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Chapter 11:Conversation With Voldemort

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Chapter 11: A Conversation With Voldemort

Monday, April 20th, 1992

The last couple months were starting to get to Harry. He knew everything that was being taught and more. Quidditch was a welcome break to the monotony, but it only helped a little.

Easter came and went. As soon as they stepped off the train and got to the common room, Hermione was hassling him, Ron and every other Gryffindor to study for finals. Harry knew he'd have no problem with the exams, but Hermione didn't know that so he went along when she handed out revision schedules to everyone.

The Weasley twins, who had to stay at Hogwarts over the holiday because of detentions, entertained everyone with interesting stories of what had happened while they were away from Hogwarts. Apparently Hagrid had hatched a dragon in his hut. Dumbledore shipped the dragon off to Romania after it set fire to the hut.

The story that interested Harry though was where the twins had witnessed Professor Snape threatening Professor Quirrel about what was being kept in the third floor corridor. Harry hadn't really cared much about the warning before, but it might be interesting to find out what it was all about.

Harry got the twins attention and they told him that the rumors about the three-headed dog were true. It was a Cerberus that belonged to Hagrid and they'd found out that music would put it to sleep. They were planning on finding out what was beyond the dog soon.

Harry convinced them to allow him to join them and they planned to go to the corridor Friday after everyone was asleep.

Friday, April 24th, 1992

Even with something to look forward to the week went by slowly. Finally though Harry, Fred and George were outside the door to the three-headed dog.

"Are you ready, Harry?" asked Fred.

"There's no shame if you're scared." said George.

"I'm not scared. Let's go." said Harry.

Fred got the wireless he'd brought ready while George opened the door. The dog growled a bit when they entered, but the music playing on the wireless put it to sleep quickly. They started looking around and Harry noticed a trapdoor close to where the dog was laying.

George opened the door.

"There's no ladder. We'll have to jump." said George.

Fred cast Lumos and looked down the hole.

"It doesn't look like that far of a drop. I'll go first." said Fred before jumping. After a couple seconds he called that it's ok.

Harry and George jumped down as well and could tell immediately it wasn't ok. Fred was already wrapped up good by the Devil's Snare. Harry grabbed his wand quickly and yelled, "Lumos Solem!" before he was tied up as well.

"Thanks, Harry." said Fred after the three of them got up from being dropped the rest of the way to the ground.

The three of them made it through the various traps they encountered pretty easily until they reached the giant chess board.

"Maybe we should've brought Ron with us." said George.

"No. He'd have pissed himself back at the Devil's Snare." said Fred.

"Ron's not that bad." said Harry unsurely. "So what are we going to do?"

"Professor McGonagall would've made sure that we couldn't just destroy the pieces so I think we'll have to play." said Fred.

"I don't know about the two of you, but I'm not very good at chess." said Harry.

"Well we're not at Ron's level, but we're not that bad at it." said George.

The three of them took the places of three of the pieces and the game started. Fifteen minutes later they'd lost spectacularly. All of them had multiple cuts and bruises. Harry wasn't wanting to show his power, but he didn't want to quit either so he used an obscure spell and vanished the board and the pieces.

"I think we need to talk later, Harry." said Fred as they walked through the door. Harry was about to reply, but then quickly pushed Fred and George out of the way before a club hit the ground where they had been.

Harry struck the troll's club like before, but this time the troll avoided getting struck by the debris. Fred and George were firing spells at it to no effect. Harry knew they'd never make it out alive so struck the troll with a dark curse causing its skin to burn and melt away.

Fred and George looked at Harry and the troll in horror.

"Harry…" started George.

"I know you'll have a lot of questions. I promise I'll answer some of them, but for now I'm going to use the life debt the two of you now owe me to keep your silence about what you have seen." said Harry.

Fred and George agreed giving their oaths of silence.

The riddle that Professor Snape set was simple to get through and the three of them made it into the final chamber in the corridor. It was empty except for a mirror.

"That's what this is about? A mirror that can show you anything you want?" asked Fred.

"I think there's something else here." said Harry.

"Where?" asked George.

"It feels like there's something in the mirror." said Harry.

"Do you think we should break it?" asked George.

"No. If we break it, whatever is in there will be lost forever." said Harry.

"Very good, Harry. You're even more impressive than I previously thought." said a voice causing Harry to turn.

"Professor Quirrel, why are you here?" asked Harry.

"I was alerted when my troll was defeated. After seeing the way you dispatched it I have to agree with my master. What should I do with the Weasley's, master?" asked Professor Quirrel.

"Let them go. Harry and I need to talk." said the voice.

"Messrs Weasley, you may both go. You'll find that they way back has been cleared." said Professor Quirrel.

"I don't think we should leave Harry with you." said Fred.

"I'm not giving you a choice. Leave now before my master changes his mind about letting you live." said Professor Quirrel.

Fred and George wanted to argue more, but decided that they should go and inform Dumbledore of what was going on.

"Where is this master of yours?" asked Harry after they'd left.

"He's here now, Harry. He's always with me." said Professor Quirrel lowering while removing his turban and turning around.

The sight that Harry saw was hideous. Where the back of Professor Quirrel's head should've been was a malformed face.

"Do you know who I am, Harry?" asked the face.

"You're Voldemort." said Harry calmly.

