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Chapter 13: Tournament Troubles

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Chapter 13: Tournament Troubles

Jasmine and Cedric found Amos and Beatrice among a large group of people.

"Cedric, thank Merlin you found her." said Amos hugging them.

"You look terrible, Jasmine. What happened?" asked Beatrice.

Jasmine couldn't talk so Cedric told them what he'd seen when he found her and about the Wizard that Jasmine killed.

"We're going to have to contact Madam Bones when we get home." said Amos and when Cedric was going to object added, "Nothing will happen to Jasmine. It was self defense. We just need to give her a statement and show that we aren't hiding anything. Now come on let's join the queue here and get a Portkey home."


Amelia took Jasmine's statement and memory of the incident the next morning. No charges were brought against her. She also informed Jasmine and the Diggory's who the Death Eater was before she left.

"I can't believe it was Walden McNair." said Amos.

"Who is he?" asked Jasmine quietly.

"He works for my department as an executioner." said Amos.

"He was the one who was supposed to execute Buckbeak before he escaped." said Cedric.

Jasmine looked like she was going to ask something else, but instead excused herself and started to leave the sitting room. When Cedric went to follow her she said,

"I need some time by myself, Cedric."

Cedric let her leave by herself and sat down with his parents.

"Give her some time, son. She has to work through this herself before she'll accept help." said Amos.


The night before they were to leave for Hogwart's Jasmine woke up screaming again. Cedric woke up and held onto her and whispered that it would be ok. Jasmine pushed herself off of him.

"It won't be ok, Cedric! I killed him! There's no way to make that ok!" yelled Jasmine.

"You had no choice, Jasmine. He was going to rape you and who knows what else." said Cedric.

"I could've stunned him or used any number of non-lethal spells, but I was so scared and angry at what he was going to do that I wanted to hurt him. That was my choice, Cedric. I murdered him. How can you stand to be around me after that?" asked Jasmine.

"You defended yourself and yes you killed him, but you didn't murder him. We've all seen how this is eating you up inside, but you need to let us help you. I love you, Jasmine." said Cedric hugging Jasmine again.

"Make love to me, Cedric. I need to feel that you still love me." said Jasmine.

After their nighttime activities they were able to get a little more sleep before having to wake up to go to King's Cross. On the Express, Hermione and Ron tried to talk to Jasmine about what had happened, but she didn't want to go over it again.

At the welcoming feast, Dumbledore announced that Quidditch would not take place this year because of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Ron was really upset. First because he wanted to try out for the open Keeper position then because the tournament was only open to those who were seventeen.


The first month and a half of the term was hectic. Along with teaching the current year's curriculum the professor's were demanding that they brush up on past years spells as to not embarrass Hogwarts in front of the visiting schools. The castle was cleaned thoroughly and any student caught befouling the castle was punished severely by Filch.

Since term started Jasmine and Cedric hadn't been able to have any time together physically. Jasmine was determined to make Cedric's seventeenth birthday memorable. She knew that since it was Sunday that Cedric would want to sleep in so she got up early and with her Invisibility Cloak snuck into Cedric's dorm and woke him up properly.

Two days before Halloween Beauxbaton's and Durmstrang's students and Head's arrived. When Jasmine saw one of the girl's from Beauxbaton's she felt that same feeling of jealousy that she did during the Quidditch World Cup.

At dinner that night the tournament was officially opened and the students were told that they had until lunchtime on Halloween to enter their names. The next day several students entered. Cedric was about to enter his name when Fred and George came in and after taking an aging potion put their names in and were blown away from the goblet and grew magnificent looking beards. With the two of them on their way to the Hospital Wing, Cedric finally entered his name.

"You'll get it, Cedric." said Jasmine kissing him.

"I hope so." said Cedric.


The Great Hall was packed for the Halloween Feast. Ludo Bagman and Bartemius Crouch were back again at the Head Table. The Goblet of Fire's blue flames were swirling around magnificently getting brighter by the minute. Crouch said something to Dumbledore and he got up and walked over to the goblet.

"May I have your attention? It seems that the Goblet of Fire is ready to announce the champions." said Dumbledore before there was a flash and a piece of parchment came out of the goblet. Dumbledore caught it and said, "The champion for Durmstrang is Viktor Krum."

Everyone cheered loudly as Viktor was told to go to the room to the side of the Great Hall. The goblet flared again, "The champion for Beauxbaton's is Fleur Delacour." said Dumbledore after reading the parchment.

Amongst the cheers there was crying from some of the girls from Beauxbaton's. The goblet flared again and Dumbledore caught the parchment, "Our final champion is Cedric Diggory for Hogwart's." said Dumbledore.

The cheers for Cedric were the loudest as Cedric walked up to the Headmaster. Jasmine ran up to him and gave him a deep kiss that made Dumbledore chuckle before motioning Cedric to the room.

"Young love. There we have it. Now that our champions are chosen I can tell you that the first task…" said Dumbledore before stopping.

The Goblet of Fire started spewing and sputtering and a gigantic burst of flame shot out blinding everyone. When he could see clearly again, Dumbledore saw a piece of parchment floating slowly down and he snatched it out of the air and read it. Jasmine had been walking back to her seat when the Goblet went off and Dumbledore stopped her.

