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Chapter 8: Prank and Yule Break

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Chapter 8: Prank and Yule Break

Friday, December 20th, 1991

The rest of November and the first few weeks of December went by without incident. When not working on Homework or talking to Jamie or Hermione, Harry was working on his prank. Harry was determined to get one good prank in before they left on the Hogwart's Express and he finally got it finished and ready for the last day of term.

Everybody was in the Great Hall eating breakfast when a silver orb came floating in and up to the teacher's table in front of Headmaster Dumbledore. The orb danced around Dumbledore's head and even though he knew he shouldn't do it Dumbledore took out his wand and tried to banish the orb. There was a loud bang and a bright, blinding light filled the Great Hall. When everyone could see again they laughed at what was going on at the Head table. All the Professor's clothes had been changed. Professor Snape was wearing Professor McGonagall's robes and she was wearing his with her hair all greased back. The rest of the staff had similar switches with each other.

A scream brought the attention that the students were affected to. All the Slytherin's had Gryffindor robes and the Gryffindor's were in Slytherin robes. The same for the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw students. On top of that the boys were in girl's robes and the girl's were in the boy's uniform.

Everything was balanced except the girl that screamed. She was completely in pink. Even her once beautiful red hair was pink.

"Potter!" screamed Susan and Harry ran for it as Susan chased him firing spells that only her Aunt could've taught her. He just had to go with Jamie's idea for Susan. Dumbledore looked at Professor McGonagall and couldn't stop from laughing.

"Minerva could you be so kind as to go and save young Mr. Potter from Miss Bones and bring them to my office." said Dumbledore.

"Gladly, Professor Dumbledore." said Professor McGonagall drawing her wand with a grin.

Saturday, December 21st, 1991

A month of detention when school was back in session. At least Susan ended up with a month too because when Professor McGonagall had caught up with them, Susan had banished him into the Black Lake. The pictures that Professor McGonagall got of him being thrown back out by the Giant Squid with the conjured camera should've been worth a couple weeks' reprieve thought Harry.

When Harry exited the train it was to a round of applause from his Dad, Padfoot and Mooney. Lily wasn't as happy.

"Don't encourage him. He got Susan in trouble too." said Lily.

"Come on Lils, do you know how long it took us to earn a month's detention for one prank? And to also get someone the same amount of detention is brilliant." said James.

"Second year I think I remember correctly. Padfoot removed all the girl's panties and summoned them to him during the Welcoming Feast." said Remus.

James started to laugh.

"Don't you laugh or you won't get any for a month. Do you realize how embarrassing that was?" asked Lily.

James composed himself.

"Of course I do Lily love." said James.

As they all headed to the public floo, Remus conjured a whip and asked,

"Should I give this to Lily?"

"Only if you want her to use it on you." said James seriously.

Remus knew he was right.


Harry asked to go to Gringott's and do some Christmas shopping, but first they had to go and get Iris and Ivy from Amelia. When Ivy saw Harry she ran up to him and demanded to be picked up.

"Harry can I come to Hogwart's with you?" asked Ivy.

"I'm sorry, but you're too young." said Harry.

"Pleeeaaassse." said Ivy.

"Ok, but only if Mum says it's ok." said Harry.

"Yay!" said Ivy.

Harry went into Gringott's with James and they went to see the Account Manager while Lily and the others got started on shopping. While they were waiting James asked,

"So do I finally get to find out what Jamie whispered to you that day?"

"Dad, I don't know how to tell Mum, but you know that I love Jamie. I know you're going to say I can't love her and that I'm only 11 and she's 9, but I do love her." said Harry.

"I wouldn't say any of that, son. I fell for your Mum in our first year it just took her a while to see that she loved me too. You've been around Jamie for a long time and while you're young, her more so, I know you love each other. So let me guess that Jamie wants a Marriage Contract with you." said James.

"Yes. I need to get her a ring too." said Harry.

"Well there are rings in our vault. Ones that'll change and grow with her and we can do the make up the contract with Snaggletooth. When we tell your mom you better get used to sleeping on the couch." said James.

"Why?" asked Harry.

"Because when your Mum cuts me off and kicks me out of our bed I'll be sleeping in yours." said James laughing.


"If you keep smiling I'm going to neuter you, Sirius." said Lily.

"Lils…" started James.

"Don't Lils me. This is our son and you signed a contract taking away his choice." said Lily.

"No I didn't, Lily. That's what I've been trying to tell you. Harry and Jamie wanted this. In a way it's his Christmas present to her that she asked for. And I'm sorry, but I'm also happy because Harry this brings mine and Sirius' Houses together." said James.

"But they're babies. They don't know that they want this. It's not real." said Lily.

