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Chapter 7: Seeking Answers, Getting None

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Chapter 7: Seeking Answers, Getting None

Saturday, June 20th, 1992

Harry and Susan were sitting on the couch in the sitting room of Bones Manor worried for two reasons. One was that they still couldn't let go of each other's hand without the sparks and the massive amount of pain. The other was Susan's Aunt sitting across from them staring at them not saying a word. She'd been like that for almost thirty minutes after they told her about their conversation with Nicholas Flamel. Occasionally Amelia would mumble something to herself, but it wasn't understandable to Harry or Susan.

"Should we call someone for help?" asked Harry.

"I don't think so. She's just thinking about what was said. To be honest I don't really know what to think about it either." said Susan.

"I know how you feel. We're immortal and we can turn any metal into gold. I'd say that nothing else weird could top this, but I have a feeling that would just be tempting fate." said Harry.

"You're probably right." said Susan.

Susan tried to get Amelia's attention.

"Auntie, will you say something please?" asked Susan.

"I have an idea that might work." said Harry.

"You're such a boy, Harry, but it might work. Besides we haven't had much time to practice with everything that's been going on." said Susan.

Harry leaned forward and brought Susan into a kiss.

"Mmm. You're getting better, Harry." said Susan.

"What do you two think you're doing!?" asked Amelia causing the two of them to separate.

"See it worked." said Harry.

"Shut up, Harry. said Susan.

"I might have to accept many things, but I will not accept the two of you making out in front of me." said Amelia.

"Well you were just sitting there staring and not saying anything and Harry thought that would bring you out of whatever you were in." said Susan.

"I'm sure that was the only motivation behind Harry's plan." said Amelia sarcastically. "I just don't know what to say or think, Susan. When is this going to stop? Is it ever going to stop? You died twice, but you're still here which I am eternally grateful for, but now you are immortal in all senses of the world. We have no idea how the Elixir of Life works. Are the two of you going to be physically 11 forever? Can you still be killed like you were before. You were only able to come back before because you were in contact with each other. Will that always work? This is all crazy and we have no answers."

"I'm sorry, Amelia. We just have what we have been told and we told you everything we know." said Harry.

"Maybe we can write to Nicholas Flamel and ask him some more questions." said Susan.

"If it was important I think he would've already told you anything you could ask." said Amelia. When's the last time you tried to separate from each other?"

"This morning before leaving for the train." said Susan.

"May I see?" asked Amelia.

Harry and Susan let go of each other's hand and immediately the sparks started and they grabbed the other's hand in pain causing the sparks to stop.

"It doesn't look like it's gotten better at all." said Amelia.

"Madam Pomfrey doesn't understand it. She says she can't find anything to explain why the bond is still doing this." said Harry.

"I want Andi to look the two of you over and I think we should get someone from the Department of Mysteries to help." said Amelia.

"Nicholas said to try and not let anyone else know." said Susan.

"We can use the same oath for them, but I think we really need to find someone who understands more than we do." said Amelia.

Susan told Harry who Andi was and the two of them agreed on her looking at them the next day, but disagreed on having someone from the Department of Mysteries come.

"Wouldn't Dumbledore be able to find out anything we need to answer our questions?" asked Harry.

"Dumbledore is not the only knowledgeable wizard around. He's a great wizard, don't get me wrong, but his knowledge and help more often than not comes with strings attached." said Amelia.

"We'll agree to meet someone from the Department of Mysteries, but if we don't feel they can be trusted then they won't be told." said Susan.

"That is agreeable." said Amelia.

Sunday, June 21st, 1992

Andi flooed in early the next morning and Amelia led her to Harry's and Susan's room and regretted it instantly.

"Susan!" yelled Amelia when she saw her pinning Harry down and about to kiss him.

Susan jumped off of Harry completely losing contact and both of them started writhing around in pain as the sparks rolled over their bodies. Somehow Harry reached Susan and grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her close to him and held her. Once things calmed down Amelia started,

"I'm sorry, Susan. I saw the two of you and couldn't stop myself."

"We were having a tickle fight before you came in and I managed to get the best of Harry and he surrendered. I was going to give him a kiss when you came in." said Susan.

"Well in any event I got to see firsthand what your problem is. I need to run some tests and examine the both of them. We'll discuss your problem later, Amelia." said Andi teasingly.

"I'll be in my office if you need me." said Amelia.

Andi started running scans and making notes after Amelia left.

"I'm going to have to ask you to separate before my next set of scans, but before that I will give you some advice. If I had walked into my Nymphadora's room and saw her on a boy like you were, Susan, I would've reacted a lot worse than your Aunt did. I understand your situation, but I would suggest that you remember your ages and not go too far too soon. And when you do attempt more that your Aunt doesn't see you." said Andi.

"We understand." said Harry while he and Susan blushed.

After finishing with Harry and Susan, Andi let them take a nap. It was exhausting for them on top of the pain they felt when they were separated and for now she was at a loss to the reason why. She had some promising results from her scans, but it would take some studying to figure it out. After closing their door she went downstairs and knocked on Amelia's office door and was told to come in.