"Yes. With my body destroyed I have been living as a wraith. Occasionally I have found willing wizards to possess, but they don't last long. Soon I'll have to leave Quirinus." said Voldemort.

"What does this have to do with me?" asked Harry.

"Nothing at the moment. My original plan was to confront you after Quirinus retrieved the Sorcerer's Stone for me, but some of your recent activities have intrigued me." said Voldemort.

Harry decided to keep Voldemort talking to see what else he would let slip.

"What has intrigued you exactly?" asked Harry.

"At the age of 11 you are already very powerful. Through Quirinus I have noticed that you don't have any need to study the material. It's as if you already know it. Then there's the two Unforgivable Curses you used on the Malfoy boy." said Voldemort.

"I didn't mean to do that." said Harry.

"Stop lying to yourself, Harry. Those curses only work if you intend for them to. You wanted him to suffer and he deserved what he got." said Voldemort.

Harry turned away from Voldemort and faced the mirror.

"So what does this mirror have to do with the stone?" asked Harry.

"Dumbledore placed the stone in the mirror with an old enchantment. Only someone who wants to find the stone, but not use it will be able to remove the stone from the mirror." said Voldemort.

"So essentially the other protections were worthless. Nobody would ever get the stone out of the mirror." said Harry.

"There are some who would pass the test, but I don't think anyone like that is in this room. You might disagree, Harry, but you are a lot like me." said Voldemort.

"You have killed thousands of Wizards, Witches and Muggles. You also tried to kill me when I was a baby. I am nothing like you." said Harry.

"Dumbledore will be here soon so I'll be going. Think about what I've said and search those memories of mine that I know you have." said Voldemort.

"I don't…" started Harry.

"Don't insult my intelligence, Harry. I know several of my Horcruxes have been destroyed and there are few ways that anyone could've found out about them. We'll speak again." said Voldemort.

Harry watched as a mist started to leave Professor Quirrel. As soon as it departed the professor started to disintegrate just as Dumbledore came into the room.

"Harry, what happened?" asked Dumbledore.

"Voldemort was possessing Professor Quirrel. He wanted me to help him get the Sorcerer's Stone." said Harry.

Dumbledore approached the mirror and ran his hand over it.

"Well it seems he was unable to convince you." said Dumbledore.

Harry didn't say anything else. He knew that Professor Dumbledore wouldn't catch the lie, but he wasn't positively sure of anything surrounding Voldemort currently.

Saturday, April 25th, 1992

Dumbledore agreed to hold off on telling Harry's parents about what happened for the night so as soon as he woke up, Harry headed for Dumbledore's office.

"What were you thinking going into that corridor, Harry!?" yelled Lily as soon as he entered.

"I was bored. It seemed like it would be fun to find out what was being hidden with Fred and George." said Harry.

"There might not be much left of them when Molly's done with them, but I have half a mind to take my turn giving them a piece of my mind!" said Lily. Harry noticed that James cringed at that.

"I'm sorry, mom. It wasn't their fault that I went. I wanted to go with them." said Harry.

"You could've died, Harry! Do you understand what you put us through?" asked Lily.

"I do, mom. All I can say is I'm sorry and that I'll never do anything like this again." said Harry.

"I know better than to believe that, but remember that if something like this happens again I'll tell Jamie." said Lily causing James to laugh.

"You didn't tell Jamie what happened last night?" asked Harry timidly.

"No we didn't, but I think you should." said James.

"Will you have a mediwitch from St. Mungo's ready when it happens?" asked Harry.

"We'll think about it." said James.

"What are we going to do about Voldemort?" asked Lily.

"There's nothing we can do right now. As much as I know about magic, there's nothing that can hold a wraith captive. We'll just have to hope we find the snake and the diary before he figures out a way to return to corporeal form. I do have an idea to help with your boredom next year, Harry." said Dumbledore handing him a few books.

"What are these?" asked Harry.

"While I know you carry within you the memories of everything Voldemort ever learned, there are branches of magic he would've ignored because he didn't understand their importance. Some of what is in these books will take a bit of time to understand, but I think you will find the benefits they provide intriguing." said Dumbledore.

Harry thanked Dumbledore and hugged both his parents goodbye, promising that he'd not get in anymore trouble before the end of the year.

Saturday, June 13th, 1992

The last two months of school went by with no problems. Dumbledore announced to the school that Professor Quirrel had fallen ill and passed on and that he would be teaching classes for the rest of the term. His classes quickly became the favorite of every student.

Gryffindor's last game was against Ravenclaw and they didn't stand a chance. Gryffindor won the Quidditch Cup. Professor McGonagall and Oliver Wood were both in tears when the cup was awarded.

Harry finished first for his year. Hermione was upset that he beat her scores, but she congratulated him. Unfortunately Fred and George lost a lot of points so Slytherin was able to retain the House Cup.

The train ride to King's Cross was chaotic with students using the last magic they would get to use for the next couple months, but Harry didn't pay attention to any of it. His thoughts were on the conversation with Voldemort and the books that Dumbledore gave him. Voldemort thought that because of the memories he had that he was like him and Dumbledore thought that despite the memories that he would choose to be like him.

'I wonder what they'll think when they find out I choose neither of them.' thought Harry.

Author's Note: Here's another chapter. I hope you like it. I'm working on all of my stories still. Some are going better than others and I have a lot of personal issues going on which get in the way. I apologize for the long waits for updates and I'll try to get them out faster. Thank you for reading.

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