him, but then again this wasn't Harry anymore.

"I just want make sure. Is this what you really want?" asked Ron.

"I'm sure this is who I am, Ron. I'm going to need yours and Hermione's support through this process of being who I've always been. Will you be there for me, Ron?" asked Jasmine.

"I will. It's got to be the safest adventure we've been on." said Ron.

"I imagine that's true. Why don't we head to the infirmary and let Madame Pomfrey know what is going on so she can get you started on what needs to be done." said Professor McGonagall.

Jasmine was excited to get started so she ran out of the office and in her hurry ran straight into Dumbledore.

"Professor, I'm so sorry. Did I hurt you?" asked Jasmine.

"Harry, my boy, I'm sturdier than I look. What has you running in such a hurry?" asked Dumbledore.

Jasmine started crying at being called Harry and boy again and tried explaining to Dumbledore what was going on.

"Forgive me Harry, my boy. I can't really understand what you are saying while you're crying so let's head back to Professor McGonagall's office and get you calmed down." said Dumbledore.

"My name is Jasmine and don't you ever call me boy again!" said Jasmine and a burst of magic flashed and hit Dumbledore knocking him into the wall unconscious. Jasmine stayed on her feet about a minute longer and then passed out.

Hospital Wing

"Look, she's waking up." said Ron.

"Thank you for calling me she, Ron." said Jasmine.

"Anytime, Jasmine." said Ron.

"Miss Potter, you need to take these to stabilize your core." said Madame Pomfrey handing her some potions.

"Why did my magic react like that and why did I pass out?" asked Jasmine after taking the potions.

"Miss Granger told me she told you about what would happen if your core rejected your body. That is what is happening. Your core is already destabilizing and whatever the Headmaster said angered you enough that you released the accidental magic. The potions I gave you are only going to hold it off for awhile." said Madame Pomfrey.

"But why is my core destabilizing now? I've felt wrong all my life so why now all of a sudden?" asked Jasmine.

"With the strong emotions you've been having at finally having someone support you for who you are your magic is fully recognizing that it doesn't match your body and is rapidly deteriorating. Now I need your consent to start the process of changing your body to what you are supposed to be." said Madame Pomfrey.

"Do you have time to explain the procedure?" asked Jasmine.

"We don't have much time, but I will try. The first thing is to put you into a magically induced coma and use potions to rearrange your DNA and correct what has already been changed by the male puberty you started. As soon as that is done your organs will start rapidly changing into what they are supposed to be. You'll then receive more potions for strengthening your core and aligning it to your new body. When it is all finished you will be the girl you were supposed to be for the last 13 years." said Madame Pomfrey.

"I'm ready, Madame…" started Jasmine.

"No! As Mr. Potter's Magical Guardian I forbid him from going through this ridiculous process!" said Dumbledore having just overheard them after waking back up.

"If this isn't done Miss Potter will die. You're guardianship can't block saving her life." said Madame Pomfrey.

"But the chosen one in the prophecy is a male not a female." said Dumbledore.

"You're willing to risk Miss Potter's life on a prophecy?" asked Professor McGonagall disbelievingly. "You old fool. Madame Pomfrey give her the potions. If he tries to stop you I'll take care of him."

Madame Pomfrey gave Jasmine the potion to put her in a coma and started the process.

"You have doomed us all." said Dumbledore.

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