"Lily, you've seen them around each other. Stop thinking logically and think about how they are toward one another." said James.

"Fine. I know you're right." said Lily heading out of the sitting room. James was about to say something about him not being punished when she added, "And you're not getting any for a month."

Sirius was on the floor laughing.

"Shut it, Padfoot." said James.

Wednesday, December 25th, 1991

Christmas for the Potter's and Black's was always a hectic affair. They did their present opening together and when six kids and three big kids are opening presents there's a lot of paper and boxes thrown around.

Jamie was beside Harry going through all her stuff and realized that she didn't have her present from Harry.

"Where is it, Harry?" asked Jamie.

"Where is what?" asked Harry.

"Harry you know not to play with me." said Jamie.

"Jamie, I Siriusly don't know what you're talking about." said Harry.

Jamie turned towards where Sirius was and saw the contract he was holding out to her. She ran and grabbed it from him.

"He really did it!" yelled Jamie. Then turning back to Harry she added, "You really…"

Jamie stopped because Harry was down on one knee holding a ring in his hand.

"Jamie Lily Black, will you do me the honor of being my wife and partner?" asked Harry.

"When? I mean yes. Definitely yes, but when?" asked Jamie.

"The contract stipulates by a month from your graduation date, Jamie, but it can also be after you take your OWLs." said Sirius.

Harry and Jamie looked at each other.

"OWL year." they said together and laughed.

Thursday, January 2nd, 1992

It was just a couple days before Harry would return to Hogwarts when James, Lily and Harry had time to discuss Hermione and the Life Debt.

"Does Hermione understand what this means? Does she understand that she'd have to share you with Jamie?" asked Lily.

"She does. You'd like her, Mum. She's really smart like you." said Harry.

"It has to be this way. All the other options for her repaying the debt are unavailable because of her being a Muggleborn." said James.

"If you didn't have the Life Debt and you were just choosing a wife for House Slytherin would you choose Hermione?" asked Lily.

"Yes." said Harry.

"Ok, we'll go to Gringott's tomorrow and have them draft the Marriage Contract for the two of you. We'll have to figure out a time to visit her parents. Summer would probably be best." said Lily.

"Yeah. We'll worry about that then. Harry, I know you want to marry Jamie first, so you'd be marrying Hermione a couple months after you marry Jamie?" asked James.

"Yeah." said Harry.

"Married twice at seventeen. Merlin be with you, Harry." said James.

"Have you told Jamie yet?" asked Lily.

"I told her yesterday. She understands and she likes Hermione so I think it'll be fine. I haven't told her about the other thing though." said Harry.

"What other thing?" asked Lily.

"You told me you'd tell her." said Harry.

"I haven't had a chance yet." said James.

"Tell me what?" asked Lily.

"It's on you now, son." said James.

"Well, Hermione knew I needed to talk with you about the Marriage Contract, but she still felt that she needed to do something for me in thanks for saving her life. So she gavemeablowjob." said Harry.

"Say that again. And it better not be what I think you said." said Lily.

"What did you think I said?" asked Harry.

"Don't be cute with me." said Lily warningly.

"Hermione gave me a blowjob." said Harry.

Lily stared at Harry and James for a few minutes without saying anything.

"You just got another month added, James. And you're on your own telling Jamie, Harry." said Lily walking away from them.

"Don't worry, son. I'll help you with telling Jamie since I have plenty of time available. And I know she'll understand." said James.

Sunday, January 5th, 1992

Jamie understood after making Harry wear pink for two days. She wasn't really mad, but she told Harry that she wanted to be his first. Harry told her that she would be as he and Hermione hadn't gone all the way.

The whole family was at King's Cross again to see Harry and Susan off. Ivy was pouting because Lily had told her she couldn't go, but she at least wasn't mad at Harry. Harry hugged both Iris and Ivy goodbye and made his promises that he would do another prank soon. James and Sirius told him to get some friends who can cover for him.

Finally it was time for his goodbye to Jamie.

"I'm going to miss you." said Jamie.

"I'll be back for the summer. Oliver wants to practice over Easter Break for our last Quidditch game. We have a real shot at winning the cup. Will you come to the game?" asked Harry.

Only if you promise to catch the Snitch for me." said Jamie.

"Always." said Harry as he heard the whistle from the train. "I've got to go."

Harry hugged Jamie and went to kiss her cheek and she turned and made him kiss her on the lips.

"Well he's got you beat, Prongs." said Sirius.

"You too, Padfoot." said James.

"He's got all of us beat." said Remus.

Harry hugged Jamie again and hurried onto the train. Jamie ran after the train waving until it disappeared.

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