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Be Who You Always Have Been @jamiemaike1980
Chapter 11: Firsts

Disclaimer: I Don't Own Anything to Do With Harry Potter.

Author's Note: Non graphic sex scenes between a 16 year old male and 13 year old female. If you want to read the graphic scenes go to Archive of Our Own.

Chapter 11: Firsts

After the Seeker's Duel Beatrice told them to go and let Jasmine pick a room on the family floor and be back down to go shopping. It didn't take long for Jasmine to pick her room. She picked the one that was right across from Cedric's. Tweedle brought her stuff from the guest room and put it all away for her.

When they got to Diagon Alley, Jasmine asked to go to Gringott's so she could get some money. Beatrice went with her while Amos and Cedric headed to Quality Quidditch Supplies.

The line inside was long, but they finally made it up to the teller.

"Your business?" asked the teller.

"I'd like to see my Account Manager if possible. I apologize for not having an appointment." said Jasmine.

"Go to the waiting area. Someone will get you shortly." said the teller.

"Thank you." said Jasmine.

"What are you wanting to see your Account Manager for?" asked Beatrice.

"I want to find out if I can set up a recurring payment to you and Amos and I want to ask if I have any options for becoming emancipated. How much do you want for my staying? And please don't say nothing. I won't take up space and eat your food and not pay for the added expense." said Jasmine.

"50 Galleons a month. Before you argue that it should be more, we have magic for everything and our expenses won't change much at all, but for the room I think that's a fair price." said Beatrice.

"Ok." said Jasmine as they were called to follow a Goblin to the Account Manager.


While Jasmine and Beatrice were at Gringott's, Amos and Cedric were having a conversation of their own.

"Jasmine is a strong, independent, confident and competitive woman. Are you sure she's what you want? Can you handle her?" asked Amos.

"Dad, you talk like she's property. I love her. And those things you just said are part of why I love her." said Cedric.

"She wouldn't be happy being a housewife." said Amos.

"She doesn't have to be. We can get a House Elf." said Cedric.

"There's more to it than that, Cedric. You're going to be Lord Diggory. It would be unseemly for you to be married to a woman who works." said Amos.

"I thought you liked, Jasmine, Dad." said Cedric.

"I do, but I have to look out for you and this family. I'm not 100% sure that she's the right fit for you." said Amos.

"Well get to 100%. Remember that our agreement is that I get to choose who I want for love. Not who you want me to." said Cedric.

"Very good, son. I knew that you'd make the right choice when I made the agreement to not sign any betrothals for you. I think you and her will be good together." said Amos.

"That was a test?" asked Cedric.

"Yes, son. And you passed." said Amos.


Jasmine and Beatrice met Amos and Cedric outside of Quality Quidditch Supplies.

"I got emancipated." said Jasmine smiling.

"That's amazing. Hey that means you can do magic outside of school now and I can't." said Cedric.

"You better remember that." said Jasmine giggling.

"Oh and honey, when Jasmine found out how much was in her family vault she decided to give us 100 Galleons a month." said Beatrice.

"I thought we'd agreed on 50 Galleons." said Amos.

"We did and I told her that, but it's hard to tell her no when she's set her mind on something." said Beatrice.

"Don't I know that." said Cedric.

"Who's ready to go shopping?" asked Jasmine.

No one in the group could say whether Amos or Cedric groaned louder.


It was late when they finally arrived back home and instead of asking Tweedle to take her packages up to her room, Jasmine enlisted the help of Cedric.

"I said it earlier and I'll say it again. So many clothes." said Cedric after sitting his packages next to where Jasmine had levitated hers.

"Can you sit down on the bed. I want to show you something. I'll be right back." said Jasmine heading towards her bathroom.

"Oh, so I get to see your mystery purchase." said Cedric.

After just a few minutes of waiting, Jasmine walked out of the bathroom wearing a sexy pink bra and panty set. Cedric just stared at her for a moment before saying,


"So you like?" asked Jasmine walking closer to Cedric.

"Oh I like." said Cedric.

"Do you like it better with this on or off." said Jasmine unclasping her bra.

"Uhm… I…" said Cedric.

"Touch me, Cedric." said Jasmine.

Cedric reached his hand up and cupped Jasmines breast and rubbed his thumb across her pink nipple. Jasmine moaned and pulled Cedric into a kiss.

"Master, Mistress. Dinner is ready." said Tweedle before popping away.

"Bad timing." said Jasmine giggling.