"Jasmine Potter." said Dumbledore.

"What is it Headmaster?" asked Jasmine.

"It's your name on the parchment, Jasmine." said Dumbledore.

"She's a cheat!" yelled Malfoy.

"She's not even seventeen!" yelled someone else.

"Silence! Miss Potter, please join the other champions in the other room." said Dumbledore.

Jasmine looked at the Headmaster.

"But, sir. I…" started Jasmine.

"We'll discuss this there." said Dumbledore.

Jasmine walked over to the door and entered the room. Cedric walked up to her when he saw her.

"So am I finally a part of a Potter adventure?" asked Cedric.

"It looks like it." said Jasmine quietly.

Ludo Bagman came up to them smiling widely.

"Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Champions I'd like to introduce you to the fourth champion of the Tri-Wizard tournament." said Ludo.

"Surely you are joking, Mr. Bagman." said Viktor.

"She's just a leetle girl." said Fleur.

"It's no joke. Her name just came out of the goblet." said Ludo as the door burst open and the professors and the Head's of the other schools came in yelling followed by Bartemius Crouch.

"Are you mad, Karkaroff? She's just a fourth year. There's no way she could've tricked the goblet into doing this." said Professor Moody.

"Silence all of you while we get to the bottom of this. Miss Potter, did you enter your name into the Goblet of Fire?" asked Dumbledore.

"No, Headmaster." said Jasmine.

"Did you ask an older student to?" asked Dumbledore.

"No, Headmaster." said Jasmine.

"Obviously she is lying." said Madame Maxime.

"I don't lie." said Jasmine.

"Headmaster, perhaps I should administer Veritaserum. Then we can get to the truth." said Professor Snape.

"That won't be necessary as I believe she's telling the truth, Severus." said Dumbledore.

"So Hogwart's gets two chances at winning. She should be disqualified as she is not of age and therefore is in violation of the rules set for this tournament." said Igor.

"That would be extreme as the goblet would punish her by possibly removing her magic." said Moody.

"What do you say, Barty?" asked Dumbledore.

"It's common knowledge in the Ministry that Miss Potter was emancipated and therefore of age in our world. The age requirement was only added this year and there is nothing else to disqualify her. I'm afraid that she has to compete." said Bartemius.

"But I didn't enter!" yelled Jasmine.

"Whether you did or not is of no matter. Your name came out of the goblet and you are bound to compete." said Bartemius.

"I demand that we enter more names again to make this fair and have two competitors for each school." said Igor.

"It can't be done. The goblet went dark and can't be relit." said Dumbledore.

"So as I said before Hogwart's has two chances of winning." said Igor.

"That's all you're worried about, you son of a bitch! What about the fairness to Jasmine at having to compete against those older and more experienced than her?" asked Cedric.

"I'll make this easier all around. I am not Hogwart's Champion, Cedric is. I am competing against my wishes and will accept no points or awards for my participation. Headmaster, I would appreciate it if you would announce this at breakfast tomorrow as I would rather not have to deal with the student body calling me a cheat for the rest of the school year." said Jasmine.

Dumbledore agreed and the meeting was turned over to Ludo, who told the champions when the first task would be held and reminded them that they weren't to ask any of the professor's for help. The champions were then dismissed.

"Thank you for defending me, Cedric." said Jasmine.

"I know you didn't enter yourself, Jasmine. Karkaroff was being an ass. How did the rest of the school react?" asked Cedric.

"Malfoy called me a cheat and there were some others giving me dirty looks and whispering." said Jasmine.

"I'll bet there will be a big party in Gryffindor." said Cedric.

"I doubt it. That's where a lot of the dirty looks were coming from. That's why I'm walking with you. I'm staying with you tonight." said Jasmine.

"I don't know if Hufflepuff will be the best place for you tonight." said Cedric.

"You can tell them everything that was said in the meeting. I'll be fine. And I don't want to be without you tonight." said Jasmine.

"Ok, but please stay behind me when we enter the common room." said Cedric.

Cedric walked into the common room ahead of Jasmine and immediately there was an uproar as they saw her.

"What is she doing here?" asked Hannah Abbott.

"You couldn't let Hufflepuff have this could you, Potter?" asked Susan Bones.

"Listen to me. Jasmine didn't enter the tournament." said Cedric.

"Then why did her name come out of the goblet?" asked Ernie MacMillian.

"The professor's don't know. Jasmine is being forced to compete against her will and is not representing Hogwart's. It will be announced tomorrow at breakfast, but I'll tell you now that she is not accepting any points or awards for her participation. Dumbledore believes that she didn't enter and more than that I believe her and I will not tolerate any action taken against her. Now am I mistaken or do we have a party to get started." said Cedric.

The whole common room cheered and snacks and drinks were passed around. Hannah and Susan were among the first to come and apologize to Jasmine for her being forced into the tournament. Jasmine thanked them and after talking with some others while Cedric got congratulated several times she convinced him to come upstairs for their own personal party.

Author's Note: I'm sorry for the long break, but I'm back working on my stories again. I won't give up on them ever, but sometimes I just need a break. Thank you to everyone who continues to read.

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