"Where are Harry and Susan?" asked Amelia.

"They are sleeping. I put them through a lot I'm afraid." said Andi.

"So I guess you're here to rake me over the coals for my reaction to them." said Amelia.

"On the contrary I'm surprised that you restrained yourself. I'm here to talk if you need." said Andi and Amelia started going over everything that was in her head with her.

Monday, June 22nd, 1992

Harry and Susan were waiting in the sitting room when Amelia and their guest arrived. When he stepped out of the floo he extended his hand to Harry. Harry shook the man's hand.

"Lord Potter, it is a great pleasure to meet you. And Lady Potter. Your Aunt talks about you all the time at the Ministry. My name in the department Croaker, but my real name is Algernon Longbottom. I'm sure you've met my nephew Neville at Hogwart's." said Algernon.

"Yes. Neville's a good guy. So you work in the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry? What exactly do you do there?" asked Harry.

"We do a bit of everything, but our main goal is to understand all facets of magic. A lot of our work is research and study. So I'm well placed to help with yours and Susan's situation." said Algernon.

Harry and Susan looked at Amelia.

"He took the oath earlier and I gave him some background of what has been going on with you. Let's go to the dining room. I'm sure Mipsy already has dinner ready for us." said Amelia.

"Do you know anything about Soul Bonds?" asked Susan when they were seated.

"I've heard of them and we have some accounts from the past of people who claim to have met a soul bonded couple, but we've never taken them as being serious and we have no firsthand knowledge." said Algernon.

"Then how can you help us?" asked Susan.

"We have research methods and ways to study you that will give us a better picture of what you are capable of and what will happen to you, especially when it comes to the introduction of the Sorcerer's Stone into your bodies. I am very excited to work with you and see the results myself." said Algernon.

"It sounds like he is more interested in studying us than helping us. I don't like the idea of being a lab rat." said Harry.

"I think you're right. I don't have a good feeling about him. What do you want to do?" asked Susan.

"I want to find out more." said Harry. "What exactly would these tests entail?"

"Well we would of course need to see what you're abilities are and witness the effects of the stone, turning some items into gold for instance. I'd also want to witness how the two of you return from death." said Algernon.

"You want to kill us!?" asked Susan.

"You've returned from death twice now and it's something that we have to understand." said Algernon.

"We don't even know if it is something that can be done all the time and the last time has left us unable to separate. I think your tests will only make things worse and I for one do not see the need to subject myself or Susan to them." said Harry.

"This is the only way to get your answers, Harry. And think of the benefits to the Ministry…" said Algernon before being cut off.

"That's why you agreed to help? Not because you knew anything or to help us, but for the Ministry." said Susan

"I think you should leave, Mr. Longbottom. Susan and I will not be your Guinea Pigs." said Harry.

"Amelia, make them see reason please. Think of everything we can learn. By using them we can be rich beyond our wildest dreams. We could even find a way to use their blood to extend lives." said Algernon.

"Get out. I want you out of my house now! How dare you come here with the intention of using these children, my daughter!" yelled Amelia.

"Come now, Amelia. They are the greatest asset the Ministry could ever have." said Algernon.

Amelia drew her wand and Algernon gave up.

"I'll get them somehow. It won't be hard to get the backing of the Ministry and your own Auror's will be here to take them from you." said Algernon.

"You took the oath. You won't like the consequences if you break it." said Amelia.

"There is no magic we can't overcome in my department, Amelia. The oath is inconsequential." said Algernon.

"You son of a bitch, Stupefy!" yelled Amelia.

Algernon might be the best in a department that was all research and study, but Amelia didn't become the Head of the DMLE from her looks. He had no chance of defending himself and he fell unconscious.

"What are we going to do?" asked Harry.

"I'm going to protect my daughter and you." said Amelia walking over to Algernon. "Obliviate."

After taking his memories, Amelia levitated Algernon back into his seat and after sitting back down herself revived him.

"Well I must thank you so much for the wonderful dinner, Amelia. Again it was an absolute pleasure to meet you, Harry. I must be off. It's been a busy day and it'll be another one tomorrow. Have a goodnight." said Algernon.

Amelia saw Algernon off then returned to the dining room.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have told him about the Sorcerer's Stone." said Amelia.

"It's ok, Auntie. It's just like Nicholas said. We're just going to have to keep this secret from anyone else." said Susan.

"How are you going to do that when every time you separate you're in pain and there's sparks all over you?" asked Amelia.

"Hopefully Andi will figure out why that is happening and we can figure out a way to stop it." said Harry.

"It's been a hard day. I think we should make it an early night. I'm going to bed." said Amelia.

Harry and Susan followed her upstairs and after changing into their nightclothes laid down.

The Department of Mysteries

"Foolish woman, thinking she could Obliviate me. I'll let them think they've won for now, but in the end I will have the Potter's." said Algernon.

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