"Yeah. Well I'm going to get dressed. I mean you should get dressed and I'll see you in the Dining room." said Cedric.

Jasmine captured Cedric's lips again in a kiss before saying, "I'm sorry for making things hard for you."


That night Jasmine got out of bed and snuck into Cedric's room for some oral pleasure.

"Do you want to…" started Cedric after they finished their tongue battle.

"Not tonight, maybe that can be my birthday present." said Jasmine.

"Yours or mine?" asked Cedric.

"Both." said Jasmine.

"My birthday isn't until October 23rd." said Cedric.

"It's not like we're going to stop having sex after my July is over with, pretty boy." said Jasmine.

"You're right on that." said Cedric.

Jasmine kissed Cedric again and got her bra and panties back on and headed towards the door before stopping.

"Cedric, have you ever done this before?" asked Jasmine.

"No, Jasmine. You're my first." said Cedric.

That made Jasmine smile and she ran back and kissed him again.

"Goodnight, Cedric." said Jasmine.

"Goodnight, Jasmine." said Cedric.

Jasmine hurried back to her room and didn't see that someone watched her from the hall.


The next morning Jasmine woke up in a really good mood. She got out of bed, used the toilet, took a shower and got dressed. She was about to head down to breakfast when Beatrice knocked on her door. Jasmine let her in and noticed that she had a strange look.

"I'm not going t beat around the bush. How far did you and my son go last night?" asked Beatrice.

"How…?" started Jasmine.

"You might want to try Silencing Charms next time. You're quite loud." said Beatrice.

Jasmine blushed.

"I'm sorry." said Jasmine.

"Oh, Jasmine. Don't be so worried. I'm not mad. Amos isn't either. In fact I think he's across the way congratulating Cedric." said Beatrice.

At that moment the door opened.

"You owe me 10 Galleons, Bea. They didn't go all the way." said Amos turning Jasmine's face even more of a bright red.

"Get out of here, Amos." said Beatrice pushing him out the door and shutting it. "I'm sorry about that, dear. I'll just end this embarrassment by saying that you have our blessing to go further if you wish, just remember no grandchildren for a while."

Beatrice left the room and passed by Cedric.

"I'm so sorry about that, Jasmine." said Cedric.

"It's ok. I'm the one that didn't think about using a Silencing Charm." said Jasmine.

"My dad congratulated me and said it sounded like I was doing a really good job." said Cedric.

"You were." said Jasmine pulling Cedric into a kiss then whispered into his ear, "My birthday." before walking out of the room.


While they ate, Amos brought up a topic they hadn't expected yet.

"All joking about your activities last night aside have you thought about marriage?" asked Amos.

After almost choking on his bacon, Cedric said, "What?"

"Jasmine you are the Head of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter now. There are things that need to be discussed with Cedric being the Heir to our House." said Amos.

"Dad, we haven't even talked about this ourselves. I don't think at the breakfast table is the best place." said Cedric.

"Your dad's right, Cedric. I mean your right too, but it is something we need to talk about. I sent a letter when we went shopping yesterday and I need to wait for a response before we talk about this. And it would be something for us all to talk about." said Jasmine.

"Ok, dear. Let us know when you're ready." said Beatrice.

Jasmine excused herself and went up to her room. Hedwig was there evilly looking at an exotic looking bird. Jasmine took the letter and the bird left.


So I guess you found out that I made you the Head
of the Ancient and Noble House of Black. Before
you decide to be mad there's a reason. My stay at
Azkaban made me sterile and I cannot be Lord Black
without the ability to provide a male Heir.

One of the things I've been able to do while being the
temporary Head was to put in that a female can be Head
and her husband made Lord Black. I did this otherwise
Draco Malfoy would've become Lord Black. The downside
to this is that you will have only a year to marry the person
who will be Lord Black.

I remember that you are dating Cedric Diggory. His is a good
family. I want you to see if they would be open to meeting with
me. If they will send me a message with their family Owl. Hedwig
is too recognizable. I'm sorry to put this on you. I'll see you soon.


"Is everything ok?" asked Cedric from the door.

Jasmine walked to him and pulled him inside and shut the door and silenced the room.

"It is now." said Jasmine grabbing a hold of Cedric and kissing him as she started to undress herself and him.

Jasmine and Cedric had sex.

She got off him and curled up on his chest.

"I guess you couldn't wait until your birthday." said Cedric.

"No. So, do you want to marry me?" asked Jasmine.

"Absolutely, Jasmine." said Cedric.

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